The others came forward to kiss her and Katie moved around Sara and knelt between my legs. She opened her mouth showing me her teeth and then leaned over my cock. I again had to stop her and looked from her to Terra. Katie smiled peacefully and bowed to Terra and then hugged her and rubbed her face against the side of Terra’s.

She leaned down and started licking my cock clean. I sighed in pleasure as the other girls moved back, taking Sara with them. I closed my eyes as Katie slid her mouth down my cock. I reached inside my body and accelerated certain things. As Katie continued to fuck her mouth down my cock, I was surprised when she took the whole thing, letting me slip into her throat. After only a couple of minutes of that, I shuddered, “Katie? I’m cumming.”

She pulled back like Sara had done and I spilled several small spurts of cum into her mouth. She caressed my stomach and pulled her mouth off me. She turned as Sara had and moved to the girls and opened her mouth. After showing them my sperm, she swallowed and came back to me. I pulled her down beside me and looked at the other girls, “Do I have to do this all at once or can I take my time?”

Alex smiled, “You can take your time.”

I smiled at them, “Then why don’t you girls come lay beside me? Unless you have to stay away to witness that is.”

All the girls smiled as they started moving forward. Katie kissed my neck, “You have to invite us onto the claiming bed.”

I moved away from Terra a bit and gestured for Sara to lie between us. As they lay around me, I relaxed and placed my hand over Katie’s pelvis. I extended my power into her womb, there were only four eggs. I reached out and pulled two more down and put them in place. When I opened my eyes, Katie was looking at me curiously, “That tickled.”

I grinned, “You felt it?”

She nodded as she gently caressed my chest and looked at me, “I want daughters too bonded.”

I looked at Katie and sighed, each girl was different. Katie I think was so like my older sister had been. I moved to a kneeling position and looked at Katie, “Stand up.”

When she stood up, I pulled her closer so that she stood over me. I looked up her body and bared my teeth. She tensed and then surprised me by laughing as she spread her legs and pushing her pussy into my face. I put one arm through her legs and the other around her, grasping her lovely ass, her tail lightly caressing my shoulders. I started licking her pussy and nibbling on her clit. She groaned as she began to run her fingers through my hair, “Thank you bonded.”

Her hips began rocking into me as she got wetter and became more aroused. When I pushed my tongue into her fuck hole, she shuddered slightly and her tail squeezed me tighter, “so nice!”

Her hands cupped the back of my head as she started fucking my mouth harder. She started shivering, her pussy leaking her girl cum down onto me. The next time I sucked in her clit and nibbled it, she grunted and jerked hard against my mouth and squirted cum on me, “Damn!”

I could feel she was trying to control something so I kept going. Licking inside her fuck hole, I moved my hand around and started rubbing her clit. She grunted and shuddered, her body gradually getting tight, her tail left me for a minute and then came back around my chest tight. She looked down at my face, her lust filled eyes seemed to glow.

The next time she shuddered, she pushed me onto my back and quickly straddled me facing away. In one move she impaled herself on my cock all the way to my balls. Even as she screamed, one of her hands held my balls and I suddenly felt myself pumping cum deep in her pussy.

I jerked and shuddered in surprise, she had made me cum! I closed my eyes, my body spending itself deep inside her. I opened my eyes and grabbed her hips. I looked at her shaking body as her tail wrapped tightly around one of my arms and pulled in my power. Reaching inside her, I chose my sperm and placed it with her eggs and then joined them. When I did, Katie screamed again, “MY BABIES!”

I pulled my awareness out of her and gradually my body relaxed. Katie spent the next several minutes jerking and shuddering. I could feel her constantly soaking me with her cum. She finally slumped forward towards my legs, I grabbed her and pulled her back to lie on top of me. I chuckled softly in her ear as she lay panting, “That wasn’t fair, I didn’t get to enjoy you.”

I could feel her smile as she lay looking up at the sky, “You can enjoy me now my mate and then spend yourself in my ass.”

I caressed her breasts as I started moving slowly inside her. She shivered, “William?”

I kissed the back of her neck as I kept fucking up into her, “Yes.”

She turned head to look at me, “Can our children be Blade Masters? I feel this funny pulling, from my womb.”

I froze, my awareness flashing into her. Why didn’t I see! My arms went around her tight, “Katie, listen to me closely. I know you can control some of your body. I need you to release that control. Just relax, close your eyes and imagine the pulling leaving your body and going into the heavens.”

Katie relaxed and looked up. I felt it leave her and the night seemed to come alive as it roared into the heavens. I was tense, this had never happened before. When it came, it was different then anything I had ever known. The light seemed to burst forth, but it also felt like it danced and sang as it started speeding away across the night sky. I relaxed my tense body and gently squeeze Katie to me.

She responded by pushing her ass down onto my cock and I started fucking into her hard. I wanted to cum in her like I had never cum before. She grunted and I felt her cum leaking out and down onto me. She suddenly shook her head, “oh, fuck!”

Her ass shoved down onto me as she growled and suddenly she was pulling me out of her as she stood and turned around. Her eyes were strange, the green pupils filled them completely. She knelt and shoved me back in her and started fucking me hard. I could see the muscles straining in her neck, her tail whipping back and forth as she growled and shook for several minutes.

She looked down into my face and growled, “I can not hold it much longer. When I pull off you, you must take me from behind and put me flat on the ground. Do not let me go and hold you’re cum as long as you can before taking my ass.”

I nodded and she suddenly scrambled off me. I moved off the ground and got behind her spread legs. When I shoved my cock up inside her, her tail went around my waist and she went wild and roared like a wide cat. I didn’t hesitate, I pushed her flat with my cock deep in her as she struggled, her claws extended as she gripped the furs. With her held down, I went back to fucking her hard as her pussy grabbed and released me.

She shuddered several times as her cum washing over my cock. Her neck arched and she let out a loud keening sound that seemed to fill the night and pull at the core of my being. She slowly turned her head, fighting against herself, “do it now! Finish!”

I did as she asked, I pulled out of her and without hesitating shoved into her surprisingly loose ass. I went in as far as I could and my body didn’t wait any longer. I started cumming in great spurts, against my will I shuddered and continued to pee my sperm up her ass as a second orgasm hit. Katie thrashed from side to side for several minutes. As suddenly as it started, it was over, I slumped down on top of her as she collapsed sobbing, her tail releasing me.

I rolled to the side and pulled her to me as everyone surrounded us. I held her against my chest and gently caressed her as she continued to cry. Finally after several minutes her crying slowed and then stopped. She lifted her hand and gently scratched my chest as she raised her head and looked into my eyes, “Now we are truly one. My freedom gone, my sword broken, never to be returned. I can never leave your side.”

I looked at Alex as she knelt next to Katie and swallowed before reaching out to her, “Clan sister, I am sorry.”

I knelt, gently placing her on her stomach. With my finger I drew an intricate design across the top of her butt and up her back, it stretched all the way up to her shoulders. I blew on the design and the fur blew away, leaving the glowing design. I sighed, “Katie? These glyphs and sigils are very old. They date to a time when some Blade Masters bound themselves to another Blade Master. I do not know your traditions, but this means you are bound to me through love and honor. It means you stand beside me in battle and guard my back. I do not need a servant or slave, I need a swordmate.”

I stood and walked to the packs and returned with one of the ancient swords. I knelt again and held out the sword to her, “Do you accept this sword?”

Katie hesitated and then slowly reached out to take the sword from me. I lay down and pulled her to me as she held the ancient sword to her chest, “Katie? Do you want to wait to name our children?”

She glanced up from the sword and suddenly her face lit up, “I felt them!”

I smiled and squeezed her, “I guessed.”

I caressed her, “I must name our daughter, she will become the first kittling Blade Master.”

Katie glanced at me and then nodded, “Tell us about her.”

I smiled as I looked up at the sky, “Her body is the same grey as you. She will have black and mid night blue spots. She will have black socks that will only come up to her calves and she will have a black tail.”

I looked Katie in the eye, “And she will have blue eyes.”

Katie started, “Blue?”

I nodded, “Blue. Her name will be Aurora.”

Katie smiled and looked at Alex. “The next one?”

I smiled at her, “The next is grey like you and like you, she will have a black blaze on her head.”

She smiled and looked at Sara, “Sara?”

Sara smiled back, “Vieris.”

Katie grinned, “Of course.”

She looked at me and smiled, “My grandmother.”

I softly caressed her cheek, “The next was solid black.”

Katie bent her head in thought. She looked up at Alex who was smiling, “Faith.”

She nodded as she caressed me. I smiled, “The next will be Light Green.”

Katie looked at Thomas, “Her name will be Jessica.”

Thomas smiled, “Thank you Katie.”

I caressed her breast, “The next two are almost identical. They are both grey with black strips, the first will have the strips on her head like the letter W. The second has three wider strips on her head and white breasts.”

Katie looked at Megan, “Megan, would you name the first.”

Megan thought for a moment, “Sofia.”

Katie nodded and looked at Zera, “My young lover?”

Zera grinned, “Talia.”

I looked around the circle of faces, “Enough fun for the night. Time for bed, we move camp in the morning.”

Sara and Katie both slept beside me, but Alex, Megan, Zera, Thomas and Jason were there also. I woke early and slipped out from under the two girls and checked around the camp. I started the fire and put water on to boil. The sherise Rose came to me and gave a single chirp and rubbed her head on my chest. She turned away and knelt, her butt raised to me.

I smiled and knelt behind her to gently rub her. I moved around and placed my head against hers, “Thank you Rose, I will not disappoint you.”

I started waking everyone and sending them to wash and then pack. While they were getting ready, I moved towards the forest with Sara, Thomas and Katie following. Katie stayed behind me as I quietly worked my way through the forest around camp. When we returned to camp, Sara stretched and sighed as she hugged me suddenly, “It is good to walk the woods once again.”

I knelt and had them all watch as I drew a rough map of where we were going. I looked at the kittlings, “Katie will follow me, Megan will lead Terra and the first half of the sherise. Alex, you and Jason will stay with Zera while she leads Rose and the other half of the sherise. Thomas and Sara will move along the flanks.”

We moved out, going south. I kept the pace slow for Zera and Megan. We stopped at noon to rest and eat a light meal. I was surprised when Thomas and Jason knelt next to Megan and Zera and started rubbing their legs with leaves. Everyone had been gathering plants as we walked and while we rested I placed them in one of the packs.

We started off again and walked until we only had a couple of hours of sunlight when we came to a small stream with a hidden meadow. I looked back and gestured to a grassy area, “We set up camp there.”

Katie looked at me and I grinned at her, “We need to stop so the Megan and Zera can rest.”

She blinked and then nodded. She started directing the camp as I took my sling. I looked at her, “How far can I stray?”

She looked at me for a minute, “Maybe a couple of leagues.”

I gestured for Sara and Thomas, “We need game for dinner.”

I was the last to return, Sara had killed a few grouse and Thomas a few more and I had a small pig. I had cleaned it before returning so all I had to do was give it to Alex. She and Zera seemed to be the ones doing the cooking tonight. I took the sleeping furs to the side and laid them out. Katie looked at the sky, “Tomorrow we will make good time.”

I nodded, “Yes, only that is when we have to start being more careful.”

She looked at me, “How long do you have to reach where you need to be?”

I went back over the travel plans I had seen, “Three maybe four days.”

She nodded and looked at Sara as she smiled, “Then in maybe two days you will leave us.”

I thought about it and nodded, “Maybe.”

I turned as Katie spoke, “Dinner is almost ready.”

It was a little later that I looked up as Zera sat down holding a bowl of stew for me. I smiled as I ate and then handed her the bowl when she walked back to me. I looked at her, “Did you enjoy your lover last night?”

She grinned, “Yes, I’m a little sore from the ground though.”

I grinned as I stood and looked around. “You should have used both sleeping furs.”

I caught Sara’s eye and gestured to the forest as I slipped away. When I returned, all was quiet as night stole over us.
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