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Three months have flown by since I last had the chance to put pen to paper; three fantastic, incredible months! So much has happened I’m not sure quite where to begin, but I‘ll work through in the hope it makes some sense.

My relationship with Cyn and Kat had settled into something that was relaxed, intimate and completely natural. Outside the bedroom we felt free to be ourselves, discuss any topic we chose, propose changes to the way we lived, or just enjoy quiet personal time when the mood took us. Cyn and her girls were spending weekends at my place and weekdays at hers, though Kat was still a regular late night visitor to my bedroom during the week. As my house was larger, each of the girls now had their own room, and I had given them free reign to redecorate, choose paint colors, and pick the furniture they wanted. They got so much enjoyment from doing this I was almost sorry when the renovations were finished, and I enjoyed watching them apply their own sense of style as they selected furnishings and personal touches.

In the bedroom things were even better! There wasn’t the slightest hint of jealousy between my two intimate partners; in fact they seemed to reach even higher levels of pleasure when the three of us were together. Cyn and Kat both freely acknowledged they passionately enjoyed bi-sex, and sometimes they would ask me to watch them as they pleasured each other with their mouths, hands and a growing collection of adult toys. Kat had become as adept as her mother at oral sex, and loved nothing more than having me pump my cum deep into her throat. She also enjoyed anal as much as Cyn did, and this became a regular part of our sex-play, particularly when one of them had her period.

The twins were maturing so quickly, mentally as well as physically, that it was difficult to keep up. Cyn had bought larger size bras for them as their bodies grew, and they now displayed feminine curves that matched Kat’s in almost every respect. Surprisingly, it was Shannon who’d become quite the young lady, dressing with her own unique sense of style, and paying particular attention to her makeup and general appearance. Tiff was not quite a tomboy, but was happy to go out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, something Shannon rarely did now. Tiff had started calling me Dad occasionally; while with Shannon it was always Tony. If you had asked me three months ago I would have predicted the exact opposite, so my parenting skills were clearly a work-in-progress.

They had celebrated their fifteenth birthdays a month ago, and we went all out to ensure it was a memorable night. We held the party at my place, and Kat had told me one of the senior boys at school was a sensational DJ, so I’d contacted him and hired him for the night. He certainly had all the equipment, as he spent all of Saturday afternoon setting up turntables, speakers, amps and a brilliant light show. Cyn had offered to prepare the food, but I wanted her out of the kitchen and enjoying the party, so I hired professional caterers to take care of that side of things.

Despite the twins’ reservations, I hired a young couple who were apparently very good amateur magicians. They did a formal show while dinner was served that had everyone spellbound for thirty minutes or so, before moving around the groups of people, performing impromptu tricks for the rest of the night. The DJ kicked into gear after dinner, and soon almost everyone was up and dancing, carrying on until parents started arriving around midnight to pick up their children. The twins told me later they’d had the best night ever, and every second guest gave me a “Great party thanks, the magicians were amazing!” as they left. Cyn and I smiled as the caterers cleaned up, and she showed me later how grateful she was for not having to spend the night trying to satisfy a horde of hungry teenagers. I was still grinning the next morning!

Kat was turning seventeen this weekend, and I spent weeks agonizing about what to do for her, and what kind of gift I should give her. I could have talked to Cyn, and had no doubt she’d have some great ideas, but for some reason I really wanted to do this myself. We had offered to host a party as we had for the twins, but she convinced us she’d rather have a nice evening with us, before adding she wanted a huge party for her eighteenth!

The local movie theatre had been closed for past four months while the new owners refurbished it from top to bottom. The Grand Opening was Saturday night, and Kat had told us she’d love to see the Avengers superhero movie, as we must have been the only town in the country not have shown it yet. Tiff and Shannon were just as keen, so I’d booked tickets as a part of Kat’s birthday treat, followed by dinner at a restaurant we hadn’t been to before, but heard good reports about. With that side of things taken care of, all that remained was for me to stop vacillating and decide what I wanted to do!

I finally came up with a plan, and called Karl and booked the private room in his restaurant for dinner on Friday night. I told Cyn I was taking Kat out for an intimate dinner, and she teased me for not including her, but her sparkling eyes told me she was fine with it. I asked her to take Kat shopping for a new outfit, which she laughingly assured me was no problem. That left me with her gift. I’d bought Cyn a pair of gold spiral earrings from a little jewelry store in town, and Kat and the twins had told me that she absolutely loved them, and they’d happily accept a pair each as well. I headed back to the same store, and the owner was cleaning a display cabinet when I walked in. I knew I wanted something a woman would appreciate, rather than a girl, so I told her it was my daughter’s twenty-first present, but I had no idea what to get her. She politely asked what my budget was, assuring me she didn’t want to waste my time by showing me cheaper or more expensive pieces, and when I told her she looked taken aback for a moment. “She is very lucky young lady Sir, and you are a very generous father!” She smilingly assured me.

She called her daughter from the office, introduced Emma to me, and outlined my dilemma. Emma was an incredibly helpful young woman. “I’m not inclined to suggest a ring as they are normally a very personal choice, and then there is the issue of sizing. For a woman, there’s nothing worse than receiving a special gift, and then having to give it back to have it resized to fit her. May I suggest a diamond pendant? At the figure you nominated you could select a stone around one carat, and we have some exquisite pieces in the safe that I’d be happy to show you, if you feel it would be an appropriate gift?”

Now we were making progress! “Emma, that’s a great suggestion, and I’d love to see what you have please.”

She asked me about Kat; enquiring about her hair and skin color, complexion, and what I felt her tastes were. I had no idea jewelry selection was so specific, but I certainly appreciated her thoroughness. She went out the back and returned with three slim cases, placing them on the counter before carefully opening each one. Deliberately or accidentally, she had saved the best for last, and I was looking at a superb diamond in a heart-shaped gold setting that complimented the stone perfectly, while drawing my eyes to it like steel to a magnet.

Emma smiled. “I can see in your eyes that you’ve made your choice Sir.” She said quietly.

“It is, as you said, an exquisite piece!” I replied, and I looked at her, noting she had a similar slender neck to Kat. “Could I ask you to model it for me?”

She laughed softly. “I may not want to take it off if I do! Mother, would you help with this please?”

Her mother slid the pendant around her neck, taking care to close the clasp on the filigree chain correctly. Emma stood facing me with her head upright, and then turned slightly to each side, allowing me watch the way the diamond glistened as it reflected light. The effect was breathtaking, and she carefully removed it and, somewhat reluctantly, placed it back in the felt-lined case.

“Would you like me to gift wrap it for you Sir?” She asked, and I thanked her profusely as I slid my credit card from my wallet. With Kat’s gift safely I my pocket I headed home, relieved I had finally put the last piece in the puzzle.

Friday came round and I’d told Kat I would pick her up at seven. I was surprised how nervous I felt, as though I was a teenager going on a first date with a girl I’d been chasing for ages; and even washed and cleaned the car in the morning! It had taken me an hour to decide what to wear, as clothes came out of the wardrobe and went back until I was finally satisfied with my choice.

I showered and shaved, dressed, and walked over right on seven. Cyn opened the door, looked me up and down and smiled. I'd decided on a navy single-breasted suit with a mid-grey, open neck silk shirt. "I'd go out with you dressed like that anytime!" She smiled.

"See me tomorrow night!" I laughingly replied.

"Kat's so nervous Tony!" Cyn laughed. "She's been ready for half an hour, pacing up and down. She's asked each of us if she looks ok at least twenty times. Another five minutes and I think Shannon was going to come and get you, just so we’d get some peace!"

Cyn held the door for me and we went inside. Kat was sitting on couch, hands folded in her lap, and she stood and gave me a hesitant smile as I walked in. I stopped dead in my tracks, actually trying to pause mid-stride which resulted in a clumsy half-stumble before I regained my footing. She looked perfect; not gorgeous or hot or sexy, though she was certainly all of those, just totally perfect in every sense. Her hair was up formal style, with twisted bangs framing her flawlessly made-up face. She had borrowed the gold, spiral earrings I had bought for Cyn, and I thankfully noted there was nothing around her neck. She was wearing a stunning French-blue cocktail dress which somehow walked the tightrope between classy elegance and overt sensuality. The straps started out thin and gradually tapered outward as the fabric came down to cover her firm breasts. There was just enough cleavage showing to convince me she wasn't wearing a bra, without making a blatant statement. The length was a relatively modest mid thigh, but with slits in each side that showed a teasing glimpse of the top of her pale silver shimmer stockings. A pair of stilettos that matched her dress completed her ensemble.

Cyn leaned over and whispered. "You might want to say something Tony!"

Oh God, please tell me I'd managed to at least keep my mouth closed! "Kat, every man at dinner tonight is going to wish he was with you, and every woman is going to wish she looked like you! I would happily take you to dinner at the White House dressed like that, you...look...fantastic!!!"

She blushed ever so slightly, a tiny hint of pink appearing on her cheeks as she picked up her bag and smiled. "So...are we going to dinner...or are you just going to stand there and stare at me!"

"I'm happy either way!" I assured her.

"Well I'm looking forward to dinner, can we go please?" She laughed.

I offered her my arm and we walked to my car, and I opened her door for her and we were on our way.

We hadn't gone far when she looked around the car. "I thought cleaning the car was my job?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well, you were busy, and I've got this hot date tonight with this incredibly sexy lady, and I really wanted to make a good impression."

She laughed and lay her hand gently on my thigh as I drove. "I was thinking today that this is our first actual date, the first time it's just been you and me and we're doing something special together. I'm glad I hadn't just had a birthday when you kicked our door in, otherwise I’d still be waiting!"

"Ouch!" I laughed. "That was a little harsh!"

She wasn't put off in the slightest. "It's my birthday and I have special privileges. So provided tonight goes well, don't leave it another three months before our next date, ok?"

I smiled across at her as we pulled up at the restaurant. "I think that's a promise I can happily keep."

We walked inside and Karl was working reception, greeting his patrons and summoning staff to show them to their tables.

"Hi Tony!" He greeted us like long-lost family. "And Katrina, you look lovelier every time you visit us. It's a good thing Tony requested the private room, otherwise all the men would be fighting over you!" Karl had always laid the compliments on pretty thick, but for some reason women of all ages just seemed to lap it up. I guess that proved he knew something I didn't! He motioned our waitress over and it turned out to be Chloe, who had taken such exceptional care of us the first time we had dinner at Karl's together. What really amazed Kat and I was that she remembered us, as she must see hundreds of patrons every month.

"Hi Mr. Allen!'s Katrina? Did I get that right?"

Kat smiled at her. "You have a great memory Chloe, I'm impressed!"

Chloe gave her a conspiratorial smile as she led us to the private room. "Not really, you just naturally remember the nice patrons and forget the unpleasant ones! So, is this a special occasion?"

"It's Kat's birthday." I told her.

"Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you decided to celebrate with us!" Chloe responded, before seating us, giving us our menus, and placing a wine list in front of me. She walked over and opened a small drawer, taking out a tiny earpiece and a small disc with a button in the centre. She fitted the earpiece and then placed the disc on the table between us. “I'm sure you'd like some privacy tonight, so if you need anything at all, please just press the button and I'll be right in. Now, can I get you some drinks before I leave and let you look at your menus?"

I scanned their selections of sparkling wines and ordered a bottle of champagne we had enjoyed previously. Chloe smiled and left, knocking softly when she returned with an ice bucket and our bottle of choice. She carefully popped the cork, poured two glasses, and reminded us to press the call button when we were ready to order.

Alone at last, I raised my glass to my stunning companion. “Happy Birthday Kat. And I’m really sorry it’s taken so long for our first official date!” I said with a rueful smile.

She smiled in reply, her eyes sparkling as she raised her glass to me. “And here I was thinking you were only interested in me for hot sex!” She teased.

I laughed at her candid reply. “You’re not going to tease me all night are you?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Not all night….but at least until you take me home to bed!” She laughed, her eyes glistening in the subdued light. “Would you really take me to dinner at the White House?”

“Dressed like that, there is no doubt!” I assured her. “The First Lady would be extremely jealous!”

“What would you do if the President flirted with me?” She teased some more.

“Well, the Secret Service would probably be unhappy if I punched him out, so I’d just have to remind him I’m a registered voter!”

“I’m not sure that’d do it!” She responded.

We looked through the menus and finally made our selections, so I pressed the buzzer and Chloe appeared to take our orders, before softly closing the door behind her.

Kat slid her hand across the spotless tablecloth, taking my hand in hers. “Can I ask you something Tony?”

“You can ask me anything honey!” I assured her.

She looked uncertain for just a second, as though she was unsure how to frame her question. “Sometimes….I wonder….about us.” She said hesitantly, so I gently squeezed her hand. “I mean….things have been so wonderful….but….I can’t help but wonder about the future?”

I smiled at her, trying to put her mind at ease. “I’m not sure I follow you Kat. But if you have a question please just ask me. I think….I hope you trust me enough to know that I’ll try and give you an honest answer.”

She smiled gratefully. “I do know that, I’m just tripping over myself…. ummm….ok, let’s try it this way. Mom and I are both sharing your bed, and while an outsider would probably see a hundred things wrong with that….it just seems….to work for us. But there’s a part of me that keeps saying this can’t last forever, and maybe you might propose to Mom, and what would happen to me then? I mean….I’d be so happy if you were to become my Dad, and I think it’d be great for Mom too, but…I have no idea where that would leave me? Oh God, am I making any sense at all?”

My mental faculties hit the overload trigger in no time at all, and I was overwhelmed by a bitter sense of self-recrimination. I had been enjoying the amazing delights of this special young woman, and her mother, for months, and had given no thought at all to her hopes and expectations as our relationship grew deeper. I had thought about Cyn, and what her wishes for the future may be, but I figured we had plenty of time to see how we felt about each other. So why hadn’t I connected the dots and realized Kat would have similar feelings and concerns? I’d been thinking with the little head, not the larger one, and I was ashamed to acknowledge that she deserved far better than that kind of chauvinism.

Her eyes were begging for me to say something, anything, so I took a breath. “The first thing I have to say is how sorry I am, and how much I hope you can forgive me. I can’t believe how self-absorbed I’ve been, and how little attention I’ve paid to your feelings. I should have realized we’d reach this point, but I’ve just been so wrapped up in enjoying being with you, and Cyn, that I honestly never gave it a thought, and I’m kicking myself black and blue right now.”

She didn’t speak but gave my hand a slight squeeze, a sign I should continue? So I went on. “You’re right when you say anyone from outside would look at our relationship and wonder how it could possibly work, but….I didn’t plan any of this…it really just kind of happened…and I got caught up and went along with it. I guess I felt that things would roll along for a while, and then one day you’d come home and tell me you’d met this great guy, and it was time for you to be with…someone more your own age? Now it’s my turn to ask if I’m making any sense?”

Thankfully she smiled, and I breathed a hesitant sigh of relief. “Why would you think that?” She asked tenderly. “Did I ever give you the idea that was what I wanted?”

I shook my head. “Honestly? No! You never gave me that idea, it’s…just something my idiot brain thought up all by itself.”

She took a slow sip of champagne, before she held my gaze with her eyes. “Ok, then ask yourself this right now. Why would I want a boy, when I already have a loving, caring man? Why on earth would I want some teenager fumbling around down there..” She glanced downward briefly to illustrate her point “when I already have someone who knows how to give me so much pleasure, I feel as though I’ve died and gone to heaven?”

“I have no idea, and when you put it that way…..I can’t explain what I was thinking!” I ruefully agreed. At that point there was a soft knock on the door, and after a few seconds Chloe entered with our meals. She smiled as she set the plates down, and then slipped out again.

Kat didn’t appear to be put off by the direction of our conversation, which is more than I could say, and attacked her meal enthusiastically. I followed suit at a slower pace, still kicking myself for my patently inconsiderate oversight. Her eyes were sparkling again, and I had to admire her courage. “So….I’m not asking you to choose between Mom and I, because I’m happy with things just the way they are, but…if you had to choose….?” She left the question hanging in the air, and I realized I was starting to sweat.

I had to pause to consider this, as she had made it clear it was a rhetorical question but she or Cyn could well ask me this at some point, in fact it was almost inevitable, so my answer had to be the same one I would give when the chips were down. “I couldn’t choose between you and your Mom, Kat.” I said, looking directly into her eyes. A look of disappointment flashed across her face, but she regained her composure quickly. I held up my hand to stop her from speaking. “Hang on a moment, I realize you may not be happy with my answer, and I’d like to explain my reasons before you say anything, ok?” She nodded. “I couldn’t choose….because I have very deep feelings for both of you, and if I chose one of you it would be like cutting out a piece of my heart. I would spend a lot of time wondering about the other, who she was with and what she was doing, whether she was truly happy, and missing her terribly. I know that sounds….greedy, but it would be like a form of cancer, and it would just grow and grow until it consumed me. The feelings I have for each of you are the same in some respects, and completely different in others! There’s no question Cyn and I could be soul-mates; we have so much in common and we’re similar ages, and when I’m with her it just feels perfect. And then there’s you, so incredibly vibrant, and just full of life! Just being with you keeps me young, and….you just…keep me grounded somehow? You never let me take myself too seriously, and I never know exactly how you’re going to react, and it’s just magical!”

She was smiling, her eyes misting ever so slightly, but I hadn’t finished yet. “I guess it’s like I said before. I love everything about you, and being with you is fantastic! But…I watched you grow up right next door; this cute little kid with shining eyes and a pony-tail. And now you’re a grown woman and I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize the child is gone. I guess….I just figured one day you’d tell me you found the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and maybe raise a family, and hopefully we’d remain close friends but you’d move on with your life. I figured I’d never have to make the decision you’ve asked me for.…but when the time came you’d make it for me. Damn it Kat! Don’t you realize I’m madly, hopelessly in love with both of you? I could no more choose between you and Cyn than cut off my arm!” I slumped back in my chair, emotionally drained, desperately searching her face for some kind, any kind, of positive sign!

She looked thoughtful before she stood and took my hands in hers, pulling me to my feet as she hugged me, her face resting against my chest. “Did I hear that right?” She whispered so quietly I had to strain to hear her. “Did you just say you loved me?”

I lifted her chin gently and kissed her lips softly. “I love you so much it actually frightens me some times!” I whispered in reply. “I can’t see how anyone could spend more than five minutes with you, and not fall hopelessly in love with you!”

“Do you want to hear something funny?” She asked, and went on before I could reply. “A tiny part of me was hoping we’d finish up just as we are right now. But this rational voice kept saying you thought I was just a girl, a kind of young friend-with-benefits, and the day would come when you’d sit me down and patiently explain why you really wanted to be with Mom.”

I’d been wondering all night when to give her my gift, and now I had my answer. “I need you to sit down please.” And as she did I slid the gift-wrapped case from my pocket and placed in on the table in front of her. “I have something for you, and this may help you to understand whether I see you as a woman or a child.”

Her eyes lit up and she gave me a smile. “Is this for me?” She asked as she carefully picked up the slim package. I nodded and she undid the bow, before unwrapping the paper. She put the case down and opened the lid, and her eyes widened in amazement as she saw the pendant with the glistening diamond. “Oh my God! That isn’t a real diamond…is it? No…I’m sorry….it can’t be…it’s huge!” She looked at me and I was grinning like a fool and nodding. “It is? IT IS!!!!!” She was almost bouncing up and down on her chair. “Can you put it on for me…..please?”

She opened the clasp ever so carefully and handed it to me as I walked behind her, and she lifted the few wisps of hair that were hanging down to her neck. I placed the pendant around her throat and closed the clasp. “Oh my God!” She whispered, looking all around the room. “I need a mirror! There has to a mirror here somewhere!!!” When she realized there was no mirror she hit Chloe’s call button, and kept her finger on it as though trying to push it through the table. Chloe came racing in, thinking the room must have been on fire or something, and came to a prompt halt when she saw Kat’s pendant. “Is everything….oh my God!”

Kat looked Chloe, her expression pleading. “I…need…a….mirror! NOW…PLEASE!!!” She begged.

Chloe grabbed her hand. “That pendant is so beautiful, come with me!!!”

Two cyclones tore out the door so fast I thought for a second I’d have another carpentry job on my hands, and I sat back in my chair and took a long sip from my champagne glass. You don’t give an intimate gift without praying the recipient really gets some pleasure from it, and I’d had my money’s worth, and then some!

They were gone for at least ten minutes, and when Kat returned she had tears in her eyes. She told me later Chloe had brought every girl who worked there into the ladies restroom to look at her pendant, even dragging Karl’s wife in from the office. She was the centre of attention as the girls inspected her new jewelry, and as Chloe put it, they were all extremely jealous!

Kat was positively glowing as she sat on my lap once Chloe had left us. “Well, that certainly answers my question!” She giggled, before she kissed me deeply. “Now, can we please go home so I can show you how much I appreciate your gift? And before you think about saying that’s not necessary, I’m telling you I’m going to do it anyway, and I’m going to make love to you until you beg me to stop!”

“What happens if I don’t beg you to stop?” I teased her.

Her eyes smoldered as she replied. “Trust me, you will! Otherwise I’ll fuck you until you pass out!”

Kat’s lust-filled suggestion was creating stirring sensations just below my waist, so I buzzed briefly to give Chloe my credit card, and squirmed as discreetly as I could to reposition my stiffening cock, knowing without question that she was totally serious. We paid the bill and I gave Chloe a generous tip, and we literally ran to the car, Kat’s heels clicking on the sidewalk beside me. As soon as the doors were closed she slid around so that her body was facing me, and lifted her tight butt from the seat to slide the hem of her dress up around her waist. It was until then that I realized she wasn’t wearing panties, and I admired her brazen spirit. A hooked finger eased the thin straps from her shoulders, and she slid the fabric down to expose her breasts to me. She slid a finger deep into her mouth, her cheeks sucking in as she coated it with saliva, and I noticed her nipples were extended and firm, her breasts flushed a soft pink as her finger slid ever so slowly along the length of glistening pussy.

“Better drive fast Tony!” She hissed. “Otherwise this seat is going to have an interesting scent in the morning. I am so wet for you! If I don’t have that big, hard cock inside me soon I’m going to scream! Do you want my pussy, baby? Do you want to slide your hard, dripping cock deep in my cunt, or would you rather have me on my hands and knees as you slowly inch into my tight little ass?”

Talk about driven to distraction! I glanced across as she slid two, then three fingers deep into her slick pussy. My sense of smell was already picking up her intoxicating scent, and I savored every breath of the heady fragrance of a woman who was ready for a raw, intense fucking. We both knew this would not be slow, sensual, lovemaking; our desires for something more passionate and primal completely exposed and accepted.

“I don’t care what we do honey!” I growled. “I’d be happy to fuck your mouth, your pussy or your ass! There has never been a time we were together and I didn’t feel completely satisfied!!!”

She gave me a smile that smoldered pure sexuality. “No reason to limit yourself. If you’re not going to beg me to stop, then you’ll have to fuck all three! I hope you’ve got plenty of cum in those tight balls!”

“I’ll bet you’ll find out soon enough!” Was the best I could come back with.

Her fingers were moving faster, plunging deeper into her hot, wet pussy as she lay back in the seat, watching me drive through slitted eyes. “Uhh….Uhh…..UHHH….FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!” A torrent of cum sprayed past her thrusting hand; raw, liquid sounds filling the car as her juices pooled on the leather seat and slowly ran back under her writhing butt cheeks. As her breathing slowed slightly she giggled at me. “Oh fuck! I’ve gone and pumped my cum over your nice clean seat, it looks like I have to clean the car tomorrow!”

Thankfully we were almost home, as I was starting to think I’d have to stop the car, throw her over the hood, and fuck her right there on the side of the road. I didn’t bother putting the car in the garage, I just locked it in the drive and we ran inside, laughing like a pair of half-drunk school kids whose parents had gone on vacation. We made it my room, and I’d just closed the door and she was on me, sliding my jacket from my shoulders before she threw it on the floor, then dropping to her knees to unlace my shoes and slide my socks off, before they were flung across the room. My belt and trousers put up no resistance, and then she stood, sliding her hands up my chest beneath my shirt. “Nice shirt, is this a favorite?” She asked with an evil smile on her face.

“Yeah, I like it!” I replied.

Her hands slid down and she gripped the fabric on each side. “Sorry! Guess I’ll have to buy you a new one!” She laughed, before she ripped it open, buttons flying like shrapnel as the fabric tore! With my shirt gone she placed her palms on my chest, pushing me back until I was backed up against the side of the bed. One forceful shove had me lying face up, gazing at this incredible picture of pure, wanton lust. Her dress hit the floor and she dove on top of me, the impact momentarily knocking the breath from my body. Her hands were everywhere and her lips met mine, crushing against me as her tongue insistently probed my mouth. She kissed me with a passion that was overwhelming, and I was with her all the way, wanting her as much as she wanted me. She came up for air and we both gasped, before she straddled my face, stretched her glistening labia wide apart so that I could see deep into her saturated pussy. “I don’t want you to eat me, I want you to devour me, because that’s what I’m going to do to you!” She hissed, and dropped down until she was grinding her pussy across my face.

Her body tilted forward, and I felt her small hand wrap around my aching cock and squeeze me, hard! I stretched my tongue as far as I possibly could and slid it all around her oozing pussy, tasting her nectar and wanting more, trying to drink her juices like a man lost in the desert who had just found water. Her labia were mashed across my cheeks, my nose was actually resting against her sphincter, and it was almost impossible to breathe, but as long it was “almost” then that was fine!

Her mouth slid over the head my shaft, and in one fluid movement she slid down and took me deep in her throat. I felt her throat moving against me, clenching and releasing with amazing pressure until I realized she was actually trying to swallow my cock! I tried to thrust my hips upward, attempting to give her even more, until I felt the sting of a slap on my skin telling me she was in control.

She moaned; a deep, stifled sound that came from deep in her throat and sent tremors of vibration reverberating up my cock. My face was bathed as she came, a huge gush bursting from deep inside that hit my face with an intensity that actually caused me to flinch, before I went to back to drinking her juices and received another spray, and another.

My cock was twitching despite its captive state, and my balls felt as though they’d been bathed in burning fuel. I groaned deep into her pussy as I came, harder and deeper than I could ever remember cumming before. Her throat worked around me, attempting to keep pace with my pumping flow, before she slid back slightly, wrapped her hand around my greasy shaft again, and jacked the remainder of my load into her mouth. Her lips locked around my shaft as she slid free, and her sweet pussy disappeared as she moved down the bed, until she was lying between my legs, facing me.

She pinched me softly to get my attention, and when I opened my tightly clenched eyes I saw her cheeks puffed out, a tiny string of cum hanging from her lower lip, and her eyes smiling at me. She slid up until her face was over my cock, tilted her head down and opened her mouth. I could see her mouth was full of my thick, white cream, and she stayed still as it ran slowly across her lip and dribbled all over my cock and my balls. It took a couple of minutes to drain from her mouth, and my cock was covered as though someone had cum all over me. She licked her lips and dipped her head, slowly licking me clean, and pausing every few seconds to swallow my fluid. I was mesmerized, completely spellbound; I had never witnessed anything so incredibly hot in my life!

“Oh fuck! I love the way you taste!” She hissed at me. “Did you like my cum bath baby? You ate my pussy sooo good! I just can’t get enough of your tongue in my cunt!”

“I love the way you taste honey!” I moaned. “I could lie here all night while you grind your pussy across my face and pump your cum down my throat.”

“That sounds like a very tempting offer, but you’ve got two more tight, hot holes to fill first!” She started licking my balls, before taking them into her mouth as her hand worked on my shaft once more. I was sure it would be a while before I was ready to fuck her, but her steady rhythmic action slowly coaxed my spent cock back to life.

When she felt I was ready she slid up my body, using her hand to slide the dribbling head of my cock slowly up and down her labia. “Where do you want to go next baby! Pussy…..or ass?”

I smiled up at her. “It’s your birthday, so you get to choose!”

“How considerate!” She whispered, before dropping firmly on my cock and forcing it deep inside her streaming pussy. She was incredibly wet, her juices oozing freely and running down over my balls as she rode me slowly. Her thrusts were long and deep, sliding up until I thought I’d slip free, before she slid back down, grinding her body against mine. A small gush of cum bathed my cock as tremors radiated through her body like ripples in a pool of water, and the scent of her juices wafted through the room. Her thrusts increased in speed and intensity, and she was groaning and writhing, her body pivoting from our point of intimate connection. I reached up and cupped her firm, flushed breasts, before gently gripping her rigid little nipples and dragging them away from her smooth body. “Uhh! Uhhh! YEESS!!!” She hissed. “Give it to me cunt-fucker! Come on!!! PUMP MY HOT CUNT AND FILL ME WITH CUM!!!”

I felt her juices pumping over me, her hot pussy so wet I had never moved so easily, and I joined her in complete ecstatic release, my balls pumping a second load deep inside her liquid cunt. “Oh yes, GOD…YES!!! Oh that feels so fucking good! Fill my cunt with fuck juice!!!” She squealed, before she collapsed on top of me, her chest heaving as she struggled for breath.

We were bathed in perspiration, our bodies slick from the exertion, the raw smell of sex heavy in the air. Her hair was matted with sweat, and I gently stroked it away from her flushed face as I marveled yet again about the amazing creature in my arms. My softening cock was still deep inside her, and I realized I was grinning from ear to ear as I savored the way this sexual wildcat had taken me tonight. Her passion was intoxicating, her desire for fulfillment all-consuming, and her pursuit of pleasure completely without inhibition. I was incredibly fortunate just to spend time with this amazing woman, let alone enjoy the indescribable pleasures of her perfect young body.

I felt an eyelid flutter open against my chest, followed by the soft brush of her lips as she kissed my skin. “That was sooo good!” She whispered. “I can’t describe how much I enjoy being with you like this! Now…..that’s two down, one to go. Are you up for it baby?”

I groaned. “You have to be kidding!” I chuckled. “I am done, gone, spent and finished! You’ll have to give me a rain check Kat!”

She giggled. “I told you you’d beg me to stop!”

“And you were absolutely right; I don’t know why I don’t listen to you.” I replied as I slid slowly free of her moist embrace.

“I don’t either.” She whispered dreamily, and I slid the sheets up and covered us, and lay back with my arm around her shoulders, drawing her close until I could feel her steady breath on my chest. We drifted off into deep, restful sleep.

Cyn knocked on the door and breezed in Saturday morning, with her regular tray of pre-breakfast treats, juice and coffees. “Happy Birthday honey!” She greeted Kat, who was struggling to get her eyes open. At that point she noticed Kat’s pendant, which along with her stockings was the only thing she was wearing. She looked at me and smiled. “You’ve been spoiling my daughter again Tony, and I am insanely jealous! That is magnificent! That’s not a real diamond… it?”

Kat was awake by now and smiled at Cyn. “Oh…this little trinket? Actually….IT IS!!!” She squealed and gave me a huge hug that almost crushed my chest. “If you ask me nicely I might even let you try it on!”

“Could I?” She asked, and when Kat had fastened the clasp she went and stood in front of the mirror. “Oh wow! That is something very, very special baby!”

“Just don’t get too attached to it Mom!” Kat teased.

Cyn reluctantly handed it back, before looking at me. “I am jealous!” She said, but thankfully with a smile which told me she wasn’t totally serious. “Hmm….my birthday is not that far away….”

I laughed loudly. “Boy that was subtle! Come here and give me a good morning hug you sexy thing. And I already have something very special in mind for your birthday!”

Cyn came over and hugged me, pausing for a lingering kiss. “I gather you two had a good night?”

Kat got her reply in first. “We had a great night Mom, but I’m a bit worried about Tony. Poor thing went to sleep on me last night!”

“Hey!” I protested, trying to stifle my amusement. “I think you fell asleep before I did!”

“Yeah right! Who gave who a rain check?” She giggled.

Cyn was smiling as the banter flew. “Well, that will have to wait as the twins are up and about. Time for breakfast you two.”

Kat gave me an exaggerated look of pain. “Don’t you just hate a killjoy?”

We made short work of Cyn’s tray, and Kat and I headed for the shower as Cyn went down to the kitchen. Kat was keen for us to shower together, and while that was a pleasant prospect I declined, knowing where that would lead us and not wanting Shannon or Tiff to walk in wondering what was keeping us.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and taking it easy, and I was thankful Kat did clean the inside of my car, as I’d completely forgotten about the trip home last night. That would have been a little embarrassing when we all got inside to drive into town! Late afternoon we got dressed and went to the theatre, and every one of us thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The new owners had installed 3D equipment and it was the first time any of us had seen a movie in 3D. The effects were amazing, and we spent the first hour ducking and jumping in our seats, as we thought bodies and objects were flying from the screen and about to hit us. When we finally got used to the special effects we managed to stay in our seats, but it was a hell of a show!

Dinner was just as good, with great food and efficient but unobtrusive service. I had told them it was Kat’s birthday when I booked the table, and once the mains were cleared they brought out a cake with seventeen candles and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday, including the other patrons. Kat was blushing at all the attention, her diamond pendant matching her eyes as they sparkled in the flickering candlelight. Tiff had bought her an iTunes voucher so she could download her favorite music, and Shannon had picked a beautiful silk scarf that suited her perfectly when she tied it loosely around her neck. Cyn gave her the “latest-cool” cell phone, which apparently gave your credibility a serious boost as soon as you flashed it around.

Kat assured us she hadn’t missed having a big party, still talking about the movie and thanking Cyn and the twins for her gifts when we arrived home. We sat in the den for while and enjoyed a glass of wine, Cyn agreeing the twins could have a glass, and talked about what a great night it had been. Tiff and Shannon kissed us goodnight and headed for bed, and we decided to follow them as it was getting late. I had spent last night with Kat and I figured she would head for her room and I’d be with Cyn tonight, so I was pleasantly she surprised when she took Kat’s hand. “Coming with us honey?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Kat smiled back at her. “If you’re inviting me, I’d love to!”

Cyn whispered something in her ear, and Kat’s smile grew wider. “I think I’d like that Mom! Come on Tony, it’s bed time!”

They walked up the stairs holding hands and laughing, with me trailing behind. We went into my room and Cyn closed the door, telling me to lose my clothes and get comfortable. I did as I was told and lay back on the bed, wondering what my two sexy ladies had in store.

They stood beside the bed facing each other, and after a quick whisper from Cyn that I strained to hear and failed, slowly started undressing each other. Taking turns, each removed one article of clothing from the other, moving with a quiet purpose until both were naked. Cyn gently fingered Kat’s pendant. “This really is something very special honey!” She said quietly.

“I know! The repayment plan will go on for years!” She giggled, giving me a lascivious wink as she spoke.

It was what happened next that really got my attention, as Cyn took her daughter’s face in her hands, leaned forward, and kissed her deeply on the lips. As I watched in amazement Kat responded, opening her mouth to allow Cyn’s tongue to meet hers, as their kiss grew in intensity. Cyn’s hand trailed down Kat’s chest, brushing a firm breast on its way, until she found her daughter’s glistening labia. When Kat felt Cyn’s fingers sliding along her pussy she followed suit, and soon both women were softly stroking each other as their kiss continued. After what seemed an eternity they broke, and Cyn slowly dropped to her knees. Kat spread her legs slightly, and Cyn slid forward and started kissing all over Kat’s pussy. After working up and down both sides she reached up and slid Kat’s labia wide apart, before extending her tongue and sliding it along the length of Kat’s moist inner lips.

She paused for a moment and slid her tongue deep inside, which Kat had moaning softly as she placed her hands on Cyn’s head and started rocking back and forth; forcing her mother’s tongue deeper inside. “Oh God!” She whispered. “I don’t what feels better; a slippery tongue in my pussy, or a hard cock!”

Speaking of cocks, mine was certainly hard, and precum was running freely from my slit. I couldn’t remain a spectator for a second longer, so I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started stroking slowly, careful to ensure I didn’t squeeze too hard as I knew what the result would be.

Kat was increasing the pressure on Cyn’s head, forcing it firmly against her as she ground her oozing pussy against Cyn’s willing mouth. Her breasts were flushed and she was gasping every time Cyn’s wicked tongue slid deep inside, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she opened the cum-count for the evening. Sure enough she started panting. “Uhh…Uhhh….UHHH! Suck it Mom! Please! Suck my hot, wet pussy!!!” A small gush of cum sprayed over Cyn’s face, before Kat decided to get serious and pumped a huge jet of thick liquid all over her mother’s glistening face.

Cyn seemed to go crazy when the first gush of cum hit her lips, grinding against Kat’s running pussy as though she was trying to jam her face inside. I could see her mouth working as she tried to swallow the pumping juices, until Kat finally pushed her away and collapsed onto the bed beside me. “No more!” She gasped. “I….I can’t take any more!”

I leaned over and kissed her softly, her eyelids fluttering as she felt my lips make contact. “Oh God!” She whispered to me. “I came so much! I thought I was never going to stop!!!”

I smiled at her as Cyn joined us on the bed. “There’s no doubt your mother is very talented!” I said to Kat, but I was smiling at Cyn.

“Well Tony, are you going to do something other than lie back and play with yourself all night?” Cyn said with a suggestive tone.

I laughed at her lewd suggestion. “I thought I’d get to relax and enjoy the show! And let me tell you….you girls put on one hell of a show!!!”

She smiled as she got on her hands and knees. “Time to get to work honey. Slide that thing into my hot cunt, but I want your cum in my ass!”

I grinned back at her. That was an offer no man could refuse, so I knelt behind her, gripped ass cheeks and pulled them apart, before sliding my cock deep into her hot, willing pussy. She was so wet I would have sworn she’d already cum, and her heat radiated through the length of my cock as it slid deeper, until my balls were nestling against her slick labia. I paused for a few seconds to allow her stretch, and when I felt she was ready I started thrusting long and deep.

She groaned, a long sound that came from deep in her throat before it slid past her partially open lips. “Oh…..yes. FUCK…..YES!! God, I’ve missed having your hard cock deep inside me! Pump me slowly baby. Fuck my pussy until I paint your balls with cum, and then slip that cock deep into my ass!”

Kat had recovered from her explosive climax, watching us fuck until she crawled beneath her mother, and started kissing and sucking her clit while I slid easily into her dripping pussy. I was pumping steadily, and to be honest I was trying to focus my thoughts on mundane things, as I knew thinking about fucking Cyn while Kat was making love to her clit with her lips would have me blowing my load in seconds. Cyn was groaning and shaking from our combined erotic efforts, and it felt as though the heat in her pussy was increasing as radiated through my oozing cock. “Oh Yeeesssss!” She hissed. “Ohhhh God! My cunt feels like it’s on fire! Uhhh…..Uhhh…..UHHH! I’M…. CUMMIINNGGG!!!!”

I loved the way my wanton women gushed when they came, and Cyn didn’t disappoint me, spraying her heady-scented juices all over Kat’s face and my balls as she shuddered through her climax. Her pussy twitched around my shaft and my balls started pumping, and I reluctantly whipped my cock free from her slick embrace, squeezing the base of the shaft firmly in an attempt to hold back my flow. A small bead of thick white juice oozed from my slit before I managed to bring my boiling balls under control. That was close, way too close!

There was no way I could even think about sliding into Cyn’s tight ass, as I knew I’d be lucky to slip my cock-head past her gripping sphincter before I pumped a load deep into her clutching ass. Kat had slid back from her position under her mother, and saw the small trickle of cum running down my shaft. She smiled at me and sank down, carefully cleaning me with her soft, moist tongue, before she whispered. “I think you need a little time to get that angry fella back under control, so I’ll keep Mom busy for a while.”

I smiled a relieved “Thank you!” and sat back, as Kat started stroking Cyn’s pussy again. Cyn was still on her hands and knees, her juices running freely down her thighs, and she moaned again as Kat slid one, then two fingers past her puffy labia and deep inside her running pussy. While it was probably the last thing I should have been doing while trying to regain control, I couldn’t help but watch the lustful scene before me. Kat’s fingers were shining in the light, coated with Cyn’s orgasmic fluids, and things only got hotter as she slid a third finger in easily.

“That’s it baby, that’s what I need!” Cyn moaned. “Stretch Momma’s pussy honey, stretch me wide open!”

The crimson mist of fuck-lust was engulfing me, and I suspected my companions were similarly involved. “You’ve got three fingers in your tight, wet pussy now Cyn. Are you saying you want more?” I asked directly, deciding to add some serious mind-fucking to the physical sensations.

“Yes!” She hissed. “I want more! Stretch my pussy further! Stretch my cock-fucking cunt!!!”

“Ok Kat!” I said loudly enough that both would hear me. “Give her a four-fingered fucking!”

Kat smiled lewdly, and folded four fingers together before sliding them inside. Cyn’s pussy was literally running like a tap, a steady trickle running past her daughter’s fingers and down her thighs. I was amazed how easily Kat could slide her fingers inside, so I decided to ramp things up a little.

“Kat, do you know what a fist-fuck is?” I asked.

“No Tony.” She said quietly. “But I get the feeling you’re going to tell me!”

“It’s when you slide you whole hand into a woman’s pussy, until you’re up to the wrist!” I hissed.

Cyn threw her head back and groaned again, a small spray of cum gushing past Kat’s steadily thrusting fingers when she realized what I was suggesting.

Kat giggled, but it was a low sexy sound that only added to the atmosphere. She knew I was playing mind-fuck games with Cyn, and was a willing participant. “Are you saying you want me to fist-fuck my darling Mother, Tony? You want me to stretch her pussy wide open until I can slide my whole fist into her hot little cunt? Do you think she can take it?”

“Kat, she’s had three children so I think she’ll take it easily.” I replied, which drew another moan and a small, trembling cum from Cyn. “Slide your hand in, deep! Give her a little time to stretch, and then pump her cunt hard until she’s cumming all over you!”

Cyn’s mind was reeling, and she couldn’t remain silent for another second. “Ohhhh God! Go one then DO IT! Fist my pussy you filthy cunt fuckers!!!”

Kat and I smiled at each other, and she slid her hand free momentarily as I moved down the bed for a clearer view. Kat folded her thumb into her palm and slid her had forward. I gripped Cyn’s butt cheeks firmly, and pulled them apart as Kat slid her hand past Cyn’s stretched labia. I saw her fingers enter to the first knuckle, and then the second. A little more pressure took Kat to the third knuckle, and Cyn was panting hard. “OH my fucking God!” Cyn hissed. “You’re ripping my pussy apart!”

I released my grip on Cyn’s butt and gripped Kat wrist, sliding her fingers in and out and gradually going deeper with each movement. I could see Cyn’s pussy stretching as it tried to accommodate the width of Kat’s hand, the opening gradually growing wider as nature took its course. Finally Kat succeeded, her hand sliding past her mother’s stretched muscles as it slipped into the wrist. I held Kat’s wrist still, allowing Cyn to breathe through the pain she must have been experiencing, until her breathing slowed. “Sweet….fucking….Jesus!” She moaned. “I’ve never felt so completely full in my life!”

I started moving Kat’s wrist again, and then released my grip and sat back, watching in awe. I had never seen a woman being fist-fucked before, and it was a mind-blowing experience. As Kat’s slim hand slid back Cyn’s pussy stretched back with her, as though trying to prevent the invader from escaping her hold. As it slid in her pussy stretched in with it, her labia folding inward as though trying to turn inside-out. My cock wasn’t oozing or dripping pre cum, it was running, and my juices were trailing down the length of my shaft and coating my tight balls. I was breathing deeply myself, feeling that the slightest touch on my cock would have me firing ropes of cum in all directions. Kat’s face and chest were flushed brightly, and she was a study of concentration as she slid her hand even deeper. Cyn was actually squealing softly every time Kat slid inside, and as I watched a tremor rippled through her body. “Fucking…..CUMIINNGG!!!!!!” She screamed, and I could actually hear her juices spattering over Kat’s hand, until a trail oozed past her stretched labia and dripped on the bed. “Uhhh…Uhhh….ARRRGGGHHH!!! AGAIN!!!!” She squealed harder, and more thick juices oozed from her dripping slit.

Cyn’s arms started to shake and lost the battle to support her weight, her head dropping until it was resting on the bed as she panted and shook. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK! MY CUNT’S ON FIRE!! STOP! PLEASE! I…CAN’T….TAKE….ANY….MORE!!!” Kat slowed to a stop, her entire hand wedged deep in Cyn’s stretched, dripping pussy. The scent of sex hung heavily in the air as we breathed deeply, inhaling the heady scent which only made us even hotter.

I somehow managed to scramble above the tangle of smooth flesh and squatted above Cyn, bending at the knees as I gripped my shaft. Kat looked up at expectantly, and I slid my cock-head ever so slowly around Cyn’s rippled sphincter. I knew I should probably give her some time to recover from her incredible experience, but I was so caught up in fuck-lust it was simply impossible, so I firmly eased forward until the head of my cock slipped past her clenching muscle. The pressure was so intense it made the initial entry far more difficult than normal, and the heat that radiated down my shaft made me wonder if my skin would display burn marks later. I rocked softly, and an inch slid inside, and then another.

Kat looked up with amazement. “I can feel you! I can actually feel your cock!”

“Trust me baby!” I growled back at her. “I know you’re in there! IT’S…SO…FUCKING…TIGHT!!”

I had a gentle rocking motion going which allowed me to penetrate deeper, but ever so slowly. By the time half my length was embedded in Cyn’s ass I was wondering how much further I could go, and my motion was slowly pushing her up the bed. She was in a state of erotic delirium, her face resting on the bed with a thin bead of saliva trailing from her half-open lips and pooling on the bed. She was moaning and grunting and squealing with every thrust, shuddering every few seconds as another cum jolted through her body like a mild electric shock. The pressure in my balls was rapidly reaching the point of blissful explosion, and I thrust harder, struggling to bury my full length deep in Cyn’s slippery ass. “Get ready baby!” I growled in warning. “I going to cum so hard I think I’ll blow you right through the fucking wall!”

Cyn was incapable of a coherent response, but I did note a small smile flicker across her face as I finally felt my balls slam against Kat’s arm. I was overwhelmed by the sensations assaulting my body from every direction; the smells, sounds, friction against my skin, and the mental pictures that flashed across my mind every time I blinked. My balls twitched and my cum fired hard and deep, bathing Cyn’s tight tunnel with thick cream in seconds, as a feeling of cool wetness engulfed my twitching shaft. Kat must have actually felt me cum through the membrane of tissue separating Cyn’s stuffed cavities, and she pressed her hand against me, increasing the pressure on my cock which only resulted in me cumming even harder. The stimulation that had built so steadily all night was finally released, and I was exploding like a shaken bottle of champagne when the cork was finally removed. Cyn was squealing and I was panting like a steam train pulling up a steep gradient, until we finally collapsed, completely and totally spent.

Kat slowly slid her hand free as Cyn slumped prone on the bed, and I followed her down, unable and unwilling to slip free as my cock finally dribbled the last drops of greasy cum. We were lathered in sweat, our breathing deep but ragged, and I could feel my own heartbeat racing as my chest rested on Cyn’s slippery back. Kat was kissing us both, her moist lips softly and gently brushing our faces. “That was the most incredible, intense thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” She whispered breathlessly.

My throat was dry, so my reply was somewhat croaky. “You…are…not…fucking…wrong!” I whispered hoarsely.

She slipped away as my softening cock finally slid free, and returned with three glasses of wine. Her eyes were sparkling as she handed me mine, and I touched glasses with her in a silent toast before quenching my parched thirst. “Shannon and Tiff wonder how we can be happy sharing you.” She said quietly. “If they could see us like this I’m sure they’d understand why it works for us.”

“I guess they would Kat.” I replied, my throat now feeling somewhat better. “But I don’t know whether we’d invite them to watch us like this!” I smiled to let her know I realized her suggestion wasn’t a serious one.

Cyn managed to gather herself together enough to accept her glass with a faraway grateful smile to Kat, and sipped thirstily. “I have never been fucked like that before! I think I’ll be walking like a cowboy for the next few days!” She giggled.

“Does that mean you’re done for the night?” I enquired, grinning at her. “I was just getting ready for round two!”

She looked pointedly at my soft, spent cock. “Really?” She laughingly teased. “Doesn’t look like it to me!” She slid the covers back and crawled into bed, every movement appearing to be a struggle. “Well, you two can knock yourselves out. I am completely cummed out!”

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