Introduction: This chapter is basically an intro. It has no sexual things, but there will be in other chapters. The characters of this story are not over 18. This is purely FICTION! Don't like? Don't read. Ages to help you out- Tony: 14 Samantha: 15 Joseph: 17
Moving to another highschool. Dumb mom, she moved too much. "Don't worry this one's better", that's what my mom had told me. I didn't care if it was better, I just didn't want to leave my friends. I had gotten to like them a lot, especially him.

The day was going good. New school and I was nervous as hell. I took in the whole scenery. The place was huge! My mom had just left from dropping me off, and I felt so alone. This lady at the front office showed me to my classroom. Once there, she knocked on the door. A man, most likely the teacher, opened the door.

"Hey Mr. C, you got a new student", the lady told him.

"Alright Mrs. Gomez." She left and Mr. C smiled at me, telling me to enter the room. "Listen up students!" He announced as he closed the door. "We have a new student, and his name is.." He looked at me for my name.

"Oh. Uhm, it's Antonio." I uttered out.

"Antonio!" He finished. "Please kids, welcome him. Alright Antonio, have a seat by-" He stopped as he looked around. "By Samantha. Samantha, raise your hand." 

I seen a girl's hand shoot up, and I slowly walked over to the empty seat. I sat down and bent down to put my backpack on the floor. When I sat back up, I noticed the majority of kids staring at me, my face immediatly turning red.

"Kids, pay attention!" Their eyes diverted to the teacher. "We'll be going over-" 

I heard someone call me. I turned and seen Samantha looking at me. "Hey. Can I see your schedule?" I handed it to her and she handed it back to me after looking at it. "We have all the core subjects together, and gym. Want me to show you around?" I only nodded, still too shy.

              > > > > > > < < < < < <

The bell rang, signalling for second period. 

"Hey." Samantha tapped me on the shoulder. I smiled at her. "You need to talk more dude, especially with me."

"I'm sorry, still trying to get used to a new everything."

"It's fine. So that was Mr. C, our geomotry teacher. And now we have Mrs. Bigley, language arts, she's pretty cool, if you do her work." She led me to the class, only a couple of students there yet. "Mrs. Bigley, we have a new kid."

She looked at me over her glasses. "Antonio, right?" I nodded, eyeing her suspiciously. "Don't worry, all of your teachers have been informed of you by now." She told me as she laughed. "Hmm let me see, you can have a seat right there."

"Uhm you think he can sit by me?" Samantha asked. "I mean George talks too much, so he'll be closer to you."

"Oh, alright. Go ahead!"

Samantha smiled and sat down, with me right next to her. 

"So this George, he won't um get mad, will he?" I asked.

"Oh no, don't worry. His girlfriend sits over there too." 

            > > > > > > < < < < < <

It was lunch time, third period passed, and Samantha somehow managed to convince Mr. Riley, our history teacher, to let me sit by her. I liked her already, she was the only kid who's talked to me today, she was really friendly.

            > > > > > > < < < < < <

Lunch had gone by pretty fast. Samantha and I were clicking, she talked to me like she knew me for a while. The bell rang for fourth period, gym.

"Ready?" She asked.

I wasn't. "Uh, what do y'all do in gym? We don't have to dress out, do we?"

"Oh no, we just do whatever we want." Phew, that was a relief. "It's basically a resting period." She laughed.

We walked through what seemed liked the whole school just to get to gym. Once there, Samantha picked up a basket ball and threw it at me.

"Know how to shoot?"

"Ehh, sorta." I held the ball correctly and shot, surprisingly making it in, all net. 

"Impressive." The husky voice made me jump. I turned around to see a boy there, a very fit boy. "Who's your friend Sam?"

"He's new here."

"Oh well nice to meet you. I'm Joseph." He said as he held out his hand.

"I'm Antonio." I replied as I shook his hand, which gripped mine. "You can call me Tony too." 

"Wanna try again?" He held a ball out to me.

"No thanks, it was just a lucky shot." 

"Suit yourself." He went back, farther than half of the court. He shot it, and I only heard the swish of the net.

"So.." Samantha started as she stood next to me. "I told you it's basically a resting period. Most kids go outside and sit." I looked around, there was only about a dozen kids in here.

"Yeah, you were right." I smiled at her.

"Hey Tony, mind if I call you that?" I shook my head no. "I know it's kinda personal but, do you like boys?" She whispered.

I was taken aback. "Why?" I asked with wide eyes.

"Well I seen how you looked at Joseph. Plus I'm okay of you are."

"Well.. Uhh, promise you won't tell?" She nodded. "Yeah, I mean it's pretty obvious I'm not straight. Right?"

"I'm not gonna answer that." She laughed. "Oh and Joseph, he's an eleventh grader, and we're just fishies."

"What are you trying to say?!" I asked turning red. She only laughed. I looked at Joseph who was looking back at me. I became more flustered and turned away. "I swear Samantha.."


"If you weren't my friend, I'd probably choke you." I said jokingly.

"Oh really?" She walked away then came back. "Well I can still-", she threw a ball at my stomach. "Do that."

"Hey", I yelled. "That kinda hurt!" I picked it up and started chasing her, not knowing I was under the watchful eye of Joseph.

             > > > > > > < < < < < <

"Well Tony, here's the art room. Have fun!" She winked before walking away.

What was that for, I wondered. I turned around and entered the class, the teacher immediatly calling to me.

"Are you Antonio?" She asked. I nodded. "I'm Mrs. Crayla, you think you can help me get the pottery out of the kiln." 

"Yeah, sure." How could I say no. I reached for the kiln before she told me to do anything, and I immediatly regretted my action. The inside was still scorching hot and the side of my hand touched something. It hurt like hell. I'm not sure if I screamed, but I know Mrs. Crayla did. And within seconds, a group of students surrounded us.

Mrs. Crayla looked around frantically before yelling, "Joseph, take him to the nurse. Now!" And I was swept off my feet. I don't know why he carried me, it wasn't necessary. I just know my face had to be red with embarassment. I pulled my hand to my chest and closed my eyes.

              > > > > > > < < < < < <

I woke up in what I presumed was the nurse's office. I was laying down, with something wrapped around my hand. I was about to sit up, but something kept me in place. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Joseph watching me.

"Are you feeling fine?" He asked me as I finally sat up.

"Uh, yeah I'm okay. Why aren't you in class?"

"Mrs. Crayla told me to come back, just in case you didn't remember anything." He said as he got up and sat next to me. "Do you remember anything?"

I thought about it. I remembered Mrs. Crayla screaming as kids surrounded us... and Joseph carrying me. "Not really." I lied.

"Well it's almost the end of the school day. That means you've missed your last period. Aren't you happy." He flashed me a toothy smile. 

"Well, yeah. I guess." I smiled back. "Oh and thank you for bringing me here, even if you carried me." The bell rang for the end of the day.

"I thought you didn't remember anything?"

"That's all I remembered." I said as I got up and started walking towards the door.

"Hey." He said, tapping me on the shoulder. "Can I walk you home? Just to be on the safe side." He asked as he looked at my hand.

I turned away to hide my blush splattered face. "Uhm, yeah sure." We then walked out of the school, along with everyone else.

"Do you live far?" Joseph asked me.

"No, just a few blocks from here." I replied as I turned left. After a few minutes we finally reached my house. I turned around to face him. "Well thanks. You know, for taking me to the nurse and walking me home."

"It's no problem. Really." 

I put the key into the lock. "Wanna come in? My mom isn't home."

He seemed to be think about it, finally answering. "Yeah, why not." I led him into my house, taking him to my room. "Nice room. You must really like orange and purple."

"Haha, yeah. It's a long story." I said sitting on my bed.

"Mind telling me?" He asked as he sat next to me.

"Well when my dad dissapeared, someone left a bunch of orange and purple flowers on our porch." I told him as my eyes slowly filled with tears. "I kind of thought someone knew where he was. So when I see these colors." I said looking around. "I  think he might be alright." At this point I was crying, a lot.

"Tony, it's okay." He said as he hugged me. He rubbed my back soothingly, and soon, I fell asleep.

            > > > > > > < < < < < <

Point of View: Joseph

Wow, he fell asleep. I gently laid him down and covered him. I guess I'm going to stay with him, even of I did barely meet him. I took my phone out of my pocket and called my mom. I told her I was staying at a friend's house, and she went on about teen pregnancy and how hard it'll be for me being a parent. She stopped after I told her my friend was a boy. 

"Still. Use protecti-" I hung up on her. My mom could be so embarassing. I thought of where I should sleep, the bed looked comfortable, and it could easily fit two. So, the bed was where I'd be sleeping. 

I figured I wouldn't have enough time to go home and change my school uniform for tomorrow , so I gently laid it out on a back of a chair. I quietly got into bed in only my boxers, hoping Tony wouldn't freak out in the morning.

            > > > > > > < < < < < <

Well guys, I don't think I'm going to continue my "What I Wanted" series. I kind of like how I've planned this out, so I'm sorry for the people who like(d) my other story. And yes I'm aware it has no sex. I want to make a story with PLOT, not just sex, sex, sex. But sex will be plenty in future chapters, if you all like this one. So please comment, and vote. Thanks (:

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