A story by NyteMyst
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by NyteMyst


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Chapter 1

It was getting close to four o'clock when I heard the familiar
clatter of the gate leading into my backyard. I looked out of my
study window and, as I anticipated, I saw Kelly and Mia arriving, in
shorts and bikini tops, to go for a swim. The girls, aged twelve and
thirteen respectively, had been using my pool, almost on a daily
basis, ever since first asking my permission way back at the
beginning of the summer. It was late August now and I had become
used to being around the place in the hot, sultry afternoons.

Kelly and Mia were not sisters, as I had first thought. Kelly lived
with her parents in the house next door to mine and Mia, her cousin,
was just staying with the family for the summer. Although Mia was
actually older than Kelly by almost a year, most people would likely
come to the opposite conclusion on first meeting them. Mia was quite
short and was very quiet, while Kelly, almost two inches taller, had
a very boisterous personality and was clearly the leader in the

From the very outset I had no objections to allowing the girls to
swim in my backyard. Since taking the house a little over two years
ago, I had not used the pool to its full advantage, so it was nice to
see someone else getting so much enjoyment out of it. All I asked,
and I made it clear that this was a firm rule, was that they only
come and swim when I was home so that I could keep an eye on them.
It was not that I thought that they would abuse my trust, or
anything, it was just that I had to be concerned that if they got
into any trouble, or came to some sort of harm, I might be legally
liable to two sets of angry parents.

I have to confess, however, that, legal questions aside, keeping an
eye on this pair was hardly a burdensome responsibility since, in
addition to being very pleasant and friendly, both girls were graced
with extraordinary good looks. Kelly, the younger of the two, had
radiant auburn hair that cascaded in gentle curls over her tan
shoulders and her pretty face featured one of those tiny, slightly
up-turned noses that I find irresistible. She was slender, with
gorgeous long legs, and her breasts, although they hadn't reached the
fullness of womanhood just yet, were developed to the point that
wearing a bra represented more than just wishful thinking.

Mia, although a family resemblance to Kelly was apparent, had a much
more petite build and her beauty was of a more darkly, ethereal
nature than that of her cousin. Her hair was a very deep brown,
almost black in fact, and she preferred to wear it tied back in a
long ponytail rather than have it burst gloriously around her face as
did Kelly. Her figure, although lithe and pretty, was only just
beginning to display the burgeoning curves of adolescence and her
breasts were little more than tiny mounds on the narrow expanse of
her chest. In a blouse she could look almost completely
flat-chested, but in a bikini top, as I had noticed on more than one
occasion, the sharp little points they formed were very noticeable
and undeniably sexy.

Usually, the girls would come in the early afternoon to swim. Their
arrival at four o'clock on this particular day would not normally be
a problem but, as it happened, I was scheduled to go and take some
photographs of a property whose sale I was handling. This meant, of
course, that Kelly and Mia would have to delay their swim until
another time and, after collecting my camera and listing papers, I
went down to the poolside to speak to them. I arrived just as they
were about to jump into the pool.

"Hey, Mr. Timbo," sang out Kelly when she saw me approaching. "You
gonna join us for a swim?"

My first name is Timothy (Tim to my friends) but Kelly and Mia rarely
called me by proper name, usually preferring the moniker 'Mr. Timbo'
or some other derivation.

"Not today, I'm afraid," I replied, wishing that I didn't have to go
out. In the whole time they had been using my pool I had only gone
swimming with them once and that had happened months earlier.
Shortly after that occasion I had undergone knee surgery and my leg
had remained in a cast until just a few days ago.

" should," chimed in Mia. "It's so hot out today..."

"Jeez...I wish I could," I told them. "Trouble is...I have to go out
for a bit. So, if you don't mind, maybe you could put your swim off
for the time being." A duet of groans arose at this announcement.

"Can we come back this evening?" asked Kelly. I shook my head

"I'm gonna be a little late, I'm afraid, " I replied. "Why not come
back early tomorrow afternoon and I'll swim with you then...okay?"

The girls both nodded in agreement (although their disappointment was
obvious) and I was grateful that they accepted the situation so
easily. I was just turning to leave when Kelly noticed my camera.

"Hey...wanna take my picture?" she beamed. She turned in profile to
me and struck a hip-shot pose with her fists planted squarely on her
hips. The way her chest was thrust out was really quite alluring,
but it was so exaggerated as to be comical also. I couldn't help but

"Alright, alright..." I sighed. "Say 'cheese' for me then." I
snapped a quick picture of her and then she reached out and grabbed
her cousin.

"Now take one of us together," she insisted. She slipped her arm
across Mia's shoulder and they both mugged for the camera, looking
both foolish and deliciously cute at the same time. I was just
bringing them both into focus when Kelly suddenly grabbed the left
cup of Mia's bikini top and pulled it down, exposing her breast. The
dark, puffy little nipple seemed to stare at me as though momentarily
dazzled by the harsh sunlight.

"You bitch!" shrieked Mia, twisting out of Kelly's grasp and
spinning around to face away from me. Kelly laughed uproariously.

"Why didn't you take her picture?" she chided me. I was still a
little stunned, not to mention somewhat embarrassed, and I mumbled
something about not being able to get such a picture developed
anyway. "I thought you had one of those... whatchamacallit
cameras... the kind that puts the pictures on computer disk," she
said with a little frown.

"My digital camera?" I said, a little taken aback. I did in fact
own one of those, but I couldn't remember telling her about it.
"Yeah...I do have one. But it's not good enough for the pictures I
need to take today."

"Oh...that's too bad," said Kelly with a grin. "You could have
uploaded Mia's titty to the Internet." Her cousin gaped at her in
horrified amazement.

"You...perv!" she exclaimed, punching the pretty young girl lightly
on the upper arm.

"Oh relax, Miss prissy," said Kelly, giving Mia a dismissive flip of
her hand. "Timmy Timbo's seen plenty of titties... and all of them
bigger than yours too, I bet," she added with a little chortle. Mia
was clearly not amused. She folded her arms across her chest and
pursed her lips in a fetching way.

"'re so immature," she scowled. Kelly was still laughing at
her own wit and I decided it was a good time to make my exit.

"Alright...time to go, ladies," I said, rolling my eyes in mock
exasperation. I slung my camera over my shoulder and started to head
for my car. "And don't forget to close the gate behind you, " I
called over my shoulder.

That evening, when I returned, it was already dark and, after
grabbing a quick sandwich in the kitchen, I poured myself a large rum
and coke and went out to the deck overlooking the pool. I lit one of
the small cheroots I had purchased on the way back home and I sat
there in the pleasant coolness of the night, puffing away and sipping
at my drink. I let my mind wander as I relaxed and, before long, I
began to think of the surprising incident that had taken place at
poolside that afternoon.

Now... there are plenty of people who, on seeing the playful exposure
of an adolescent breast, would have dismissed the event as being a
bit of girlish nonsense and thought no more about it. Since my
divorce two years ago, however, I had begun to notice some previously
unsuspected hebephilic tendencies in myself and I have to confess
that I found the whole exchange undeniably arousing. I had had
several girlfriends of my own age since being separated, but my
private fantasies, since that time, had come to focus more and more
on young teenage girls. A trip to the local Mall, for example,
crowded as it typically was, with nubile adolescent nymphs, was
frequently an exquisite torture and on more than one occasion, I
returned from a trip to get groceries with a painfully tender neck
from swiveling my head so constantly.

In retrospect, it seems odd that Kelly and Mia visited for so long
without my natural tendencies getting the better of me. Part of the
reason, of course, was that I was stuck in my cast for so long and
was thus restricted to just watching the girls from poolside. The
other part of the reason, I would have to say, is the fact that
Kelly's parents were always just next door and, though there is
actually a screen of trees between my property and theirs, this had
long seemed to be something of an inhibiting factor.

As it happened, it may come as no surprise, all this was to change.

When the girls arrived the next afternoon, I was busy on the
telephone and it was almost three-quarters of an hour before I was
able to tear myself away. I hurriedly changed into my swimming
trunks and headed out to the pool to find the pair of them splashing
away at each other happily in the shallow end. I was standing
hesitantly at the water's edge when they caught sight of me.

"Timmy Timmy Timbo!" shrieked Kelly in genuine delight. She was
wearing a lovely white bikini that set off her golden tan beautifully
and I had to consciously avoid staring at the sexy way it was molded
to her slender young form. "Are you coming in or what?" she
demanded, flashing me a smile of perfect teeth.

"Maybe," I said, a little shyly. "Is the water warm?"

"Not even a little bit..." sang out Mia. "It's lovely and cool."
She was just climbing out of the pool using the ladder and I had to
stifle a little gasp as her pretty little bottom emerged from the
water. She was wearing a black bikini and the waist band had slipped
down a little revealing the very top of her butt crack. I was
painfully aware that my gaze had suddenly become riveted on this
tantalizing sight and I looked away quickly, hoping that Kelly hadn't
noticed. If she did, she made no comment and, instead, she gave a
low, teasing whistle.

"Nice bathing suit, Mr. T." she cooed, making me suddenly
self-conscious. I was wearing a Speedo knock-off that did little to
hide my package and couldn't help but wonder if I had made a wise
choice. Hastily, and to cover my shyness, I jumped into the water.

"Oh my god, that feels good!" I gasped as I resurfaced. My pores
seemed to have exploded open as the refreshing coolness of the pool
enveloped me and I suddenly realized how sticky and hot the afternoon
had become.

"Told you so," laughed Mia. She jumped into the pool beside me at
that moment and I was so unprepared for her entry that I ended up
swallowing a goodly amount of water. It was several minutes before I
stopped coughing from the unpleasant influx of the chlorinated liquid.

"God..." said Kelly. "You're not going to die on us are you?" I
shook my head, still trying to recover my breath.

"No...I'm alright," I gasped.

"Jeez..." she replied, feigning disappointment. "I thought we might
have to give you mouth-to-mouth."

The mental image that statement produced was more than I could deal
with at that moment and, to hide my discomfiture, I ignored the
comment and laid back in the water, paddling with my hands while
staring up at the sky.

"How old are you, Mr. Tim," asked Kelly a few minutes later. I
didn't look up but I could feel her looking at me.

"Just turned forty," I replied after a pause. "Why?"

" reason," she replied. "How come you have those cameras when
you go out...Are you a photographer or something?" I raised my head
then and shook it in the negative.

"No...just a realtor."

"Oh..." she said, as though disappointed. "I thought you could take
some pictures of me."

"You got ambitions of being a fashion model or something?" I asked
teasingly, thinking she had the looks for it but not saying so.
Kelly seemed about to answer but Mia cut in with a giggle.

"Kelly wants to be one of those naked titty ladies like in Playboy,"
she chortled. Kelly seemed close to blushing.

"Fuck off, nimrod..." she retorted impatiently. She turned to me
again. "Can you pictures?"

"I could, I suppose..." I replied. "That is...I can take the
pictures, but it needs a big printer to make the right size copies."

"Cool," said Kelly. "You wanna take some later?" I was about to
reply but Mia made it plain that she was bored with the conversation.

"Let's play tag," she shouted suddenly, darting forward to poke me.
"You're it!" she sang, and then swam away at top speed.

I was actually reluctant to leave this interesting topic, but I gave
into Mia's enthusiasm and chased after her. She was like a seal in
the water and I had to chase her around the pool several times before
catching her. Kelly became 'it' after that and we continued to play
the game for the next twenty minutes or so, laughing together as we
twisted and turned to avoid being caught.

I have to confess, at this point in my narrative, that I was not shy
about taking the odd surreptitious feel of girlish flesh as the game
progressed. Each time I lunged for one of the cousins, I carefully
timed my reach so that my palm slid delightfully down their sleek
young bodies and twice I could feel the flat of my hand slide
deliciously over the soft curve of a developing breast. I tried to
make this appear as inadvertent as possible at the time, but I
wonder, now, whether either of them clued in to the actual
deliberateness of my actions.

At one point, not without effort on my part, I happened to catch Mia
as she darted away from me and my hand grazed down the delightfully
smooth curve of her stomach and then slid between her legs as she
tried to escape. For an instant, I could feel the prominent swelling
of her girlish cunt and I was almost frozen by the delicious

"You're it!" I exclaimed weakly. I tried to swim away but the
incredible eroticism of the exchange seemed to rob me of my speed
and, as Mia turned to tag me back, I failed in my attempt to dive
under water to escape her. I was almost successful (it seemed at
first) but, when I slid away from her, her fingers caught the back of
my trunks and, with the momentum of my dive, I ended up swimming
right out of them. I surfaced to a chorus of girlish laughter.

"Bare bum alert!" shouted Mia. When I turned to her I saw that she
was twirling my swimming trunks in her hand and I lunged for them but
she swam away easily, giggling at my distress. I started to follow,
but I suddenly realized that my cock was embarrassingly erect.

"No fair..." I cried. "Give them back, Mia." The mischievous young
girl chortled with glee and then tossed the garment up onto the deck.
I froze, wondering what on earth I should do.

"What a bitch!" exclaimed Kelly, ostensibly taking my side. "You
ought to pull her bottoms off Mr. Tim..." She grinned naughtily and
Mia's mouth dropped open in mute horror for a moment before she tried
to escape.

"Oh you're for it now, my girl," I laughed, leaping for her. It was
probably a case of a horny adrenaline rush, but I caught her easily
before she reached the side of the pool and I was just fumbling for
her waistband, as she squirmed giggling deliciously, when a shout
from next door shattered the moment.

"Keleeee....Miaaaa...." came the call. It was Kelly's mother and
the sound of her voice robbed me of the impetus to continue.

"Shit!" swore Kelly. "COMING!" she yelled, startling the both of
us with the stentorian power of her reply. She swam over to the
ladder and I disengaged myself from Mia reluctantly.

"You coming back later?" I asked, hopefully. Kelly shook her head.

"Nah...we gotta eat supper with my grandma," she said with disgust.
"We can come back tomorrow, though," she said, looking at me

"Cool." I replied. "I don't mind... as long as you toss my trunks
back to me." Mia had already emerged from the pool and she threw the
garment back to me.

" still want to take those pictures of me?" asked Kelly,
climbing up the ladder. I was captivated by the sight of her pretty
bottom and it took a moment for me to reply.

"Uhh...sure," I replied after a brief hesitation. "Maybe tomorrow

"Cool..." replied Kelly, levering herself up onto the deck. She
turned to me then. "Why don't you use you're digital camera?" she
added, her voice suddenly low. "We don't need to develop them or

Chapter 2

It was raining when I woke up the next day and it continued on
throughout the whole morning. A little after lunch the downpour gave
way to drizzle and Kelly and Mia showed up, ever optimistic, their
bikinis and towels in hand. They were hoping that the sky might
clear up but ten minutes after they arrived the rain picked up again
and it looked very much like swimming was off for the day.

"Doesn't look like we'll see much sun this afternoon," I said when I
went out to the patio to meet them. They were standing under the
overhang of the deck and watching the downpour with glum expressions
on their normally animated features.

"Yeah...kinda sucks, doesn't it," said Kelly. She was wearing a pair
of cutoff blue jeans and a simple white blouse that showed off her
little breasts very fetchingly. Mia, standing beside her in a pair
of tight black shorts and a yellow T-shirt, nodded her head in

"I was just finishing watching a movie," I told them. "You can come
in and keep me company for a while if you like." The girls looked at
each other and then nodded simultaneously.

"Sure..." said Mia. "Maybe it'll be nicer out a little later."

I led the girls through the wide verandah doors into my recreation
room and took my seat back on the couch. Kelly sat beside me and Mia
flopped down to the floor and lay back against a large beanbag across
the room from us. I flicked the pause button on my remote and 'The
Shining' blared into life again.

"Oh...Excellent!" exclaimed Kelly. "I love this movie."

On the screen, Jack Nicholson was stalking through the corridors of
the Overlook Hotel, a large axe in his hands. We watched the action
for several minutes in silence and then I found my attention
wandering to the cute little Mia who had spread herself out
comfortably and had her left knee flexed so that the leg of her
shorts rode up sexily. Her bare legs were beautifully formed and the
tan smoothness of the lovely columns were perfectly unblemished
except for a small scar over her left knee. It was semi-circular,
about an inch long, and the contrast of the pale mark seemed to
enhance the prettiness of her limbs rather than mar them. I
wondered, with a little rush of arousal, what it must be like to run
my hands up the gorgeous, satiny shafts.

I was still watching her surreptitiously when she began to swing her
bent knee back and forth. When her leg swung out to the side, my
heart gave a little start as I caught a clear flash of white panty
inside the leg of her shorts. The opening was actually quite wide
and it began to feel quite warm in the room as I realized that I was
able to make out the plump curve of her pussy inside the thin cotton
fabric. I stared at the delectable sight and would have been unable
to take my eyes away but for the fact that the telephone suddenly
rang, jerking me away from the delightful vision.

"Want me to put the movie on pause?" asked Kelly, as I struggled up
from the couch. I nodded at her and climbed the circular, wrought
iron staircase up into my living room.

"Hello..." I said, after I had picked up the phone. It turned out
to be my secretary asking if she could have the coming Tuesday off.
Her husband's uncle had died and she had to go with him to the
funeral. I agreed, of course and then I started to return to the
rec. room. I had just reached the top of the staircase when I heard
Mia's voice drifting up from down below.

"You're kidding," she was saying in a surprised tone. "How come you
didn't tell me before?"

"Because I wasn't sure," came Kelly's reply, making me curious as to
what it was they were talking about.

"So Mr. Timbo had a boner when I pulled his trunks off?" asked Mia
breathlessly. Her reaction was matched only by my own shocked
surprise. I had no idea that my tumescence had been observed and was
more than a little curious to see what else they had to say about it.

"It looked like it..." Kelly answered. "He kinda turned away pretty
fast though."

"Wow..." breathed Mia, clearly intrigued. "You know... his hand
went between my legs when we were fooling around in the pool...and I
don't think it was an accident either."

"No kidding," giggled Kelly. "He got a pretty good feel of my tits a
couple of times too... What do you think gave him the boner in the
first place?" My cheeks were burning now, but I couldn't stop

"God...and you saw it too," I heard Mia say. "I wish I did...I never
seen a man' know, his cock when it was all hard and
everything." Kelly gave a mischievous chuckle.

"I bet you could see it if you wanted... I saw the way he was looking
at your butt yesterday, you know."

There was a heavy silence following this remark and I could picture
Mia, her mouth agape, as she struggled to digest this stunning

" think he wants to...well, do sex stuff with me...that is,
with us, I mean," she finally gasped, incredulously.

" doubt about it," replied Kelly confidently. "Why... would
you let him if he wanted to do something sexy with you?"

I froze at that moment, straining to hear what Mia would say to this.
I was thwarted, however, when the television suddenly blared loudly.
The timer on the VCR pause had run its course and the movie was
playing once again. It continued for a moment and then it went

"Hey, you coming back Mr. Tim?" shouted Kelly up the stairs. She
had obviously put the machine back on pause.

"Uh...just a minute," I yelled back, trying to keep my voice neutral.
I hung around at the top of the stairs for what seemed like an
appropriate length of time and then I descended to the rec. room. I
was quite self-conscious as I took my seat back on the couch and, as
we started to watch the movie again, I became aware of Mia giving me
a speculative sidelong look from her place on the floor. When I
turned my head toward her she quickly looked away and I had to
wonder, yet again, what her answer to Kelly's question might have
been if she hadn't been interrupted.

The movie ended about twenty minutes later and Mia climbed up from
the floor to go and look outside. A moment later, she groaned out
loud and informed us that it was still pissing down out there.

"We'll never get to swim today," she complained. "What are we
supposed to do now, anyway?" I was just about to suggest another
movie when Kelly suddenly slapped my arm.

" were going to take my picture," she reminded me. "I want
to keep some so I can put them on my web-page."

"Oh right," I replied, thinking that this sounded much more
interesting than watching the television. "I'll have to get my
camera first." I climbed up from the couch and went to search
through the drawers of my computer desk at the back of the room. I
found the camera a moment or so later and checked the batteries.

"Where shall we take them?" asked Kelly. "Can we get some with the
pool in the background, maybe?"

"Sure..." I replied. Why don't you stand over by the window,
there? I'm not sure if the back light will be too bright or
not...but we can give it a try."

"Alright," agreed Kelly. She walked over to the window and stood in
front of it facing me. Mia sat down on the arm of the couch and
watched her cousin with interest.

"Okay...gimme a nice smile then," I said, bringing the camera up.
Kelly put her hands on her hips and turned slightly to the side. She
tossed back her hair and then looked directly at me, her perfect
teeth gleaming brilliantly as she flashed an engaging smile. I
snapped the picture and she immediately changed her pose, this time
allowing one arm to hang by her side.

"Cool..." commented Mia from the sidelines. "Just like a real model
or something." Kelly, obviously pleased by this began to strike more
stylish poses, thrusting her breasts out prettily and smiling in a
very alluring fashion. I almost had a hard time keeping up with her,
but in minutes I had filled the disk and I went to replace it.

"I'll copy these first," I told her. "Then I'll give you this disk
for your own computer." She nodded and then struck up another pose.

"Try something sexier..." chimed in Mia. Kelly giggled at the
suggestion and then cupped her breasts and leered at the camera. The
effect was not quite what she was aiming for and Mia burst out
laughing. Even I couldn't restrain an amused smile. Kelly was a
little put out.

"You want something good and sexy?" she demanded. "Okay then..."
She turned away from us for a moment and fumbled with the front of
her shirt. When she spun back around I saw that she had undone all
of the buttons except the bottom one and her blouse hung open
revealingly. I could just make out the gentle inside curve of her
right breast as she stared defiantly at the camera. "Is this good
enough?" she challenged.

It was indeed. Although very little could actually be seen of her
breasts, the pose was definitely sexy and my hands trembled a little
as I snapped the picture. As soon as I had taken it, Kelly put her
right hand just inside her shirt and spread her fingers so that the
front opened a little wider. No nipples were visible or anything,
but I now had the delectable vision of the inner sides of both pert
little breasts. She tossed her head once again, tousling her hair
and she then lowered her face a little so that she had to raise her
eyes to look into the camera lens. The effect was incredibly and
seductively gorgeous.

"Show us your tits!" Mia cackled, delighted with her own wit. Kelly
shot her a glance and then giggled nervously. Her face, I saw was a
little flushed and I think she was really beginning to enjoy herself.
"Well, come on then," goaded her cousin. "I dare ya..."

Kelly paused for a moment and then, almost too quick to catch, she
flipped open the right side of her shirt and then quickly closed it
with a shriek of laughter. I certainly had no time to take her
picture, of course, but in that brief instant I caught sight of the
tiny nipple surmounting the round globe of her adolescent tit. It
was perfectly round and the contrast of the pinkish-gold nubbin
against the creamy paleness of her untanned breast was truly

"Oh...what a rip off," Mia teased. "That was pitiful... you
chicken!" She began to make clucking noises like a broody hen and
Kelly blushed.

" you'd dare, I suppose," she retorted. Mia hastily shut
her mouth.

"Aha..." said Kelly triumphantly. She gave me a curious little
glance and then she turned back to her cousin. "I'll do it if you
will," she said.

I kept my mouth shut during this exchange and just stood there
silently praying that shyness wouldn't prevail. Mia didn't respond
at first and when her hand stole up to her chest I realized that she
was self-conscious about the size of her breasts as compared to her
younger cousin's small but impressive development. Her face was
flushed red now, but, though her glance at me displayed hesitancy, I
could tell that she was intrigued by the idea.

"It's not like Timmy Timbo hasn't seen your chest before," Kelly
reminded her teasingly. Mia's blush deepened.

"I don't know..." she began.

"Oh...come on, you prissy," Kelly laughed. She strode over to her
and pulled her by the hand to the strip of floor in front of the
verandah doors. Mia was giggling now, albeit nervously, and I sensed
that she had made up her mind to play along. "Are you ready?" Kelly
asked her.

"Just a minute," I cut in. "Let's take a couple of regular pictures
first." I thought that if Mia could be relaxed in front of the
camera first, the next series of pictures would be better. I pointed
the camera at the pretty young girl and told her to smile.

Mia was clearly less uninhibited in front of the camera than her
boisterous, outgoing cousin and her poses were a little wooden at
first. Her smile was lovely though and, after I had taken several
pictures it seemed that she was a little more comfortable. Kelly,
who appeared almost impatient as I snapped these initial pictures,
gave me the impression that she was anxious to move onto more
interesting things.

"Do you dare?" she asked Mia coyly, as I replaced the camera disk.
Mia nodded shyly.

"If you do it first...I will," she replied, her voice a little
tremulous. Kelly needed no more invitation. Slowly, her eyes fixed
on the camera she grabbed the edges of her shirtfront and drew it
open and off her shoulders. She held the pose for a moment and I
swallowed hard as her gorgeous little titties were fully exposed for
the first time.

"Beautiful..." I couldn't help but whisper as I snapped several
pictures in quick succession. Kelly smiled at the compliment and
took up several different poses while slipping the shirt all the way
off. The hard little points of her nipples stood out enticingly from
the pillows of her breasts and I began to feel an increasing hardness
inside my shorts. Kelly allowed several more pictures and then she
looked expectantly at Mia.

"You're turn," she smiled.

Mia was a little too shy to just take her shirt off in front of us
both. Smiling cutely, she turned away to face the window and then,
quickly, as though to get it done before she lost her nerve, she
pulled it over head and stood there for a moment with her back to us.
We both waited in tense anticipation and then she slowly spun
around, her arms clutching her shirt across the front of her chest.

There was a dead silence in the room in that instant and I hardly
dared to breathe as I watched the lovely young girl. Her eyes
flickered up to lock with mine for a moment and then she let her arms
fall along with the shirt to stand completely, and intoxicatingly
bare breasted before me. I gazed at her, entranced by the sight.

Her breasts, though little more than dark, puffy nipples surmounting
the slight swelling of her pectoral area, were every bit as sexy as
Kelly's fuller bosom. I couldn't help imagining running my palms
over the sharp little points and, in response, my erection twitched
impatiently between my legs. Kelly caught the movement and chortled

"I think Mr. Timbo likes our titties," she smiled. Mia looked a
little confused for a moment and then her eyes opened widely as she
saw the prominent bulge at the front of my shorts. "I bet we could
make little Timmy get really big," Kelly added, her smile now truly

Dropping her blouse to the floor, she brought her hands up to the
front of her cutoffs and deftly undid the snap. Then, satisfying
herself that my eyes were riveted on her crotch, she pulled the
shorts open, revealing the top of her light blue, flower patterned
underwear. I almost gasped at the sight and she giggled deliciously
before allowing the outer garment to slip soundlessly down the length
of her bare legs and crumple on the ground around her feet. I gaped
at her, prompting the naughty minx to give an arpeggio sally of
laughter at my obvious arousal.

Oh...dear God, but she was a sight. A pretty adolescent girl can be
absolutely gorgeous when fully clothed and mesmerizing when naked;
but have that same girl before you in just her panties, however, and
the vision can be enough to tempt the holiest of saints. The way her
mound pushed out against the front of the tight fabric was maddening
and I'd say it is a testament to my self control that I didn't
immediately fall to my knees and start raining hot kisses all over
her lithe young form. It was all I could do to raise my camera back
up and begin photographing the heavenly creature once again.

Although she first looked a little taken aback at this dramatic
development, Mia seemed determined not to be outdone by her
precocious young cousin. Under Kelly's encouraging nod she hooked
her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them off in
one fluid motion, stepping out of them when they hit the floor. Her
maneuver lacked the sexy finesse with which Kelly had stripped to her
shorts, but I have to say that the sight of her in her panties was
every bit as exciting. Her hips didn't have the rounded fullness of
Kelly's, but the narrowness of her pelvis seemed to emphasize the
prominence of her curved pubic mound very sexily, and at the nadir of
the plump little saddle, the plain white cotton of her panties was
tucked tightly into her crack, making the twin cushions of her
vaginal lips plainly visible.

It was very difficult to do anything but stare at these almost naked
young ladies, but, although my hands were shaking with the effort, I
managed to take several more pictures of them. They both struck up
some very sexy poses and even Mia seemed much looser and at ease than
she had at first. At one point, Kelly slipped her arm about her
cousin's waist, hugging her tightly, and Mia rested her head on her
shoulder, smiling very prettily indeed. I continued to snap away and
a few minutes later I realized I had filled yet another disk.

"Maybe Mr. Timbo would like to take some even naughtier pictures,"
teased Kelly, ostensibly to Mia, but looking pointedly at me as I
inserted another disk. "I don't think little Timmy could get much
bigger though," she added mischievously, nodding at the tent-like way
my shorts were bulging. Mia giggled.

"Naughtier like... like all naked, you mean?" she queried, her eyes

"Sure..." replied Kelly easily. "Of course...if we are going to do
that...I think Mr. Tim ought to get naked first. Don't you?" Mia
nodded her head enthusiastically, but she was unable to look me in
the eye. "We dared..." continued Kelly, speaking directly to me.
"Do you?"

The challenge was unmistakable in her tone, and though the idea of
stripping in front of two adolescent girls would normally engage my
natural self-consciousness, the promise of being fully naked together
overrode such concerns completely. I nodded, my face blushing
furiously, and then an idea struck me.

"Maybe we could go into the changing room," I suggested, my voice
hoarse and dry. "It's nice and private in there." The room I was
referring to was just off the rec. room and it had it's own separate
door out onto the swimming area. There were some benches in there,
as well as clothes hooks, and, though I didn't use it very often, it
seemed ideal for what I had in mind.

"Cool...good idea," agreed Kelly, nudging her cousin. They started
to walk toward the door to the changing room and I followed behind,
my eyes riveted on the enticing way their cute little buttocks
jostled sexily inside their tiny panties. We entered the small
chamber together and then Kelly turned to face me. "Okay," she said
simply. "You have to show us everything now...and then we'll show

I set the camera down on the bench beside me, mentally preparing
myself for what was to follow and then Kelly suddenly darted forward
and picked it up.

"Oh yeah," exclaimed Mia. "You gotta take pictures of this..."

"Do I press here?" asked Kelly, examining the device.

"That's right," I told her. "You want to take a shot of me like this
first?" Kelly looked at me then shook her head.

"Take your shirt off first," she said. They both sat down on the
hard wooden benches along the far wall and I stood in the middle of
the room in front of them. As they watched expectantly, I stripped
off my T-shirt and tossed it casually aside. Kelly snapped a picture
while I stood there, my arms hanging at my sides. "That's not much
of a pose," she criticised. "We did much better than that."

I have to confess, I didn't have the same free-spirited exuberance in
front of a camera that she did, but I did do my best to entertain. I
flexed my muscles in a body-builder style pose and was greeted with a
sally of amused laughter.

"Alright!" Kelly chortled. "That was way better..." She took
another picture and then gave me a sly little smile. "Time to bring
out little Timmy," she cooed, making Mia explode into a fresh burst
of excited giggles.

It suddenly became silent in the room and I took my time, trying to
heighten their obvious anticipation. I slid my fingers inside the
top of both my shorts and underwear and, as the two lovely girls
stared at me, I slipped both garments down over my thighs and let
them fall to the ground. Instantly, my tumescent cock sprang free
from its confines and bounced up and down impishly.

"God, it's so hard..." Kelly exclaimed, staring at the swollen tube
of flesh.

"And big," breathed Mia, her eyes glazed in excited fascination.

In point of fact, my endowment is fairly average. I've never
measured it, but it is about five and a half inches in length, and no
more than two inches wide at the base. Hardly a monster as these
things go, of course, but I suppose that to a girl of Mia's limited
experience it was probably something quite impressive. Kelly herself
seemed captivated by the sight and it was a moment or so before she
regained enough presence of mind to take a picture of it.

"I'd love to get a picture of it when it was squirting..." Kelly
said, archly. Mia goggled at her.

"We can see that?" she exclaimed, then looked at me full in the
face. "Is it going to do that?" she wanted to know.

"I bet it will if Timbo wants it to..." cut in Kelly. "Like if he
rubs it and stuff." The words were no sooner out of her mouth than
she sat back against the wall and parted her legs, allowing me an
unobstructed view of the panty-covered 'vee' of her crotch. It was
such an alluring sight that I felt my cock throb heavily between my

"Rub it like this?" I said huskily. I grasped the shaft with my
right hand and began to stroke the length of it lightly as the girls
watched enthralled. "Maybe it's time you got naked with me," I
whispered. "That'll make things happen for little Timmy..."

"Okay," agreed Mia, even before Kelly had time to reply. Her eyes
were glistening brightly and her arousal was clearly obvious. She
looked at her cousin and, as one, the two girls stood up from the
bench and reached for the waistbands of their panties. I stared at
them both, longing to see the promised girl flesh, and then, with a
nasty shrillness that shattered the moment, the damn phone rang yet

"Oh FUCK!" I swore, startled to the core. "Who the HELL is that?"
I was very tempted, at that moment, to just let it ring unanswered,
but I was afraid of missing something urgent and so I grabbed my
shorts and underwear from the floor. "I'm sorry," I told the girls.
"But I have to get this." I turned and left the room then, not
failing to catch the duet of disappointed groans behind me.

I was quite glad, as it happened, that I didn't ignore the phone. It
turned out that the burglar alarm had gone off at my office (for the
third time that month, I might add) and, though I knew it was only a
false alarm, it still had to be dealt with. I pulled on my shorts
and underwear and returned downstairs.

"I'm really, really sorry, girls," I said, "but I have to leave I'm
afraid." The crestfallen looks I received in return came like dagger
thrusts. "Maybe you can come back later," I suggested. Kelly shook
her head.

"We gotta go out for supper again tonight," she sighed. She thought
for a moment and then brightened noticeably. "But Mum and Dad are
going away tomorrow...we could come back in the evening after they've
gone," she announced. The prospect of that was very attractive.

"Alright..." I replied. "Let's make it a date then."

Kelly and Mia then began to pick up their clothing in preparation for
leaving. They had just got dressed when Kelly turned to me.

"Hey, Mr. Tim," she said. "You don't have a video camera too, do

Chapter 3

I think it's fair to say that I pretty much spent the whole of the
next day in a state of highly charged anticipation waiting for the
evening when Kelly and Mia were to arrive. I was able to take my
mind off things for a few hours, however, when I went into the office
to take care of some paperwork that I had been putting off. While I
was there, I dug out the business' video camera that I had promised
Kelly I'd try to borrow and I took it, and the associated
accessories, home with me. I was deeply curious to know what exactly
she had in mind for the equipment since she'd been coyly secretive
about it, but I was sure that whatever it was it was bound to be very

It was unfortunate that I didn't actually check the camera out until
later in the afternoon because, when I did, I discovered that the
batteries were completely run down. I had the charger, thankfully,
but I knew from experience that the recharge time could take hours
and I had my doubts that we would be able to use it that evening.
Still, I consoled myself, we still had the little digital camera
available, and that had proved to be lots of fun yesterday.

It became very hot and sticky during the afternoon and before supper
I took a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Afterward, I made some
phone calls in my study and then I went to the kitchen and whipped
myself up a large Caesar salad to eat out on the deck. As I sat out
there, I noticed that the air was becoming very close and, on the
horizon, a thick pile of towering black thunderheads were beginning
to gather. I finished my meal and was just taking the bowl back into
the house when Kelly and Mia arrived with their towels and swimsuits.

"Oh...Cool!" exclaimed Kelly as the pair followed me into the rec.
room. "You got it..." She had seen the video camera charging up on
top of my bar.

"Uh...yeah," I replied. "It's still charging though and I don't know
if it'll be ready this evening or not." Kelly pouted in

"Oh...I hope it will be," she said. "Me and Mia were talking about
how fun it would be to make a movie."

"You were talking about it," her cousin corrected her. "In fact,"
she told me, "she was talking about nothing else all last night while
I was trying to go to sleep."

"Ah... Shaddup," responded Kelly, easily, not in the least put out.

"A movie, huh?" I smiled. "What did you have in mind then?" Kelly
smiled back at me in a delightfully naughty way.

"Oh...we haven't quite decided exactly what, yet," she replied,

"She wants to do a nudie film..." chimed in Mia. "My cousin wants
to be a star." She chortled gleefully at this and Kelly gave her a
playful punch in the arm, her pretty features screwed up in mock

"God, you can be such a tattletale," she complained.

" think we can go for a swim?" asked Mia, with a sudden
mercurial change of subject. I glanced out the window and saw that
the distant sky was already being lit up with the first tentative
flashes of lightning.

"You better make it a quick one," I told her. "Why don't you do that
while I make a couple of telephone calls?"

"Sure..." she agreed. They both made for the changing room with
their towels and bikinis and then I climbed up the circular staircase
to the upper floor. I was just in the middle of my first call when I
heard them laughing loudly outside as they splashed around in the

As it turned out, I ended up being on the telephone for far longer
than I had intended. When I came back downstairs, Kelly and Mia had
already finished their swim and I could hear them giggling together
in the changing room. I decided to fix myself a rum and coke while I
waited for them and, as I walked over toward the bar, I heard the
faint rumble of thunder sound off in the distance.

A few moments later, Kelly emerged from the changing room. I saw
that she had put her white T-shirt back on and for a moment I thought
she was wearing her bikini bottom underneath. As she approached me,
however, I suddenly realized, with a little rush of excitement, that
the garment was in fact a pair of delicate pink panties. She smiled
at me cutely, obviously having noticed my pointed stare.

"It's hot out..." she announced by way of explanation, climbing up
on one of the barstools. A second or two later, Mia came out and I
imagine my eyes must have opened even wider because I saw that the
lovely young adolescent was attired the same way as her cousin was.
Her T-shirt was black and, beneath, she had on another pair of those
simple white panties that look so delicious on girls of that tender
age. She was smiling shyly and I rather think that the giggles I had
heard a few minutes earlier had something to do with the way they
were dressed.

"Yeah...It is kinda hot," I think I mumbled (not that I would have
objected to them being attired this way had it been freezing
outside). The prospect of being in the company of these two scantily
clad adolescents was as promisingly erotic as anything I had
fantasized about and, in point of fact, it was a very humid and
sticky evening. After getting out of the pool, I had simply pulled
on a pair of shorts (without bothering with underwear) and over top I
had opted for a short black robe that hung only to mid-thigh.

"Going to make us a drink too?" asked Kelly.

I hadn't been prepared for this and for a moment my mind was
distracted from the pleasant contemplation of Mia's pretty little
legs. I didn't want to appear like a spoilsport or anything, but I
certainly didn't need to contend with a couple of drunken young
girls. I hesitated for a second or two and then hit upon a
compromise of sorts.

"Let's see what we can do here," I said. I poured some lemon-lime
soda into a couple of glasses and added a dash of grenadine to give
it a pretty pink color. Next, I added a splash of rum to each glass,
barely more than a teaspoon each, and then I finished the drinks off
with a maraschino cherry each and a couple of those little umbrella's
that are typically added to women's cocktails. Mia took an
investigative sip.

"'s not as bad as I thought," she commented.

"Pretty good, actually," added Kelly, as though having an exhaustive
familiarity with mixed drinks of all kinds. She had her little
finger cocked daintily outward and I had to suppress a smile as Mia
shook her head and gave me a cute little roll of her eyes.

"Aren't we sophisticated?" she teased. Kelly ignored her.

"I sure wish the camera was ready," she said, wistfully. I glanced
at it and saw that the recharge indicator was still lit.

"Not yet, sweetie," I told her. "And besides..." I added. "You
have to have a story to make a can't just start

"Yeah, that's right...Like a script," chirped Mia.

"I know...I know," responded Kelly impatiently. "I've got some
ideas, you know?"

"Oh what?" demanded her cousin. Kelly shrugged.

"Uh...well, how about there's these two girls who go to school and
there's this teacher there who..."

"How you gonna do a movie set in a school?" interrupted Mia. "We're
in a house..." Kelly waved away the objection with a frown.

"We could do it..." she said, somewhat curtly "Or..." she
continued, her eyes lighting up, "maybe there could be these two
sisters who have to go and stay with their uncle or something." Her
cousin regarded her doubtfully.

"Couldn't it start with one girl at first?" she asked hesitantly.
"I'd like to be the...the camera person if we did that." Kelly
turned to her as though to berate her for her obvious shyness and I
jumped in hastily to forestall any disagreement.

"You do have to have a camera operator," I pointed out, mentally
ignoring the tripod that came with the accessories. "Besides..." I
added, patting Mia's hand, "not everybody wants to jump right in as
an actor...I bet Mia here would like to see how things work first."
The pretty young girl flicked her eyes up to mine and gave me a
grateful little smile. Kelly considered this and then shrugged.

"I guess..." she agreed, finally. She took another sip from her
drink and we all drank in silence for several minutes. My glass was
almost empty and I turned to refresh it.

"You know," said Kelly, slyly, as I added a shot of rum to my drink,
"I bet old Timmy Timbo here has some movies that could give us some
ideas." Her comment was apparently made to Mia, but it was clearly
directed at me. I turned to find them both looking at me expectantly.

"And what makes you think that?" I smiled.

"Well do you?" Kelly queried. I gave a little casual shrug.

"Oh...I might have one or two," I teased. Her eyes lit up and she
looked over to my movie collection on the shelves beside the

" Excellent!" she exclaimed. "Can I pick one out?"

"Not from there you can't," I told her. I ducked down behind the bar
and pulled out a leather case with a zipper. I placed it on top of
the counter and both girls craned their heads to look as I opened it.
Inside, there were about a dozen or so tapes, each with the title
written on the outside in ballpoint pen.

"Wow..."breathed Mia. "Are those like...dirty movies?"

"The good ones are," I joked. She asked me if I had made the movies
and I laughed. ", honey," I told her. "I just copied them."

"What's this one about?" asked Kelly tapping one of the cassettes.
The title on the outside simply said 'MISC'.

"Uh...that's not a whole movie," I replied. "It's just a collection
of takes from a whole bunch of different ones."

"Cool," she said. "Let's watch that..." She hopped lightly off her
barstool and started toward the couch with her drink just as a loud
thunderclap explosively rent the air. Mia looked up nervously.

"The storms getting closer," she said. As if to confirm her
observation, the clouds above suddenly burst and an incredible
torrent of rain swept across the deck and lashed the windows. In
seconds, the downpour had made it almost impossible to see the pool
and we watched silently for several minutes as an unbroken curtain of
water streamed down the glass of the verandah doors.

"I know...let's make it really cozy in here," said Kelly, breaking
the silence. There was a thick blanket folded along the back of the
couch and she spread it out on the carpet before pulling down several
cushions and arranging them along the front of the couch. She
flopped down on one side of the blanket, putting her drink beside
her, and then she motioned Mia to come and sit down. "Why'ncha put
the movie in, Mr. Tim?" she said.

I popped the cassette into the VCR and then went and sat down on the
far side of the blanket. Mia was between us and I noticed she had
left her unfinished drink on the bar. She lay full length on the
floor with her arms crossed lightly on her stomach and her pretty
naked legs stretched out toward the television screen. It was quite
dark in the room now and a ghostly glow from the screen bathed us as
we waited for the action to start.

The first vignette featured two gorgeous women alone in a plushly
decorated bedroom. The scene began with them undressing each other
and then they stretched out on the bed and started to kiss. Kelly
and Mia were watching intently, and it seemed to me as though there
was a growing, but pleasant tension in the room. I had seen the
video before of course, and it was less the activity on the screen
than the two gorgeous adolescents in their panties beside me that was
starting to cause a familiar stirring in my groin.

"Oh my god," breathed Mia a moment or two later. "She's kissing
between her legs..." Indeed, one of the women, a redhead, had slid
down the bed and now had her face pushed into the blonde crotch of
her companion. I looked down at the pretty girl and saw that she was
transfixed by what she was seeing, her mouth half agape and her eyes
glistening. She was clearly intrigued by the sight and I have to say
that I found her obvious interest very arousing indeed. Kelly, on
the other hand, seemed anxious for the action to progress.

"Do any guys come in to join them?" she asked. I was just about to
reply when a protracted burst of lightning caused the electricity to
fail, halting the lesbian video action and plunging the room into
near darkness. The only light in the room now came from the
battery-operated light in my tropical fishtank beside the bar. It
was a soft yellow light and the movement of the fronds of greenery in
the water made the dim glow play about us like the flickering flames
of a fireplace. "Oh bummer!" wailed Kelly in disappointment. "I
hope the power doesn't stay off for long..."

Myself, I was not overly disappointed by the development. I looked
down at Mia as she lay sweetly beside me and felt a sudden surge of

"You have such beautiful legs, Mia," I whispered. I reached out and
placed my hand lightly on her knee as Kelly looked on with interest.

"Mr. Tim Tim thinks you're sexy, Mia," she cooed, delightedly. It
was too dark to actually tell, but I sensed that Kelly's darkly
pretty cousin was blushing in response to this. She seemed to take
no objection to my touch, however, and I slipped my hand softly up
the bare shaft of her upper thigh, letting my finger tips just barely
graze the silky skin. I felt her take a sharp little intake of
breath as my hand neared the 'vee' shaped, panty-covered mound, and I
let it rest tantalizingly there for a moment before sliding it down
the other thigh.

"Really, really beautiful..." I murmured.

"I bet little Timmy's getting pretty big about now," giggled Kelly.
"Right...Mr. Timbo?" There was little point in trying to deny this
fact and I took my hand from Mia's legs and opened my robe.
Simultaneously, two sets of eyes swiveled to my groin where my cock,
unrestrained by tight underwear was pushing out the front of my
shorts. Kelly stared at the bulge almost hungrily. "Show us again,
Mr. Tim," she whispered. A little less self-consciously than on the
first occasion, I pulled my shorts off, letting my erection have its
freedom. It bounced as it was released and then it strained upward
as though trying to get a better view. I saw that Mia was also
staring at it, her eyes open wide, and it seemed as though she were
scarcely able to credit the fact that she was responsible for my
arousal. Her gaze was unwavering and I hoped she was wondering what
it might be like to touch the throbbing cylinder of flesh.

"Am I going to be the only one naked again?" I asked. Kelly laughed.

"Poor Mr. Tim," she said, softly. "He didn't get to see us strip all
the way the last time..." She climbed up to her knees and then
quickly pulled off her T-shirt, allowing me the pleasure of seeing
her adolescent breasts for a second time. So small, and yet so
perfectly formed, they looked absolutely beautiful in the dancing
light from the fish tank and I told her so, making her smile with
pleasure. I continued to watch, my heart beating hard in my chest,
and then she dropped her hands to the waistband of her panties and
slowly drew them down. I very nearly gasped out loud at that moment
as her gorgeous and delicious adolescent sex was revealed before my
watchful eyes.

She let her panties fall to her knees and she stayed motionless for a
moment or so while I gazed at her. At the very top of her enticing
little mound, the burnished gold tangle of her pubic hair was
clustered in a dense knot, barely an inch and a half across. It
extended only a little way down the saddle of her girlish cunt and
the swollen outer lips of her pussy, with the delicate central slit,
were clearly and delectably visible. It was, I can honestly say, one
of the sexiest and most erotic sights I had ever seen in my life.
She allowed me to look for a moment longer and then she lay back on
her side and took her panties all the way off. She twirled them once
around her finger and then, with a mischievous tinkle of laughter,
she tossed them at me so that they struck the end of my rock hard
cock, the soft material sliding deliciously down the shaft before
falling to the floor.

"I think it's someone else's turn now," she said, giving her cousin a
gentle little nudge. Mia, who had watched Kelly's performance in
silence, seemed a little startled at being given her cue, but she
overcame her nervousness, at least at first, and sat up to remove her
T-shirt. She pulled the garment over her head and then sat with her
arms at her sides, her eyes fixed on the carpet between her legs. I
sensed that she wanted to continue, but it was obvious that her
natural shyness was making it difficult.

"Hey...there's no rush, sweetheart," I told her gently. I slid over
a little closer to her and I began to gently stroke her sleek little
legs again, doing my best to make her relax. Kelly, with a
sympathetic tenderness that was a little surprising, leaned over and
gave her cousin a tender little peck on the cheek and squeezed her
hand. Whether it was this gesture, my caresses, or a combination of
the two, the tension did, in fact, seem to drain from her lovely
little frame and she settled back on the pillow behind her, letting
her eyes close as I continued to let my fingers play along the
lengths of her thighs. She sighed once, deep in her throat, and I
knew then that she wanted me to continue.

With each stroke up the smooth tan columns of Mia's legs I brought my
hand closer and closer to the sheer fabric of her panties until,
finally, I allowed my fingers to slip up over the curve of her mound.
She flinched a little, and her eyes flickered open for a brief
instant, but she relaxed again and I slowly began to caress her
pussy, allowing the tips of my fingers to slide down into the 'Y' of
her crotch so that I could cup the sexy little saddle with my palm.
Despite her initial nervousness, she actually gave in to the
delightful sensations I was producing and she opened her legs a
little wider, letting me slide my hand down further between her legs.
A moan escaped her lips and I felt my arousal grow along with her

"Is it good, Mia?" whispered Kelly, her voice low and husky. "Does
it feel good, cousin?" She placed her hand flat across Mia's narrow
little chest and began to rub it lightly over the little mounds of
her breasts, making the nipples stiffen and point perkily up from the
soft pillows of flesh. I was pleasantly surprised by this
forwardness on Kelly's part and the fullness of my erection seemed
even heavier between my legs.

"Can I take your panties off, sweetie?" I whispered. "So you can be
naked with us..." Mia did not reply to this, at least with her
voice, but, without opening her eyes, she nodded twice and I felt my
heart jump in anticipation of what was to follow. Softly, and with
my hand trembling a little, I slipped a finger inside the waistband
of her sexy white panties and I tugged gently, pulling my side of
them down just a little over the bony projection of her hip. Kelly,
catching my eye, hooked her own finger into Mia's panties at her
opposite side and together, our breathing steady and deep, we drew
the cottony garment down to expose the secret and lovely girlflesh

Jesus...but the sight was entrancing. I had tried to picture what
Mia's little pussy might look like, but my imagination was nothing
compared to the reality. I had anticipated that she might have a
little dusting of downy dark hair over her mound and it was with a
little jolt of pleasure that I saw that the plump lips of her
adolescent cunt were still smoothly and sexily bald. The slit
between the two soft cushions was spread a little and between,
peeking out like the nose of a frightened shrew, was the tantalizing
fold of her delectable clitoral hood.

"You have to lift your bum a little bit, honey," I told her. Again,
without opening her eyes or answering in any way, the cute little
teen raised her hips slightly, allowing Kelly and I to slip the
backside of her panties down over the sweet curve of her buttocks.
The garment slid down, now entirely clear of her pelvis, and then,
without being asked, she flexed her knees so that her cousin could
draw them off completely. Kelly dropped them onto the blanket beside
her and Mia relaxed herself, letting her legs slide down flat once
again. I gazed at the beautiful sight, almost hypnotized with lust.

" are so lovely, Mia," I said, my voice little more than a
hoarse whisper. I wanted to touch her very much, but the aching
fullness of my cock was too much to ignore.

"Little Timmy's about to squirt...isn't he?" breathed Kelly, her
eyes fixed upon the turgid rod. There was, indeed, a glistening drop
of pre-cum anointing the tip and I knew that I couldn't last much
longer. "Show us please," she begged. "Let us watch you cum..."

Mia opened her eyes at this juncture and, beneath their intent stares
I grasped the shaft of my swollen organ and began to stroke it,
feeling the skin of my scrotum tighten as my genitals readied
themselves for the inevitable explosion. I saw, as I teased myself,
that Kelly's hand had slipped down between her legs and, as I stroked
away, her own fingers started to twist and squirm, increasing in
fervor until we reached a mutual rhythm. I watched her, and she
watched me, our eyes locked on each other's crotch until, moments
later, I felt the finality of my impending orgasm.

"Oh Jesus!" I gasped as the powerful sensations gripped
me. I was conscious, with that still functioning part of my brain,
that Kelly was gasping also and I hoped, although I was so locked in
my own orgasm that it was hard to tell, that she was cumming too.
The only regret I had in that instant, and in later reflection, was
that little Mia, lying silently between us, didn't achieve the same
delicious release that wracked my body so completely and powerfully.

I maintained enough presence of mind during my delicious agony to
angle my hips slightly so that I shot my load onto the blanket. My
cock jerked in spasm several times and with each jolt of pleasure
and, beneath the intent gaze of both girls, it produced an
impressive, viscous pool on the patterned surface beneath. I
shuddered with each separate contraction and then, as the tide of my
pleasure ebbed, I collapsed on my side, panting laboriously as I
tried to recover.

It was at that instant that the electrical power was suddenly and
alarmingly restored. The lights all flickered back on and, with a
brief whir, the VCR spun into life, causing the poorly chosen
background music of the video to blare insistently and with a near
heart-stopping loudness. Kelly, first to recover from the shock,
leapt up to silence the cacophony and, even in the denouement of my
excitement, I found my eyes irresistibly drawn to the delectable
globes of her cute young bottom.

"Oh Jeez!" Mia suddenly exclaimed beside me. We both swiveled our
heads toward her and saw that she was looking at my wall clock in
horror. "It's almost ten o'clock..." she gasped in dismay. Kelly
looked confused.

"So?" she demanded. Mia rolled her eyes expressively. "Juanita
told us to be home at nine-thirty," she replied. "Don't you
remember?" Juanita was the housemaid who, in the absence of Kelly's
parents, had been placed in charge of the house.

"Oh fuck! That's right..." moaned Kelly, her hand flying up to her
mouth. She seemed to consider whether or not she could get away with
staying longer for a moment or so and then prudence prevailed. "We
better go," she said. "Otherwise we won't be allowed to come back

The girls scrambled around gathering their clothes and then they
dressed themselves quickly as I pulled on my shorts and gathered up
the blanket. When they had retrieved all their belongings they stood
beside the verandah door, preparing to say their good-byes, and then
Kelly gave Mia a little nudge with her hip.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" she asked with a little giggle.
"Better than when we played doctor with Michael Delaney, huh?" Mia
dropped her eyes to the floor shyly.

"Maybe..." she admitted, a cute little smile playing at the corners
of her mouth. I wanted very much to ask for details of this
interesting sounding occasion when Kelly suddenly gave a sharp gasp
of realization.

"A doctor!" she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up enthusiastically.
"That's what we can do... We can make our movie about a girl going to
the doctor!"

Chapter 4

"You want to call it what?" demanded Mia in disbelief. We were
seated around my bar discussing Kelly's great movie project and
sharing a pitcher of Hawaiian Punch. It was a little after lunchtime
and we had the whole afternoon at our disposal.

"Dr. Boner..." said Kelly. "What's wrong with that?"

"'s stupid for one thing," laughed Mia. She looked to me
for support. "Did you ever hear of such a ridiculous title?" she

"Um...actually," I replied. "As porno movies go...that's pretty
typical." I tried to remember the names of some of the movies I'd
seen over the years and I listed some of the more memorable ones.
Both girls thought 'Debbie does Dallas,' was sort of amusing, but I
thought Mia would fall off her stool when I told her about a movie
I'd once watched by the name of 'The Hind-lick Maneuver'.

"Oh my god...that's awful!" she gasped helplessly when she was
finally able to speak again. There were still tears of laughter in
her eyes. "It must have been some idiotic," she concluded, shaking
her head.

"Yeah...well, your average skin flick isn't usually noted for its
realism," I told her.

"Or good taste..." she said, pointedly.

"Well...mine's going to be good," said Kelly, impatient to return to
the subject. "Where are we gonna film it anyway...the changing room
or something?"

"Not a lot of furniture in there, sweetie," I pointed out. "You'll
want an exam table at least."

"Oh yeah...can we put something in there?"

"Not really," I replied with a frown. I thought for a moment and
then snapped my fingers as an idea struck me. "I know just the
thing," I exclaimed. "Come with me."

I led them up the staircase to the upper floor and past my bedroom to
a small room at the end of the hall. It had contained a hot tub
until last year but I'd had it removed intending to turn the space
into an extra guestroom. I still hadn't completed the job yet and
some of the old fixtures still remained. There was a counter along
one wall beside the door into the toilet, and there was another
shorter cabinet unit that was already detached from the wall for
removal. I pulled it out into the center of the room and positioned
it in the place where the tub had once been.

"All we have to do is throw a sheet over this and we've got our exam
table," I said.

"Excellent," beamed Kelly. "Now...what have you got for doctor

"Doctor stuff?"

" know. Equipment like at a doctor's office."

"Jeez...I'm not sure, honey," I said. "I'll have to look around..."
She seemed satisfied with this and then she and Mia went to fetch the
camera. She had just reached the door when she turned and looked at
me with a frown.

"You don't have something for a doctor's coat, do you?" she asked.
"You know...a white jacket like they wear." I did a quick mental
inventory of my closet and told her I thought I might be able to find
something appropriate. She smiled at me and then followed Mia down
the corridor.

While the girls were downstairs I rifled my kitchen and bathroom for
anything that looked vaguely medical and then I stopped into my
bedroom and picked out a white dressing gown that I rarely wore. I
left the belt for it behind thinking that it didn't look quite right
and then I returned to the old hot tub room. I was just laying out
my 'equipment' when Kelly and Mia came back with the camera.

"Wow...look at that stuff," exclaimed Mia. I had spread two white
towels out on the top of the counter against the far wall and placed
everything I had found on top of these. There were two sets of
kitchen tongs, one looking like a large pair of scissors with rounded
tips instead of blades, and a small metal hammer for tenderizing
meat. There was also a turkey baster, a large syringe, two large
kitchen knives and a whole handful of different tools for cutting
food into attractive shapes. These culinary items were placed on one
towel and on the other I put the stuff I had brought from the
bathroom. This selection, which I'd grabbed somewhat haphazardly,
consisted of a large jar of cold cream, several small face cloths,
some pill bottles and, for added realism, a pair of clear latex
gloves that had been lying around in my medicine cabinet for years.

"We won't be able to use all of this stuff, of course," I told them.
"But it kinda makes the room look more like a real doctor's office,
doesn't it?"

"Oh yeah..." smiled Kelly with approval. She glanced over at my
dressing gown. "Is that your doctor's coat?" she asked. I nodded
and put it on.

"You like?"

"Oh for sure," she responded. "It looks really real."

I looked around the room again and suddenly noticed that I had
forgotten the sheet for the 'exam table'. I excused myself to go to
my room and, while I was there, I removed my pants and shorts and
replaced my costume coat. I then grabbed a sheet from my closet and
I returned to the set and spread the sheet over the cabinet unit with
a flourish.

"Et voila!" I announced.

"Excellent. Now we're ready to get started," exclaimed Kelly. Mia
did not seem quite so sure.

"Aren't you supposed to have like a script?" she pointed out. Kelly
responded with a casual flip of her wrist.

"We don't have time for all that," she said. "We'll just have to say
stuff like people really say in doctor's offices." She maneuvered
her cousin and the camera over to the wall across from the door and
then looked around for a moment. "Okay," she said. "Now I'll go out
and knock on the door like I was a patient. Then when you tell me to
I'll pretend to come in."

"Or you could just actually come in for real," said Mia with a
giggle. Kelly shot her a withering glance and then left the room,
closing the door behind her. "Action..." she shouted a moment
later, her voice muffled. Mia raised up the camera and began to film
as I turned toward the door.

"Come in, please," I said. The door opened and Kelly strolled in
with an exaggerated roll of her hips.

"Good morning, doctor," she said, smiling at the camera rather then

"Oh...good morning, Miss...uh, Miss..."

"Carrington," she announced.

"Oh yes...of course. Miss Carrington," I replied. I struggled for
something suitable and doctor-like to say and then continued: "I've
reviewed your chart, Miss Carrington, and it says you, let
me see now... Fulminating Klingonitis..." Kelly looked impressed.

"Why yes, doctor," she replied. "And it makes my whole body hurt all

"Oh dear me," I said. "I had better give you a thorough examination
then." The dialogue thus far was hardly likely to win us any awards,
but for me, and, I hoped, for Kelly, that was hardly the point of the

"I suppose I shall have to be completely naked?" she asked, with an
attempt at feigned reluctance. I fancied I heard Mia give a little
snicker at this, but her face was hidden behind the camera and it was
hard to tell.

"Uh...yes, I am afraid so, Miss Carrington."

Making sure that the camera had a full view of her, Kelly began to
disrobe seductively. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a
black, short-sleeved blouse and, though she looked very fetching in
the outfit, I was really looking forward to seeing her unclothed for
the second time. That was not about to happen very quickly, however,
as she clearly wanted to make the process as dramatically sexy as
possible. She removed her top first, unbuttoning each and every
button with studied care, and she slid it off as slowly as she could,
only revealing one nipple at a time. I don't know what a film critic
might have made of the whole thing, but I know that I was getting
damned aroused.

She handed me her blouse before continuing and then she took off her
jeans with the same agonizing slowness. When she was done, she gave
these to me also, and then she stood there in front of the camera in
only a skimpy pair of white, flower-patterned panties.

"Must I take my panties off also, doctor?" she asked, winsomely.

"Oh...yes, you must," I told her. "It's a full examination I have to
do." She smiled prettily for me then and went about the teasingly
slow process of sliding the tiny garment off. She pulled them down
only a few inches at first, peeling them inside out so that the
crotch was held tightly between her thighs, and then she continued
taking them off, stepping out of them, cutely, one leg at a time. My
eyes were inevitably drawn to the golden triangle at the tops of her
lovely thighs and, as she handed me her panties and I felt the warmth
of them, my cock began to stir inside my coat.

"I expect you want me to get up on the table, don't you doctor?" she
said a moment or so later when I didn't make the request myself.

"Oh...uh, yes...of course, Miss Carrington."

She turned away from me then and as she climbed up onto the makeshift
examination table I couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous globes of
her pert little bottom. The crack opened invitingly for just a
second as she rolled onto it and then she flipped over and lay there
expectantly with her arms at her sides. I put her clothes down near
the instrument array and stepped over beside her.

I really am not able to find the exact words to describe how
incredibly sexy she looked lying naked and waiting on that clean
white sheet. Her small breasts looked quite flat under the effect of
gravity as she lay back, but the nipples poked perkily upward like
hard little bullets. There was a light flush across her face now and
I think that she was responding to the same sexual tension in the
room that was making me almost light-headed with sheer horniness. My
cock was in danger of protruding through the flap at the front of my
jacket and I wondered whether it might be too soon (from the artistic
perspective, of course) to reveal myself just yet.

"What are you going to do first, doctor?" she asked, looking into my
eyes. I sensed, at that moment that the question was less 'dialogue'
than it was her own excited anticipation.

"I need a breast exam, Miss Carrington" I replied, my voice suddenly
hoarse and dry. "Just relax please..." I stepped a little closer to
the table and then reached up, with very slightly trembling hands,
and placed them flat over her gorgeous little mounds. It was the
first time I had touched her naked flesh and the contact with her
soft pillows sent a delicious shiver up my spine. I squeezed very
gently, allowing the nipples to press excitingly into my open palm
and then I rubbed back and forth ever so slightly, making Kelly emit
a little moan of pleasure. I continued to knead for a moment or so
and then I slipped my hands down until I could grasp each firm nipple
between my thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh nipples are very sore, doctor," my lovely little patient
gasped. I tweaked them gently, tugging upwards a little bit and then
I rolled them between my digits to tease them into an incredible
erectness. They felt almost like ball bearings they were so hard and
my cock seemed to stiffen further in response. It stretched itself
like an awakening python and then it began to poke out the front of
my coat in a very un-doctor like way.

It struck me then that I ought to at least try some of the equipment
I had assembled and I reluctantly left Kelly's delectable titties for
a moment and scanned my collection. Selecting the smaller of the two
sets of tongs I had brought from the kitchen, I held them up so that
Kelly could see them and then I slowly lowered the tips to her chest
and ran the cold metal over her left nipple. She started at the
touch and I could see her upper body tense in anticipation as I
manipulated the jaws of the instrument to grasp the turgid little
nubbin in between.

"Ah yes...excellent!" I commented, as though making a medical
observation. I repeated the operation on the right nipple, tugging
it as I squeezed, and Kelly, seeming almost to have forgotten the
camera, closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply and heavily. I
released her nipple then and I drew the jaws of the device down the
center of her abdomen, making her moan once again. I paused
tantalizingly just before it reached the tangled sprout of pubic hair
and then I continued on down, letting each half of the instrument
slide down into the crease formed by each leg. I pushed a little,
tucking the very tips of the jaws into the fold between her inner
thighs and her pussy lips and then I squeezed the jaws together,
trapping both halves of her lovely pudendum in between.

"Oh yes, doctor," she whispered, her voice almost catching.
"It's...It's especially tender there." She was clearly enjoying the
unusual sensation produced by the metal tongs but I really needed to
touch her in a more direct an intimate way. I laid the tongs down
beside her hip and then I placed my right hand flat over her pussy,
feeling the wiry rasp of her bush grazing the underside of my
fingers. I slid my digits through the thick golden tangle and then
made my index finger slip into the crevice between her lips. Her
thighs parted obligingly as I continued on down, and I began tickling
and probing the deliciously moist nest I found deep at the juncture
of her thighs.

I have to say that I was so wrapped up in what I was doing (as I
think Kelly was also) that I had forgotten about little Mia doing her
job as camera operator. I glanced up to see her over by the wall and
I noticed that she was actually watching us without viewing using the
eyepiece. The camera was still running (as I could hear from the
low, steady whir of the machinery) but she was gazing at the
proceedings, her eyes wide, and only pointing the camera in our vague
direction without looking through it. I didn't much mind, of course,
and I gave her a smile and a wink before returning to the very
pleasurable business on the table.

I continued to let my finger tips play around the vestibule of
Kelly's sweet little vagina, tracing them lightly over the forward
thrust of her lips, and I slowly eased apart the plump outer labia so
that the coral pink wetness inside was exposed. As I did this, she
slid her legs even further apart so that her knees were right on the
table edges and her lower legs hung down towards the floor. She was
open to me now, her cunt almost agape before my lustful gaze, and I
slipped my index finger over the slick petals of her inner lips,
holding it poised at the tight little hole beneath the hood of her
clit. Her breath was held, I could tell, but she let it go with a
choked little gasp as I slid the very tip of my digit into her
delicious wetness.

Oh God, but she was hot inside!

The tightness of her velvet sleeve seemed to suck hungrily at my
finger as I probed deeper within. I had anticipated the unyielding
stricture of a hymen membrane but there was no such obstacle at all
and I slid effortlessly into her, my fingertip twisting and twirling
in the grip of her muscular cunt walls. When I was as far inside her
as I could go, I inverted my finger and began to stroke the inner
surface of her pubic bone, pulling back and plunging inside again to
tease and torment the sensitive nerve cluster of her g-spot. She
began to moan then, as I titillated her, her eyes screwed tightly
shut, and I was able to feel her tense her abdominal muscles, making
her pelvis push insistently upward against my hand. I sensed she was
about to come at that point, and the anticipation of that prospect
pushed me closer to the moment where I knew I would have to have some
release very quickly myself.

When Kelly did orgasm, a short few seconds later, the power of it
surprised even myself. Her muscular contractions held me almost like
a velvet vice and she threw her head from side to side, gasping
violently, as her hips bucked nearly clear from the table. It must,
I suppose, have taken a minute at the most, but it seemed to last
endlessly as the contractions came in wave after shuddering, earth
shaking wave. She sobbed, toward the end, her fists curled in tight
little balls on the table top, and I gave a last few thrusts with my
finger, loving the burning wetness that seemed to burst from her in a
copious flow.

"Oh god, oh fuck!" she gasped, when the waves subsided. "I can't
believe what you did to me Timmy Timbo..." It didn't escape me, even
in the delicious eroticism of the moment that she had completely
abandoned the doctor-patient roles we were supposed to be playing and
I smiled down at her.

"It was pretty good for me too, sweetie," I managed to reply. My
cock was now reaching the critical bursting point and it poked
through the flaps of my 'doctor's' coat, a glistening bead of pre-cum
forming at the end. Kelly's eyes, as though in response to a silent
directorial cue, dropped to the throbbing protuberance.

"Oh...Poor little Timmy," she cooed. Her hand extended out from the
tabletop and she grasped my tumescent rod, gripping it tightly in the
cool palm of her hand. It was a delicious and thrilling sensation
and I had to grit my teeth to stop myself from coming right then and

"Careful, honey," I warned. She seemed to divine my difficulty and
she released me giving me her loveliest smile.

"I'm going to do something special..." she whispered, sending a
shiver of incredible pleasure shooting up my spine. She swung up
from the table, her eyes fixed on my groin, and then she slipped
lightly to the floor, dropping to her knees in front of me.

"Oh...Kelly," I gasped, feeling my knees grow weak. I had absolutely
no concern for the camera now and I slipped my hands gently over her
shoulders to grasp her delicate neck as she bent her head toward my
groin. I had no idea of asking her to do what she was about to do,
of course, but the incredible sensation of her lips closing about my
cock head totally dissolved any resistance I might possibly have. I
tried to hold out for as long as I could, but the moment her lovely
little lips slid down over my shaft I came explosively, crying out as
my molten seed spewed into her waiting mouth.

"That was quick," she teased, after the power of my climax had
subsided. She had swallowed everything I had to give her and I
remained weak kneed with the incredible power of my release. "Did I
do good?" she asked, her voice rising to a teasing lilt.

I was about to answer her but I suddenly realized that the sibilant
whir of the video camera was curiously absent. I looked around and
saw that Mia, and the camera she had been using, were both curiously
absent. Kelly immediately followed my gaze and made the same

"What on earth happened to your cousin?" I wondered.

A moment later, we found Mia on the couch in the living room, the
video camera between her feet. She looked up at us as we entered the

"Why did you leave?" asked Kelly.

"The camera stopped working," her cousin replied. Kelly was not

"Well...shit! Why didn't you tell us?" she demanded. Mia gave a
little shrug of her shoulders.

"You were kind of busy," she said simply. Her voice was flat and I
thought she looked a little pale.

"You okay, kiddo?" I asked her. She gave me a wan little smile, but
shook her head.

"Got a bit of a headache," she announced. She climbed up from the
couch and brushed her hair back. "In fact," she said, "I think I
might go home and lie down for a bit."

After she had gone, Kelly and I dressed ourselves and I took the
camera back down to the rec. room to look at later. Kelly followed
me down.

"I hope Mia's okay," I said. Kelly nodded thoughtfully.

"Maybe I ought to go check on her," she replied.

Chapter 5

"Hey Tim..." Mia stood on the deck at the open door of my kitchen.

"Hi Mia," I smiled, genuinely glad to see her. "Where's Kelly?"

"Oh...her mum took her to the opto...whatchamacallit. The eye

" come. She need glasses?" I asked. Mia shrugged.

"She might have to I guess." She was holding a computer disk and she
held it out to me. "Kelly told me to give this back," she said. "I
guess she already put the pictures on her computer." I took it from

"She could have kept it actually," I smiled. "You want some juice or

"Sure," she replied. She came into the kitchen and I couldn't help
but notice how prettily she was dressed. She wore a tight yellow
tube-top that left her midriff sexily bare and, beneath, she had on
the sexiest pair of shorts I had seen yet. They were white and so
abbreviated that the hem of the legs barely extended below the 'vee'
of her crotch. As she walked over to take a seat at the table, I
felt a little thrill of arousal at the way the tops of her tan thighs
seemed to chafe excitingly together.

"Here you go, honey," I said, handing her a glass of orange juice. I
poured myself one and sat down across from her. "Is Kelly going to
be long?" I asked.

"Yeah, probably..." she nodded, taking a sip from her glass. "I
guess her mum wants to do some shopping and stuff after...I didn't
feel like going."

"Well, good," I smiled. " I could use the company." We sipped in
silence for a moment and then my telephone rang and I excused myself
to answer it. It turned out to be my sister and we ended up chatting
for almost twenty minutes. When I was finished I set the phone back
down and saw that Mia had finished her drink and was standing by the
counter that divided the kitchen from the living room.

"Sorry about that, sweetie," I said. Mia gave a little shrug and
said she didn't mind. I looked at her thoughtfully. "You know..."
I continued casually. "I checked the camera after you left. It
seems to be working okay now." Mia looked away for a moment, her
eyes shifting almost guiltily, and then she looked back at me.

"Well, that's good," she said brightly. She paused for a moment, her
smile fading a little, and it seemed as though she wanted to say
something else. I patted the couch beside me.

"Come and sit with me a moment," I said.

Mia climbed up onto the couch to my left, bringing her legs up under
her so that she kneeled facing me, her right arm stretched out across
the top of the back cushions. She looked at me expectantly, her
lovely dark eyes meeting mine.

"I guess you're not really into the movie-making business," I began.
Her eyes dropped to her knees and she shook her head almost

"Not...not a lot," she admitted quietly. "Not like Kelly...she's way
more daring and stuff than I am."

"I didn't think you were in any rush to jump in," I smiled. I
reached up and patted her arm.

"Well..." she said, seeming to search for the right words. "It's
just kinda... private stuff... you know?" She looked up at me again,
trying to gauge my response. "You think that's weird?"

"Oh... hell no, honey," I exclaimed. "Kelly is one type of person
and you're another...that's all, sweetie-pie." She appeared grateful
for this reassurance.

"Um...yeah. I suppose..." she replied. "I wish I was more like
her, you know. She's so pretty and everything." She looked so sweet
and vulnerable at that moment that I felt a wave of feeling for her
rush over me.

"Oh honey," I exclaimed. "You are every bit as pretty as she is. In
fact," I continued, "I'd have to say that I personally find you way,
way more beautiful than I do her." Mia seemed reluctant to accept
this but I was actually speaking the truth. Kelly had the blonde
good looks that seem to be regarded as an ideal, but Mia had a dark
smoldering gorgeousness that was more understated yet somehow deeper
and more real. She would be, I realized at that moment, one of those
women who startle you with their good looks well into the later years
of their lives.

"But...Kelly... Kelly is so...well, you know..." she faltered. She
was clearly trying to express something but the words didn't come.
She ended up cupping her hands across her chest in a cute pantomime
of her cousin's fuller development. I couldn't help but smile.

"Mia, sweetheart..." I told her. "All that will change very soon
for you...much too soon, I think. I have to tell you that I think
you're one of the sexiest girls I've ever met." She blinked at me in
surprise. "It's true," I smiled giving her shoulder a gentle
squeeze. "That night when I...that night on the blanket was very
special for me, you know."

"It was?" she whispered in wonder." I nodded and she suddenly gave
me a shy little smile in return. "It was nice," she admitted. "If
Kelly wasn't there, I bet...well..." Her voice trailed off and she
paused for a moment. "You know...I'm going home the day after
tomorrow." She announced to my surprise.

"You are?" I asked, taken aback. "Wow...that's so soon."

"I know," she replied. "It's not much time if...if we were going
to..." Her voice trailed off again and I reached out to pat her
knee, letting her know I understood. I took her hand in mine then
and leaned over to give her a light peck on the cheek.

"Mia..." I said softly. "I very much want to be with you...just you
and me in private together...would you... would you like that too?"
She paused, her eyes cast downward, and then she nodded slowly.

"Yes," she whispered after a moment. "Yes...I want that, Mr. Tim."

Dear God! If that moment could have been rendered in music it would
have featured a crescendo roll on a battery of Kettledrums! I took
the pretty little girl by the hand and led her in silence down the
hallway to my room. It was quite dark inside, as I had left the
blinds drawn when I got up, and I was very glad that I had taken the
time to make my bed. I closed the door tightly behind us and then I
gave her hand a squeeze.

"Would you excuse me for just one second, sweetie," I whispered. She
nodded and I slipped over into my bathroom, pushing the door almost
shut. Once inside, I quickly stripped off all my clothes and put on
my bathrobe, intending to not have to deal with undressing myself
once things got started in the bedroom. I returned to the room then
and I saw Mia sitting down on the end of the bed. She smiled at me a
little nervously as I entered and I sat down beside her, taking her
hand once again.

"I want you to know that this is very special for me," I told her.
"And I want it to be special for you too, honey." She nodded that it
was, her eyes meeting mine, and then I bent to kiss her, letting my
lips just barely graze hers. Her mouth was soft and when I kissed
her a second time she reciprocated, letting her lips catch mine in a
very sexy way. "Shall we slip up onto the bed a little, sweetie?" I

Mia shuffled back across the coverlet and lay back, her arms at her
sides. I climbed up beside her and slid closer, turning to her with
my weight supported by my elbow. I placed my left hand on the satiny
smoothness of her bare little tummy and then I bent to kiss her
again, gently stroking the flat plane of her taut stomach. This
time, to my very pleasant surprise, I felt the tip of her tongue slip
between my lips and feel tentatively for mine. It flicked around, a
delicate little darting probe, and I suddenly felt my cock stiffen
between my legs.

When my hand slipped up Mia's stomach and over the thin fabric of her
tube top to caress the gentle swellings beneath, her kiss became more
fervent and insistent. She thrust her tongue almost hungrily into my
mouth, surprising me, albeit very pleasantly, with the urgent passion
of her response. Her arm curled up around my neck then and she
pulled me even closer toward her, stroking the back of my neck and
running her fingers up through my hair as I cupped my hand around one
tender little breast. She had clearly gone from nervousness to a
more comfortable place and her enthusiastic reaction to my caress was
very stimulating indeed.

"Let's be naked..." she whispered, disengaging herself from me a
minute or so later. "I want to be naked with you, Mr. Tim." Her
breath was hot on my neck and I felt my cock throb heavily inside my
robe. I leaned back a little, taking my hand from her chest and she
quickly peeled off her top, exposing her pretty breasts to my ardent
gaze. The nipples, I saw were already poking up stiffly, deliciously
erect in anticipation of whatever was to follow.

Next, and without any of the self-consciousness of our last
encounter, she slipped her shorts down the lovely columns of her
legs, raising her hips and then her lower legs so that she could take
them completely off. She started to remove her panties, but I placed
my hand on her wrist to stop her. It was too soon for that yet and I
wanted very much to savor the sight and feel of them just a little

"Beautiful..." I sighed. Her panties, again white cotton, were
decorated this time with delicate pink rosebuds that were incredibly
seductive in their girlish innocence. The underpants, thin and soft,
were so abbreviated as to be no more than a little strip across her
waist, and they contrasted so sexily with the tan silkiness of her
lovely little body. The outlines of her pussy lips were clearly
visible through the delicate fabric and her mound rose in a gentle
curve from just below her waistband, swelling even higher than the
tops of her gorgeous thighs. It was a sight to make one feel faint
with lust and my pulsing erection desperately need to be free. I
slipped open my robe, exposing the full length of my tumescence, and
then slid it off so that I was now completely nude.

"God it's so big!" whispered Mia, echoing her observation of a few
days before. I smiled at her innocence.

"Well...that's relative," I told her. She didn't respond to my
comment and, instead, reached out with her left hand and ran her palm
over the sensitive, swollen head. Her hand was cool and the
delicious sensation made me catch my breath. My stomach muscles
suddenly tensed and Mia drew her hand back as though in alarm.

"Is it okay?" she asked. "Did it hurt to do that?" I shook my head
and chuckled softly.

"Oh...No, honey," I reassured her. "It felt just startled
me a little." She smiled back, relaxing once again, and tentatively
reached toward me once again, this time wrapping her fingers around
the shaft and holding me gently. I sighed deep in my throat,
enjoying her touch, and I reached my own hand across to caress the
slender length of her legs. As my fingers slipped down between her
knees she parted the tan columns for me and I pulled at the underside
of the knee closest to me, drawing it closer and flexing it so that
her leg was bent upright and leaning against me. She didn't resist
the manipulation and, in fact, she swung her other leg outward,
spreading herself wide so that the panty covered stretch of her
vagina and perineum was excitingly exposed to me. I felt my heart
jump in my chest at the sight and my erection gave a little lurch of
interest in her tender grasp.

"You are so very sexy, Mia," I murmured, my voice catching a little.
I bent my head to her chest and I encircled one of her lovely nipples
with my lips, flicking my tongue across her hard little nubbin,
making her moan with pleasure. As I did this, I allowed my left hand
to slide down her thigh, my fingers curling around to caress the soft
underside, and I began to make light circular motions, bringing my
finger tips slowly ever closer to the swell of her crotch. I moved,
with agonizing slowness, teasing her with anticipation, and then I
felt my index finger slide over the thin strip of fabric covered
elastic encircling her thigh.

Mia's breathing had become slow and regular now and I held my hand
poised where it was for a moment before sliding my fingertips across
the cottony fabric stretched tightly over her mound. I probed
lightly and felt the soft cushions of flesh yield deliciously at the
touch as I drew my hand slowly downward. My fingers were over her
vaginal slit now and the material of her panties slipped into the
crevice, making the beautiful creature shiver at the sensation and
sigh gently. I continued to tease and probe, easing the lips apart
through the fabric, and when my fingers slid down between her thighs
I discovered, with a little rush of excitement that her panties were
moist with her arousal. My cock seemed to swell even larger in her
hand and, though it was incredibly exciting to be caressing her
through her panties like this, I suddenly needed to have her fully
and completely naked for me.

"Will you take your panties off for me now, honey?" I whispered. I
drew my arm back to give her some room and she released my cock,
pulling her knees back together so that she could slide the garment
off. She raised her hips to pull them down, then raised her knees
toward her chest to slide them the length of her legs in a quick
fluid motion that was enticingly and beautifully feminine. Then,
when she had taken the panties completely off, she lay back down and,
without any sort of intervention on my part, she sexily spread her
legs to the same position they had been in before, making herself
deliciously and invitingly open for me.

"Oh... sweetheart," I breathed. The plump outer lips of her pussy
were spread slightly apart, allowing me to see the pink folds within,
and the hard little finger of her clitoral hood extended down from
the apex of her genital crevice, widening toward the end and exposing
the glistening head of her little love button. With my hand shaking
a little, I reached out to her and I traced my index finger teasingly
down the inner surface of one pussy lip, and then, just as slowly and
gently, up the inside of the other. She gave a little gasp at the
touch and I moved further up, extending both my index and middle
fingers so that they straddled the firm ridge of her clitoral hood,
and I squeezed gently, sliding down the full length of the sensitive

Mia's eyes were closed now; her head turned on its side toward me.
As I continued my exploration of her moist crevice, she snaked her
hand out toward my groin again, searching for my cock with her
fingers. I was a little too aroused for this however, and, fearing I
might come as soon as she touched me, I backed away a little. Mia's
eyes flicked open and looked at me questioningly.

"Not yet, honey," I told her. "I want to save myself for you..." I
took my hand away from her pussy and levered myself to my knees
beside her, shuffling down a little toward the foot of the bed. As
she watched, I slowly, almost religiously, bent and kissed her just
inside the left knee, caressing the front of her thigh as I did so.
I kissed her again, a little lower this time and she swung the leg
out and to the side so that I was now between her knees. She knew
what I was going to do now and I could feel her breathless
anticipation as I bent my head again and started placing kisses on
the inside of her lovely thighs, moving lower and lower with each
gentle peck.

I took my time, teasing her with my slowness and then my mouth was
the merest fraction of an inch from the juncture of her thighs. I
held my head in that position for a moment and my nostrils were
suddenly filled with her delicate but intoxicating scent. It was
faint and salty, like a damp morning when the wind is off the ocean,
and its sweet headiness made my cock ache with desire for her. I
wanted her very badly in that moment; wanted to taste taste
her girlish sex, and I lowered my face into the soft folds of her
pussy and kissed it fervently, teasing and pulling at the petals of
her inner labia with my lips. She squirmed deliciously below me and
groaned in pleasure.

" god," she managed to exclaim, her voice choked. "Put your
tongue into me, Mr. Tim...put your tongue in me, please!" Her urgent
plea excited me and I slipped my hands beneath her thighs and lifted
up, rolling her back so that her legs came up to her chest. She was
completely open to me now and I swept my tongue hungrily down the
salty, slick crevice of her cunt, flicking it in circles around her
hole before sliding the tip into the hot recesses within.

She was tight, of course, as I knew she would be and her vagina
sucked at my probing tongue as though trying to pull me in. I
couldn't actually go very far, only an inch and a half or so, and I
could feel the taut membrane of her hymen preventing me from tasting
her inner depths. Instead, I satisfied myself by twirling my tongue
around, thrusting and probing, teasing her until I could feel her
breath start to come in great sobbing gasps and her whole frame begin
to tense.

Several times, in quick succession, I swept my tongue back up her
pussy, playing around her exposed clit, and then, with a final moan,
she came. Her lower legs were over my shoulder now and I felt her
heels dig into my back as she levered her hips up, pushing her cunt
into my face as each wave of pleasure swept over her. For a minute
or more, she continued to writhe and buck, gasping loudly, and then,
with a last few little thrusts of her hips, it was over.

When she had relaxed a little, I gave her a final kiss and then
slipped her legs off to the side and crawled up over her, carefully
supporting my weight on my arms. I bent to kiss her on the forehead
but she suddenly seized the back of my neck and pulled me to her,
pressing her lips to mine and kissing me passionately before
releasing me.

"That was the first time..." she said, her voice still breathless.
"The first time I ever...I ever had that happen, Mr. Tim." I smiled
and kissed her, more tenderly this time.

"I'm glad to have been the one to do it for you, Mia," I replied. My
cock was pressed against her pussy now, the shaft buried between the
puffy outer lips, and I knew that my own orgasm was not far off. It
was a delicious position to be in and I began to move my hips gently,
sliding the stiff cylinder up and down in the wetness of her yielding
crevice. Mia's eyes closed again and she began to thrust back at me,
increasing the pleasure of the sensations and causing a familiar
rising pressure to start building in my loins. We continued this way
for a moment or so and then she suddenly reached up and took my face
in her hands, reaching up with her own to kiss me once again.

"Put it in me, Mr. Tim," she whispered. "Put your cock inside
me...put it inside and fuck me." Her voice was insistent and, though
I wanted so much to be inside her, I was suddenly hesitant.

"Oh Mia...are you sure, honey?" I asked. "I don't want to hurt you,
sweetie-pie." She placed a finger up to my lips, silencing me.

"I want this," she said. "It's time for me...and I want it to be
you, Mr. Tim...Please..." She looked so lovely at that moment. I
kissed her again and then raised my hips to position myself
correctly. Mia, more forward this day than I ever would have
anticipated, reached down between her legs and grasped my cock,
guiding me toward her waiting hole. The head slid over the slick
inner lips and, when I felt the vestibule of her vagina against the
tip, I paused for a second or two and then, very slowly, and very
gently, began to push down.

"Yes...fuck me. Mr. Tim," Mia groaned, her eyes screwed tightly
shut. The head of my cock was now spreading her widely and I felt it
slip into the hotness of her cunt, sliding down until it encountered
the obstruction of her maidenhead. I hesitated then, nervous about
continuing, but Mia hooked her ankles behind my knees and pulled me
into her, gritting her teeth at the intensity of the sensation.

It seemed for a moment that it would be impossible to go further but
suddenly, I was through the hymen and deep inside her. My cock, thus
released, slid all the way in, her tightness gripping me, and I felt
the head pressing against the hard little ring of her cervix.

"We're fucking..." Mia gasped. "We're really fucking..." Her hands
were around my back now and I was conscious of her nails raking my
skin, digging in as the pleasure of the act overcame the sharp pain
of the lost virginity. I began to pump back and forth, very slowly
at first and then with increasing tempo, sliding my hard cock into
the deep heat of her. I tried to last, of course, but she was so
beautifully tight and wet that the inevitable happened sooner rather
than later and I came with an almost stunning power.

"Oh God, Mia..." I gasped, throwing my head back as I ejaculated.
My cock, swollen in the plateau phase of incipient orgasm, filled her
and I think, though I cannot now be sure, that she came a second
time. I rode my ecstasy through its last convulsive waves and then I
almost collapsed on top of her, only keeping my weight from crushing
her through a concerted effort of will.

When I recovered sufficiently, I rolled on my side and drew Mia
closer into my arms, kissing her tenderly on the lips. "Thank you,
my sweet," I murmured softly. "Thank you, baby."

When, inevitably, it came time for her to leave, we dressed and went
back out to the kitchen. She declined my offer of something to drink
and paused by the doorway as though undecided about something. I
looked at her questioningly and then she quickly stepped over to me
and reached up to kiss me on the cheek. I smiled at her and hugged
her tightly about the waist.

"Are you going to tell Kelly about this?" I asked, genuinely
curious. She appeared to consider this for a moment and then

"I don't really know," she answered finally.

"'s a very nice secret to have," I said with a wink. She
smiled at me.

"Goodbye, Timmy Timbo," she said.

Chapter 6

I never did get to see Mia again, not even to say goodbye properly.
Kelly's parents had planned several activities for the last few days
of her visit and, as I learned later, on the one occasion the girls
managed to come over I had unfortunately been out. This disappointed
me, of course, and not, as you may be thinking, purely because of the
sexual possibilities, but rather because I was genuinely going to
miss the friendly young girl. I guess I must have moped around after
it was apparent that she would not be coming back and, as it turned
out, it was four full days before I even got to see Kelly again.

"Hey...your power's on, Mr. Tim...ours was out!" Kelly was standing
on the deck outside my kitchen in the rain. Yet another electrical
storm had descended on the town and the whole eastside had been
blacked out. The rain was torrential and Kelly was wearing a bright
yellow foul-weather coat with the hood pulled up, giving her a cute
little elfin look.

"Yeah," I replied. "Just came back so I guess yours probably did
too." I motioned for her to come in and she stepped through the
door, a half-dozen rivulets of rainwater snaking down the slick
surface of her coat to puddle on the floor beneath her. "Here...let
me take that," I said, reaching for the jacket.

"Kelly peeled the garment off and handed it to me. Underneath, I
saw, she was wearing a very abbreviated little black mini-skirt,
sandals with white knee socks, and a white halter-top. It was, I
thought, a decidedly unusual ensemble for such a lousy day, but she
did look undeniably pretty and I was hardly about to complain.

"Want some coffee?" I asked her. My kettle was just coming to the

"Nah..." she replied, shaking her head. "Orange juice would be nice
if you have any." I did and I poured her a glass before making my
first coffee of the day. "So...what are your plans today?" she
asked. I sat down at the table.

"Nothing really," I shrugged. "Just lay around, I guess." Kelly
smiled at me wickedly.

"Need any help?" she laughed.

We finished our drinks on the couch down in the rec. room. I
switched the television on and idly watched a nature show about
insects with the sound turned low. It wasn't particularly
interesting and I know that my mind was on other things.

"'re up late today," Kelly commented. In point of fact, I
had been up and about for several hours but I was still in my robe
and my hair remained a little damp from the shower.

"Just lazing around," I told her. I set my coffee cup down and sat
watching the show, pleasantly aware of her bare leg pressed against
my own. She finished her orange juice and set it down too.

"So..." she began, a few minutes later. "I guess you were Mia's
first, huh?" The bluntness of the question startled me and I turned
to her in surprise.

"She...she told you?" I queried. "I didn't think she was going to
actually." Kelly laughed.

"She didn't need to tell me," she replied. "I could tell what had
happened the minute I saw her." She paused for a moment while I
digested this and then added: "Of course, it took a little bit of
work to get the details out of her."

"I see," I said, a little nonplussed. There was a long pause.

"Well...what was it like then?" she wanted to know. I shook my head.

"A gentleman never kisses and tells," I replied primly. Kelly gave a
little shriek of mock indignation and suddenly, before I could react,
she had jumped up into my lap, climbing over my legs so that she
straddled me. She began to poke me in the sides making me squirm
with laughter.

"She told me everything, Mr. you might as well too." She
was laughing along with me and in our struggle the front flaps of my
gown were pulled apart. I suddenly became conscious that my
underwear and her panties, though I couldn't yet see those, were only
a few inches apart.

"Oh she did, huh?" I gasped when the tickling subsided. "What did
she tell you then?" Kelly paused, looking into my eyes and then she
suddenly became serious.

"She said you were really gentle, Mr. Tim." I didn't reply
immediately and then she gave me a little smile. "And..." she
added. "She said it was very, very sexy..."

"It was..." I acknowledged, and she giggled.

"I thought it sounded very sexy too," she whispered naughtily. I
suddenly became aware that her hands were down between her legs. She
traced the fingertips of each hand lightly down my lower stomach and
slipped them teasingly just under the waistband of my underwear. My
cock, which was already semi-hard from the intimacy of our position,
swelled to fullness, pressing against the fabric of my jockey's.

"Did you?" I asked, swallowing hard. She nodded coyly, still
looking into my eyes.

"Yes I did..." she breathed. She had raised herself up to her knees
now and she began to pull the front of my underwear down, the edge of
each index finger lightly grazing the sides of my cock shaft as she
drew the fabric toward her. The sensation was incredibly erotic and
I felt my breath catch as she continued the teasing exposure of my
erection. "I thought about the two of you together," she went on
sexily. "I thought about your cock inside her when I was alone in my
bed...I thought about that and I made myself come, Mr. Tim." She
smiled at me, her eyes locked with mine, and then she pulled my
shorts down a little further.

Oh my Jesus it was a torment! The combination of her seductive
whispering and the things she was doing with her hands had captivated
me completely and I was unable to speak much less move. The
waistband of my underwear had now been pulled down so that it rested
on my cock head and, after a little pause she slipped it all the way
off, allowing the full length of me to spring free. It bounced
upright, the tip pointing straight up between us and Kelly gazed at
it for a moment before sliding herself forward so that it entirely
disappeared under the front of her mini-skirt. Immediately, and with
a thrill of pleasure that made me gasp, I felt the underside of the
shaft press up against the softness of her panty-covered mound.

"Sometimes..." went on Kelly, teasing me with the sibilant quality
of her words. "Sometimes I just touch myself through my panties..."
She was rocking forward a little now, rubbing the crevice of her
pussy against my turgid rod. "And sometimes..." she continued,"
when I feel very sexy, I make myself all naked and I touch myself
down there...sometimes with my fingers...and other times, like last
night, with...other things..."

"Other...things?" I whispered, finding my voice at last. She was
rubbing more insistently now and she brought her hands up and placed
them on my shoulders, leaning forward so that my face was pressed
hard between the soft mounds of her pretty breasts. I turned my head
slightly and began to nuzzle her nipple through the fabric of her top.

"Um hum..." she replied slowly. "I touched myself with a long
candle last night...I rubbed it against my clittie and then... then I
put it in me."

"Oh...Jesus," I moaned, taking my lips from her breast. "Do you have
any idea what you're doing to me right now?" She laughed softly then
pushed herself back a little to look into my eyes.

"Oh yes..." she smiled naughtily. "I know." Her hands stole down
to the fastening at her hip now, and she undid it making her skirt
loose enough to slide up over her head. She did this and my eyes
dropped automatically to below her waist where I saw, with a little
thrill, that her panties were white cotton decorated with little pink
rosebuds. They were exactly the same pattern as the ones Mia had
worn on our last encounter and I wondered, the thought startling me,
whether they were the very same pair. Kelly followed my gaze and she
giggled deliciously.

"That's right," she said, answering my question. "These are Mia's,
Mr. Tim..." I have no idea why the thought of Kelly wearing her
cousin's panties excited me so, but it did and my cock twitched,
lurching as it seemed to grow even harder. Kelly felt this against
the front of her mound and she reached down, pressing the shaft
tightly against the fabric of her panties, wedging it into the now
moist slit.

"Oh god, Kelly," I moaned. "You're going to make me come if you're
not careful, honey."

"Not yet...Mr. Tim," she whispered back. "Hold on a little
longer..." She slipped her fingers inside the leg hole of her
panties and pulled it outward, allowing the head of my cock to slide
in. It slipped over the soft pillows of her cunt lips and then up
until I felt it slide through the wiry tangle of her bush. The
sensation teased me and, aroused beyond all belief, I reached around
her with both hands to grasp the tight globes of her buttocks,
kneading them between my fingers and pulling her to me. She leaned
forward, her arms around my neck and she began humping her hips,
grinding her pussy against my cock and making it slide up and down
inside her panties.

The feel of her tiny bottom was intoxicating and I slipped one hand
down the back of her panties to feel the warmth of her naked flesh.
My index finger snaked into the crevice between the lovely cheeks and
I probed down and in, spreading the twin globes and finally finding
the twisted little knot of her asshole. I pressed my fingertip
against it, wiggling it ever so slightly and she gave a little shiver
of delight.

"God, that feel's sexy," she moaned. I pushed more insistently
against her tight little hole and the first joint of my finger
slipped inside, making her gasp. She increased the tempo of her
rocking motions, thrusting against me, and as I eased my finger even
deeper into her she suddenly came explosively, crying out in her
agony of pleasure. She continued to rock a moment or so longer, the
contractions of her asshole gripping me tightly and then she
collapsed panting on my chest.

"Oh my fuck, Timmy Timbo..." she gasped. "That was so good... so
fucking good!" She lay there, her chest heaving for several minutes
and then, when she recovered her breath, she pushed herself back and
kissed me on the lips. "Your turn, now," she whispered.

My cock was almost aching now, a drop of pre-cum already oozing from
the slit, and I didn't know how much longer I could last. I gritted
my teeth as Kelly slipped my erection out of her panties and I
watched as she climbed up to her feet on the couch, stepping to the
side so that she could take the panties off. She stepped out of
them, kicking them aside, and then she stepped over to straddle me
once again, her pretty bush only inches from my face. I thought she
was going to sit back down for a moment, but she reached out to clasp
my face in both hands and she pulled me toward her.

"I want you to taste me before you fuck me, " she said.

Slowly, I bent my head to the furry little triangle atop her mound
and I smelled the rich scent of her for the second time. It drew me
to her, like some sort of magnet, and I pressed my face into her
crotch, flicking my tongue out and sliding it into the wet folds of
her cunt. Teasingly, I played the tip around the exposed tip of her
clit and she moaned loudly, pushing her whole body against me.

"Lick me," she commanded, her voice hoarse. "Lick me Mr. Tim..."

I continued to stimulate her, loving the salty tang of her juices,
and I dearly wanted to make her come again. I knew, however, that I
couldn't hold out too much longer and I reluctantly pulled back from
her, my cock almost ready to explode.

"Let me be in you, sweetie," I gasped. "I need to be inside you...I
need to be deep inside you now, honey-pie."

Mercifully, and without any hesitation, Kelly sunk down on her
haunches, holding onto my shoulders for support. She didn't kneel,
as I first expected, rather she squatted down until the tip of my
cock was centered, poised and ready, beneath her sopping hole. She
held herself there for one agonizing minute and then she lowered
herself, engulfing me in the slick hotness of her lovely girlish
honey pot.

Sweet Christ, it was lovely inside her. It was like sinking into
heated oil and the tightness of her made me cry out loud. There was
no hymen to obstruct me this time and I quickly slid all the way into
her, feeling our groins meet sexily as I disappeared to the hilt.
She let me stay there for a moment and then she rose up, displaying
fantastic muscle control, and slipped back down again, milking me as
she continued the motion.

I don't know if she could have managed to keep that up for long,
being a considerable feat of agility, but in the end, of course, it
didn't matter. After only half a dozen strokes or so, my loins
exploded with a great rush of semen, filling her depths and bursting
out of her to run down my shaft. I think I was actually close to
blacking out at that point, so great was the intensity of my climax,
but I managed to stay focused as she rode me to the finish. She
pumped her hips again several times, draining me, and then she
slipped her lower legs beneath her, still holding me inside until my
erection finally subsided. She kissed me then, as we lay there still
breathing hard, and afterwards, when we had both regained our
composure, she slipped off me and reached for her panties.

" don't have to go, do you?" I asked in alarm, not wanting
her to leave me yet.

"I have to for a bit," she said. "My mother knows I'm not swimming
here today." She slipped her panties back on as I watched and then
she smiled. "But I can come back later this evening," she continued.
"I'll tell Mom I'm going to visit my friend Tanya and I'll come
here. Maybe we can watch our movie if the power's back on."

"Oh sure...yeah," I exclaimed, my disappointment evaporating.
"That'd be great!" Kelly was now putting her skirt back on.

"You know," she said, doing up the snaps, "I told Tanya about the
movie we did. " I gaped at her.

"You did what?" I gasped, horrified.

"Oh relax," she smiled, flipping her hand at me. "I didn't tell her
where, or who I made it with yet."

"Oh good," I sighed thankfully.

"But you don't need to worry," she told me. "Tanya's pretty cool,
you know. Also..." she added with a cute little grin, "she's really

"Oh yeah?" I said, interested.

"Sure..." she replied, easily. "I can bring her over to meet you if
you like."

The End.

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