My name is Mark and I’m twenty one. My cock is eight and a half inches long. My wife Rachael is a year older then me and until just before she met me a couple of years ago, she thought she was a lesbian. Our sex life is sometimes… strained. You see, when I cum, it’s a lot. It is like I pee cum and can almost fill a cup. I work from home and Rachael is an office manager.

Many of Rachael’s friends were her former lovers. She knew I wouldn’t have minded if she went to bed with one of them, even the women knew, some times they even teased me. Rachael and I have been married for eighteen months and had started thinking about children.

From my office I heard her and her girlfriends talking about babies. It was when things got quiet that I went to check on them. They were whispering and as soon as I appeared they went quiet. I grinned, “If you’re talking about sex than take her to bed and make her scream.”

That was a standing joke and it worked this time too. They grinned and laughed as Rachael smiled at me. I went back into my office not realizing how my life was going to change. While we were cuddling that night Rachael rubbed my chest, “This house is to small for children.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Do you want me to start looking for a house to buy?”

She shook her head, “I already have one lined up.”

I looked at her, “Oh?”

She grinned, “Want to see it tomorrow?”

I caressed her and rolled so that I was between her legs. She sighed, “You’re going to make me messy.”

I kissed her, “It’s been a week.”

She laughed, “And your hand is getting tired.”

I smiled and started kissing down her body. Rachael sighed and shivered as her hands went through my hair. I kissed her clit before licking through her wonderful pussy. She shivered, “You always know how to get me started.”

I didn’t say anything as I pushed my tongue inside her and then started sucking and teasing her clit. She was spasming in minutes and finally laughed and pulled me up her body, “Okay fuck me.”

I smiled and kissed her as I slowly pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned like she always does and pushed her pussy up. I smiled and started to fuck her with careful strokes. I was more then big enough to push open her womb and didn’t want to hurt her. Rachael surprised me by shuddered and pulling on my waist, “Deeper!”

I looked at her and she giggled, “In my womb.”

I smiled and began to press against her cervix each time I pushed into her. It was only a few minutes before she began her cute grunting as her body shuddered and jerked. Her pussy squeezed my cock as her cervix opened and my cock pushed in. I jerked and froze in surprise and looked at Rachael not sure if I should pull out. She solved my problem by lifting her legs and wrapping them around me and pulling on my butt.

I jerked as my cock slipped a fraction deeper and then I was peeing sperm through her cervix and straight into her womb. My body was racked with spasms as she jerked and shuddered beneath me. Rachael’s womb filled and expanded as I spewed into it. Her cervix was so tight around my cock none could leak out. I finally sighed as I stopped cumming and she laughed shakily, “I think we are doing it this way from now on.”

I grinned and started to pull back only to stop as she held me, “Wait and kiss me?”

I smiled and bent to softly kiss her and then her neck and shoulder. I kept kissing her and she finally laughed and shook me, “If you kept going, you’ll end up fucking me again.”

I grinned, “So?”

She smiled and kissed me, “Pull out?”

I sighed and slowly pulled out. I felt her womb close and she sighed. I lay beside her and cupped one of her breasts, “I’m sorry I…”

Rachael turned to put a finger over my lips, “We’ve been through that. It isn’t your fault you produce that much cum. I could be more… sexually active too.”

I sighed again and we held each other until I fell asleep. I woke to Rachael sliding out of bed. She grinned as she looked back on her way to the bathroom, “I had a dry bed last night.”

I smiled and rolled out of bed to follow her. After showers and breakfast, she took me to her car, “I took the day off so I could show you the new house.”

I smiled and sat back as she drove. I looked at her beautiful face and she blushed. She glanced at me, “I don’t think all your sperm came out when I douched.”

I grinned, “Well, we were talking about children.”

She smiled and then bit her lip but didn’t say anything. I looked around to see we were in an expensive part of town, “I don’t think we can afford something this nice.”

She grinned and a moment later turned in at this huge walled estate. She stopped beside the gate box and entered a code that opened the gates. I was looking around the estate as she slowly drove up the long driveway. I looked at her when she stopped in front of the doors. She turned the car off and turned in her seat looking very nervous, “It was a tax foreclosure.”

She took a breath, “I already bought it.”

I looked at her and then the huge house, “Don’t you think you should have talked to me?”

She touched my shoulder, “You know how you keep telling me it would be okay if… if I had sex with some of my friends?”

I wasn’t sure where this was heading or what was happening. I nodded, “I don’t have a problem with you and your girlfriends having sex.”

She smiled and looked at the mansion, “Well, we are going to take you up on it.”

She looked back into my face, “I have also been talking to them about us having a baby. It seems there are… couples looking to have children…”

She took a breath, “I went on record and offered your… services.”

I looked at her stunned, I was afraid of the answer to my next question, “My services to do what?”

She grinned, “To get them pregnant.”

I just looked at her and she reached out to caress my face, “I already have over fifty couples that have contacted me.”

I opened my mouth but it took a minute, “You want me to get another woman pregnant?”

Rachael smiled, “Honey, you are wasting your cum down a toilet. The women don’t want a husband or a father for the child. They want a man that will get them pregnant without attachments.”

I sighed, “You need to look at the legal side.”

She grinned, “We have and you and each couple will sign an agreement to protect each other.”

I looked at the house again and opened the door, “You owe me for this baby.”

She got out and walked to the front door with me, “Are you going to fuck me every night?”

I grinned and put my arm around her, “Since you offered…”

She laughed and unlocked the door before pushing it open, “It came fully furnished. The man who owned it died and the father ignored it until it was to late.”

I looked around at the huge front room with a one hundred and fifty inch TV. I grinned, “This room works for me.”

She grinned and took my hand as she pulled me down a wide hallway, “The house has eight bedrooms, each with a walk in closet and bathroom.”

She pulled me into a large bedroom with what I just knew was a large custom size bed. I grinned and pulled her into my arms, “Do we get to break it in?”

Rachael grinned and kissed me before pulling me towards the bathroom, “The girls are at our house packing and before you say anything they promised not to damage your computers. The movers should bring the things we want here and the rest goes into storage.”

I looked at the huge bathroom. The shower had to be at least eight feet wide and at least that deep. The bathtub looked like a small pool. Well, maybe just a six person spa. I grinned at my wife as I started undressing, “how long do I get to molest you?”

She laughed and caressed my chest before sighing and starting to undress. I waited until she was naked and pulled her back to the bed. We had just lain down when we heard the front door. I sighed and lay back as Rachael grinned, “Saved from a horrible molesting.”

I laughed and rolled out of bed and helped her up. We quickly slipped clothes on and Rachael took my hand, “I didn’t show you the breeding room.”

I laughed, “You made a room just for that?”

She grinned as she pulled me after her. “Someone did. I think the old owner was a doctor.”

We walked into another large bedroom but what drew my attention was the exam table with two women standing beside it. It was wooden and thickly padded, even the stirrups were wooden. I looked at Rachael, “You weren’t kidding.”

She grinned as she walked to the two women. She kissed them both and turned to look at me, “This is Peaches and Ivy.”

I smiled, “Hi.”

They were nervous but smiled as I looked at Rachael. She walked to what looked like an elegant ladies writing desk. On top of the desk was what looked like a stack of forms. She gestured and I walked to the desk and picked a form up. It was a consent form for providing sperm and a liability release. I looked at Rachael and then the two women. I looked at Rachael again, “Are you sure about this?”

She grinned, “You waste to much sperm and there are women that need it.”

I sighed and looked at the consent form, “You already filled everything in?”

Rachael nodded, “All it needs is your signature and Ivy’s.”

She held up a second form, “This is for Ivy.”

I hesitated and then picked up a pen from the desk and signed the form. Ivy walked to the desk and took the pen I held out and read the form before signing it. Rachael and Peaches both signed as witnesses and then Rachael held the other form out to Ivy. Like before, she read it and signed it and then I read and signed, Rachael and Peaches both signed. When we were done Rachael turned to me and smiled, “we’ll leave you and Ivy alone.”

I was shocked and looked at a nervous Ivy and Peaches, “I don’t think so.”

Rachael looked at me. Ivy and Peaches looked at each other and I sighed, “Rachael, if you want me to do this than you and Peaches are going to help us.”

She looked at the women and I turned to face Ivy as I started stripping, “Would you undress and get on the table Ivy?”

She looked at Peaches and then slowly undressed. I smiled as I reached out to Rachael and pulled her close. Peaches helped Ivy up onto the table and they looked at me. I grinned, “Now comes the fun part. You need to make her cum Peaches. Her cervix will dilate and make it easier for my sperm to enter her womb.”

They looked at each other and then grinned before kissing. Rachael laughed and hugged me while kissing me passionately. She kept rubbing and caressing my body as we watched Peaches lick down Ivy’s body and start teasing her clit. Ivy began breathing harder and shuddering as her hips humped up at Peaches. Rachael was stroking me and rubbing the pre cum I was leaking around the head of my cock.

Ivy screamed as her hips left off the table and I moved forward. Rachael lifted and moved Peaches around and up to kiss Ivy as I positioned my cock and pushed. I fucked into Ivy as she continued to jerk and shake. Rachael came back to kiss me on the mouth and I thrust into Ivy hard. My cock pushed open her cervix and I held her hips as my cock throbbed and then exploded. I peed a huge stream of sperm and Ivy jerked in surprise, “Oh god Peaches!”

I knew her womb was full before I shuddered and started spewing another huge gushing jet. A large spurt followed the second and then two smaller ropes of sperm were pumped into her. Ivy and was laughing by the time I stopped with Peaches looking at her strangely.

I pulled out slowly and Rachael did something to the table that lifted Ivy’s butt. Peaches pulled a plug from her purse and reached between Ivy’s legs. I turned to find my clothes and get dressed before walking back to the table. Ivy and Peaches were holding each other as I touched Ivy’s hand, “I hope it works for you.”

She looked at me with a grin, “I’m fertile and you just put enough sperm in me to knock up a dozen women.”

I blushed and she laughed as she looked at Peaches. I smiled and turned to leave with Rachael following. She took my hand and pulled me to the living room. I was thinking of sitting with her and cuddling when we heard the truck. The next couple of hours were filled with unpacking. That was when I found out this huge place had an office with a large oak desk and wooden cabinets.

I unpacked my computers and started setting everything up before stopping to make a call. I made an appointment to have the phone company come out the next day to set up a T one connection. When I walked into the kitchen at lunch time Rachael and one of her girlfriends were kissing. I grinned and pushed them back towards the hallway, “Take her to bed.”

They laughed and Rachael came to kiss me before turning to grab Sarah’s hand. They left and I turned to look for something to eat. After lunch I went back to finish setting up my new office and then sat on the huge back patio to look at the huge overgrown lawn. I headed to the garage and hopefully a mower. I got a pleasant surprise when I found the riding mower.

It didn’t take long to finish and then I started cleaning the pool. I found the pump room and turned the water on to start filling the pool before heading back into the house. Rachael was smiling when I walked into the living room, “Having fun?”

I grinned, “Well, the riding mower was fun.”

She laughed and turned, “You have a second customer waiting.”

I hugged her, “Give me a minute to rinse off.”

Rachael laughed, “I already had them get started without you.”

I laughed as I walked towards the back of the house and the huge master bedroom. I stripped and washed quickly before hunting through the boxes for my robe. When I walked into the exam room it was to see two women that looked almost identical. Rachael laughed from the desk and held out her hand.

I crossed to stand next to her as she turned back to the desk and the waiting forms that were already signed and waiting for me. After I finished signing, she led me to the table and between the pale legs of the woman. As wet as her bald pussy looked they must have had fun. Rachael hugged me, “Mark, this is Dianne and her sister Jill.”

I smiled and rubbed Dianne’s wet pussy as Rachael opened my robe, “Hello.”

They smiled nervously as I rubbed Dianne’s clit. She shuddered and Rachael bent my cock and positioned it before pushing on my butt. I pushed into her wet, slippery pussy and shuddered. Jill laughed as she kissed her sister and turned to bend over and kiss her clit. Dianne’s pussy tightened and squeezed my cock and I pulled back before starting to fuck her slowly.

I watched Jill teasing her sister’s clit and turned to pull Rachael against me. I kissed her hard and Dianne laughed as her pussy tightened. She shuddered, “Would you look at us? Me pretending he is Jill and him pretending I was Rachael.”

Jill looked at me and I smiled as Rachael laughed, “Just wait until he cums, there is no pretending then.”

I cupped Rachael’s breasts as I started to fuck Dianne with long strokes. She gasped and whispered, “Fuck!”

Jill looked at her and then grinned and climbed onto the table. She straddled her sister and pushed her butt back until her pussy was above her sisters, “Do me too.”

I looked at Rachael who grinned and pulled me back and guided my wet cock to Jill’s pussy. I pushed into her warm, slippery pussy and fucked her as she kissed Dianne. I was using long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before Jill began shaking as her pussy tried to milk my cock. When she screamed and started convulsing I pulled out of her and pushed back into Dianne.

I fucked her hard, pushing in and out of her cervix with each thrust. It was only a couple of minutes before I shuddered and Rachael hugged me, “Do it, cum in them.”

I grunted as I peed a huge gushing torrent into Dianne’s womb. She howled and her pussy squeezed my throbbing cock, “JILL!”

I pumped and spewed and sprayed before pulling out and shoving into Jill and burying my cock in her cervix as I spurted and pumped a few more times, shuddering again. I knew Dianne’s womb was more than full and Jill’s had more then enough cum in it but I didn’t feel cum leaking around my cock.

Jill slipped off her and turned as I moved back. Dianne fumbled with a plug and Jill took it before putting it in her. I turned and went to put my robe on and came back as Rachael was kissing Jill. I bent and kissed Dianne, “Good luck.”

She grinned and looked at Jill as I headed for the door, “silly bitch, I hope he got you pregnant.”

Rachael followed me out and closed the door behind us. She hugged my arm as we walked into our bedroom, “All the girls are coming over for a house warming party tomorrow.”

I smiled, “I am putting you on that table tonight.”

She grinned and then laughed, “Now that would be fun.”

We started unpacking and putting stuff away. Rachael left a little later as some more of her friends began arriving. I finally finished and came out to find one of her girlfriends kissing her. I stopped to kiss her girlfriend’s shoulder before heading to the kitchen. Before long the other girls were there and they were laughing and listening to music.

I went to sit on the back patio and thought about what we needed to do, like put a fence around the pool to keep small children out. Rachael came out a little later and rubbed my shoulders, “What are you thinking?”

I gestured to the pool, “We need a fence to keep small children out.”

She laughed and pulled on me to get me to stand, “You have one last customer.”

I kissed her and followed her back into the house. Her girlfriends were grinning as she led me through them. I got a shock when I walked into the room and Rachael turned to me. I cleared my throat as I looked at my mother on the table, “Mom?”

She grinned, “Hi honey.”

I looked at Rachael and she crossed to kiss mom before looking at me, “Since your dad died she has decided to get pregnant. She took a fertility drug because she thinks this maybe her last chance.”

I crossed to mom and looked at her naked body before caressing her pelvis, “You want another child mom?”

She caught my hand, “I always wanted more then just you honey. It just never seemed like the right time.”

She grinned and looked at Rachael who kissed my cheek, “I made her promise to live with us at least until after the babies are born.”

I looked at mom who grinned, “She said I could use your services too.”

I grinned and slipped my robe off and kissed Rachael before moving down between mom’s legs. I caressed her pelvis before starting to rub her clit as Rachael bent to kiss her. They kissed like lovers and mom started to shudder. Her pussy opened and her clit peeked out. I slipped two fingers into her and knelt to suck on her clit.

She jerked and shuddered hard as I began to fuck up into the soft spongy area while nibbling and teasing her clit. It was barely a minute before she howled as she jerked and thrashed around before she squirted. I kept licking her as she and Rachael kissed. She continued to spasm and jerk as she squirted. She did it five times before I pulled my fingers out.

I stood between her legs and positioned my cock before pushing into her. Mom stiffened again and then pulled Rachael down as she wailed and started bucking. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and it was only moments before I pushed against her womb. She was warm, slippery and her pussy was squeezing my cock each time I tried to pull out.

I kept fucking her and pressing against her each time. It was only about ten minutes before I grunted as I pushed into her and held her waist. Rachael looked at me and then kissed mom passionately as I peed a huge, gushing torrent of cum. Mom stiffened and then screamed as she felt the gushing warmth flood her.

I shuddered as it stopped and pulled back before thrusting back into her. She clutched at Rachael as I started spewing another solid stream of cum. She wailed and started jerking as her womb was filled completely. I sighed when I stopped and pulled back before pushing back in. Mom was shaking and spasming almost violently as I spewed another stream of cum into her already full womb.

Just thinking it was mom I was putting my cum in was more then enough and made me cum more and harder. I held her hips as I pumped a fourth stream of cum and rubbed her bulging pelvis as I shook. I spurted again and then again and finally one last time. She was just shaking by then and clinging to Rachael who was murmuring and hugging her.

When I finished cumming I sighed and caressed her hips before leaning over her to give her a kiss. Mom shook me and giggled, “You really want to get me pregnant.”

Rachael laughed as she came to hug and kiss me, “I get the next batch.”

I smiled as I slowly pulled out of mom, “In our bed.”

Rachael grinned as she bent and pushed an anal plug into mom. She kissed me again, “Let me go tell the girls I’m going to bed early.”

I grinned and moved up beside mom. I bent to kiss her before sucking on a nipple. She shuddered, “Don’t start that again.”

I laughed and caressed her body until Rachael came back and we helped her off the table. When we walked into the bedroom I waited as mom and my wife climbed into bed and shut the light off. Before I reached the bed I heard Rachael moan.

I slipped into bed and moved over to find mom down between her legs. I leaned over to kiss my wife and then moved down to suck on her nipple. She shuddered and sighed as her hips lifted. I caressed her pelvis as mom continued to lick her pussy and moved up to kiss her softly. Rachael shuddered harder and hugged me tight, “OOOOHHHHH!”

I grinned, “Didn’t you get enough of that today?”

She laughed and shook me, “I never get enough of that.”

Mom moved up beside her and I moved over between her legs. I lifted up and Rachael fitted my cock to her pussy before I pushed. I slid into her slippery pussy as I kissed her and started to fuck her slowly. I took my time and used long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out before pushing back into her and against her womb. A couple of minutes later she shuddered and then jerked before spasming.

She started twitching as I buried my cock and began to slowly hump and jab into her. A few minutes and she was tossing her head as mom and I kept kissing her. Her pussy was grasping and spasming around my cock and she began to shake. It wasn’t much longer before she began to wail and convulse. She squirted me as she bucked and thrashed around as I started fucking her with deep, firm thrusts.

She struggled and spasmed for another ten minutes before I buried my cock and pushed open her cervix. I shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock and began to spew a large torrent of cum. Rachael clutched me and started shuddering as her pussy clenched around my cock, “FUCK!”

I pumped large spurt after large spurt as her womb filled until it was completely full and distended. When I stopped cumming I sighed and kissed her before slowly rolling and pulling her with me. She grinned as she ended up on me and put her head down on my shoulder. Mom slid over and caressed her back before snuggling against us. It was awhile before I fell asleep, when I woke in the morning Rachael was still on me but my cock had softened and slipped out.

The years only seem to get better, Rachael has had three children and mom four the first time and two the second. I still get women pregnant that my wife brings to me. Her girlfriends are still coming over and they enjoy Rachael and sometimes even mom, I get a lot more sex too.
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