I had two sex slaves but I really wanted another one…my sister.
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And Sister Makes Three

I was sitting on the bathroom floor, my sister Thelma had her head on my lap, and my hand was up under her top playing with her nipple. For about ten minutes I had been gently squeezing it and rubbing it.

Thelma had been over at Tammy’s house. Apparently Jim Bob had gotten both girls drunk and had some fun with them. When he got tired of molesting my sister he brought her home, rang the doorbell, and then leaned her into me when I opened the door.

All Jim Bob said was, “She’s your problem now.”

I managed to get Thelma into the downstairs bathroom in time for her to throw up again. I held her hair and I washed her face afterwards. That was when I put her head in my lap and started to play with her nipple.

Thelma’s speech was slurred but basically she said, “Stop Jim Bob, you’re making it sore.”

I just smiled at myself. She thought that Jim Bob was molesting her. I moved my hand down to her pussy. I pulled her short skirt up and slipped my hand into her panties. When I started rubbing her clit Thelma said, “Oh, I like it when you do that.”

I whispered, “I want to take some pictures of you.”

Thelma smiled but her eyes never opened. She said, “Okay, if you really need more, but you can’t show anyone.” Then she pulled her top up to her chin and asked, “How’s this” and then she passed out.

I whispered to myself, “Perfect! Just perfect, Thelma.”

I slipped out from under her head and got my camera. I looked at the time and knew that I had a few hours before Mom would be home from her party.

Thelma was still lying on the floor with her top above her breasts. Drool was coming out of the corner of her mouth and puddling on the tiled floor. I started taking lots of pictures of her, drunk and passed out. I raised her skirt, I lowered her panties and I took more pictures as I did. I got her completely undressed and took even more. Then I carried her up to her bedroom, lay her on her bed and took more yet.

I took pictures of my cock in her mouth. Then I took pictures of my cock in her pussy. I was pretty sure that Jim Bob had broken her cherry just hours before. If he hadn’t, then she might still suspect him of doing it anyway.

I had more than enough blackmail material on her to add my sister to my collection.


You see I already had Vicky the tomboy that plays touch football with us. She had let a few of us guys feel her up one time and then we talked her into taking a shower with us. Of course I got it all on my camera. After that she was all mine, my first sex slave. The funny thing was, she liked it. I guess some girls just need to be controlled and told what to do. Especially things that they really want to do but are chicken to do or that just need someone else to blame…as in…he made me do it.

I know that the other guys really enjoyed it when I told her that she had to wear miniskirts without panties if she wanted to keep playing touch football with us. Vicky went right home and changed. I was the quarterback, she was my center, and I would moisten my fingers in her pussy before she snapped the football to me. There were just six of us, three on each team. We lost so I told Vicky to lift her top up and show the guys her tits. She didn’t even look around first. If she had she might have seen the four men playing basketball behind the tall wire fence.

When I felt that the other guys had had enough of her tits I took her over to the fence and told her to lift her top up again. The guys stopped played and came over closer to the fence for a better view. Vicky really enjoyed the attention so I lifted the front of her skirt up. Those men really liked that view.

One guy stuck his fingers through the fence so I told Vicky to get closer to him. She let him touch her pussy and her titties, and then she went over to the next guy and let him feel her up. Down the line she went until all four had a chance to feel her up good.

As I walked her home, Vicky said, “Thank you for making me do that. I had two great orgasms while those men rubbed my clit. Please make me do more things like that.”


So anyway I called Vicky and told her to come over. She never asked why until she arrived and I had her get in bed with my sister.

Vicky asked, “Are you going to add Thelma to your collection?”

I replied, Yes! Sandy is on her way over too.”

Vicky started to pout and said, “That’s not fair. I was your first girl and I thought that I was special. Then you added Sandy and now your sister too.”

I asked, “What’s wrong with that?”

Vicky replied, “They are older than me, prettier than me, and they have bigger tits than I do. They make me look like a little girl.”

I laughed and said, “Vicky, you are a little girl. You are not even five feet tall, you don’t weigh a hundred pounds, and you are just thirteen years old.”

Hell I’m only fourteen, and Thelma and Sandy are both almost sixteen. Of course they look more mature than you do. However, I’ve seen your mother and believe me Vicky, you have great potential. Your tits are going to grow.”

“Now start licking her pussy so that I can get more blackmail material.”

When I had enough pictures of my sister with Vicky, Sandy had arrived and was ready to climb in bed with Thelma next.

Sandy had been helping me with my sister for several weeks. In fact it had been her idea to have Jim Bob get her drunk with his sister Tammy. Jim Bob wanted his sister as much as I had wanted mine. Now she was all mine…and my sister makes three!

Somehow, even in her drunken state Thelma was able to lick the pussies that were placed on her face. The video clips of her actually eating two other girl’s pussies willingly was all that I needed. I did not expect her to smile when I told the two naked girls lying in bed with her to smile but it was certainly a plus.

Vicky took pictures of me with my cock in my sister’s mouth and in her pussy again. I sucked on her nipples and kissed her too. Thelma was still too drunk to know what was going on.

We moved her into my bed and then I sent the other girls home.

Mom was later than usual so I just went to bed. She was not in the habit of checking in on us after a date. She was usually too drunk herself to care about us. One of these times I really should take pictures of her…and Mom would make four!


In the morning I was awake and I had my cock in Thelma’s pussy when she opened her eyes, looked at me, and let out a loud scream.

Mom came rushing in naked to see what was wrong. She saw me fucking my sister and asked, “Thelma what’s wrong? Is his cock too big or too small for you?”

Thelma said, “Mother! The problem is that it’s in me!”

Mom laughed and asked, “If you didn’t want his cock in you then you should be in your own bed. At the very least you should have six pairs of panties on.”

Then Mom laughed and sat on the edge of the bed while I continued to fuck my sister.

Thelma asked, “Aren’t you going to stop him?”

Mom replied, “Honey, I might let him do me next. My date passed out before I got my rocks off.”

Thelma said, “He’s just going to add us to his collection. Sandy has been trying to talk me into it for a few weeks. He already has her and that little boy toy Vicky.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “You dog you, that Vicky is adorable.”

So I asked, “Do you want to become one of my sex slaves, my fuck buddies, my exhibitionists?”

Mom asked, “What would I have to do?”

I laughed and said, “Probably what you are already doing but with younger guys…like my friends.”

Thelma said, “Sandy can’t wear panties or pants and her skirts are all short.”

Mom smiled, “I don’t wear panties or pants and all of my skirts are short.”

Thelma said, “And she has to let boys see her tits whenever he wants her too.”

Mom laughed and said, “Honey, I’ve been doing that since before I was your age. My father always said, If you’ve got ‘em, show ‘em.”

“God never wanted us to hide them. Most natives let ‘em hang out. It’s those stuck up, holier than thou, bitches that wanted us to cover them up.”

“The United States is just about the only place in the World that doesn’t want us girls to go topless on the beach.”

“There were seven women in Rochester, New York that got arrested every year for about ten years before New York put in a law allowing women to go topless in State Parks. Hell, the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse has two start parks in it but no one has ever walked across them topless.”

Thelma said, “You’re kidding, right.”

I said, “Sounds like a job for my collection. The only problem is that we have to wait until the end of summer to do it with a lot of people around.”

Thelma said, “You wouldn’t!”

I smiled as Mom said, “He won’t have too. Men have always been able to go topless on our beaches.”

I finished cumming in my sister and pushed Mom down onto the bed. She squealed with delight as I entered her.

My mother said, “Wow! My baby boy has really grown up.”

The End
And Sister Makes Three
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