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I woke up Sunday morning with Paige and Mia cuddled on either side of me. Both of these little vixens had turned me on more than I thought possible. The thought that these two were as ready for sex at such young ages was beyond belief. It felt wonderful waking up with them both snuggled up to me. I loved having them close. I loved the fact that they enjoyed having me inside of them, most of all I loved the fact that I knew they would want more.

My thoughts moved to the rest of the family. Amanda hadn't, as far as I knew, tried to come into the bed. I began to wonder where she slept, and why she chose to sleep on her own. I also wondered how she was going to handle having to go into work wearing a collar, not to mention how she was going to handle the “special instructions,” that I was going to give her. Paige and Mia were mine and mine alone. Caitlyn and Amanda, however, now that was a different story.

I got up from the bed, and the girls woke up as soon as I started moving. I headed into the bathroom, and Mia followed close behind. Paige lay in the bed, and waved to me as I entered the bathroom, I waved back as I disappeared through the doorway.

I stepped in front of the toilet and aimed at the bowl. Mia watched intently as the urine began to flow, she came around to get a better look, putting her face only inches away from me. I stopped the flow and asked her to sit down. She looked at me questioningly, but did what I asked. She sat naturally on the toilet as if she were going to go. I aimed down at her clit and allowed the urine to flow. My erection continued to grow. Was there anything this child wouldn't let me do. I had to know the answer. I pinched it off and guided her mouth onto my hardening dick. I let go a squirt, she spit it out.

“It's salty,” she said.

“You'll get used to it,” I said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

“Open up again.”

She opened her mouth. This time I just put it close to her mouth and peed into it. The urine dribbled out as quickly as it went in, but she didn't protest.

“Swallow some,” I said.

Mia sipped as if she were drinking from a fountain and swallowed a mouthful.

“See it's not so bad is it sweetie?”

“No... I guess it's not so bad. Why'd you want me to do that though?”

“I guess it means a lot to me that you are willing to do that kind of stuff. I mean anybody will do easy things, and anybody will do things that benefit themselves. When your with someone that will do things that are kinda gross, or difficult even if they don't really want too, then that is someone to hold onto. Someone really special.”

She beamed at that. “I guess I am special huh.”

“Yes my precious little Mia. Yes indeed.”

After the waterworks I peeked into the bedroom and asked Paige if she wanted to shower with us. She shook her head yes, and we all retreated into the shower. The hot water felt warm, and we took turns bathing each other. I ended up kissing each of the girls passionately like we were all long lost lovers, and I took my time making love to each of them in the shower. It was amazing how intimate I felt with both of these girls. As much as I liked their mother I never felt as close to her as I did with either of these two girls.

We all walked together. I didn't hold their hands, but instead their leashes. I only did that because just before we left the bedroom they each insisted.

As we entered the living room the rest of the group was laying on the couch. I could see how they could have been comfortable entangled as they were, but the only one awake was Caitlyn, and it looked like she was just waking up.

“Can we go to the mall?” She asked.

I thought that was a splendid idea. A little risky to show off my pets, but what the fuck is the point of having a dog if you can't walk it right.

“Sure,” I said. We can go to the mall.

“Can I get a couple of outfits to go with my collar?”

“Wow,” was all I could manage.

I knew that Caitlyn was a fashion freak, but really?

“Jump into the shower. Take your mom and brother with you, and be back out here in thirty minutes at the most.”

Caitlyn began pulling on both her mom's and Jarrod's arms. “C'mon freeks. Let's get going. We gonna go shoppin.”

“Mia, you put on a short skirt. No panties. Paige figure out something short and cute. Whatever you can come up with, but make it kinky in some way. Got it?”

“Yes master sir,” they each said in their own way.

I went back to the bedroom and put on something casual. I almost wished I could take them all on leashes, but I knew that would be taking it too far. The collars would be suggestive, but not conclusive. Putting them all on leashes. There wouldn't be any question in anyone's mind that I needed to be arrested. As a lawyer I didn't want that. I didn't mind having people stare, and even wonder. As long as they didn't know for sure than everything would be a okay.

The trip to the mall was quiet. I needed it, and I was pretty sure that they did too. We all sat the ride in solitude, nervously anticipating the walk through the mall. It was all quite exciting. Each of the girl's, including Amanda was wearing something that showed way too much. On Mia is was kind of cute she had chosen a skirt that actually belonged on a life sized doll she had tucked away in a closet. If she bounced when she walked you could actually see some butt-cheek as the skirt bounced with her steps. She was wearing socks with thick colorful stripes, and bright red shoes. Her blond curly hair looked lovely in the sunlight.

Paiges outfit was definitely inappropriate. The shorts she wore were so short and so tight that the bottoms of her bottom were breathing the crisp morning air. She wore no bra, and the low cut loose fitting sleeveless shirt would expose her budding breasts if she leaned the wrong way.

Caitlyn and Amanda both looked like they belonged on a street corner. I had instructed them to go light on the make up. I wanted their faces as lady like as they could get them. Their outfits however were tight fitting mini-skirts that left no room for error. If they bent over even slightly something would be exposed, and if they sat. Let's just say that hopefully there were no nuns or priests in the vicinity.

Jarrod and I were dressed like average every day Joe's. I had the boy remove his collar, but let him know that he was still to obey anything I told him. He looked relieved, and gladly agreed. I didn't think he wanted any of his friends to see him wearing a collar. It just wasn't his style. It wasn't like he was in with the goth crowd or anything. It wasn't Caitlyn's style either, and I was surprised when she got out of the car, sporting her collar proudly even though there was a group of kids standing fifty feet from us as we walked into the mall.

The looks we got as we “malled around,” were much as I expected. Most everyone seemed appalled at the way the girls were dressed, but as appalled as people I saw more in their stares than loathing. I saw some envy, and admiration too. Of course from the guy onlookers their more than a fair share of gazes at the young asses, and not all from young boys either. One guy followed us for almost ten full minutes, before popping into a bathroom. I couldn't blame him. They were some of the nicest asses in the mall, and they were clothed for show, and to be looked at. Why the fuck not.

We let all three girls pick out a few more cute outfits. Some for school, some for play. Amanda got a couple new outfits for work. The ones she bought were much flashier and showed a lot more of her ample cleavage than the stuff she normally wore to work.

She and I walked arm and arm most of the way throughout the mall, and she finally confided in me that she was more than a little nervous about going in to work tomorrow. I could definitely understand that. I had met a few of the people that she worked with and they were all a little snobby and dry. From what I understood her boss was a real no nonsense kind of guy. She was likely to be sent home after he got one look at the outfits she picked out.

We grabbed a bite to eat from the chinese place at the mall and sat down to eat. We were about a quarter of the way through the meal when I heard Caitlyn whisper to Paige, “I think he's trying to look up my skirt—fucking perv!”

I glanced over in the direction the girls were talking, and saw and older gentlemen, about fiftyish, who did indeed seem to be trying, as covertly as he could muster, to see what he could see. It was the opportunity that I had been waiting for.

“Caitlyn,” I said.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Expect two punishments when we get home. And they will be severe.”

“Huh. For what?”

“One for not addressing me as either sir or master, and two for not showing the man across from you what he wanted to see. It should be three for calling him a pervert. You are dressed the way that you are dressed in order to get men to look at you. It is hypocritical of you to then call a man a pervert for looking. Of course he's gonna look. It's exactly what he should be doing, and there is nothing more pathetic in my eyes, than a woman who dresses like a slut, and acts like a saint when you try to enjoy the view. It's almost as if she expects only the guys that she is specifically trying to impress to be able to look. I don't want you to be like that. If you don't want “guys” to look. Then dress like a nun. No-one looks at a nun.”

She looked at me for a few seconds, and then to the man who was trying to look. She thought about it, smiled and spread her legs to give him a peek. The man's face flushed, he got up, and quickly walked away. We all laughed. I had to admit in the back of my mind that I was disappointed. I wanted her to have to show him for a lot longer, and even to pleasure herself while he watched. It would have been pretty hot.

We finished our lunch and stopped at another place for ice cream. We sat on a bench across from the stand and ate it. I noticed the guy at the counter kept looking at Caitlyn, and I noticed that Caitlyn was sitting with her legs spread fairly wide. The girl learned quick. What impressed me most was that even though the guy wasn't nearly as old, he wasn't all that good looking. She showed him anyway, and the guy stopped pretending and just watched.

“Give him a show,” I demanded.

Caitlyn did. She started off by caressing her thigh and eventually working her way up to her pussy. “I'm so fucking wet,” she admitted. “I think I'm gonna leave a puddle.”

It seemed that Amanda had also taken the initiative with another man a little further, and in another direction. This guy was just another shopper that couldn't seem to take his eyes off of my women. He looked like he was a roofer or something, and stuck out like a sore thumb here at the mall. Not the kind of guy Amanda normally went for. She liked executive types, and as far as I knew she had never even thought of a “lesser man.”

I leaned over and whispered to Caitlyn that she needed another napkin, and she also needed to find out if there was anything he needed.

The girl hadn't overcome all of her fears. My command definitely threw her for a loop.

“Really? Where? I mean we are at the mall.”

“I don't know. Let him figure that part out.”

She got up and went over to him. A second later he was directing her around back. A minute later another guy popped up front waiting for the next customer.

I looked back to Amanda who was still nervously teasing the roofer. She looked at me, and I gave her a slight nod. She got up and walked over. They talked for a second, and they both left, hand in hand. They headed straight for the bathroom and walked in.

Paige and Mia gathered in close to me and asked if they were gonna have to do that too? I told them no. That they, in fact, belonged utterly and entirely to me. Other guys were welcomed to look, but that was it. I was the only one allowed to touch them like that.

They both seemed to like that idea. They ate their ice creams happily while they waited for their mom and sister to come back from their missions.

After about five minutes Ice cream head one came back and Ice cream head two went into the back. I thought Caitlyn would come out immediately but she didn't for about ten minutes. I was about to send Jarrod in, when Caitlyn came out disheveled. Her hair was a mess her dress slightly torn, and one of the heels of her shoes was broken. My heart jumped, and I wondered if I had just gotten her raped. I started to get up, but the dreamy look on her face mixed with the shit eating grin set me at ease. Whatever had just happened. She liked it.

“You okay,” I asked her.

She looked at me still in a daze.

“You kidding me,” she said. “That was fucking awesome. There were four of them in the back, and they couldn't get at me fast enough. They just kept passing me around and fucking the shit out of me. I think I made each one come at least twice. Look,” she said pointing at her legs. There was gobs of cum oozing down her leg.

“I'm gonna go get cleaned up,” she said.

“No,” I told her. “Well, you can do your hair, and touch up your make up, but leave the rest. I want you mom to clean it up on the way home. Then you can clean her up.”

She thought about it for a second. “Good idea,” she smiled, and we got up.

Amanda came through the bathroom door as we were walking by. She didn't look much better than her daughter did. We skipped the cleanup altogether and headed for the car.

The car ride home was wonderful I kept the mirror pointed directly at the women as the went about cleaning each other up.

To be continued....


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Excellent piece!
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