My babysitter was my third or fourth cousin not that it really matters that much. She started babysitting me when I was thirteen and she was fifteen. Her family were nudists so mom and dad weren’t surprised when she stripped that first time. My last babysitter had been an old woman that lived a couple of miles away. She had moved after her house had burned down, ‘probably from one of her cigarettes.’

We lived on a large lake and even had a boat house. The first time I saw Lacy I got hard and went to my room embarrassed. I knew all about sex because when I was ten I started getting erections. It had worried me and my father had explained things and then mother sat down and explained everything so I could understand it.

Before I turned twelve I was squirting large jets of cum and had seen a doctor who said I was going through early puberty, so when Lacy started sitting for me I was well on my way to masturbating heaven. I was waiting for my hard on to go down when Lacy came in. She smiled, “I’m sorry you’re embarrassed.”

I shrugged, “Mom warned me but I can’t control…”

Lacy laughed as she walked to the bed I was sitting on. She moved onto the bed and lay on her stomach. “She told me all about you.”

I looked up from her bare butt and blushed as I saw her watching me. I nodded, “The doctor said I was an early bloomer.”

Lacy grinned, “Undress and feel me.”

I didn’t even think about it. I stripped and tossed my clothes in the hamper before moving to sit beside her on the bed. I reached out with trembling hands and felt her soft butt. I looked at her face when she shivered and spread her legs a little. She turned her face to see me, “I like being felt.”

I grinned, “I like feeling you.”

I hesitated and then slowly caressed between her legs. Lacy sighed and spread her legs a little wider to give me more room. I loved feeling her warm bottom and then moved lower to cup her pussy. The lower part was completely bald and felt warm and so soft. Lacy wiggled, “I had all the hair removed permanently.”

I loved feeling her warm, bald pussy and then one of my fingers slipped into her wet slit and it was amazing. It was warmer and slick with her wetness. When my finger rubbed her clit she gasped and shuddered, “Oh god!”

I stopped moving and looked at her to see if I had hurt her. She shivered and looked back at me, “Don’t stop.”

I grinned and started caressing and rubbing through her wet pussy, rubbing her clit on every pass. Lacy shuddered and started humping the bed as I began finger fucking her and rubbing her clit. It wasn’t long before she gasped and reached back to grab my hand before jerking several times and then shaking her head. She rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her.

I was between her spread legs and she reached between us and grabbed my hard cock and pulled me up her body. The next thing I knew I was pushing into something that was warm, wet and silky. It was the best feeling in the world and I never wanted to pull my cock out. Lacy laughed and shook me, “Come on stud, fuck me.”

I fucked her slowly and as deep as I could, not wanting it to end. It wasn’t long before I was hitting the back of her pussy. A couple of minutes after I started she jerked and grabbed me as her body was racked with shudders. Her pussy tightened and she squirted a little cum on me, “Oh fuck yes!”

I groaned as I shoved my cock into her and spewed loads of cum. I shivered with each spurt and Lacy kept shuddering. I finally stopped and she shook me, “that felt really good Ben.”

I grinned and started fucking her again and she shuddered and laughed, “Do it Ben, fuck my pussy.”

I fucked her cummy pussy hard and deep while she shivered and shuddered. It felt so good to fuck her deep and grind against her with my cock buried as deep as I could. She felt slimy as my cock moved through her and I pumped my cock as deep as I could hitting and pushing her cervix open. Almost every other minute Lacy began shuddering and shaking as her pussy spasmed.

It was almost a half hour before I fucked into her hard and then held still as I spewed another load of cum. I held her as she shivered and moaned while I pumped and spurted inside her. When I finally stopped, I pulled out and lay beside her, “That was amazing Lacy.”

She grinned and turned on her side to caress my chest, “That was the best fuck a guy has ever given me.”

She leaned close to give me a soft kiss, “Whenever you want more let me know.”

I grinned and moved off the bed and held her hand. I helped her with dinner and tried to ignore the cum leaking down her legs. I cleaned up after dinner and Lacy leaned against the counter. She grinned at me, “Your parents aren’t going to be home until tomorrow morning. What are we going to do to pass the time?”

I grinned and pulled her into the living room and pushed her down on the couch. She was grinning as I lay on her. I kissed her and let my hands feel her body. Finally she pulled on me and I lifted up before pushing back into her warm pussy. I slowly pushed all the way into her and grinned as I humped and pressed against her hard. Lacy laughed and shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock.

I pulled back to start fucking her with long strokes and she groaned. Every time I pushed into her, I pressed against her hard and pushed against her cervix. Lacy shuddered and moaned as she thrust her hips up to meet mine. I started to fuck her with long, deep strokes and she shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She closed her eyes and smiled as her body shook and spasmed. “I really love your cock.”

I shivered and fucked her hard for a minute or two and then used slow, deep strokes. Lacy gasped and her hips thrust up as she grabbed me and held me tight, “BEN!”

She started convulsing and her pussy grasped my cock in its slick, velvety grip. I shuddered as our hips thrusts into each other over and over and I finally shoved into her and started shaking as I started pouring cum deep inside her. Lacy jerked and thrashed around as I spurted and spewed in her and then it was over and we were both out of breath.

I pulled out and then stood and pulled her up. I pulled her after me and into the bathroom where I started the shower and she grinned before pulling me in. It was fun washing and teasing each other. Lacy was the one to turn the water off and pull me out. We dried off and she pulled me behind her to my bedroom. She turned the light off before pushing me to the bed.

She lifted the covers and slipped in behind me. She moved over me and kissed me passionately before spreading her legs and lifting up to guide my cock to her pussy. She sat back and my cock slipped into her warm, slippery pussy. She began rocking back and forth as she fucked me. She sighed and shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock as it slipped in and out of her. I cupped her breasts to feel them as she rocked and thrust back and forth.

Every few minutes Lacy would shake as her pussy tried to milk my cock. She would moan or groan or once she screamed my name. It was almost a half hour before I was ready to cum and pulled her down and rolled before fucking her hard for less then a minute. I shoved into her and began spurting and spewing cum. Lacy grunted and the spasmed, “Yes Ben, fill me!”

I spewed six jets of cum before I finished and lay on her with my cock still throbbing inside her. Lacy was twitching and shivering as I finally pulled out and snuggled against her. I woke to quit voices and looked at the door we had left open in fright.

Mom was looking at me and smiled before turning away. I glanced at Lacy beside me and she smiled and caressed my face, “Your mom told me it would be okay if we had sex.”

I looked at her in surprise and she pulled on me to get me between her legs. She guided my growing cock to her pussy and I pushed. I sighed as I entered her and she shivered, “Your mom knows I masturbate a lot. My mom and her talk all the time. They were the ones to decide to put us together.”

I pushed all the way into her and started slow, short thrusts and pressed against her groin. Lacy shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I went to long, deep thrusts and she began to grunt as her hips thrust up to meet mine. A couple of minutes was all it took and she began jerking erratically and shuddering, “Yes!”

Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock as I kept fucking through it and Lacy started convulsing. I fucked her hard, trying to cum and she grabbed me, “Fuck!”

I shoved into her and held still as my cock suddenly erupted and I spewed a huge jet of cum against the back of her pussy. Lacy jerked in shocked and then arched her back, “YES!”

I pumped and spurted until my cock was only throbbing. Lacy sighed and her body relaxed as I slowly pulled out and lay against her. I cupped a breast, “Thanks Lacy.”

She laughed and turned a little to kiss me, “My pleasure stud.”

I grinned and cupped her breast, “You going home now?”

Lacy grinned, “I’m staying the summer. Your mom said I could.”

I leaned over and sucked on a nipple and rolled out of bed, “Lets go make mom and dad breakfast.”

She grinned, “You just want to watch me walk around naked.”

I laughed, “And do things to you too.”

Lacy laughed as she climbed out of bed with me following her. We cleaned up and went into the kitchen where mom and dad were sipping coffee. Lacy smiled and led me to the counter where we started making pancakes. After breakfast we cleaned up as dad pulled mom back to their bedroom. Lacy grinned and pulled me out the back door where I looked around before following her to the lake.

She grinned and turned to kiss me before sitting down in the grass and looking out at the lake, “it’s nice here. I wish I lived here all the time.”

I shrugged and sat beside her, “It gets really windy and wet in the winter.”

She grinned, “That’s when you snuggled under a warm blanket and make love.”

I laughed, “Instead of just making love wherever?”

She laughed and caressed my face, “There’s something about you that just makes me horny all the time.”

I grinned, “Your body does that to me too.”

She laughed and reached down to stroke my cock. I grinned and pushed her onto her back before moving between her legs and kissing her. I nibbled on her ear and neck and shoulder. Lacy finally laughed and shook me, “Okay fuck me.”

I grinned and kissed her passionately as I pushed into her slippery pussy. She groaned as my cock pushed deeper into her. I started slowly and it wasn’t long before she was panting and thrusting up for my cock while telling me to fuck her harder. She was shaking and shuddering as her warm, slick pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock. I fucked her hard for several minutes as she screamed.

I pushed all the way into her and humped and pressed against her. Lacy spasmed and jerked as I pressed harder to push open her womb. She lifted her legs and spread them so I could get deeper as I began spewing one more load of cum. She jerked and spasmed with each as I put it into her and then sighed when I stopped. I pulled out and moved off her before freezing as I saw Beth. Lacy twisted her head and sighed, “busted.”

Beth grinned as she waved and came to sit beside us. I had known Beth for a couple of years. She was eighteen and used to have this asshole for a boyfriend. She had a nice body and wore a string bikini. I sat beside Lacy as Beth grinned, “It looked like you have done that together before.”

Lacy laid back, “So?”

Beth looked at me, “so, does he always take that long?”

Lacy looked at me and grinned, “No, he was in a hurry this time.”

I looked at her and then grinned, “Doing it outside was exciting.”

She laughed and we looked at Beth with her mouth open. She finally grinned and looked at Lacy, “Can I try him?”

I frowned, “What happened to your boyfriend?”

She snorted, “I caught him fucking another guy. I think he is moving to another state.”

Lacy laughed and reached out to wrap her hand around my slimy cock, “We both get to lick your pussy first.”

Beth looked at her and then grinned, “You can do me if I can taste his cum from your pussy.”

Lacy grinned and spread her legs and Beth laughed throatily before moving between her legs and leaning close to lick her leaking pussy. I took Lacy’s hand as she shuddered and closed her eyes. Beth looked up her body and smiled before going back to licking and sucking. It was almost five minutes before Lacy groaned and shuddered before covering her pussy. I grinned and squeezed her hand, “Now we get to lick her pussy.”

Beth grinned as she looked at me with a wet face and took her bikini off. She turned to lay beside Lacy and opened her legs. I let Lacy go first and she kissed Beth’s clit before opening her pussy. Lacy smiled and licked through her pussy before pushing her tongue up into her. She shuddered as Lacy began to tease her clit and I moved up to lick and then suck on her nipples.

She held my head against her breasts as she shuddered and lifted her hips. She was moaning and shuddering as I continued to suck on one nipple. When she began to spasm and shake I moved down her body and Lacy moved so I could lick her leaking pussy. I sucked in her clit and teased it with my tongue and she began to buck and thrash around. Lacy pulled me up and grinned, “Fuck her now.”

I looked at Beth shuddering with her legs splayed open as she panted and nodded as I moved over her. Lacy guided my cock as I lifted up and then I was pushing into Beth. I kissed her as I started to fuck her with long, slow thrusts. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock and began to moan. She kept murmuring that my cock felt so good.

Lacy lay beside us and watched as Beth lifted her legs and started shaking. Her pussy was constantly milking my cock as she jerking and spasmed. It was five minutes before she started to wail and howl. She thrashed around and jerked erratically as she kept squirting and wetting me. I buried my cock and kiss her as I humped and started to grind against her.

Beth continued to cum as I fucked her and went back to using deep strokes. She was incoherent and kept convulsing as her pussy grasped and milked my cock each time I thrust into her. It was almost twenty minutes before I buried my cock against her womb and kissed her hard as I began to pump and spew large, strong spurts of cum. She lifted her legs straight up and spread them wide as I filled her.

When I was done cumming I sighed and slowly pulled out of her. I moved back to sit and Lacy moved over her and between her legs, “Did you like that?”

Beth laughed shakily and hugged her, “want a permanent fuck partner?”

Lacy looked at her for several moments and finally nodded, “Yes. Get a few things together and come to the house. If we can live together over the summer we can decide then.”

Beth looked at her and then at me, “His parents...”

Lacy smiled and kissed her before standing, “Don’t worry about his parents.”

I looked at Lacy as Beth nodded and stood before walking towards her house. Lacy looked at me and grinned, “I like her.”

She held her hand down and pulled me up, “I need to go talk to your mother.”

I laughed, “This is starting to be a very good summer. We are going to need more closet space if she stays.”

Lacy stopped me at the door, “Let me talk to your mom first. I’ll meet you in your room.”

I kissed her softly before heading to my room. I cleaned the room before sitting at my desk. It was only a few minutes before Lacy and mom came in. Mom was grinning, “Okay stud, you can have your harem.”

I grinned, “you mean they can keep their slave.”

Mom laughed as she turned and left and Lacy grinned as she walked to me, “We just need to arrange our room now.”

I laughed and reached out to rub one of her nipples, “put the bed in the corner by the door and we can bring those standing closets in the garage in here. Mom is always bitching to dad because they are in the garage.”

I heard the doorbell and grabbed her hand. She pulled me out and to the front door where Beth was waiting. Lacy pulled her in as I took her suitcase and followed. Next was an hour of moving things around including getting dad to help with the closets in the garage. By the time we were finished we were sweaty and Lacy grinned and grabbed our hands.

She stripped Beth again so we were naked as she pulled us out to the dock. She grinned at Beth before turning to me and pushing me into the lake. They dove in as I came up grinning and swam to me and rubbed their breasts against me before giggling and pushing me under. That started the game of splashing and feeling. We finally laid back on the dock to dry and I turned to Lacy after awhile and rubbed one of her nipples, “I’m horny.”

She grinned and then laughed as she looked at Beth. She stood and held out her hand, “Come help me douche and then we can do something to help you.”

I grinned as she pulled me up and turned to help Beth, “I want to lick you again too.”

They both laughed as they started for the house with me between them. I watched as they both sat and douched and then we used the shower to wash the lake water off. Lacy pulled me into the bedroom and pushed me onto bed before turning to kiss Beth. It was a long passionate kiss and they both sighed when it ended. Beth backed to the bed and laid down and Lacy stalked after her.

I moved over as Beth spread her legs and Lacy moved between them. She opened Beth’s pussy and started to lick her and I grinned as I moved around behind Lacy’s lifted butt. I started rubbing her pussy and flicking my finger against her clit and laughed when she jerked and shuddered. Beth was moaning and shivering as her hips kept lifting.

I finally moved and positioned my cock before slowly pushing into Lacy. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she moaned as she shuddered. I slowly pushed into her all the way and after a couple of moments started to fuck her. I used long thrusts and she kept pushing back each time I was pushing into her. She felt really good, her pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock each time I thrust into her.

It was awhile before Beth cried out as she twisted and covered her pussy. Lacy continued to spasmed and jerk as I fucked her and pressed against her womb. I planned to fuck her for as long as I could and kept doing it nice and slow. She finally wailed and thrust back and forth hard as her pussy clenched my cock tight. She wet me as I held her hips to keep my cock in her. Beth finally laughed, “Cum in her or come fuck me.”

Lacy laughed and thrust back before turning. My cock came out and I groaned as she grinned, “cum in Beth.”

I moved over and into Beth’s arms as she held them out with a smile. I pushed into her warm pussy and sighed as I wiggled and sank my cock into her completely. I humped and pressed into her and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She grinned at Lacy as I pulled back and began fucking her with long strokes. It was several minutes before she spasmed and then started jerking and shuddering.

Her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock as she started crying out and then wailing. She wrapped her legs around my waist as she convulsed and jerked around under me. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts and pressing into her. Every couple of minutes she lifted and spread her legs as she spasmed again and howled. She was completely incoherent by the time I was ready to cum.

I fucked her hard as she screamed and thrashed around and buried my cock against her cervix as I felt myself getting ready to cum. She lifted and spread her legs before tilting her hips as I held her and grunted. Warm cum erupted through her cervix in a gushing stream and she gasped, “HOLY FUCK!”

She wiggled and squirmed as I pumped spurts of cum into her. Lacy was rubbing my back as she whispered, “breed her baby.”

Beth groaned and shuddered when I stopped cumming and hugged me as she slowly relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before turning to push Lacy down and moving between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy as I kissed her and whispered, “Breed her?”

She shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She laughed and hugged me, “Incentive.”

Beth giggled, “he doesn’t need anymore, he does fine on his own.”

Lacy laughed as I started to fuck her. She wrapped her legs around my butt as I buried my cock and began to hump and grind. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she lifted her legs and began to spasm. I grinned and fucked her hard and Lacy wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out as mom laughed from the door, “Dinner time.”

I rubbed Lacy’s tummy as she sighed and dropped her legs. Beth giggled and pulled us off the bed. Dinner was interesting because dad kept looking at the girls and mom kept teasing him. We cleaned up after dad finally pulled mom away and back towards their bedroom.

It was more then a summer. Lacy and Beth became a permanent part of my life. Beth went to college while Lacy went to high school and I went to junior high. The day Beth graduated she and Lacy were planning for me to get her pregnant. Lacy got pregnant twice before she graduated from college. We live in a house down from my parents now.

I will finished college in the spring and join Beth and Lacy in their home business.
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