Chapter 1
I looked at the bodies of the imperial assassins I had killed. Apparently the Empire wanted to continue the blood feud and they were willing to spend blood to do it. I had learned some things I didn’t know before. One of the Emperor’s daughters was in Stone Helm and another was on their way. Every time one of the daughters of his concubines reached the age of breeding he sent them out of the realm to be sold like a common slave.

The Empirical factor didn’t know it yet, but the Emperor knew of his deceit in buying his daughter for his own use. A big no, no, especially using the Emperor’s own money to do it. The factor had managed to collect another thousand gold for the second daughter too.

I knelt looking around, listening for any changes as I thought about my life so far. I was twenty years old and had been involved in this blood feud for the last five. It had started with the Empire ’s treachery in the death of my father and the peace delegation with him. I had been on my masters quest and had not been there for my father.

I sighed, yes, the feud had been the result of my vengeance for my father and mother. I had thought that was over now, but I guess the emperor isn’t ready to call it quits. I wanted to start my own family and this put a crimp in things. I am 6’2” and weight 200 pounds. I have blond hair and green eyes.

I thought about what I could do and shook my head, “Well you old son of a bitch, your daughters should be sound enough to father my children. If you don’t want them, I will give them a life you wouldn’t.”

Stone Helm was a week away, I had other business but it could wait. It was as good a place to start as any. I moved to each man and collected their purses and moved to my pack. Shouldering it, I took a last look around and turned away before walking into the thick brush.

Chapter 1

Two Weeks Later

I moved through the streets like a ghost, those that did see me shivered and moved back into the shadows. The rumors had quickly made their rounds, ‘Leave the ghost walker alone.’

The three dead men I left in a dark alley were my marker. I stopped and looked up at the tall stone wall. I slipped something on my hands and leaped at the wall. The cat claws held and I quickly made my way to the top. I rolled onto the top and looked down as two guards made their rounds.

As they turned the far corner I rolled off the wall and dropped the twenty feet to the ground without making a sound. A dozen steps took me to the wooden grate. This was not my first trip here and the grate quickly gave way to a silent pull.

I slipped inside the opening and let the grate quietly close behind me. I crawled the twenty feet in darkness and slowly stood. I pushed my back against one wall and my feet against the other. I started up the vertical shaft slowly and quietly.

When I reached the cloth I had left, I stopped and moved into another crawl space. I reached a grate and paused to listen and then pushed it open before moving into the room. Here’s a tip for anyone building a treasure room, don’t put large vents in the room.

The chest was there tonight and I smiled as I moved into the room. I slipped the empty pack off and checked the chest before opening it. There were a couple of simple needle traps and then it was open. As quietly as I could I put all the gold in the pack and moved back to the vent.

Pushing the pack in front of me as I moved back to the vertical shaft. I tied the light rope that was hanging down to the pack. Back in the shaft, I made my way up another twenty feet. This time I pulled the pack after me as I squeezed through another crawl space. When I came out, it was in a storage room. Shouldering the pack I grunted quietly from the weight and moved to the door.

I listened at the door for five minutes before opening the door and quietly moving down the hall. The room I wanted was at the end of the hall. I extended my senses as my father had taught me. Feeling the mage webs as I came to the door, I paused and used my own senses to find the way around.

I took the pack off and set it down. Using the small piece of wood from the small of my back as my focus, I focused my energy and pushed the sealing spell aside. I opened the door silently and stepped into the room.

The factor was sleeping soundly, that was going to change in only a minute. I pulled several nerve needles and put them between my fingers. Stepping to the bed my hands flashed down, stabbing needles into place. The factor’s eyes were open now, staring at me. I knew how much pain he was in and shook my head, “My name is William Kendell, your Emperor made the mistake of continuing the feud. What is yours, is now mine, by the Law of Tosine.”

I looked at the young girl just waking on the other side of the bed. She looked like she was about fourteen, “If you manage to survive until the Auditor arrives, tell him that I said I would be willing to call a truce. I doubt you will survive though so try to relax and enjoy your last minutes in this world.”

I looked back at the girl as she drew away covering herself with a blanket, “Leave the blanket and come here girl.”

She stared at me in fright for a minute and slowly let the blanket fall. She slid out of the bed and walked around to me. She was naked and as she got closer, I saw the bruises. She stopped in front of me looking down. I reached out and lifted her face and turned it to see the purpling on her jaw. I turned her around to see her back and flinched as I saw the welts. I turned her back to face me, “What’s your name girl?”

She stood shivering in fright and I gently lifted her face, “Your name?”

She looked into my eyes, “Megan.”

I smiled, “Megan. A good name, I am William. Do you know what a blood feud is Megan?”

She nodded and I looked at the factor, “A blood feud is when two entities swear to kill the other to the last man. Any possession one has can be taken by the other. I am in a blood feud with the empire. You were this factor’s property, now you are mine. Unlike this peace of shit, I will treat you fairly while breath is in my body.”

I took a step closer to the factor, “I was going to let you suffer until the pain from the nerve blocks killed you.”

I drew out another needle, this one thicker then the others. “You have maybe four minutes.”

I pushed the needle into his neck. Blood started shooting out across the bed. I walked to his wardrobe, “Megan? Come here and get dressed.”

She walked to me and started picking up clothing off the floor. I looked in the wardrobe and found a chest, when I opened it I found that it full of jewelry. I looked at Megan, “Did you have any jewelry when you came here?”

Megan hesitated before nodding. I grabbed a shirt and dumped the chest onto the shirt. Using a cloth rope from a robe, I tied the shirt off and turned to Megan who was dressed and waiting for me. I handed the shirt bag to her, “This is yours.”

I looked at a rolled parchment with its seal broken, I glanced at the bed and picked it up. I read it quickly and smiled before putting it back. I took Megan’s hand and walked to the door and listened. Opening the door I stepped out pulling Megan after me. I pulled a dagger and drew the Kendell Sigil on the door, highlighted by my personal Glyph. I put my heavy pack back on and faced Megan, “Stay quiet and follow me.”

I retraced my steps down the hall but continued past to the servant stairs. On the next floor down, I paused to listen. I heard the guard’s light tread as he drew near. I stepped out as he started to pass the stairs. The thin dagger in my hand entered under his ear and went into his brain. I held him as he died and moved him into the stairwell. I gently pulled Megan past him and quietly walked down the hall.

I stopped at the door that had a lock on the outside. Lock picks slid out of a hidden pocket and the lock was open a moment later, I put the picks away and opened the door. The room was small, with a small bed and table. A girl of maybe thirteen sat up in the bed looking at me with wide eyes. I looked at the table and saw a jewelry box, I walked to it and opened it. It was filled with jewelry, I looked at the girl, “Get dressed and grab your clothes, you belong to me now.”

She hesitated and then slid out of bed to scramble into some clothes. I picked up the jewelry box and poured everything into another shirt before tying it off and walking back to the door waiting for her. The jewelry wasn’t heavy so I handed it to her when she came to the door. “Stay quiet and follow me.”

I led the way back to the servant stairs. On the ground floor I stopped to listen again and then pulled the girls after me. My exit out was through a side door, I quietly opened the door and stepped out. The guard standing by the postern gate was half asleep. I slowly lowered his body a moment later and opened the door in the wall. I left it open as I led the two girls out into the city.

After a long and confusing trip through alleys I stopped at the back of an inn. I took the pack off and slid between the wall of the stable and the city wall. The girls hesitated and then followed me. Ten feet in, I pushed against the city wall and it moved back. I waited for the girls and pulled them past me. I stepped in and to the side and reached up to grab the bar and pull down.

The wall slid back into place and I gently pushed the girls into moving a few feet before stopping again and pushing on the outer wall. A section of the wall turned, blocking the way we had just come. I pulled the girls out and we were on the outside of the walls. I pushed the door closed and led them off through the night.

I stopped on the other side of the clearing around the city walls. Listening for a few minutes I quietly led them down a narrow game trail. The girls were dragging their feet but we only had a short way to go. I stepped into the small hidden clearing and looked around. I pulled the girls to what looked like a pile of brush and pulled a branch back, “Inside.”

They ducked, feeling their way. I followed them, stopping to pick up the dark lantern I had left. I lifted one side of the lantern a little and a soft glow showed the inside of a domed tent. There were three sleeping furs on the floor with a pack at the head of each. I pointed to the one on the right, “Megan, you sleep there.”

I looked at the other girl, “What is your name?”

She shifted a little and I could almost smell her fear as she quietly knelt in front of me, “I am Zera, Master.”

I shook my head, “Don’t call me that. My name is William.”

I pointed to the bed on the left, “You sleep there. Do either of you need to go to the bathroom?”

They both looked at me before nodding. I turned to the door setting the dark lantern down, “Leave your things here and follow me outside.”

When they came out, I led them to the side of the clearing. I quietly stripped Zera and moved her over the shallow trench, “Zera? Your feet are on each side of a hole. Squat down and do your business.”

I felt her squat but it was a moment before she started peeing. When she did, she started crying. I knelt beside her, “Zera, I am sorry to do it this way but we can’t use a light right now. I promise it won’t be like this.”

Her crying quieted as she finished. I pulled a clean cloth from a pocket, “I am going to wipe you and then move you back so we can get your clothes back on.”

I put her hand on my shoulder and reached between her legs. Using the cloth, I gently wiped her pussy. I stood her up and moved her back and let her have her clothes. I turned to a shaking Megan and helped her undress. I moved her forward, placing her feet like I had Zera’s. “You heard what I said to Zera? Just squat and go. I’m sorry Megan.”

I knelt beside her as I heard her pee hitting the bottom of the trench. When she was done, she quietly said, “I’m finished William.”

I placed her hand on my shoulder like I had Zera and wiped her. I stood her and carefully moved her back to her clothes. Back in the tent I knelt looking at the girls sitting on their sleeping furs, “I don’t want to treat you girls like property. I would like to start a family and I want you to be part of that. I can promise to treat you with respect and not to mistreat you. I will tell you something about myself and let you decide what you want to do.”

I took a breath, “You know my name, I’m a Blade Master. That is someone who has mastered the way of war as well as himself. Some say we are assassins, that is not exactly true. We are proficient with all weapons and quite a bit more. I am twenty years old and as far as I know, the only Blade Master left in my clan. I have some business a day’s travel from here and then we are off to the south. We will make one more stop for one of your sisters and then go west.”

I looked at both girls, “Megan? Will you stay with me?”

She looked at me in surprise, “You are asking me?”

I smiled, “Yes.”

Megan looked at me for a couple of minutes, finally she nodded to herself, “Yes, I will stay.”

I looked at Zera, “Zera? Will you stay?”

She had calmed down and sat looking at me strangely, “I am a slave, but you ask me to choose my fate. Will you take us as mates? To be used when you will?”

I smiled, “Yes, I will take you as mates. No, I will be a fair and gentle lover.”

She looked at me and stood up and took her clothing off, watching me, “I will tell you after you have made love to me.”

I smiled gently, “You don’t have to do this yet.”

Zera looked at Megan and stepped close to me, “My bleeding time has pasted and I am fertile. You said I have the choice. I come to you now, if you want to be my mate then show me.”

I slowly reached for her, trying not to scare her. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She was a little nervous but did not pull back. I laid her down on my sleeping fur and looked into her eyes as I took my cloths off. Zera looked down as my cock came into view, her eyes widened and she licked her lips. My cock is over eight inches long so it isn’t small. She finally looked up into my eyes, “I know it is supposed to fit but…”

I laughed in delight as I moved forward over her. I gently kissed her, “When it is time, I will let you do the work, that way you can decide how much to take.”

I worked my way down her body as Megan moved closer to us. I started kissing from her tummy to her inner thighs. Zera gradually relaxed and her legs slowly opened. I moved to her pussy and licked through her pussy. Her hands grabbed my head, “Aaaahhhhh!”

I gently sucked on her clit and licked down to her fuck hole. Her hips gave a little buck and Megan chuckled, “Sister, it looks like you want something.”

She groaned, “It feels really good.”

Megan leaned closer and kissed her, “I wish someone had done that for me.”

Zera brought her hands to the side of Megan’s head, “I will do it any time you ask.”

I looked up at Megan, who was looking at me in fear. I smiled and gently pulled her closer, “Megan, we have to share, otherwise we might break our toy.”

She looked at me and then suddenly grinned and kissed me, “If you still can, after… I… will…”

She blushed and I kissed her again, “Yes I will, if you will kiss her sore pussy.”

Megan looked at me and down to Zera’s squirming bottom. She licked her lips and then looked back into my face, “I want to, but how?”

I smiled and kissed her again, “You learn by doing. You’ll know when you hit someplace she likes. Now, go kiss her.”

Megan moved back to Zera’s face and kissed her passionately. I went back down on Zera, slipping my tongue into her hole. She moaned into Megan’s mouth and pushed her little pussy at me. I nibbled gently on her inner pussy lips and tickled her clit with my tongue. Her hips were making gentle fucking motions and Megan moved to her breasts and started sucking on the nipples. Every now and then Zera would give a shake as a miniature orgasm hit her and a tiny bit of her cum would leak out.

I knew that because of her age, she might not have much lubrication so I gathered the cum that leaked out and kept smearing it around the inside of her pussy. Finally her body slowly started to tense as she built up to her climax. I slowed and kept her just below her peak and then I moved up along side her. I lifted her light body onto mine until she was straddling my hips.

I reached between our bodies as her hips continued to buck, looking for something to fill her. I guided my cock to her entrance and pushed up until the head of my cock slid into her. Zera groaned and shivered, “ooohhh…yes!”

Megan moved up beside her and embraced her, “you are a woman now.”

Zera looked at her and I smiled. She was so far gone in lust she didn’t understand what Megan had said. I held her hips and worked my cock back and forth. She shuddered and looked at me with eyes that wouldn’t focus. She suddenly jerked her body down onto me. Her body jerked and convulsed and as I watched her eyes rolled back and she fainted onto my chest.

Her pussy was so tight, that I had to go real slow as I pushed into her until I felt the head of my cock hit her womb. I looked at Megan as she held Zera, “She only fainted, I’ll wait for her to wake before continuing.”

Megan looked at me and it looked like she wanted to cry. I reached out to caress her, “What is it?”

She looked down, “I had hoped it wouldn’t hurt her. It must have been really bad, I never passed out, but I sure wanted to.”

I smiled and gently caressed her, “She didn’t faint because it hurt. She fainted because her senses became overloaded with pleasure. Look at our joining. You will see all her juices.”

Megan looked like she wanted to believe me, but had been disappointed so much she didn’t dare. She looked over Zera’s butt and I felt her hand caressing us. She brought her hand back to her noise and smelled. She smiled gently and bent over my face to kiss me. I kissed her back, “Put your head next to hers.”

She lay down with her head on my chest and I started a gentle massage of Zera’s back and down to her butt. Zera stirred and her eyes fluttered open. She looked into Megan’s eyes as I slowly pulled back and pushed into her again. Her eyes went wide as she jerked, “fuck…yes!”

Megan grinned, “Does it feel good sister?”

Zera didn’t say anything, only grabbing her face and kissing her fiercely, pushing her tongue into Megan’s mouth as I fucked her slowly. I pulled almost all the way out and shoved into her hard, my cock hitting her womb. She shuddered and jerked, “FUCK…aaahhh…fuck!”

I started fucking her faster, hitting her womb each time I went into her. She was cumming now and jerked around holding Megan as if her life depended on it. “ooohhh….FUCK!”

Her body jerked up and she slammed back down onto me, shoving my cock hard against her womb, “ooohhh…William… aaahhh… fuck… mmmm… don’t… aaahhh… stop… AAAHHHH… OOOHHH!”

Her body twisted and jerked, shuddered and shook as her tight pussy squeezed down on my cock, sending me over the edge to spill my seed against her womb. I held her tight as my cum shot into her, “ZERA!”

Her head snapped down to look into my eyes as she felt my sperm splash inside her. She sat there proudly shuddering and shaking as I pumped my cum into her, keeping her eyes locked on mine. I shuddered one last time as my sperm slowed and finally stopped.

Zera slowly leaned forward, lifting partially off me as she kissed me without taking her eyes off mine. She sat back up, pushing me back into her. “By the laws of the Imperiam, I claim you.”
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