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I spent the remainder of the weekend at my house. I didn't feel like seeing anyone. Once Monday came I had to go to school. I did my usual morning routine and my mom dropped me off at school. Right when I got in, everyone looked at me.

"Isn't that the boy that Alex fucked." I heard someone say audibly. 

"Yeah, supposedly he's a slut." Someone replied. I rolled my eyes, reminding myself to talk to him later. I knew things would get ugly.


"Hehe, stop it George!" I heard Christina squeal across the classroom.  They were going out. George was hot, but that's all I thought. He was a football player, and his body was amazing, his butt was so perky and big. He was pretty nice to me too, the few times we would talk. 

Christina was on his lap as he sat at his desk which was facing towards me. I looked at them as they started making out. I looked at Christina, wondering what George saw in her. She was hairy, and her body wasn't all that great, plus she was a total bitch. Then again, she was a slut. They were still making out when I diverted my eyes to George, who was staring at me while kissing. I blushed and turned away, pretending to talk to my friend. The teacher spoke, it was time for lunch. I hurried up and walked out with Desiree.

"Why are you in a rush?" She asked.

"Come on. I'm just.. uhm hungry." I lied as I dragged her along by the wrist. We made it to the cafeteria, getting in line, then sitting at a empty table, or so I thought. George and his slut sat down at the same table, not far from us. I glanced at him, only to see him looking right back. I tried leaning to the right so he couldn't see me, but it didn't work out.  

"You're acting weird Tony." Desiree stated. "More than usual."

"Oh be quiet. You should see who keeps staring at me."

Immediatly one of her eyebrows shot up. "Who?" She asked leaning in. "Is it someone in our class?"

"Yeah, it's George."

"Oh you're no fun, I wanted to guess! And I don't believe you, he's straight and has a girlfriend, unlike you."

Mean much? "Yeah and it's not like I'd change that for the world. I'm happy just how I am. Bi and single."

She was about to talk again, until someone interrupted. "Hey you. I need you to help out in gym." It was only the coach. "Hurry up and come on." I didn't hesitate, coach was mean. I emptied my tray and walked to the gym with coach. "I need you to do earrands for me, since you have gym next, I'd figure you could start now." He told me when we got there. He handed me a list. "Get started." He left me in the locker room, just standing there.

I looked at the list, about seven things were on it. I sighed when I read the first one. 'Clean the restroom in boys locker room.' "Ooh great." I found the supplies in there I needed, and got started. 

I cleaned the toilets first, then started cleaning the sinks when someone spoke from behind me. 

"What are you doing?" It was George.

I looked at him through the mirror, he was looking down. 'What the hell is he looking at, my butt?!' I turned around and leaned against the sink.

"What does it look like?" I asked rhetorically.

"It looks like you were posing. You're ass looked like it popped out a lot, the way your back was arched." He said in his husky voice.

I blushed and looked at the floor, studying the tiles. "You blush a lot." He told me. "It's pretty cute." I felt my face get warmer, if he kept on I would surely faint or something. He took a step forward and lifted my head up by my chin. We stared at eachother, until he leaned in. My first reaction? Push him away. He was obviously shocked. He smirked, "You wanna play hard to get?"

"It's not that." I managed to say.

"Then what is it?" He asked, still smirking.

"You're with that slu- girl Christina. And this isn't going through my head right." 

He laughed at what I almost said. "Wow. You're such a goody two shoes." He walked to me, until I was pressed between him and the sink. "Tony, I know you want me."

"Shut up. You just wanna use me." I say looking away. "It's all around school, but it isn't even true." 

"You talking about Alex? Well duh I've heard about it." He said looking at me up and down. "Who would have known you were so naughty." In  one swift motion he had me sitting on the sink, my legs around his waist.

"Put me down!" I tried struggling free, but I was nothing compared to his strength. He looked at me once more, and pushed our lips together, slipping his tongue in momentarily.

"You didn't push me away." He said as he slipped his tongue out. "Heh, I knew you wanted me."

"I-it's not that. I'm just-" He collided our lips again, making out with me. Once he pulled away he pulled down his pants, my heart beating a little more. "What are you doing?" 

"I'm sorry, I just need to get off." He said, moaning at the end a little as he got rid of his boxers. He then tried to get my pants off, but I kicked him.

"Dude what the hell?! Are you crazy!"

"Crazy for you." He was being so corny I wanted to laugh, but not in this situation. Since he was a little far by my kick I jumped off the sink and tried to make a run for. "Where do you think you're going?" And out of no where he tackled me to the floor. He managed to snag my jeans and boxer briefs down while he pinned me down. "God Tony, you have a fuckin' nice ass."

"Get off of me!" I yelled. I was squirming under his weight, trying to get away. Then I felt it, something touch my ass. My heart slowed, and rose up to my throat. "George, please don't do this!"

"Shut up and don't yell." He looked me in the eyes. "Or I'll.." He didn't even finish his sentence. He pulled me up and walked me over to the wall and held me up against the wall. "I'm gonna fuck you and you're not gonna complain!" He spit on his hand then his dick, trying to lubricate it. Once he felt he was ready he placed it at my entrance. Nothing can describe how it felt once he plunged in.

I felt no pleasure at all, and it sure as hell didn't come as quick as I always heard. I was screaming in pain as he pumped in and out of me. "Shut up!" He demanded, but it hurt too much. He shoved three fingers in my mouth, but I bit him, trying anything to get him to stop.

"Stop, it hurts!" I pleaded, but my words fell on deaf ears. He was monaing in ecstacy as I was moaning in pain. George just kept ramming into me, his muscular frame supporting my body against the wall. I'm not sure how big his dick was, but it was a lot bigger than Joseph's. He put his hands at my waist, and kissed me. My screams were muffled against his lips. I was so lost into what was happening, I didn't even hear the bell ring.

The sound of the restroom door opening scared me, but it was nothing compared to how I felt when boys walked in. 

"What the hell?!" A boy yelled when he seen what was happening. I'm not sure what made George cum, but he did, shooting streams inside me. "Faggot!" Another one said. George let go of me, making me slide to the floor. George put his pants back on and walked out like nothing happened. I sat there, utterly embarassed as cum oozed out of my ass. I looked up and my eyes immediatly fell on Joseph. Was that a look of pain in his eyes? I gathered the strength I had and stood up to put my clothes back on, almost falling from how much I was hurting, physically and emotionly. 

"Get out of here homo!" Someone called out as I made my way through the crowd, not bothering to look at anyone. "He's a bitch in heat, what do you expect?"Another boy said. I snatched up my backpack and walked out. I had gym right now, but why would I wanna be in there? I walked down the hall way and to the nurse, hoping I could stay there for this period.

"Mrs. Sandavol?" I called out as I opened the door. I looked around, she wasn't in here, only a student laying face down on a bed. I took the bed next to him and laid down. I heard the kid next to me rustling, probably trying to get comfortable.

That was until I heard,"Heh. Isn't it ironic you're here." I knew that voice, how couldn't I?

I sat up and looked at him. "Don't you have some guts! Why would you tell people I let you screw me?!"

He was laying on his back now, smirking, hands behind his head. "Because. Everyone thought you were a slut, why not keep it going? It's more believable that I did it, your childhood friend."

I looked at him before I got up and sat next to him. "Yeah, I guess you're right." I said as I knelt in front of him, my knee in between his legs. "Wanna make that reality?" I asked seductivly. He smirked before he nodded. "Maybe next time." I said as I rammed my knee against his crotch. As he doubled over in pain, I punched him square in his face. "I guess now you have a reason to be in here. Asshole." I stated bodly as I got up to leave, reaching for the door knob.

"Don't think you'll get away with that! I know people who would like to fuck that hot ass of yours raw, just like George!" He yelled. I felt my stomach flop, I turned the knob and walked out, running for the restroom.

     > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < <

I had this written already, but I didn't want to upload it. Ugh I'm so unfaithful! It's not much longer nor does it have much sex. Well atleast I sortta did that, right? Anyways please vote and comment. Negative voters, please comment too, telling me what you didn't like. (:

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2012-08-27 03:02:26
my boyfriend was raped.

this story remined me of him and it just made me feel so sad

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