I took the box from off of the bed—there wasn't anything in there I was going to need anyway—and I looked at both of the girls in all of their nakedness kneeling, in the position that I taught them, on the bed. I couldn't help but to admire, once again, Paige's beauty. At twelve most girls don't have much shape. Paige was not an ordinary twelve-year-old, she had the tracings of a six pack centered in her stomach and her legs were muscled, just enough, to be sexy. Her arms weren't big enough to be manly, but just looking at them you could tell she was strong, and I knew, even though I couldn't see it at that point, that her ass was one of the finest I'd ever seen.

In the position she was sitting in I could see her pussy though, and just like the rest of her body, it was gorgeous. Her pussy lips were just puffy enough to give them substance, and I could see her virtually untouched clit just barely poking out. I couldn't really see her vaginal hole, but somehow I knew that I would like that just as much as I liked everything else.

Mia was a lot smaller and skinnier that Paige, but it wouldn't take much for her to be just as shapely and well proportioned as Paige. She was almost like a smaller version of her sister without the working out to advance her years. Mia's lips were skinnier than Paige's, but still nicely shaped, like a sliced pear ready to be eaten. Mia noticed where my eyes were looking and leaned back giving me a better view.

I told Paige to lay on her back on the bed.

“No,” she said, in a playfully defiant voice.

Her refusal took me by surprise. Up until that point she had been eagerly compliant every step of the way. I didn't want to over react. I looked at her and repeated my demand, in a more sturdy voice.

“I want you to pin me first,” she told me.

“Really,” I said. Thinking about the last time that I wrestled her and actually lost. She was so quick that before I knew it she was on top of me pushing my shoulders down. While it was true that once she was on top of me like that, I didn't put up much of a struggle. I just layed there with a full hard-on enjoying the way it felt up against her. The fact of the matter was I wasn't sure I could beat her even if I tried. I wasn't in bad shape, a lot bigger than she was, but she knew moves I couldn't dream up, and she was faster than lightning.

“Should I pull your hair like the last boy did to beat you,” I said.

She laughed at that. She really thought that was funny.

“What?” I asked. Genuinely confused.

“He didn't beat me because he pulled my hair silly.”

“He didn't?” I doubted.

“No. I've had plenty of boys try that shit. I let them get away with it just enough to let them get overconfident, and then WHAM! I slam their asses to the matt.”

“How'd he beat you then?” I said doubting she had a sufficient answer.

She flushed, but just a little. “He had a boner,” she mumbled.

As quietly as she said it I still heard her just fine. “A boner eh. Let me guess. It scared you, and you didn't know what to do?”

“Nope. Wrong again. He was big, and normally when that happens, which is quite a bit—against me anyway—I normally pin em anyway. I mean they always wear cups, but when they get hard the cups pretty much become useless, and they usually get distracted. I usually try to play into their situation, and try to rub up against them enough to really make them uncomfortable, and then I take em down. In that case though the guy I was wrestling was pretty huge down there, and I wanted to feel him against me, full fledged against me, and the only way I could do that was to let him pin me. I could have had him. He gave me three opportunities, but I passed em up. Instead I let him get in between my legs, I wrapped them around his waist and I thrust into him. I think he came too. It was pretty sweet knowing that I made him cum. He was embarrassed though. As soon as the match was over, he just got up and left. He didn't say a word to me. Not even a thank you.”

She laughed heartily at that. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world, and I had to join in. It was pretty funny when you thought about it.

“Anyway. I wanted him to fuck me so bad, right at that moment that if he had tried, right their in the middle of the gym and in front of everyone.... I would have let him. I'm sure someone would have stopped us, but it wouldn't have been me. I would have fucked his brains out right there in the middle of the gym—I swear I would've.”

I believed every word she said.

“Pin me, and then fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me if you want to, but pin me first.”

I couldn't believe that I was hearing such a young girl talk to me like that. Mia just sat there staring at Paige, and diddling herself. I think she liked it too.

I took my clothes off and climbed onto the bed. She got on all fours and I assumed, to the best of my ability, the proper wrestling stance. My fully erect dick was smashed against her ass cheek, and she purred in my ear.

“Mmmm. This is getting good already.”

She was right.

Mia counted down, and when she got to three Paige tried to spin out from under me. The bed was much smaller than a wrestling mat and I was better prepared this time than I had been the first time we wrestled. I grabbed her and brought her back under me. I grabbed her by the collar—yes I still made her wear that—and shoved her head forward into the bed. The head of my dick was pressed firmly against her asshole, and I felt her first tense up, and then relax. She was actually trying to let it slide in. I was way too big for her though, and dry. There was no way it was going in that tiny hole. It gave me an opportunity though. When she relaxed her bunghole I could feel the rest of her relax, and I flipped her onto her side, and grabbed her powerful leg, crunching it into her side.

Having her legs spread like that was a good position, for sex anyway, but not for wrestling. I put all of my weight into her leg, and forced it up, making her do the splits. That's when she made her move. She definitely wasn't going to make it easy. I don't remember exactly how she did it, but before I knew it she was on my back pulling hard on my head. I could feel my circulation, and my air being cut off, and I almost tapped out. I did my best to relax, and waited a few seconds. Then I made my best counter.

I tried to make it come from nowhere, and had some success. I grabbed her leg, and spun her, taking her at least somewhat by surprise, and got back on top of her. This time I pinned on leg with mine and again had one over my shoulder. I thrust my dick deep into her pussy, feeling her hymen break and hearing her gasp.

“Shit Ray. That feels so fucking good,” she said, which wasn't what I thought she'd say. Normally a woman losing her virginity is, from what I understand, painful. She was well lubricated though, which probably meant that our activities had her turned on. I waited a second waiting for her to get used to having me inside of her.

“Are you ready?” I asked her. She allowed herself to loosen up and relax a little.

“Yeah,” she said. “I think so.”

I withdrew a little, and then pushed my way back in. god she was tight. It felt wonderful. I fucked her slowly at first. She was quiet. I think she was just trying to relax and enjoy it so I kept up a slow pace allowing her to get used to it. I let her leg go and she spread them wide. I thrust deeply into her and she let out her first little moan. I fucked her slow again letting her get used to my rhythm and then hit her again with a deep thrust. This time her hips bucked into me as she fucked me back. I increased my rhythm and she did hers, before I knew it we were fucking the shit out of each other. She started panting, and moaning. Before I knew it I was ready to come. I held off as long as I could, and when the time came I pulled out squeezed it off, and brought myself up to her mouth. She swallowed all of it like a good little girl.

I had completely forgotten about Mia during the entire episode. I looked over and Mia was watching quietly from a chair by the window.

“Get up here I said. It's your turn.”

Her face lit up at finally being remembered, and she jumped up onto the bed. I layed her on her back on top of her sister and spread her legs, then I bent down and started licking her. Her little pussy looked so small to me even from that close up. I played around with her with my tongue, and before I knew it she began to relax and started trying to fuck my mouth. I licked a finger and began to work it into her asshole. I couldn't help it. I just had to know how she would react. She tightened up at firs, but then let herself relax and my finger slid in. I started to slowly finger fuck her ass, and after only a few short moments she was sighing and thrusting back into me again.

I spread her pussy lips apart with my other hand and slid a finger part of the way in. I could feel her little hymen fighting to stop any further intrusion. Her pussy felt so tight that I wasn't sure that I would even fit inside of her. I didn't want to tear the girl up. Hurting her was not an option if I couldn't make it a good experience for her then I wasn't going to do it. The only way I thought I might be able to manage it is if I busted her cherry first, slowly stretched her a little, and then tried. I wanted to see if I could make her come first though. I still had my priorities straight.

Paige must have been getting bored, because I could feel her hands stroking up and down Mia's young thighs. The closer that Paiges hands got to her sister's pussy the more into it Mia seemed to get. I think that Paige sensed it too, because Paige started to play with Mia's pussy as I ate her out. Mia came almost as soon as Paige's fingers touched her clit, and within seconds Mia was squealing with delight. Incest is best... I guess.

I took the finger that I had in Mia's ass and shoved it into her mouth as she was finishing her orgasm. At first she just let it sit in there, she must have tasted herself, and put two and two together she started sucking at my finger then she pulled it out of her mouth and brought it back to her ass. I took the hint and re-inserted it. After a few pumps she reached down, pulled it out and stuck it back in her mouth. Once again I had been surprised.

Without saying a word after she was finished I shoved it into her pussy hard. I thought surprising her would be the best way. I broke her hymen with my finger, held it there, and waited. She let out a little scream when it broke, but no earth shattering scream escaped her mouth.

“Okay go ahead,” she said after a few seconds. Her pussy was tight even around my finger, and so I fingerfucked her slowly. As soon as I thought she could handle it I inserted a second. Even that was quite a stretch for her. I didn't think she was going to be able to handle me. Eight inches may not be devastating to any normal girl but to an eight-year-old it would be huge.

“I want you to do it now,” she said.

“Honey. I don't think I'll fit.”

“You don't know. You haven't tried yet.”

She was right. I guess I could try. I went to the cardboard box and grabbed some lube. I lathered myself, and her up and positioned myself above her. I pushed in a little and waited for a reaction. She felt way too tight, and I wasn't going to go any further unless she said to.

“Okay. A little more, but not too much. It kinda hurts a little.”

I went a little further in and pulled back out.

“How was that.”

“Not too bad. You can do it again, I think.”

I pushed back into her and I felt her loosen herself up and try to let me in. I slid into her a lot easier, and I stopped, pulling back a little, and going in again. I could tell that she wasn't enjoying it but I could also see the determination in her face to try and enjoy it. She wanted me to fuck her like I had just fucked her sister. I didn't think that was a good idea, but I was enjoying the way she felt, and I loved the look on her face as I slowly pumped myself in and out. She was only taking me half way, but I could feel the tip of me bottoming out. She relaxed even more, and I was sliding into her even easier.

She looked at me and smiled, and that was all I could take. The look of triumph in her eyes made me spew my load deep into her. After the last rope of cum escaped me I bent and french kissed her. She really liked that. Paige surprised us both by cleaning up her younger sister, blood and all with her tongue. She ate her sister out hungrily and Mia grabbed the back of Paige's head and fucked her sister's face. I was so turned on that I couldn't help but to mount Paige again and empty myself into her.

The next week was going to be heaven, and I knew that I wasn't putting my dick anywhere else but in these two. Something told me that they wouldn't have it any other way.

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Dam fucking dam hell. ohfucking hell i need to fuck mia's little tight cunt. No one is commenting becouse thay can't stop cumming all over the nearest 8yo pussy. Keep that dog away form mia and paige. my 12 13 and 14 yo girls are cumming over and over reading this. so am i. jimboy

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