After setting everything by the packs, I looked at Megan and Zera who were asking questions of the other girls. Like what it was like where they had come from and what they wore. After awhile I striped out of my clothes and stepped to Alex, “Will you bathe with me Alex?”

She looked at me and I could feel her blush, “Bonded, I have never been with a male. I know it is expected and I am willing, but I am not experienced.”

I smiled gently and looked at all the kittlings, “Listen to me my bonded. I have one rule for our bonds. No one is to be forced, I will not do it and I do not want you to do it. We are a family now.”

I looked at Alex, “I will wait for you in the pool, bathing is not sex Alex. Perhaps we will perform our mating rite later, perhaps not. If you are unsure of what to do, ask your new sisters, Megan or Zera. I think they will help you, probably more then you know. Megan helped Zera through her first time and Zera helped Megan through our mating.”

I kissed her gently and went to the pool, a short time later Alex and Sara both came walking to the pool. They both only wore a light shift, they took it off and walked slowly into the water. Alex stopped in front of me, “Bonded, we are not comfortable in water.”

I caressed her, “I will remember, but bathing is important. It is a time for us to get to know each other’s bodies and learn to care for each other.”

I gently washed both girls, surprisingly Sara was very ticklish, which surprised even Alex. When I was done and we walked out of the water I pulled each girl into an embrace and gave them a kiss. Alex responded more then Sara, I could smell her light scent as she became aroused. I kissed her once more, “It should be time for dinner.”

Dinner was quiet and after it was over I was going to clean up but Katie stopped me. She said she had to bathe and would clean them with the boys. I slipped my weapons on and started to walk into the woods, when Sara joined me. “Bonded? May I join you?”

I smiled, “I only go to check the surrounding area. Be careful, I have enemies that hunt me.”

Sara was very good at moving through the woods. If I didn’t have a Blade Master’s senses I would not have known she was there. It was getting dark when we stepped out of the woods and walked back to camp.

When we walked in Megan was standing next to Justin and Simon as they were bedding down for the night. I looked around the camp at the kittlings, “I intend to ask each of you girls to mate with me. Just as you boys may ask the girls. I want us to be a family that means we must learn to care for one another. I will start by telling you about myself.”

I looked at each one of them, “I am a Blade Master, until a few days ago, I refused to accept anyone under bond. Zera and Megan changed that, By the Rite of Masters, they are bound to me. They have both performed a rite of mating with me. I will ask each of you girls to be my mates as Zera and Megan are my mates.”

I looked at each of them and walked to my sleeping fur. Terra wasn’t to far away from me, she made a soft cooing sound and reached out to me. I caressed and rubbed the side of her face, trying to ignore everyone so that they could talk to one another. Slowly they all gathered around me kneeling on the edge of my furs. Zera reached out to touch me, “William?”

I sighed and looked at her, “Yes lover?”

She smiled shyly, “They are truly our bonded?”

I smiled at the way she had phrased the question, “Yes, they truly are.”

Alex moved forward until she was almost touching me, “Bonded, we will accept them as mates as well, but not until you have claimed us.”

I frowned, “Alex I am sorry, but I am not familiar with that. What does claiming you mean?”

She blushed, “You must perform three separate times, giving your seed each time. Once in our mouth, once in our womb and once in our… behind.”

I gently caressed her, “That is more then a mating rite.”

Alex nodded, “After speaking with Megan and Zera, we have talked with one another. To be equal with and to them, we have decided to offer ourselves to you under a similar tradition. That of claiming, by this tradition we give to you the right of our body and kits. We do not follow your Rite of Masters, this is as close as we know.”

I leaned forward and kissed her gently, “You do this for Megan and Zera?”

She nodded, “Yes, if we are to be mated with them, then it should be equal.”

I looked at the other girls, “This is what you all want?”

They nodded and I sat back and looked at Megan as she moved forward and kissed me, “Good night William.”

Zera leaned forward and kissed me as well. They stood and held out their hands to Thomas and Jason, “Come lovers, we’ll go to the other side of the fire.”

They smiled and stood and they shyly took their hands and walked to the sleeping furs on the other side of the fire. I looked back at the other girls and patted the sleeping furs beside me, “I have questions about this claiming and about you.”

The girls surprised me by removing armor and weapons before undressing and bringing two sleeping furs to join mine. Alex moved back to the edge of the fur to do the same. When they all sat around me, they were naked. Alex was again the one to speak for them, “What do you wish to know bonded?”

I smiled and shook my head as I stood to undress. The three girls watched closely as my hard cock came into view. My clothes I set to the side of the furs but the sword I left close to my hand. I sat back down, “First tell me, is there a ranking system for your people. You are always the one to speak first Alex, does that mean something?”

She smiled but turned to Katie. Katie nodded to her and looked at me, “Your clan tradition came from our people as did the Blade Master’s ability to bond with another. The ancients received this as a gift from our people when they first created Blade Masters to counter mages. I am now head of clan among all kittlings here. Make no mistake, we all knew what your grandfather intended and agreed. Since you have bonded us, we are and must be, submissive to you. My clan is like your nobles or royalty as well as warriors.”

She paused and looked at the other girls before continuing. Her voice had a soft purr to it, “I was…what you would term a royal. Though we are all trained with weapons, Sara and Thomas come from a clan of scouts and hunters. Alex is speaker because she is from a clan of scholars. Jason is from a clan of warriors.”

I glanced across the camp to see Zera gently caressing Jason as she kissed him and slowly rocked back and forth on his cock. I looked at Katie again and took a breath, “Alright bonded, tell me about your claiming and what I have to do.”

She smiled softly, “Bonded it is simple, we will each love you, first with our mouth and then with our… pussy, last you must fuck our ass and spend yourself. The other girls will watch and be witness. After you are done, we would normally be… marked before the clan. The giving of kits is done when we go into season and after the kits are born.”

She blushed, “Sara has asked to be first and then me, followed by Alex.”

I reached out with my senses, feeling the three girls, “Sara and you are both in season. Is that why you go first?”

Katie nodded, “Yes.”

I looked at Alex, “You know you are going into season as well?”

She hesitated and then smiled as she nodded. I smiled and looked at Sara, “I’m glad I do not have to do this as the Rite of Masters. Bonded, do you wish boys or girls? Or do you want a mix?”

She smiled, “I want daughters bonded.”

I held my hand out to her and lay back as she came to me. She started to lower her mouth to my cock, but I stopped her. I pulled her up and kissed her and looked at Terra. She extended her head to Sara. Sara started and then grinned, “My apologizes herd mate.”

She put her arms around Terra’s neck and rubbed her face against her. When she pulled back she smiled softy at me, “Most of your people do not follow their ways, I am glad you do.”

As she kissed me, the other girls moved back to the edge of the furs. Sara looked into my eyes and opened her mouth to show me her teeth. When she did, I understood the first part of their tradition. Her teeth were sharp, like those of a predator so first I must show her trust. I caressed her face and gently pulled it towards my waiting cock.

I felt her warm mouth slip over my cock, her tongue teasing the head and tasting my pre cum. My cock slowly disappeared into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. She started to fuck my cock with her mouth, licking the underside as I went in or out.

She stopped often to lick the head and tickle it with her tongue. After only a few moments I felt myself stirring. I caressed Sara’s face, “I will cum soon, but only a little. I don’t know if I can… claim all three of you tonight.”

She licked my cock several times and went back to fucking it. Finally it happened and I touched her cheek gently, “I’m cumming.”

Sara pulled back so that only the head was still in her mouth as her hand stroked my cock. I grunted as I shot three short spurts into her mouth. I caressed her again, “That is all for now.”

She pulled her mouth off me and sat up, she turned as the other girls moved forward. I watched as she opened her mouth to show them my sperm. When they all nodded that they had seen, she swallowed. She turned back to me and smiled, “You taste good bonded.”

She glanced at my cock and grinned as she saw I was still hard. She looked into my face, “Bonded… Megan and Zera call you William? You are a Blade Master, how many kits will you give me?”

I smiled as I gently caressed her silky tummy, “six.”

She jerked in surprise as she looked over her shoulder at Katie, “Mistress?”

Katie moved forward until she was beside me, “Bonded…William, are you sure?”

I nodded, looking back and forth between them, “Yes, why?”

Katie looked at Sara in what I thought was envy, “When my race was young, we bore kits in litters like that. For the last thousand years… well, for a thousand years before we were put in stasis, kittlings only bore four kits at the most, the average was only two. That was why our numbers were so low when the mages started their war.”

She looked at me, “The more kits she gives, the more honor goes to her and her clan.”

I continued to caress Sara’s tummy as her tail wrapped around my wrist, holding me in its soft grip, “We are all one clan now. If it makes you girls feel better, I will make sure you each give me the same number of children.”

Katie knelt with her head on me as Alex crawled forward mewing softly. Terra reached across me to rub each girl as they reached me and put their head on me. I looked up to see Zera’s bald pussy. Megan was holding her hand and had a big smile. Both Jason and Thomas stood behind them. I touched Katie, “What is it, bonded?”

She raised her head slowly and looked into my eyes, “Can Blade Masters truly do this now?”

I nodded, “Yes, we can control our bodies and those we chose to… mate with.”

Katie took a breath and looked at the other kittlings around her, “William, if you can give us each six kits, then the claiming is not necessary.”

I gently freed my hand from Sara’s tail and reached for Katie, “I will claim you as I will Alex. Tonight, I will give Sara and you, your kits and tomorrow when Alex comes into season, I will give her, hers.”

I rose up and gently took Sara’s hand. I laid her down and spread her legs. I moved over her until I was looking down into her face. I smiled and bared my teeth to her, she started and watched as I made my way down her body. I heard Katie and the girls whispering as I reached Sara’s sweet pussy. I leaned down and gently took her clit into my mouth. I tickled it with my tongue and sucked on it gently. She seemed to shiver, “mmmm!”

I started licking her pussy as she became wetter. When I stuck my tongue inside her weeping hole, her tail started caressing my shoulders as she started crying softly, “You were wrong Mistress, I can love him.”

She gently touched my head, “Thank you William.”

She shuddered more violently, “yes!”

As I continued to lick her pussy and suck on her clit she groaned, “Harder William, suck harder!”

I did as she asked and then stuck my tongue up her pussy as far as I could. I felt her hymen as she jerked and went into convulsions, “aaaahhhh!”

Her tail and legs held me tight against her pussy as she came, her cum leaking out and down her crack. I stopped it at her ass and rubbed it in, before pushing a finger inside. Sara stiffened and then her back arched, “YES!”

I kissed her gently on her sensitive clit and started slowly fingering her ass as I started licking her again. I took more of her cum and used it to lube her ass. When I gently pushed a second finger up her, she started purring, her hips rocking in time to my fingers. Her tail was caressing up and down my body, every once in a while it seemed to pull at me.

When I finally pushed a third finger in and sucked on her clit, my fingers went all the way to the last joint and she tensed, mewing like a lost kitten, “oh please don’t stop!”

I licked her clit one more time and she froze, “ooohhh!”

Her pussy squirted a little more cum as she shuddered. When she quieted, I let my fingers slide out of her butt and kissed her clit one last time. I moved up her panting body as she purred softly. I kissed her gently, “I will try to block the pain for you.”

I reached inside her as I pushed my cock into the entrance of her tight pussy. When the block was in place, I quickly shoved into her. Sara cried out, not in pain but in pleasure, “William!”

I stopped and gently kissed the tears from her eyes as I held still to let her body adjust. Sara lifted her feet and put them around me as she held me tight with her arms. Her tail continued to caress my shoulders and back. She finally kissed me, “Go ahead William, I’m ready now.”

I removed the block and started to slowly fuck her, gradually going deeper each time. She was right, she was ready, her hips tilted up and she started pushing her pussy up to meet my cock. She put her head next to mine as she purred, “yes, fuck me William!”

When I was finally all in her, she moaned and planted her feet, her tail around my shoulders. I ground against her and started fucking her harder. Sara’s hips thrust up to meet mine in perfect time as she grunted. After about five minutes I felt myself tingling, I kissed her neck and whispered, “Sara? I need you to spend yourself one more time so I can give you my daughters.”

She jerked and then her body froze as she made a soft keening sound, “Now William!”

I shoved into her as far as I could and released my sperm. I felt it gushing out and filling her as she screamed and jerked with every spurt inside her. Closing my eyes I slipped inside her body and pulled the sperm into her womb. Sara shuddered harder and screamed again as she felt the sperm enter her womb, “YES!”

I found the six female sperm I wanted and joined them to her eggs. I pull out of her body to lie panting on top of her, “Its done Sara.”

I lay beside her, caressing her body and kissed her cheek, “Do you want to know what our daughters will look like?”

She caressed me as she lay panting, her tail lightly stroking my chest. The other girls moved closer, putting their heads lightly on her body, Zera and Megan both followed their example with Thomas and Jason. I caressed each girl and smiled tiredly at Sara, “You must name each as I tell you.”

She nodded, “As you wish my mate.”

I kissed her again, “Thank you for wanting to have my children.”

She looked into my eyes tenderly and smiled peacefully. I took a breath, “Let’s see, the first is green with blue socks on her legs to about mid thigh.”

Sara smiled softly, “I see we will have to work on your descriptions. Green like my strips or lighter? Long body hair or short like mine?”

My hand drifted over her body to her breasts, “A little lighter than your strips and all the girls will have short hair like you as well as your long tail.”

She smiled, gazing into the distance before looking at Alex, “Alex?”

Alex smiled, “Angelina, like my mother.”

Sara looked down, “Alex? Can you write their names down for me?”

Alex seemed to purr and kissed her tummy, “Yes my sister.”

She looked at me and I smiled, “The next one is marked just like you. Her body color will be just a little… bluer?”

She grinned, “Bluer? Then she will be Sasha, after my sister.”

I caressed her, “The next has a pattern like yours also, but reversed. A mid green body, with light blue stripes.”

Sara smiled and looked down her body, “Megan?”

Megan kissed her breast and looked into her face, “Gabrielle.”

Sara nodded and looked at me smiling, “Normally, the mother only gets to name one.”

I nodded, “That I didn’t know. Ok, the next one is a solid blue, just a little lighter then your strips.”

Sara started a little, “Solid?”

I nodded and she looked at Katie with a curious expression, “Mistress?”

Katie kissed her stomach and looked into her face, “Cambri.”

Sara smiled and nodded before turning to me. I smiled as I caressed her, “The coloring makes her special?”

She nodded and I looked into her eyes, “The next is dark green, like the forest.”

She jerked and all the girls rose up off her, Katie shifted closer to her head, “Solid and colored like the forest?”

I nodded and she put her head next to Sara’s purring loudly as Sara looked at Zera. Zera smiled, “Ivy.”

I grinned, “It fits. The last is unusual, she has a bright blue body with the same forest green spots.”

Sara smiled, “This one you must name, my mate.”

I thought about it and leaned over to kiss her, “Elizabeth, for my mother.”

Katie kissed Sara passionately and looked at me, “The naming is normally done on the birth bed as they are born by the father, mother and the clan females.”

She moved back off the fur as Alex moved to take her place and kiss Sara’s lip’s very tenderly. Her kiss lasted a long time and made me think they might be lovers. After Alex left the furs, I moved over Sara and kissed her. Zera kissed my shoulder and I looked up to see her grin, “Megan, Thomas, Jason and I didn’t get to kiss her.”

I smiled and moved off her, Megan moved over her. She timidly touched her lips to Sara’s and the next thing I knew, it had grown into a long passionate kiss. I grinned as Katie and Alex giggled. When Sara and Megan stopped kissing they both groaned. Zera moved closer and caressed Megan as she moved back.

She leaned over Sara looking into her eyes for something and finally she touched her lips to Sara’s. her kiss was soft and tender and I watched as they held each other until it ended and Sara was looking up into her eyes. Zera smiled and moved back with the other girls.

Thomas was next and smiled as he moved over her and kissed her. Jason’s kiss was soft and Sara moaned as she held him. After they moved back I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She moaned and gently held my head against her, her tail caressing my back softly. I moved up and kissed her, my tongue probing her mouth as she moaned louder. When we stopped kissing I pulled back a little, “Are you ready to finish this?”

She caressed my face and nodded. She started to turn over, but I stopped her as I moved down her body. I started to gently rub her clit with a finger as my other hand caressed her inner thighs. Her fur was lighter and so much softer here. I listened as she continued to purr, her body vibrating slightly.

Her pussy was soaked with our cum and I used it to coat my fingers as once again I pushed a finger against her ass. Sara’s ass tilted and humped at my finger hungrily, “Yes!”

My finger slid in easily as she started fucking it, “We should have told you how much we enjoy doing this.”

I kissed her inner thigh, “When I finish you can tell me why.”

I slipped a second finger in her and watched as she shuddered and squirted a little cum from her pussy. I worked it all into her ass, my other hand still rubbing her clit. I watched as her hand came down onto the sleeping fur, her claws slowly extending out. Her tail wrapped around my body trying to pull me up her as her ass loosened.

I did what her body wanted, I pulled my fingers out and moved up her. She tried to roll over again and again I stopped her as I lifted her legs. I looked into her glazed eyes as I guided my cock to her slightly gaping ass. I pushed against the resistance and suddenly my cock slipped in. Sara shivered as her body reacted by thrusting up, impaling her further on my cock. Sara grunted, “oh god yes!”

I slowly pushed all the way up her ass and press against her. Sara raised her legs, spreading them even more as she wrapped her arms around me. She jerked as she squirted on me, “I love your big cock!”

I started fucking her ass with deep strokes and she started mewing. After only a couple of minutes she tensed, her claws lightly scratching down my back. “aaahhhh!”

She shuddered once and went back to fucking me. I leaned forward kissing her, sticking my tongue into her mouth as I ground against her. She moaned and slammed her ass up at me. I started fucking her harder, feeling the need to cum. A few minutes later she slammed her ass up and screamed as her body arched and she started shaking.

I held my cock deep in her as she came. Her body slowly relaxed and I started fucking her hard. She squeezed me tight as she shivered continuously, her tail around my waist. A minute later she slowly arched up and I felt her bowels tighten. My balls tightened and when her pussy seemed to gush onto me and she screamed again and I came, slamming into her deep. I only let myself spurt a few times, but it felt so intense that I shook with the power of it.

Slowly she relaxed and we dropped back to the fur. I pulled back and let my cock slip out of her. She groaned, her tail grabbing me and pulling again. I laughed as I rolled off her and snuggled down next to her. Sara sighed and caressed my chest, “You have truly claimed me.”

Katie moved forward and kissed Sara, “We will find something to mark you with.”

I softly caressed Sara’s breast, “Mark? How?”

She grimaced, “Fire.”

I shook my head, “No. Where do you have to be marked?”

Katie pointed to the same place I would normally place my glyph when bonding. I kissed Sara and gently rolled her over and reached down her back, looking at Katie, “You are my witness.”

Unlike Zera or Megan, my finger moved over her butt above her tail, where it passed, her fur fell away, leaving my glyph visible, a golden glow. The glyph was small, only a couple of inches across. Sara watched with her head turned, looking over her shoulder. She smiled beautifully as I finished, “I am claimed.”
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