When the sun began to come up, I put water on and went back to the sleeping furs. I saw Sara’s eyes watching me as I came closer, but it was Zera that sat up. She smiled at me and rubbed her pussy. She knelt and turned away, pushing her butt up into the air. I smiled as I stripped and knelt behind her. I bent over her, “are you sure you don’t want to play first?”

She shook her head and whispered back, “Just fuck me William. Fuck your bitch.”

I smiled as I caressed her butt and then slowly pushed my hard cock into her tiny fuck hole. Zera groaned, “oh William, that is what I need.”

Sara sat up and moved closer to Zera, “Can I join you Zera?”

Zera held out her hand as I slowly fucked her tight pussy. Sara lay down and moved under her and started licking and sucking on her breasts. It was a minute later that Zera shuddered and Sara moved further under her. I felt Sara licking Zera’s pussy as I fucked into her. A few minutes later she started jerking erratically and I heard her moan. I fucked her hard for another minute and then held myself in her as I came. I spurted cum into her until it ran out and down her legs.

She was shivering as I pulled out and lay beside her. Sara moved out from under her and laid Zera on her back while she moved between her legs and started licking my cum. Zera smiled and put her hands behind Sara’s head. I watched Sara gently teasing her clit and lick through her tight, used pussy.

Zera shivered and then shuddered before putting her hand down to stop Sara. I laughed softly and stood up, “Time to get up, my mates.”

The camp came alive as we got ready to move. We walked in the same order as the day before. I kept the pace down for Megan and Zera. We stopped by a stream at noon and I thought about how far I had to go. As soon as we had rested, I started us off again. It was almost dark when I reached the hidden glen.

I gestured to Alex and she started setting up camp. I moved into the brush and made a circle before coming back to camp. The bedrolls were laid out and a fire was started. I saw Megan boiling water and crossed to the fire. She grinned at me when she looked up, “Katie suggested Zera and I drink some cata.”

I smiled and squatted down, “How are you doing?”

She smiled, “I think I’m doing better than ever before in my life.”

I looked at Zera and Katie as they carried arm loads of wood for the fire. I looked back at Megan, “Sleep with me tonight?”

Megan grinned, “Only if you do all the work.”

I laughed and stood as Sara and Thomas walked out of the brush carrying several rabbits. Dinner was a quiet affair, I kept leaving to make a check the area around camp. As I held a naked Megan against me, Sara moved to my other side. Her tail caressing my hip, “You are not amorous my mate?”

I smiled and hugged both girls, “Yes and no. I feel uneasy, another Blade Master is near.”

Katie moved next to Megan, “He will come tonight?”

I shook my head, “Perhaps tomorrow.”

We cuddled together, keeping each other warm. I woke several times in the night and the other Blade Master did not come closer. We were up early and on the trail as the sun rose. All day we walked, taking breaks for Zera and Megan when they needed them. It was late afternoon when I felt the change. I stopped everyone and looked at Katie, “you and Sara come with me, everyone else wait.”

We moved forward down the trail until I stopped Katie and Sara. “There’s a clearing ahead, inside is a Blade Master. Around the clearing are several assassins. Sara take the right, Katie take the left. Both of you stay silent and take no chances.”

I watched them move quietly into the brush, feeling a moment of fear. I shook myself and slipped forward and stopped at the edge of the clearing. A tall well built man stood on the other side. I stepped into the clearing, “Hello Solotus. It’s been awhile.”

He smiled, “Somehow, I knew it would be you I faced one day.”

I bowed slightly as his head tilted to one side listening. He grinned, “Your… companions move well. Already they have taken two of my men.”

I walked forward several paces, “It doesn’t have to be like this Solotus.”

He shrugged, “I’m afraid it does. Our time is past.”

I sighed, “Will you draw first or shall I?”

Solotus bowed and drew as he stood and started moving. The golden sword swept out of its sheath and blocked the blow. I was already moving away to the side as I blocked again, this time with a dagger that hadn’t been there a moment before. My sword slipped under the dagger even as Solotus tried to lunge back.

It didn’t take him fully, but he moved awkwardly and blood ran from a deep wound in his side. I heard a crashing from behind me and Solotus smiled, “your companion is in trouble.”

I knew he was trying to throw me off. What he didn’t know was the link I had with each of the girls. I smiled as we continued to circled, “That was your assassin dying. My companions are bonded. One is a kittling warrior and the other a scout.”

He blinked and his eyes shifted towards the brush. As they did, my sword flashed forward in a lunge that ended in his chest. I was moving away even as his sword moved to strike. I stepped back as he slowly knelt, “Damn.”

I smiled sadly as I moved behind him, “I’m sorry Solotus.”

He nodded, “Was it true?”

I nodded as I stepped up behind him, “Yes.”

He never saw the blow that took his head. I knelt and fixed his body, breaking the sword and laying it across his chest. When I looked up Katie and Sara were there. I smiled as I stood, “You need to work on killing quietly Katie.”

She nodded and they joined me as we walked back to the others. As I led them through the clearing I stopped and faced Solotus, “He was a friend a long time ago.”

I closed my eyes and focused. I heard a murmur as the light left him and went into the sky. We made camp just as the sun was setting, it was a quiet group that came to bed that night. They knew I felt sad because I had killed someone that had been a friend. I lay with my mates only until they slept and then I slipped away. I woke everyone early and smiled, “You all need baths.”

I listened to their grumbling and complaining as I forced them along a narrow path. When we stepped into the tiny clearing with the pool they quieted. They looked from the steam rising off the water to me. I grinned, “What, you don’t like hot water?”

They grinned and the next thing I knew they were pulling me into the water. It was a good thing I only had a robe on. We splashed around for a half hour before Megan whispered something to Katie. Katie looked at me quickly and grinned. A few minutes later we walked out of the water and Katie stopped me, “William, Megan and Zera want you to claim them as you have us.”

I smiled at Megan and Zera, “I’m afraid it will have to wait. I have to leave to meet the caravan. Everyone accept Katie will stay with you, just follow the marks I leave and wait for me at the next camp site.”

I led them back to camp and when everything was ready, I embraced the girls and gave them a passionate kiss. I nodded to the two boys and looked at Sara, “You’re in charge, follow the marks I leave.”

Katie and I walked away quickly. Every once in a while I would stop and put a few stones in the trail in a pattern I had shown Sara. Katie and I walked and jogged, we reached what would be the camp site for the others just after midday. I left the marker and we kept going, we ate dried meat and berries when we walked.

Just before sunset we reached the trail up the escarpment where there was a large field. I was careful as I made my way through the brush and looked out. The caravan with its small army of escorts was already there. I looked at Katie and whispered, “You stay here until this is over. No matter what you see, don’t follow me.”

She hesitated and bowed her head. I nodded and moved to the side about sixty feet from her. I couldn’t believe they hadn’t even put out sentries. Not that I thought this would be easy, there were at least a hundred soldiers and by the feel, two mages. I stood and walked out of the brush and started walking towards the camp.

No one even noticed me until I had almost reached the wagons. The soldier that called out to me caused everyone to look, but by then it was too late. I drew my two short swords, the left one took out the throat of the commander and the right went into the chest of the younger mage. I slammed the hilt of my left sword into the other mage’s head and he crumpled unconscious.

After that it was chaos as soldiers got in each other’s way and died. By the time the crowd had thinned, half of the soldiers had already panicked and were running away. I pulled one of my swords out of the chest of a man and walked to a wagon that was fancier then the others.

I carefully lifted the canvas and glanced in. A young girl that looked a lot like Megan looked back at me while holding a dagger and I smiled, “What are you going to do with the dagger?”

I could see how scared of me she was, “Get your things girl, you belong to me now.”

I turned away and walked to the mage I had knocked unconscious. I glanced at the woods where I knew Katie waited and watched. I gestured and a moment later she came out of the brush. I knelt beside the mage as he started to stir. I sheathed my swords and grabbed his hair before pulling him to his feet and shoving him into a side of a wagon.

I pulled one of two special silver spikes I carried and held one of the mages hands against the wagon before slamming a spike through it, pinning him to the wagon. While he screamed, I grabbed his other hand and did it again. I looked at Katie as she walked up, “Get the girl. Make sure she has her things like Megan and Zera. You know, jewelry and some clothes.”

Katie nodded and only glanced at the mage before heading towards the wagon with the princess in it. I looked at the mage and pulled the golden sword over my shoulder. I took a deep breath, “By the blood of Saghir, let me see the throne of might!”

A haze rose between me and the injured mage. It turned silver and then cleared to show a tall throne with an old mage sitting in it staring back at me, “Who dares?”

I smiled, “William Kendell Modesa Andersee Saghir.”

He sat back in surprise, “All of clan Saghir are dead!”

I laughed, “Did you really think a mage could kill clan Saghir?”

He only stared back at me and I nodded, “Very well mage. You have broken the Covenant of Modesa.”

He smiled, “And what are you going to do about it?”

I held the sword point up for him to see, “By the Sword of Saghir. By the Bracer of Andersee. By the ring of Modesa. I summon the Orb of Law, the staff of Might and the Crown of Swordmasters!”

There was a loud buzzing and a large glowing Orb appeared to circle the tip of the sword. I held my other hand out and a mace with a silver glow appeared, and finally the crown that had rested on the back of the thrown appeared on my brow. The old mage stood furious, “You will die screaming!”

I laughed, “Mage? Do you remember where you stood when you gave your oath as emperor?”

I watched his head turn to look at the great seal before the throne. I laughed again, “By the blood of Saghir, I command the six seals of Kendell to open.”

I looked one last time at the doomed mage, “Long live the Empire.”

The mage’s face was white as I slashed through the portal with the sword. The last thing I saw was him bursting into flames. I didn’t bother checking the mage pinned to the wagon. I already knew he would be dead. I sheathed the sword and the glowing orb disappeared. I turned to Katie as she led the girl to me, “By the Law of Tosine, I claim you.”
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