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I actually wrote four different outlines, adding dialogue and background until it was clear I was heading down the wrong path, which finally left me with one remaining. Many suggested I post two alternatives, but that would create the problem of how to continue, and I didn’t want to try and write two parallel stories at the same time. I know many will tell me I went the wrong way, but I’m sincerely hoping others will feel this chapter allows the story to flow in a logical manner, and doesn’t involve an unnatural change in my characters.

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Kat and I made love to Cyn until she simply couldn’t take any more, and she had dreamily slid between the bed sheets and drifted off into a post-euphoric slumber, and I was feeling a little tired myself.

It appeared I wasn’t going to get a chance to rest just yet, as the next thing I knew Kat had taken my glass, and my hand was in hers. “You’re coming with me!” She smiled as she led me away. I was whisked off the bathroom and she turned on the taps, gently pulling me in with her. The warm water cascaded over our bodies and she used the washcloth and soap to lather me up, paying particular attention to my cock and my balls, before she slowly spun me around to rinse off. I extended my hand for the soap but she placed in back in the holder, simply saying “Maybe later!” She dropped to her knees and took my flaccid cock into her mouth, her warm, moist tongue working around me as her cheeks sucked inward. Her hair was drenched in seconds, and rivers of water were pouring down my body to the extent I wondered how she could breathe. I moved forward an inch or two so that my back would shield her from most of the spray, and she continued her determined effort to bring me back to a state of readiness. Despite my enjoyment of her expert technique, I was unsure how successful she would be, but I needn’t have worried, after a few minutes I felt the familiar stirrings as my shaft gradually hardened in her willing mouth.

She slid back slightly as I reached my firm state, and then slid forward, knowing how much it turned me on when she took my cock deep into her throat. Her throat muscles worked around my shaft, sending exquisite pressure sensations firing back to my brain, and causing my cock to harden even further. Apparently satisfied, she slid back and smiled as she stood. “Pick me up and drop me on your cock Tony! You know how much I enjoy a good shower fuck!”

I smiled, as we had enjoyed several sex sessions in the shower ever since I broke in a fit of itching after mowing Cyn’s overgrown lawn. She put her arms around my neck and jumped up, wrapping her long, slim legs around my waist as I caught her butt cheeks in my hands. Our first attempt had been a little clumsy, but practice makes perfect and we’d refined our technique. She waited a few seconds to ensure I had a supportive hold, and then slid one hand down and wrapped it around my cock. I lowered her down so that she could smear my pre-cum along the length of her labia, before holding me in place while I lowered her light body until she was impaled on my cock. As soon as she was satisfied I wasn’t going to slip free she wrapped her arm back around my neck, and I started thrusting deep and slow. She had worked out that she enhance our pleasure by working her hips in a rocking motion, and the first time she did this it nearly blew my mind as well as my cock, as the angle of penetration kept changing which really got us hot!

Kat had cum first earlier, which gave her more time to recover, and I enjoyed the slippery sensations as her sweet young pussy wrapped around my cock. She leaned back from me, still holding onto my neck but now with her arms extended. “Do have some cum for me Tony, or did Mom take my share of your hot cream?”

“I think I still have some for you baby!” I assured her.

“I’m so hot for you! Do you know I could actually feel you cum when you fucked Mom’s ass while I fisted her? Did you feel me press my fingers against your cock?”

I had no idea whether that was a serious question or an attempt to make me cum, and as I thrust faster I really didn’t care. “I sure did. The pressure was amazing! I thought I was going to cum forever when you did that!”

“Mmmm. I just love it when your cock is really deep in my cunt!” She hissed. “Are you going to blow me off your cock when you cum?”

“I hope not!” I groaned. “But…you’ll…find…..out…..ABOUT…..NOW!” For the second time tonight I couldn’t believe how hard I came, which was totally amazing given how much cum I’d shot deep and hard into Cyn’s clenching ass.

“OH GOD! I SO NEED THIS!” Kat screamed as she felt my cum erupt deep into her pussy, and she came with me, adding even more fluid to our erotic cocktail. She hugged me tightly, her hard nipples pressing into my chest as she gasped and moaned through a series of slowly diminishing orgasms. We held each other for quite a while, our breathing gradually returning to normal as the warm water ran down our bodies. I was still enjoying a sense of post orgasmic euphoria as my cock softened and finally slid free. I lowered her to the floor and washed her slowly, before she cleaned me again and finally turned off the taps. We dried each other down and walked unsteadily back the bedroom, smiling when we saw that Cyn was sleeping peacefully.

We slid under the covers being careful not disturb her. “You are an amazing lover Tony.” Kat whispered. “I always feel completely satisfied after you’ve made love to me!”

“The feeling is mutual baby.” I murmured, and we drifted into a deep, restful sleep. It had been another amazing night with my two incredible lovers, and I felt things were just perfect. Little did I realize what was in store for us, as major problems were brewing like thunderheads behind a mountain range. I was blissfully unaware of how difficult tomorrow was going to be, but a tempest was coming my way!

It's amazing how clearly you see things with the benefit of hindsight, and how incredibly frustrating it can be when you have time to think back over a certain situation, and realize you really should have seen it coming. That pretty much sums up my Sunday morning, but I didn't see it coming, and to be honest it probably wouldn't have made any difference if I had.

I was feeling tired but content, as Kat and I had enjoyed an unbelievable night on Friday, and her birthday yesterday had been a great day for all of us. It had been one of those rare days where a family does relatively ordinary things, but it all comes together so perfectly that it becomes an immediate special memory. It was right up there with the twins fifteenth and our first dinner together at Karl's restaurant.

Cyn was taking the girls shopping when Shannon begged off at the last minute, claiming she had a headache and wanted to stay at home. Hindsight now suggests I should have realized Shannon never got headaches, but I missed that warning sign and allowed her to take me by complete surprise. I was sitting out by the pool enjoying a coffee in the sunshine when she came out. "Hi Shannon! Feeling any better?" I asked.

"I think so." She replied, giving me a nervous smile. "Umm...are you busy Tony? Can I talk to you?"

"Never too busy for you, what's on your mind?" I assured her, waving her to a sun lounge.

She sat opposite me, an uncertain expression on her face. "I need to ask you something, and it’s really important to me, so I if I ask this, do I have your word that you'll be one hundred percent honest with me, even if you think I won't like your answer?"

I completely missed the trap she had set and I walked right on in, blissfully ignorant. "Of course Shannon, you have my word."

She looked at me for a moment, took a deep breath, and asked her question. "How long have you been fucking Kat?"

I actually choked on a mouthful of coffee, spraying liquid from my mouth and nose as I gasped in a state of total shock. When I finally had my breathing under control I looked at her, but her gaze didn't waver for a second, she just held eye contact and waited for my response as I tried to clean myself up. I was desperate for some breathing room, prepared to do virtually anything to buy a little time to get my thoughts straight before I responded to her question. "I don't appreciate that kind of language Shannon, particularly when it's used in that context about someone I care about."

She wasn’t put off in the slightest. “I think you’re stalling Tony.” She replied directly. “But ok, how long have you been having sex, or is making love a better way of putting it, with my sister?”

I had absolutely zero maneuvering room. I was the mouse who’d nibbled at the cheese on the trap, and now the steel bar had snapped across my neck and was crushing the life from my body. I’d given her my word I’d be completely honest, and despite my discomfort there was no way I could afford to lie to her now. “I’ve been making love to Kat for a while now.” I replied quietly.

She nodded briefly. “And you’re making love to Mom as well, does she know about you and Kat? Please tell me you’re not doing Kat behind Mom’s back!”

Her choice of the words “doing Kat” made it sound so tawdry and cheap that I actually flinched momentarily. I probably overreacted in replying, but I felt I was somewhat justified. “I would never, NEVER, go behind your Mom’s back and do something like that! I can’t believe you’d think I was capable of that kind of deceit, that kind of hurtful behavior. You can call her now if you don’t believe me and ask her yourself!”

“You can be sure I’ll be talking to Mom about this.” She assured me. “But I wanted to hear what you had to say first. As for what I think you’re capable of, what the fuck do you expect me to think? Why don’t you stop and think about what was going on at our house before Dad went to prison? You came over like some kind of white knight to save us, and then I find out about this? Didn’t it ever occur to you that Tiff or I would find out sometime?”

I held up my hands in a gesture of surrender, which is basically how I was feeling, as it was time to run up the white flag. “I’m so sorry Shannon, and you are absolutely right. I can’t disagree with a single thing you’ve said, and I didn’t consider how you’d feel after what happened with your Dad. Right now I feel pretty uncomfortable about that, so how about I give you my side of the story, and then you can talk to your Mom, and Kat if you choose to, and then you can come back and kick me in the balls if you think I deserve it.”

“I’d appreciate that.” She replied in a pointed tone. “But don’t think your balls are safe just yet!”

So I started off, trying not to sweat like a criminal under cross examination, but painfully aware this was going to be the most difficult conversation I’d had in my life. I assured her nothing had happened before that fateful night a few months back, and Kat, Cyn and I had found ourselves in a situation that really just evolved with no prior planning by any of us. I certainly didn’t go into specifics, and neglected to mention Kat’s blatant sexual teasing before I succumbed to her charms, but I assured Shannon that nobody was running around behind the other’s back. I acknowledged our three-way relationship was unconventional, but it was based on honesty and respect, and it had developed gradually and naturally to the point we had reached now. I admitted I had very deep feelings for them both, and would have found it impossible to choose between them if I was put in that position. I finished by telling her I was actually relieved our secret was out, and asked if Tiff knew, so we didn’t have try and keep this secret any longer.

She listened intently, as though she was absorbing and analyzing every word. “Tiff doesn’t know, or if she does she hasn’t spoken to me about it. So, you’re saying you’re in love with Mom, and with Kat, and there’s no way you could choose between them?”

“That’s right. I’d probably lose them both if it ever came to that. There is just no way I could choose one over the other.” I responded.

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “I don’t understand how you can be in love with two women at the same time! Mom I can understand, but Kat as well? She could be your daughter, but now I find out she’s your….girlfriend?”

Despite the gravity of the situation I laughed softly. “Shannon, up until I found myself in this predicament I felt exactly the same way, so I understand it’s unbelievable, but it is what it is.”

“I’m having trouble processing all of this.” She acknowledged. “I accept what you’ve told me, and I believe you’re telling me the truth, but it’s really hard to get my head around the idea that two women would be ok with sharing one man.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “There are times when I wonder about that as well, and I’m so thankful there’s no jealousy between them.” I agreed. “I guess you’d really have to speak to Kat and your Mom about that side of things. Now, can I ask you something?” She nodded.

“I’m just curious, but when did you know and how did you find out?”

“You probably don’t remember, but a few months back I told you to look out for Kat, as I’d seen the way she looked at you when she thought nobody was watching.” She replied. “It took a while, but I realized you were looking at her the same way, so I guess that’s when I started to wonder if something was going on. I didn’t know for sure until Friday night, when you and Kat came home from dinner. I was finishing a school assignment in my room and heard you come in. I wanted to ask Kat something so I went to her room but she wasn’t there. I looked downstairs, and then I went to your room. I couldn’t hear everything, but….I could hear enough to know you weren’t playing cards!” Thinking back, I realized we were busted in the biggest possible way. “Can I ask you something else?”

I gave her a wry smile. “Can I say no….PLEASE?” She smiled briefly, which gave me a small measure of encouragement, as every part of me was screaming to get this over with and get away somewhere. Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone!

“No you can’t!” She replied simply. “I want to ask you what sex is like for you.”

I groaned out loud. “Are you sure this isn’t a discussion you’d rather have with your mother?”

“It’s pretty unlikely she could give me a man’s perspective, don’t you think?” I wondered if she was enjoying my obvious discomfort, and the fact my face felt like it was on fire.

I stood and she looked at me in surprise. “I’m going to need some Dutch courage for this, despite how early it is!”

“What’s Dutch courage Tony?”

“Alcohol honey. I’m sure I’ll need a couple of drinks to get me through this!” I replied, as I headed inside.

“Ummm….could I have a drink too….if that’s ok?” She called to me.

“Your Mom will kill me when she gets home, but I’m in so deep now it probably won’t matter!” I called back, and returned with a bottle of wine and some glasses. I poured two glasses, and drained half of mine in one gulp, feeling an immediate effect as the alcohol hit my bloodstream. Thankfully she didn’t follow my lead, taking a couple of slow sips. “Ok….what do you want to know?”

“Well…..I’m really confused. People talk about making love, and having sex, and fucking, and to me it’s different ways of saying the same thing. Have I got that right, or is there a difference? Obviously I understand what happens…..and how women fall pregnant…..and all that stuff….and if I didn’t before, then Dad certainly showed me.” She was speaking softly, her tone almost wistful, and I wondered briefly how much psychological damage Bill may have done. “But everyone talks about sex as though it’s amazing, and kind of magical, and Mom has told me it should be very special, but I’ve never felt anything like that…and….I wonder if it’s because there’s something wrong with me? Whenever Dad had sex with me I just felt sick, and kind of dirty, and I just wanted him to stop! What I really don’t understand…….if sex is supposed to so special, how come Dad seemed to enjoy it so much when I didn’t? I mean, he almost always came inside me, except when he was really drunk, but I didn’t feel anything, I was just glad when it was over!”

Her eyes were misting over, and I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her, and tell her everything would be ok, but something held me back. I had an overwhelming feeling we had to talk this out, and then there’d be time for reassurance. I took a breath, where the hell do you start on something like this? “Ok Shannon, physically you’re right, having sex is basically the same thing regardless of what you call it. Psychologically they’re completely different, and everyone has their own interpretation, so all I can do is give you mine, ok?” She nodded. “I think making love should be gentle, and tender, and it happens slowly and gradually builds up. You and your partner care about each other, and want to make sure you both enjoy it, so it’s all about mutual pleasure and satisfaction. Having sex is a bit more casual. If you meet someone and decide you want to be intimate with them the same day, I don’t feel that’s making love, it’s having sex. You haven’t had time to establish an emotional connection, so it’s just a physical act, nothing more. Fucking is the harder one to define, but to me this is really primal, almost animalistic. Two people who truly love each other may be so hot to have sex that they tear each other’s clothes off and just go for it. There’s no foreplay or steady build up, they just want to get on with it until they reach an orgasm. I guess that’s what I call fucking.”

A tiny smile flickered briefly across her face. “Then I was right! You and Kat WERE fucking on Friday night!”

“And there are times when you can be a nosey little bitch!” I laughed in reply. “Look, I’ve never had a discussion like this before, so did the way I explain that make sense? If it didn’t I’ll try coming at it from a different direction because I appreciate this is important to you, but you need to understand that all I can do is tell you how I see things. You may look at this differently, but that doesn’t mean one of us is wrong. I can assure you that sex should be magical, and fantastic, and give you feelings that are so good they’re almost impossible to describe, but you have to have two willing participants! It’s never going to be like that if one person uses the other for nothing more than their own gratification. Regarding what happened with your Dad, unfortunately there are men that derive sick pleasure from taking what they want. They don’t care if the woman they are with enjoys it or not, in fact some prefer it when they don’t as it gives them a sense of power, and they call that rape, pure and simple. That’s why you felt the way you did with your Dad, because you didn’t want him using you that way.”

I topped up my glass. “Shannon, look at me please.” I knew this was going the critical part and I felt an enormous sense of pressure, as though every word had to be absolutely perfect to try and undo the damage that had already been done. “You asked me to be totally honest with you, do you believe I’ve done that?” She nodded. “Are you prepared to give me the same commitment now?” Another nod. “OK, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU.”

She looked at me curiously, wondering how I could possibly be so sure. I pressed on before she had the chance to ask. “You were raped, and on that basis if you HAD enjoyed it, I would wonder if there was something wrong with you! Your first sexual experience should have been your decision, and at a time of your choice with the person you wanted to be with. That was taken away from you, and I’d pay any price to undo that, but you know that’s not possible.”

At that precise moment the sliding door opened and I saw Cyn coming out. Oh fuck, talk about lousy timing! She smiled at us and then seemed to realize we were in the middle of something pretty heavy, and hesitated. I shook my head slightly and mouthed “NO!” and she gave us both a concerned look, but thankfully went back inside.

Shannon was looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to continue. “You understand genetics don’t you? What makes us the people we are?” She nodded again. “Ok then. Would you accept that you and Kat are very similar, if not virtually identical, because you share common parents?” Another nod of agreement. “Then I suggest you talk to Kat, and ask her to tell you how she feels when we make love. There’s no reason why it can’t be everything you want it to be, provided you’re with the right person. You just haven’t had that opportunity yet, but it will happen when the time is right.”

“But how will I know when that time is?” She asked.

I smiled, finally starting to relax just a little, and I was praying I’d be able to breathe soon! “Trust me, you’ll know. You’ll probably be nervous and a little unsure what to do, but when you’re ready, you’ll know.”

She sat back and took a sip from her glass, still holding my gaze with hers. It was probably the first time I realized what a determined young woman she was, and I was praying I’d given her the answers she needed. “Thanks for talking to me.” She said finally. “I really appreciate how honest you’ve been.”

“Did I cover everything you wanted honey? I really feel like the newbie at a parenting 101 class!”

She came over and sat on my lounge beside me, resting her hand lightly on my thigh. “You’ve given me a lot to think about…..but that’s ok! Can I talk to you again, if I need to?”

“Of course you can, and I’ll try not to sweat so much next time!”

She kissed me softly on the cheek. “You did just fine….Dad. And I might leave your balls where they are…for now!” And with that she stood, picked up her glass, and headed inside.

When she’d made it inside I took a couple of deep breaths and actually had to wipe the sweat from my brow, and I was just getting myself under control when Cyn arrived. “Are you ok Tony?” She asked with a concerned look on her face. “I asked Shannon what that was all about, and she just told me to talk to you. I’m a little worried about why you were both drinking at this time of morning!”

I half-laughed and smiled at her. “I told Shannon I’d be in trouble, but that was my idea, not hers! You might want to get yourself a glass, and I’ll tell you all about it.”

“I think you’d better tell me now, and I don’t think I need a drink just yet!” She replied, her tone halfway between concerned and unhappy.

“Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you!” I replied ruefully.

I didn’t get far, in fact I’d only told her that Shannon knew all about Kat and I, and the fact that we’d been making love for a while, when she changed her mind. “Oh no! Oh fuck!!! I should have listened to you. Now I do need a drink!” She ran inside and came back with a glass, filling it to the brim before she drained half just as I had done earlier. “Ok Tony, go on please.”

I related my discussion with Shannon carefully, thinking back over everything we’d discussed, and conveying that to Cyn as accurately as I possibly could. We spent a lot of time discussing Shannon’s questions and concerns, and my attempts to reassure her. When I finally finished I was feeling emotionally drained, and it must have shown on my face. “You poor thing!” Cyn said quietly. “I guess that’s your introduction to bringing up teenage girls.”

“Well, it was one hell of an introduction. If you and I were married I’d be thinking about a divorce!” I joked.

Despite the seriousness of this situation, she laughed and gave me a hug. “You don’t get away that easy fella! I told you before, a woman would have to be crazy to let you go, and I’m not crazy, so you’re stuck with us!”

“Bummer!” Was the best I could come up with in my current state. “So, what do we do now, seeing as you’re the wise and experienced parent?”

She looked thoughtful, considering carefully as she sifted through all the factors that we, or she, would have to address. “I guess the first thing I need to do is tell Tiff about this, as she’ll probably be really upset to find out everyone knew except her.” I nodded in agreement, as there really was no alternative. “Then I’ll sit down with Shannon and see how she is, and whether she wants to talk to Kat or me, or both of us.”

“I have to say I admire the way you’re working through this.” I said with genuine respect. “You’ve just had this dropped in your lap and you’re already halfway to a solution.”

“Like I said, welcome to bringing up teenage girls Tony.” She said with wry smile. “I’d like to tell you it gets easier, but at times like this I’m really not sure. I am worried about this though. I thought once we’d been through the court case, and the girls knew Bill was paying for his crimes, they’d be ok, now I’m having doubts and I have no idea what to do about it!”

“Perhaps I could help with that.” I suggested. “There must be some form of counseling for this. I mean, what happened to you, and the girls in particular, was the worst kind of criminal abuse, but it probably happens more than we’re aware of. Would you like me to look into that?”

She kissed my cheek as she stood. “That would great. Can you do that for me, and we’ll see what kind of support services are available? In the meantime….I think it’s time for some serious girl-talk. I have no idea how long this will take, is that ok?”

“Of course that’s ok.” I assured her. “Take as much time as you need; seeing as you won’t give a divorce I’m not going anywhere!”

She smiled over her shoulder as she headed inside. An hour passed and I was ok, two hours went by and I was starting to get concerned, by the time three hours ticked over I was tossing up between chewing finger nails or having a quiet nervous breakdown! At three and a half hours Cyn arrived back, looking as though she was completely exhausted.

“Oh God!” She groaned. I sat her down and poured her a glass, and stood behind her, gently easing her shoulders back until she was leaning against my chest, and started softly massaging her temples and forehead. She closed her eyes and took a couple of sips, and I must have worked on her for ten minutes or so before she spoke again. “Thanks Tony, I really needed that!”

I sat down, waiting expectantly for her to tell me how her discussions had gone. She looked at me. “I’m not sure whether I want to laugh or cry!”

“Either’s fine with me Cyn.” I assured her.

“Well, I spoke with Tiff first, and she had no idea you and Kat were….involved. I think the poor thing went through every emotion in the range! She was very surprised, then shocked, then she was angry that we’d kept this from her, particularly as it’s been going on for a while. The worst part was the moral aspect, as Bill and I hadn’t told them they should be virgins when they married, but we certainly told them love and sex were special, and should be reserved for someone you genuinely care about. Then she finds out that her mother and sister are making love to the same man!”

“Ouch!” I replied, quickly appreciating why she looked so stressed. “I should have realized this would have serious consequences at some point. I’m really sorry Cyn!”

“Hey, you were one of three willing participants, and as their mother the blame is as much mine as it is yours!” She replied. “Anyway, Kat is talking to her now, and I think she’ll come round when she’s had some time to think it through. I’m sure she understands this is nothing like what happened with Bill, and she knows you genuinely care for all of us, so she may be a little cool to us for a while, but I think she’ll be ok.”

“God, I hope so!” I responded. “Umm….Do you think I should talk to her?”

She shook her head. “Right now I’d say no, and let her come to you if she wants to. More than anything I think she just needs some quiet time to come to terms with this. Then I talked to Shannon, and I think you could be right. We talked for a long time, and she seems ok with the three of us, but….there’s something there….that’s just not right. I couldn’t pin it down, but something happened to her when Bill did those disgusting things to us. It’s really strange; she seems to maturing a little faster than Tiff, and she always dresses well and takes pride in her appearance, but….” At that point the floodgates opened and she dissolved into tears. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered for her to let it all out, which is exactly what she did, and I doubted there was anything either of us could do to stop it. Huge, racking sobs came from deep inside, and her body heaved against mine as I gave her enough room to move, but not enough collapse on the ground. I had never felt so totally helpless, but I hoped just being there would provide a sense of comfort and support. “IF…THAT… BASTARD…HAS DONE….LONG TERM DAMAGE…TO ONE OF MY BABIES…I SWEAR….I’LL…. BREAK INTO PRISON…AND FUCKING KILL HIM!!!” She sobbed.

“Not without me you won’t!” I replied quietly, and she clutched my arm in acknowledgment.

Her tears and sobs gradually subsided, and she was clutching my arm as though it was only thing preventing her from falling off a cliff. “Let it go Cyn.” I soothed quietly. “The girls aren’t here. It’s just you and me. So just let it all out.”

She finally stopped crying and I held her for a while longer. “It’s time for a dumb male question. Are you ok?”

She looked up and gave me a trembling smile. “I will be if you get me a box of tissues, please?”

I was back before she knew it, and she dried her eyes, and then blew her nose while giving me an apologetic look. “I must look pretty gross, huh?”

I smiled at her. “It’s what inside that attracts me to you, and always has been. By the way, have I told you how much I love you?”

Despite herself she laughed. “No you haven’t! And you pick now to say that? You men have absolutely no sense of timing! Do…you…really?”

I took her in my arms again. “Absolutely! And I have nothing but admiration and respect for the way you care for your girls. I love you more than I can put into words, and every single day I wonder what I did to deserve having you come into my life.”

“Except today I’ll bet!” She smiled ruefully.

“Including today!” I assured her.

“Then I’m going to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for you!” She laughed.

There wasn’t much I could say to that, and I was sure agreeing was not the best course of action, so I held her again for a while until she was ready to head back inside. The remainder of the day was thankfully uneventful, and dinner that night was the quietest meal we’d had ever had, as each of us was wrapped up in our own thoughts. I needed some time to think things through, so I kissed Cyn and the girls goodnight and headed back to my house, questioning how I could have allowed things to go to shit so badly. Now that everything was out in the open I wondered how I could have been so stupid, and how right Shannon was when she asked if I thought she and Tiff wouldn’t work out what was going on sooner or later. I also wondered how badly she had been affected by Bill’s behavior, and whether Tiff or even Kat were similarly affected. They may appear normal on the outside, but I had no idea what kind of after-effects could have been lurking deep inside. I was working myself into a state somewhere between frustration and rage, with Bill as my target, until I realized this was completely counter-productive and I should focus my thoughts on trying to fix the problem, not blaming someone I couldn’t get my hands on.

I sat down at my computer and started searching, amazed at the breadth of sexual offences and the wealth of information regarding counseling, treatment and psychological support. It appeared as though most services were focused in the major cities and towns, which was a problem for those of us in smaller regional areas, but at least I had a direction. I lost track of time as I scanned through various websites and forums, realizing that the dedicated support services had the most detailed information. It was three am and I was rubbing my eyes, and when I glanced at my watch I realized I needed to get some rest.

I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake until nine in the morning, cursing as I’d missed seeing Cyn and the girls. I sent her an apologetic text, and had breakfast and a couple of coffees to get my cloudy brain into gear. I rang the hospital and managed to speak with the doctor who’d looked after my chest wound a few months back, and explained my concerns about Shannon. He listened carefully, asked a few questions, and then told me of a young psychologist who had recently joined the hospital, and was a specialist in trauma counseling. He offered to give her outline of our situation, took my number and promised someone would ring me back shortly.

An hour later the phone rang, and Rhonda introduced herself. She sounded young but very professional, commenting that she’d reviewed the files and had seen Kat had gone to hospital with me, and had been examined the same night I was being stitched up. She was a little unhappy we hadn’t been offered counseling at that time, but acknowledged specialist help hadn’t been available until she moved to town. She told me that problems of this nature should be attended to as quickly as possible, and asked when she could see Cyn and the girls. I made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, and was feeling a little better as we concluded the call.

Cyn had an early shift so she was home just after two, so I headed over and again apologized for missing breakfast. She seemed subdued, which was understandable after yesterday’s traumatic events, but brightened up considerably when I told her of my conversation with Rhonda. She gave me a huge hug and thanked me for arranging the appointment, and we spent the afternoon together tidying up her yard and completing some odd jobs leftover from the weekend.

Tuesday afternoon came round, and Cyn and I picked up the girls from school and drove into town. A receptionist took our names and paged Rhonda, who came into the waiting room a few minutes later. She can’t have been older than mid-twenties, and smiled broadly she walked over. “Tony? Cynthia? Hi! I’m Rhonda Williams, it’s good to meet you.” She greeted us, extending her hand. “And this would be Katrina.” She said nodding to Kat before looking at the twins. “But I’m not going to guess which of you is Shannon and which is Tiffany, as I’m sure to get it wrong!” Cyn introduced the twins, before Rhonda told the girls she wanted to speak to Cyn and I first, and then she’d call them in.

She showed us into her office and asked us to make ourselves comfortable. She looked at me and then at Cyn. “Ok. Tony, I’m not being rude her but there are protocols I have to follow. Cynthia, you and Tony are in a relationship, but you’re not married are you?” Cyn nodded in agreement. “In that case I need to ask you whether you are ok with Tony being here, or if you’d prefer he waits outside.”

Cyn gave her a curious look. “No, I’m fine with Tony being here.”

Rhonda smiled reassuringly. “As you’re not married I have to ask, but after speaking with Tony on the phone yesterday I would have been surprised if you’d asked me to kick him out!”

We all smiled, and I marveled at how she put us at ease. She started off by asking about our relationship, how long we had been together, and how we felt we got along with each other and the girls. She gradually went deeper, asking about the sexual aspect, how open we were with the girls, what our attitudes were, and questions of that nature. At times it became quite personal, but she assured us she didn’t want to interview the girls and make suggestions that may have been in conflict with our values. Once we understood her direction it became a little easier, though there were times I was still uncomfortable and I was sure Cyn had similar feelings.

Once she felt she knew us reasonably well she directed her questions to Cyn, asking about any behavioral problems she may have noticed with the girls, before discussing Bill’s behavior in precise detail. Thirty minutes passed before she smiled and told us we could relax, and she’d like to speak with the girls one at a time. We went back to the waiting room and Kat went in first, returning around fifteen minutes later. “She’s really nice!” She smiled, seemingly quite ok.

Tiff was next and spent a similar amount of time, and seemed to cope well in her interview, before it was Shannon’s turn. Twenty minutes went by, and then twenty five ticked over as Cyn started giving me worried glances, before Shannon finally came back. Rhonda came out with her, smiling at the girls. “I just need two minutes with your Mom and Tony, and then we’ll let you go for the day, ok?”

We walked back in and sat down, and Rhonda smiled at us over her desk. “I’m mindful that you’d like some reassurance, and also that the girls have been sitting around for a while, so I’d like to ask you both to come back tomorrow morning if that’s suitable?” We both nodded. “In cases of this nature I like to review my notes carefully, and take some time to think back and review my discussions, as there are cases where what wasn’t said is just as important as what they may have told me.” We agreed to meet again tomorrow morning, and thanked her for her time.

We drove home feeling relieved that made a first step, but wondering what Rhonda would say tomorrow when she had reviewed her notes and her interviews with the girls. While we understood her reasons for asking for time, it created a sense of uncertainty that was unsettling. I tried to ease Cyn's feelings by comparing this to a visit to the doctor and waiting for test results, though her expression made it clear I'd missed the feel-good target.

I stayed over with her and we talked until quite late, before we went to bed and she finally fell asleep in my arms. Tuesday arrived and we had breakfast with girls before they headed for school, and we left for our meeting at the hospital. Rhonda came out to greet us and we walked into her office, nervously sitting as we waited to hear her findings.

"I think I owe you an apology." She said openly. "I realized last night that I should have told you at the beginning that I wouldn't be detailing my opinions yesterday. I guess you've probably had a nervous time since we spoke yesterday?"

"You've got that right!" I assured her.

"I am sorry. In most of my cases I've dealt direct with the patient, or perhaps with their partner, rather than through parents, so I could have been a little more sensitive."

Rhonda looked at us. "I need to ensure you understand that this is not an exact science, but I can draw some reasonably firm conclusions for you. As you know I spoke with Kat first, and I was very impressed with her level of maturity for someone who has experienced the things she has. Tiffany and Shannon confirmed Katrina bore the brunt of your husband's behavior, and yet she shows no evidence of any after-effects from his actions. She makes no attempt to minimize or dismiss what happened, but I believe she has dealt with these events in a very rational manner. She told me she's in a serious relationship, and I believe this has given her the strength and sense of balance that has allowed her to process those events and move past them. I hope you get along with her boyfriend, because there's little doubt he's been very supportive through this period."

Cyn gave my hand a subtle squeeze. "We get along very well, so he's welcome at our place any time!"

I resisted the temptation to choke as Rhonda continued. "I spoke with Tiffany next, and while she is the most reserved of the three girls, I believe she is working through her feelings in logical, progressive manner. She appears to be taking her time, but as long as she has no further traumatic experiences I believe she will come through ok.”

"Can you predict how long that will take, before we can be sure she’s ok?' Cyn asked.

Rhonda shook her head. "There's no way to know that, or even speculate with any degree of accuracy. I would like to see her again in around two or three months to asses her rate of progress. If you have any reason to believe she's having any problems, or if new symptoms become apparent then please call me and I'll schedule an appointment."

We both nodded, nervously waiting to see what her conclusions about Shannon were. "Which brings us to Shannon, and I'm afraid you were right to be concerned. In my opinion she had been struggling to reconcile what happened for the past three months, and with no disrespect to her strength or character, I believe she's not coping well. On the outside she is everything you'd expect her to be at her age; she appears confident, mature, and to be developing her personality and her sense of self. However she has areas where her confidence is very weak, including her perception of herself as woman, and certain aspects of her sexuality which I believe she discussed with you?"

We both nodded. "It only happened last Sunday." I told Rhonda. "That was when we knew we should explore avenues of support for her."

"I'm glad you did." She nodded. "The longer this goes on the more deep-seated the problem becomes, and the more difficult it is to change the mindset."

Cyn looked understandably concerned. "So what can we do? How do we help her move past this?"

Rhonda sat back and steepled her fingers as she looked at us. "I need to ask how honest you were with me yesterday, particularly when I asked you about your attitudes to sex and your moral standards. If you want to change your opinion this would be an opportune time to do so."

I was highly curious about this statement, so I called her on it. "Do many people actually do that? Tell you one thing and then change their mind twenty-four hours later?"

She gave me a rueful smile. "No, they normally stick to their story Tony. And then they tell me I'm crazy after I say what I'm about to."

Cyn and I exchanged glances. "I think we need to know what comes next Rhonda." I said quietly.

"Ok then. What Shannon is feeling is not unusual in young victims of parental sexual abuse. Fundamentally, she's been repeatedly abused by a person in a position of trust and authority, and she's confused about her womanhood and sexual capabilities. She has deep-seated concerns about her ability to enjoy sexual contact, specifically her ability to respond to sexual stimuli in a normal manner. The longer this continues the more difficult it will become for her to move past it, to the extent she may become unable to enjoy normal levels of intimacy, which may see having trouble forming a meaningful relationship. In short she could become what is commonly referred to as frigid. She told me she doesn’t have a boyfriend, or anyone that she’s interested in at the moment?”

Cyn nodded. “I don’t believe there’s anyone.” She agreed.

“That’s unfortunate.” Rhonda stated. “If there were someone, and provided this is acceptable to your standards, I’d suggest that you encourage them to develop a relationship as normal, healthy teenagers would. This limits our options somewhat, so I need to ask a potentially sensitive question; how do you feel about masturbation?”

I blushed despite the clinical nature of the discussion, and at glance at Cyn revealed a similar level of discomfort. I was extremely thankful she replied. “We don’t see anything wrong with masturbation, but we don’t openly encourage it either. Are you suggesting we should?”

Rhonda nodded slowly. “The best way to help Shannon move forward is through positive reinforcement. What I specifically mean is to create the situation where she can enjoy sexual contact and realize her body responds in a normal manner, and she learns to enjoy the associated pleasure. If she had a boyfriend and you had no objection, I would encourage you to give them the space to enjoy normal boy-girl contact. As that is not an option then masturbation is a second-level alternative. I do understand this may be an uncomfortable topic for discussion, but Shannon needs to experience normal pleasure, and hopefully orgasm, to reinforce that her body is capable of achieving this. I believe it wouldn’t take long before she could move beyond the events of the past. The most important aspect is that we cannot simply suggest Shannon goes somewhere private and masturbates, as she may not achieve orgasm and this would only make matters worse. She will need some….supervision and perhaps…guidance?” Rhonda was looking directly at Cyn, gauging her reaction to this unusual suggestion.

Cyn took a few moments to absorb this. “So….you’re suggesting I need to teach her how to masturbate?”

Rhonda gave her a reassuring smile. “Please understand that I appreciate this is taking you well out of your comfort zone, but that is precisely what I’m suggesting. Given the fact that Shannon is not seeing anyone, it’s really the only option available to us. Your girls all indicated they feel comfortable talking to you about their bodies, and the changes they have experienced as they’ve matured, so you have already established an open line of communication and trust. If she were to experiment by herself and not achieve orgasm, this would only serve to reinforce her current belief that she may be incapable of achieving levels of satisfaction most of us take for granted. We need to reverse that trend without doing further harm.”

Cyn glanced at me, her uncertainty clearly evident. “Well….ok. I guess we don’t have too many options do we?”

“I’m afraid not.” Rhonda agreed, smiling as she tried to reassure us. “Please try and pick a time when Shannon is relaxed and in a good mood, and then give me a call and let me know how she copes with this. I will want to schedule a follow-up appointment and confirm whether she’s making progress.”

She stood, indicating our discussion was concluded, and smiled as she shook hands with us. We went back to the car and headed for home, both thoughtful as we went over Rhonda’s suggestions. I gave Cyn a half-smile and asked the question I was sure we were both thinking about. “Any ideas how we can actually do this Cyn?” I enquired.

“Not really Tony.” She responded, sounding somewhat frustrated. “How does a mother invite her daughter to a masturbation session? I mean, we know she has problems….but I can’t exactly start stroking her pussy…or go down on her to try and get her in the mood….I just…..don’t know!”

I was feeling completely out my depth, and wished I could offer her something, but I came up with nothing at all. “Well, I have absolutely no idea!”

“That makes two of us!” She smiled in reply. “I simply don’t know how to broach the subject, let alone go through with it. It’s not exactly normal bedroom behavior is it?”

“That’s the truth babe!” I assured her.

We arrived home and had a quiet coffee, Cyn deep in thought as I made feeble attempts at meaningless conversation. A second round of coffees followed before Cyn looked at me and placed her hand over mine. “I have an idea, but …….I’m kind of nervous about how you might….take this. Ummm…..can I ask you just hear me out…..before you say anything? Would that be ok?”

She had a strange expression on her face, part nervousness and part….almost….fearful? I had no idea if I was reading her accurately, but once again those pesky alarm bells were ringing in my head.

“Ok Cyn.” I replied. “You’re making me kind of nervous, but let’s hear what’s on your mind.”

“Well…..the one thing I took from Rhonda’s discussion was that…..she seemed to feel the best thing for Shannon would be if she had a boyfriend she could….experiment with? You know…normal teenage fooling around like we did when we were kids? Did you get the same impression, or do you think I’ve misinterpreted her?”

I nodded, wondering where she was heading. “Yes, I agree. I felt that was the preferred option, and masturbation was the next best idea?”

Cyn nodded vigorously. “I’m really glad we agree about that!” She replied emphatically. “Ok then…if we try Rhonda’s suggestion…and let’s say it goes ok… still doesn’t really address how she’d feel about having sex with a boy, does it? Isn’t it likely she’d still be concerned about that….and could still have problems in a relationship…..maybe serious problems if she doesn’t meet someone she’s attracted to for a while? What I’m trying to say is that…masturbation is one thing….having sex with someone is completely different.”

I still had no idea where this was going, and wasn’t sure Cyn knew either, as she seemed to be expressing her thoughts as they came to her. “When you put it that way I guess it could still be a problem. I mean….I would hope she’d be ok, but we really couldn’t be sure.”

She gave me a nervous smile, and I could actually feel beads of sweat on her palm as her hand lay over mine. “If we agree with that…then…where does that leave us? Even if we follow Rhonda’s suggestion we’re not really sure if we’re dealing with the problem, or just applying a band-aid solution to find out later it’s still there. So…..what I’d like to ask….and I’m so nervous about this…….how would you feel about teaching her…about love?”

My jaw dropped and my eyes flew open, and I simply couldn’t believe what I’d heard. “What?” I spluttered. “WHAT? ARE YOU….CRAZY? I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’RE ACTUALLY SUGGESTING THIS!!!”

Despite my reaction, Cyn managed to maintain her composure. “Please Tony! I asked you to hear me out!”

I may have agreed to listen, but that was before she dropped her bombshell. “This is nuts Cyn!” I replied. “I’m in love with you and with Kat! Apart from anything else how do you think Kat would feel about this….I would NEVER do anything to hurt her, and you’re asking me to have sex with her sister! I….I can’t believe what I’m hearing! And…she’s only fifteen! That makes it illegal as well! I could go the jail if anyone ever found out!!!”

“Tony! Please….calm down for a minute!” She soothed. “I know how you feel about Kat, and I would never ask you to do anything that would hurt her, so…if you agreed she would have to consent as well….otherwise it’s a no. And I know it’s illegal…but if it did happen it would be something private between us….and we’ll all have to understand that we would never tell anyone outside the family.”

So far she hadn’t said anything that would change my mind, and I was having serious trouble believing she had come up with this outrageous suggestion. “And what about Tiff?” I went on, seeing one new problem after another. “We’ve only just told her Kat and I are making love! Are you suggesting we tell her I’m going to make love to Shannon as well? Why don’t I just fuck all of you and be done with it! Apart from anything else, if you don’t know how to tell Shannon about masturbation, how are you going to tell Tiff about this…..crazy idea?”

“Tony…please!!! Please calm down and let me talk to you! If you could just let me explain why I’m suggesting this…and I know it’s pretty out there….but I do have my reasons!”

“Ok.” I said quietly, struggling to get my emotions under control. I guess she had her reasons, though I had no idea what they were, but at least I owed her the courtesy of hearing her out. “I can’t see any way you’ll change my mind on this, but if you want to tell me…then go on.”

“Thanks.” She replied with a trembling half-smile. “I understand I’ve done a good job of freaking you out, and I’m really sorry about that! But….there is no one I trust more to be with my girls than you. You are most caring, considerate, loving man I have ever met, I mean…why do you think I told Kat it was ok when she wanted to be with you? Do you honestly think I’d do that with anyone else? If I found out she was interested in a boy her own age that would be completely different, but she really wanted to be with you! And you’ve been so great with Tiff and Shannon, and even when we were with Bill, and the girls were going over to your place, I just knew I didn’t have to worry about anything inappropriate happening. Do you understand what I’m saying? I trust you implicitly! I know you would NEVER do anything that would harm me or the girls.”

“All right, I appreciate that.” I replied. “But I’m still a long way from convinced. I’m sorry if I overreacted, but I had no idea you were going to propose this, and I’m still really uncomfortable about it.”

“That’s more than fair Tony.” She agreed. “Look, I’m just asking you to think about this…as a concept? I understand Kat would have to be ok with it, and then there’s the question about Tiff, and we don’t know whether Shannon would even want to! But….if I trusted anyone to be with her and try to make this right, that person would be you. I know you’d be gentle, and caring, and you wouldn’t push her like a horny teenager if she said she wanted to stop. I appreciate I’m asking more of you than I have any right to, but I’m just trying to do the best I can for her. All I’m asking is…will you please just think about it!”

I bit my tongue and tried to apply some form of rational thought, failing miserably. “Ok Cyn. I’ll think about it. I can’t see why I’ll change my mind, but I really need some time to think this through. Just don’t take that as any kind of yes…ok?”

She breathed a serious sigh of relief and walked around the table to kiss my cheek. “That’s more than fair, so…are we still friends?”

I had to admire her persistence. “You’re still not going to give me that divorce, are you?”

She actually giggled. “Not a hope in hell baby!”

I gave her a hug, finally starting to regain some semblance of composure. “I’m sorry Cyn. I really lost my cool there, but I think that was the craziest curve ball anyone’s ever thrown at me. Look, I understand you’re trying to look after Shannon and I respect that, but I really don’t know about this, and that’s the honest truth.”

“I get that!” She reassured me. “I respect this is your decision, and also that it involves Kat, and the twins as well. I’ve always respected your judgment, so, if you say no then I’ll try Rhonda’s suggestion. All I’m asking is that you give yourself time to think about it before you give me your final answer. Is that fair?”

“Not even close, you crazy creature!” I replied, but with a smile to make sure she knew I was kidding. “You must have come up with the saying, if you don’t ask you don’t get.”

“Maybe.” She smiled in reply. “But I’m just trying to look after my girls.”

We left it at that, as there really wasn’t anything else to say, and I told her I was going back to my house for some thinking time. She kissed me goodbye, but made sure I promised to come back for dinner. I realized it was well after lunch but I wasn’t feeling hungry, so I poured a bourbon and coke and went outside. I sat around the pool for a while but didn’t really make any progress with my dilemma, so I went into the garage and gave the punching bag a solid work-out. I was sweating freely by the time I’d finished, so I headed for the pool and was delighted to find I had a visitor, with Kat stroking steadily as she swam laps. She was swimming naked, as she normally did now unless Shannon and Tiff were around, so I stripped off and dove in, the cool water rinsing the sweat from my skin and refreshing me in seconds. Kat felt the ripples from my dive and looked up, smiling as I swam over. When I reached her she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, before giving me a long, passionate kiss.

"Wow!" I said in surprise. "I'm not complaining, but where did that come from?"

She gave me a mischievous grin. "I came over to see you and couldn't find you anywhere, and then I heard noises in the garage, so I went down and saw you working out. I have to admit it doesn't hurt that you keep yourself in such good shape; do you know I could watch you work out for hours? Anyway, I got all hot and bothered and you looked like you were seriously into it, so I figured I'd swim some laps, cool off, and hope you'd join me sometime."

"Damn! I missed out and didn't even realize!"

"Oh, poor baby!" She teased, "What makes you think you missed out? Tell you what, if you can catch can fuck me!" And with that she put her hands on my head, and boosted herself up as she dunked me, and took off. That was the last thing I expected, and it took me a few seconds to surface, catch my breath, and set off after her. I knew she was a strong swimmer, and while she had been swimming laps I'd burnt a lot of energy trying to punch and kick the bag into submission, but I was determined to catch her. It took six or seven laps to get close, and by then I was nearly out of gas. I'd never hear the end of it if she got away, so I whipped into a turn and used every remaining ounce of strength in my legs to push off the wall, just managing to get a grip on her ankle. She stopped immediately, swiveling around to resume her earlier position. "It’s about fucking time baby!" She laughed. "I was thinking I'd have to slow up if you didn't catch me soon!"

"So you wanted me to catch you!" I chuckled.

"No silly." She laughed in slightly condescending manner. "I'd much rather swim up and down all day than have your cock all warm and wet in my pussy! That just doesn't interest me at all."

I laughed and hugged her close. "You can be such a teasing bitch at times. It's a good thing I love you so much!"

She smiled at me with her sparkling eyes. "Yes it is!" She agreed. "Now, why don't you sit on the edge of the pool and relax?"

As I did as she suggested, she swam away from the edge, swimming back when I was in position. She slid my knees apart and moved in between my legs, wrapping her hand around my rapidly stiffening cock. She dipped down and took me in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. Her eyes sparkled as she took me deep into her throat, before lifting back and sliding down again, knowing how much this turned me on every time she loved me this way.

When she was satisfied I was ready her loving mouth freed me, and she hopped out of the water. She spun me sideways so that I was sitting parallel to the side of the pool, and sat in my lap, easily sliding my cock into her pussy as she lowered herself down.

She ground her pussy into my lap, throwing her head back and smiling at the sun. “I love fucking outdoors….I just feel….so free!!!”

I never had the chance to respond, as started bouncing up and down on me. Her smiling eyes gazed into mine as she thrust faster and faster, her labia spreading every time she dropped down. “Give it to me baby! Pump that thick cum deep in my cunt; I need it so bad!” She pleaded.

“That wouldn’t do at all!” I agreed. “So you’d better give my cock a seriously good fucking baby!”

“Ohhh..cheeky!” She replied. “When didn’t I give you a seriously good fucking?”

“That’d be….never! Oh God! Oh Fuck! Get ready Kat, HERE….IT…CUMS!!!”

“Yes baby! Ohh…fuck me good! Pump it deep in my cunt!!!”

We came at precisely the same second, my spraying cream meeting hers halfway, before the volume and sheer pressure pumped our combined juices past my shaft and over my balls. She slumped against me, purring like a satisfied kitten. “There is nothing on this earth that’s better than having your cock inside me! God! I SO LOVE FUCKING YOU!”

“You know that goes both ways baby!” I soothed. “You are simply amazing. I’ll never get tired on being with you like this!”

She finally slid up, releasing my cock from its liquid resting place. “Can I top up your drink?” She asked sweetly. I nodded and she headed inside, as I lay back on a lounge and soaked up the suns warming rays. She came back with two glasses, and touched hers to mine before taking a sip.

“Now that you’ve….scratched my itch for me, Mom told me about today.” She said as she looked me over the rim of her glass. “She’s worried that she…..may have pushed you too far?”

I gave her a sheepish smile. “I think it’d be fair to say I lost my cool for a while!”

“Is this something we could talk about, or have you had enough on that topic for one day?” The way she approached this only reinforced her maturity, as I knew plenty of people far older who would never approach her levels of tact and sensitivity.

I sipped my drink slowly. “Cyn told you about her proposal?” Kat nodded. “Did she tell you about my…..reluctance? Do you understand I’m a long way from agreeing to this?”

Kat nodded again and leant forward to take my hand in hers. “Mom told me what you said about me, and I’m not sure what to say. I love the way you told her you wouldn’t agree to this if I wasn’t completely comfortable with it! That made me feel so…special.” Her eyes were shining as she spoke, and she looked at me with a soft, loving expression.

“You know I’d never do anything to hurt you, and I wouldn’t even consider this if you had the slightest reservation about it.” I said simply.

“I know that, I honestly do!” She smiled. “But it’s still really nice to actually see it happen.”

“To me it’s a question of trust, and that’s something that has always been important to me. Look, I love Shannon and Tiff and I’m sure you know that, but it’s different to the way I feel about you and your Mom. I’d do anything I could to help them, but…..this? It’s crossing so many boundaries! I understand why Cyn suggested it… and maybe it could work, but….I guess I really need to know how you feel about it? If you’re not completely comfortable with it, then I don’t have to give myself another headache trying to figure out what the hell I should do!”

“Poor baby!” She soothed, but she wasn’t patronizing me. “Mom’s done a great job of putting you under pressure hasn’t she?”

We both laughed as I replied. “Damn straight!”

“Mom sat down with me when I got home from school and she told me about your meeting at the hospital, and what you talked about when you got home. She certainly told me how you reacted!” She laughed at that point. “Tony, I want you to understand she didn’t put me under any pressure, and told me to take as much time as I needed to make up my mind. It really is a strange situation isn’t it? Look, if it was anyone other than my sister I probably would have scratched Mom’s eyes out for even suggesting it, but it is my sister! There are very few people I’d be prepared to share you with, but Shannon has to be an exception. I know this whole thing is kinda crazy, but if it could help her then I couldn’t be the one who puts up roadblocks. I realize this is still your decision, but if you decide to do it then I won’t stand in your way.”

I looked at her thoughtfully. “Thanks baby. I appreciate your honesty, but there are still plenty of unanswered questions. For a start, what would we do if it went ok, and I made love to Shannon, but then she wanted to be with me….on a regular basis? And what about Tiff? We’d have to tell her about this, and then what happens if she wants to be included?”

She looked thoughtful for a second. “When you were sorting out our finances, didn’t you tell us the best way to deal with a major problem is to break it down, and work it through in small pieces?” She had me with that statement, as that had been my philosophy for years. “We can’t predict how Shannon and Tiff will react, I mean, Shannon might not want to do this anyway! I agree we couldn’t keep Tiff in the dark, so if you and Shannon were ok with it we’d have to talk to her, but I think she’d understand. I think it all depends on whether you feel you can help her, because the other factors don’t matter if your answer is no.”

Her approach was simple and completely logical, and I realized she was one hundred percent right. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and gave her a smile. “I love you so much Kat!”

She smiled but looked curious. “That’s nice to know, but what brought that on?”

“I was so buried in different possibilities, and if-I-do-this-will-she-do-that scenarios, that all I was doing was giving myself a killer headache. But you’re absolutely right! If my answer is no then the rest of it doesn’t matter, and if I say yes then we work through things step by step, and see where that takes us. With that kind of mental approach you’re going to have a hell of business career baby!”

She grinned and came over to kiss me. “It’s nice to be the one helping you for a change, rather than the other way round!”

My mind felt clearer than it had all day, but Kat ruefully told me she had some homework to do so she had to head home. I assured her I’d be over for dinner and relaxed on the lounge, finally able to think rationally. Kat’s concise way of looking at this gave me the direction I was unable to reach by myself, and I allowed my mind to focus on each aspect. Regardless of the other considerations, Shannon needed help, and my refusal could have a profound effect on the rest of her life. I was the closest thing she had to a father, so how could I refuse to help? The stress levels I had been experiencing all day gradually ebbed away like an outgoing tide, and I decided to sleep on it to ensure I didn’t feel any different tomorrow.

Dinner at Cyn’s place was almost back to normal following the events of Sunday, and animated conversation and laughter filled the room again. Cyn kept giving me questioning looks, and it wasn’t until later we found ourselves alone in the den. She poured two glasses of wine, and sat beside me on the couch. “What a day!” She said quietly. “Are you sure we’re still ok?”

I stroked her face. “We’re just fine honey.” I assured her. “But if you ever spring something like that on me again you’re going over my knee!”

She laughed at my crude threat. “Only if we’re in the bedroom with the door locked. I never knew you were into S&M!”

“I’m not.” I laughingly replied. “But for you I’ll make an exception! I’m sure you know Kat came over to see me this afternoon?” She nodded, softly stroking my chest. “She really is remarkable, and I listened to what she had to say and she helped me see things a little clearer. I think I’m closer to a decision, but I really need to sleep on it, and see if I feel the same way in the morning, ok?”

“That’s fine Tony. I thought it could take a lot longer, so if you’re ready tomorrow I think I can wait till then. Now, will you let me take you to bed? I think you need some of my special…stress relief!”

She stood and took my hand, leading me to her bedroom and making sure she was true to her word.

The next morning we slept in as Cyn had a late start, and I told her I was prepared to do what she had asked. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. “Thank you is nowhere near enough, but I hope you know how much I appreciate this!”

She wanted to talk to Shannon that night, and then, provided she agreed, find a way to let Tiff know what was going on. I told her I’d spend the night at my place and catch up with her tomorrow morning. When I walked in the next day she looked tired, but smiled and came over to give me a good morning hug. She made coffee which both needed, and proceeded to tell me about her discussions with the girls. She and Kat had spoken with Shannon for some time, starting out by telling her what Rhonda had concluded, and her suggestions about helping overcome the after-effects of Bill’s abuse. They both reinforced how special making love can and should be, and their feelings that spending the night with me would help her recover from what had happened in the past. I gather she had some misgivings, but with Cyn and Kat’s encouragement she was prepared to give it a try. Then they spoke with Tiff, and once she knew about Shannon’s difficulties, she understood, though apparently her parting comment was that I shouldn’t expect her to join my harem. Cheeky minx!

When she had finally finished she sat back in her chair, giving me a wry smile. “So, I guess that puts the ball back in your court baby.” She sighed. “I don’t suppose you have any ideas as to how and when?”

“Actually….I do.” I responded, and Cyn looked understandably surprised. “I was thinking about this last night….seeing as my lover kissed me off! It should be a very special night….and….it should be as though it was her first time, which in a sense it is, seeing as we’re trying to make this a new beginning for her. I was thinking of something similar to Kat’s birthday, but not exactly the same, as that could make her feel I was just following a standard formula. I think you should take her shopping, and buy a really special outfit that she feels sexy but comfortable in. If she wants her hair done you could do that on Saturday, and I’ll take her out somewhere special that night. I’ve got a few ideas about that, but I need to do some planning first. Does that sound ok?”

“Sounds great Tony. You always come up with something special, so I’ll make sure she’s dressed to impress.”

I had some ideas for a truly memorable dinner, so I called Karl later and outlined my plans. He listened carefully for several minutes, asking a few questions and throwing in some ideas of his own. When I’d finished I asked him what he thought. “Tony, not only do I think this is a great idea for this occasion, I think it’s a great business opportunity, and I can’t understand why nobody in town has ever done it! I’d like to treat this as a test run, and if it works out I’d like to advertise it as a regular service, and I could pay you a commission on any future bookings, how does that sound?”

I assured him I didn’t expect a commission, I’d just be happy if the night was a success, but he wouldn’t be deterred. “Look, I’m not going to take no for an answer.” He said directly. “If this is successful we’ll work something out, but I’m really excited about this, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. This will have my competition looking over their shoulders, so I’ll firm up the details and call back soon.”

Cyn was working for the remainder of the week, so after breakfast on Saturday she and Shannon were in the car and headed for town, both excited about a fun day of girl-shopping. Kat and Tiff helped me clean my house from top to bottom, before Kat did some serious prep work in my bedroom. Cyn felt it was best if she, Kat and Tiff stayed at her place, so Shannon and I would be alone in my house. I was going to text Kat when we were headed home, and she would light the candles and put some music on before she headed back to her place. When Cyn pulled back in her drive late that afternoon we were satisfied our preparations were complete, and I gave Kat and Tiff a bear-hug each, thanking them for all their help.

Tiff headed back home, and Kat asked if she could stay with me for a while. “I’d like that Kat. To be honest, I’m feeling a little nervous about tonight!”

She gave a coy smile. “Aren’t you a little old to having first date nerves?” She teased.

“Obviously not!” I replied. “But there is a lot riding on this; it’s not just a simple date.”

She gave me a mature reassuring smile, and for a second I thought she was going to pat my hand! “Tony, every time you taken one or all of us out we’ve had a really great time, and I’ll bet you’ve gone all out this time. Can I ask what you’ve planned for Shannon?”

I outlined my plans, and the help Karl had given, and she whistled. “Now I know why Mom was jealous about my birthday. This really is going to be something special! Does Mom or Tiff know?” I shook my head. “I’d love to be there to see the look on Shannon’s face when you arrive!”

“I hope she’ll like it.” I replied.

“She’ll be putty in your hands Tony.” She assured me. “This will be a night she’ll never forget.”

Time was passing so we went inside, and Kat sat on the toilet as I showered and shaved. She teased me again by saying she’d love to join me in the shower, which had my cock twitching despite us both knowing that wasn’t on the agenda today. She insisted on helping me towel dry, then I took her place on the toilet as she dried and combed my hair, and then helped me pick a suit and ensured I looked ok. “Do I pass?” I laughingly asked.

“I think you’ll do!” Was her immediate come back.

We walked over to her place and she stopped me at the door. She reached up and put her hands around my neck, kissing my lips softly. When our lips parted she looked up at me. “Thank you.” She said simply. “Not only for doing this for Shannon, and I really appreciate that, but especially for the way you said you wouldn’t do it unless I was ok with it first. That really means so much to me!”

I kissed her again. “What we have is very special Kat, and I’d never put that at risk!” I assured her.

“I know that now, and it’s a nice feeling. Now come inside, we don’t want to keep your date waiting!”

We headed in and Cyn, Tiff and Shannon were waiting in the den. “Hi stranger!” Cyn greeted me.

“Hi yourself, hey Tiff, hey…….Shannon! Stand up and let me look at you…wow!!”

She gave me a nervous smile as she stood and did a slow turn. She was dressed in white, which was somehow totally appropriate, in a stunning long evening dress with a plunging neckline and a matching shawl around her shoulders. Her heels must have been around four inches or so, and she had her hair cut so it was layered neatly across her shoulders. I noticed she was wearing Kat’s pendant and Cyn’s earrings, both pieces complimenting her dress perfectly. Seeing her would take any man’s breath away, and give him reason for a second glance, and a third.

I walked over, took her hands in mine, and bent to kiss her cheek. “You are so beautiful! You look absolutely stunning!”

“Thanks Tony, I’m glad you like it but I hope I don’t have to walk too far in these heels!” She smiled. “What time do we have to leave, are we going to Karl’s for dinner?”

I was wondering how to reply when the doorbell rang. Tiff went to answer it and was back, smiling at us. “The longest limo I have ever seen is in the drive, and there’s a cute guy in suit waiting for you.”

“Then I guess it’s time to leave.” I said, offering Shannon my arm. We walked out the front with Cyn, Kat and Tiff following, and limo driver opened the door for us.

“Have a great night you two.” Cyn smiled, kissing us both before looking at me. “And once again, I’m jealous! That is some car Tony!”

When we were safely seated the driver hopped in, and backed the enormous car carefully onto the street. The glass partition between the driver and the cabin was closed so we were in a world of our own, and Shannon looked around the car in amazement. “I’ve never been in a limo before. This really is the only way to travel!”

“It is pretty cool isn’t it?” I agreed.

The ride was so smooth we didn’t feel a bump, and the sun had almost set as we gazed out the tinted windows at the pink tinge in the sky. It took twenty minutes to reach our destination, but the time seemed to fly past and soon the car was cruising to a gentle stop. By accident or design the driver had pulled up so Shannon couldn’t see what was waiting for her, and he opened the door and stood back to allow her to step out. I followed her and smiled and thanked the driver, who quietly told me he’d return in two hours to take us home.

In the meantime Shannon could now see what Karl had prepared for us, and was waiting wide-eyed for me to join her. “I…don’t….believe…this!” She said quietly, her eyes moving from her surprise to me, and back again. We had driven to the lake, and a small white portable gazebo had been erected just back from the darkening water. A table to two was set, and candles in glass covers flickered gently, with soft music playing. Karl and Chloe were waiting for us, and we walked over to meet them.

“Hi Tony!” He greeted, smiling and shaking my hand, before he kissed Shannon’s hand like a European aristocrat. “Hello Shannon. Thank you for joining us tonight, and may I say you look absolutely spectacular!” Shannon blushed at Karl’s effusive compliment. “I’m sure you remember Chloe?” We certainly did and said hallo. “When I told the staff what we were doing for you, Chloe was quite insistent that she wanted to be your waitress, in fact she said she’d resign if I chose someone else!”

Now it was Chloe’s turn to blush, but she did nod in agreement. She led us over the table, placing a napkin on our laps before asking if we’d prefer wine or champagne. I looked at Shannon who asked if champagne would be ok, and I nodded to Chloe who left to fetch our drink order. She returned with our glasses and quietly asked if she could serve our entrees in five minutes or so, before she moved discreetly away.

I held my glass up to stunning companion. “I would like to propose a toast.” Shannon looked at me expectantly, raising her glass to touch mine. “To a new beginning for you.” I said simply, and we both took a small sip.

Her eyes sparkled in the candlelight, and she smiled at me. “How did you do this Tony? I’m used to you doing some pretty amazing things, but this? How on earth did you make this happen?”

I leant across the table and gently took her hand in mine. “I wanted this to be a very special night for you, and I also wanted it to be different from anything we’ve done before. I gave it some thought and spoke to Karl about it, we kicked some ideas around, the further it went the more excited he became, and now he’s talking about doing this for people who want a special evening.”

She laughed, a soft, pleasant sound radiating from our table. “You make it sound so easy, like what you did for Tiff’s and my birthday, but Mom told me how much work you did to make that a special night for us. But this….is just so far beyond that. You certainly know how to make an impression!”

At that point Chloe arrived with our entrees, and I’d selected a simple chicken and sweet corn broth. Karl appeared and bent down beside me. “Tony, if you have no objection, I’d like to take a few photos tonight. I ran out of time to call you, but I have a photographer here and he understands he must be discreet, so if that’s ok I’ll give him the go ahead. If you feel he’s intrusive please wave him away and we’ll do this some other time.”

I always appreciated Karl’s consideration, and tonight was no different as he’d accomplished the impossible in record time. “That’s no problem at all Karl. As long as I don’t have a mouthful and lens in my face then that’s fine with me.”

“Thanks Tony, I’ll be back later to make sure everything’s ok.”

We made short work of our broth and sat back, enjoying the serenity of the setting and feeling as though we were the last people on earth. This time Shannon took my hand as she looked at me. “I’m…really…nervous, about later Tony.” She confided softly.

“Well I’m glad of that, because I am too!” I assured her.

That comment got her attention. “I think you’re saying that to make me feel better, but I appreciate the thought.”

“What makes you think I’m kidding? I really am nervous!”

"It's just a little hard to believe." She replied. "It's not as though you're...inexperienced."

"I'm not sure how experienced you think I may be, but for the record, I have made love to a total of three women in my life, and you’ve known all of them." I could see she was surprised by my admission. "But I don't think that's relevant anyway. I'm with you tonight, and I've never made love to you, so I'm nervous about that. I'm also well aware that, if we do make love tonight, it's really important that I show you it can be very special, and everything your Mom and I told you it could be."

She looked surprised for a moment, and sat back as she waved her arm slowly around. "Umm...what do you mean, if we make love Tony? I mean...this must have cost an absolute fortune! How could I say no after you've gone to so much trouble?"

That wasn’t what I wanted to hear. It seemed that I had tried to solve one problem and created another, so I had to turn this around, now! "Shannon, I'm going to be a little....crude here, but there will be plenty of times when a man spends a lot of money trying to separate you from your panties, but that doesn't give him any rights at all. Look, I'm spending tonight with a woman who is so beautiful, she could be in a room full of stunning women, and every man in the room would be looking at her. I mean, look around, here we are enjoying this amazing dinner with a view money can't buy, and it's so quiet you'd think we're the last people on earth; even the waiters are people we'd call friends, right?" She nodded in agreement. "Regardless of what may or may not happen later, this has already been a night I will never forget, so there's no pressure or expectation from me. And if you ever find yourself with someone who expects you to....relax your standards just because they've spent a few dollars....KICK THEM IN THE FUCKING BALLS!"

At precisely that moment Chloe arrived to clear the table; yet another case of unfortunate timing! Shannon tried to hold back but lost the fight, and burst into fits of laughter. I blushed, but Chloe appeared quite unfazed. "I'm sorry Chloe!" I apologized.

She smiled as she collected our bowls and utensils. "Perhaps I should let you know when I'm coming back with your main courses." She said in a surprisingly cheeky tone.

"That'd be great thanks Chloe." I replied. "And I'll add an embarrassment surcharge to your tip."

"No need for that Mr. Allen. I didn't hear a thing...but I do think you're really cool!" She replied, with a subtle wink at Shannon before she walked away.

Shannon smiled at me. "I get the feeling Chloe's got a thing for you Tony!"

"That’s just what I need!" I muttered. "Can we finish our discussion so that I can take my foot out of my mouth now?'

"Yes please.” Shannon agreed.

“On Sunday I told you that you'd know when you were ready; and I said you would be nervous but you'd know if the time was right. I'm not changing my story now, so if you feel you're ready it will happen, if not, then we've still had a very special night. As far as I can see nobody loses, so I'd like to suggest you relax and I'll do the same, and we can enjoy ourselves and think about later when we're heading home. How does that sound?"

"That sounds like a great idea Tony, and thank you, I think I can actually relax now."

With the weight of expectation lifted from us, we actually did relax and opened up to each other more than we had at any time before. Chloe arrived with our main courses and placed two large lobsters on the table. "Can I freshen your drinks?" She asked, and we nodded together, so she topped up our glasses and slipped away again.

As we enjoyed our meals she asked me about my feelings for Cyn and Kat, and how they differed. I answered as honestly as I could, and then asked her how she felt about our unconventional arrangement. We talked about that for a while, and then she told me how badly things had gone off the rails when her father lost his job and started hitting the bottle. We opened up to each other in a way that even close married couples rarely achieved, until I felt it was time to lighten the mood a little.

I looked into her sparkling eyes. "Please don't tell what you think I'd like to hear, but has this been a night you'll remember for a while?'

I was surprised when she stood and walked around the table, and then sat comfortably in my lap with her arms around my neck. "This has been a night I'll never forget, and I really can't thank you enough. I'm really flattered you've done all this for me, in fact it's kind of overwhelming!"

I kissed her cheek softly, hoping the rest of our night together would be as good as dinner had been. "Ummm...if I do something a little crazy will you go along with it?"

"I guess so." She replied.

"Ok, just follow my lead. Chloe! Karl! Where are you?"

They both raced over, looking concerned that something had gone wrong. "What's wrong Tony? Is everything ok?" Karl asked, concern written across his face.

I winked at Shannon. "Actually Karl, everything is not ok. This table needs two new chairs, and some fresh glasses wouldn't hurt either!"

Karl looked confused, but I suspected Chloe had realized they were being set up. "I don't understand Tony, what's wrong with the chairs?" Karl asked, before Chloe smiled at us and leaned in to whisper to him. "Really?" He asked looking at her, and she whispered again, so he glanced across at us. "No! Are you asking us to join you?" Shannon and I nodded in tandem. "No! Not possible!' He protested. "You are our guests, we don’t do that!"

Before I could reply Shannon chimed in. "Ok Tony you win the bet. I really thought Karl would be one of those people who stood by the principle that the customer is always right, but clearly I was wrong." She winked at me and I smiled in return. There was no doubt she could think on the run.

It took Karl another few seconds to realize he was being played, and he stood back and spread his hands apart. "Shannon, my beautiful Shannon! I could accept this behavior from a man like Tony, but from a lovely creature like you? I can only conclude you have suffered from a prolonged period of inappropriate influence!"

I saw Shannon and Chloe exchange brief glances before Shannon glanced at me and raised a questioning eyebrow. I gathered she wanted to keep going, so I gave her the nod.

"Karl." She said sweetly. "I think your suffering from a prolonged period of exposure to...bullshit!"

Karl looked as though he was going to have heart attack, and Chloe was desperately trying to conceal her amusement at seeing her boss being smacked around in a literal sense.

"Oh, for God's sake Karl!" I said sternly enough to ensure I had his attention. "Will you please stop pissing around and join us!"

That seemed to clinch it, as a pair of chairs magically appeared and they sat with us at the table. Chloe poured drinks all round and soon Karl was entertaining us with stories about the restaurant business, and some of the more unusual customers her had looked after over the years. Time passed quickly, and before we knew it the limo had returned and it was time to head for home. We said our goodbyes and I thanked Karl and Chloe for an unforgettable night. I tried to ask discreetly for our bill, but Karl brushed me off, saying he’d have to work it out later.

I palmed a hundred dollar tip to Chloe, and she hesitated before softly kissing my cheek. “You’re a very generous man Mr. Allen, and I’d be happy to wait on you without a tip!”

As we walked over to the car I quickly sent Kat my pre-loaded text telling her we were on the way, and the young driver held the door open for us. Shannon whispered something to him, and he smiled back at her. “Certainly Maam!” He replied, and we slid inside.

Once we were moving Shannon slid over and lay her head on my shoulder, her hand resting on my thigh. “This has been the most amazing night Tony, I feel like a princess. I’ll never forget this!”

“Neither will I honey!” I assured her. “I was just thankful the weather was kind. It would have been a problem if it had rained on us.”

The large car floated along and I remembered Shannon’s comment on the drive out to the lake; it certainly was travelling in style. All too soon we were turning into our street, and I realized what she must have whispered to the driver when we drove past her house, and pulled into my driveway. As he opened the door for us I caught a glimpse of Kat watching from the trees, and she blew me a kiss and waved before she disappeared. I tipped the driver and he thanked me enthusiastically, before handing me his card and assuring me he’d be happy to drive us anytime.

Shannon took my hand and led me to my door, waiting as I unlocked it and we went inside. Kat had left a few lights on to guide our way, and we walked slowly to my bedroom. The door was ajar, and when I pushed it open Shannon gasped. I had seen Kat’s efforts before, and she’d done another great job, with flickering candles providing sensual lighting and soft music playing. The bed was neatly turned down with a small, wrapped chocolate on each pillow, a bottle of wine chilling in an ice-bucket, and two long-stemmed glasses resting on the side table.

I took her shawl and slid my jacket from my shoulders, before unwrapping her chocolate and slipping it past her lips. I was pleasantly surprised when she did she same for me, and we allowed our treats to melt in our mouths as I poured two glasses of wine. We toasted each other silently and took a sip, before I took her glass and placed them both on the side table. Her eyes were sparkling and open wide, and she looked up at me expectantly, so I took her face in my hands and kissed her, open mouthed but resisting the temptation to explore her with my tongue. I could feel her hesitant breathing, but she gradually relaxed and returned my kiss with increasing passion.

When I broke our kiss, I smiled at her. “I want you to know that you can stop at any time. If you feel uncomfortable, or unsure, or have any doubts, you should say so and we’ll stop.”

She gave me a hesitant smile. “No, I’m ok. You told me I’d know when the time was right, and that’s how I feel now.”

Her dress zipped up the back, so I moved behind her and slowly slid the zipper down. She stood perfectly still as I brushed my lips across her shoulders, before I eased the straps free and allowed her dress to slide down her body until she could step free. She was wearing tiny white panties and had gone braless, perhaps for the first time, and her cherry red nipples were firm as they protruded from her flushed breasts. I crouched down and softly kissed each nipple, feeling them harden further against my lips, and hearing a gasp slip from her lips. I continued downward until I was kneeling before her, and looped a finger on each side of her panties, drawing them slowly down to the floor. She stepped free and I leant forward, feeling her downy pubic hair brush against my face as I kissed her sacred place. She gasped again, and placed her hands on my head, but more to steady herself than pull me to her. I slowly kissed up and down her labia, before sliding my tongue along her slit. She was completely dry, my mouth providing the only moisture, and I was starting to worry that my actions weren’t having the desired effect when the first trace of her juices trickled free. Encouraged, I pointed my tongue and poked it past her puffy lips, savoring her exquisite nectar as her flow gradually increased. I slid my tongue deeper and a shiver ran through her body, followed by a long groan. Her hands were clenching and releasing, gripping my hair and then setting me free as if she was unsure what to do with them. I slid my hands behind her, my palms cupping her firm butt cheeks and rocking her against my mouth, allowing me to probe a fraction deeper with each movement. “Oh…God!” She whispered. “Oh….God! What…are you…doing…to me?”

There was no need to reply, so I kept moving, making love to her increasingly moist pussy with my mouth. Her breathing was becoming increasingly rapid and shallow and I was just wondering if she was getting close when she squealed and pulled my face tightly against her. “Uh….Uh….aaaaahhh!!!” A tremor rippled through her, starting deep inside so I actually felt it on my tongue before it spread to her body, and a gentle stream of thick liquid coated my tongue. I kept moving, enjoying the taste of her sweet cum for the very first time, and wondering if this was her first orgasm. “Stop…please stop!” She panted breathlessly, and her legs gave way so quickly that I just managed to catch her before she fell to the floor. “Oh…God! That was….amazing! So good!”

I carried her to the bed and gently lay her down, stroking her face until her eyes finally flickered open. “I never knew!” She whispered.

“Never knew what princess?” I asked quietly.

“I never knew….it could be….like that! I’ve never experienced anything like that before!”

“Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?” I asked, confident I already knew the answer. “Do you believe what your Mom and I told you now?”

Her eyes sparkled. “Yes…Oh Yes!!! It’s everything you said it would be…and so much more!”

“If you think that was good then wait until we make love. That’s when you’ll really know how special it can be.”

She surprised me by getting up on her hands and knees. “I’m ready now Tony. Make love to me. Please!”

I waited and she gave me a questioning look. “Why are you like that Shannon? In that position?” I asked her.

“Ummm. This is the way Dad always wanted me. Have…I done something wrong?” She looked concerned to the point I was worried she’d burst into tears.

I smiled and shook my head. “Relax princess. I’m not your Dad, and…while there’s nothing wrong with that position, it’s not how I want you tonight. I want to make love to you, not fuck you. I want to look at your beautiful face and see your sparkling eyes, I don’t want to look at the back of your head.”

I helped her lie down and roll onto her back, watching her legs slide apart, inviting me to enter her. I moved down the bed and slid between her legs, taking hold of my hard cock and carefully lining up the head with her now thoroughly wet entrance. I slid forward gently, feeling her labia spread as my cock eased inside. Her eyes rolled back as she felt me enter her, and I paused to provide time for her muscles to stretch. When her eyes came back I slid back a touch, and eased another inch or so inside, setting up a gently rocking motion that took me a little deeper every time.

By the time I was a little more than halfway her eyes closed and her lips parted in a soft smile. “Oh Tony! This…feels…fantastic!” She whispered. I smiled down at her but her eyes were still closed, so I slowly increased speed. Finally she managed to take me, and we both gasped when my tight balls brushed her spread labia. I started thrusting harder, and she gasped softly every time I stretched her fully. She squealed again, and I felt her hot flow bathing my cock in sweet lubricant, making my actions even easier. Another squeal and another warm bath, and my cock made it clear I was ready to join her.

“I’m going to cum Shannon!” I groaned. “Try and cum with me if you can!”

“I…don’t…think….that will be…a problem!” She whispered as I thrust harder.

“Uhh…Uhh….I’m….cumming!!!” I groaned, as I fired burst after burst of thick, hot cum deep inside her clenching pussy.

“I’m….cummiiinnnggg….too!!” She squealed, and I could feel her juices pooling with mine and saturating us both. “Ohhhh….God! I think…I’m…dying!”

After a couple of minutes I reluctantly slid free and lay on the bed beside her, drawing her to me and holding her close as her ragged breathing gradually slowed and returned to something close to normal. I felt her eyelids flicker against my skin and suddenly she was on top of me, showering me with kisses. “That was incredible…and amazing…and unbelievable….and just…..fantastic!” She gushed. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I never knew it could be like that! Mom and Kat and you told me how special it was, but…WOW!”

Her enthusiasm was totally infectious, and I couldn’t help but laugh until tears streamed from my eyes. “I guess that means you enjoyed yourself?”

She gave me a gentle slap on the chest. “You think?” She said, laughing as she spoke. She bounded off the bed, taking a long sip from her glass before passing my glass to me. A coy expression slowly came over her face as she sat back on the bed beside me, her hand softly resting on my spent cock. “It’s still kind of early. If we waited a while……do you think we could….do…it…. again?”

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