It started the last day of school before summer break. My name is Richard and I just turned fourteen. My cock is just over eight inches long and my balls are just as impressive. If the girls I go to school with weren’t stuck up or prudes I probably wouldn’t still be a virgin. I have three sisters that are all younger than me.

I came through the front door expecting nothing out of the ordinary. I was met with mom and the two blondes from down the street. Mom was just handing them my suitcase, “He’s always horny. I hope you can keep up.”

They laughed and the one not holding anything reached for my hand. I wasn’t sure what was going on and I guess I was a little slow. She pulled me out the door with the other woman following. I looked from her to the other woman as I was pulled down the street, “What’s going on?”

The woman pulling me glanced back, “We needed a man and your mother gave you to us.”

I looked from her to the woman behind me, “Why? I mean why do you need a man?”

She pulled me to their front door and opened it. After the door was closed behind us she turned and the other woman came around me to stand beside her and smiled, “I’m Amber and this is Debra. We needed a man to be the head of the house.”

I looked at her hard, “You mean to do all the work.”

Debra grinned, “Well, you will have to do chores. Take the garbage out, mow the yard, that type of thing…”

Amber broke in, “you also have to fuck us.”

I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. They both looked maybe twenty and really hot. Debra grabbed my hand and started pulling me through the house, “We have a rule of no clothes in the house by the way.”

I thought I might be dreaming as I was pulled into a big bedroom and undressed by Debra. She stripped quickly and pushed me back to the edge of the bed where I sat. She knelt in front of me and leaned closer to grasp my cock and lick the pre cum off. She smiled almost like she was smiling about something to herself. She looked up into my face, “You’re a little to big for us to take all the way into our mouth but I think we can still have fun.”

She put the head of my cock in her mouth and began fucking it and stroking my shaft. Each time the head of my cock slipped between her lips her tongue would lick across the head and then move around the underside. It was driving me crazy and I shuddered. It took all of about a minute before I groaned, “I’m going to cum!”

I thought it was only fair to warn her but she didn’t stop or slow. My body tightened and suddenly I was spurting jets of cum into her mouth and she was swallowing them. She stroked my cock as I spurted load after load of cum. When I finally stopped she pulled back and grinned, “You came a lot.”

She pushed me onto the bed and followed me. She moved higher on the bed and straddled my face. Just looking at her pussy was amazing, I held her hips and rolled. They wanted me to use them so it was time I showed them what that meant. Debra squeaked as I held her legs open and leaned down to grasp her clit between my lips.

I sucked and wiggled my tongue against her clit while caressing her inner thighs. She groaned and shuddered as her body slowly tightened. I loved the way she tasted and licked through her slit and shoved my tongue into her hole. I started licking from her warm ass to her clit and raked my teeth over it.

Debra finally jerked and shuddered and thrashed around before pushing my face away from her pussy. I looked up her shaking body and crawled up on top of her. I shoved with my hips and froze as for the first time in my life my thick cock forced a woman open and pushed in. It was only a couple of inches but felt so good.

I looked into her face not sure if I should continue and she smiled back as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled. I groaned as my cock spread her open further and slid another few inches into her tight pussy.

I groaned again as I pushed even deeper and she joined me. I started fucking her and she shuddered and thrust up onto my cock. She felt amazing and I never wanted it to stop as I finally buried my cock, pushing against her cervix. Debra jerked as I shuddered and ground against her before suddenly jerking, “Shit!”

I spewed a huge load of sperm and jerked back before burying my cock again. I pumped another thick stream of cum and shivered as Debra spasmed under me. I jerked back again and stabbed back into her for another spurt of sperm that had no where to go and started leaking around my cock.

She was tossing her head as my body was racked with spasms and I sprayed two more jets of cum. I finally relaxed above her and Debra shivered and relaxed before she smiled, “Well, that was fun.”

I grinned and then groaned as I pulled out of her. I caressed her body and snuggled close sucking on one of her nipples. Debra shuddered and then laughed, “Amber should have an early dinner started.”

She pulled me out of bed and led me to the kitchen where the other blonde looked back as we came in. Debra let me go and walked across the kitchen towards her, “He was great. Wait until you give him a shower.”

Amber was staring at my cock and then she grinned, “I think he is going to make our life so much better.”

I finally shook myself and walked to her and shyly kissed her as I embraced her. She caressed my hip before turning back to what she was doing. I looked around as Debra sat at the table. I started setting the table for Amber. Dinner was good and I cleaned up and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

When I was done Amber took my hand and led me back to the bathroom. She pulled me into the shower and started washing me. She gave my cock a stroke as she grinned, “I love sex in the water.”

I laughed and cupped her firm breasts, “You should have started a bath.”

She grinned as I rubbed her nipples and then down her sides to her hips. I looked up into her smiling face and she embraced me. She caressed my body and I lifted her and turned her back to the wall. She guided my hard cock to her pussy and I let her down slowly. I shuddered as she was slowly impaled and she groaned and wrapped her legs around my waist. I held her and started to slowly fuck up into her.

It wasn’t long before Amber started shaking and her pussy tightened on my cock. I was shaking a little from holding her and Amber laughed, “Take me to bed and fuck me.”

I smiled and lifted her off my cock as she put her feet down. She grinned as she pulled me out of the shower and we dried off. I moved behind her and wrapped my arms around her to cup her breasts. Amber groaned as I tugged on the nipples and pushed her butt back against me. She laughed as she turned in my arms and kissed me.

I pulled her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, I put her on the bed and followed. I moved over her and settled between her legs and kissed her. This just felt so right, I kept doing it. I was slowly humping against her and we both groaned when my cock pushed into her. I slowly fucked deeper and kept kissing her.

It wasn’t long before we were fucking each other and groaning while kissing. When she shuddered and her pussy spasmed around my cock I shivered and groaned into her mouth. Amber jerked and tightened her hold as we broke our kiss, “Fuck!”

I shivered and fucked her harder, pressing my thick cock against her womb each time I shoved into her. Amber began shaking as she thrust her pussy up each time, “Fuck me!”

I was fucking her like a bitch and felt my cock pushing against her cervix. Amber began convulsing as I finally buried my cock and held her thrashing body. My cock expanded and then exploded in a huge torrent of sperm and semen. She screamed and went wild, bucking and twisting as I poured huge, gushing spurts of cum into her womb.

It took a minute and then I pulled out of her trembling body and lay next to her. Debra slipped into bed and laid on her other side. I caressed Amber’s hip and pelvis while she caught her breath and then she smiled at me. Debra turned over and lifted her butt, “Richard honey?”

I grinned as I kissed Amber and moved over her and behind Debra. I rubbed her pussy and pushed into her. She groaned and shivered as my slimy cock sank to her womb. I wasn’t in a hurry now and just slowly fucked her warm pussy. I used long, slow thrusts that made her groan and shudder as her pussy contracted around my cock.

I grinned at Amber and held Debra’s hips before fucking her hard. She jerked and grunted with each thrust and a minute later arched her back and screamed, “Fuck!”

Her pussy was spasming and gripping my cock as I slowed to bury it deep inside her shaking body. She finally shuddered hard and Amber laughed as I started fucking her with slow, deep thrusts again. Debra groaned and shivered, “I love his cock Amber.”

Amber turned onto her side and reached under Debra to hold one of her breasts, “I do too.”

I rubbed her butt and hips as I continued to fuck her. Her wet, messy pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock each time I pulled back. I finally pulled out of her and rolled her onto her back. I moved between her legs and pushed back inside her. Debra shuddered and lifted her legs to wrap them around my butt as I started fucking her again.

I could feel her womb each time I thrust into her and she began jerking and spasming erratically. Her warm, slippery pussy contracted like it was trying to keep my cock inside her. I finally thrust into her hard and started spurting large ropes of cum. Debra screamed as my warm cum quickly filled her womb and it began expanding. I stopped cumming with a shudder and just lay on her as she continued to twitch and shake.

I finally pulled out of her and moved over between her and Amber to lie down. I fell asleep with both naked women snuggled against me. I woke to my cock being stroked and shuddered before glancing down and then looking at Amber. She grinned and gestured for me to move over her.

I looked at Debra and then turned to do as she wanted. I pushed into her slimy pussy and she shuddered and held me tight as she whispered, “Nice and slow honey.”

I was more than willing to go slow and used deep thrusts that pressed my cock against the back of her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shaking as her hot pussy squeezed and massaged my cock. She shuddered and squeezed me a couple of minutes later, “YES!”

I hesitated before burying my cock with the head against her womb and started to press and hump against her. Amber jerked and thrashed as I held her impaled on my cock. A minute later she was whimpering as she thrashed around and Debra whispered in my ear, “Cum in her honey.”

I groaned and shuddered as I pulled back and fucked into Amber harder. On each thrust I pressed against her and a couple of minutes later I grunted and fucked into her before spewing my huge morning load of sperm. She jerked and lifted her hips, “FUCK ME!”

I spewed an almost solid stream of cum and she continued to spasm as her warm, slippery pussy tried to milk my cock. Her womb filled as I kept pumping cum into her and then it began expanding. She gasped and jerked and I finally stopped cumming and shuddered. Debra rubbed my shoulder, “pull out honey.”

I kissed Amber, “I don’t think so.”

Amber looked at me and I smiled, “If I am the head of the house I will decided things too. If I pull out my cum will begin to leak out. If I keep my cock in you, it will stay where I put it.”

Debra giggled, “You just got bred slut.”

Amber grinned and shook me, “Just you wait.”

She wrapped her legs around my butt, “then kiss me lover.”

I grinned and started kissing her softly. I shuddered as her warm pussy began squeezing and letting my cock go. I laughed and looked into her face as she grinned. I pressed into her and she gasped before shuddering. I pulled out slowly and moved towards Debra as she grinned and laid back. She groaned as I slowly pushed into her and Amber snickered, “now who is getting bred slut.”

I grinned and kissed Debra as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. She hugged me as my cock fucked in and out of her slimy pussy and started hitting her womb. I buried my cock to hump and grind and a minute later she shuddered and started jerking as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. She was wailing and convulsing as I pulled back and began to fuck her hard and deep.

I continued to fuck her as she lifted and spread her legs. She kept hugging me as her warm pussy squeezed and milked my cock. It was over twenty minutes before I thrust into her and held her as I began to spurt and pump more cum.

Debra shuddered and wrapped her legs around me as I started to flood her. When I stopped cumming she shuddered once more and then sighed. I kissed her and slowly pulled out, “do I get to wash you for one of my chores?”

They grinned and then laughed and Amber sat up to hug me, “anytime you want.”

I pulled them out of bed and into the bathroom. They peed as I started the shower and then I pulled them in. I started with Amber and Debra helped me. She kissed Amber’s bare shoulder, “We have to go to work Monday.”

I glanced at her as I fingered and washed Amber’s pussy, “and?”

Amber shuddered and turned, “you have chores.”

I grinned and rubbed her nipples before reaching for Debra, “You let me worry about chores.”

After the shower we went to eat and then I went out back to look at the backyard for the first time. I shook my head at the tall grass but smiled at the lap pool. I slipped into the cool water and after looking at the controls turned on the jets. I stopped swimming thirty minutes later and climbed out. I went into the garage to look for a mower and checked it before going into the house.

Amber was cleaning in the front room and Debra was doing laundry. I found my suitcase and opened it before dressing. I looked at Debra when she walking into the bedroom. She opened her mouth as I stood and crossed the room. I rubbed a nipple, “After I mow the grass you and Amber can lay out and get a tan.”

She grinned and kissed me before I left. It was hard work and took a couple of hours, especially the edging. When I was putting everything away I found the new box with a robot mower. I grinned and pulled it out and then spent another hour setting it up. I used the remote to set the yard boundaries and sat back to watch as it mowed the yard again.

When it finished I cleaned it and put everything away. Debra and Amber were in the kitchen making lunch when I came in. I undressed and pulled Amber away from the counter before lifting her and sitting her on the table as I sat between her legs.

She grinned as Debra laughed and I leaned in to open her pussy and start licking. I teased her clit and nibbled and licked. I kept pushing my tongue into her and going back and forth. She finally shuddered and covered her pussy.

I pulled her off the table and onto my lap. She shifted until she had my cock where she wanted it and then sat slowly and pushed it up into her. I held her as she sighed and looked at Debra, “Show me how to do the laundry.”

She grinned, “after dinner. Amber and I are going to lay out by the pool.”

Amber shuddered as she slowly thrust back and forth and her pussy tightened. I give her a kiss, “we need a list of all the chores.”

She turned my head and kissed me, “fucking us is a chore so get to work.”

Debra laughed as I grinned and stood, “Fucking you is my reward.”

I sat Amber on the table and laid her back before starting to thrust into her with deep thrusts that knocked on her cervix. It was a few moments before she shuddered and then began to jerk and thrust her pussy up, “YES!”

Her pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as I kept fucking her. I pushed into her harder and felt her cervix open. She stiffened and then started to twist and thrash around, “FUCK!”

I began to bury my cock and hump and grind and she shuddered violently as she wailed, “FUCK ME!”

She was shaking hard as I went back to using deep thrusts and fucking against her womb. Her hips continued to lift and thrust up each time I pushed into her. She jerked and twisted as I fucked her slippery pussy for another couple of minutes. I finally shoved into her and held her waist as my cock throbbed. Amber looked at me with wide eyes as she felt my cock jerk in her cervix, “OH...”

I started spewing a stream of cum as I held her. She jerked with the explosion of warm cum pumping into her womb and tilted her hips as she screamed, “FFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!”

I held her struggling body as I pumped large spurts through her cervix until I knew her belly was full. She relaxed when I stopped cumming and sighed as she looked at Debra, “I really love getting fucked like that.”

Debra grinned and brought lunch to the table, “you and me both.”

I grinned as I pulled on her and sat her up as I shifted and sat in a chair. She slid off the table with my cock still buried deep inside her and ended up straddling me. I held her and reached for a sandwich and let her take a bit. She chewed and then grinned, “Keeping your cum in my womb honey?”

I did the chores and kept the house all summer. I fucked Debra and Amber a dozen times a day too. By the time school started we were comfortable with each other. Mom and my sisters came over all the time and I even went home to help with the outside chores there. By the time I graduated and started college Debra and Amber had already had my first child.

Since then they have each had another and even after I graduated from college I am a domesticated house husband. I do have a home business but it is just to keep busy. Not that four little girls don’t keep me running.
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