My sister never sat up straight.
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Sit Up Straight

Mom screamed at Gabrielle, “Sit up straight in that chair young lady or you will live to regret it.”

Gabrielle screamed back, “I can’t…so…fuck off.”

Mom turned beet red and stormed out of the dining room.

Gabrielle just looked at me and then she rushed out the front door, slamming it behind her.

I had finished my lunch when Mom returned and asked, “Where did your sister go?”

I replied, “Out! I think she might have gone over to Jill’s house.”

Mom went down into the cellar and came up with a drill and drill bits. She had a big screw and a screwdriver too. She put them down and went up to her bedroom. Shortly she was back down and holding a big silicone cock.

Mom sat down in the chair that Gabrielle usually sits on, reached between her legs, and right up to her crotch. Mom held her finger to the chair, got up, and then marked the seat saying, “Drill a hole right here for this screw.”

I looked at her but I knew she was serious. I picked out the right size drill bit and soon I had a hole, right were she had wanted it. Mom reached under the chair and pushed the screw up through the hole and started screwing the dildo onto it. She needed the screwdriver to get it in all the way.

When it was installed she backed up to inspect it. It looked funny to see a dildo sticking up out of Gabrielle’s chair.

I smiled when Mom dropped her pants to her ankles, dropped her panties to her knees, and when sat on that dildo. She wiggled her ass around and then smiled.

Mom said, “This will do it.”

Then Mom stood up, turned around, and started to suck on that dildo. She was cleaning it. She deep throated it too.

Meanwhile I was standing behind her enjoying the great view. Mom’s ass was nice and her asshole was even nicer. Then right below it was her pussy slit with open lips and cum drooling out of it. She was a sight to behold indeed.

I said, “Mom, I really want to kiss your ass.”

Mom turned around and realized that she had her bare ass right in my face and said, “Okay, go ahead.”

So I leaned over and held her hips in my hands as she went back down on that dildo. I kissed both of her butt cheeks and then I kissed her puckered asshole. Mom moaned with pleasure so I kissed it again. Another moan and another kiss, followed by a long slow lick. Mom really moaned then. So I licked her asshole again and then all the way from her clit to her asshole. Mom really loved that so I knelt down and stuck my tongue right into her slit as far as it would go. We both enjoyed that. After I made Mom cum she turned and pulled me up to give me a nice hug and kiss.

Mom then said, “Thank you. I needed that. Now I won’t try to kill your sister when she gets home.”

I kissed her back and slipped my tongue into her mouth. She seemed to like it so I moved my hand up to her breast and gave it a little squeeze.

Mom said, “That’s interesting. You went from second base to first and then third.”

I asked, “What are you talking about?”

Mom said, “When I was a girl first Base was French kissing, second base was feeling me up, third base was oral sex, and of course a home run was sex. You jumped around but your getting there…don’t stop now.”

I looked into her eyes, gave her boob another squeeze, and then I reached for her pussy. Her pants were still around her ankles and her panties had fallen down there too. I had kissed her pussy, I had given it oral sex, and now I was feeling it up. With first, second, and third base down and only a home run to go, I sat Mom down on the front edge of Mom’s chair. She leaned back and smiled as I slipped my cock into her pussy.

Mom whispered, “Home run.”

I came very quickly.

Mom said, “Good job. No strikes yet. You are definitely going to win this game.”

I caught on to her baseball lingo and asked, “How many ‘at bats’ do I get?”

Mom smiled and said, “The year before he left me, your father was up to the plate two hundred and eighty-one times. He avoided my periods but other than that he loved to play around. In fact he played on more than my field too. That’s why he got sent down to the minors.”

I laughed. Dad had left Mom a few years ago for a seventeen-year-old named Betty that he had been fucking. I have a half-brother some where.

I said, “I’m pretty sure that I can beat his record. At three times a day, I can hit a thousand within a year.”

Mom smiled and said, “I’ll keep track.”

We were dressed and had dinner ready when Gabrielle came home.

Mom grabbed her by her wrist, spun her around, and then pulled her over her lap. I handed Mom a big wooden spoon and watched Mom beat my sister’s ass. At first it was through her skirt, then the skirt came up and Mom beat her panties. Soon her panties were off and Mom was beating her bare ass. When that was done Mom picked Gabrielle up and sat her down on the big silicone dildo in her chair and said, “Now, sit up straight.”

Gabrielle cried out, “Damn that hurts. You could have been gentle. Usually I get kissed first.”

Mom asked, “So when did you loose your virginity?”

Gabrielle smiled and said, “Daddy took it one night. I joined him and Betty in a threesome.”

Astonished Mom asked, “How old were you?”

Gabrielle lowered her head and said, “I promised that I wouldn’t tell you.”

Mom looked at me and said, “She was not quite eleven when your father left. That bastard!”

Then Mom looked at Gabrielle and said, “From now on, you sit on that thing when you are at the table. You will sit up straight. If you don’t…then you will be topless and tied to the chair. That will make you sit up straight.”

Gabrielle giggled and said, “I like to be tied up…or rather…tied down to a bed and fucked hard.”

Mom asked, “How many times do you get fucked in a month?”

Gabrielle giggled and said, “Ted lets six of his friends fuck Jill and me whenever they want too. He calls his sister and I his whores. They have to pay him if they want to fuck us.”

Mom asked, “What do you get out of it?”

Gabrielle said, “I get fucked. I like to get fucked. Jill likes it too.”

Mom said, “Well, in that case, your brother will be your pimp and you can get fucked here in your own bed.”

Gabrielle asked, “What about Jill?”

Mom looked at me and asked, “How would you like two whores?”

I said, “The more the merrier.”

I walked over to my sister, pulled her top off, and then I removed her bra. She smiled as I played with her perky breasts.

Gabrielle sat there naked and ate her dinner.

I looked over at Mom and said, “You should be naked and sitting on a silicone cock too.”

Mom said, “Okay, I’ve got another one up in my room. I’ll get it.”

Gabrielle giggled and asked, “Are you talking about that big blue one with balls?”

Mom said, “Yes!”

Soon I had drilled another hole, mounted the thing, and had Mom naked and sitting on it.

While we ate, Mom told Gabrielle that we had made love and that she was my private whore and mine alone.

After dinner I told them to clean off the other’s dildo and the other’s pussy.

I smiled knowing that my cum was in Mom’s pussy.

Gabrielle smiled knowing that her pussy had what was leftover from seven guys fucking her.

Mom wanted me to sleep in her bed but I insisted that she sleep in mine.

The next morning Jill came over to help Gabrielle. I had called all of my friends and told them about my newly opened whorehouse. For twenty dollars they get to fuck one of the girl’s mouths or pussy. For fifty dollars they can fuck one of their butts.

Well word spread and by the end of the day fifty-three boys had come to my house. Only one paid extra for anal and he fucked Jill’s ass. I had over a thousand dollars and told them to tell their friends about my girls.

That night both girls told Mom and I how much they had enjoyed spreading their legs for me. Mom had spread her legs for me a few times too.

So day after day the girls satisfied my customers, sat on the two dildos when they ate, and went back to work. Needless to say, I moved my stuff into Mom’s room so that Jill could use my bedroom.

Our summer off from school flew by and I had made so much money that Mom quit her job.

On the first day of school I had a hundred boys asking me about my sister and her friend.

I also had three girls ask if they could help out. When they asked for half of the money I told them that I didn’t pay Gabrielle or Jill at all, that they did it for free.

After some negotiations I agreed to pay them five dollars for every guy that fucked them no matter where he put his cock. I could fuck them for free though.

After school Yvonne, Marilee, and Francesca joined my group. None of them were virgins but I wanted to be their first customer.

Yvonne was really pretty so as I stuck my hard cock into her, I asked her why she wanted to be one of my girls. She told me that she needed enough money to run away from home. Her father rapes her every Saturday night after he gets drunk. She wanted me to keep her money until she had enough to get far away.

Marilee was known as a slut in school and told me that she really wasn’t. However, if the girls and even the boys thought that she was she might as well be one. Besides she told me that she wanted to help Yvonne get away from her father quicker and told me to put her money in with Yvonne’s money. I agreed. She was a good friend.

Francesca just wanted to get even with her parents for forcing her to be a goody two shoes, to act so high and mighty all of the time, and to spend all of her free time in church. She was not a virgin, her minister had seen to that. Her parents knew what he did to her and two other girls in the rectory every Sunday before church. Then after church her mother would force her to undress in front of her father and offer him her wet cum filled panties before sucking her father’s cock. Then she told me to add her money to Yvonne’s money too.

I told Francesca that if she became my girlfriend that I would protect her and that I would give Yvonne whatever money that she needed without prostituting herself to get it.

Mom and I talked to the three new girls. After our talk Mom told the girls to stay in her bedroom and not to let any of the boys fuck them. Then she left.

Two hours later she returned with three suitcases. She told the girls that they would be staying with us for a while.

She had confronted Yvonne’s father about raping her and threatened to call the police if he ever tried it again.

She confronted Francesca’s parents about her father getting blowjobs and she confronted the minister about fucking the three girls every Sunday before church. She talked to the other two sets of parents and those two girls would be staying with us too. Their parents would be dropping them off shortly.

As to Marilee there was nothing that Mom could do to change her reputation. However, if she were my girlfriend the boys would certainly treat her better.

A week later things seem normal our house. I had moved Gabrielle and Jill down into the finished off family room in the basement. Yvonne and Francesca shared my sister’s old bedroom, Marilee moved into my bedroom and into my bed, while Mom got to sleep alone in her own room.

Mom was right Marilee became the girl that the other girls envied.

Yvonne and Francesca joined Gabrielle and Jill in the basement, but only because they wanted too.

The other two church girls returned home after their parents promised to keep them safe.

Things were great after that.

The End
Sit Up Straight
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