Megan looked at Justin and bit her lip, “Would he lick me again?”

I looked at Justin whose eyes seemed fixed on Megan, “Go to him and turn away on your hands and knees.”

She stood slowly and crossed to Justin before kneeling in front of him. Megan caressed his face and turned towards me on her knees and went to her hands. She looked at me as Justin shifted and then put his head down and pushed his long tongue up into her pussy. She gasped and shuddered as he started licking her and tongue fucking her.

I knew he was just preparing her and pulled out of Zera and just held her as we watched Megan, “Very rarely a sherise will choose a human female to mate with. When it happens, it and the female are very special. Any sherise will treat her as part of their pack. They will all look to her for guidance.”

Megan was shaking and jerking as she dropped her head to the ground. Justin finally lifted up and moved forward over her. She glanced back and spread her legs more unconsciously. He lowered his rear and pushed and she gasped as his cock entered her. Justin shifted forward more to push into her completely and bent his long neck to lick her cheek.

She shuddered and turned to look at me as he began to fuck her. I knew his cock would be pumping a lot of slick semen into her to keep her lubed as they fucked. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and jerking. Her pussy was squeezing and trying to milk Justin’s slowly fucking cock. Zera reached between her legs to fit my cock to her pussy.

I smiled and pushed into her as Megan stiffened and shuddered hard. I held Zera, “sherise males are about six inches long. What makes it good for the mates is that they always go slow. They squirt a little semen as they fuck to keep the female lubed. When they cum it is always a lot. When he cums in Megan it will fill her womb completely and even cause it to expand before the rest begins to leak out.”

I wasn’t whispering or trying to be quiet so Megan heard and moaned as she shivered. Zera shuddered as her pussy tightened and Megan began spasming again. Justin only licked her neck as he kept fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Even in the semi darkness I could seen the semen running down her legs. She was shaking as she fucked back onto his cock and almost thirty minutes later he grunted. She stiffened and looked back at him in surprise, “Now?”

Justin licked her face as his hot cum began pumping into her. She jerked and shuddered but kept thrusting back as he pumped and spewed and poured cum into her. I was filling Zera at the same time and she was moaning and shuddering as she felt warm cum filling her too. I pulled out of Zera and stood as Justin finished with another grunt and pulled out of Megan.

I walked to her as she slumped to the ground and knelt to pick her up. I nodded to Justin before turning to carry her back to the sleeping furs. I set her down and lay between her and Zera. I caressed her body, “You let Justin mate with you.”

She nodded but wouldn’t look at me. I reached out to lift her face, “the choosing of a human female to mate with is very rare. It means you have been chosen to rule, all sherise are ruled by the senior female in the herd. The choosing goes two ways, you gave yourself to Justin so you accepted him and the sherise males as suitable mates.”

I smiled, “For the next two weeks you and Justin will continue to consummate your choice. Every other day you will be drawn to him and need the sex he or another male will provide. You carry my child Megan and you are my mate by my choice and your acceptance.”

She slowly nodded and looked across at Justin lying with Terra, “It felt good.”

I caressed her body and she looked at me, “Do you want me?”

She looked almost frightened and I stopped her with a kiss, “I am not going to use you in that way. Remember, by the seed given and received we are mated, for me that means caring for you.”

She nodded and kissed me before turning on her side and snuggling against me. The girls breathing slowed as they drifted off to sleep. I slipped from the sleeping furs to walk the woods. I found the rock slide I had been looking for and walked its edge. When I returned to camp I sat watching my two lovers sleep.

When the sun started to rise, I began moving the camp closer to the rockslide. I set the new camp beside a pool that flowed out from the cliff. I walked back and sat beside Megan and Zera. Gently I reached out and caressed Zera, her eyes blinked open and she smiled at me, “Morning.”

I smiled as I moved near Megan and looked down into her sleeping face. I reached out and gently shook her. Her eyes opened and she looked up at me, she started to look away but my hand touched her cheek. “Face your fear.”

Megan took a breath and sat up, “Do you want me now?”

I smiled gently, “I said to face your fears.”

She looked into my face and slowly lay back spreading her legs. I softly caressed her body as I looked into her eyes, “Megan, it will take time for you to accept that I will not hurt you.”

I stood and held my hands down to them, “Bring the sleeping furs.”

I took the furs from them as I led them. When we reached the new camp I pulled out towels and some scented soap. I walked them to the pool of water and stripped before walking in. I gently washed both girls and led them out of the water and into the camp. I dried them and then turned to start a small fire. While the water boiled I turned to Zera and Megan.

I pointed to the rockslide, “I will be there working so you two stay close. If you need me just call. Watch and listen to the sherise, they will tell you if anyone is close. Keep the fire small and gather firewood.”

I dressed and went to work moving rocks, at noon I stopped and went back to camp. After getting a drink, I went into the woods. I returned an hour later with herbs, roots and a few other plants. I also had a couple of large rabbits. I cleaned the rabbits and removed the bones, I buried them in the ashes with some of the herbs wrapped in leaves.

I went back to the rockslide and went back to work. When I finally stopped, I had a six foot wide trench running along the cliff and I had found what I was looking for. The top edge of the doorway into an old caravanase, they were way stations for caravans that moved through the country thousands of years ago.

That night I pulled both girls against me as I lay looking up at the stars. Zera looked at me several times, but seemed happy to just hold me as she drifted off to sleep. Megan was different, she seemed to cling to me, almost as if she thought I wouldn’t be there when she woke. I woke with the dawn and smiled as I looked at Zera and Megan’s sleeping faces. I gently woke them and we started another day, like the one before.

By noon I had cleared down another four feet of rock and had an opening into the caravanase. I left it so that fresh air might begin to enter and went hunting again. By dinner I had a six foot high trench cleared. That night I held Megan on the sleeping furs with Zera. We rested together and watched the fire slowly die down. She began to get restless and I squeezed her. “Are you ready Megan?”

She looked at me and nodded, I slowly remove her clothing. I turned her around and bent her forward, I ran my fingers through her pussy and then licked them. I gently caressed her and then started licking her pussy. She closed her eyes, spreading her legs more. As I continued to lick her slit, I stopped every once in awhile to tease her clit with my tongue and gently suck it into my mouth. She arched her back as she shuddered, “oh William!”

I let her start to come down a little and moved up before I slowly pushed my cock into her welcoming warmth. Her hips started rocking and I watched her face soften into pleasure as she adjusted to my slow, gentle fucking. I kissed the back of her neck and gave her a gentle squeeze as she started panting, “yes!”

Megan’s lowered her head to the ground, “mmmmm.”

Her hips were fucking back into me as my pace picked up. She spread her legs even wider, her body tense with her butt thrust back. I changed the way I was fucking her. I fucked her hard for a minute and then slam into her and held still. She shuddered, “ooohhh fuck!”

She shuddered again as I held my cock deep inside her. She groaned and shuddered as I started fucking her harder, “oh fuck… William, fuck me hard!”

She grunted as I slammed my cock deep into her and froze. Her head turned to look back at me as she started jerking slightly, “aaahhh… Yes! Pump it in your bitch!”

I suddenly shoved into her hard again and started cumming. Megan was wide eyed as she felt my hot sperm spill into her open pussy, “OH FUCK, William!”

She was jerking again as she came and when it softened to shudders, I leaned down to caress her. When I was finished cumming, I waited for her orgasm to stop completely and then slowly pulled back. She slowly turned and hugged me and I whispered to Zera to get a cloth. Megan kept her head down as I knelt in front of her with the cloth. Her groin was soaked white with my sperm and it ran down her legs.

She didn’t say a word as I used the cloth to wipe her and then clean her legs. I set the cloth beside the furs and stood to pull her up. She refused to look at me when I tried to tilt her head up. I sighed and gently pulled her onto the fur and laid her down. I sat beside both of my lovers as I caressed Megan, “We are mates Megan.”

She was a little hesitant as she turned so that she faced me. “William?”

I pulled her so that I held her. “Yes Megan?”

She looked at me, “Do you really think I… we are bitches?”

I smiled and kissed the back of her neck as Zera’s small hand crept around my side, “No.”

I felt Zera against my back while I held Megan. She hesitated, “The Factor said that is what we were. Bitches, to be used to please men. Was that why you took me like that?”

I smiled as I caressed her, “No. I did it that way because it was different.”

Zera felt my crotch, “You’re not quite hard? Did you want me to…?”

I smiled as I watched Megan’s face, “Zera, if you want me, then ask.”

She smiled and snuggled, “You could use your fingers.”

I smiled and turned to pull her night shirt off. I started to gently rub her pussy, especially her clit. I looked at Megan and Zera moaned and wiggled against my fingers. I gently pulled her onto my lap and she leaned back as I slipped a finger into her fuck hole and used my thumb to continue rubbing her clit. She started stroking my cock as it stuck up between her legs, “William? I want you inside me now.”

I picked her up, with her legs spread and thrust my hips. My cock entered her tight pussy and I slowly lowered her and let it slid deeper. Zera leaned back against my chest, “That feels so good.”

She started fucking back onto me and shuddered, her tight pussy squeezing me as it got wetter, “God I love watching you fuck Megan.”

She ground down hard onto my cock as Megan turned her head towards us. “I… I heard… that.”

Zera looked at me as she fucked me harder, “You’ll… make me… your bitch… too?”

I rolled to the side and then placed her so that she was on her knees like Megan had been, “if that is what you want, but only during sex.”

I started fucking her like I had just done with Megan. She dropped her head, “ooohhh fuck…William, fuck… fuck your… your little… bitch!”

I was fucking her harder and she was only grunting as I hit her cervix. When I reached the point of no return, I held my cock deep inside her as my cum splashed the walls of her tight pussy. She tensed as I started cumming, “yes! Cum in your bitch!”

Her pussy started milking the cum out of my cock as she jerked with each spurt inside her. I shuddered and slowly pulled out, I gently picked her up and laid her beside Megan. Megan reached over and caressed her, Zera was on her back and caressed Megan back. Megan shuddered and turned to look across at Justin and Terra, “William?”

I reached out to rub her hip, “Go to him.”

She smiled and went to her hands and knees to move the short distance. She caressed Terra’s face before touching Justin and turning towards us. Like the last time Justin took his time and licked her and tongue fucked her before moving over her. Megan sighed as his cock slid into her and he began to fuck her slowly. Zera snuggled against me to watch, “Think he would fuck me?”

I grinned as Megan spasmed, “He would fuck you my little witch, not like Megan though. He would try to bred you with long, deep thrusts and only take a third the time he spends with his new mate.”

Zera grinned, “I like it that way too.”

Megan jerked, “YES, FUCK ME JUSTIN!”

We watched Justin fuck her for about the same time as before until he began pumping cum into her belly. Megan was incoherent by then and only moaned as he pulled out of her and backed off. I carried her to bed and lay between them. Megan smiled softly and wiggled against me, “William?”

I held her, “Yes?”

She turned her head away, “Would you put your cock in me and let me… sleep that way.”

I kissed the back of her neck before pulling her onto me and adjusting her hips and sliding my cock up inside her slimy pussy, I let her wiggle a little and just caressed her. Slowly Zera and Megan’s breathing slowed and they slept. My cock softened, but I stayed in her until morning. As the sun rose, I slowly pulled Megan up into a kneeling position and started to fuck her. I fucked her with long, slow strokes, after a minute she groaned and shuddered, “mmmmm!”

I held my dick in her as deep as I could for a minute and then started fucking her a little harder. I felt her pussy tighten and she jerked as she came, “ooohhh what…”

She turned her head and looked back at me, “William?”

I pushed into her deep and stopped, “Good morning beautiful.”

She smiled and wiggled her butt, “You wanted something this morning?”

I smiled as I started fucking her again, “Yes, do you mind?”

She moaned, “No, that’s what it’s for.”

I started fucking her harder and she shuddered, “oh fuck!”

I slammed into her and started emptying my balls. My cum shot out in great spurts, filling her pussy. Megan started shaking, “fuck yes, fill your bitch!”

I held her hips tight while she came with me. When we were finally done I pulled out of her sloppy pussy. I looked at Zera and saw her smiling back at me. She rose up to her knees and moved closer. She turned around so that her butt was in my face. I moved between her legs and rubbed her pussy with the head of my cock. I slowly pushed into her, slowly pumping in and out as she lowered her head, “mmmmm that feels good.”

A few minutes later she gasped and her legs spread apart more, “fuck! aaahhh!”

Zera shivered and Megan finally moved to her side, “Are you his bitch too, Zera?”

Zera groaned, “Yes.”

I shoved into her again, the head of my cock against her womb, “Is this how you are going to tell me you need to be fucked?”

She shuddered as she started thrusting back onto me, “Yes.”

I started pumping into her a little faster, slowing only to push gently against her cervix. Megan started rubbing her breasts and gently pinching her nipples. Zera groaned, “Fuck!”

Her womb was opening each time I pushed in now and she would grunt and shiver. Finally, after a few minutes she jerked, “Now William! Cum now!”

I shoved into her womb and started spilling my seed, “I’m cumming Zera!”

She screamed as she started jerking, “Yes, I feel your cum filling me!”

I held her tight as my sperm shot into her womb, filling it. She jerked and squirmed as it splashed inside her. Finally I was finished and relaxed, letting my cock pull out of her squeezing pussy. She sighed and slowly lay down, “Thank you William.”

I caressed her butt and stood up, “Come on girls, time to wash up.”
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