I hope you don't mind I took a little more time with this episode. There is a lot of build up here for the explosive next scene. For me its the lead up that makes a story really hot, and if you are like me you will like what's here. If your not and you just want to get right to the nitty gritty then I suggest you skip this one. I wouldn't recommend that though because I think you'll be missing out.

For those of you that begged for the next chapter.... Here you go.

After we started doing the editing on her photos. I put them in the order that I wanted Jarrod to see them in. Then I made three copies. The first copy I made, in my mind was the PG copy. The second was PG13 it had all of the same pictures as the first and a few of the more provocative ones. The third was the R. I made the three copies figuring I would only use the one that I needed to win, only pulling out the R copy if I had to in order to win. I explained that to Paige, and she agreed it probably was going to be the third, and I couldn't disagree with her.

We were just finishing up when a knock came on the door. It was a small, timid knock, the kind that said “I want to come in, but I'm not sure that I will be allowed.” I knew immediately who it was and figured that meant that Jarrod was home, and it was time to get the show going.

“Come in,” I said.

Mia walked in and looked around as if she thought we were hiding something. In a way she was right, but it wasn't anything she was going to find laying around. The little girl was wearing a cute little outfit. It was one that I hadn't seen her wear before. The little pink skirt she was wearing looked like it belonged on a ballerina, but only she wasn't wearing a leotard with it. She was wearing her favorite Hello Kitty underwear, and the skirt was short enough that the bottom of her bum was barely visible. She had on a thin pink shirt with sequins, and a pink feathery scarf was draped around her neck, and dangling to her thighs. Topping her off was a plastic silver tiara on her head. If I didn't know any better I would have guessed she was dressed as a little magical prostitute, but I don't think that's what she had in mind.

I never thought I could be aroused by someone so young, but the erection growing in my pants told me I was very wrong about that.

“Wow,” I said. “I like your.”

“I'm a princess,” she said.

“Your highness,” I bowed, and she giggled into her hand. “What brings you from your magical kingdom?”

She looked around at the equipment, and setup of the room.

“Who's picture you taking?”

“Paige's,” I said, and then Paige jumped in.

“Me and Caitlyn are having a competion to see who can have the best photo shoot,” then she added, “and I am gonna win.”

“I wanna have a photo shoot! Please.... Please.... Please!” She begged.

“Sorry sweetie,” I said. “There isn't enough time left. Jarrod is the judge, and now that he's home we have to get started.”

Mia looked at me like I was crazy, putting her hands on her hips in an accusatory way. “Jarrod's not home yet. He won't be home for a few more hours. His mom and me went shoppin and they went to a swap meeting or something.” She gave me her best pouty lip, and crossed her arms in front of her.

Kids sure knew how to get their way.

“Okay then,” I told her. “I guess we have time, but it won't be for the competition or anything it'll just be for fun.”

“But whhhhyyyyyy.... I wanna be in the competition tooooooo.”

“Because sweety. The competition is between Paige and Caitlyn. Besides the pictures that Paige took are way to sexy for an eight-year-old. I don't think you would want to take those kind of pictures.”

I thought that would convince her, but it didn't. Her eyes lit up like fog lights.

“You mean like naked pictures.... Like the ones that Jarrod has in his fuck book?”

As soon as the f-word came out of her mouth her cheeks turned pink, and she covered her mouth.

I couldn't help but to laugh at her goof. “Not exactly,” I chuckled. “But close.”

“I don't care... I still want to do it. If they did it I can do it too. Pleeeeaaaassse!” She said, grabbing my pant leg, and batting her eyes at me.

My first instinct was to just say no and be done with it. She was too young, and my plans didn't really include her anyway. Crossing these lines with the other two was one thing. They were both at the age where they were starting to experiment with sex, at least in the early stages of it. I was just speeding up the process a little. Mia on the other hand was too young to even think about sex. What would be the point. I was just about to say no when her pouty lip came back out, and a vision of her standing before me, wearing nothing but a dog collar, her pouty lip, and a load of my come dripping from her chin, crossed my mind. I couldn't help but to wonder if it would be possible to see that vision become a reality. I wasn't into forcing anyone to do anything, but convincing them. That was another story. Could I do it was the question, and my ever hardening erection demanded that I find out.

“Okay, okay.”

Her face lit up and she ran over and stood in front of the camera.

Paige sat down on her desk and watched as I approaced the camera loaded it with another blank card, and snapped off a picture. Mia loved hearing the shutter click and began giving off her best “sexy” poses. It wasn't long before I had her poking her butt out, lifting her skirt a little here and there, and taunting the camera. She was eating it up, loving the attention, and responding to the encouragement I gave her. Within ten minutes the cute little skirt was tossed aside, and the pink top was a distant memory. I let her keep the scarf though. That was just too cute.

I asked her to turn around and pull down her panties a little. She seemed pleased at my request and obliged me, showing off her cute little buttox and smiling back at me. Snap.

Then I told her to turn back around and pull one side of her underwear down. Snap.

I then asked her to lay on the bed. I repositioned the camera over her, and I asked her to open her legs wide. Snap. Snap. Snap. This was too easy.

I had her put her hand down her panties, and pet her “kitty.” Snap. Snap.

Then an idea struck me. I told her to put her hands behind her head. She did and I reached down with one hand and pet her kitty for her. Her eyes got wide for a second, and then glassed over. She didn't recoil or try to stop me. Just just spread her legs a little wider and let me explore her with my fingers. I snapped a couple more pictures, and then put the camera down.

“I think Jarrod will like these,” I said, and loaded the card into the computer.

When we got into the living room Amanda and Caitlyn were already sitting. They were eagerly waiting for us to get done and jumped up when we finally came into the room.

“Okay,” Amanda said. “Let's see what you came up with.”

“Not on your life,” I replied. “We'll all see the pictures at the same time when Jarrod gets here. It'll be a lot more fun that way.”

“Come on,” she said. “I'm dying to see how bad your gonna lose.”

“You can wait,” I said and I smiled as I walked into the kitchen to make something to eat. This constant erection stuff tended to make me hungry.

I could hear Amanda drilling Paige, trying to get her to spill the beans, but if Paige was anything it was determined. She didn't give an inch and I was proud of her.

We kept ourselves busyby finally figuring out the rules about the dog collar thing. It turned out that Amanda wanted the losers to have to wear the dog collars for a week, and that the collars meant that they were in absolute servitude to the winners for that entire week. I let her in on the fact that Mia was now in the competition, but that she was in it on her own. I would not be responsible if Paige did happen to win, and would not wear a collar for Mia only for Paige. Amanda agreed, (I knew she would she was very confident that Caitlyn had this in the bag). Before I knew it Jarrod finally got home, but the kid didn't come through the door alone. He was virtually dragged through the door by a large german sheppard as he struggled to get the dogs cage through the door.

“What the hell Jarrod,” Amanda yelled. “You know I don't allow dogs in this house.”

Amanda had mentioned to me before her loathing of dogs, especially big dogs, but I never realized how serious she was until I saw her face. She looked absolutely terrified. She backed away and hid behind me as the dog came into the room.

“I didn't have a choice mom. Dad said I had to keep him overnight. Him and Marcia are gonna be out all night, and he said there was no way Cheddar could stay home alone.”

I could feel Amanda shivering behind me. Cheddar came to greet me and I bent to pet him.

“Cheddar huh. That's your name boy. Cheddar?”

The dog seemed happy to meet me and licked my face. After a few seconds of me petting him he sat and started scratching at his collar. There were quite a few little trinkets on his collar and they clinked loudly as he dug with his hind leg.

“Shit!” Amanda cursed behind me.

I turned to see what was bothering her. She was biting at her knuckle and staring at the dog. The dog scratched some more, making more of the racket, and Amanda backed up a step and sat on the couch, never taking her eyes off of the dog. The fear was still on her face, she looked at me for a second and then back at the dog. I couldn't quite figure the expression she had on her face. She looked worried, but about what I couldn't figure.

Jarrod placed the cage in the kitchen, poured water into his bowl and dog food in another, and got the big dog into his cage. He came back into the living room and we let him in on the competition. The kid sniggered at the prospect of Paige beating Caitlyn at any kind of beauty contest, but agreed to be the judge.

We all stood behind him as he booted up his laptop. I didn't have to worry about being forced to go first. Caitlyn was eager to have her brother looking at her photos and shoved her card into his hand before the computer even finished its startup.

“Me first Jarrod. I can't wait to see if you like my pictures,” she said, laying a hand on his lap and rubbing his leg.

“No fair trying to entice the judge,” I chuckled. “Get your mitts off of his leg.”

Caitlyn stuck her tongue out at me, and I did the same back to her.

Before long the computer was ready and the first of Caitlyn's pictures was up on the screen. Jarrod's eyes were glued to each photo as he slowly processed through the portfolio. Just as I thought Amanda's strategy was focused around Caitlyn's chest, which wasn't exactly stupid Caitlyn definitely had Paige beat in that department. As each photo went by more and more of the girl's chest was exposed, and Jarrod's comfortability decreased. He knew that we were all watching him look at his younger sisters cleavage as more and more of it was made available to his eyes. That didn't stop the boys erection though. It was clearly visible under his pants. He tried scooting the computer up to cover his growing bulge a couple of times, but the piece of equipment didn't cooperate. It kept sliding back down.

When the very last photo popped up I wasn't surprised to see both Catlyn's young breasts staring at me from the computer screen. That was Amanda's coup de gra. She was allowing her son to see his sisters boobies. I knew at that point I was going to have to give him disk number three but I was still pretty sure that would be enough to win it.

“What'd you think of the last picture Jarrod,” Caitlyn asked, blushing.

“Umm... Nice.... You know. Tits, I guess.” Clearly uncomfortable with saying it out loud.

Caitlyn giggled at hearing his compliment.

“I told you I'd let you see them sooner or later.”

“Um. Yeah. Thanks.” Jarrod was blushing too.

“My turn. My turn,” Mia insisted.

I wished I could be a fly in Jarrod's head as he sifted through Mia's photos. I got smacked a couple of times as the photo's clicked by. Jarrod went fast at first, but as he progressed further and further into the mix his looks took longer and longer. He looked over a few times at his younger sister, and I could definitely see the lust in his eyes. I could tell that he wanted to taste her as much as I did.
When the final picture popped up onto the screen Amanda punched me in the arm, but I could tell their wasn't much anger in it.

“Damn Ray. She's only eight you know.”

“I know, but I want to win.”

I expected to hear a little more on the subject. To get a little more of a lecture. The lecture didn't come though. Instead she urged my team to give up our photo shoot. I pulled disk three out of my pocket and gave it to Jarrod.

Jarrod looked at Paige as he slid the card into the slot. Paige smiled at him, and gave him a wink. Jarrod looked back to the screen and pulled up the first photo. I could see his face flush more and more as he worked his way through. Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead, and Amanda punched me a couple more times before the grand finale. Jarrod actually grabbed his dick when he saw the way Paige was grinding the bear's face, and Amanda just stood totally mute.

We all waited for what seemed like and eternity waiting for Jarrod to announce a winner.

When he was finally ready, thoughts gathered, and courage mustered, he said....

“Sorry Mia, and I'm really Sorry Caitlyn, but.... I guess there's no way I can't pick Paige.”

Then he got up and quickly left the room covering his erection as he went.

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