My beautiful daughter.
This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part.

I previously deleted all of my stories and was editing them to eliminate the characters under sixteen. However, I found that approach changed the stories much more than I wanted to. Therefore, I am merely editing out as many mistakes as I can spot and leaving the stories as they are. Also I am not reediting the stories I already posted to the site. They should be close enough to get the point across and flow into the latter parts quite well.

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Chapter Eleven

Arthur has been living with us for two years now. Eva and I got married last year. Eva gave up her teaching job. We don't need the money and Eva only did it because she likes to eat. She also did teaching because she liked to see the young girls. Eva even confessed to me she had hidden several video recorders in the school. Five in the girls locker room. One of those in one of the shower stalls.

Four others strategically placed near the lockers of the girls that were her favorites. Haley included. She had all the stalls in the girls bathrooms covered. There also had been some zoom lenses in health class to catch all the squirrel shots from the desks. With Shelia and Haley to look at, there is simply no reason to risk Eva getting caught video taping the young girls at school. Eva shared her videos with us.

I must admit, it is very exciting looking at all the little pussies and titties. Haley, Shelia, and Arthur get a charge out of watching them too. It is nothing for anyone of us to be seated in the game room masturbating, sometimes in front of one another to the videos of the little school girls.

It will take a long time to tire of them if we ever do. A whole lot of different sweet little girls. Thousands of them. There are six years worth of them. Eva actually started doing this when she was a teacher’s aide during her college years. Eva even had some scenes of a couple of lessies taking care of one another's desires in the locker room after school.

Eva has taken a longing to Arthur. She loves him so dearly she has sex with him just to make him happy. Eva confided in me she can't really get much pleasure from a little pencil dick, but she likes the fact that it is connected to Arthur. The fact that it is always sticking up at her when she touches it helps a lot.

Eva says she hopes to start getting a desire for it after awhile. In the mean time, Arthur is so feminine looking she has no trouble pretending he is a little girl. That way she can pretend she is sucking on the sweet little thing’s clit instead of a pencil dick. Eva kept trying and true to her word, she can't leave the damn thing alone now unless she has access to Haley. Hell, Eva could suck it all day.

Shelia's parents got divorced a month after Eva moved in with us. Shelia begged me to adopt her as she couldn't choose between her parents without hurting the other. They agreed and Shelia stays with one or the other of them two weekends out of the month and they are welcome to visit her anytime they wish as long as they make arrangements first.

Shelia insisted on this rule as she certainly didn't want her Mom or Dad dinging at the door while I had my penis in her mouth. Shelia just couldn't imagine sitting on the couch next to her Mom while she was still swallowing my load. She was afraid her Mom might smell me on her breath or worse yet smell Eva.

I can't say I blame her. I remember trying to swallow away Brian's Dad's taste out of my mouth when I finished sucking him off out in the driveway just before coming in the house. When my Mom kissed and hugged me, I was always scared to death she would know. I could smell the sex on me myself.

Now I have a special wife, two daughters, and a son. They each have their own room, but they all sleep in the bed with me. I purchased an extra large bed, so we would have plenty of room. The kids only stay in their own rooms when one of them has a friend down for the night, or they just need a little time to themselves. Eva stays in hers when she gets mad at me. She doesn't sleep alone too often.

Sometimes she likes to take one or the other of the kids to her room to have alone off and on throughout the night. Haley, Arthur, and myself talked it over and divided our accounts up four ways to make Shelia even with us. After all, she is part of the family now. Every month, I put 20% of all dividends into each of our accounts and the final 20% in the account I use for expenses, investments, and such. Eva didn't get a separate account, as I decided the bulk of it was for the kids anyway, but I gave her free reign spending anything she wants out of the expense account.

Eva and I would co-own my account, but it is understood we will never use it unless the expense account is depleted. Eva objected to it at first as though we didn't love her equally, until she actually saw how much there was in the accounts. Eva was never aware she was marrying a trillionaire. She then realized it was a petty argument as she would never be able to spend enough to empty the expense account let alone need a cut of the other accounts.

It also helped when I let her and the kids understand that in the event of my death, my stocks would stay invested as they are. All gains would be divided evenly between the four of them. Eva would be the sole owner of my account and the expense account. The house would belong to them all equally. We all do one another all the time and I love them all dearly.

The videos of Shelia and Arthur doing it that first time are so precious. Sometimes, whenever Shelia and Arthur are either away somewhere or are making love together in one or the other of their rooms, Haley and I go to the studio and watch the videos while we masturbate together.

Haley really gets a charge out of beating off with me when we watch them do it on video. Shelia calls me Dad. She considers me more of a Dad than her real Dad. Don't get me wrong, she still loves her Dad, she just loves me more.

Haley told me Shelia still likes to give her Dad a thrill when ever she visits him. Since her Dad is by himself Shelia and her stayed naked practically the whole time they were there. Her Dad actually dribbles wet spots into his pants. He recently convinced Haley to call him Tom. Haley believes he probably came in his pants on several different occasions. Shelia is still upset he won't let her have sex with him. Shelia's biggest fantasy was to do it with her Dad.

He still likes to look and stares at her the whole time. Haley quit going to Tom's house with her after the tenth or eleventh time. She wants Shelia to have all of her Dad's attention to herself. Also, now that Haley has Arthur, she doesn't want Tom gawking at her anymore.

Even though Haley was nude practically the whole time she was at Tom's house, she started to find it embarrassing now when he stares at her with his hard on poking at his pants. Haley admitted Tom had been trying to arrange things where Haley and him would be alone together. Haley remembered what I told her and realized Tom was building up to trying something with her. Haley decided to end the relationship before that happened.


Haley loves Shelia dearly and would do anything for her. Haley informed me she felt really bad as she hadn't told me the whole truth about not going over to Tom's house with Shelia. To start with, Tom never even tried to get her off by herself, let alone try anything sexual with her. Haley confessed to doing something special for Shelia, that she knew I might not like, but for which she hoped I would forgive her and understand how important it is to Shelia.

Haley started to tell her story. "I know how much it means to Shelia to get her Dad to do it with her. I also know that you didn't want Tom doing it with me. I love Shelia so much I decided I had to try something. I decided I would allow Tom one opportunity to be alone with me." Haley broke down crying as she said, "The idea was if Tom tried anything with me, I would make a deal to do everything with him he would be willing to do with Shelia when she came in.”

“Daddy, I sort of put him on the spot. Either start doing it with your daughter or forget about doing it with me. I bowed out of taking a bath with Shelia, to give her Dad a chance to gawk at me alone. I made sure Shelia was aware of what I was going to do for her. Shelia promised to stay out of the living room for at least three hours.”

“Tom started staring at me right away. I could clearly see his hard on poking at the front of his pants. I stood there looking longingly at him. Obviously Tom wasn't going to make a move on me. Finally I told him if he got undressed too, I would let him kiss me."

"Tom couldn't resist that offer. I waited until he had his arms around me with his hard on pressed against my nude body, before kissing him sweetly and expertly to try to drive him bananas. I kissed him for over an hour, innocently brushing myself against his hard on until he finally shot off between our bodies. Then I sprang the deal on him.”

“Tom turned loose of me right away. Cum was still dribbling off the end of his dick. He looked as if he were in total shock. He told me he really wanted me bad. He thought I was beautiful. He had always wanted to do it with me, but would never have tried anything with me if I hadn't offered the kiss. He thought way too much of me to try anything with me as he never wanted to take advantage of my innocence.”

“He was also afraid I would get upset and hate him for it. He was sorry, he just couldn't do anything sexual with Shelia. He always wanted to do it with Shelia too, and he has always known she wants him to, but he said it would tear him apart if he did.“

“He just wouldn't be able to live with knowing he had violated his own Daughter. I stood back from him saying I really liked him a lot, but I didn't really want to do it with him either. That I was just doing it to make Shelia happy.”

“I informed Tom not to put his hands on me any more, that he had missed his chance. I went to the kitchen to clean the cum off the front of my abdomen and legs. I would have told you right away, but didn't feel it was important as nothing happened other than a kiss, a little contact with his hard dick, and having a little of his juice run down my belly.”

“Granted the kiss was pretty passionate and intense, as I had really wanted to get Shelia hooked up with her Dad. I told Tom I still thought a lot of him and was glad he was so concerned about my feelings.”

“I also informed him I wasn't coming down with Shelia anymore. Not because of what had happened, but because Shelia needed to be alone with him with what little time they got together. Which was true, but I felt it would be unkind to tell him I was starting to feel embarrassed to let him see me in the nude anymore.”

“I had to suffer through letting him gawk at me the rest of the weekend to keep from hurting his feelings. I decided I had to tell you as it didn't end there. I felt so sorry for Tom. He looked so hurt that I did break down and give him a hand job.”

“I actually did it in front of Shelia. Shelia begged her Dad to let her do the same thing. I told Tom he should at least let Shelia kiss him and it really wasn't a sexual thing to let Shelia play with his thing a little from time to time. After all, it hadn't changed anything about the way he and I felt about one another when I did it for him.”

“Tom reluctantly gave in and let Shelia kiss him while she beat him off, but he told her steadfastly if he allowed her to do that when she wanted to, Shelia would have to agree to be satisfied with that and quit asking him to do anything else with her. Then I told him I wouldn't be back.”

“Tom said he understood, but he would still miss me a lot and I was welcome to come down anytime I wanted to. I didn't want Tom to know I didn't want him to see me nude anymore. It might seem strange, but that would have been more embarrassing to me than staying naked the last part of the weekend. It would have made Shelia feel out of place if I had decided to get dressed.”

“On the last day I was really feeling bad about Shelia not experiencing the closeness with her Dad that I had the privilege of sharing with you. I thought about how torn apart I felt when you refused to do it with me.”

“The feeling inside that you didn't love me enough to do it with me. I remembered how much it hurt. I just couldn't have Shelia feeling that way inside all the time. I decided to try one more thing to get Shelia at least a little closer to what she wanted with her Dad.”

“The three of us were in the living room watching a movie together. Shelia and I were due to come home in about four hours. Tom had finally given in and sat around in the nude as Shelia begged him to. I went over to Tom and sat on my knees in front of him. I kissed him gently on his lips as my hand found itself fondling his penis. I looked into his eyes as I said, ‘How about a good bye hand job? You know, sort of a last hoorah.’ Tom quickly accepted.”

"He nearly bit his tongue. ‘Sure Haley, but only if you want to. I will miss you dearly. I really hope you will change your mind at sometime and come down with Shelia some. You don't have to do anything. Hell, you don't even have to undress. I love you as if you were my daughter. All I want is to see you every now and then. I don't know what life would be like without you in it at least some.’ I didn't say a word.”

“When Tom's dick got hard, I leaned over giving him an expert blow job. Daddy, I pulled out all the stops and went all out. I wanted to make sure he felt fantastic. I managed to drive him wild and he shot off one hell of a lot of jism into my mouth. I hope you don't get mad, Daddy, but I have to admit it was pretty good. I actually found I was enjoying the taste of it."

I wanted to tell Haley how I felt, but I knew she was pouring her heart out to me and she had more to unload, so I didn't interrupt her. "When it was over, I went to Shelia kissing her sweetly. I shared his juice with Shelia. We did it so it would be obvious to Tom that Shelia was sucking his cum out of my mouth. When we finished, I whispered into Shelia's ear. We climbed onto the couch on either side of Shelia's Dad.“

“We cuddled close to him as I told him, ‘Do you really feel like I am your daughter too? I mean do you love me the same way you love Shelia?’ Tom hugged me close. ‘I surely do and I always will.’ That was when I looked at him sweetly saying,”

“ ‘You just showed me you loved me enough to let me thrill on sucking your excitement from between your legs. Yet you love Shelia too much to allow her the same pleasure. Is it that she is too special to fuck and you consider me a slut, or is it something very special we can all share with one another?’ Shelia's Dad winced as I had hit him hard with that one.”

"I could see him squirming. ‘I can't violate my own Daughter. That would be immoral.’ I quickly interrupted. ‘Then I understand I am nothing to you. Just a piece of meat to satisfy your immoral sexual needs with a little girl. I thought I was your daughter too.’ ”

“He had truly hurt my feelings. I thought he didn't really love me after all. I felt he just wanted to fuck me and was using Shelia's feelings to get me. I felt devastated. I was so upset I was bawling my eyes out. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I got up from his lap and ran to Shelia's room, slamming the door behind me."

Haley crawled up into my lap. She hugged me in a death grip as she cried. "Daddy I am so confused. I wanted so much to relieve the hurt Shelia is feeling about her Dad and now I have violated your trust by doing things you asked me not to. I know that when I finish telling you, you won't think of me as your precious little girl anymore and you will hate me, but I have to tell you, because I can't go on lying to you. I just love you too much for that."

I told Haley I understood how she felt, which I actually did. Haley already confessed she was wrong in concealing it and decided to fess up. She also promised she would never lie to me again. This was the first time Haley had ever done something I told her not to. I couldn't get mad at her as it was a very unselfish act for someone she loved dearly. I knew she had to have been torn apart inside over making that sacrifice for Shelia.

Haley hadn't actually lied to me, she just hadn't revealed all of the facts. I also knew she had some more things to tell me I wasn't going to be fond of either. There was no point to punishing her as I have always thought punishment was meant to teach someone a lesson.

Haley had clearly already learned hers. I kissed my Haley gently on her cheek. "Honey. I will always love you. No matter how bad you screw up. We all make mistakes at times. I want you to know no matter what you have done, I love you anyway and you will always be my precious daughter."

Haley continued, "I was sobbing my eyes out in Shelia's room. I didn't know how I would ever face Tom again. I was a slut to him and I hated him for that. I could hear Shelia go off on her Dad. This is something I had never heard before. Shelia has never spoken up in front of her Dad.”

“The conversation went something like this. ‘Daddy. How could you hurt Haley like that. You told her she was special and you loved her the same as you loved me. Then you tell her I am too special and you love me too much to violate me by fucking me.’ ”

“ ’You crammed your tongue down her throat. Shot off all over the front of her. You filled her mouth up with your excitement. All that time Haley thought she was doing something special we could all share together. How do you think she feels now. Daddy, whether or not you know it, Haley feels like you think she is a slut. I hate you for doing that to my best friend.’ “

“As I lay in Shelia's room, I could hear Tom trying to explain. ‘Honey, I love you way too much to ever do anything like that to you.’ Shelia loudly interrupted him. ‘All my life. Well ever since I was five, I have fantasized about having sex with you. I wanted so much to feel you inside of me. I thought sex was something extra special that you did with a special person you loved dearly.’”

“ ‘I wanted so much to do it all with you. To feel you squirt your excitement into me as you held me close and now I realize you think it is something dirty you only do with someone you consider a whore and who's feelings don't mean shit to you. Daddy, why don't you go fuck yourself.’ “

“Shelia started crying hysterically and ran into her room flinging herself on to the bed beside me. She laid there crying for thirty minutes. I reached over taking her into my arms We consoled each other and finally made love together.”

“After an hour or so, Tom came to the door. He tapped lightly on the door. ‘Shelia. Haley. May I come in for a minute? I am so ashamed of my behavior. Please let me apologize to you both. I really do love you both dearly as my daughters.’ We both said, ‘Okay, but only for a minute.’ Tom opened the door and sat on the edge of the bed.”

“Tom looked really upset. ‘Haley. The first thing I need to say is I never thought of you as a whore or slut. Believe me there is nothing bad about two people who love each other having sex together. It is actually a loving and beautiful thing.’ “

“I interrupted him, ‘Okay, Tom. I believe you. Apology accepted. I am not mad at you now. Go ahead and do it all with Shelia. Show her how much you love her. Everything you are willing to do with Shelia, I am willing to share with the three of us. It will be something the three of us will always cherish.’ I am so sorry, Daddy. I did it all with Tom.”

“He was so sweet and gentle with me. Shelia is on cloud nine. Her and her Daddy have never been closer. I hope you don't hate me Daddy. I promised Shelia that when ever I go with her to her Dad's house, we will all sleep together and share each other. That is why I haven't gone with Shelia to her Dad's house.”

“Shelia and I even did it together in front of her Dad. If you insist that I don't share that with Shelia, I only promised her I would share her Daddy with her when I went to her Dad's house. I didn't promise her I would ever go back there with her."

I was in shock. I did however understand how Haley feels about Shelia "Well, Haley. How do you feel about it all?" "Daddy. Shelia is my sister. I love doing it with her. I don't mind doing it with her Dad. I can do it for her. It would hurt her a lot if I didn't. Tom really does love me you know.”

“How can I expect Shelia to share my Father with me and at the same time tell her I am too good to share her father with her." I thought about it all, long and hard. I didn't want Haley having sex with another man, but I realized she was right. She had every bit as much right to have sex with Shelia's Dad as Shelia had to have sex with me.

"Okay Haley. You can feel free to share that experience with Shelia. Before the two of you decide to cook something else up crazy like that again, how about discussing it with me first?" "Okay, Daddy. I promise."

Haley and Shelia spend a weekend at Tom's house every month. Sometimes two. Shelia tells me it is such a thrill watching her special sister do it all with her Dad. Shelia asked me if I would mind if she started talking her Dad into doing it with Arthur. I didn't like the idea, but finally gave my consent.

It's been a year now since Shelia started fucking her Dad. Haley and Arthur go down with her about every other time. Haley enjoys doing the ‘extra penis’ as she calls it, immensely. Haley doesn’t talk much about her escapades with Shelia’s Dad, unless I ask her.

I don’t ask her much. I don’t have to, Shelia tells me everything. She told me via a lot of different stories about their times there, sex with her Dad was pretty much straight up. Basically Christian lay fucks, blow jobs, and hand jobs.

Maybe some body parts rubbing against body parts at times, but nothing kinky. Shelia insists when ever her Dad has any kind of sex with Haley that she is present to observe when he does. Her Dad didn’t want Shelia to watch him do it with her best friend, but Shelia laid down the law. No watch, no fuck.

Of course her Dad couldn’t turn Haley down, so Shelia gets to watch. So far all that has happened between Arthur and Shelia's Dad is Arthur has gone down several times and gotten naked with them.

Of course Arthur has done it all with both of the girls in front of Tom. Tom wasn’t fond of the idea at first, but realized Arthur had more moral right to do it with the girls than he did. Now Tom thinks it’s cute. Arthur wants to try it with Shelia’s Dad at least once anyway. He says if he likes it, he will go with Shelia and Haley when ever they want him to, but Shelia‘s Dad will have to make the first move.

Arthur said he is not going to ask the dude for sex. Shelia's Dad knows Shelia wants him to do it with Arthur, but he doesn't know Arthur wants him to, nor does he know for sure he can do it with Arthur. Arthur won’t allow Haley or Shelia to tell Shelia’s Dad he is willing to do it with him. Shelia says her Dad has been taking some pretty long glances at Arthur's nudity, so there is hope.

To be continued……………………………….....................................................

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