Posting stories on this sight has been a real eye opener for me. I have always had difficulty knowing just how much detail to put in/leave out in a shorter story. I always feel like taking my time. I write because I like to get to know the characters that I am writing about. I want to experience everything that the characters experience, and I want to fall in love with every single one of them male or female, but I always thought that short stories were supposed to be just that... Short. I thank all of the readers that have taken the time to make suggestions, and comment on the story. I appreciate all of those comments, even the ones that were critical. I am learning a lot and most of all having a blast. Thank you for that.

I know for some that this story is unrealistic. I admit that, and I think it should be. This is fantasy after all. This story begs the question “What if the younger generation were as ready for sex as we are. That doesn't mean that they are, or that they should be, but what if they were?” I fully understand that this story is taboo, but guess what.... I think that's part of what makes it hot!!! Am I right?

I made a couple of stops on the way back to Amanda's. There were a few things I needed for the week. I made the girls stay in the car, while I picked up the supplies. Afterward we headed home. As we headed through the door I told Caitlyn to stand against the wall. She gave me a funny look, but obeyed my request.

I sat on the couch and asked Caitlyn to remove her clothing, she did it, but I could see the pain in her eyes. She knew that she was being singled out and she understood why. I could have punished her with a belt, a slap to the face or a number of other ways, but I knew that this would be more effective with her. All I had to do was to not include her. For her that would be the worst thing I could do.

I told the other girls to sit with me. Amanda sat on my left, and cuddled in close. Paige on my right copying her mother, and Mia on Paige's right. Jarrod ended up on Mia's right, offering to cuddle with her, and she accepted.

I told Amanda to tell me everything that happened at the mall, and then I looked up at Caitlyn. I could see the tears beginning to well up. I couldn't take it any further than that. If I had tried to I think it might have alienated her, and that's definitely not what I wanted.

“Come over here Caitlyn,” I ordered.

She came to me.

“Sit on my lap, and cuddle in tight.”

She wiped her tears, and smiled a little. It was beautiful.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked.

“No,” I told her. “I am actually very proud of you. I was a little disappointed at first, but you proved yourself after I scolded you. You've earned reprieve from your punishments. I just wanted to make it a point for you to understand that you must never forget that I am your master, and will be addressed as such. I think you understand that, so there is no need to punish you any further.”

“Go ahead Amanda tell us all everything that happened.”

“Well,” she said. “I walked up to Jake, I found out his name in the bathroom, and I said. 'take me into the bathroom and fuck the shit out of me. I need it bad.' He gave me one of those you can't be serious looks, like I was kidding or something. I wasn't I didn't know what had come over me. I don't really like dirty sweaty men, I mean it's not what usually turns me on. I like men with power. It don't usually matter if their good looking even. If they are powerful my pussy gets wet, and the more power they have, the wetter I get. This guy wasn't all that great looking either, and he clearly had no power, but there was something in his eye that I just couldn't resist. At first as I was sitting on the bench I wasn't even gonna try and show the guy anything unless you asked me too, but he just kept looking at me, like, you know, he wanted to fuck my brains out, and it started to happen. I started to get wet, and a little turned on. I spread my legs a little to let him have a peak at me, and he gave me an approving look. He wasn't bashful about it. He wasn't scared like the old man at the chinese place. He looked right at me, and nodded his approval. It made me so hot. I remember even thinking 'I wish Ray would let me fuck this guy. I would even do it in the middle of the mall if he'd let me just have his cock for just a minute. It would make me the happiest woman alive.' I started to touch myself, and that really turned me on. Just knowing that we were in the middle of the mall and that if people looked they would see. I knew that even if someone else did look that I wouldn't have stopped that's how turned on I was. I know that's kind of slutty but that's how I felt.”

Amanda paused and waited for my reaction.

“That is kind of slutty Amanda, but I don't want you to fear that. Everyone feels that way, and I respect a person that is willing to admit it. Everyone hides from it. Don't be one of those people.”

That seemed to be what she needed to hear and she continued.

“Anyway, That's when you whispered something to Caitlyn. From the corner of my eye I watched her get up and go to the stand, talk to that guy, and then head into the back. I knew then that you would let me do whatever I wanted, and my pussy really started flowing. I knew I was going to fuck that guy, and I knew that I was going to love every second of it. I almost came right their on the bench, even though I wasn't even really doing much down there. When you finally did look at me, and nodded that I could go I did have a little orgasm. I could barely stand up, but I did it. I walked over told the guy I wanted him to fuck me, grabbed his hand and led him into the men's room. There was a woman standing by the door as we went in, probably waiting for her husband to come out, and she gave me a dirty look as we were walking up. I said 'Sorry I have to have him,' and she literally gasped. She's lucky her man was coming out when we went in cuz I woulda fucked him too, just to spite her ratchety ass.”

Amanda story was definitely turning me on. Hearing this gorgeous, and powerful woman talk tell me this story as if she were a common street whore was pretty hot. I noticed the everyone else was feeling the same way. Paige and Caitlyn were beginning to fondle themselves, and Mia was fiddling with Jarrod's dick. I felt a slight twinge of jealousy at that, but I knew that if she decided she wanted her older brother's dick in her pussy that I wouldn't stop her. It was her pussy after all. Slave or no slave. I still respected that.

“When we got into the bathroom there were four stalls and three urinals. One of the stall doors was shut and the other three were open. There was a man pissing in one of the urinals. He was about thirty five or so, and built like an ape. I think he could have snapped a person in half without even thinking about it if he wanted too. Jake tried to lead me into an empty stall, but we didn't go there. Not at first anyway. I stopped him dead in his tracks got down on me knees and unzipped his zipper. He wasn't very big, only about six inches or so, but I didn't care. He was hard and I was horny that was all that mattered. I took all of him into my mouth and started sucking. He came right then and there and I swallowed every bit. That's when urinal guy finally realized what was going on. Jake grunted real loud, and urinal guy turned around. 'what the fuck he said. You fucking whore.' I looked at him shook my head yes, and sucked him some more. 'you wanna go big guy?' He shut up then. Glanced at the stall and back to me. He was thinking about it. I wasn't sure that he would because he called me a whore and all, but he was thinking about it. A minute later the stall door opened, and a thin pencil pushing type gentlemen made a b-line for the door. He didn't so much as glance our way. He was holding his hands out it in front of himself as if he were worried about his hands being dirty, but he didn't stop to wash them. All three of us laughed after he left, and the big guy turned back toward me. The look on his face had changed from before. He'd made up his mind and he walked toward me. He hadn't put himself away yet, and he had a full hard on. He was ready, but so was I. He stood next to the other guy and I switched back and forth between the two of them. I felt like I was in some kind of low rate porno or something, but I didn't care. I was doing what I wanted to do and that was all that mattered. It's been a long time since I let go like that and it felt good. After a few minutes of that I stood up and leaned up against the sink. The big guy mounted me almost immediately and I came almost as soon as he was inside of me. I've never come that fast in my life, and yet I'd done it twice in the last twenty minutes. He fucked me like that for a few minutes and then spun me around. He was a little forceful about it, but he took me in the ass and backed up against the sink and said 'take her in the front Jake, let's do it DP style,' that's how I know the first guys names, they must have been friends or something. Anyway, Jake came in from the front and entered me. It was a lot more awkward than the movies make it look, but it still felt so good to have to guys in me at the same time. It was the first time I've ever done it that way, but I hope it's not the last.”

I could feel Caitlyn start to grind into me as her mom talked about having two guy in her at the same time. I noticed that Paige's hand had wandered to her sisters crotch and was kneading the tender meat there. Mia had moved off of the couch and had the tip of Jarrod's dick in her mouth. She was being so gentle with him just kind of kissing and licking his head. Amanda was sliding my hand up her leg, and toward her pussy. I helped her out and moved in the rest of the way.

“It didn't take long and they were both finishing inside of me. After they were done with me I cleaned both of them up, with my mouth of course, and left the bathroom. God that was so fucking hot, I can still barely stand it. Do you think we could have a little fun??? Master.”

“Actually no. Things are to remain calm, and no orgasms, until Caitlyn tells us what happened with her.”

“Really!” Caitlyn said. “Okay. I think I can do that.” She sounded like a kid in a candystore.

“Well you guys pretty much know what happened up until the point when I went up to Tom. At least he said his name was Tom. I don't really know for sure. Anyway. I went up to him and asked if he wanted to do more than just look. He got real nervous real fast and said he didn't think he could because there were a few guys in the back cleaning out one of the ice cream machines, because it was that time of the month or something. I asked if they would tell on him if we went back anyway. His eyes got kind of big and he said we could go back and ask them he guessed. On the way back he asked me if I was really okay with doing it in front of other guys like that, and I said 'hell yeah, that actually sounded kinda hot. When we got to the back all of the guys were just standing there, and the ice cream machine looked like it was all together. Tom asked if they were leaving and they told him hell no they got paid by the hour, and they were gonna stay for at least another hour, because they got it done early. Then they asked if he was gonna rat them out, and he said I won't tell if you won't tell. They were all looking at me kind of checking me out, but they didn't mention me. Tom said he wouldn't tell if they didn't tell on him. 'Tell for what?' Tom told one of the younger guys to go up front, and handle any customers for a few minutes.' The guy huffed and left, and Tom started kissing me and feeling me up. 'Shit Tom she's only like twelve,' one of the guys said. 'Thirteen, I told them.' It made me kind of mad. It was like they were trying to stop him, and I wanted to keep going so I asked them, 'what you guys would turn me down?' They all just kind of shuffled their feet and looked away. I knew they wouldn't I knew I could fuck every one of them if I wanted too, but I wanted to hear them say it so I pulled away from Tom and kissed the closest guy to me, pulling Tom behind me and putting his hands on my ass as I started kissing the other guy. He got down on his knees and I spread my feet apart. He started licking my ass and my pussy while I unbuckled the guys pants that I was kissing. As soon as I got him out I yanked him forward and started trying to get him inside of me, which made Tom stop licking me there, but I didn't care about being licked I wanted to be filled. It only took about three pumps and the dork was cumming inside of me, and he was the one that was talking shit about bein with a girl so young. If he wasn't turned on then why'd he come so fast. As soon as he was done, Tom was right there to fill me up again. He came pretty quick too, but I figured he would I knew I had him turned on real good. He shoved me over to the last guy standing there, that guy lasted longer, but not long enough for me, I was just starting to get worked up. I bent over and put the first guy back in me and started sucking on Tom again. They both lasted longer, but still not very long.”

Caitlyn was grinding into me harder now, and Paige was going back and forth between my chest and Caitlyn's pussy. I looked over and Mia was working Jarrod as deep as she could into her mouth. She reached up and put Jarrods hands on the back of her head. I was working Amanda pretty good with my fingers, and I could tell that it wouldn't be much longer, and she'd be begging me for an orgasm. I hoped their wasn't much left to Caitlyn's story. We were all going to need some relief here real quick.

“They each passed me back and forth a few more times, they'd fuck me for a few minutes, and the next guy would grab me and fuck me. That's when the guy that went up front came back and told Tom that he was the one supposed to be working the register. Tom fastened up and went up front. The guy that came back shoved me up against the wall put one hand around my throat, pulled himself out and fucked the shit out of me for about five minutes or so. He just kept choking me, and fucking me. He didn't even stop after he came like the other guys did. He just kept going and that really got me going I kind of hopped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, and he pumped me harder. That's when I finally came, as he was choking me and humping me I came so fucking hard.”

“How long was I back there anyway?” Caitlyn asked kind of out of the blue.

Her question brought me back to reality. I was so lost in the moment that I didn't expect a question. “I don't really know hon, but it couldn't have been more that ten maybe fifteen minutes.”


“Really,” I said. “Now come here.”

I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply, Paige and Amanda took the hint and began making out over the top of us, and Mia and Jarrod were getting worked up to my right. I glanced over at one point and couldn't help but notice how tiny she looked on her brother's lap. She was riding him at that point and cumming all over him as he slammed her into his lap.

I brought Caitlyn to the floor and kissed her with all of the passion that I had in me. She looked so beautiful laying there with me. Her face was flawless with her cute rosy cheeks, and full luscious lips. I worked my way down to her breasts, and took a nipple into her mouth. She let out a deep throat ed moan, a d my hand, almost involuntarily, went to her thigh. I began to work my way up, kissing her nipple and pleasing her. I wanted to give her what she deserved at that point. Sex was more than just fucking. Fucking was good sometimes, but sex without love, without intimacy, was like watching a porn and whacking off. Lonely. I definitely didn't want to be lonely. Especially when she was surrounded by people who really did love her.

She came fairly easily, and I worked my way down. I kissed her pussy lips and caressed her clit. She responded by spreading wider and inviting me in for more. I licked every inch of her, going from her lips to her clit, to her thighs, and ass, and back to her lips, and clit again. Finally I centered on her opening, and she came again.

I moved up, undoing my pants as I went and made love to her. I made sure that my eyes never left hers. I did it with care, and sincerity, slowly, gently, but deeply and passionately. Always loving, always looking into her eyes, and always feeling like I never wanted to leave. Before we were finished her eyes flooded over with tears, and so did mine. I cried, she cried. We cried.

When we finished, sweating, tear soaked, and spent, we looked up and everyone else had stopped.

They were crying too.

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Like it but dont like sluting out the girls. save mias asshole for me. jimboy

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Like it but dont like sluting out the girls. save mias asshole for me. jimboy


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Yeah, I agree, the whole 3rd person/1st person thing was cleared up really nicely.

PARAGRAPH SPACING. ARGH. Just because it's all said in one go doesn't mean there aren't paragraphs. Whenever someone says something that long, break it up. It hurts the eyes. O.O

Besides that, fantastic story, my favorite installment so far.

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