My name is Victor and it was a month before summer when I turned sixteen. I received two hundred dollars from my grandparents on my birthday. We live in Las Vegas, the land of gambling. Mom had died shortly after I was born so it was just dad and I. After all these years I knew better than to gamble, at least not the normal way. I had recently started watching the stock reports. I should mention that I have an uncommon ability to remember what I read.

My computer was ancient and I used a free dial up service which slowed things more. I started getting up early every morning and using an online site to buy or sell stocks. It took me a week to reach the point I wanted, after that I was making two and a half million after taxes each week. Dad complained all summer about me not going out and finding a job. I never told him I was already making money.

Even after the summer was over he complained. I was putting all the money I made into large company stocks like railroads or oil and electric companies. I did buy a new laptop and a wireless hub to go online faster. It was close to the next summer before I finally did something to stop dad from bitching. I bought a small RV and an enclosed trailer. I also bought a scooter and a side by side utility vehicle.

The day school got out I told dad I had a job and drove off. I went north to a state park by Ely and paid for the first month in advance. I set up camp and started relaxing. I still got up and bought or sold stocks only now I sat outside and enjoyed the fresh air. It was a week before the campground filled up and I met Callie. I was seventeen and while I didn’t do sports, I had started doing push ups, sit ups or pull ups to kill time between buys. I am six feet tall with light brown hair and blue eyes.

It was a Friday and I was relaxing after dinner when a young girl stopped beside the RV. She looked maybe fourteen with a nice body. She had light brown hair with a hint of red. She smiled when I turned and saw her, “Hi.”

I smiled back and sat in my chair, “Hello.”

She walked closer and glanced up the hill, “My mom and dad are having a swingers party.”

I looked at her in surprise and she turned to look at me, “mind if I stay here awhile?”

I gestured to the wooden table, “have a seat.”

She sat and kept smiling, “I’m Callie.”

I nodded, “Victor.”

She looked back up the hill, “Mom and dad want me to fuck some of the men they invited.”

I didn’t know what to say and gestured to my glass of ice tea on the table, “would you like something to drink?”

Callie nodded and took a drink. I glanced up the hill before sitting back, “did you want to call someone?”

She shook her head, “no.”

She looked at me and smiled, “have you ever had sex?”

I blushed and shook my head and she looked around, “Are you camping by yourself?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

Callie stood, “How would you like to lose your virginity with me?”

I looked at her firm body and nodded. She walked towards me and pulled out a cell phone, “is there a spare bed?”

I nodded again as I stood and she bit her lip as she looked at me, “I... my girlfriend is up at my parents camp. Can she stay here?”

I took a breath and shook myself, “I have a spare bed if you and your girlfriend just need someplace to stay.”

She smiled and moved against me, “Just Montana, I really do want to lose my cherry.”

I blinked and blurted, “You’re a virgin too?”

Callie nodded as I blushed again. She called her friend and told her where my camp was. I was starting to get nervous when a short red haired girl walked into the camp, “Callie? Your mom is bent over the camp table with two men doing her.”

Callie smiled, “She likes showing off.”

She turned and put her arm around my waist, “This is Victor.”

Montana blushed and nodded as Callie took my hand, “This is Montana, Victor.”

She looked at the other girl, “Victor is a virgin too.”

Montana smiled as I turned red, “Did you ask him?”

Callie nodded and turned to lean against me, “Can we go in now?”

I nodded and turned to open the door for her. I let Montana go in before following them. I was starting to think about what I was doing when Montana turned and gestured to the front overhead bed, “Can I sleep there?”

I nodded as Callie slipped her hand in mine and pulled me towards the back and the other bed. She turned to face me and took her blouse off to show she wasn’t wearing a bra. She grinned as I looked at her beautiful pink nipples. I looked up when she reached for my shirt and pulled it up and off. She caressed my chest before grinning and stepping back.

She undid her skirt and wiggled out of it and I could only stare at her trimmed pink haired pussy. I looked up as she moved closer again and grinned, “nice color.”

She grinned and reached out to undo and pull my pants down. I had to sit so she could pull my boots off. She pushed me back onto the bed as she lay on me. I couldn’t believe how her naked body felt against mine. I turned to spill her onto the bed and grinned as I kissed her, “Can I look at your pussy?”

There was still a hint of daylight so I had plenty of light as she nodded. I moved down as she lay back and spread her legs. This was the first real pussy I had ever seen. I opened her pussy slit with shaky hands before leaning closer and smelling. I grinned at her slight musky smell and licked through her pussy. I hesitated before pushing my tongue up inside her. I didn’t feel her cherry and looked up, “I didn’t feel your cherry.”

She blushed, “Mom broke it so I could use tampons. I douche and give myself an enema everyday too.”

She hesitated, “I use an anal plug and vibrator every day too.”

I licked her clit and nodded before sucking on it and starting to nibble and used my tongue. It wasn’t long before Callie was shuddering and lifting her hips. I finally stopped and moved up to position my cock. I slowly forced my cock into her as she put her arms around me. I groaned as her warm, slippery pussy squeezed my cock and pushed in to hit her cervix. She grunted and held me tight as I stopped moving. It was a minute before she shifted and looked into my face, “Victor?”

I looked down and she smiled, “you can keep fucking me.”

I nodded and pulled almost out of her slowly. We both groaned and shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. We looked at each other and I pushed back into her until I was against her cervix. We both shuddered and she grinned with me. I pressed into her before pulling back again and we both shuddered again. I started fucking her with long thrusts and we both kept moaning and shuddering.

It was only about five or six minutes before I knew I was going to cum. I didn’t even think about birth control as I pushed into her and started peeing cum. Callie lifted and spread her legs as she wailed, “YYYEEESSSS!”

Her tight pussy was rippling as it tightened and grasped my spewing cock. She continued to spasmed as I flooded her and kept cumming. When I stopped she shuddered hard as I took a breath. She grinned and hugged me before turning her head, “I LOVED IT!”

I heard Montana laughing, “I HEARD!”

Callie kissed me, “Want to fuck my ass?”

I slowly pulled out and she lifted her legs up. Her pussy was already leaking and I started rubbing the cum into her asshole. She groaned and shuddered as I shifted forward and bent my cock. I put it against her ass and began to rock and hump. She held her legs up as I started rubbing her clit while pressing and humping against her ass.

It wasn’t long before she shuddered hard and a loud moan escaped. Her ass opened and my cock pushing in. She was hot, smooth and slimy from my cum. I started fucking in and out of her as she started spasming and shaking while her ass squeezed my cock. By the time I was slowly pushing all the way into her, she was wailing and jerking around.

I laid on her and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. Callie hugged me tight as I fucked her ass and wrapped her legs around me. She was convulsing and shaking a few minutes later when I buried my cock and spewed strong, gushing spurts of cum. She howled as she felt warm cum pumping into her ass and clutched me, “YES!”

She was shaking when I pulled out of her and moved over to lay next to her. She sighed and turned to grin at me, “That was great.”

I looked at my cock but it was clean, well, cummy. Callie grinned before rolling and straddling me. She positioned my cock and slowly pushed down. I cupped her breasts as my cock pushed into her slimy pussy. She shuddered and began to rock back and forth as her tight pussy squeezed me. I played with her nipples as she fucked me and it wasn’t long before my cock was fucking in and out easily because of the cum.

She started moaning louder as she became erratic. Her slippery, slimy pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as she shuddered and jerked. A couple of minutes later she started convulsing as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She wailed as she jerked around for a few minutes before falling on me. I hugged her before shifting and rolling over.

I fucked her with long, deep thrusts as I tried to cum. Callie started to buck and thrash around as I buried my cock. I spewed huge, gushing spurts of cum into her and she kissed me before screaming in my mouth. Her pussy clamped down on my spurting cock as she shuddered and held on. When I stopped cumming she groaned and dropped to the bed panting.

I pulled out of her and lay beside her to cup a breast. I leaned over to suck on a nipple and Callie groaned before laughing. I moved up and kissed her and she caressed my face. She turned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, “This way?”

I grinned as I rubbed her butt and slipped a finger into her cummy pussy. I moved down and went to my knees behind her before pushing my cock into her. I fucked her slowly to start with and she was thrusting back each time. My cock finally started hitting her womb and a couple of minutes later she was shaking and started to thrash around.

Her pussy tightened and spasmed around my cock as she wailed into the bed. I fucked her hard and she continued to convulse as her pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. She was still wailing and howling into the bed so it was muffled. I buried my cock and used my thumb to fuck in and out of her cummy ass. She thrashed around violently and yelled as her pussy tightened.

I pulled my thumb out and just held her hips while fucking her hard. She bucked and jerked and shook for the two minutes it took me to cum. I thrust into her shaking body and spurted more jets of cum into her. Callie thrust back and shuddered as I filled her once more. When I stopped she shuddered and lay forward on the bed pulling my cock out.

I looked at her leaking pussy and laid forward to kiss the back of her neck. I lifted up and closed her legs before pushing my cock down and back into her sloppy, slimy pussy. I started fucking her with deep thrusts and she groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. Slowly I started fucking her harder and deeper. It wasn’t long before I was planting my cock in her once more.

Within a couple of minute she was thrusting back and her pussy was squeezing my cock as I pushed into her. Callie was breathing harder again and shuddering as she moaned. A few more minutes and she was wailing as she clutched at the bed and her tight cummy pussy clenched around my buried cock. I nibbled at her neck and bare shoulder as she jerked and shook.

I waited a minute before fucking her with hard thrusts that pushed my cock against her womb. Callie was spasming and thrashing around as I fucked her. She stuffed the sheet into her mouth before screaming. Every couple of minutes she would start bucking and jerking around as her pussy tightened. I finally thrust into her shuddering body and held still as I began to spurt more cum.

She jerked and shook as she lifted and tilted her hips. I didn’t cum as much this time and sighed when I stopped. I slowly pulled out of her and lay next to her and caressed her butt. Callie laughed and rolled over before snuggling against me, “You really needed it.”

I caressed her sides and hips and gave her a kiss, “One more time?”

She giggled and rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I moved over her and between her legs before slowly pushing into her slimy pussy. We both groaned as my cock pushed deeper. I shuddered at the feel of her tight, warm, cummy pussy squeezing my sensitive cock. I kissed her as I began to fuck her nice and slow. I pressed against her each time I pushed into her and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering.

We kept kissing each other softly. This time I took my time and finally buried my cock in her before using short, humping thrusts. Every few minutes she sighed and shuddered while her pussy squeezed or spasmed around my cock. She moaned into my mouth as she kissed me and hugged me. When I finally needed to cum I pushed into her and kissed her passionately as I pumped spurts of cum.

Callie shuddered again and held me as I pumped a few weak spurts and then sighed. I slowly pulled out before laying beside her and caressed her body before she turned and snuggled against me, “Thank you Victor.”

I smiled and gave her a soft kiss before relaxing. I slept through the night peacefully and woke with a hint of light in the window. I looked at the girl sleeping against me and softly caressed her hip. She lifted her head and smiled, “More already?”

I grinned, “guys are always horny.”

I gave her a kiss before moving over her. I smiled and kept going and slipped out of bed, “Pancakes for breakfast?”

She grinned and stretched, “Sounds good.”

I grabbed my shorts and went into the small bathroom to pee before using my tiny kitchen to start the pancakes. I glanced at the other bed to see Montana looking back at me with a smile, “Good morning.”

She climbed out of bed naked, “It sounded like you and Callie were doing it a long time.”

Callie laughed from the other bed and I smiled as I turned back to mixing the batter. After Montana went to the bathroom she slipped into bed with Callie and I heard whispers and giggles. It was a few minutes before Callie got up and went to the bathroom and Montana came to sit in the tiny dinning area. When Callie sat down she cleared her throat, “Victor?”

I glanced at her, “Callie?”

She grinned, “You still horny?”

I laughed and turned back to the pancakes I was cooking, “Yes.”

She laughed as Montana cleared her throat, “Would you fuck me today?”

I looked at her as I grinned, “All day?”

She laughed and nodded, “sure.”

I put the pancakes on the table and we ate. After we were done Callie and Montana cleaned up. Callie kissed my cheek, “I’m going to the showers to wash a gallon of your cum out.”

Montana was grinning as she took my hand and pulled me towards my bed, “and I am going to have you put another gallon in me.”

I laughed and turned her at the bed, “Not until I taste you.”

She grinned as she laid back and I moved onto the bed with her. I caressed her body before looking into her face and turning to kiss her as I moved over her. I slowly moved down and kept kissing her body and she moaned and shivered. When I was between her legs I opened her bald pussy and started licking through it. She shuddered and lifted her hips.

I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before starting to tease her clit and suck on it. It was a couple of minutes before she started to moan louder and shudder. I kept teasing and sucking on her clit until she finally shuddered hard and twisted away. I grinned and moved up her body to kiss her. I lifted up and looked between our bodies.

I positioned my cock and pushed. While I was licking her I had checked and she didn’t have a hymen. I forced my cock into her tight pussy and started to fuck her slowly. Montana groaned and hugged me as gradually my cock pushed deeper. It was barely a couple of minutes before she jerked and shuddered before thrusting her hips up, “fuck!”

She wet me and kept shaking as I fucked her with deep thrusts. It was a minute before her cervix opened and I was pushing into her deeper. She arched her back and wailed before starting to convulse. Her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock as I buried it and began to hump and grind into her. It was a couple of minutes before I pulled back and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

Montana continued to jerk and spasm as she thrashed around and cried out. Her tight pussy was almost slimy with her cum as my cock fucked in and out. It took almost fifteen minutes before I buried my cock in her body and held her as I began to pump a gushing torrent. She lifted her hips and hugged me tight as warm cum filled her quickly.

It took several moments for me to finish and Montana shuddered and dropped to the bed panting. She grinned at me before pulling me down for a kiss. I pulled out of her and moved over, “want to go down to the lake and take a walk?”

She nodded and I moved off the bed, “We can walk to the showers to get Callie and you can clean up.”

Montana climbed off the bed, “Until you get me cummy again.”

We got dressed and held hands as we walked to the camp showers. I was just wearing shorts and slipped into the mens showers while she went in the other side to see if Callie was there. I used the showers to wash off quickly before going back out to wait. I could hear Callie and Montana in the other shower as they talked and a couple of minutes later they were walking out. Callie grinned and rubbed my chest, “You put a lot of cum in me.”

I grinned, “I sure tried.”

They laughed and grabbed both my hands before we started walking towards the lake. We spent an hour walking around before coming back to my RV. Callie kissed me, “I’m going to grab our things and tell mom we found our own man to fuck us.”

I nodded, worried a little but she grinned, “Don’t worry, they won’t do anything.”

Montana pulled me into the RV, “My parents are part of their swingers group too.”

She pulled me back to the bed as she stripped and I pulled my shorts down and off. I pushed her onto the bed and laid beside her. I caressed her body and tugged on a nipple before sucking on it and then sliding down the bed. She spread her legs as I moved between them and opened her pussy. I licked through it and began to tease her clit with the tip of my tongue.

It wasn’t long before she was shuddering constantly and lifting her hips. I kept licking her and teasing her clit as I started to suck. Montana spasmed and moaned as she kept thrusting her pussy up. She finally twisted away as she cried out and I laughed as I moved up and pushed her onto her back again. She grinned and put her arms around me as I guided my cock to her pussy and slowly forced it into her.

She sighed and shuddered as I kissed her and began to fuck her with long strokes. By the time I was hitting her cervix she was shuddering hard and moaning. It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock. I kissed her as I started to hump and jab as I rubbed against her. She was clinging to me and jerking before I pulled almost out of her and started to fuck her again.

This time I was using deep thrusts and she was grunting each time I buried my cock and ground against her. Five minutes later her legs was waving around in the air as she convulsed and spasmed. Her slippery pussy was a lot wetter and kept grasping and squeezing my cock. I started fucking her hard as I felt myself getting close and she kept shaking.

I thrust into her and held her as my cock began gushing deep inside her. Montana stiffened and then started thrashing and jerked as I filled her with warm cum. It was several moments before I was finished and she shuddered before relaxing, “I really like feeling that.”

Callie laughed from the living area of the RV, “I would never have known except you were yelling about it.”

Montana grinned and I kissed her before pulling out and moving off the bed, “What do you girls want to do?”

Callie came to sit on the bed, “take a ride in your ATV?”

I grinned, “Well, I do need to run to the camp store.”

They grinned and Montana put on a bikini as I slipped my shorts on. I let Callie drive as I held Montana in my lap. While they looked around the store I bought groceries, adding in what I thought they might eat. After I put everything away we went for a ride around the campsites and the lake. We came back to my RV for lunch and as soon as it was over Callie grinned at Montana and she pulled me in and back to the bed.

She undid the ties on her bikini as I removed my shorts. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me before fitting my cock to her tight pussy. She wiggled and pushed until my cock was forced into her and then she sighed and began to rock back and forth slowly, “I really love feeling your cock stretching my pussy.”

I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed the pink nipples, “I do too.”

She laughed and started wiggling and rolling her hips as she kept fucking me. Callie sat on the bed a minute later as Montana began shaking and spasming. She laughed, “want to do him together with me tonight?”

Montana shuddered as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock, “Sure.”

I tugged on her nipples before reaching for Callie, “Horny nymph.”

She laughed and laid beside us as I felt one of her breasts and slipped my hand down her body and into her bikini to finger her pussy. Montana rocked and thrust back and forth harder as her pussy became slipperier. She kept jerking and spasming as Callie started lifting her hips. I rubbed, squeezed and tugged on Montana’s nipples and she cried out as her pussy grasp my cock tighter.

I finally pulled her down and rolled over before fucking her with long thrusts. She was completely incoherent and spasming when I finally buried my cock and began to pump and spurt cum into her. She lifted her hips as her body stiffened and then she shuddered hard. I was kissing her as I kept pumping spurts of cum and she was wailing into my mouth.

When I stopped cumming I kept kissing her and slowly she began to relax. I pulled out of her and Callie laughed, “need to drain some of that cum?”

Montana grinned, “why? Did you need suntan lotion?”

Callie grinned and moved down between her legs and licked through her leaking pussy. I lay beside Montana and cupped a breast before rubbing the nipple as she moaned. When she jerked and shuddered Callie moved up over her and gave her a kiss. She grinned at me, “want to go swimming?”

I pulled her off Montana and gave her a kiss before rubbing her butt, “swimming sounds good.”

Swimming with them was like nothing I had ever experienced. They splashed, screamed, teased and played until I had to get out or drown. We lay together beside the lake and let the sun warm us. It was several hours before we went back to my RV. I started an early dinner as they went to the shower to rinse off the lake water. When they came back they both pushed me away from the grill and told me to go wash.

When I came back, dinner was ready and we sat together feeding each other. I was already dreading when they would leave. Callie caressed my cheek, “What’s wrong?”

I smiled, “When are you leaving?”

She grinned, “We don’t have to be back in Las Vegas until school starts.”

I grinned, “I meant when are your parents taking you home.”

Callie smiled, “It depends on you.”

I looked from her to Montana, “Why?”

She rubbed my chest, “How long are you staying?”

I shrugged, “All summer. I can work from here during the week so I get to enjoy myself.”

Callie glanced at her friend, “Can we stay with you?”

I rubbed her nipples through her bikini top, “Will your birth control last that long?”

She shuddered as Montana grinned, “you could take us to Ely when we need to get more.”

I pulled Montana onto my lap, “your parents would let you stay with a man for the whole summer?”

Callie leaned against us, “yeah.”

Montana kissed me before slipping off my lap, “we should clean up.”

I rubbed her butt at the same time as Callie and she grinned as Montana stuck her tongue out at us. After cleaning up we took a walk before stopping at a bathroom and returning to my RV. We undressed in the living room and Montana pushed Callie down on the couch. She knelt and pushed her legs open before starting to lick her. I grinned as I sat down beside them and leaned over to suck on a pink nipple.

She was groaning and shuddering as Montana kept attacking her clit and I continued to maul her breasts. I finally laughed and stood up, I pulled Montana up first and then a panting Callie. I pulled them both back toward the bed and pushed Callie in first. I turned to kiss Montana and then push her towards Callie.

Montana grinned as she stalked into the bed and between her friends legs as she spread them. I moved onto the bed behind Montana. Her butt was in the air as she went back to licking Callie’s pussy. I rubbed between her legs before fitting my cock to her pussy and pushing. She groaned as I held her hips and began to fuck her with long thrusts.

It was a long fun summer, I fucked the girls everyday. When we returned to Las Vegas we had made plans. I rented a house near them and almost everyday they stayed with me after we got out of school. Over the summer my dad had met a woman so when I moved out he was happy. Every summer we move back to the campground in the park.

When Callie and Montana graduated we moved to Lake Tahoe. The girls have had a couple of babies since then and we are very happy sharing our lives with each other.
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