A Trip to a Mistress Opens Someone's Eyes
The story of a woman starting to find her place in the world of domination and submission.

My second story here on XNXX. Feedback welcomed.

Part I

Nervously you looked around you. He had pulled into the driveway of this house and stopped the car, but had made no move to get out. You did not recognize the house. All you knew was that you were in East Hampton and you were nervous. What was he planning? Why were you here? You knew why you had let yourself obey him today, but you still wondered what he had in mind for you.
The house was large and well kept. You were parked at the top of a semi-circular drive right in front of a large double door. A tall portico with a large wrought iron lamp hanging from it covered the door. The doors were large and solid looking with thick iron straps running across them. The effect was imposing, as though you were standing at the door to some castle in a distant corner of Europe that had forgotten that the middle ages were long gone.
He looked over at you, saying nothing for a bit as you took in the house. He wanted you to absorb this, to see the house and all the details. When you had enough to make you curious, you turned to him. He smiled and leaned over to kiss you. “I’ll be right around,” he said simply.
You watched as he got out of the car and walked around to your side. He opened the door and extended his hand down to you to help you up. You looked at it, knowing he expected you to take it and get out of the car. But how could you? You looked around. No other houses were particularly near, but still other people might see. And that was a mortifying thought. What if someone saw you, saw what you were wearing? It was early evening, the sun still shining low in the west. You looked around again; there might be neighbors watching…
He spoke, firmness in his voice that you didn’t dare question. “Emily,” he said. You looked up at him shyly. Slowly you got out of the car, embarrassed because you were thinking of what you were wearing. It was a simple black wrap dress, tied at the waist. But underneath all you wore were a black waist cincher and a collar. Not even any shoes on your feet at this point. He led you toward the door of the house, stopping about ten feet away. “Hold on,” he said as he let go of your hand and walked behind you. He slipped his arms around you, putting his lips next to your ear.
“I think,” he said softly, “that you are overdressed for tonight.” With that, he grabbed the belt of your dress and opened it, pulling it off you in one quick motion. You gasped, your hands flying frantically to try and cover yourself, as he put one arm around you and walked you to the door.
As you approached the door it opened, but you could not see how. As you entered, you wondered who was in this house. Whoever it was would soon see you, your breasts, your pussy and your ass all exposed for them to see. You were in a large foyer, with doors to the left and right and stairs straight ahead. As you got beyond the door you could see a man kneeling on the floor, pushing the door closed after you got through. You would have been embarrassed, but you forgot to be in surprise at how he was dressed. He was naked except for a collar, a ball gag and some sort of leather thong that looked distinctly uncomfortable. When the door closed, the door to your right opened up. Coming through the door was a svelte blond woman dressed in a deep red catsuit and heels. She wasn’t even looking at you as she walked up to your Master and told him curtly, “Mistress will be with you shortly. Please follow me to the antechamber.” At that she turned and began walking back through the door she had come out of.
Your Master followed her, and you followed your Master. The room you entered had one large chair and a small table beside it. Heavy drapes covered the windows, the only light coming from an ornate chandelier in the middle of the room. The blond woman turned quickly once she reached the chair and said sternly, “The Mistress will see you when all is ready. Please feel free to amuse yourself here until then.”
Your Master made no reply, but held out your dress to her. The woman got an annoyed look on her face, then snapped her fingers. Another man, dressed identically to the first, came out from behind the door, walking quickly and kneeling in front of her. She looked expectantly at your Master, but he still held your dress out to her. “Give the slave’s garment to him,” she said.
“I do not deal with male submissives. I consider them an affront to nature,” he said levelly as he still held the dress toward her. She looked at him for a second, then took the dress angrily and threw it at the man. She walked out of the room quickly, the man following behind, closing the door as he went.
Once they were gone, you looked at your Master. He was smiling at you, watching you as you took this in. There were so many things you wanted to ask him, but he had told you to be quiet unless he asked you to speak. He turned and went toward the table, opening a little drawer and pulling out your velvet handcuffs. You were surprised, wondering how they had gotten there. He turned and stood in front of the chair, looking at you. With his eyes, he looked down at the floor in front of you and looked back up at you. Understanding, you went and stood directly in front of him. He put a cuff on your left wrist, then reached back and pulled your arms behind you, putting your right wrist in the other cuff as he did so. Then he turned you around and pushed down on your shoulders until you were kneeling on the floor in front of him. He sat and slowly began running his hands over your body as you knelt facing away from him.
The feelings of excitement, of danger and the novelty of all this were swirling in your mind. The flow of your thoughts was churning inside you, so many new emotions competing with the sensations as he explored your body. You had just determined to let yourself go, to give in to the feel of his hands and save your questions for later, when the door opened again.
Through the door walked another blond woman, curvier and more voluptuous than the first. This one was dressed not unlike yourself except that she had vinyl X’s covering her nipples, her waist cincher was the same deep red of the other woman’s catsuit and she was wearing a black thong and black high heeled boots. She approached the two of you rapidly, smiling as she came. Behind her were the blond woman from earlier and the two men that had opened the doors. Your Master stood, putting his hand in your hair as she approached.
She stopped about three feet away from you. She said good evening and then looked behind her. Immediately, the two men came up and knelt on one knee behind her, their knees touching and grabbing on to each other’s arms. The blond in the catsuit took a large black cloth she had been carrying and draped it over them. Once this was done, the Mistress sat down on the men, using their cloth covered bodies as a chair, and looked at the two of you.
“I am Mistress Chandra. This is my house. Here, the only rules are my rules. The world has no influence in here. No one enters this house without my approval. Do you understand this?”
You looked at him. He looked at you and then back at her. “Yes, I am well aware of your rules,” he said.
“Good,” she said, and then looked down at you. “What a perfect little dark haired slave. What is your name?”
“Her name is whatever I chose. Please remember to address me and not my slave. I expect you to respect my rules as much as I respect yours.”
The Mistress smiled wryly at him. “Does she have a safe word?”
“Yes. Kilimanjaro.”
She laughed a little on hearing this. “I suppose there’s no chance of her blurting that out by mistake. Very well, let us begin.” At that, she stood and waited until the men were uncovered and had opened the door for her. Walking languidly, she headed back to the foyer and then started up the stairs.

You followed her upstairs, one of the men running ahead to open the first door she came to. She stepped inside this room, your Master following behind and the rest waiting outside. The room was large, with a low padded table in the middle and walls lined with all manner of whips and floggers and switches. There were nipple clamps and spreader bars and coils of rope around the room. You looked more closely at the table and saw that there were tie down points for ropes and Velcro restraints. For a moment you were frightened and thought about shouting out your safe word, but then you looked back at him. You saw the look in his eyes as he looked back at you and immediately the thought of using your safe word was gone.
Mistress Chandra approached you. She looked at your Master and asked, “May I?” holding a blind fold in her hand. He simply nodded affirmatively as you looked on apprehensively.
“Kneel, slave,” she said to you. You hesitated just a second and then knelt down in this strange room in front of this strange woman, wearing only your collar and waist cincher with your hands cuffed behind your back. She reached out and then put the blindfold on you, adjusting it expertly so you could see nothing. Then you felt a hand grab the ring on your collar and pull you to your feet again. You were led over to the table and you climbed onto it, your collar pulling you down until you were laying face down on the table.
You felt straps being pulled around your feet and another strap being pulled through the ring on your collar. You were firmly secured with your head to one side on the low table, as you felt the back part of the table being folded down and your legs being pushed in to lift your ass in the air more. Then you heard the sound of clothes being taken off, the sounds of buckles and belts and the rustling of pants flowing down legs. Someone was massaging your cheeks, hands firmly kneading you and feeling you. After a few minutes you felt a warm, gooey gel being spread around your asshole. Then you jerked as a vibrator began to be inserted into your ass. Slowly, a little at a time, the vibrator was inserted into you, making you bite your lip as you got used to the sensation. Once it was in all the way, a hand slapped your cheeks a few times, each slap causing the vibrator to echo the slap and move inside you. Then you felt your Master’s mouth begin to lick at your pussy. You felt his mouth cover your slit and suck your clit up, his tongue swirling around it. He kept this up as his hands started exploring your body again, the sensation of him sucking on your pussy, the vibrator filling your rectum and his hands roaming your body gave you nowhere to go. Your body was being assaulted from every direction. You squirmed, but the straps held you firmly. Your hands pulled against the cuffs, but you could not free them. All you could do was to surrender to the sensations being forced upon you, give in to the pleasure you were feeling. You shrieked out in ecstasy as waves of pleasure emanated from your body.
You jerked as you heard Mistress Chandra say “Good girl! I see why your Master wants you so much!“ As she said this, you felt your Master’s hands grab your hips. Then his cock entered your pussy, filling you slowly as the vibrator still pulsed in your ass. Once he was fully in, he pulled back out slowly, then suddenly pushed his cock back into you so hard his balls slapped up against your pussy. You moaned, then felt one of his hands leave your hip and grab onto your hair, pulling your head back against the collar where it was secured to the table.
He pulled slowly out again and then pushed in hard again, but this time you felt a crop slap down on your ass as he did so. The pain was driven from your mind by the feel of his cock slamming back into you, then was repeated all over again as he withdrew slowly, your mind already anticipating the feeling as he slammed back in again. This went on until you could not remember a time when you were not tied to this table. All that mattered to you now was feeling of him inside you; it was all you existed for, the pain of the crop reminding you of how good the rest of this felt.
When he came in you, he pulled your hair back harder, hurting more than the slap of the crop. He grunted as he pushed his cock as far inside you as it could go, the feeling of it filling you.
When he came, the crop stopped. The vibrator was turned off and pulled slowly from you. You could hear his breathing as the straps were untied. Then a feminine voice whispered very softly, almost inaudibly in your ear, “You are hot. You are sexy. He is lucky to have you. Never let him forget that.”
With that, the blindfold was removed and the Mistress helped you to sit up on the table. “Are you satisfied?” she asked looking at your Master.
“For now,” he said, looking at you, “for now.”

Part II

You woke up, your arms stiff. You tried to move them but then realized that the velvet handcuffs were still locked onto your wrists. You smiled at the thought that you had worn them all night, but that smile went away quickly when you tried to move again. Your shoulders felt tense and actually sore with stiffness. You looked back over your shoulder and saw him lying next to you, on his back.

“Hey,” you said quietly, but he did not respond. You scooted yourself back a bit until your hands were right up against his hips. You started running your fingernails lightly over his skin. He twitched for a second or two, but you kept tickling him. He twitched a bit more until he woke with a sudden start, his head lifting up off the pillow. He looked around for a minute or two and then looked down at you. When he did, you turned your head back so you could not see him again.

You heard him draw in a deep breath, then he said softly, “Good morning. How are you?”

“Sore,” you said as you pushed your cuffed wrists back at him. “We never took these off.”

He sat up and looked down at your wrists. Gently he pushed your shoulder until you turned from your side to lay face down on the bed. Then he kneeled on the bed next to you and unbuckled the handcuffs, rubbing lightly up and down each arm as he freed them. Then he got up off the bed and walked around to stand in front of you. “How are you?” he asked as he looked down at you.

“Still sore,” you said as you tried to gingerly lift yourself off the bed.

He frowned. This is not what he wanted and he mentally berated himself for not thinking to remove the cuffs before you had gone to sleep last night. He helped you to get to a sitting position on the side of the bed and then said, “I’ll go start a warm shower. Come in a few minutes and I’ll give your shoulders a good rub down.”

You looked up at him and smiled, “Yes, Master,” you said a little impishly.

He smiled back down at you, “I didn’t mean that to sound like an order.”

“What if I wanted it to?” you asked in that same impish voice.

“Sorry, playtime’s over. We have a real world to face today and I’d like for you to not have to regret our fantasy play each time you reach for something on a high shelf. So, please come in when you’re ready, Emily,” he said as he walked into the bathroom and started the shower.

You stretched your arms out in front of you, then gently moved them up and down to get the blood flowing back into them. They were still stiff, but not anywhere near as bad as they had been when you had been lying down. You stood and tried to lift your hands over your head, wincing as that effort brought more pain than you expected. You put your arms back down slowly and walked toward the bathroom.

"Thank you for the shoulder massage," you said a short time later as you sipped your coffee. He sat across the table from you, his breakfast in front of him, a book in his hands. He looked up at you and smiled.

"No problem. Any time at all. How do you feel now?" he asked.

"Very good, thank you. I can hardly feel any stiffness."

"Ah-hah," he said, pausing just a moment to add, "And how do you feel about your whole day yesterday?" he asked with an intense look on his face.

You blushed brightly, thinking about the day before and your trip to Mistress Chandra's house. "I enjoyed it," you said quietly.

"Enjoyed it?" he asked.

"Yes," you said, "very much. And you?"

"It was very, very satisfying," he said, looking intently at you.

"For now," you said very quietly, "for now."

He looked at you as you said that. He picked up his coffee cup. "We'll have to do something like that again sometime," he said before he took a sip.

You picked your head up and looked right at him. "Soon. Make it soon," you said.

He did not speak of that night again. He did not offer any clue to you as to what, if anything, he was thinking for the remainder of breakfast. When he left a short time later, giving you a deep kiss as he crushed you to him in his arms, he still had not said anything more about the night before.

But you found yourself obsessing about it. It was if your mind was trying to fill in some void by thinking as much as possible about that night. As you went upstairs to dress, you thought about the stairs in Mistress Chandra's house and how you had climbed up the stairs in there. You thought about the room at the top of those stairs and how you had almost called out your "safe word" at the sight of all those painful looking implements. But then you had thought about him and remembered that it was him that had brought you there. You made a decision right then and there that if he had brought you there, you were safe. You didn't even question that thought, you just knew that despite all those gruesome looking instruments, he would keep you safe.

As you dressed, you thought about how he had told you to dress the day before. It was not what you would wear any other day. A waist cincher and a collar was not what you would wear to a normal dinner out. But he had said that he was taking you out and you had wondered how you were going to ever go anywhere dressed as you were. But once again, you had listened to him. He knew what he could and could not get away with. You had to trust that he knew what he was doing and that whatever he had planned, the consequences were not so severe that it would interfere with your life.

The rest of the day, these thoughts kept coming back to you. While you were at the store, looking at the produce, you thought about the way he had called to you to get out of the car. Despite your fear, you had stepped out and followed him through the door. While you drove to get a manicure, your remembered how you had let yourself be strapped to the table in that scary room, knowing that he was there with you and that he would not leave you. When you had felt those hands, not his hands, caress your ass, you trusted that he would keep you safe.

And that night, as you were starting dinner, a realization came over you. You stopped washing a stalk of celery for an instant as your mind slowly let a whole new concept in. You smiled, thinking how simple this was, then went back to making dinner.

When he came over that night, he was surprised that you were not around. "Hello?" he called out.

You did not answer him. "Hello? Emily?" you heard him calling.

When he walked into your room, he found you kneeling, wearing only your collar, with your arms raised up above your head holding the black crop up to him. Very simply and quietly you said, "Your slave waits for you, Master."

He looked at you, puzzled for a minute. You began to wonder if he was going to do anything, but you resisted the urge to lift your head and look at him. Finally, he took the last few steps to stand next to you, took the crop from your hands and gave you a playful swat on the behind. "Get over on that bed and sit down - slave," he said firmly, but with a smile on his face.

You jumped up, hurried over to the bed and sat as demurely as it is possible for a person wearing only a collar to do. You had both legs firmly together and your hands on your knees, your arms almost but not quite covering your breasts. He stood near you, looking at every inch of you. You began to blush, knowing how he was looking at you having an effect on you that you hadn't quite planned for. He took the crop and ran it lightly over you, caressing your face, tracing your shoulders, lifting your arms out and away to expose your breasts, using it to push apart your knees so that he could see you. "This,' he said softly, with a hint of lust deep in his voice, "is a delicious surprise. What do I owe this to, slave?"

You gulped at hearing him call you that, but then thought, yes, that is what I want to be tonight. You took a minute to think while he continued to caress you with the crop and then you said breathlessly, "I thought about yesterday all day today. I thought about why I did all that I did. And I realized there was one common thread in all of it, one thing that let me be free to be your slave, to explore, to taste that side of me. I trust you.

"And I don't mean with my car keys or check book. I trust you with me, with my life. I trust you to keep this our secret, to not have my family and neighbors see me like this. I trust that you know the limits I need. I trust that you will keep me safe at all times. I give myself, all of myself, to you because I can. When I call you Master, it is because I trust you to keep your slave safe. I trust you, Master."

The crop stopped moving as it was over your nipples. He knelt down in front of you, and lifted your chin. He held your chin until you looked into his eyes. You could see that his eyes were misty and the sight of that brought tears to you. He leaned in and kissed your tears away, then kissed your lips softly as he slowly removed your collar. "As much as I like my little slave girl, there is someone that I would much rather make love to right now," he whispered into your ear when the collar was off.

With that he kissed you, his tongue pushing into your mouth, his hands holding onto your shoulders as he pushed you onto the bed. He stood and stripped quickly as you lay back on the bed. Then he lowered himself back down on top of you, gently raining kisses down all over your body. He kissed every inch of you, sometimes softly, sometimes passionately. He bit at your ears and smiled as he kissed each of your toes. He turned you over and covered every inch of your back in kisses, then moved down to kiss your cheeks. His hands ran lightly over your back, the touch teasing and tender. Then he turned you over. He stared into your eyes, never looking away form them as he spread your legs and moved himself between them, holding himself up on his elbows and knees above you. Still looking into your eyes. he slowly began to push himself inside you, very gently filling you. His hands came up to softly hold your hair and stroke your cheeks.

When he was completely inside of you, he stopped. He looked into your face, his right hand stroking your ear as he whispered to you, "There is nothing that a woman can say that is sexier than saying she trusts you. That she trusts you with her body, her feelings, her future. That is a turn on beyond anything else. That trust is what allows up to play at our little games. Without that trust, there is nothing."

He closed his eyes for a second, then started moving slowly in and out of you. "I work every day to make sure I earn your trust. Having your trust, your respect, is the most important thing to me. Without that, I am not a man worthy of you," he said. Then he pulled back up, coming out of your pussy for a second, before he pushed back into you hard and quickly, his pubic bone slamming hard into your mound. With that, he began to push into you hard, each time his cock entered into you he seemed to try to push it further into you. These were not fast and frenzied thrusts; these were measured, powerful thrusts. It seemed as though he wanted to be as far inside of you as he could possibly be with each thrust. He pushed and pushed and pushed again at the end of each stroke.

You were being thrust into the bed with each push. He would be as far into as he could and you could feel him push your ass into the mattress at the end of each stroke. The feeling of it, the sense of power, of the passion, that was being expressed in each thrust ran through your mind. You wrapped your arms and legs around him, trying to help him get as far into your body as he could. Finally, the feeling of him melding into you, crushing you into him, overcame you and you cried out. That sound seemed to release him and you could feel his body spam in a massive orgasm, draining him so completely that he collapsed on top of you for a second or two before he was able to lift himself off you again and flop over onto his back next to you. He pulled you over onto him, kissing whatever part of you his lips could reach.

The two of you laid there for a while, your hands softly running over each other, your lips softly kissing each other. He finally sat up, looking around for a bit. You watched him wondering what was up. Curiosity got the better of you and you asked him, "What are you looking for?"

He looked back down at you, a smile on his face, "My slave girl. I know she was around here someplace when I came in. I think I'd like a glass of wine and a back rub from her, but I seem to have misplaced her."

"How careless of you," you said with a big smile on your face. "You should take better care of your toys. If you just let those things lie around, you might not find them again."

"True," he said as he lowered himself down between your legs, "Let me see if she went in here..." he continued as his tongue started to lick at your pussy.

You put your head back, moaning as he started to eat your pussy, "I think if you look hard enough in there, you'll find her again."

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