My sister traded places with my girlfriend in my bed.
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My Sister Trades Places With My Girlfriend

When I was seventeen I had an incredibly sexy eighteen-year-old girlfriend. Heather was fantastic, she had been teasing the hell out of me, and finally she told me that we could make love all weekend at her father’s cabin.

There was only one slight problem…my mother knew that something was up and insisted that my sister Penelope go with me.

That was all that I needed. My fourteen-year-old sister can be a pain in my ass and a direct line of communication right back to my mother. The damn little snitch.

Well, I guess she wasn’t really all that little. Once I mistakenly approached Heather from behind, pressed my hard-on into her ass, and grabbed a hold of her very nice tits. Only it was my sister Penelope that I had snuck up behind.

The sweet little bitch rubbed her ass into my cock, held my hands on her tits, and hollered, “Mom he’s feeling me up.”

Sure enough I got bitched out for feeling her up. But…it was actually worth it. I had long wanted to feel my sister up. The only problem was that I had expected her breasts to be different from Heather’s breasts and they weren’t. I couldn’t tell the two girls apart. My cock felt the same rubbing into her ass and her breasts felt great in my hands. Even the color, length, and smell of her hair was the same. They could pass for twins except for the shape of their faces. Heather had higher and more pronounced cheekbones while my sister had fully lips that just begged to be kissed.

Anyway the three of us made the trip to Heather’s father’s cabin. We arrived shortly after lunch and settled in. The bedroom contained three beds, two of which were twin beds against one wall and a big queen size bed against the other wall. The main room was a kitchen, dinning room, and living room with a beautiful brick fireplace. The stove, refrigerator, and the hot water heater were propane. The bathroom contained a rather nice shower that was certainly big enough for two people.

Dinner was steaks, baked potatoes, and a tossed salad. Later the two girls decided to take showers and get ready for the evening. I was told to bring in some firewood from the stack outside and to start a fire. By the time I had a nice bed of coals and a few logs on it the girls came out.

Surprisingly there were both wearing rather short and very sexy nighties.

Penelope said, “Heather is letting me wear one of her nighties. Do you like it?”

I replied, “Yes, I certainly do.”

Heather said, “It was the least I could do after showering with her.”

I looked at my sister and smiled as she blushed.

Penelope said, “We were saving water. You know, showering with a friend.”

I smiled at Heather and she smiled back at me, then she winked one eye.

Heather got out a big fluffy blanket and had Penelope help her spread it out on the floor in front of the fire.

Heather then said, “Why don’t you take a shower and put on your new pajamas. I put them on our bed.”

Penelope laughed and I thought that it was because Heather had let her know that we were going to sleep together.

Soon I knew why she was laughing. The so-called pajamas were nothing more than a cock sock that resembled an elephant’s trunk that would slip over my hard-on. A rubber band around my waist would hold it on.

I decided to give them the show that they wanted. I took my shower, shaved my face, and then put on the trunk and walked out to them. Heather smiled and Penelope giggled.

Penelope said, “Nice trunk!”

That was when I started thrusting my hips and making the elephant’s trunk flip up in the air.

Both girls had been sitting on their legs while they were talking to me. Then they both leaned back to sit on their butts with their legs up and then they spread their legs.

I started laughing. Between their legs, where their panties belonged, were two fuzzy mouse heads looking back at me. Apparently we all had animal underwear on.

I asked, “Why mice?”

Heather said, “Our pussies swallowed them but they are trying to crawl out.”

Penelope was giggling so hard that she fell over. Heather started tickling my sister. Then they started to wrestle and role around on the big blanket. Their nighties rose up and I got a glimpse of Heather’s breasts and Penelope’s ass.

She did not have a rubber band around her waist holding her mouse to her pussy.

The only explanation was that the mouse’s body was up inside my sister’s pussy.

I decided to join the girls on the blanket. I grabbed my sister’s tits and rolled her over just as she grabbed my trunk and pulled it off. There I was totally naked with a hard-on when Heather rolled on top of me.

She pulled the mouse out of her pussy and slipped her pussy down over my cock. It felt so good that I didn’t even care that my sister was watching us having sex.

I looked over at Penelope and she had one hand down by that mouse with a finger rubbing her clit. Her other hand was up under her top playing with her nipple. About all that I could do was to reach up under Heather’s nightie and fondle her breasts. Heather pulled her nightie off and threw it right in Penelope’s face.

Penelope tossed it away and reached up to push one of my hands away and to pinch Heather’s nipple and make her yell out.

I laughed but Heather grabbed Penelope’s nightie and somehow managed to pull it over my sister’s head. So I reached over and grabbed the mouse that was sticking out of her pussy and gave it a tug. It came out harder that I had expected it too. The damn thing had a butt plug for a body and it had been in my sister pretty securely.

She cried out, “Ouch! Damn you, that was feeling pretty good until you ripped it out of me.”

Heather said, “Shove it back in her pussy. While you’re at it shove mine up her ass. She’ll really love that.”

Penelope smiled, got in the doggy position and said, “Please be gentle.”

So while Heather jumped up and down on my cock I slowly pushed the second butt plug into the hole that it had been designed to enter. The one in her pussy made the going a lot more difficult. My sister’s tight little asshole relaxed and allowed me to push a little more in every few seconds until it reached the widest part of the butt plug. Then it popped in. Boy did it pop in, all the way in.

Penelope said, “Oh my!”

I said, “Oh my!” And then I started to cum.

Heather said, “Oh my!” And then she started to shake from an intense orgasm.

Soon I was drained, Heather had rolled off, and Penelope was kissing her.

I sat back and watched the two of them enjoy kissing, touching one another, and cuddling in the warmth of the fire. Eventually it was bedtime.

Heather went into the bathroom first then she got in the big bed while my sister went into the bathroom. Heather told me that she wanted me to shove my cock into her and fuck her hard when I came out.

My sister came out of the bathroom and headed to one of the twin beds as I headed in. When I came out the room was dark. I headed toward Heather. She was waiting for me with her legs spread and her arms out. She grabbed me, pulled me in, and started thrusting up at me as if her life depended on it. I could not believe the immense feeling that I got. I came much quicker than I had expected too.

Then the light came on.

My cock was in Penelope. My sister had traded places with my girlfriend. I had just fucked my fourteen-year-old sister…and it had been good…it had been very good.

For the rest of the weekend the girls took turns letting me fuck them.

I had the best time of my life. I wanted them both. I wanted to marry Heather some day and invite my sister to live with us.

Things at home changed for the better. At least my sister stopped telling on me to Mom and Mom was happy that the two of us were getting along so well.

The End
My Sister Trades Places With My Girlfriend
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