It started with mom letting me use the dividends from my trust fund. My name is Mathew, but mom and my sister call me Matt. My father didn’t call me anything since he ran off four years ago with another guy. I’m fourteen and always horny, my cock is over eight inches long. I get ridiculed at school by other guys because of how big I am. It has caused me to get into a few fights. Anyway, the money…

I thought about what I could spend it on since it was a lot. I knew mom was watching me to see what I did. After thinking about it for a couple of days I bought a new computer with a four terabit storage unit, next was the secret part. What do all horny boys want to see? Naked women, like my sexy mother or my sluttish sister.

I bought a pre paid credit card and loaded it. I used it to buy a bunch of wireless cameras. When the package arrived my mother was curious but I wouldn’t tell her what it was. I waited until I had the house to myself. I had already set up the program and just needed to place the cameras.

I put four in mom’s room that I thought she would never find. I put another four in Cindy’s room and four in the guest bedroom. I put one in the kitchen and three in the living room. I also put one in each bathroom. I checked the program and then waited, not that I needed to since they were all recording everything. I didn’t expect to see or hear anything quit so soon.

My sister came into the house quietly a little later. She was acting a little frustrated and went straight to her room. I brought up her four cameras and watched as she closed and locked the door. She stripped and walked to her bed talking about asshole boyfriends that were always quick to get off. I watched her lay back and almost gasped as I saw how cummy her trimmed pussy was.

She smeared the cum on and in her pussy before she began to masturbate. Watching her finger her clit made me pull my shorts down and start stroking my cock. When she shoved two fingers into her cummy pussy I almost came. She was shuddering and shaking as I watched her cum. She finally sighed and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and licked them.

I groaned and started spurting cum onto my stomach. After Cindy got off the bed I carefully edited the four cameras and made a single video. I really liked watching her face when she came. When mom came home an hour later I got another surprise. She went straight to her room like she always does and closed and locked her door. She quickly pulled her skirt down and I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties.

What was more important was the pink butterfly in her slit. Mom was shuddering before she climbed shakily onto her bed. She stayed on her hands and knees but put her head down. She was shuddering and shaking and I stared at her bald slit as she squirted, I grinned that was so cool. Then I heard her soft whispers and turned up the volume. “Do it Matt, fuck me. Stick your cock in momma and knock her up.”

She kept jerking and thrusting her butt back. When she was finally done, she lay forward with a groan. She reached down between her legs and I watched her pull the butterfly out of her slit. There was a cord sticking out of her pussy and I shuddered as she pulled a ceramic egg out. It was a minute before she rolled off the bed and went into her bathroom with her toys. That night it was a repeat of the afternoon as both mom and Cindy masturbated a couple of times before finally going to sleep.

It became almost a pattern for mom and Cindy, although I did catch Cindy and a boy in the living room. That was a real eye opener since the guy didn’t even bother trying to get my sister off. I had over two weeks of video before I decided to do something for them. I used my prepaid credit card and spent a lot of money. I bought a full size male love doll and two sybians. I also bought a ceramic egg and a butterfly vibrator for Cindy.

It took a couple of days to get here and I waited until Friday to put them in place. I knew Cindy had broken up with her current boyfriend so she would be really frustrated. I set one of the sybians on her bed and plugged it in and put the ceramic egg and a butterfly vibrator in a small wrapped box. I left a note telling her it was to help with her frustrations. I put the love doll and the other sybian on mom’s bed with a similar note.

Cindy was the first one home and didn’t even stop as she saw me in the kitchen. She came storming out of her room looking for blood a minute later. I looked up as she stomped into the kitchen and held up my hand, “Just wait and listen. I bought them for you because I know you are frustrated. I can hear you in my room and if you get even half as horny as me they can help. The two small ones are for when you go out, mom uses them so I thought you might…”

She glared and I sighed, “I wanted to do something to help you Cindy. I don’t have a girl and it drives me crazy. It least with the toys you should have an easier time getting off. Just remember to keep your door locked so I don’t sneak in and fuck you blind.”

She finally sighed and looked down. It was a minute before she mumbled, “Thanks.”

I nodded and gestured to the snacks I had brought out. Cindy shook her head and then grinned, “I think I’ll go try my new toys out.”

I watched her head back to her room and smiled. Mom got home a half hour later and headed straight to her room. She didn’t come back out while I sat and ate my snacks. I went into the front room and sat back with a book. Mom was the first to come out, she looked a little tired but had a satisfied smile as she leaned over the back of my chair and kissed my forehead. “Thanks.”

I smiled up at her and she ran her fingers through my hair, “Did you watch on your hidden cameras?”

I shook my head and grinned, (I should have known she would find the cameras), “I’ll watch later when I masturbate.”

Mom grinned, “I think you’ll like the show.”

I watched her walk into the kitchen and tried to get back into my book. I gave up about the time a tired and sweaty looking Cindy came out. She grinned and waved as she headed into the kitchen and I knew I just had to go see what they had done.

It was better then I expected. I watched Cindy strip as soon as she locked the door. She had to have had thirty orgasms on the sybian before she stopped and curled up on the bed. I watched mom walk into her room and then stop. This time she did something different.

She walked to the bed to read the note before smiling softly. I noticed that she hadn’t locked the door as she stripped and shuddered as she removed her toys. She stroked the love doll but climbed onto the sybian, “I’ve always wanted to try one of these.”

I watched her put it in her pussy and shudder and jerk through a dozen orgasms before she lifted up and fitted it to her ass and slowly sat down. It was amazing to watch mom as she jerked and moaned and cried out. When she finally turned it off and lifted off it she sighed, “I wish you would just fuck me Matt.”

I stopped stroking my cock as she looked around her room slowly, “I know you can see me and you know I want it…”

I was amazed and released my drooling cock, a plan already forming in my head. Tonight if mom forgot to lock the door I was going to go into her room and fuck her. I edited Cindy’s video and then mom’s. Dinner was good and Cindy was in a good mood for a change. She kissed my cheek before heading into the living room to watch one of her shows. Mom smiled and turned to start with the dishes. I moved to help her and she smiled, “Liked the video that much?”

I grinned, “Yes, I was hoping for a repeat later.”

She laughed and we joked with each other until the kitchen was clean. When we walked into the living room Cindy was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her eyes closed. She was leaning back and shivering and sighing so I looked at mom to see her watching Cindy too. I grinned and quietly moved closer and lifted her skirt to see the butterfly in her slit.

I looked up as Cindy shuddered violently and groaned. I glanced back at mom to see her rubbing her pussy, she looked up and saw me. She blushed and then smiled, “I think I need to go take care of something.”

Cindy opened her eyes and blushed. I released her skirt and leaned over to kiss her cheek, “I better go take care of something too.”

She grinned as I turned to follow mom. I walked into my room and turned the monitor on. I could see mom stripping and her door was cracked open slightly. I stripped quickly and looked again to see her lowering herself onto the love doll. I walked out and went to mom’s room, I heard her moan as I hesitantly opened the door wider and stepped in.

She was faced away as she straddled the love doll fucking its cock slowly. I left the door open and walked to the bed as she shivered and moaned again, “Fuck me Matt.”

I moved onto the bed behind her with my cock drooling pre cum like crazy. I straddle the dolls feet and carefully moved up behind her. When she shuddered and leaned down spreading her legs I was ready. I positioned my cock against the love dolls and pushed. She groaned as my thick cock began stretching her open wider.

She shuddered and pushed back before slowly pulling away so that my cock pulled out of her. She shuddered and slowly thrust back onto my cock, letting it slip into her a little deeper. She kept doing it until I was fucking into her nice and deep. She was shaking her head and shuddering and when I finally held her hips as I pumped and spewed huge streams of cum deep inside of her as she jerked and convulsed.

She finally lay still panting as I finished spraying the back of her pussy. I slowly pulled out and she lifted up and then rolled off the doll. I moved over her and kissed her softly, “Thank you mom.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “That should be a really good video.”

I grinned, “It isn’t over yet.”

I moved up and thrust back into her cummy pussy and she shuddered. I fucked her nice and deep, grinding against her with my cock tight against the back of her pussy and trying to push into her womb. Mom moaned and held my hips as I fucked her and ground against her. I held her as I fucked into her a little harder and she grunted and started shaking.

When I pushed my cock all the way into her and just humped and pressed against her tight, she jerked and shuddered. Her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock as I went back to fucking her with long, deep strokes. I fucked her hard as she moaned and then I slowed and used slow, grinding thrusts that had her jerking and shaking. When her pussy spasmed for a third time as it tried to milk my cock I groaned and began spewing cum.

I pumped and sprayed her womb as she lay under me shaking and moaning. When I finished, I gave her a soft kiss before pulling out and lying beside her to caress a bare breast. Mom smiled and sighed, “I needed that Matt.”

I leaned over her and kissed her, “I know mom.”

I slid out of bed and left, quietly closing the door behind me. I put my sleep pants on and checked on Cindy in the monitor and smiled as she laid spread out on her bed. I walked down and tried the door. When it opened I looked in to see she had her eyes closed so I crossed to her bed. I sat beside her and reached out to slip a finger through her pussy. She shuddered and turned her head to see me. I grinned, “You forgot to lock the door.”

She smiled as I kept fingering her slippery pussy. I looked at her body, “You do realize I have been using hidden cameras.”

She looked around and then back at me as she shivered and her pussy tightened on my finger. She shook her head, “what are you doing with the video?”

I blushed, “Well, I was masturbating…”

Cindy laughed and reached out to caress my chest, “I can have home movies with them.”

I laughed, “Are you going to invite your friends over to watch them with you?”

She grinned, “I might.”

I leaned over and sucked on her nipple and she groaned. I looked up into her face and she caressed my face before reaching for my pants. I lifted up as she pushed them down enough to get at my cock. Cindy grinned when she saw my cock, “Nice Matt.”

She rubbed it and then looked into my face, “You’re a little cummy…”

I shrugged and she grinned and pulled me between her legs, “If mom lets you fuck her than I can too.”

I pushed against her wet pussy and she groaned as my cock slowly forced its way inside her. I didn’t wait and just started fucking her slippery pussy. She shuddered and moaned as her pussy gripped my cock, “Fuck!”

I buried my cock to grind against her and she groaned as she felt it pressed against her cervix hard. I pulled back to fuck her hard and smiled at her soft grunts every time I pumped my cock into her. I slowed to long, deep strokes and Cindy jerked and spasmed as her tight pussy tried to milk my cock. She tossed her head as her body jerked and thrashed around while being impaled on my throbbing cock.

I grunted when my balls tightened and shoved against her womb before suddenly unloading huge, gushing streams of sperm. Cindy jerked when she felt my warm cum pumping into her and filling her womb. She shuddered and her body tightened, “Oh fuck Matt!”

I spurted and spewed ropes of cum that filled her and began leaking out as I held still and tried to catch my breath. She shuddered and hugged me, “I’ve never felt it like that little brother.”

I kissed her and slowly pulled out. I lay on my side next to her and rubbed her pelvis, “You felt nice Cindy.”

She grinned as she turn her head, “you felt amazing Matt.”

I rubbed her nipple and kissed her, “I need to go wash.”

I moved off the bed and left her room and walked down to the bathroom. I rinsed off in the shower and headed to my room and sat at my desk to edit the videos. When I finished and put the new videos away I went to bed and slept peacefully. I woke to singing and found mom in the kitchen moving around happily.

I grinned and crossed to hug her before fixing a bowl of cereal. Cindy walked into the kitchen dressed and looking rested. She grinned at mom, “I never thought I could sleep that well.”

Mom laughed, “I slept like my babies.”

We laughed and Cindy kissed my cheek on her way to fix her own cereal. A little later I watched them both head out to go shopping. I started chores which included mowing, edging, sweeping cobwebs, (Mom hates spiders). I also cleaned up the patio since it was starting to warm up. When I finally came back in the house a sybian was on the floor in the living room and Cindy was sitting on the couch talking to someone on her cell.

I grinned and headed back to shower and then went to my room. I found mom sitting at my desk and blushed as I went to find a pair of pants. I still had a towel around my waist and mom smiled, “Come here baby.”

I walked to her and she pulled the towel off before looking at my cock, “Damn you have a lovely cock.”

I smiled and pulled her up to kiss her and she seemed to just melt against me. She finally pulled back and smiled, “your sister invited a couple of friends over to play. I wanted to watch.”

I grinned and sat before turning to my computer and bringing the camera’s up. Mom stripped and turned to sit on my lap and lean back. I cupped her breast with one hand and used my other to reach around and down to her already wet pussy. Cindy poked her head in my door and blushed, “Matt did you happen to record my boyfriend Ronald and me in the living room?”

I grinned and bent sideways to open a lower drawer and pull out the disk. I held it out, “He wasn’t very good. There’s other stuff on the disk too.”

Cindy grinned as she crossed the room to take the disk. She kissed mom on the cheek and winked at me, “Enjoy the show.”

Mom cleared her throat, “You can use the male love doll on my bed too.”

Cindy laughed and waved before closing the door. I squeezed mom and she turned her head for a kiss. A minute later we saw Cindy on the monitor as she carried the love doll into the living room. A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang and three of her girlfriends came in. Mom lifted up and I pulled my finger out of her pussy as she positioned my cock.

She groaned as she sat and her pussy seemed to spasm around my cock as she shuddered. We watched as the girls talked and slowly undressed. Cindy was the first one on the love doll and we watched her shudder as she began rocking back and forth. One of the other girls hesitated and then straddled the sybian while a third took the controls.

Mom thrust back and forth and shuddered constantly while I played with her nipples and clit. The first time I came it didn’t take long. I held her down as I pumped spurts of cum into her. She jerked and turned her head to kiss me as I filled her baby factory with sperm. When I stopped cumming I was still hard and she giggled before going back to fucking me.

She was almost constantly spasming and shuddering as we watched Cindy and her girlfriends take turns on the sybian and the doll. Mom really loved the few times one would go down on another girl and I came four times before my cock became to sensitive. After that she just straddled me and we held each other until Cindy’s friends left.

I started editing as Cindy started cleaning up and mom went to start dinner. I burned a DVD when I finished and Cindy brought back the one she borrowed. She sat on my lap and grinned, “They were horny bitches when I told them you were watching and recording with cameras.”

I cupped her breasts, “You should invite them to bring boys over to fuck.”

She laughed and kissed me before standing and walking to the door and looking back, “I did.”

I grinned as she walked out and put the DVD away. I went to wash and helped Cindy put her Sybian and mom’s doll away. After dinner Cindy had a call and left to talk in private. I grinned as I walked up and rubbed mom’s butt, “I’ll do the dishes.”

She smiled and turned to kiss me, “It feels so good to have a man fucking me again.”

She stretched, “I think I’m going to take a warm bubble bath.”

I watched her walk towards her bedroom as she hummed and smiled before turning to start washing. Cindy slipped up beside me and grinned, “My girlfriend Sally is bringing her boyfriend over to use my bedroom.”

I smiled, “Is he any good?”

Cindy shrugged, “he won’t go down on her but he sure loves to fuck.”

She kissed my cheek, “can I watch with you?”

I grinned as I finished and closed the dishwasher. I turned to kiss Cindy, “sure.”

I went to tell mom and she grinned, “Come sleep with me after?”

I cupped a breast and bent to kiss her softly. I went to my room and a few minutes later Cindy slipped in and grinned. Her friend Sally was with a guy sitting on her bed kissing. I stripped and Cindy quickly did the same before sitting on my lap to watch. I cupped her breast, “Does he know we are watching him?”

Cindy grinned, “No.”

He was clumsy and fumbled as he undressed her while trying to keep kissing. Cindy giggled and leaned against me as her girlfriend finally pushed him back and stood to strip. He quickly undressed and lay beside her and started fingering her pussy. Cindy was breathing hard as I changed cameras and turned to kiss me hard. He finally started to move between Sally’s legs and she let him.

She was smiling as she looked past his shoulder as he pushed into her pussy. Cindy groaned and stood and turned. She straddled me and slowly impaled her pussy on my hard drooling cock. The guy was fucking Sally with long, hard, deep thrust and I shifted to a small window that showed his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Sally lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist to slow him down as she shuddered and moaned.

Cindy started thrusting back and forth but kept her eyes on the monitor as her friend got fucked. Sally was jerking when her boyfriend pounded into her and started spewing cum. She jerked and shook as she rolled her eyes up and hugged his shaking body. When he finished and pulled out Sally turned him and straddled him to put his slimy cock back into her used pussy.

Cindy groaned before spasming and jerking as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. She became erratic as she fucked me and wet me. Sally was wailing as she rode her boyfriend who was shaking and jerking around as she rode him hard. I pulled my sister down as my balls tightened and she covered her scream as I began pumping sperm into her.

Sally and her boyfriend fucked several times before he couldn’t get hard. Cindy was just sitting on my lap tiredly by then with cum leaking out of her pussy. I patted her hip, “Their getting dressed. You might want to go wait in the front room.”

She smiled and stood to get dressed before going out. I waited until they left the room before starting to edit and burn the DVD. Cindy and Sally slipped in the door a minute later. I was tempted to cover myself but decided not to. Sally gasped when she saw my slimy cock, “Jesus Cindy!”

I looked at her staring at my cock and Cindy pushed her towards me, “I told you we fucked.”

Sally blushed and looked into my face, “But you didn’t say he was hung like a stud.”

I blushed and looked at Cindy. She grinned and walked close and bent to kiss me softly. She looked at Sally, “Did you want to see?”

Sally nodded and came to stand beside my chair. I started the edited video again and Sally watched intently. I brought up a small window in a corner as I started burning it, “I’m burning the DVD now so I can only use a small window.”

She was whispering to Cindy in a minute and finally shuddered, “Stop.”

I stopped the video and looked at her as she grinned at Cindy, “If we can each get a guy before next week...”

Cindy laughed, “Our girl party will be crazy.”

Sally nodded and turned to caress my face, “I might even take a ride on your brother.”

I grinned as they left and turned to finish. I put the new video away and stood to go to mom’s room. She was slowly rocking back and forth on her sybian but was incoherent. I shook my head and shut the light off before walking to her bed. I pulled mom off the toy and shut it off before moving it. I moved her under the covers and lay beside her caressing her breasts.

She sighed and shuddered before turning to put her head on my shoulder. I held her and softly caressed her as she fell asleep. I woke up early and looked at mom sleeping peacefully. I smiled and carefully rolled her onto her back before moving between her legs. I pushed into her hot, slippery pussy and slowly fucked deeper. She shuddered a minute later and her hips lifted. She put her arms around me as she smiled, “good morning baby.”

I buried my cock in her and kissed her softly, “Morning mom.”

Her warm pussy squeezed my cock as she shuddered and shook me, “back to work honey.”

I grinned and fucked her with long, hard, deep thrusts. She jerked and wailed as she arched her back. She dropped to the bed and began to convulse as her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. I kept fucking her with hard, deep thrusts and she thrashed around and howled, “MATHEW!”

She was bucking and shaking as she held her legs up and spread. I barely glanced at my sister as I grunted and buried my throbbing cock. I held mom tight as I started to gush a huge stream of cum straight into her womb. She jerked and shuddered and lifted her hips, “YES! BREED ME!”

I groaned at the thought and kept pumping sperm into her. It was a minute before I was done and mom sighed. She dropped her legs to the bed and I kissed her, “Thanks mom I get really horny in the morning.”

She grinned and shuddered as I pulled out and moved to her other side as Cindy lay beside her and reached out to rub and caress mom’s pelvis, “Breed you mom?”

Mom blushed, “Well, I always wanted more children and your brother is a stud.”

Cindy grinned, “I know.”

She fingered mom’s leaking pussy, “okay mom, Mathew can breed you.”

I looked at Cindy and she smiled, “You don’t really mind do you?”

I leaned over to suck on one of mom’s nipples, “No.”

Mom moaned and Cindy laughed as she rolled out of bed. Mom sighed as she walked out and caressed my cheek, “Time to get up baby.”

I grinned and sucked on her nipple before rolling away and off the bed, “I already am mom.”

I went to take a quick shower before checking and editing the video. I ate breakfast and looked up when Cindy came in. She was grinning, “Tara is bringing her boyfriend over in a little bit to use my room.”

I grinned and looked at mom, “Want to join us?”

Mom laughed and rubbed her pelvis, “I’m full and need to do some shopping.”

Cindy laughed and grabbed my hand, “Then Matt gets to pump it into me.”

She pulled me back to my room and to my desk, “Get undressed, I’ll let Tara and her boyfriend in and come back.”

She walked out as I began to undress. I sat and checked the cameras in her room before sitting back. A few minutes later Cindy was answering the front door. Tara was stunning but her boyfriend looked... skinny even if he wore a jocks jacket. It was a couple of minutes before Cindy left her bedroom and closed the door behind her. Tara crossed to lock the door before walking to the bed as she stripped.

Cindy was undressing as she walked into my room and closed the door. I turned my chair as she walked to me and she grinned as she turned and spread her legs before slowly sitting on my cock. She sighed as I pushed up into her and her warm pussy squeezed me. I pulled her back against me and turned the chair as one hand cupped a breast and the other dropped to finger her stretched pussy.

We watched as Tara pushed her boyfriend back and leaned over to lick and then suck his cock. It was only a little more then six inches long and before we knew it she was taking the whole thing all the way into her throat. Cindy slowly thrust back and forth harder as her warm pussy started to spasm around my cock. She jerked and shook as she turned her head for me to kiss her.

I continued to rub and feel her breast and nipple as my other hand fingered her pussy and clit. Cindy became a lot slipperier as we watched Tara’s boyfriend pull her up and roll. She spread her legs as he moved between them. A moment later he shoved into her and started fucking her long and hard. She put her arms and legs around him to slow him down.

Cindy moaned and shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. We watched as Tara’s boyfriend started spasming and jabbing into her. She was jerking and shuddering as he spurted cum into her. When he stopped cumming he went back to fucking her and we heard her gasp. She jerked and clutched him as he started fucking her with long thrusts.

I pulled Cindy back and down as she began to convulse and gasped as she looked back and I started pumping spurts of cum. She shuddered and shook as I spurted into her and when I stopped she sighed. I kissed her bare shoulder before pulling her back and forth. She grinned and went back to thrusting and fucking me. Tara had her legs up and spread as her boyfriend fucked her nice and deep.

She was shuddering and jerking and we could see his cummy cock each time he pulled back. He fucked her and came three times before his cock went limp. I was ready to cum again but Cindy groaned and stood. She had managed to come five more times and turned to smile at me, “Tara wants you to fuck her while she watches.”

I opened my mouth and she grinned, “she said it was payment for making the video.”

She quickly dressed and slipped out. She let Tara’s boyfriend out and met Tara in the hall. A minute later she pulled her into my room. Tara stared at my cock as she crossed the room, “Damn, Sally wasn’t kidding, your brother is hung like a stud.”

She grinned as she turned and spread her legs outside mine. She slowly sat as my sister leaned down and held my cock up. I slid into her slimy pussy and she shuddered and her pussy grasped my cock. I was pressed tight against the back of her pussy as she looked back, “Okay, let’s edit.”

I laughed as Cindy giggled and went to get her chair. I turned to the computer and brought up the videos I had saved and all the angles. It went slower then normal but faster then real time. Before it was finished Tara was jerking and shuddering as her cummy pussy rippled and spasmed around my throbbing cock. I stopped everything as she wailed and convulsed.

I pulled her down and pushed into her a little deeper as I began to pump and gush cum into her. She jerked and stiffened before shuddering as her pussy contracted, “YES!”

I held her on me as I kept pumping cum in her. When I stopped she groaned and relaxed back against me, “I have never had a guy cum in me that deep.”

Cindy snickered, “My brother was trying to breed you like a bitch.”

Tara grinned as she looked back, “I’m on the pill but you can try.”

I lifted her off my cock and turned to finish editing as they went to wash. I burned a DVD and put it away before they came back. I went to shower and then out to do chores before mom came home. That was how it started, after Cindy graduated she and most of her girlfriends went to the local college. The shows they put on were a lot wilder.

Sally and Tara both moved in with us and when we bought a new larger house so the children would have more room, they went with us. Cindy has had several boyfriends but finally after ten years she just moved back in. Now it is just mom, Sally, Tera Cindy and I together as a family. Sally, Tara and my sister are pregnant with our first and mom just had her fourth.
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