My mom and dad were very strict and as soon as I could, I left. Oh, I didn’t go far, I rented a small one bedroom apartment a mile away so I could go to the local college. When I was very young my grandparents died and left a trust for me and my sister. I was seventeen when I left and my sister was thirteen and it really hurt me to leave her there. A year later I was in college and doing well when I got a call from my sister.

I walked in the front door at home to my father ranting and mother glaring. It seemed that Tess had been arrested by the police for prostitution but they dropped the charges. My mother and father didn’t want her in their house and were throwing her out. I ignored them and kissed Tess on the cheek before walking back to her room.

She had packed everything into a couple of large cardboard boxes. I carried them both while Tess waited in my car. The whole time I was there our parents were preaching at me and yelling out the door at Tess. When the car was loaded, I went back to the door and faced them, “Shut the fuck up!”

To say they were shocked would be an understatement, “You are both poor excuses as parents. This is something to think about now. You just lost both your children, you can live your miserable lives alone now.”

I snatched the guardianship papers from my mother and walked back to my car and left. We were quiet on the drive to my apartment and Tess carried one of the boxes in. In my bedroom I started moving things around and then tossing old clothing into a pile. I emptied over half the closet and more than half of the clothes in the dresser. Tess was sitting on the bed the whole time and finally cleared her throat, “Where do I sleep?”

I nodded to the bed she was sitting on, “Right there unless you want the couch, which isn’t really that comfortable.”

She looked at the bed and then back at me, “Where are you going to sleep?”

I nodded to the bed, “On whichever side you aren’t using.”

Tess just looked at me, “You’re going to sleep with me?”

I sighed and turned to look at her, “I only have one bedroom Tess and one bed. You’re a big girl now or you wouldn’t have been arrested for being a prostitute. Now, we can share the bed and our lives until you are ready to leave. I am not mom or dad and have always loved you. After I get my next trust check I will try to find one of those futon bunk beds.”

She stood up and walked to me. She smiled and gave me a soft kiss before stripping. I watched stunned as she revealed her body and wanted nothing more then to throw her down and fuck her. Tess had a shy smile on her face when she finished, “Since mom and dad aren’t here can I go naked?”

I nodded and murmured under my breath, “Only if you want me to fuck you to death.”

She laughed as she headed for the door, “We’ll work on that tonight.”

She giggled and I had to shake my head and smile. It was a day of teasing as Tess paraded around nude and called her friends. As I was getting ready for bed Tess glanced at the pajama bottoms I was wearing. “Those aren’t allowed in bed.”

I looked at her and finally turned to face her, “About what I said…”

She hugged me with her naked body and I forgot everything I was going to say. She smiled up into my face, “To late big brother, I’m the whore remember? If I can’t get it on the street than you will just have to do.”

I sighed and pulled her against me harder, “You aren’t a whore Tess.”

She leaned back and looked at me, “How about just a little slutty?”

I grinned, “I hope you are on birth control.”

Tess grinned, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed after turning out the light. She pushed me back and knelt to pull my pajamas off and then pushed me all the way into bed. She moved onto the bed and knelt beside me and leaned over to lick my cock. She put her mouth over my cock and slowly fucked it with her mouth while I groaned. She finally pulled off my cock and straddled me, guiding my cock to her pussy.

I waited until she moaned as my cock slow forced her pussy open and then pulled her down and rolled. I held her under me as I started to fuck her with slow strokes. Tess jerked with each deep stroke into her and started shaking her head, “Damn you’re big Ben.”

I kept fucking her wonderfully tight pussy and she kept shaking. When her pussy squeezed my cock while she shuddered and shook I buried my cock to grind against her. She jerked as her body spasmed, “Yes!”

I humped against her, grinding and then pulled back for a long, hard, deep stroke. Tess grabbed me as her tight pussy squeezed my cock again, “Oh god Ben!”

She was shaking as I started fucking her again with deep strokes. As her body spasmed, I pushed into her before my cock jerked and gushed strong spurts of cum. Tess gasped and shivered, “Oh fuck!”

I held her as I sprayed her womb and filled it and she was moaning when I finished. I gave her a kiss before pulling out and turning her onto her stomach. I moved over her as she giggled and raised her butt. I pushed into her messy pussy and Tess groaned and shuddered. I ignored everything as I started fucking her with long strokes. She was grunting as I fucked her used pussy hard.

I moved up and started fucking almost straight down into her. Tess went tense and the started bucking and thrashing around as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I felt her squirt on my balls as she jerked and convulsed under me. I didn’t stop fucking her and enjoyed the ride she was giving me. When she went wild five minutes later it was the same, bucking and shaking. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she squirted again.

She was thrashing around for a third time when I felt like cumming. I straddled her legs and pulled her ass up before shoving my cock into her. I began pumping strong, gushing spurts and Tess screamed, “FUCK YES!”

I pumped and spewed jet after jet and she just jerked and shook as I did it. When I stopped cumming, I slowly pulled my now sensitive cock out and rolled onto my back. Tess groaned as my cock came out of her and then laughed. She crawled half onto me and sighed as she put her head on my shoulder. I loved feeling her naked body on mine and caressed her before falling asleep.

I woke as she slipped off me in the middle of the night. I watched her hurry out the door and smiled as I put my head back. She came back slowly and slipped under the covers and snuggled against me. I caressed her bare shoulder and then pulled her on me. She grinned as she lifted her head. I laughed and caressed down her body and spread her legs before shifting around until my cock was between them.

She shuddered and sighed as my cock pushed up into her. I grinned and pulled her hips down until I was deep inside her. She laughed, “You’re really getting your moneys worth.”

I smiled and held her hips as I began thrusting up into her warm pussy. Tess shuddered and moaned, “God I love having a dick in me.”

I grinned and rolled so that she was under me and started fucking her with long strokes that pushed my cock against her womb with each thrust. She began shaking as her tight pussy started milking my cock, “Oh fuck Ben!”

I fucked her hard for several minutes and then slowed to long, deep thrusts. Tess was bucking and thrashing around as her tight pussy tried to milk my cock. I pressed against her cervix before gushing cum. I shuddered as Tess’s body went rigid under me, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted jets of sperm deep inside her and her rigid body twitched. When I sighed and stopped cumming she dropped to the bed and shuddered as she held me, “I really love that.”

I laughed and pulled out of her and rolled over with her coming to rest half on me. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed deeply, I caressed her shoulder and relaxed. I woke to an unfamiliar alarm and Tess groaned before rolling to the side of the bed and turning it off, “I hate school.”

I grinned and reached over to rub her butt, “Tough, get going before I decide to fuck your cute butt.”

She grinned back at me and wiggled her butt, “But no one has done that yet.”

I laughed and gave her a swat. She laughed with me and jumped out of bed. She grinned back at me as she walked out and went into the bathroom. I got out of bed and went to pee while Tess showered and then I went into the kitchen to make her breakfast, well, cereal. I had two back to back classes and didn’t get home until almost four.

When I walked in the apartment it was to see Tess and two other girls on the couch naked. The two girls blushed but Tess spread her legs slightly as she sat back, “How were your classes?”

I shook my head, “Hard. Let me put my books away and I’ll look for something for dinner.”

I set the books on my desk in the bedroom and came out to go into the kitchen ignoring the naked girls. They giggled a little later and I glanced into the living room to see Tess kneeling between one girl’s legs and licking her pussy. I grinned and went back to preparing dinner. The two girls, Nora and Ellen stayed for dinner and then got dressed and left. Tess hugged me from behind as I did the dishes, “Thanks Ben.”

I glanced back at her, “You aren’t charging them are you?”

She laughed, “No.”

She put her head on my shoulder, “They think you’re cool.”

I laughed, “as long as they aren’t sleeping in bed with me their safe.”

Tess giggled, “That’s my place.”

I turned to hold her, “How was school?”

She shrugged, “Not to bad now that I don’t have to worry about coming home to mom and dad.”

I rubbed her bare butt, “I’ll bet they would have a stroke if you went down on another girl in front of them.”

Tess grinned and pressed against my crotch, “Want a quickie before we watch a movie?”

I laughed, “Feeling horny?”

She nodded and pushed back and reached for my pants. I let her take my pants off and then she turned to the counter beside me and leaned on it as she wiggled her butt. I grinned and moved behind her and positioned my cock before pushing into her tight pussy. Tess groaned as I held her hips and began fucking her with long, deep thrusts.

Each time her pussy squeezed my cock, I buried it and held her. After a few minutes she started to shudder and her pussy spasmed. I laughed and pulled out of her before pulling her into the living room. I sat and pulled her onto my lap. I reached for the remote as Tess positioned my cock and wiggled her way down it.

I held her back against me as I started the movie and let my other hand reach around to finger and rub her clit. She gasped as her warm pussy tightened and then she jerked and thrashed around, “FUCK!”

I held her shaking body and began rubbing her nipples with my other hand ignoring the movie previews. She jerked and shuddered as her pussy tightened and then she squirted before going back to fucking my cock. When I slipped a finger into her pussy with my cock she went crazy. She twisted and writhed around as her pussy contracted and she howled, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!”

I cupped her breasts and held her until she slowed to only twitching. I moved my hands to her hips and started moving her back and forth. Tess spasmed and jerked as I yanked her back onto my cock to push into her womb. I shuddered as my cock jerked and began pumping a huge, gushing torrent of cum. She stiffened and shuddered, “FUCK YES!”

It was awhile before I stopped cumming and Tess sighed and slumped back against me. I kept caressing her and feeling her breasts and she finally laughed and turned her head to kiss me. I lifted her off my cock and sat her back on my lap and just held her. I kissed her and we started watching the movie. When it was over we got ready for bed and as soon as I laid down she was stroking my cock, “fuck me.”

I grinned and turned to move over her and kiss her as I thrust into her tight pussy. Tess groaned as my cock entered her and then I was fucking her slimy pussy with long, hard thrusts. She grunted and began shuddering as her pussy contracted. She was lifting her hips to meet mine and a little while later she clutched me, “FUCK!”

I buried my cock to press against her open womb as I kissed her. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts as she slowly stiffened. When she began jerking and convulsing I shoved into her and groaned as I began spewing large jets of cum. Tess arched her back as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and began to fuck her sloppy pussy again.

She groaned and shuddered before kissing me as her hips lifted to meet mine. She continued to jerk and spasm as I fucked her while her messy pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. After several minutes Tess was convulsing hard and howling as she started squirting. I fucked her hard and deep and she grunted and jerked as she clung to me.

It was almost twenty minutes before I was ready to cum. Tess was spasming and convulsing the whole time. I pushed into her belly and held her as I started to pump and spray her with more warm sperm. She jerked and wrapped her arms and legs around me as she wailed. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and held her until she caught her breath.

I slowly pulled out and Tess shuddered and turned to follow me before putting her head on my shoulder. I caressed her and she sighed, “Night Ben.”

The next day was Friday and I was up early. I chased Tess out of bed and into the shower. I was tempted to fuck her again but she needed to get going so I just washed her. After I got her off to school I headed out for the only class I had. I was back before noon and went shopping before heading home. I was sitting at the kitchen table doing a paper when Tess came home with her friends. I glanced at her when they came through the door and she came to hug me, “Can Nora and Ellen sleep over?”

I glanced at her friends, “We only have my bed.”

Tess grinned as Nora and Ellen blushed, “They know.”

I shook my head and turned back to my work, “Sure.”

It was an hour before I put everything up and turned to see all three naked and fingering each other. I started dinner and when it was ready they walked in and Tess pushed me down in a chair and Nora straddling me and slowly impaled herself on my cock. She groaned and shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed me. I smiled and caressed her hips as she slowly rocked and thrust back and forth.

Tess and Ellen sat on each side of us and started feeding us. Nora’s pussy was slippery and kept spasming and squeezing my cock as she became erratic. My cock was rubbing against her womb and it opened to let my cock slip deeper.

She was jerking and shaking as her pussy rippled around my cock. She kept wetting me as she jerked and convulsed and after almost twenty minutes she was incoherent. I shuddered and groaned before looking at Tess. She grinned and leaned close, “My brother is going to breed you slut.”

Nora stiffened and shuddered as my cock swelled and started throbbing. I was going to pull her off me when she suddenly pushed down and held me tight as she wailed, “YES!”

I held her as my cock erupted and I began to pump strong, gushing spurts of cum into her. She stiffened and then started jerking with each spurt of warm sperm as it exploded in her. She cried out and spasmed as I pumped spurt after spurt. When I stopped cumming she was still shuddering and her pussy was squeezing my cock.

Tess helped her off me and before I could say or do anything Ellen was straddling me. I sighed and lifted my cock for her to sit on. She had to force her tight pussy onto me before she shuddered and grinned at Tess and Nora. She rocked back and forth hard and rubbed her breasts against me. I held her hips and then reached between us to rub her clit.

She gasped and jerked as her pussy tightened. Tess laughed and reached over to rub her butt. Nora giggled and started feeding me. It wasn’t long before Ellen was rocking and thrusting back and forth wildly. She had her eyes closed and kept moaning that it was so good. Her warm, slippery pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as it kept pushing her cervix open.

It wasn’t long before she wailed and started convulsing. Her pussy contracted and kept squeezing my cock and she jerked erratically. Tess and Nora laughed and bent to suck on her nipples and Ellen howled as she squirted and thrashed around wildly. I groaned and held her as I thrust up and pumped a huge, gushing spurt into her.

Ellen stiffened and then began jerking as each gushing spurt was pumped into her. Her pussy spasmed and kept grasping and squeezing my cock. She was wailing and shaking as I pumped seven thick spurts of cum into her womb. When I was done she continued to shudder and jerk for another minute before sighing and leaning against me, “Now that is how a guy should cum.”

Tess and Nora laughed and stood to pull her off me. We finished dinner and I started cleaning up as the girls went back into the other room giggling. We watched a chick flick before I headed to bed. I was going to let the girls enjoy their weekend. A minute after I laid down Tess and the girls came in. Nora and Ellen walked around the bed as Tess waited and then shut the light off.

She crawled onto the bed and under the sheet before straddling me. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she lifted up and guided my cock to her pussy. She wiggled and pushed until I was in her and then started rocking and thrusting back and forth. Her girlfriends were whispering as she fucked me and I moved my hands to her waist, “roll your hips and twist.”

She laughed and did as I told her, adding a wiggle as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. Slowly she started to become erratic as her pussy spasmed and contracted. I was pushing open her cervix and playing with her nipples as she started to howl and shudder hard. She was a lot wetter and my cock slipped in and out easily. Her body was jerking and convulsing as she tried to continue to fuck me.

I laughed and pulled her down before shifting until she was under me. I started fucking in and out as she lifted her legs and wailed. I was fucking her with long, hard and deep thrusts as she held me tight against her, “YES! FUCK ME!”

I continued to fuck her, planting my cock deep inside her each time. It was another couple of minutes before I was ready and thrust into her and held her bucking body. Tess screamed as I grunt and started spewing cum. She jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. It was a minute before I was done and kissed her.

Tess shivered and hugged me before relaxing back on the bed. Nora giggled, “look who got bred this time.”

Ellen laughed as Tess grinned, I pulled out of her before laying beside her and caressing her body, “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck her later.”

Tess laughed as Nora and Ellen giggled. It was awhile before I shifted and realized I had dozed. The girls were asleep as I looked at them. My cock was hard so I slipped off the bed and walked around to the other side. Nora was cuddled up against Ellen with her butt sticking back. I lifted the sheet and pulled her butt closer to the edge of the bed.

I bent my cock as I spread my legs and rubbed the head of my cock through her slit. After a minute she pushed back in her sleep and I slowly pushed and forced my cock into her tight, cummy pussy. She groaned as I pushed into her and then I began to fuck her slowly. It was only a minute before she was pushing back each time I thrust into her.

It wasn’t long before I was fucking her with long thrusts and her tight pussy was squeezing and milking my cock. Nora shuddered and looked back before smiling and pushing her butt back. I continued to fuck her and turned her onto her back as I lifted her upper leg. I held her legs up and spread as I started planting my cock against her womb.

That was a life time ago. At first Nora and Ellen only stayed with us on the weekends. I stilled fucked them once or twice during the week but mostly it was just Tess. I put all three through college after they graduated and we moved to a larger apartment. When Tess got pregnant it was a turning point and the other girls made our arrangement permanent.

They have all had babies and we live in a large house now. Nora and Ellen’s parents come over all the time and we get along fine. As for our parents, Tess and I haven’t spoken to them and they haven’t tried to contact us. Tess likes to dress slutty and pretend she is a hooker sometimes and it doesn’t matter if I give her money and drag her to bed or one of the girls.
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