Chapter 1: Megan's Plan

My name is Megan and I'm about to tell you a story, a true and personal story, the details of which changed my young life forever.

When I was about 4 or 5 my father died of a heart attack. It did not take long for my mother to remarry. She and Jeff tied the knot just over a year later. Jeff also has a son from a previous marriage. His name is Cole. He's a year older than me.

Cole and I were both so young when we all got together that for the most part we considered ourselves to be real siblings, not just stepsiblings. That's to say we were pretty close. He'd protect me from bullies; I'd keep him away from the "wrong kind" of girls. We exercised together and usually tortured each other mercilessly at home. You know the usual kid stuff.

That was until he met her, Candy, the woman who almost ruined him!They met at football tryouts when I was 14. For some reason she was the only girl on the cheerleading squad who didn't want to sleep with him. I have no idea why not, he was 5'8, dark hair, brown eyes and well-muscled from our workouts. Even I, the renowned bookworm, had begun to notice.

Of course they began to date immediately and were very wrapped up in each other, which made me unbelievably jealous, until about a year and a half later.

I was picking through my locker at school when some meatheads began to speak in hushed tones right next to me. I swear, at that time I was convinced that I was actually invisible, at least to the opposite sex.They seemed to have completely overlooked me. Either that or they didn’t know who I was, because if they did they would never have been saying what they were saying.

They were bragging about how Tony, the star Quarterback, had gotten Candy drunk at a party and "screwed her all night". Somehow, I just knew it was true. Tony did not have a spotless reputation when it came to cheerleaders and I just didn’t trust Candy. Not one bit.My heart sank for Cole, but feeling that I could never keep such information from him, I ran straight home after school,determined talk to him about it.

"Say, big bro," I started, banging unceremoniously into his bedroom. "Have you slept with Candy yet?"

I was immediately nervous, realizing that he might react badly and ‘shoot the messenger’. Despite the fact that we were, and still are really open with each other, he looked shocked that I had asked. I suppose it wasn't exactly a subject we normally got into.

"Umm..." He swallowed, also nervous to be talking about this with his little sister. "Not yet. She said she wants to wait for our Senior Prom and make it a special event. Why the sudden interest?"

He was eyeing me skeptically by that point.

"Nothing," I lied, relived that he hadn’t actually touched her yet. "I just heard a rumor, but it wasn't anything serious."

He gaped at me as I turned tail and bounded back out of his room, away from the questions that were sure to fly from his mouth.

I didn't know how to tell him she had cheated on him. I didn't want to hurt him, especially without proof. So, in my enterprising way, I decided to get proof first. I called my friends and asked them to come over. I had something important to discuss.

There were only three girls on the entire planetwho I felt I could trust with such a secret, Tina, Sally and Penny. We were an eclectic group to say the least.

Tina was about 5"4' and skinny as a rake despite her eating habits. The only thing separating her from those magazine models was the fact that her long black hair hung from her head like a straw mat.

Sally and Penny were twins in almost every way, both 5"2' with blonde hair. They did everything together, and I do mean anything if you listened to the rumors. Despite strong prodding from Cole, I never asked if itwas true, I didn't really want to know.

Sally was always more sporty, tending towards the girls football team and track clothing. Penny on the other hand was definitively girly. She excelled in Home Ec and always had a meal to share with her friends at lunch. She liked to wear pastels saying they complemented her skin tone better.

At 5"6', I wasa bookish girl. I passed all my courses with A’s and liked to dress plainly. I did so mainly because I was a little on the chubby side and my breasts, even at 15, were C-cups. Also at that time, my ex, and only, boyfriend Max had shattered my self-esteem by cheating on me right after we’d had sex for the first time. Hiding myself in loose clothing just seemed the right thing to do. I had both jocks and nerds hitting me almost daily, but after Max I was never really comfortable with boys other than Cole.

All three girls arrived together, Penny bearing her Trademarked Chocolate-chip Peanut Butter cookies. We went up to my room and closed the door. Before everyone dug in, I managed to squirrel a couple of cookies aside for Cole. I began to speak between bites, telling them all about what I had overheard. They immediately threw their proverbial hats into the ring. All of us girls had a certain level of affection for my older brother and none of us were willing to put up with such an affront against him.

"That's terrible!" Penny exclaimed.

"What will we tell Cole?" Tina asked.

"When do I get to kick Candy's ass?" Sally asked jokingly.

At least I hoped she was joking.

"We don't," I explained, "At least not yet. You know my brother can be sensitive. I don't want to hurt him over a rumor. Here's the plan. We'll follow her around until we catch them together. If you can, take a photo on your cell. When we know for sure, I'll tell Cole, but not before. I'll take school, Sally you watch them at sporting events, Tina, you take the library and Penny watches the mall. Are we agreed?"

There were no arguments. The girls stayed for dinner as they usually did, Penny and me helping cook while Tina and Sally played some game on the Nintendo as usual.

We started our plan the next day to no avail. We went the whole school year without catching them, they were too careful. Then in the summer, on my 16th birthday in fact, we caught a break. Tony and Candy had both failed English and had to make up for it in summer school. They had to have planned it. Who fails English?

"I was in the Library like usual," Tina said when we got together to talk about what we found out. "I heard some noise from the stacks, the S's, so I went to check it out. Tony had Candy pinned up against the bookcase with her legs wrapped around his waist, plowing into her so hard that they're lucky the cases were nailed down."

She showed us the video she got with her cell phone. Sure enough her description was spot-on. I felt a rush, the thrill of victory. The bitch is going down, I thought gleefully as we transferred the video to my cell.

That night I decided I'd tell Cole.

I waited until our parents went to bed and snuck down the hall to his bedroom armed with the video. As I approached the door I heard soft moaning. Worried that I was too late and that the slut was actually in his bed with him, I crept closer and saw the door was slightly open with the light on. I peeked through and was even more shocked by what I saw than what I was expecting to see.

There was Cole, sitting on the bed with a magazine open next to him. He was looking at the pictures but that wasn't what shocked me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There was my stepbrother, sitting completely naked,gripping tightly to his raging hard on and stroking it slowly with his hand.

I felt like a pervert, but at the same time couldn’t rip my eyes away.I was so turned on.I had touched myself before in the privacy of my own room and knew that it could feel great, but I had never imagined that Cole did the same thing. Maybe even at the same time as I had. My brain felt about to burst with the idea.

My eyes settled first on his face. He bit his bottom lip gently and I almost died at the sexiness of it.I let my vision drop down his well-muscled chest, to his crotch. My limited experience told me that He was well hung. Not so big as to be scary, but big enough to notice every detail. It was cute with its bulging head and fine veins running up its length, at least that’s how I would have described it. His breath hitched and the head expanded further as he stroked his adorable cock up and down a little quicker.

I licked my lips running my hands over the thin fabric of my nightgown, squeezing my breasts and gently tweaking my nipples through the light cotton. I could barely contain a moan of my own as I savored the intense sensation. My head clouded with dirty thoughts, I remembered a porn flick that Penny had snuck into one of our sleepovers and I imagined the feel of that hard cock between my breasts. That girl had slid the tip of the guys cock into her mouth. I wondered what Coles would taste like and was shocked by the concept because when Max had begged me to do it I had been thoroughly grossed out and refused. I’m sure the fact that my stepbrother was, at minimum,a thousand times hotter didn’t hurt in that respect.

I slowly moved my hands down my body as I watched him turn the pages and stroke faster. I couldn't make out what he was looking at, but it obviously turned him on as he began to moan more audibly while pounding even harder on his own meat. Reaching the hem of my night-dress, I traced my hands up the inside of my thighs to my aching mound. I ran my fingers over my clit, picturing that they were his tongue lapping up my sweet honey. Though I had done it before, I gasped at the unexpected intensity that being so turned on had brought to the sensation. My other hand snuck up and I pushed two fingers into myself, picturing that beautiful member, a proud strong rod belonging to a real man, not a disgusting little boy, entering me and pounding me harder and harder as I slammed my fingers in and out mercilessly. My eyes were locked on his cock as he grunted and the first rope of spend shot from the overstimulated bulb at the tip of his manhood. It was more than I could handle! I came so hard that I had to bite my
tongue so that he wouldn’t hear me, body spasming uncontrollably against the door frame as my pussy crushed my fingers and fireworks exploded in my abdomen. Thank goodness that we had come at the same time, his own groaning prevented him from making out the commotion. Panting, I watched him use a Kleenex to wipe the spent spunk from his faint treasure trailand had the strangest wish that I was licking it off of him instead. I was utterly convinced that I was a terrible pervert at that moment, but couldn’t really find the energy to care. He reached over, closed the magazine and stuffed it under his mattress. Smiling he turned off the light and fell almost immediately to sleep.

As I crept back to my room I realized very acutely that my plan had changed significantly. I didn’t even really care about Candy anymore. I had devised an even better way to get rid of her for good as well as snag the only guy that I really wanted.

The next day while Cole was out with some friends I snuck into his room and found the magazine he was using the night before. I was more than a little surprised to see it was of a very curvy girl, about my body shape, with the same auburn hair and green eyes. Her face wasn't quite as pretty as mine, but that was most definitely not what he had been looking at. The photo spread had her masturbating with a large, purple dildo, then with a large, muscled man in various positions. Who knew when he started dating that reallyskinny skank Candy that he preferred women with a little meat on their bones?

I called the girls and met them at the mall. It was time to put my plan into motion. I decided to go to La Senza and pick up some sexy underwear. It was difficult to say the least, considering the majority of the merchandise was clearly more suited to Tina than me, but in the end I wound up with two frilly sets, one in black and one in pink. Then we went to Old Navy. I picked up a couple pairs of short shorts and a handful of sexy tank-tops.

I went home, spritzed myself with fruity body mist and changed into my new garments. When Cole got home I was sitting on the couch, legs slightly spread, fanning myself.

"It's really hot in here," I said to him as he passed by and looked over at me.

His eyes widened. He looked at my body as if he had just realized it was there. He couldn’t be blamed, the push up action of the bra had my cleavage practically up to my neck and the low tank top showed the barest hint of the black lace that lined the frilly cups.

"Y-yeah," he stuttered, swallowing hard as he disappeared into the kitchen.

He returned shortly with a couple bottles of cold water and tossed one to me.

"Thanks," I said as he sat down next to me.

I held the bottle to my forehead and sighed as I slid it ever so slowly toward my cleavage. He blushed, stealing sly glances at the spectacle before him. He looked, for lack of a better word, hungry, as if he'd never seen a woman before. Every time I peeked over I caught him staring and he looked away. I smiled secretly as I drank my water. This was going to be fun.

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Hey! 16 year old horny guy here, looking for white girls around my age to trade pics and talk dirty with. Kik me at zkshepherd13 if you're interested ;)

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