When my parents died I was only ten. My dad had been a longshoreman and I had gone with him many times. The first foster family I was put with was bad, real bad. The man was a drunken slob that tried to rape me. After I grabbed his balls and tried to twist them off, I locked him in a closet and grabbed my bag of clothes and left. I went to the docks and after looking around found a container way in the back. The doors were missing and it was just left to rust.

I ran errands for the dock workers during the day for money to eat. I was given stuff all the time, warm sleeping bags, an air mattress, even books to read. I was twelve and big for my age since I was always working just to eat. I knew about the gangsters and the mob, several dock workers pointed them out. It was others that drew my attention one day.

Two years of living on the dock taught me a lot. I knew where every camera was and what was supposed to be going on. When the lone container was dropped beside a warehouse where it would be unseen by the warehouse cameras it drew my attention. A couple of men with guns started walking around and another guy hooked up a new camera. I grinned since that just made me more curious.

I waited until two in the morning and slipped around the warehouse. I used a piece of cardboard to deflect steam from a vent towards the new camera. I came prepared and moved to the container quickly. I cut the lock after squirting oil on the hinges. I opened one door and used the small flashlight to look in. I froze as I looked at the pallets of money.

The money was wrapped in clear plastic in bales. I looked around and slipped in to grab two large bales. I closed the door and hurried to another container a hundred yards away. I knew this one wasn’t going to be moved for awhile. I glanced back to see the two armed men walk past the money container, they didn’t even look at it. After they went around the corner I went back for two more blocks of money.

I made a total of fifty trips before the container was empty. I removed the cardboard and slipped away. I quietly spent the rest of the night moving the money to a container not far from the one I slept in. It was dawn before the men discovered the lock missing and then the money. After that there were dozens of men searching around the warehouse, at least until the police showed up.

During the next few weeks I moved blocks of money off the docks and into a storage locker I rented. I thought of a thousand things to do with all the money but left it alone for a few months. When I did start using it, it was to deposit it and then invest it. I put fifty thousand a week into utility stocks.

Because of my age I still couldn’t buy a house or rent an apartment. I stayed on the docks for another four years before I met Gina. She was the daughter of an Asian business man. I had managed to get a GED a month before and was thinking of moving.

While her dad was talking to the ship captain she was alone beside the car. That was when I saw the three men. They were drinking which made me frown, if the union rep saw they would be fined and fired. I watched as they walked over and the next thing I knew they had grabbed her and covered her mouth as they pulled her away. I was jogged towards the door into what I knew was a temporarily empty warehouse.

During my time on the docks I had more then one scrap and knew how to fight. I shouldered the door open and stepped into the building behind them, “Let her go.”

The men spun and released her before one sneered, “Its just the punk.”

The girl dropped to the ground and started to slid back. They turned back to her as I walked closer, “I said, let her go.”

The last guy turned and reached for me. I brushed his reaching hand to the side and slugged him in the stomach, just under the ribs. He grunted and went to his knees gasping for air. The other two turned and spread out. I moved towards the larger one and reached out. He grabbed my wrist and laughed as he yanked me close. His laughed turned into a scream as I brought my knee up hard enough to lift him off the floor and into the air.

I spun as I held him and let him go. He slammed into the last man and I moved in as they both went down. I kicked the last guy in the head and stomped down on his crotch. I backed off and went to the girl as she huddled against the wall. I turned quickly when the door opened to see several dock workers including the union rep. I pulled the girl up as they came in, “They were drinking and pulled her in here to rape her.”

The men looked at the three men on the floor and the rep bent and lifted one man’s face. He turned his head away at the smell of alcohol a second later and straightened, “I’ll take care of them but you need to leave.”

I nodded and pulled the girl after me and back to her father’s car. He was standing there and frowned as I brought her back. She ran to him and told him what had happened and he was pissed but not at me. I turned to leave and he reached out to grab my shoulder, “I would like to thank you.”

I nodded and turned away and he cleared his throat, “Where do you live?”

I turned and glanced from him to the girl, “right here on the docks.”

I left quickly before either of them could stop me. Something about the girl seemed to nag at me. The next day all the dock workers seemed to ignore me and I ended up with nothing to do. The three men had disappeared and I wasn’t going to ask anyone what happened to them. I was walking back to my container after depositing money the next morning when the large black sedan pulled up beside me. I stopped as a large man in a suit got out, “Kenneth Stone?”

I looked at him and nodded and he opened the back door, “Mr. Lee would like to have a word with you.”

I smiled, “do I know Mr. Lee?”

He smiled back, “I believe you have met.”

I shrugged, “In that case...”

I climbed into the back of the car and he closed the door before climbing back into the front seat with the driver. The car drove to a very large hotel where I was escorted to an elevator up to the penthouse. When I walked into the penthouse it was to see Gina. She smiled when she saw me and I was tempted to stop to speak to her. The large man led me into a office where her father sat behind a large desk. He glanced up and smiled as he sat back, “Good, they found you.”

I grinned, “I wasn’t lost.”

He smiled again, “I have made a few inquires about you.”

I sat in the chair in front of the desk as the large man stood beside the door. He waited and then glanced at Gina as she came in and walked to his desk. He looked back at me, “The men you... stopped, were more then they seemed.”

I thought about it and shrugged, “They were new on the docks.”

He nodded, “it was meant to dishonor me.”

I shook my head, “I don’t understand.”

He sighed, “My daughter is my responsibility and by raping her they disrespect me.”

I thought it was crazy but kept my mouth shut. He sighed, “You have been depositing a lot of money for having no home or job. You don’t steal and you don’t sell drugs.”

My eyes narrowed and he smiled, “A few years ago a... competitor had a large shipment of money disappear.”

I waited and he grinned, “A lot of people were delighted at his... misfortune.”

I shrugged and he leaned forward, “What are your plans?”

I sighed and looked at Gina before looking away, “I was thinking a change of residence would be nice and...”

I hesitated and he laughed, “And a woman?”

I glanced from him to Gina as she blushed, “I thought about it. I have never been with a girl.”

He sat back, “But you still have the problem of all the money.”

I looked at him sharply and he smiled, “Perhaps I can help. I can arrange a transfer and deposit in a bank.”

I wasn’t sure about it and he stood and gestured, “walk with me.”

I stood and fell in beside him. We walked through the penthouse and out onto a large balcony, “There are other competitors that ship money from your docks.”

I didn’t say anything even though I knew what he was talking about. He stopped to look out at the city before looking at me, “another competitor is shipping money now...”

I smiled, “and?”

He smiled, “If their money were to... disappear it would make things easier for me.”

I waited and he glanced at Gina standing in the doorway. He smiled, “I will even offer you an... incentive.”

I glanced at Gina and blushed, “What incentive?”

He put his hand on my shoulder, “She is one of many daughters.”

I looked at him and he sighed, “you do this favor and I will take care of your banking problem and give her to you.”

Now that was very tempting. I turned to look out over the city before finally nodding, “first I’ll give you the location of the rest of the money I have and if you can do what you say I will take care of your problem.”

He laughed and patted my shoulder, “Deal.”

I turned and pulled a slip of paper out of my pocket. I wrote down the storage locker address and the lock combination. I handed it to him and headed for the door, “you know where to find me.”

I took a taxi back to the docks and started making a few checks. There was a container with four Russian goons guarding it. I thought that Mr. Lee might just take the money and I would never hear from him again. It made me consider the Russian container, not that I really needed the money now. It was starting to get late when a small Asian man stopped me. He handed me a new bank book and walked away.

I looked after him and then opened the bank book to see the deposit balance. There was a note with a password and username and a business card. I kept looking at it and then walked back to my container. I pulled out a small laptop and turned it on as I pulled out the internet hub. I went to the bank address and looked at the deposit amount.

I thought and transferred half to my other bank account before changing the password. I shut the laptop off and thought about what he wanted me to do. I headed off the docks and went to a gun store. I bought two taser pistols with several extra charges. When I got back to the docks I slipped into the dispatch office and did some snooping.

I left and crossed to one of the huge lifts. This one was down for routine maintenance but nothing was wrong with it. After moving it, I went to my container and relaxed. It was almost midnight when I dressed in black clothing and put on the mask. I slipped across to watch the four men. Two were walking around and two were sitting beside the container asleep.

I waited until the two walking were further away and crossed to the other two. I stunned them both, tied and gagged them and waited. The other two walked around the corner of the container and I stunned them before they could do anything. I tied them and gagged and blindfolded them like the other two before going to the lift. I brought an empty container and set it beside the one they had been guarding.

I broke the locks and opened it to see it completely full of plastic bales of money. I started shifting the bales one at a time to the empty container. I found a couple of marked bales and checked them to find electronic trackers. It was almost morning when I was done. I lifted the container and moved it across the dock to a truck. I carefully placed it on the truck and then moved the lift back to the maintenance yard using the long way around.

There were Russians everywhere as I slipped back to the truck. I used a back way off the docks and drove to a nearby truck storage yard. I walked away and made my way back to the docks. I moved all my stuff in the morning and returned to the docks. Everyone still refused to give me work but at least I learned it was because of the union rep.

When I found him, he started off belligerent. When he made the mistake of pushing me it was his last mistake. I grabbed his balls and started walking. He was screaming all the way to the edge of the dock and dozens of workers were around us when I let him go, “You were the one to send those guys to rape the girl.”

He was on the ground whimpering and I grabbed his hair. He screamed, “YES!”

I kicked him, “men don’t rape little girls.”

I glanced around as the workers growled and bent to shove him over the edge of the dock. I walked away as he splashed into the water below, “I don’t want to be part of a gang of child rapists.”

I knew many of the dock workers and I doubt the rep would be around much longer. I made a call to Mr. Lee. When he answered I gave him the location of the truck and told him where I had hidden the key.

I was sitting in a restaurant across from his hotel eating dinner when Gina walked in. She looked around and crossed to me with a smile. She sat next to me and handed me another bank book, “Daddy said to tell you thank you.”

I slipped the bank book into my shirt, “So where are we going to live?”

She grinned, “Have you ever been to the Bahamas?”

I shook my head and she touched my hand, “Dad has two girls waiting by your room too.”

I looked at her and blushed, “I... I have never been with a girl.”

Gina laughed and stood, “Time to go take care of that.”

I paid the bill and stood to take her hand. She smiled as we walked out, “Tomorrow we can get you a passport.”

I had managed to rent a small apartment in a Budget Suite that wasn’t to far. When we got there two Asian girls were waiting beside the door with small cases. I looked at Gina as I opened the door and she pushed them inside. She took my hand and pulled me in, “You are saving them. They have been used since they were little and now they belong to you.”

I glanced at the two girls and shook my head, “To bad I can’t have more.”

Gina grinned and bumped my shoulder, “we will be enough.”

I shook my head as I turned to face her, “I meant so they wouldn’t have to...”

She caressed my face, “Let me make a call.”

I looked at the two girls and started undressing, “Are they clean? I mean...”

Gina laughed as she pulled out her cell phone, “Yes.”

I reached for the nearest, “I get to wash them.”

Gina laughed again as she turned away to speak to someone. I stripped both girls who only stood quietly. I pulled them after me and into the shower. I started washing the first and she smiled as she felt me caressing her body. She shuddered when I fingered her pussy and then I moved her to wash the other girl. She actually caressed my chest as I felt her and spread her legs.

I was just finishing when Gina slipped into the shower. The two girls left and I pulled her body close. Her breast were more developed and her pussy was trimmed. I caressed her as I washed her and she sighed. She hissed when I started to finger her and I looked into her face. She blushed, “I’m still a virgin.”

I rubbed her nipples before shutting the water off, “You won’t be when we finish.”

She smiled as she stepped out and reached for a towel. I took the towel from her and started drying her. Gina shivered and caressed my face, “You need to pull out a hundred thousand. Two days from now a man will be here. If you have the money, three girls will be given to you.”

I dried off and pulled her into the bedroom to see the two girls sitting on the bed. I smiled and turned Gina and sat her down beside them, “you first. Tomorrow we will take care of getting money.”

I knelt and pushed her legs opened and leaned closer. I smelled her and then licked through her pussy. I smiled at the slight musky taste and nibbled on her labia before teasing her clit. I used two fingers to stretch her hole as I kept sucking and licking her clit. At first she stiffened and slowly she relaxed and began to moan and wiggle.

Her hips were lifting and she began to shudder and jerk. It was several minutes before she arched her back and wailed as she squirted a little. I stood quickly and positioned my cock before shoving into her warm, slippery pussy. There was resistance when I started and then her hymen tore away. Gina screamed as she clutched at me.

My cock slid all the way to her womb and I stopped to lean over and just hold her as she whimpered. It was several minutes before she smiled and hugged me, “I think you can move now.”

I straightened and caressed her pelvis as I looked at the two girls. They smiled and I started to fuck Gina slowly. At first she hissed and winced but a minute later she groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She got a surprised look and spasmed, “OOOHHHH!”

She kept jerking and spasming as her tight pussy seemed to ripple around my cock. I fucked her a little harder and started pushing against her cervix. When my cock forced her womb open Gina lifted and spread her legs as she convulsed, “AAAAHHHH!”

I was using long, deep thrusts before grinding against her and buried my throbbing cock. I held Gina tight, “Gina?”

She was thrashing around and jerking as she kept wetting me and looked at me with dazed eyes. She lifted her hips and hugged me tight, “CUM IN ME!”

I grunted and groaned as I thrust in and out and buried my cock. I started gushing huge torrents of cum and she wailed as her womb was filled with warm sperm for the first time. I pumped and spewed and finally spurted a couple more times before shuddering. I held her as she spasmed and groaned. I kissed her before pulling out of her cum filled pussy. She sighed and relaxed, “that was great.”

The two girls grinned as I lay back. I caressed the closest and pulled her against me, “What’s your name?”

Gina turned her head and spoke to her. The girl looked at me and spoke slowly, “Saki.”

I pulled her down and hugged her before looking at the other girl. She smiled and moved closer, “Arashihana... Arashi.”

I put my head back, “Saki and Arashi.”

Saki turned and straddled me and I lifted my head as she lifted up. I started to reach for her hips when she slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She wiggled and pushed and grunted until I shuddered and held her hips and pulled her down. She shivered and smiled before putting her small hands on my chest and rocking back and forth.

Her pussy was almost hot but she was slippery so my cock fucked in and out. Gina turned on her side to watch as Saki shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She looked at Gina and said something and Gina grinned. I looked at her and Gina caressed my chest, “Saki said she loves your big dick.”

I reached up as I grinned and rubbed her nipples, “I like her tight pussy.”

Gina laughed and told Saki who wiggled and leaned down to kiss me. She started rocking and fucking my cock with longer strokes. I groaned as her tight, slippery pussy squeezed and milked my cock as she shivered and then shuddered. I reached between her legs and rubbed her tiny clit and she gasped before jerking and thrashing around wildly as she wailed.

I tried to hold her with one hand while still rubbing her clit and finally pulled her down and rolled over. She was bucking and convulsing as she squirted and her pussy kept spasming around my cock. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she started kicking her legs in the air and spreading them wide as she cried out. I groaned and finally thrust into her and buried my cock in her womb, “Gina!”

Gina was suddenly beside me rubbing my back, “Cum in her.”

I shuddered and grunted as I jerked and jabbed before just holding Saki’s struggling body. My cock jerked and twitched before erupting and gushing a huge stream of cum into her. She lifted her hips and spread her legs extremely wide as I poured cum into her pussy. It was awhile before I stopped cumming and only lay on her. Saki dropped her legs to the bed and sighed, “good.”

I grinned and kissed her softly, “very good.”

Gina laughed as I slowly pulled out of Saki’s pussy. She shuddered and groaned as I straightened her legs and pulled Gina down and laid beside her, “She was really tight.”

Gina grinned and reached down to stroke my cummy cock, “Want Arashi?”

I shuddered and rubbed her clit, she shuddered and then grinned. I sighed, “I want to lick her pussy first.”

Arashi smiled shyly and lay back as she spread her legs. Gina grinned and pushed me, “Go on she wants it.”

I turned and moved over Saki to Arashi. I kissed her and then moved down her body. I opened her bald shaven pussy and licked through it. I pushed my tongue up inside her slippery pussy and then nibbled on her labia. I covered her clit and sucked as I used my tongue to tease it. Arashi was shuddering as she lifted her hips up and humped and fucked my face. It was several minutes before she jerked and shook hard, “oooohhhhhh!”

I captured her clit and nibbled and she wailed as she jerked and spasmed. I moved up her shaking body and kissed her, “Can I fuck you Arashi?”

Gina told her what I said and Arashi looked at me in surprise before nodding. I lifted up and her small hand pulled my cummy cock to her small pussy. I pushed and wiggled and slowly forced my cock into her. Arashi sighed and put her arms around me when my cock pushed into her and slid deeper. I began to fuck her slowly and she kept lifting her hips.

It was awhile before she began to shudder as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed me. She looked at me in surprise as I continued to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. It was only a couple of moments before she exploded and started thrashing around. She wailed as her pussy seemed to get wetter and spasm around my cock. Arashi started convulsing almost violently as she kept squirting.

I fucked her hard and pushed against her womb and she howled and clutched at me as suddenly I started pumping large spurts of cum. I jerked and shook as I spewed and pumped and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. Arashi kept jerking and shuddering as her pussy milked the cum into her womb. I finally kissed her softly before slowly pulling out.

She shuddered and lay back before looking at Gina and speaking. Gina was grinning as I moved over Saki and beside her. She hugged me and kissed me, “Arashi said that has never happened.”

I smiled and looked at Arashi, “She’s a wild kitten.”

Gina laughed and spoke to Arashi who rubbed her pussy before snuggling against Saki. I sighed and held Gina as she put her head on my shoulder, “Sore?”

She nodded, “yes.”

I caressed her bare shoulder, “sorry it was me?”

She smiled and turned her head and kissed me, “No. You are my protector.”

She put her head down again and I sighed as I relax. It took awhile to fall asleep since I wasn’t used to sleeping with someone. I woke to the beep of my alarm and looked at Gina who stirred and then relaxed. I was tempted but thought her pussy might still be sore. I shifted around and got out of bed before going to the bathroom. I was in the shower when Gina pushed both Saki and Arashi in with me, “They have to wash you.”

I reached out and pulled Gina against me, “I don’t keep slaves.”

She smiled and nodded before saying something to the girls. Arashi rubbed my back and spoke to Gina who shook her head and looked at me, “She wants to know if you will sell them.”

I looked at Arashi and Saki, “No, they are family now.”

Gina told them and Arashi and Saki looked at me before hesitating and Arashi hugged me, “concubine?”

I thought she meant sell her as a prostitute and looked at Gina. She smiled, “She wants to offer herself to you as your concubine.”

I opened my mouth and Gina touched my lips, “It means lesser wife.”

I blinked and then looked at Arashi, “Lover?”

She looked at Gina and Gina told her what I said. She grinned and reached down to stroke my cock, “I... pussy... cat.”

I laughed and hugged her before looking at Saki. She touched my shoulder, “me?”

I caressed her face, “you are my lover too.”

Gina told her what I said and her eyes closed as she moved closer and hesitantly leaned against me. I held and caressed her before hugging her, “The water is getting cold and you girls need to wash and clean your... pussies.”

Gina grinned as I blushed and kissed me before pushing me towards the door. After I dressed I sat and waited for Gina and the girls. I used my laptop to use the new account and transferred all the money to my account. I opened the other account and transferred what was left in it. I logged off and shut the laptop down as the girls came out. I took Gina’s hand, “We need to go shopping.”

She shook her head, “After applying for a passport.”

I thought it would take a long time. It did take a little time to go to the courthouse to get a certified copy of my birth certificate. I didn’t have a real driver’s license but I did have an ID. It took twenty minutes at the small post office Gina told me to go to. We were taking taxies everywhere and after the post office it was the bank and then a large mall. Gina held my hand as we walked and Arashi and Saki kept looking around wide eyed.

I used my bank card, something I seldom did. We ate lunch in the mall and kept shopping through the afternoon. When we struggled through the door in the apartment the girls were giggling and happy. I had bought a complete set of suitcases for all four of us. I made a call while Gina, Arashi and Saki sat and pulled tags off and put the clothes in laundry bags. The dockworker that answered was an old friend, “Peter? Anyone need work done?”

He hesitated, “where are you kid?”

I looked at Gina, “I really need work Peter.”

He sighed, “The rep is gone Kenneth but you are still black listed.”

I sat back, “Think they have spread the word to another city? I only have enough money for a couple of weeks.”

Peter cleared his throat, “stay off the docks kid. Find work in the city.”

I waited but he only hung up. I knew he would spread the word I was out of money and looking for work. I took the battery out of the cell and tossed it into the bag of tags to throw away, “Are you finished yet?”

Gina grinned and I stood up, “There’s a Laundromat next door.”

While they sat and watched the washing machines I went out and brought back dinner. When I slid into bed the three girls were more then happy. I kissed Gina, “Still sore?”

She sighed and nodded, “yeah.”

I caressed her, “Take your birth control?”

She smiled, “Yes, we did.”

I looked at Arashi and Saki, “who do I get to lick first?”

She laughed and looked past me to ask them and Saki reached out to pull me towards her. I laughed and caressed her slim body before moving down. She spread her legs as I moved between them and sighed as I rubbed her smooth pussy. I licked her and pushed my tongue into her and looked at Gina, “Strawberry?”

She grinned, “We douched this morning while you were waiting.”

I grinned and nibbled on Saki’s clit as she wiggled and lifted her hips, “I like it.”

I teased her clit and sucked and tongue fucked her tight hole. Saki kept jerking and spasming but didn’t try to stop me. Gina finally laughed, “fuck the silly girl.”

I looked at her and then at Saki before moving up her body. She hugged me, “good.”

I kissed her, “thank you.”

I lifted up and before I could position my cock her small hand was doing it for me. I pushed as she wiggled and lifted her hips and slowly my cock was forced into her. I fucked her slowly but kept pushing deeper until I was completely inside her. Saki lifted and wrapped her legs around me as she kept lifting up to meet my thrusts.

I fucked her with deep thrusts and Saki began sighing and then moaning softly. Her pussy squeezed my cock as it got wetter and a few minutes later she started bucking and thrashing around. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as she shuddered and spasmed. I shifted as she relaxed and rolled onto our side before pushing her legs down and then rolling onto my back. I caressed her hips and side, “Your turn.”

She looked at me and then at Gina as she laughed and said something. Saki looked at me again and then smiled and sat up. I held her hips as she hesitantly rocked and thrust back and forth while looking into my face. I closed my eyes as her tight, slippery pussy fucked my cock and squeezed it. She giggled and I looked at her. She said something and Gina laughed and rubbed my chest, “She said you are easy.”

Arashi moved closer and touched my face as she spoke to Gina. Gina laughed again and told her something. I looked at Gina and then at Arashi as she moved up and straddled my head. I laughed and pulled her hips down. Saki was shuddering as she rocked back and forth. Her tight pussy was continuously squeezing my cock.

Arashi started thrusting her pussy back and forth on my mouth as I licked and pushed my tongue into her. I captured her clit and sucked before nibbling. She stiffened and then thrust and jerked around wildly. She squirted on my face a couple of times before falling off. I groaned and reached for Saki as I started to gush spurts of cum.

She jerked and shuddered as she settled on me. I pumped and spewed large, thick spurts of cum and Saki shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming she grinned and looked at Gina, “vveeerrryyyy ggggooooooodddd.”

Gina grinned and then laughed, “yes.”

I laughed and pulled Saki down to hug her. She kissed me before wiggling and lifted off my cock with a groan. She moved to Gina and hugged her before looking back, Arashi rubbed my chest, “me now?”

I smiled and turned to push her onto her back, “I want to lick your pussy again.”

She grinned as she spread her legs, “good.”

Gina laughed as I turned and moved down between Arashi’s legs. I kissed her clit before opening her slit and licking through her pussy. She shivered as her hips lifted. I covered her clit and started teasing it with my tongue. She sighed and kept lifting her hips and shivering. It took a few minutes for her to start wailing and thrashing around before she twisted away. I turned her and moved up to kiss her before rolling onto my back, “Now you can get your cream pussy cat.”

Gina laughed and told her what I said. Arashi grinned and kissed me before sitting up and guiding my cock to her tight pussy. She wiggled and pushed and slowly forced my cock into her extremely tight pussy. She sighed as it stretched her pussy and started to rock. She closed her eyes as I reached up to hold her breasts and rubbed her nipples.

She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and smiled dreamily before starting to thrust and grind back and forth. My cock was hitting and pressing against her cervix as she began to breathe harder. A few minutes and she started to convulse and twist, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

She jerked as her pussy squirted and began twisting and thrashing around. She spasmed erratically and I had to hold her up as she kept shaking. Her pussy was constantly squeezing and grasping my cock. Arashi wailed as she began jerking again and I pulled her down before shifting and rolling over. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum.

It was a minute before I buried my cock and she had her legs in the air as I kissed her passionately. My cock erupted and began spewing strong gushing spurts. Arashi shuddered as she clung to me and we kept kissing. I pulled out of her full pussy when I was done cumming as she shuddered again and moaned. Gina pulled me towards her, “Fuck it, I want you in me.”

I grinned as I turned and moved to lay between her legs, “Got horny?”

She hugged me as she thrust her pussy up against me, “Yes.”

I looked at Saki and Arashi, “I could fuck a few more times.”

Gina laughed and told the girls, they grinned and Saki hugged Arashi as I lifted up and pushed into Gina. She groaned and lifted her hips as I started to fuck her. I did it slowly and her warm pussy kept squeezing my cock. By the time I was hitting her cervix she was already shuddering and shaking. I humped into her and used short, grinding thrusts.

It was only a couple of minutes before she started to spasm and convulse as she wailed. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and hung on as her body jerked out of control. I fucked her hard and deep and pushed into her as she howled. I didn’t slow until I was ready to cum and Gina was almost incoherent by then. I thrust into her and started spurting weaker jets of cum.

She jerked and tilted her hips when she felt the warm sperm flooding her. I wasn’t cumming as much as before and kept shuddering as I pumped a few more times before stopping. She let me go and dropped to the bed with a sigh and shudder, “I really like doing that.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and laying back. She turned to put her head on my shoulder and a moment later Arashi copied her. Saki spooned behind Arashi and held her and before I knew it they were asleep. I looked at them and smiled before relaxing myself. I woke to the bed shifting as Saki turned onto her stomach. I reached out to caress her bare back and she looked back.

I caressed her again and she turned and smiled as she hugged my arm. I woke again to faint daylight and glanced at the girls. I removed my hand and arm from Saki before shifting out from under Arashi and turning Gina onto her back. I leaned over to lick and suck on a nipple and grinned at her moan. I moved over her and used my knees to spread her legs.

I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and she shivered as she put her arms around me, “mmmm?”

I gave her a gentle kiss before starting to fuck her with slow thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered, “aaahhhhh!”

I fucked her deeper and hit her cervix as I stopped to press and grind. Gina lifted her hips and her pussy tightened around my cock, “ooohhhhh!”

I kissed her repeatedly before going back to fucking her with long strokes. Arashi and Saki were sitting up as I fucked Gina harder, planting my cock deep inside her each time I pushed in. It was a couple more minutes before she bucked and thrashed around as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock, “YES!”

I fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum and she continued to jerk and convulse. I finally thrust into her and held her as my cock erupted in huge, gushing morning geysers. Warm sperm exploded through her cervix as she lifted and tilted her hips and her pussy clasped my cock tight, “AAAAAHHHHHHH!”

Her belly was completely full when I was done and sighed. I gave her another kiss before pulling out and moving off the bed, “time to get up.”

She laughed as the other girls giggled. She chased after me to push me away from the toilet as she sat and started peeing. I grinned and then laughed as Saki and Arashi came in. I ended up waiting for the three girls to pee before going myself. Saki pulled me into the shower when I was done and all three took turns washing me. We were dressing when Gina’s phone rang. She answered it and looked at me before grinning and hanging up, “Your other girls are here.”

I grinned, “Just in time to do more shopping.”

Gina laughed and told Arashi and Saki and they grinned. I went to one of the suitcases we had bought and pulled out the money I had gotten from the bank yesterday. Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the door. The man standing there took one look at me and grinned, “you aren’t a cop.”

I shook my head and stepped back to let him in. He walked in and three girls followed him with small cases. I picked up the paper bag I had put the money in and gave it to him and he looked inside and flipped through a couple of packets, “nice doing business with you kid.”

I nodded and he turned to leave. Gina had watched silently and as soon as the door closed, called the girls and had them follow her. Saki and Arashi went with them and I was left standing in the small living room. Ten minutes later she was leading them back. She caressed my chest before turning and gesturing to one of the new girls, “This is Riko.”

She gestured to the second girl, “This is Takara.”

They were looking down as she pointed to the last girl, “That is Mi, they are all thirteen.”

I nodded, “They have their passports and papers?”

Gina nodded and I smiled, “Welcome to our family girls.”

I looked at Gina, “Breakfast and then shopping.”

She grinned and I could see Arashi and Saki smiling too. An hour later we walked out of the restaurant and went shopping. It was another long day of following Gina and the girls through stores, it was afternoon before we got home. The girl went straight to the bathroom as I made a large pot of hot water for tea and sat in a chair. The girls came out naked and Gina grinned, “Want to snack before dinner?”

She looked at the three new girls and Saki and Arashi giggled. I grinned and stood and undressed before taking Riko’s hand and leading her to the couch. I sat her down and knelt between her legs to caress her breasts and kiss her softly. I pushed her legs open more and leaned down to open her shaven pussy. I licked through her slit and pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia.

She shivered as her hips wiggled and I moved up to cover her clit before sucking as I started to wiggle my tongue and tease her clit. I kept doing it as she panted and started lifting her butt off the couch. She shuddered and moaned as I licked her pussy and kept teasing her clit and finally she twisted away. Gina, Saki and Arashi laughed and sat Takara beside Riko.

I caressed Riko’s hips and kissed her before moving over between Takara’s legs as she opened them. She smiled as she leaned back and I cupped her breasts. I leaned close and sucked on a nipple before moving lower. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her before covering her clit. She shuddered and wiggled as I began to suck and tease her clit.

It was several minutes before she cried out and twisted as she closed her legs. I straightened and pulled her close to hold her and shivered as her hand rubbed the head of my cock and tried to pushed it down and into her. I grinned and moved back, “In bed lover.”

She hesitated and looked at Gina who grinned and told her what I had said. I stood and pulled her up and led her to the bedroom and the bed. I crawled on and held out my arms. She was hesitant as she lay on my body and a moment later Saki and Arashi sat beside us. Saki said something and Takara looked at her before sitting up. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples before she lifted up and positioned my cock.

She wiggled and squirmed to get it in and then groaned as my thick cock spread her pussy and sank into her. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she sat waiting. She finally frowned and looked at Saki who said something. She looked at me and hesitantly began to rock. I shivered at her tight pussy and held her hips before sliding them back and forth.

Takara shuddered and looked at me in surprise as Saki and Arashi giggled and started telling her to fuck me. She started thrusting and rubbing her pussy back and forth on me and closed her eyes as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I looked at Gina and the other girls when they came in and she grinned as she sat. Takara shuddered and then started jerking and shaking as her tight pussy clenched and squeezed my cock.

She began convulsing as I held her up and closed my eyes as she pushed down hard. My cock opened her cervix as I began to pump a huge fountain of warm cum. Takara jerked with each spurts as it erupted through her cervix and suddenly wailed and started twisting as her pussy clamped down tight around my cock, “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

I held her hips as I pumped my cum into her and then slowly relaxed as she panted and shuddered. I pulled her down onto me and rubbed and caressed her back. It was a minute before Gina pulled on the other girls, “go wash her and we will go to the restaurant next door.”

I smiled as I kept caressing Takara. I lifted her hips and pulled my cock out before sliding over. I sat up with her still on my lap and then stood holding her as I walked to the bathroom. She put her head against my shoulder as I turned on the water and stepped into the shower. I finally set her down and tilted her face to kiss her softly, “Thank you.”

I started washing her as she stood calmly. When I was done I washed myself and then we got out and dried off. Gina drew her out almost as soon as we walked out and left for the restaurant. By the time we were served the girls were giggling and laughing. After dinner we took a walk and then went back home, I turned on a movie and sat back.

A minute later Gina was on my lap snuggling against me as the other girls pulled out new clothes and giggled together. I held and caressed Gina, “As soon as my passport gets here I want to leave.”

She smiled, “I know.”

She glanced at the girls, “This is like a new world for them.”

Saki and Arashi looked at us and grinned before whispering together. Gina grinned, “Your little pussy cats are plotting.”

Arashi looked up and grinned, “lick me?”

I laughed as I squeezed Gina, “See what you started.”

She laughed as she stood, “take her to bed.”

I stood and held out my hand, “Come on wild kitten.”

Arashi jumped up and ran to pull me after her towards the hall. I laughed and scooped her up in my arms before carrying her back to the bed. I tossed her on before reached out to undress her. I stood as she wiggled into the center of the bed and started undressing. I glanced at the door as Gina pushed Riko and Mi in, I slipped onto the bed and over Arashi.

I kissed her before kissing down her body as she sighed and spread her legs. I started licking through her pussy and teasing her little bud of a clit. It didn’t take her long to shudder and start moaning. Within a few minutes she was wiggling and squirming as her hips lifted and she started jerking. I laughed and moved up to kiss her before rolling onto my back and pulling her onto me.

I hugged and caressed her and she squirmed before sitting up and lifting. I smiled and started rubbing her nipples as she lifted my cock and fitted it to her tight pussy. She pushed and frowned before wiggling and pushing harder. My cock popped into her and she shuddered and sighed. I glanced at the two girls watching, “Can I lick one of you?”

Arashi held still to look at me before leaning over and pulling on Mi. She pulled and I helped her position her astride my head. Mi glanced down as Arashi started thrusting back and forth. I pulled on her hips and she slowly lowered them until I licked through her pussy. She shuddered and held still as I continued to lick her and then I pulled her and attacked her clit.

She shuddered as I began to use my tongue to tease her clit before I started sucking. She jerked and her hips thrust a minute later. Arashi was bouncing up and down and my cock was fucking through her tight, slippery pussy as it spasmed and squeezed it. It wasn’t long before Mi was shaking and shuddering. Her pussy was rubbing back and forth on my mouth as she moaned.

Arashi jerked and convulsed before falling off and pulling my cock out of her extremely tight pussy. Before I could say anything another warm tight pussy was pushing down onto my cock. It wiggled and squirmed before slowly rocking. Mi finally spasmed and jerked as she yelled and twisted and fell off my face. She was panting as she covered her pussy. I smiled, “she has a sweet pussy.”

I reached up to cup and knead Riko’s breasts as I looked at Gina smiling beside us. She grinned and said something that made Riko hesitate and look at Mi who giggled. Arashi snuggled against Mi and started whispering as I held Riko’s hips and started pulling her back and forth. Her stretched pussy rubbed back and forth on me and she shuddered and then jerked as her pussy tightened, “oh!”

I rubbed her clit as she began to thrust back and forth and wiggled and squirmed. Gina laughed and pulled Saki and Takara onto the bed as they came in. Riko jerked and shuddered as her tight pussy grasped and spasmed around my cock, “AAAAHHHHH!”

I tugged on her nipples before pulling her down and shifting. The bed was crowded but I managed to roll until she was under me before I began to fuck her. I used long, slow thrusts and after a minute she sighed and shuddered as she put her arms around me. I continued to fuck her as her hips lifted and bucked and she slowly became incoherent.

I pressed against her cervix and shuddered as I began to spew cum. Riko jerked and lifted her hips as she clutched me and groaned. I spurted a half dozen gushes through her cervix before I stopped. I sighed and gave her a gentle kiss, “Thank you very much Riko.”

She looked at me and turned to look at Gina when she told her what I had said. She smiled and let me go as I pulled out of her and lay back. Saki crawled over her and then onto me. I smiled and held her as I rubbed her butt, “hey kitten.”

She grinned, “Pussy... cat.”

I laughed and squeezed her and she kissed me before slipping off me. Arashi pushed Mi towards me and I turned my head as she caressed my chest and straddled me. I caressed her slim waist as she lifted my cock and slowly pushed it into her. She was extremely tight and sighed as she shivered. I smiled and let one hand reach down to rub her small clit gently.

She shuddered and started thrusting back and forth. She looked into my eyes and smiled shyly as her pussy started grasping and squeezing. She twisted and wiggled and rolled her hips and started shuddering and then jerking. I ignored the whispering girls around us to keep fingering her tiny clit and rubbing one nipple at a time. A few minutes later Mi became erratic and then started convulsing as she howled, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Her pussy spasmed and grasped my cock painfully tight as she squirted. I grinned and held her until she was done. She fell onto me and I caressed and rubbed her back, “My turn?”

She turned her head to look at me until Gina told her what I said. She grinned and nodded so I shifted around until she was under me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me as I began to fuck her nice and slow. She looked at me for a minute and then grinned and shook me. I kissed her and started fucking her with long thrusts. She was shuddering and writhing around within a couple of minutes and wailed.

I kept fucked her but did it a little faster and a little harder. She started bucking and thrashing as she squirted and screamed and I just fucked her with deep, firm thrusts. A few minutes and I shoved into her shaking body as I spewed more cum. She lifted her legs and tilted her hips as her pussy tightened, “OOOOOHHHHHH!”

I pumped cum through her cervix for almost a minute as her pussy kept milking it into her. When I stopped she shuddered one last time and relaxed on the bed. I kissed her and pulled out, “Thank you Mi.”

I laid back and Gina walked to shut the light off. She came back as the girls slipped out. I looked at them and Gina laughed as she snuggled beside me, “I already peed.”

It wasn’t long before the other girls crowded back onto the bed. We have been together for almost twenty years. The islands were very good for the girls and they opened up a lot. Sometimes I think of the docks but with my life full of beautiful women I don’t really miss it.
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