I smiled and pulled her down to kiss her. I pulled her off me and lay her beside Megan. I gently stroked her body, “Zera, I am sorry. Imperial law does not bind me. The law that binds us now is those of lovers, woman to man and man to woman. By the seed given and received we are mated.”

She looked at me unsure and Megan laughed, “Zera, there is no Empire here, the old bastard sold us. We do not have to claim our man before court and crown, to be used as they see fit. William has claimed us as blood loot and given us freedom. You have claimed him before a witness, but you forgot what he is, a Blade Master.”

Zera’s eyes went wide as her eyes snapped to mine. I looked at Megan, “I do not follow the old laws either.”

She smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you follow them or not, we must.”

Zera looked at her and sighed, “Yes, imperial daughters must if we are free.”

She slowly knelt and went through her jewelry. She knelt in front of me and wove a ribbon around her wrists in a complicated pattern. She looked into my eye, “by the rite of the Masters, I submit to you. I give unto you, the right of choice, the rites of passion over body and the choice of child.”

I sighed, these were old laws and I had no choice unless I wanted her to take her own life. I reached out with hands that had held her tender body. I turned her and lifted her trembling butt. I slid into her until I was against her womb. I broke custom slightly to bend over her and whisper, “I am sorry.”

Straitening, I pushed gently forward, opening her womb. Zera jerked as I held her, Blade Masters are taught total control of body. What I did now, I had only done once before in a trial before my father and two other Blade Masters. I forced my body to spend itself into her womb. I knelt holding her until I was done and slowly pulled out of her.

I started drawing my clan Sigil and my glyph above the flesh on her unmarred ass and lower back using my energy. It was only a few inches across and as I drew, a line of glowing energy followed until I was done.

When I finished it slowly sank into her glowing a soft golden color. I turned her crying body to face me and grasped the ribbons in one hand and tilted her head with the other, “You are mine by the rite of Masters. Your choice is mine. You’re body is mine to do with as I will. I accept the choice of child.”

I called my magic forward in the last part of this ritual. The ribbons around her wrist glowed and as she screamed they faded into her flesh and snaked around my own before fading. I looked at Megan as she sat with wide eyes, her hand over her mouth, “I didn’t want to do that.”

I gently moved Zera until she was lying on her stomach. I knelt beside her, “Zera can you hear me?”

She nodded and I placed my hand on her back, “Zera, my hand will feel hot. Don’t move away.”

I closed my eyes and summon the energy within myself and pushed it into Zera, creating the bond and healing her. I felt her stiffen and then as suddenly as it began it was over. I gently rolled her over, leaning over looking into her eyes, “You are my mate and sealed to me.”

She slowly sat up and huddled in Megan’s arms. She smiled for the first time since we had made love, “Then my children will be free to choose their own life.”

Zera struggled out of Megan’s arms, crawling to me on her knees. She stopped in front of me, “William, I knew great pleasure before pain. I know from the way you look, that you are angry but it is over now.”

I reached out and drew her close, kissing her, “I do not enjoy giving pain, but if you do anything like that again, I will spank your little butt until you can’t sit down.”

Zera looked at my face and smiled slowly, “I will try to be good William, but sometimes I slip.”

I reached down her back and pinch her butt. She jumped with a squeal, rubbing her butt. I looked at Megan and held out my hand. She looked from my hand to my face and I could see her yearning to come to me. She looked at Zera and then down in thought. I knew she was thinking of what I had just done. My hand fell to my side as I whispered, “Megan, please don’t…”

She looked at me for a minute and then sighed as she reached for her jewelry, “I’m sorry William.”

Like Zera she searched until she found the bonding ribbon that had been given her at birth. When she pulled it free, she turned and crawled to me. She looked into my eyes and keeping her eyes locked on mine she kissed me.

When she pulled back she smiled timidly, “I know you can’t say anything, but I want at least one son. I don’t care if all the rest are daughters, but I want one son. I know you don’t enjoy giving pain, but I am a daughter of the Empire. You know the law, no daughter can live free with a Blade Master. I must be bound.”

She kept her eyes locked with mine as she began the complicated pattern, each pattern was different for every girl and it told their lineage. When she was finished she smiled, “by the Rite of the Masters, I give to you, my right of choice, my passion and my choice of child.”

She turned away and bent to put her head on the sleeping fur, pushing her butt up and spreading her legs, “its ok William, do it.”

I closed my eyes, knowing the tears that fell would make no difference. I moved forward between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I gently rubbed her ass, “I’m sorry Megan.”

I slowly pushed into her, going all the way to her womb. Megan’s body stiffened and her head came up. I held her tight as she struggled for a minute. She froze and slowly her body relaxed. She looked back with eyes full of tears, “Go ahead William, finish.”

She kept her eyes locked with mine as I forced my cum to enter her womb. Again I drew my Sigil and glyph above her unmarred ass and back, using my energy. Megan stiffened and I saw her jaw clench. When I was done I pulled out of her and waited. She slowly turned, her body screaming in pain, but she held it back.

She held her ribbon bound hands out to me, keeping eye contact. I grasped the ribbons in my hands, “You are mine by the rite of Masters, your choice is mine, your passion will be mine, I accept the choice of child.”

I called my magic forward in the last part of the ritual. The ribbons around her wrist glowed, moving on their own to wind about my own in another complicated pattern as she screamed. It lasted longer then it had with Zera, but then gradually faded into her flesh. They still glowed around mine and I ignored the pain to finish. It ended with a bright flash and then they just seemed to sink into my wrists. I pulled Megan forward into my arms, “I hope you are not this stubborn all the time.”

She gave me a small smile, “I’ll try to curb it. Finish William.”

With that, she turned slightly and lay on her stomach. I placed my hand on her back, I closed my eyes and summon the energy within myself and pushed it into her. Megan stiffened but didn’t move and it was over. I leaned down to her, “Do not move, I am not finished with you.”

Megan’s body trembled as I moved to her other side and turned her gently. I sighed, “You are a stubborn painful woman. There is always a price for what you did. I am the one to set the price and you will pay it, not tonight, but at a time of my choosing.”

She bowed her head, “yes master.”

I lifted her face, “That is not the bond you asked for and not the one I gave. You know my name.”

Megan looked at me, “What do you want William?”

I looked into her eyes, “The rite of a mate.”

Her eyes widened, “But…”

I smiled, “My price, Megan.”

Zera laughed as she hugged Megan, “It’s your turn to underestimate him.”

Megan got a sheepish smile on her face and leaned closer to kiss me, “I accept.”

I woke with the dawn and packed everything away before moving outside. I started a fire and pulled some cata bark out and put it in a pot of water. I filled a second pot with water and left it to boil as well. I took the tent down after the girl came out and walked into the brush. I returned with my two Sherise, (kind of like a lama.) Zera started to reach out to pet Terra and she growled. I pulled her hand back, “They don’t know you yet. Take your clothes off.”

Megan and Zera looked at me blushing and slowly took their cloths off. I reached between Zera’s legs and gently put my finger in her pussy. I pulled it out and wiped my finger on her tummy, I did the same with Megan. I brought Terra to stand next to Zera and waited. The sherise stood for a minute and then she made a sniffing sound and her head went to Zera’s tummy, smelling her.

Not finished, her head went lower to Zera’s pussy and her long tongue came out to lick into a started Zera. Her eyes went wide but Terra was done and only purred while rubbing Zera with her head. Zera slowly pulled her head up, bending to rub her face beside Terra’s. I laughed, “That was nice, now she thinks you are one of the pack. Don’t be surprised when she comes looking for you after Justin has mated with her.”

Zera smiled, “That’s what females do.”

I smiled and moved Terra to Megan, this time it was different which surprised me. Terra smelled her tummy and made a chirping sound and rubbed on her tummy which didn’t surprise me, but Terra’s call brought Justin. Megan was nervous but only stood petting Terra. Justin chirped and then brought his head to Megan’s pussy.

His tongue was a lot longer then Terra’s so when he licked her, it went into her pussy deep. Megan gasped and spread her legs. Justin pulled his tongue out and moved behind her and licked her butt several times. She moaned and slowly bent forward, he moved forward and licked the back of her neck before moving off.

Megan slowly stood and caressed Terra, before looking at me with a red face. I smiled, “Justin thinks you are my mare and has hopes for your next foal.”

Her face turned redder and I laughed, “They know you two now and will let you touch them when you want.”

It was a long day, I used a sling to hunt for rabbits while we walked and collected plants. Two hours before sunset, I stopped in a grove of evergreen trees. I made camp while the girls rested, I had taken it slow but they were not used to walking so much and were still a little tired from the night before. I made a pot of stew and another of cata. When it got dark, the two sherise joined us and sank down next to the girls.

I made the girls drink all the cata, explaining that it was a restorative and would help with their muscle pain. I took them into the tent and stripped their dirty clothes off before making them lay together to sleep, “Listen girls, last night I slept with you. I will not do that all the time. I don’t need sleep the way you do. When I am not with you, I want you to be together. Now go to sleep, I’ll see you in the morning.”

I sat across from the sherise listening to the night. It was an hour before the tent flap opened behind me and Megan stepped out. Somehow it didn’t surprise me that she didn’t dress, “Megan, come here.”

She stopped beside me and knelt, the tent flap opened again and Zera stepped out, “Megan?”

I smiled and turned slightly, Zera wasn’t dressed either, “Come sit with me.”

She stopped moving and moved her hands to cover herself. She hesitated and then moved forward to kneel on my other side. I smiled, “Since you are up, I have another mating rite to perform.”

I stood and entered the tent, returning with the sleeping furs. I crossed to the girls and knelt next to them, spreading them out. I looking at them, “Go ahead and ask.”

Megan moved away from Zera, “You want the rite of mates?”

I looked at her and nodded. She looked away, “Do I have a choice?”

I smiled, “You gave me your right of choice. But I think for this, I will give you what you want. You can choose.”

Megan chewed on her lip and stood. She walked several feet away and stared into the forest. I waited with Zera who watched her back. Finally she turned and came back. She knelt down in front of me and slowly bent until her head was on the ground, “Blade Master, I… I have never known gentleness at the hands of a man. I have seen you do this once so I know it is possible. You have said I have the choice of this one thing. I want this, but I am afraid of your actions. I will accept your rite, with one reservation. You must promise to never force me.”

Smiling gently and lifted Megan up, “Megan, I never wanted to force you, you gave me no choice. I have been taught many things from birth, some of that you have seen. I did not want bond mates, I wanted mates who would be gentle and who might come to care for me. I took you and Zera because of my feud. If you had to be given to someone, I did not see why it couldn’t be me. I thought I would be able to treat you better then what your father expected. I give my word, I will not force you.”

I gently moved her onto the sleeping fur and turned to Zera, “Come Zera, help me love Megan as she helped me with you.”

She smiled as she moved to the other side of Megan. I lay Megan back and laid beside her, I looked at Zera, “Kiss her pussy, like I did yours.”

She hesitated and then smiled as she bent and started kissing her way down Megan’s body. I leaned over Megan and kissed her passionately as my hand caressed her breasts. She sighed and started moaning. Her sudden gasp told me that Zera had started kissing her pussy. I pulled back and glanced down to see Zera’s face buried into her pussy.

Megan lifted her head to look and then she smiled as her head turned to me, “She was right, it does feel really good.”

Zera lifted her head to smile up at her, “It gets better.”

Megan reached down to ruffle her hair, “It hasn’t been that way for me, but I hope this time…”

Zera kissed her clit, laughing at her soft moan. She looked at Megan again, “This time will be different.”

I kissed Megan and made my way down her body to join Zera at her pussy. She kissed me and moved up Megan’s body to start kissing her. I licked along the edge of her pussy and gently took her clit into my mouth. I rolled it around with my tongue and gently sucked on it. Her hips thrust into my face and she moaned into Zera’s mouth, “aaahh!”

I licked her clit and then moved lower to push my tongue into her leaking hole. Again her hips thrust up into my face, but this time her hands went to the side of my head, “mmmm!”

I fucked my tongue into her several times and then licked up her slit to her clit. Her hands squeezed my head as her hips bucked up and froze, “ooohhh…fuck!”

I smiled and licked her as her body shook and cum started leaking from her pussy. When she stopped shuddering she released my head and her legs relaxed and spread apart. I kissed her pussy one last time and moved up her body. Zera moved to the side as my body moved between Megan’s legs, spreading them even more.

She raised her head to look down between her legs at my hard cock. She looked up into my face and licked her lips, “William, can I… will you let me… can we… William, can I be on top like Zera?”

I kissed her, “All you have to do is ask.”

I pulled back and slipped to the side and onto my back. She sat up and put her leg over my waist. When she was over my hips she put her hands on my chest as I reached between our bodies to grab my cock and point it up at her pussy. I look up at Megan to see her looking down at my cock as she lowered her pussy to it. I rubbed the head of my cock back and forth through her slit when she was lower. Her eyes closed, “aaahhh!”

Her body slipped and she impaled herself several inches onto my cock. Her eyes snapped to mine as I grabbed her hips to stop her. I grinned, “Not so quickly.”

She smiled shyly, “I slipped.”

Zera laughed and leaned close to her and started licking and sucking on her nipples. Megan closed her eyes and her head went back, “ooohhhh!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her slowly. Megan looked down and her eyes locked with mine as I slowly fucked her, going deeper into her pussy with each stroke. When our pelvis’s ground together with my cock tight against her womb, she slowly closed her eyes and came. Not gently, but almost violently, her body jerking and convulsing, her pussy leaking cum around my cock. Her eyes opened looking at me and she pulled up and slowly fucked back down onto my cock.

Again she started jerking and convulsing, but this time her eyes were locked on mine. Zera held her, but Megan was silent the whole time. When her convulsing stopped, she smiled and rose up again and lowered her wet pussy down onto my cock. This time she only shuddered and leaned down onto my chest, “William? Fuck me now.”

I kissed her and straightened her legs and rolled her onto her back. Zera put her head next to Megan’s, “I told you it would be good.”

Megan smiled at her, “It feels wonderful.”

I started to fuck her with long, steady strokes. She grabbed me and held tight, almost as soon as I started. She was jerking, but I continued fucking her. She was really wet by now and it felt so good sliding into her that I felt my balls tighten. She closed her eyes, her body tense as it jerked. I shoved deep into her and started cumming. Megan froze, her eyes opening wide as she screamed, “YYYYEEESSSSS!”

I held her tight and continued pumping cum into her as she came with me. Finally she relaxed and I sighed as the last of my cum spilled into her. I slipped to the side and lay there holding her as she smiled at me, “By the seed given and received we are mated.”

Zera fondled my cock and then turned her back and moved back against me, “William? Will you put it in me?”

I smiled and turned onto my side. I lifted her leg and slowly pushed my wet, cum covered cock into her tight pussy. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her deep, fucking her with a long, slow motion. She was wiggling and I reached around to rub her clit as she growled, “oh fuck!”

She started shaking and thrusting her pussy back onto my cock hard as she came. Zera tilted her head back to me as she jerked, “Give me you’re cum William!”

I fucked into her a few more times and then held her tight as I pumped my cum into her screaming body. When we were finished, Zera sighed, “I needed that.”

I looked over at Megan as she looked back at me, I smiled at her, “are you content or do you want more sex?”

Megan blushed, “I am… but if you need…”
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