Cassandra had a large bundle in her arms and I gestured for her to hand it to me, “Try to keep up. Katie, would you take the rear?”

She nodded while Cassandra only looked down with tears in her eyes. I tucked the scepter into my belt and the crown inside my shirt. It was dark when we started walking and in no time Cassandra was stumbling. I slowed more and Katie finally came up beside her, “Lean on me sister.”

Cassandra seemed to move a little better after that. It was almost an hour before she glanced at Katie, “Why did you call me sister?”

Katie smiled, “Because I will be. I am already a sister wife to your sisters Megan and Zera.”

It was a little later that Cassandra looked at her again, “Then he will rape me?”

Katie smiled, “No my sister. He is a Blade Master. Megan said something about having to give themselves to him through a rite, but they both accepted his offer to be mates.”

Cassandra’s face paled, “I forgot about the rite of masters.”

I looked back at them in the dark, “I wish you would forget again. I don’t like doing that to a girl. Your sisters were very stubborn though.”

Cassandra suddenly laughed, “Didn’t you know? All imperial daughters are stubborn.”

I shook my head as Katie laughed, “Good for you.”

It was after midnight when we came out into the small clearing where the others were supposed to be. Justin came out of the circle of sherise and butted up against my chest. I rubbed his ears and then led Cassandra and Katie to the dark camp. Sara sat on the edge of the gathered sleeping furs and set her sword aside, “I thought it was you.”

I smiled and turned to Cassandra, “this is Cassandra.”

Sara smiled and nodded, “Welcome sister.”

Cassandra actually smiled, “Thank you.”

The others sat up and I smiled, “You need to sleep.”

I looked at Katie, “I need to wash the stink of blood off me. Watch her until I return.”

I stripped while they watched and whispered. The water was a little cool, but refreshing. I came back to the furs to see everyone still awake. Cassandra had a set look and I sighed, which made Megan and Zera grin. I looked at their sister, “Okay, but my way and tomorrow.”

I looked at Alex, “Tell her how you do a claiming.”

I laid down and pulled Zera closer. She giggled and snuggled back against me and we listened to Alex as she explained claiming to Cassandra. Cassandra kept looking at me and licking her lips. When Alex finished, she leaned closer to Alex and whispered something. Alex looked at her and held out her hand, “Come with me.”

Sara slipped behind me and caressed my body with her tail, “She wants you to claim her but doesn’t know how to do anal.”

I smiled and rolled onto my back, “Megan?”

Megan smiled as she moved closer, “Yes William?”

I cupped her face, “has Justin and Simon pleasured you?”

She grinned, “yes.”

I caressed her face, “would you use your mouth on me?”

She grinned again and leaned over my waist to lick my cock. She smiled and held my cock as she licked the pre cum off the head. After a minute she was fucking the head of my cock with her month. Just from watching Megan I could tell she was getting excited. It was only a few minutes before I lightly held her head, “I’m cumming.”

I let my body release three thick spurts of cum that she captured in her mouth. I sighed and looked up to see Cassandra watching as Megan sat up and opened her mouth to show my cum. She swallowed and then laughed, “It tasted really good, I almost forgot to show it.”

Everyone laughed while Zera grinned and reached down to tug on my still hard cock. I kept my eyes on Cassandra as I pulled Megan over my body, straddling me. I finally looked into Megan’s eyes, “this could hurt. Do you trust me?”

She hesitated and then nodded. I started feeling her soft butt and she sighed. When my finger caressed her asshole she shivered and relaxed onto my body. I was surprised when my finger actually pushed a little into her and she shuddered in pleasure. I looked at her face and she grinned, “Alex and Sara have been teaching us with Thomas and Jason. It feels good now.”

I grinned and started to gently finger fuck her ass. She shuddered and jerked as my second finger pushed in, “Yes!”

I was gentle as I continued to finger her and finally pulled my fingers out and moved her body as I positioned my drooling cock. I started to fuck against her warm ass and Megan moaned and shivered. When my cock pushed inside her for a moment she jerked and shuddered as she clutched me.

It was a few minutes before I was fucking the head of my cock in and out of her ass while she grunted and kept asking me for more. A few minutes later I held her and began spurting into her with half my cock buried. Megan shivered and groaned when I slowly pulled out. She smiled over her shoulder at Katie, “I did it!”

Katie laughed, “So we noticed.”

I let her slip down beside me and Sara was there kneeling by my hip. She gently washed my cock and gave it a tug, “Ready for Zera?”

I laughed and turned my head, “Zera my little love goddess?”

She grinned as she scrambled to me and hugged me. She turned around and dove for my cock which made the others laugh. She licked my cock and then grinned before putting the head in her mouth. She began fucking the head in and out while her small tongue swirled around. It was amazing and I groaned, “That feels really good Zera.”

She was really good and it didn’t really take long to feel my body getting ready. I caressed her, “I’m going to cum.”

She kept the head in her mouth and just stroke my shaft while using her tongue. I had to concentrate to limit how much I came. I groaned as I spurted three thick creamy jets of cum. Zera was careful as she slowly pulled her full mouth off my cock. She showed the others and swallowed quickly. She grinned at me, “That was fun.”

Everyone laughed as she reached for my cock again. I took her hand off and pulled her on top of me, “Give it a few minute and just let me hold you my little Nymph.”

Zera grinned and put her head on my shoulder. I looked at Cassandra, “Tomorrow Cassandra, I will take you tomorrow. Think well on what you want.”

I loved feeling Zera’s bare butt and she kept sighing as I caressed it. When I began to lightly rub her warm asshole she shuddered. It was a few minutes before I began to push my finger into her. She groaned and began to slowly push back against my finger. As it slid all the way in and out of her, she shuddered and I felt her ass tighten. I smiled, “Like that my little nymph?”

Zera moaned, “God yes.”

One finger became two and she accepted it easily. When I finally pushed a third in I knew she was ready. I positioned my cock and pulled my fingers out. I pushed my cock in slowly and stopped with a groan as I caressed her back and butt. Zera shuddered and started fucking my cock with small thrusts as she moaned.

The feel of her tight little ass around my cock was incredible. When she jerked a couple of minutes later and then shoved back onto my cock harder I tightened my hold, “I’m cumming Zera!”

I shivered as I fought to control my release. I spurted three times as Zera jerked and shuddered. I finished cumming and kept caressing her body as she slowly relaxed. I held her with my cock throbbing inside her and then I slowly pulled out. Thomas and Jason nodded and Megan moved to snuggle with Jason and Alex pulled Thomas against her.

Cassandra looked around until Katie pulled her down and against her. I pulled out of Zera and caressed her body before relaxing. I woke with the dawn and moved Zera off me before slipping out of bed. I made a check around us before building up the fire. I glanced at Thomas and Jason as they moved off the sleeping furs. I smiled, “Which of you would like to ask Cassandra if she would like a child?”

They grinned as they squatted across from me. Jason looked at Thomas and he nodded. Jason grinned as he looked at me, “Can you not make her have more and let both of us get her with child?”

I laughed, “She is not a kittling but I could help her and you do that.”

I nodded to the trail, “We go to a hidden trail up and will camp on top.”

They nodded and I looked at the sleeping furs as the girls began to wake. Cassandra walked with Megan when we left. I led the way past the spring and to the escarpment. I moved around a tall line of thick brush and into a narrow cave. I grinned as everyone closed up and walked in. They were surprised at the light filtering through cracks of crystal. The trail turned and started climbing.

It was several hours before we emerged from a narrow gully on top. After a rest I led the way into the forest and an hour later walked into a pleasant meadow with a small spring. I gestured and everyone began setting up camp. I slipped into the woods with Sara and Thomas. When I returned I handed the two cleaned rabbits to Katie who grinned. I squatted and looked at Cassandra, “How are you today?”

She grinned, “better, now that I have talked to our clan.”

I grinned, “Did Thomas and Jason ask you to bare their children?”

She blushed as Katie laughed. I looked at Katie and she reached out to caress Cassandra’s cheek, “She said she would be willing but the choice was yours since she would have to go through the rite of masters.”

I sighed, “I was hoping you would change your mind.”

They laughed as Zera knelt beside me. She leaned against me, “can we take a day?”

I hugged her, “Tomorrow afternoon we will reach a small city with a large inn. We will rest there for a couple of days while I get supplies.”

She nodded and looked at Cassandra, “did you see my mother Cas?”

Cassandra looked down and nodded, “She is with the Herald now.”

Zera grinned, “She always liked him.”

Everyone began coming in and Cassandra took a breath before walking to her things. I sighed and gestured to Sara, “we will need witnesses.”

Cassandra returned and knelt in front of me. She carefully wove the intricate design around her wrists with an elaborate ribbon. The others had gathered by the time she put her head down, “William, by the Rite of the Masters, I give to you, my right of choice, my passion and my choice of child.”

She turned away and bent to put her head on the ground, pushing her butt up and spreading her legs. I moved forward between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I gently rubbed her butt, “I’m sorry Cassandra.”

I pushed into her, going all the way into her womb. Cassandra stiffened as her maidenhead was ripped away. She struggled and then held still as she whimpered, I caressed her hips and waited. I felt her tight pussy squeeze my cock and she shivered a couple of minutes later. I released my cum and let it flood her.

She gasped as she felt warm sperm filling her. I drew my Sigil and glyph above her unmarred ass and back using my energy. She jerked and gasped, when I was done I pulled out of her and waited. She turned stiffly and held her bound wrists out to me. She was keeping eye contact as I grasped the ribbons in my hands, “You are mine by the rite of Masters, your choice is mine, your passion will be mine, I accept the choice of child.”

I called my magic forward in the last part of the ritual. The ribbons around her wrist glowed, moving on their own to wind about mine in another complicated pattern as she screamed. Gradually the ribbon faded into her flesh. They still glowed around mine as I ignored the pain to finish, I pulled Cassandra forward into my arms, “Let me finish.”

She nodded and I kissed her before turning her and covering my glyphs. I summoned my magic to finish the bond and heal her. I rubbed her warm, pink asshole and smiled as she shuddered and pushed back. I put the cummy head of my cock against her ass and began rocking. Cassandra gasped and shuddered harder before pushing back.

I kept my hand on her and reached into her womb to pull all my sperm out. I shifted another egg into place and shivered as my cock finally pushed into her ass. Cassandra moaned and started thrusting back and forth, fucking my cock. She felt hot and her ass kept squeezing my cock. I held her hips and released a few weak spurts. Cassandra grunted and started spasming, “OH FUCK!”

I slowly pulled out and let the others see. Katie came forward with a damp rag to clean my cock as Cassandra turned. Katie nodded to her and she smiled before baring her teeth. She bent to lick my cock and a few moments later she started slowly fucking the head in and out of her mouth. She looked up with a grin and went back to sucking me.

I let myself go a couple of minutes later and she groaned and began spasming as I spurted a few times and pulled back. She clung to me with cum running out the corner of her mouth and continued to shudder. I caressed her face as the other girls came forward to kiss her. I moved to the side and smiled at Thomas and Jason, “Well?”

They grinned as the girls turned to see them. Jason patted Thomas on the shoulder and he moved to Cassandra as the girls moved back. She grinned at Thomas and laid down and spread her legs. He moved between her legs and kissed her softly as he slowly pushed with his hips. She groaned as his cock entered her and he began to fuck her.

Alex slipped up beside me and her tail wrapped around my waist. I glanced at her as Thomas and Cassandra both moaned and fucked each other harder. She was shuddering and he was moaning as he jabbed and then thrust into her hard and held still a few minutes later. She lifted her legs and screamed as he began pumping sperm into her.

She was convulsing as he shuddered and shook and a minute later slowly pulled out. I kissed Alex before moving to Cassandra and covering her pelvis as I reached into her womb. I pulled his sperm to one of the eggs and selected one. A moment later I pushed the rest of his sperm out of her. I bent to kiss her before moving back to Alex as Jason moved to Cassandra and kissed her.

She caressed his side as one hand slipped between them and guided his cock. She moaned and shuddered as he began to fuck into her slowly. I let Alex caress me as Jason kept fucking Cassandra. He kissed her and rubbed his face against her as he continued to slowly bury his cock and grind into her. He nibbled on her neck as she started shaking and jerking.

It was a few minutes before she stiffened and clutched him as she wailed and started convulsing. Jason kept fucking her as she jerked and spasmed under him. It was a few more minutes before she lifted and spread her legs and screamed. He thrust into her and held her shaking body as he grunted and shuddered. I kissed Alex and moved forward to sit beside them as Jason slowly pulled out, “thank you Cass.”

She sighed and looked at my hand as I put it on her pelvis, “you are welcome my clan mate.”

I shifted my awareness into Cassandra again, reaching into her womb and pulling Jason’s sperm to the remaining egg. I sorted through the sperm and pulled what felt like the best one to the egg and pushed the rest out of her. I waited and then slowly pulled out and caressed her pelvis, “It is done. Thomas and Jason both have given you sons.”

She smiled and felt her pelvis beside my hand as I bent and gave her a soft kiss, “Rest.”

I moved back and wasn’t surprised when Zera, Megan, Sara, Alex and Katie came to sit with her and caress her. I smiled as Terra and Rose came close and Megan touched her sister to show her. I gestured to Thomas and Jason, “sleep with her tonight.”

They both smiled and nodded as Cassandra looked at them. She smiled as Katie leaned down to rub her face. Megan and Zera laughed and Megan reached out to tug on Thomas’s tail, “After you and Jason fuck Zera and me.”

After the babies were born the other Blade Masters started to gather. The Empire was beginning to calm down after many fights and struggles. We all headed east to the capital, there were several bodies in the throne room when we entered. All the Blade Masters had talked about this. I walked to the great seal and held my oldest daughter by Katie, “This is Aurora Kendell Modesa Andersee Saghir. She is my daughter by blood and I name her as Empress.”

The whole room brightened and the six seals flared brighter before fading as they closed. I turned and looked at all the imperial nobles that had followed us in, “The Blade Masters will remain as her regent until she reaches maturity.”

I was surprised when they bowed and went to their knees so quickly but they did. My daughter’s reign was a long one. The race of kittling slowly came alive again. The few mages that remained in the empire either bent knee or left.

As for Megan, Zera and Cassandra... they have delighted in having our clan children. Megan spends much of her time with the sherise. After Aurora was old enough we started our travels again which made the sherise happy.
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