Katie, Alex, Sara, Zera, Megan, Thomas and Jason lay together on my sleeping furs. Terra and Rose both lay next to them. I quietly slipped onto the sleeping fur and undressed. Megan pulled me down next to her and Alex, “We will witness for Alex.”

I caressed her face, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, “I think so, it will take me time to understand and accept this new life.”

I glanced at Alex as she moved beside me and showed me her teeth. I stopped her and pulled her close for a kiss, “Terra?”

She smiled, “I asked.”

I smiled at her, “Go ahead Alex, I’m ready now.”

She grinned and her head went down on my stiff cock. I looked back at Megan and laughed as I saw Katie push her breasts out as she caressed them. She grinned as she looked at me, “I love it.”

I felt Alex licking the pre cum from my cock and then start fucking just the head in and out of her mouth. I grinned when I saw Zera gently fingering Sara with Jason as she watched us. I looked down as I felt myself getting close and caressed Alex, “Alex, I’m going to cum.”

She held the head in her mouth as she jerked my cock. I closed my eyes as I came, spurting three times. It was a little more then I expected though and I shivered. Alex pulled her mouth off me and turned to the others. She opened her mouth so they could see and then swallowed.

She turned to me smiling, I looked at Megan and saw Katie caressing Megan’s hip and thigh. I lay back and held my arms out to Alex. As she covered me, her tail caressing down my legs. I reached inside her and was surprised at what I found and smiled. She looked at my face and smiled back, “Why do you smile William?”

I hugged her to me as I looked into her face, “I was wondering if kittlings could safely have more then six kits?”

She looked into my eyes somberly, “Yes, the old records report births of up to ten. The kits will be small though, but they will grow to normal kittling size. Why do you ask?”

“Because you are in season and have eight eggs in your womb.”

She jerked and looked at Katie before looking back at me, “Are you sure William?”

I nodded and she took a breath, “William, I would like all our clan to hear and witness.”

I gently spread her legs over me so that she straddled me. I kissed her, “I will wait to give you my children, but not to finish claiming you.”

She looked into my face as I reached around her and gently rubbed her ass. She squeaked a little and then gave me a big grin. Her tail started stroking down the inside of my legs as she sat up, “Well if you insist.”

She lifted slightly and started fingering her pussy and pushing them almost brutally into her ass. A minute later she lifted higher and grabbed my cock and guided it to her ass. She looked into my eyes as she started wiggling down my cock until it was all the way inside her. Her fur rippled slightly and she shivered.

She smiled suddenly and started to move, fucking me slowly so that I almost came out of her before she sat back, pushing me all the way in, “William? I am very particular, I want four daughters and four sons. Would you like me to describe them?”

I laughed as I held her hips, “I have another idea, I will let you choose.”

She looked at me strangely as she shuddered and squirted girl cum on me. When she went back to fucking my cock it was faster and harder, “Choose?”

I moaned as I felt myself getting closer, “I will guide you and let you see the way I do and then let you chose our children.”

She grunted and jerked down onto me hard shivering as she squirted cum on me again. She sat atop me lightly jerking as I suddenly came in her, spurting three times. Shivering I lay back surprisingly out of breath. Alex continued to cum for another minute and then she slowly lay forward pulling my cock out of her ass.

I held her and glanced towards Megan. She was grinning as she sucked on Katie’s nipples. By the way Katie was jerking and squirming, I knew she was cumming. Alex put her face against mine, “I hope they do that for me.”

I smiled, “Would you like me to suck on them?”

She turned her head and looked at me, “Would you?”

I pulled her so that she rolled onto her back beside me and I turned onto my side. I looked at Sara and Zera, “I hope I didn’t have to claim you in any kind of order.”

Sara grinned and shook her head. “No.”

I bent my head and licked Alex’s nipple before covering it with my mouth and sucking. She groaned, closing her eyes as her hands cupped the back of my head. Her tail slipped between my legs and caressed my ass and lower back. I used my tongue on her nipple and gently bit it. “Oh damn, we have to wait but I want you so bad!”

Sara was suddenly beside us, “Megan and Katie are finished.”

I gave Alex’s nipple one last suck and pulled back to lick the nipple one last time. She shuddered and looked down into my face, “Thank you William.”

I looked around to see all of my bonded kneeling beside my sleeping fur. I looked at a nervous Alex and she took a breath, “William promised us kittlings that he would give us six kits each. He has told me that I am in season and have eight eggs waiting in my womb. I ask my clan for these two kits.”

I was startled and squeezed her, which she ignored. Katie looked at me, “Bonded, you are startled that she asked. She did it because her kits will be smaller and require more care.”

She looked at Sara and back at me, “I know you are older and our bond leader. I also know you are not always… knowing? Our ways. When a kittling becomes pregnant, it will only be five months before the kits are born. The kits will be helpless, their eyes not even open. Our ways require the clan to agree for any kittling to get pregnant. We all agreed to do this, before you mated with Sara and I.”

She took a breath, “As bond leader, you have the right to over rule us. I ask that you speak your mind first and let us decide.”

I looked around at my bonded and sighed, “What I have to do in a few days is important. When I am done, we will be traveling, slowly at first, but it should take no more then a month to six weeks. At the end of the journey will be comfort for at least six months. I would think that would give our… clan, the time to care for young kits.”

She looked at me and smiled as she nodded to Sara and bowed. Sara was next and she only smiled as she bowed. Katie looked at Zera and then nudged her, “You too Zera.”

Zera looked at her and grinned as she nodded and bowed. Katie looked at Megan who only looked back, “We are not the only ones to ask.”

Katie smiled and nodded as she looked at Rose and Terra. Terra made a soft cooing sound and nodded as I turned to her, “Really?”

I knew Katie and the others were looking at me. Rose stretched toward me and chirped several times. I grinned, “Really? I didn’t know that.”

I turned back to Katie smiling, “Sorry, they don’t surprise me often. Terra and Rose said they would help care for the young. Rose said that all sherise mares can give milk as needed. She also reminded me that four of them would give birth soon.”

Katie blinked and then smiled as she looked at Megan who nodded and bowed. Katie looked at Thomas and he nodded and Jason followed with another nod. Katie laughed, “Sister, our new clan has decided to honor your request.”

Alex turned to me and pushed me onto my back and straddled me again, “This will be special William.”

She stroked my cock until it came back to life. When I was hard, she rose up and put my cock into her wet pussy and sat down slowly ignoring the pain of losing her hymen. She leaned forward slightly, placing her hands on my chest as she looked into my face, “This will take awhile, have patients and trust me. Do not control your body. I will decide when it is time.”

She started slowly rocking as she purred. I glanced around and realized they were all purring. My body started vibrating slightly as I released the controls on it. I saw her shiver as she paused, only to start rocking again a minute later. When I started getting close she smiled at me and paused again. This went on dozens of times as we both only reached the edge of our climax before she would stop. Finally she smiled at me as I felt myself getting nearer, “This time.”

My hands went to her hips as the purring around us got louder. When I came, it was almost painful and I screamed as she sat back with my cocked deep inside her. Her head went back as her scream joined mine and her body went completely rigid. My cum shot into her in great spurts of thick, ropy sperm. I knew I was emptying myself completely as my body convulsed under her. Finally it was done and I lay back breathing hard, my mind strangely alert.

I gathered myself and pulled an exhausted Alex into my awareness. I pulled all the cum still inside her, into her womb. I felt her body shuddering on me as I showed Alex what to look for in the sperm and let her choose. When we were done and I had pulled back, it was to a slightly conscious Alex on top of me. I gently rolled her to my side as the others came closer. I looked at her as she seemed to recover, “Are you ready to describe and name our children?”

She put her leg over mine, her beautiful tail caressing my other hip. “I was going to just choose them for their markings, but after what you showed me, I think I chose better.”

She looked at the night sky, “You’re first son will be a solid mid blue, with short hair as will all the kits. I want his name to be Roschta after your grandfather.”

She kissed me when I started and looked at Jason, “You’re second son will be grey with black strips, Jason?”

He smiled, “Christofer.”

Alex nodded and looked at Thomas, “His third son, is light green with dark forest green spots, Thomas?”

He smiled, “Thank you Alex, his name is Shadow.”

She smiled and turned to looked at Megan, “Megan, his fourth son will be white with a single blaze of light blue on his chest.”

Megan smiled and bowed, “Joseph.”

Alex looked at Zera, “Zera, his first daughter will be Charcoal grey.”

Zera smiled and nodded, “Versa.”

She turned to Sara and smiled softly, “His second daughter will be Royal blue.”

They all gasped and Sara covered her mouth before bowing, “Thank you Alex, Alexandria.”

Alex turned to look at Katie, “Swordmate, his third daughter is forest green.”

Katie paused and looked at me, she nodded and looked at Alex, “Thank you for this honor Alex. Her name will be Justice.”

Alex smiled and looked at me, “Mate, you’re last daughter is bright blue, with a blaze of white on her breasts and across her cute little butt.”

I laughed and looked at her, “Azuria.”

She smiled and pulled away and lay on her stomach. I sat up started drawing my Glyph just above her pretty butt. Like Sara it was only a couple of inches across and glowed golden. She snuggled onto my shoulder as I lay back, “I am claimed.”

Megan stirred and I looked at her to see her looking at Justin. I sighed and nodded when she looked at me, “Go to him.”

The others watched as Megan blushed and turned to walk on her hands and knees to where Justin and Simon lay. She turned and put her head down as she lifted her butt. Justin moved forward and began licking her and she started moaning. Simon chirped and Justin looked at him before giving a short nod.

We all looked at them as Simon moved up to start licking Megan with Justin. Sara caressed my chest, “We did not know Megan had chosen to lead the herd.”

I looked at Katie as Thomas moved over her and slowly pushed in. Jason was pulled away by Zera and I almost laughed as she straddled him eagerly. Sara giggled and reached down to stroke my cock as Justin finally stopped licking and moved over Megan. His rear lowered and he slowly pushed into her as she shifted and widened her legs.

Justin licked her neck before beginning to fuck her with long, steady thrusts. She was moaning and shuddering hard. Alex kissed my cheek and stood to walk to Megan. She sat as Megan looked up and her face went red. Alex caressed her face and scooted under her and put her head in her lap. Sara sighed and straddled me before fitting my cock to her pussy and sitting down.

Justin reached down to lick Alex’s check as he continued to fuck Megan. She was groaning and both Katie and Zera were echoing it. Sara started to slowly rock on me and her tight pussy began to squeeze and ripple around my cock. I cupped her breasts as she shuddered but kept watching Megan. She jerked and shuddered hard a few minutes later.

Thomas and Jason were both grunting and moaning as they came with Katie and Zera crying out. Justin pushed into Megan and held still, her head came up as her body jerked and convulsed and she howled. After Justin was done he licked her neck and slowly backed away. Simon waited and then moved over Megan and chirped. She shivered and looked back before smiling softly, “its okay.”

He lowered his rear and pushed. Megan shuddered as he began to fuck her sloppy pussy slowly. Alex caressed her as she put her head back in her lap. Sara was jerking and shaking as her tight pussy kept milking my cock. She was erratic and kept twisting as she shuddered and squirted on me. I finally looked at her and held her hips as I fucked up into her.

She jerked and shook and her tight pussy clamped down as I pressed against her womb and began spurting and pumping strong ropes of cum. She jerked and howled as she felt the warm sperm flooding her belly. Megan was convulsing and jerking back as Simon buried his cock and chirped. I pulled Sara down and lifted her hips as I watched the young sherise pumping his cum into Megan.

Alex was caressing her face as she grunted and shuddered and finally Simon bent to lick her neck before pulling out of her and backing off. Alex lift her face and kissed her softly before helping her up and walking back to the sleeping fur. Sara moved off me and smiled at Megan’s red face, “Rest on our mate bonded.”

Megan smiled shyly and straddled me before I pulled her down and caressed her. She sighed and slowly relaxed as the girls snuggled around us. I smiled, a month ago I had been alone and now here I was with five mates and two bond brothers. When their breathing slowed and they fell asleep I slipped out of bed. I dressed and made a check of the area around camp.
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