It was a project, I was sixty two, with cancer as well as several other health problems. I didn’t really think it would work and had joked a lot about it, but had left everything in my will to the clone or whatever they wanted to call it. One of the doctors had told me the hard part would be to stop the rapid growth rate of the engineered clone.

I guess he succeeded because they finally called me to come into the lab in the middle of the week on a Thursday. The lab was always being protested against, (usually by animal rights people). It was simple they said, transfer my thoughts and memories into the clone electronically using a computer interface. They had hired several people just in case things went wrong.

I woke to smoke and alarms, there was a body draped over me and people were running into the room. I turned my head and looked across the room to another table and was surprised to see myself, or I should say my old body. The body on me was pulled off and a man was pulling me over his shoulder.

He set me down outside the building as a small explosion went off. The next thing I knew, people were running out of the building as huge flames sprang up and more explosions rocked the surrounding area. I looked around and walked to the far side of the parking lot where I had parked. When I got there I was tired and then remembered the keys were still in the building.

I paused and then remembered the spare I kept under the rear bumper. After I opened the door and sat down, I looked in the mirror to see a young face staring back at me. Our experiment had worked! I opened the console and took out the cheap prepaid cell and dialed one of the numbers I needed. When they answered, I told them to start Phoenix and then gave them my password, ‘Reborn.’

I couldn’t drive, this body, my new body, was only thirteen. I sighed and turned to the back seat and pulled the long coat over the seat before getting out of the car and locking it. Putting on the coat, I started walking. My house was only a couple of miles away and it didn’t take long for me to reach it even if I felt exhausted. I used a spare key from the lock box and let myself in.

I didn’t want to spend to much time here so first things first. Gym clothes and shoes that were to big and then a packet of money and a prepaid credit card. I grabbed a small bag with my hygiene stuff, my laptop case and used the cell to call the other number. They answered right away, “Hello?”

I smiled at the voice, “Cynthia?”

She hesitated, “Yes.”

I started walking towards the door, “Cynthia, this is James.”

I heard her gasp, “James!”

I smiled as I closed and locked the front door, “I’m on my way to your house now. Can you meet me?”

“I… I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

I looked around the street and started walking the twelve blocks to Cynthia’s. “I’ll see you when you get there.”

I hung up thinking about her. Cynthia Harris, beautiful brunette, thirty two years old with a fourteen year old daughter. She was the one I had picked as a surrogate mom. The body, my body was young and people would ask questions. Out of two hundred women, I had narrowed it down to twelve. I picked Cynthia out of the twelve because she had been honest and told me she was sexually attracted to boys.

I was standing beside the driveway when she pulled in. She smiled at me shyly as she got out, she only knew part of my story. When we opened the door she called out to her daughter as we walked towards the hall, “Shelly!”

When she opened the door to her daughter’s room, Shelly and a boy were scrambling to put clothes on, I smiled as Cynthia gasped. I touched Cynthia on her elbow and took a step into the room before bending and absently picking up a condom. It was still in its wrapper and as the boy was trying to leave, I stopped him and handed the condom to him.

Cynthia was still trying to think what to say to her red faced daughter. I nudged her and looked at Shelly, “Come into the living room.”

I turned Cynthia and led her back to the living room and she seemed to wake up. She blushed but I only smiled, “You wouldn’t by chance have some coffee would you?”

She nodded and went into the kitchen as Shelly walked out and hesitated before sitting on the couch. She wasn’t sitting like a lady and I could see her beautiful pussy. I smiled at her and walked back to her room and found a pair of panties on the edge of the bed. I walked back into the living room and crossed to her. I held out the pair of thong panties, “I’ll shave your pussy later so it will look better.”

She blushed as she took the panties and bent to put them on while mumbling something. Cynthia came back a moment later and I gestured to the couch after taking the cup of coffee. I took a sip and looked at both of them sitting on the couch. I sighed and set the coffee down, “All right Shelly, first things first, your mother is my legal guardian. I guess you could say, I am your new brother.”

I grinned, “It is a very complex story. This body… my body was engineered. I keep thinking cloned, but that isn’t even close. I was dying of Cancer. I had a few friends that were doing some cutting edge science stuff and I volunteered to help them. It involved the transfer of my thoughts and memories into a clone.”

I could see she didn’t believe me and neither did Cynthia. I grinned, “You’ll believe later.”

I looked at Shelly, “Do you know why I picked your mother as my guardian?”

She looked at her mom as she blushed. She looked back at me and shook her head, “No.”

I smiled, “Out of two hundred women, I found twelve that I thought were qualified. Out of those twelve I picked your mother. I picked her because she was honest and told me she was attracted to boys.”

Shelly looked at her mom as she blushed. She looked back at me, “So you picked her so you could have sex.”

I grinned and moved to sit on the other side of her. I turned her head to look at her mother, “Look at your mother. Be objective, don’t see her as your mother. Look at her body and tell me if you would have sex with her.”

She looked at her blushing mother and blushed herself as she nodded, “Yes, I would.”

I laughed softly, “exactly. Your mother is beautiful, smart and honest.”

I stood up and held my hand out to Cynthia, “Well mom, want to take me shopping for clothes? I’ll pay.”

Cynthia laughed and Shelly giggled. “You can buy us new panties.”

I grinned and led them to the door. It was an interesting time, since I didn’t know what size of clothes I wore. It was a matter of trying things on until something fit. It took us almost three hours and I did buy them new panties as well as bras. I also made a couple of other stops. We stopped at a fast food place on the way home.

After we got home Cynthia and Shelly both seemed nervous, it was only a two bedroom house. I grinned while they were trying to decide where to put me. I picked up my hygiene bag, the small shopping bag I had brought home and took Shelly’s hand before looking at her mother as I led Shelly towards the bathroom. “I’m sleep with you Cynthia.”

I didn’t hear her say anything as I walked Shelly into the bathroom. She was pulling on my hand trying to pull away. I turned her and sat her on the toilet as her mother stopped in the doorway behind me, “Okay Shelly, time for our talk. I’m sixty two years old. I can teach you a lot if you want, but I don’t force girls. You’re going to be my sister, that means I need to help you. First, we need to make sure you are drop dead gorgeous and so sexy the boys start drooling when they see you. I’m going to start by shaving and trimming your pussy everyday. You’re fourteen so I think a nice heart shape would be nice to start with.”

Shelly was grinning, “You’re going to make the boy’s drool?”

I grinned, “We are, yes. Part of it will be new clothes like today I think. We need to get you an appointment to have your hair done. Also from now on, I will give you a warm douche and enema every morning. It will be scented with expensive perfume that won’t clash with the light scented perfume you will start wearing.”

I took a breath, “Sex. I will buy a box of good condoms for you to put in your room. I will answer any questions you may have as honestly as I can. If you want to take a boy to your room, tell me and I will get lost.”

I looked from her red face to Cynthia’s, “Your mother and I will start taking showers with you as well. That way you can become more comfortable with seeing a boy’s… cock, as well as becoming more comfortable being naked with another person.”

Both Shelly and Cynthia looked red faced as I stripped the sweats off and calmly turned to start the shower. I looked at Cynthia, “Well?”

She was embarrassed but came into the bathroom and undressed. I grinned when I saw her pussy and reached out to softly run my fingers through her pussy hair. Cynthia laughed, “You can trim mine too.”

I grinned and turned to Shelly, “well?”

Shelly looked up from staring at my cock and blushed. She grinned and stood up defiantly and stripped out of her clothes. She reached out to lightly pinch her mother’s hard nipples, “I know what this means.”

I smiled as I stepped into the shower. It was fun washing Cynthia and Shelly and then letting Shelly wash me. She was fascinated with my cock, it was eight inches long. She spent a lot of time caressing and stroking it until I closed my eyes and started shooting my cum onto her tummy. I opened my eyes to see Cynthia smiling at her daughter. She wiped a wad of cum from Shelly’s stomach and put it into her own mouth.

Shelly’s eyes widened and she wiped another gob of cum up and put it into her mouth. She grinned at her mother a moment later. I washed myself and Shelly off and then shut the water off. I dried them and grabbed my shaving kit before leading them naked into the living room. I didn’t say anything about the open front window.

I sat them both on the couch and knelt between a nervous Shelly’s legs. I pushed her back and pulled her hips closer to the edge. I spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thigh before starting. I had done this before to other women so it didn’t take long. When I was finished, I sat back on my heels and looked at Cynthia, “What do you think?”

She had been leaning over to watch and smiled, “It looks good enough to eat.”

I grinned and leaned forward between Shelly’s legs and ran my tongue from her ass to her clit. She shivered almost violently, “Yes!”

I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed softly as I sat back. When Shelly finally relaxed and stopped cumming, I smiled as I moved over between her mother’s legs, “That was because you let someone else touch you when you were excited.”

I grinned as I looked at Cynthia’s hairy pussy and went to work. Before I had gotten very far, Shelly was leaning on her mother’s hip and watching what I was doing. Cynthia didn’t try to hold back, when I slipped my finger into her wet drooling pussy hole, she jerked. Her hips bucked several times and she gasped, “ohhh… fuck!”

Shelly grinned at me when I slowly pulled my finger out and licked it, “Taste good?”

I grinned back and wiped some of the pussy drool onto my finger and held it out to her. She looked at me for a minute and then opened her mouth and licked my fingers. She smiled as I pulled my fingers out and went back to shaving her mother. When I finished, I started licking through her pussy.

I didn’t stop with one lick though. I licked and teased her clit and kept going back to her leaking hole to lick up her juice. I didn’t stop until Cynthia shuddered violently and covered her pussy with her hand. Shelly laughed, “I’m jealous.”

I smiled and gathered my shaving things up, “That’s my price for shaving you from now on.”

I held my hands out for the two women. I walked them back to Cynthia’s room and stopped in the doorway. I looked at Shelly, “Are you a virgin?”

Shelly blushed, but nodded, “Today… I was going to let… yes.”

I nodded and squeezed her hand, “Sleep with your mother and I. Watch us, the most important thing I can tell you is protect yourself. Birth control, condoms for STD’s, pick a boy that will keep his mouth shut and make sure you receive some pleasure from the boy first.”

I looked at Cynthia, “That’s why I enjoyed your mother so much. She was honest about liking boys. To tell you the truth, having sex with someone that is my… mom, has always been a fantasy of mine.”

Cynthia grinned, “That’s every boy’s fantasy.”

I smiled and pulled them to the bed. I walked Shelly around to the other side and folded the sheet back and let her get in. I walked back around the bed and stopped in front of Cynthia, “Soo… when you fantasize…?”

She laughed as her face reddened. She pulled the sheet back and pulled me into bed on top of her, “Just fuck me please. We can play later.”

I grinned and looked at Shelly before kissing Cynthia and looking at her, “This body is young and is more sensitive like any boys.”

She grinned, “Good, then we can do it again and again and again…”

Shelly and I laughed and I rose up onto my hands and thrust gently with my hips. My cock pushed against the entrance to her pussy for a moment and then it slid in. I groaned, I couldn’t believe how sensitive I was and how good it felt. Shelly moved closer and looked down past our hips. Cynthia laughed and put her hands on my chest, “Wait James.”

I looked at her while she was looking at her daughter. Shelly looked up and Cynthia smiled, “Would you like to see it better?”

Shelly hesitated and then nodded, Cynthia patted my chest, “Pull out James. Let’s change positions.”

I pulled out and went to my knees as she rolled off the bed and turned back to me. “Lay on your back.”

I grinned and did what she asked and she straddled my waist. She looked at Shelly, “Move down so you can look between our legs.”

Cynthia held my cock and slowly lowered her pussy down. I entered her and slid into heaven. She was tight, wet and it felt like a velvety smooth glove holding and squeezing my cock. She put her hands on my chest, her voice was a little raspy, “God, I can’t believe its happening.”

I looked up to see a look of lust that surprised me. Cynthia began to move her hips and growled, “My own boy to fuck me.”

I grinned and reached up to hold her tits, “fuck me mom.”

Cynthia groaned and began moving up and down on my cock. The feel of her smooth pussy sliding on my cock was incredible. My hips were bucking up on their own as she fucked me and I groaned, “Oh god, I’m going to cum.”

She laughed and sat down, grinding her pussy against me as I started spurting load after load of hot cum up inside her. Cynthia turned her head to look back at Shelly, “He’s pumping his cum into me.”

I heard Shelly laugh and shook my head. I moved my hands from Cynthia’s tits to her waist, “That’s what happens the first time for a boy. That’s why you need to make sure he gets you off before you let him fuck you.”

Cynthia slowly moved up my body, letting my still hard cock slip out of her slimy hole. Shelly giggled, “God, he put a lot of cum in you mom.”

Cynthia laughed, “He isn’t done yet sweet heart.”

She slipped to the side, “Come lay beside me so he can fuck me nice and deep.”

Shelly laughed and moved up to lie beside her mother while I rolled on top of her. I pushed back into her wet, cummy pussy and groaned. She held me and waited, she didn’t have long to wait. I started fucking her with long, deep strokes that made her shiver and shudder. I didn’t really care anymore if she was enjoying it. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock so wonderfully that I just wanted to fuck the cum out of my balls.

Her body slowly went tight as she struggled to cum. Shelly suddenly reached out and pulled on one of Cynthia’s nipples and she exploded, “YES!”

She was bucking and jerking erratically as her pussy squeezed me tight and that was all I could take. I buried my cock and began pumping huge spurts of cum against her womb. Neither one of us was aware of much as we held tight to the other. When I was done, I slowly pulled out of her messy, cum filled pussy and lay beside her. Shelly smiled as Cynthia sighed, “Damn that felt good.”

Shelly giggled, “I can hardly wait to have a boy do that to me.”

Cynthia smiled as she looked at her daughter and then she looked at me with a grin. “You’re still hard.”

I grinned as I looked down at my hard cock, “The wonder of youth.”

She grinned and turned to Shelly with a thoughtful look, “you can’t wait?”

Shelly grinned and Cynthia laughed and pushed her onto her back. She looked over her shoulder at me and grinned, “Come fuck your sister.”

I smiled and moved around her and between Shelly’s legs. I lay on her and pushed my cock up tight against her wet pussy. I looked into Shelly’s nervous face, “Are you sure?”

She looked at me for a minute and then nodded. Before she could change her mind, I thrust and she grunted as I suddenly spread her pussy open and sank deep into her body. I held still and Shelly shivered before shaking her head, “Damn.”

I waited and she finally focused on me and grinned, “Think you can take care of two women brother?”

I grinned and started to fuck her with steady, deep strokes that had her grunting and shivering in no time. I loved the way her tight pussy grasped at my cock as I pulled back on each stroke. After a few minutes she jerked and started having spasms. Her pussy was milking my cock and she looked at her mother, “Momma!”

I gasped as I suddenly started cumming. I shoved into her jerking body and spurted a load of cum and then pull almost out of her before shoving my cock back in and to do it again. We both shivered and groaned as I filled her pussy to overflowing. When I was done, we were both panting as we tried to catch our breath. I pulled out of her and lay between her and her mother. Cynthia caressed my chest, “I think Shelly is right. You can fuck both of us.”

I smiled and relaxed, “You should be getting a call from the police tonight or tomorrow.”

Cynthia looked at me and I shrugged, “I listed you as my emergency contact so when they identify my old body…”

She nodded, “What should I do?”

I tugged on one of Shelly’s nipples before grinning at her smiling mother, “Act sad. You can explain that I was already dying from cancer. My will names you, Shelly and this body.”

She smiled and snuggled closer as Shelly did the same thing on my other side. I woke to the phone ringing and Cynthia missing, Shelly grumbled and turned over. I was tempted to push her onto her back and fuck my morning erection away. I rolled out of bed and followed the sound of Cynthia’s voice in the kitchen. She was talking to someone on the phone and looked at me as I came in.

She was dressed in a short skirt and dark blue blouse as she sipped coffee. I smiled and sat down before holding out my hand to her when she hung up. She grinned at me and came to sit on my lap. She wiggled her butt and grinned, “If I didn’t have to work…”

I grinned and let my hands just feel her. She finally sighed and patted my hands, “When I get home you can molest me.”

I kissed the back of her neck, “Yes mom.”

She grinned and gave me a quick kiss before standing up and walking to the sink. She looked back at me and grinned, “You need to wake your sister and give her a douche and enema, remember?”

I grinned and stood to walk back to the bedroom. I looked at Cynthia, “Have a nice day at work.”

She smiled and I left the room. I woke Shelly by fingering her slit until she moaned. She shivered and then her whole body gave a shudder. She smiled, “Good morning.”

I grinned, “Mom reminded me I needed to give you a douche and an enema.”

She pulled on me, “Fuck me first.”

I moved between her legs as she eagerly pulled my cock to her pussy. I pushed into her tight, wet pussy and started fucking her nice and slow. It wasn’t long before we were fucking each other faster and harder. She was grunting and shivering with each stroke and after a few more minutes we both froze. My cock was shoved all the way inside her grasping pussy as it pulsed and then seemed to explode.

I spurted and spewed huge, strong gushes of cum as Shelly held her pussy up and the rest of her body shook and thrashed around. I spurted a dozen jets of cum before relaxing and she shuddered, “Oh god I really love feeling that.”

I grinned and slowly pulled out. I helped her off the bed and into the bathroom where I gave her a douche and an enema. I pulled her into the shower and washed her before drying her. I pulled a small bottle of perfume out of the shopping bag I had brought home. I put a couple of drops on each side of her pussy. I pulled a second bottle out and handed it to her.

I had her wear one of the outfits she had picked out yesterday and helped her get dressed. She had a huge grin on her face when she walked out the front door. I spent the morning on the phone, it was almost two when the door bell rang. I answered it to see two police officers, they looked at me, “We’re looking for Cynthia Harris?”

I opened the door wider, “She’s at work. Do you want me to call her?”

They hesitated and then the older looking one nodded. I led them into the kitchen and offered coffee before using the cell to call Cynthia. She arrived twenty minutes later and they gave her the bad news about Kevin James Sinclair. They gave her the information on how to claim the body and then left.

She stared at me and then took a breath as I called the number in my cell and gave the man that answered the information the police had given Cynthia. When I hung up Shelly banged the front door open. She was grinning and ran to pull me into a hug. “You should have seen!”

I grinned, “Did they follow you around like you were in heat?”

Shelly nodded and looked at her mother, “Can I have a sleep over?”

Cynthia smiled, “Already forgetting your brother?”

Shelly grinned and blushed, “I wanted Denise to come over so we could…”

I laughed and released Shelly and walked to Cynthia. I kissed her and began feeling her butt and breasts. She laughed and gave me a quick kiss before taking my hand. She looked at Shelly as she began leading me to her bedroom, “If her parents give their permission she can sleep over since its Friday.”

Cynthia pulled me into the bedroom and straight to the bed. She stripped and I did the same thing. She knelt on the edge of the bed and put her head down and her butt up. I grinned and leaned in to lick through her musky slit and take her clit between my teeth. She jerked and shuddered, “Fuck!”

I laughed and started teasing her clit with my tongue. Cynthia shuddered as I licked her slit and began caressing her inner thighs with my hands. She began to moan and shake as I pushed my tongue in and out of her hole, fucking it. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard. I stood and positioned my cock before pushing into her in one long, slow shove.

Cynthia groaned as I began to fuck her slow and deep. I reached under her and began fingering and rubbing her clit which made her shake harder. It was only a few minutes before her whole body jerked and she started having twitching convulsions. I really loved the way her pussy grasped my cock as I fucked her. When she groaned and slowly lowered herself to the bed I followed her and kept fucking.

I was fucking almost straight down into her and she gasped and started thrashing around. She squirted cum on my cock and her pussy squeezed me before she did it again. Her body kept shaking as I slowly pushed into her deep and started pumping spurts of cum while she moaned and shivered. I slowly pulled out of her leaking hole and Cynthia shivered. I lay beside her and caressed her lovely butt and back, “Thank you mom that was wonderful.”

She turned her head to look at me and grinned, “Your welcome son.”

We laughed and Cynthia slid out of bed to pull a robe on, “I should start dinner.”

I smiled and put a new robe on before joining her. When the door bell rang we were in the kitchen. Shelly ran to get it and grinned at us on her way past. The girl that came in was a petite blonde with breasts that looked a little larger then Shelly’s. They whispered until Cynthia called them to the dinner table. I slipped my robe off and Cynthia hesitated as she blushed before doing the same thing.

Shelly and Denise blushed when they came in but Shelly pulled Denise to the table, “James and mom are trying to get me comfortable with seeing someone naked. I have to take a shower with them later and James needs to trim my pussy again.”

Denise looked at her in shock, “You let him see you?”

Shelly leaned down and stroked my hard cock which made me groan, “I get to see him.”

Denise was open mouthed and then she licked her lips and looked straight at my cock and reached out to wrap her hand around it, “God it’s big.”

Shelly laughed, “You should feel it inside you.”

Denise looked at her wide eyed, “You fucked him?”

Shelly grinned, “He was my first. He’s teaching me and helping me to find the right guy.”

Denise grinned, “With all the guys following you around today that shouldn’t take long.”

I smiled and reached down to unwrap her hand, “Dinner.”

She blushed and we ate with a lot of looks my way from both girls. After dinner I slipped my robe on and automatically started cleaning up. I glanced at Shelly, “When I finish we can shower and I’ll give your pussy a trim.”

Shelly looked at Denise and blushed, “Want to join us?”

Denise looked down and blushed just like Shelly but nodded. Shelly grinned and looked at me, “Want James to trim your pussy?”

Cynthia laughed and Denise grinned as she nodded again. I led Cynthia into the bathroom when I finished cleaning up and she smiled. She only glanced at Shelly and Denise before reaching out to take my robe off. I started the water while Shelly and Denise undressed. I was thankful that the shower was a large one. I turned to Cynthia and softly caressed her while washing her body, “I’ll give you a nice massage when we go to bed.”

She smiled and moved into my arm. I loved feeling her naked body against mine and she finally moved back, “Let the girls wash you now.”

She climbed out of the shower as I pulled Shelly around my body. I stood still and looked at them, “Go ahead.”

Shelly took the lead but once she started Denise was more then eager to touch and feel my body. After I managed to wash them and we dried off I led them out to the living room where Cynthia had everything ready. I kissed Cynthia and sat her down to be first. I touched up her trim and then leaned in to lick her wet pussy.

I heard Denise gasp and Shelly whisper but I concentrated on Cynthia’s pussy and kept licking. I nibbled on the lips and teased her clit before biting gently. Cynthia shuddered and her hip pushed up against my face, “Yes!”

I kissed her clit and licked through her pussy as she had small twitches. I finally sat back and put some perfume on and moved up to give her a kiss. She smiled and caressed my face, “Thank you.”

I smiled and moved back as she stood. She picked up her robe from the end of the couch and I patted the cushion in front of me, “Shelly?”

She sat and spread her legs while blushing. I touched up her trim and then looked at her eager face before leaning in and licking her leaking pussy. Shelly groaned and shuddered and I pulled on her lips and teased her clit. I took a few moments to fuck her hole with my tongue before licking through her slit several times. She was breathing hard and shaking as I covered her clit and teased it with my tongue. She groaned and spasmed and pushed my face away, “No more James!”

I grinned and leaned forward to kiss her clit before sitting back and reaching for the perfume. When I finished she stood on shaky legs and I looked at Denise who had been rubbing her pussy. She hesitated before sitting in front of me. I caressed her thighs and gently pushed them open. I ignored her blush as I looked at her pussy. I finally started trimming her pussy and shaving everything from her ass to the top of her slit.

I finished and sat back and glanced back at Shelly who had been looking over my shoulder. She grinned and nodded and I leaned in to lick through Denise’s pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and teased her clit. When I started sucking on her clit she thrust her pussy into my face and gasped, “Yes!”

She jerked and shook as I licked cum out of her leaking pussy. I kissed her clit and sat back before putting the perfume on her pussy and standing up. Shelly grinned and reached down to pull her up, “Let’s go to my room and practice that.”

Denise giggled and went with her as I started cleaning up. Cynthia waited until I was done and then pulled me back to her bedroom. She spread her legs as she bent over the bed and wiggled her butt at me. I grinned and moved behind her and slowly pushed into her warm pussy. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and in a few moments she was thrusting her butt back.

When she shuddered and groaned as her pussy contracted around my cock that was enough and I pushed as deep into her as I could before cumming. I pumped and spewed thick creamy jets of cum and Cynthia jerked and shuddered, “Yes!”

When I was done, she pulled forward letting my cock slip out of her. I followed her onto the bed and lay next to her cupping a breast and rubbing its erect nipple. She smiled and reached out to caress my face. She glanced down my body at my still hard cock and grinned before pulling me over her and between her legs. I pushed into her cummy pussy and began to move slowly.

I used deep thrusts, my cock slipping through her warm, slimy pussy easily. A couple of minutes later she shuddered as her pussy contracted around my cock. I grinned, kissed her and then started fucking her hard. She jerked and grunted as my pelvis kept meeting hers and grinding against her. Two minutes after I started Cynthia started spasming and convulsing.

She suddenly froze and her body went rigid before she screamed, “YES! FUCK ME!”

I buried my cock to grind against her and then pulled back to fuck her spasming body hard. Her back arched off the bed and I grinned before burying my cock and rolling. Cynthia groaned and sat up to thrust back and forth fucking my cock. She kept shuddering and her warm, messy pussy continued to squeeze and milk my cock.

She was erratic and almost incoherent when I finally held her down as I started cumming again. She jerked as she felt each warm gush of cum pumping into her and screamed, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming, she laid forward on me and tried to catch her breath. She lifted her hips and slid half off me before putting her head on my shoulder, “thanks James.”

I caressed her bare shoulder, “Want your massage now?”

Cynthia giggled, “You already gave me one.”

I caressed her again and a few minutes later her breathing slowed. I smiled and pulled the blanket up thinking of Shelly and Denise. I woke to Cynthia’s alarm and caressed her body as she turned back from shutting it off. She smiled, “Why don’t you go wake Shelly.”

I kissed her and slipped out of bed before walking out. I opened Shelly’s door and looked in to see both Shelly and Denise on the bed naked. Shelly was spooning behind Denise and I walked up beside the bed. I sat and reached out to start softly petting and stroking through Shelly’s pussy. It was a little wet and slippery from last night and it wasn’t long before she moaned.

I rolled her onto her back and moved over her. I used my knees to spread her legs and forced my cock into her warm pussy. She groaned and her arms reached for me as I began to fuck her slowly. Her eyes blinked open as her hips lifted off the bed, “James?”

Denise giggled and Shelly turned her head to see her before looking at me as I buried my cock. I kissed her and pressed against her and Shelly shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I went back to fucking her with long strokes and she began shaking. After almost five minutes I was shuddering as I tried to hold back. Shelly arched her back and screamed as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I thrust into her and began spurting and pumping cum. Shelly jerked in surprise and then shuddered hard, “YES! CUM IN ME!”

She tossed her head as Denise leaned against us, “I wish he was doing that to me.”

Shelly laughed and kissed me before pushing me up, “Fuck my slut brother.”

Denise was wide eyed but she was more than willing and rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I finished spewing cum in Shelly and shuddered before slowing pulling out and moving between Denise’s legs. I kissed her and pushed against her pussy. I slowly forced my cummy cock into her and she grunted and lifted her hips, “god my pussy feels full.”

Shelly laughed, “When he finishes, you’ll be full alright.”

Denise grinned and hugged me as I started to fuck her with long strokes. Her tight pussy was almost pulsing as it squeezed my cock. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shuddering as her hips met mine. I buried my cock to use slow, jabbing thrusts and press against her. She groaned and shuddered before I went back to fucking her tight pussy with long, deep thrusts.

She kept shaking and shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock constantly. It was a couple of minutes before she started convulsing as she wet me and wailed. I buried my cock but kept humping as Denise shook and shivered. I finally just fucked her hard as I felt my balls tighten and churn. She lifted her legs up and spread them as she started thrashing around and howling.

I finally thrust into her and held her bucking body as I started pumping another huge stream of cum. Denise clutched me to her as her eyes widened, “OOOOOHHHHHH!”

Her pussy clamped down around my spewing cock and she kept shuddering as her pussy milked my pumping cock. When I stopped cumming, her belly was full and she sighed and relaxed onto the bed. I kissed her softly and pulled out of her. She groaned and shuddered as I moved off the bed, “Mom wanted me to wake you.”

Shelly laughed as I walked towards the door and I went to wash before going into the kitchen. Cynthia grinned when I came in, “Did you give them both a sperm injection?”

I grinned as I went to get a cup of coffee, “So why did you set an alarm for Saturday?”

She smiled, “I thought we could take a trip to the lake.”

I sat beside her, “My old body will be buried later today. On Monday a lawyer will come by to read the will. Everything will be transferred by Friday, including the deed to my house. If you wouldn’t mind I would like to go over and sort through everything.”

She grinned, “We get to see your man cave?”

I laughed, “Bring swimsuits or you can swim naked.”

Cynthia’s eyes widened, “You have a pool?”

I sipped my coffee and looked at Shelly and Denise as they walked in nude, “an indoor lap pool and spa.”

I looked at Cynthia, “Most of the stuff I will throw away or give to a charity. If you like the house we could live there but I want to start over.”

She nodded, “We can go to your house.”

After breakfast I washed Cynthia in the shower and then we dressed and waited for Shelly and Denise. When I walked into my old house it was quiet and I shook my head at the old furniture. The three women went room to room as I started boxing up the few things I wanted to keep. I heard the shrieking and splashing and followed the sounds to the huge solarium where the lap pool was.

I smiled as I watched Cynthia, Shelly and Denise splashing around naked. I undressed and slipped into the water and caught Cynthia before turning the jets on and pulling her into my lap as her daughter and Denise played. I caressed her body, one hand cupping her breast and the other fingering her pussy. She grinned and spread her legs before leaning against me.

Shelly and Denise grinned when they turned and came to sit beside us. They looked at each other and I lifted Cynthia’s breasts and exposed her nipples. Shelly and Denise laughed and bent at the same time to capture and suck on a nipple. Cynthia jerked and shuddered as I slipped a finger into her and rubbed her clit with my palm.

She started to breath faster and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my finger. I kept kissing her as she began to spasm and jerk. Shelly and Denise moved up to kiss her and she shuddered hard before turning towards me with a growl, “You are getting so fucked young man!”

Shelly laughed as Denise giggled. I held my cock up as Cynthia straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. She shuddered and started rocking back and forth using long strokes. I caressed her hips, “Have you every thought of more children?”

Shelly looked at her mother as Denise sat beside her. Cynthia shuddered and groaned as her pussy tightened. She smiled and caressed my face before giving me a kiss, “Not until my son started fucking me.”

I smiled and gave her a kiss, “I meant have you thought about having a large family?”

Cynthia buried my cock and kissed me, “How many are we going to have?”

I looked at Shelly, “What do you think?”

She grinned, “six.”

Cynthia shuddered as her pussy spasmed and tightened. I laughed and caressed her hips before looking back at Shelly, “Why six?”

She grinned, “seven is a lucky number.”

I laughed as Denise giggled and stood as Cynthia wrapped her legs around me, “We can use my old bed one last time.”

I struggled to carry her through the house and finally sat her down on the edge of the large bed. I kissed her before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. She smiled and lay back as I stood beside the bed and held her hips. I started planting my cock and grinding and it wasn’t long before she was jerking erratically. It was several minutes before Shelly and Denise jumped onto the bed, “Mom?”

She groaned and shuddered and I grinned, “she isn’t home right now.”

Shelly grinned as Denise laughed. I leaned forward to kiss Cynthia as I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts. A couple of minutes later I shuddered and held her hips as I began spurting and pumping cum. She jerked with each warm eruption as it was pumped into her and sighed when I stopped. I caressed her pelvis and she smiled before wiggling further onto the bed.

Shelly laid beside her and took her hand, “I want to get pregnant mom.”

Cynthia looked at her, “You are too...”

She stopped and looked at me before grinning, “By your brother?”

Shelly blushed but nodded, “Yeah.”

I frowned and then remembered I was only thirteen now. Cynthia was smiling, “okay.”

Shelly grinned and reached for me. I pushed her hand away, “You ask the guy to Shelly.”

She sat beside her mother and spread her legs, “Will you fuck a baby into me?”

I moved over between her legs and caressed her hips, “it will be painful.”

She stroked my cummy cock, “I know.”

I caressed and then cupped her breasts before pushing her back and fitting my cock to her tight pussy. She lifted and spread her legs as I pushed into her and started to fuck her. Denise shifted around on the bed, “Will you knock me up too?”

I slowly buried my cock to look at Denise, “You should talk to your mother first.”

She grinned, “mom’s a slut.”

I rubbed Shelly’s clit as I thought and Cynthia turned, “Want me to call her mother?”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I’ll tell her my thirteen year old son is a horny boy and has been fucking her daughter who has asked me if she could get pregnant.”

I looked at Denise as I started fucking Shelly again. Her tight pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock, “We can try.”

Sometimes second times around work out better. I did get the three pregnant. I went to school and college with both Shelly and Denise. It was a little hard on the girls but we had prepared for it by the time they had the babies.

We live in a large house now with several children, Cynthia is a stay at home mom. It wasn’t the idea of a young boy to her, it was the idea of her son having sex with her. Everything from the lab was destroyed beyond recovery. I still have all the data for everything that was done and how it was done. I’m not sure I will take that way again though.
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