My first posted story here. All comments and feedback welcomed. And while the codes say rape, violence, snuff, there is a surprise...
Part I

You walked into the house, putting your keys in your purse and sorting through your mail as you came through the door. "Hello!" you shouted out as you walked down the hall. You looked in the kitchen, but no one was there. You turned and looked into the living room, but he wasn't there either. Now you were intrigued. He was supposed to have dinner ready by now. "Hello?" you called again as you started walking toward the back of the house.

"Are you in here?" you asked loudly as you walked through the door to the bedroom. You could see the light on in the bathroom and started around the bed to see into there. From the foot of the bed, you could see a pair of legs laid out on the bathroom floor, the feet sticking out into the bedroom a bit, but before you could get any closer you felt an arm go around your shoulders, a knife was planted across your throat and a rough low voice hissed into your ear, "Don't move! DON'T make a sound! Listen to everything I tell you to do and you might just live through this."

You started to turn your head to see who had grabbed you, but his hand went into your hair quickly, pulling your head up and back a bit more, making your flesh push closer into the knife. "Uh-Uh. Don't turn around. Don't look into my face. If you see my face, I will have to kill you," your assailant hissed into your ear again. You blanched at this, feeling your pulse race a bit and your knees start to quiver. He started pulling you back around the bed again, practically dragging your feet across the floor.

"This was supposed to be easy," he said as he dragged you. "I've been watching this house for weeks, watching you guys come and go, knowing when you went out on your walks, when you left for work, when you got back, and today, TODAY!!! you and he have to go and change every fucking thing around. Why the FUCK couldn't you stick to the fucking schedule???"

He stopped near the top of the bed. He pushed you down to your knees on the floor, his hand still firmly in your hair, the knife slowly coming back around your throat, the feel of it as it slid across your skin frightening you. The thought came to you that it would only take a bit more pressure on the blade and your throat would be slit open, your blood flowing down your neck. You shuddered at the thought, a small sob escaping you as you thought about this. Then you began to think about him, what exactly had this man done to him? You hadn't had a chance to see into the bathroom. Was he in there, surrounded by his own blood? Was he alive? You tried to remember if the blade being pushed tight against the back of your neck now had any blood on it, but you could not remember. You were about to ask this man what he had done when he started speaking again.

"You two showed up earlier than I thought you would tonight, so I had to knock him out. And I would have done the same to you, but when I was looking around in here I ran across something interesting," he said as he pushed you up against the bed with one knee and brought the hand with the knife to the dresser drawer. "This," he said slitheringly, "is a very interesting drawer. A ball gag, handcuffs, blindfolds, even a nice little paddle. Almost looks like you were expecting me. I think it would be a shame to visit you and not have some fun. Waddya say?"

You started to answer him, your mouth just beginning to from a word, when he shouted at you, "DO YOU THINK I CARE WHAT YOU WANT? YOU WENT AND RUINED THIS JOB FOR ME, SO NOW I'M GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN. SHUT UP, BITCH." With that, he pushed your head into the bed. He brought out the handcuffs and then let go of your hair and pulled both your hands behind your back. In a second your hands were secured behind your back. Then he kept you pushed into the side of the bed while he went into the drawer and pulled out the black blindfold that you had liked so much. He tied it tightly around tour face. You could not believe how tight it was. It was pinching your face like it never had before.

Once he had your hands behind you and the blindfold on he roughly lifted you to your feet. He turned you around so that you were facing him again and then he reached up on either side of the button down shirt you had worn and he ripped it open, the buttons flying everywhere as they popped off the shirt. You had a sudden intake of breath as you realized that he was going to rape you. Up until this point you had expected it, but you hadn't been sure. Now you knew he was going to take you. He reached in and undid the clasp between the cups of your bra. As soon as your breasts were exposed, his sandpaper rough hands grabbed them and started roughly fondling them, his hands mauling them and squeezing them so hard that you knew there would be bruises of his hand prints on your breasts tomorrow. Then he started using his teeth on your breasts, his teeth closing around the aureole and biting hard. his tongue flicking around the nipple. After five minutes of this torture, he straightened up in front of you again. Standing very close to you, he put his hands on the waistband of your shorts and slowly undid the clasp below your belly button. You could feel him smiling as he did this. The hair on your forehead was moving back and forth with his breathing, the stench of his breath washing over your face as he looked down at you.

He pulled your shirt and bra down until they were in a ball at your wrists, the cuffs stopping him from pulling them all the way off you. Then he just put one arm on your chest and pushed you back so that you fell onto your back on the bed. Once you were down on the bed, he reached up to pull your shorts down. At that, you started to twist away, every instinct in you telling you to resist as much as you could for as long as you could. But he let you turn yourself over and your stomach and then he grabbed your cuffed wrists. He brought himself slowly up your body, his face coming up right next to your ear.

"You can fight if you want to," he hissed, "but I don't think you want to. I think you want this more than you want to admit. I think that's what these toys are about. I think you like to be handled roughly, put in your place. I could be wrong. Hell, maybe these are something you never even knew about, but I doubt it. So, I tell you what I'm going to do. There's a nice big eight inch dildo in that drawer. I'm going to pull it out and stick it up your ass. If you don't want me too, keep fighting and I promise you I won't use any of that nice lube I see in the drawer. But if you do want this, stop fighting and I'll put some lube on it before I stick it up your ass. So, the choice is yours, slut. Fight and it goes in fast and dry, or let me stick it in you slow and wet."

On hearing those words, you stopped struggling. The thought of taking THAT dildo up your ass without any lube put an end to any thought you had of resisting this rape. Once you stopped struggling, he pulled your shorts and shoes off you. Then you heard him dig around in the nightstand. After a short wait, you felt that cold end of the dildo pushing into your asshole.

"Oh, that's it slut. Feel that going into you? How often do you get this shoved up inside of you? How many times have you felt this pushing into you? I bet you've felt this a lot. I bet you like this, you dirty little slut. I bet that this is getting you wet, making you so horny that I won't need any lube when I stick my cock in your slutty little pussy. I am going to do that, you know. I am going to stick my dick inside of you while this dildo is up your ass. You are going to feel so full you'll think you're going to burst. Are your ready for that, slut? You'd better be."

At that, he stopped pushing the dildo in you. His finger hit a little switch on the end of the dildo and suddenly it started pulsing hard and fast inside you. You could not help yourself, a gasp of pleasure escaped you and your body tensed up, trying to feel that didlo as it hummed in your asshole. "I knew it," you heard him say as you moaned again, knowing how wanton you were showing yourself to be to this rapist. At that, he pushed your knees up on the bed until your ass was lifted in the air. He lifted your legs apart and then put his head down on the bed beneath your pussy. "I want to taste some of this cunt juice that you're dripping out of here," he said. You moaned, knowing how wet you were right now, ashamed at how much you had lost control of your body. All you cared about now was the feeling of the dildo in your ass and the feel of his tongue and his teeth as they assaulted your cunt. You pushed your face into the bed, your shoulders driving into it,as his hands held your ass cheeks and his mouth covered your pussy. His stubble was rubbing up and down your pussy lips, the rough feel adding to your excitement and lust. You came in a huge spasm above him, your body gushing out over his face.

He lifted himself up onto his knees behind you, grabbing onto your hips so hard that he lifted your knees from the bed. He lined his cock up with your sopping wet pussy and pushed himself hard into you, his stomach hitting the end of the dildo and pushing it a little further into you with each stroke. His hands were crushing your hips as he pumped into you, his eyes tightly closed as he raped you. "OH SWEET FUCKING GOD!!!" he said as he rammed into you. "YOUR CUNT IS SO FUCKING HOT AND WET!!! GET READY BITCH BECAUSE I AM GOING TO EXPLODE IN YOUR CUNT!!!"

For a few more hard strokes, he pushed his cock into you. Then with a huge groan he shuddered and collapsed onto you, but he quickly lifted himself and sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled you up and over to him, putting you over his knees with the dildo still vibrating inside of you. He lifted one hand up high and then brought it down hard on your ass, the stroke making the sensation from the vibrator resonate throughout your body. Over and over he did this to you, telling you what a bad slut you were for wanting this so much, what a filthy bitch you were for having such nasty toys in your bed room. Your face was in the bed, drool running out of your mouth, your rapist's semen running out of your cunt, your mind lost in the excitement your body was feeling. Good or bad, you just did not care anymore as long as your body was still lost in the sensation of this. You were beyond right or wrong. You were lost.

Eventually you noticed that he had stopped spanking you. Then you realized that in the ordeal, the blindfold had come off your face. You realized with a start that you were looking at your rapist's face and he was looking back at you with hate in his eyes. He stood quickly, spilling you off his lap and onto the floor. He grabbed your hair and dragged you after him to the nightstand. He grabbed the knife from the nightstand and looked down at you.

"I told you NOT to look at my face, bitch. Now you're going to have to pay."

You took in a deep breath to gasp as you saw his arm rise far above you. You wanted to scream but found you couldn't. You just closed your eyes as you saw the knife start to descend.

Part II

You felt the knife as it touched your skin, the shock of the contact causing you to flinch a little, but then you got a distinctly uncomfortable feeling as the rubber blade turned and trailed along your back. You opened your eyes and saw the face of your rapist as he looked into your eyes, a soft smile and a look of concern fighting to control his face.

“Just how did you get a body in the bathroom?” you asked as you grunted, the vibrator in your asshole still doing its job.

“Are you OK?” asked your rapist.

“Yes…oooohhh… my head may be a little sore from when you pulled my hair, but… OH MY GOD… how I feel… right now… SO worth it.”

You curled up into a ball on the floor. He reached down to take the dildo out of your ass, but you reached back and grabbed his hand to stop him. “Not yet,” you said breathily, “just a bit longer, please!”

He bent down and lifted you up, putting you down gently on the bed. Then you heard him go into the bathroom and heard the water run. He came back out a few seconds later with a freshly washed face. He lay down in the bed next to you, putting you on your side as his left arm went under your neck, his hand reaching around to fondle your breasts. His right hand wandered over your body, tracing the swell of your hips, kneading your ass cheeks, gently moving the vibrator around inside of you. You turned your head to kiss him, your mouths pushing into each other, until you came again, a relaxing, quiet orgasm sweeping over you as he held you.

He turned off the dildo and slowly pulled it from you. Then he wrapped his arms around you, sweeping one hand up and down your side as he gently kissed your back and neck.

“This was intense,” he said. “Sometimes, I didn’t think I could go all the way through with it.

You squeezed his arm and asked, “Do you regret it?”

He took a moment or two to answer. “No,” he started slowly, “I don’t. Not if the payoff is getting to hold you, to see the wild look in your face as you came. To feel so completely in control of you, so masculine in taking what I want. That I liked.

“But, if I didn’t know you as I do, if I didn’t know that you would respond as you did, I couldn’t. It was hard enough as it was.”

You leaned your head down and kissed his arm. “I know that,” you said, “That’s why you could do this. There is no one else I trust as much.”

He kissed the top of your head, then turned you over to face him. He leaned in to kiss your lips and you stopped him suddenly, a questioning look on your face. “Hey! Who is that in our bathroom?” you asked.

He smiled. “A blow up doll wearing some of my clothes,” he said.

“Oh,” you said as you snuggled up into him. “I was actually hoping you had used one of the annoying neighbors…”

He laughed, rolled you over and climbed on top of you. He reached up and grabbed your hands, pinning them above your head. “Let’s see if we can make enough noise to annoy them back,” he said as he leaned down to kiss your mouth.

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I know, I know... I re-read this at least five times before posting it and I STILL missed a few things. I will try harder, but I can't guarantee perfect Engrish! ;-)

Thank you for the feedback.

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Learn english "To" and "Too" are different "If you don't want me too" should be "If you don't want me to"

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