My daughter wanted a new bathing suit but a very sexy one with little or no material to it.
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Purple Metallic Slingshot Halter Micro-Bikini

Bernadette said, “Daddy I need this. Will you sign into your PayPal account and pay for it? It’s only $1.99 for the bikini and $1.99 for shipping.”

She turned her laptop computer around and showed the E-bay auction page to me. Oh my God, it was unbelievable. There were three very tiny pieces of material with a lot of kite string. Sure enough it was only $1.99 and the auction was ending in less than two hours.

I asked, “Would you really wear this thing?”

My wife had been looking over my shoulder and said, “Get me one in a different color if you can.”

Bernadette said, “Mom they have it in blue and gold too.”

My wife said, “I’ll take a gold one.”

I asked my question again, “Will you girls really wear these?”

Bernadette said, “Daddy I’ll wear it for you constantly when we are on vacation next month.”

My wife said, “Me too.”

I asked, “Constantly?”

Bernadette said, “Well…how about most of the time? I’ll only cover it up when we go sightseeing or out to eat.”

My wife said, “Me too.”

I logged in and bought six on those slingshot micro-bikinis. I got two in each color. I had never bought anything so sexy for so little money. The total bill, including shipping, was under twenty dollars.

A few days later I got a call from my wife telling me to check my email. I logged in and found a picture of her in her new gold slingshot micro-bikini. Wow! She looked almost naked in it. The message said, “Bernadette took this pictures. When you get home you can take pictures of us both as we model them for you.”

When I walked in the house my wife and daughter were standing in the living room side by side. My wife was smiling and my daughter had her hands coving her good parts.

Bernadette said, “Daddy, you were right, I’m not comfortable wearing this at all. I feel naked. I feel even more than naked, if that is possible.”

My wife laughed and said, “No matter what, she’ll will be wearing it.”

As I looked my wife over I noticed my daughter lowering her hands to her sides. I certainly liked the way that my wife looked in her new slingshot micro-bikini. Her pussy was shaved clean and baby soft, just the way I like it.

I stepped to the side and saw my daughter tense up as I looked at her. I had never seen her that nude, at least not since she was six years old.

Now at fourteen my daughter had developed into a very remarkable young lady. She was pretty, she was smart, and she had a stubborn streak that she had inherited from me. She was going to be fine.

I watched her breasts heave as her breathing got heavier. The tiny triangles were centered over her hard nipples and the patch covering her slit was about the size of two cigarettes placed side by side. I could see where her pubic hair had been shaved off. I only wish that I had seen it before it was all gone.

I had then both turn around. There was an interesting array of crisscrossed strings holing things together. I had to smile at the dental floss tucked into their ass cracks.

When I said, “Bend over and touch your toes” my wife giggled and did as I had instructed while my daughter stiffened up her ass cheeks. After a few seconds her butt muscles relaxed and she bent over showing me her cute little brownish puckered asshole. What a thing of beauty! I squatted down to get eye to eye with it, so to speak. I saw where that thin string disappeared into her slit. My daughter was leaking her juices from the excitement of me seeing her in that tiny bikini that she had insisted on having me buy for her.

I reached down to touch her nose and said, “You have a beautiful butt hole.” I reached both hands around her to grab a hold of her shoulders as I leaned into her and kissed her asshole. She squealed and I kissed it again. I then licked her asshole several times, including the part of her pussy that I could reach.

Bernadette said, “Daddy, that feels wonderful but isn’t it disgusting?”

I chuckled and said, “Not at all, honey. I’ve licked your mothers ass for…ever.”

My wife said, “That’s true. He licks me from my asshole to my clit almost every night. Then he fucks the hell out of me.”

Stunned Bernadette said, “Oh I’m sure that I didn’t need to know that.”

My wife laughed and said, “Oh come off it. Why else are you wearing two Band-Aids and a piece of fish line while your bent over and letting your father lick your pussy and asshole? It’s because it feels good. It’s because you wanted too. It’s because down deep you want his cock inside you. Isn’t it?”

Bernadette said, “Daddy I’m sorry. Mommy is right. I do want you to make love to me, just like you do to Mommy. Sometimes at night I can hear how much pleasure that you are giving her”

I pulled her up into a standing position and then I lifted her up into my arms. I carried Bernadette into her bedroom and laid her on top of her covers.

My wife helped Bernadette out of her strange bikini and then she got out of her own. Meanwhile I got out of my clothes.

I crawled in between her legs and started to munch on her engorged clit.

I heard Bernadette say, “Oh Mommy, he is good. You are right, he is better than Angela at it.”

My wife said, “He has had a lot of practice at it, he should be good at it.”

I stopped for a moment and said, “Please tell me more about you and Angela.”

Bernadette said, “Several months ago we started to experiment. That’s how I learned to kiss. We played doctor and checked one another out. Then we started to go down on one another. That lead to us doing sixty-nine for hours whenever we sleepover. I did lick her asshole once but it was when we were in the shower together. Sometimes in school if we can get alone for a minute in the bathroom we will finger each other. It makes us feel really good and that way I get to smell my finger for a few classes.”

I took my tongue out of her slit and asked, “Would she like to go on vacation with us? I can buy three more slingshot micro-bikinis for her to wear.”

Bernadette said, “Daddy, that would be great and I would have someone to sleep with too.”

I did not go any further that day but every night just before she went to sleep I licked her pussy and relaxed her totally.

Angela slept over on Fridays and Saturdays until it was time for us to go on vacation. When she was in our house she would wear her micro-bikinis for me and I would lick both of their pussies at bedtime.

Our vacation plan was to follow the coastline and hit all of the major beaches along the way. We figured that we could hit one a day and sometimes two if we wished. We had reservations at a different hotel every night. Our trip would take us to Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and down into Florida before we would have to go home.

That first day was the first time that my three girls had ever worn their bikinis outside. They certainly drew the attention of everyone on the beach, male and female alike. In no time at all they thrived on the attention. The two girls walked the beach and occasional they even went into the water. The ocean waves would almost certainly dislodge their bikinis. That way the girls could scream and get attention, then giggle senselessly while trying to cover their nipples and pussy slits.

When they came back to us they were so excited that they could hardly stand it. They hated to leave the beach for lunch and to travel a few miles south to another beach. The best part was that they could wear their bikinis in the restaurant that we stopped at. I don’t think that the waitresses saw too many bikinis like my girls were wearing. It was funny when the owner came over and started asking questions just so that he could check out my three girls. He wasn’t even paying attention to my answers. He did however tell the waitress to cut our bill in half. Later the chef came out to check and see if my steak had been cooked properly. It had been but I knew he was just checking out the girls too.

You should have seen the guys stare as my girls went into the lady’s room. Remember the tiny string up their ass cheeks?

I made sure to tip the waitress double to make up for the half-priced bill.

The next beach was even nicer than the first one. The girls could walk out a long way and only get wet up to their sweet little pussies.

We went on to our first hotel and checked in. The girls washed the salt water off from their bodies and dressed for dinner. We went to a buffet and I took a booth as far away from the food as I could. That way I could watch the other people stare at my three girls as they walked up to the counter and then walked back to me. At my insistence they did not wear bras or panties but that hardly mattered after a day of wearing practically nothing. Then with just cutoff white T-shirts and denim miniskirts they looked good. The white T-shirts had not only been cut several inches shorter they had been cut right up the center between their breasts and then tied together at the bottom. That way the girl’s breasts were covered but showed as much cleavage as possible. It was cute the way the younger ones would twitch their hips as they walked. My wife just seemed to glide when she walked. Her breasts hardly moved at all while the girl’s breasts were flopping all over the place. It was a great show to watch.

Eventually I had two very tired teenage girls back in our hotel room. There were two queen size beds. My daughter wanted me to fuck her so badly that she was begging me to put my cock in her pussy. The day had been too much for her to handle. I had very gently stuffed my cock into my daughter’s virgin pussy. Angela was right by her side praising her and giving her support. As I slowly fucked into my daughter I noticed that Angela had drifted off to sleep. I looked down at my exhausted daughter and she could hardly keep her eyes open. I let my cock slip out of her, I kissed her, and then I got out of their bed. My wife helped me cover the girls up and then she took care of my needs.

My wife was not as tight a fit but there is something to be said about familiarity. Over the years my wife and I had fine-tuned our sex organs to perfection. She knew how to squeeze her pussy and tilt her pelvis to give me the most pleasure. I had enjoyed entering my daughter’s uncharted territory and I certainly would do so as often as she permitted me to, but my wife gave me one of the best climaxes that I had had in a few months. Her excitement encouraged me to do better.

The four of us slept peacefully, right up to the intrusive phone call that reminded us that we had thirty minutes to vacate our room or be charged for an additional day.

We took turns peeing while the others brushed their teeth, combed their hair, and packed their suitcases. With one minute to spare we were checking out. I was hoping that this was not what every morning would be like. My wife suggested that we request wake up calls at least an hour in advance from then on.

As we drove to the next beach on our schedule Bernadette apologized for falling asleep during sex and asked me if I had finished or not. I told her that I had finished in her mother. Again she apologized saying that she would do better that night. Angela asked when it would be her turn because she was then the only virgin left. I told her that I would take care of both of their needs later. They giggled over that.

The beach was crowded when we got there and once again my three ladies were queens of the sand. A few of the girls their age asked Bernadette where she had purchased her incredibly sexy bathing suit. A few of the woman asked my wife the same question. I was pleased that other women were interested in wearing something that revealing. We liked that beach so much that we stayed quite a while. However, remembering how tired we were the day before we cut out a little earlier.

Lunch had been hotdogs and soda at the concession stand on the beach so we wanted something better for dinner. As it turned out we decided to order pizza and just stay in. The sun was taking a toll on the girls. They needed a little extra rest. They also wanted sex.

Right after we had eaten I had the two girls lie side by side on their bed. They liked the fact that we were getting at it while they were still awake, so did I. I had them hold their knees up to their breasts for me. That rolled their pelvis and gave me full access to their hidden treasures. I went from one to the other, kissing their pussies, licking their love hole, and nibbling on their clits. They enjoyed my oral stimulation to the tune of one orgasm each.

Since I had taken my daughter’s virginity the previous night I slipped my cock into Angela’s pussy first. I pushed it in slowly and let her get used to it before I started to make love to her. I let her have a couple of minutes before I pulled my cock out of her and slipped it into Bernadette. After that I spent a full minute in each of their pussies before going into the other one. They both enjoyed sex with me. Of course I enjoyed sex with them too. It was a lot better with Bernadette awake. I felt that cumming in Bernadette was the right thing to do. So did she. Then of course Angela went to her crotch while my wife and I cuddled.

The next morning we were out on time without rushing. The beach was great and we moved down the coast to our next hotel. Day after day the weather was wonderful and the girls could hardly care if they were naked or in their very sexy purple metallic slingshot halter micro-bikinis.

I wondered what they would be wearing next year on vacation. All that was left was to jump from one nudist resort to the next. Surprisingly Angela’s mother expressed an interest in going with us the following year.

The End
Purple Metallic Slingshot Halter Micro-Bikini
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