I wrote this story on a whim. I was in a grocery store one day and I saw a woman with three kids, two girls and a teenaged boy. The difference between the two girls was striking. The younger one was wearing a hockey shirt and baggy shorts. She looked very athletic and serious. The older girl was about twelve or so and looked like she was headed for stripperville. The shorts she was wearing were so short that the bottom of her ass was hanging out. I remember wondering how any mother, especially this one, could allow her daughter to dress like that. The oldest was the boy about thirteen or fourteen was taking up the rear, and I swear he was staring directly the the older girl's ass. I wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in their house, and this story was born.

Please bear in mind that I posted this story without proofreading it. The sex in this story starts out slow and picks up as this story progresses. I think the sex will get very interesting as I believe this is one fucked up family

If there is enough interest I will edit, and continue if Not... you do the math.

“Why because you where skirts, and low cut blouses, and curl your hair?”

Paige was yelling. It was more than a debate now. I had hoped for a quiet weekend. So far Saturday morning was anything but quiet.

“Not Just that you idiot, because I am comfortable with my body, I would win just on that alone.”

“Just because I wear these clothes don't mean I couldn't be comfortable in something else. Your such an idiot.”

Amanda and I both looked at each other, shrugged and got up to get dressed. All thoughts of the night before were gone. The issue at hand was all that mattered, and neither of us had a clue what it was about.

“Ray knows I could beat you, he said so.”

“Ray don't know shit. This aint baseball, or wrestling we're talking about. Those you would win at. Beauty contests.... Please that's my arena.”

I cringed when I heard Caitlyn say that. Shit was about to hit the fan, and I was going to be right in the middle of it. A place I had worked, up until the day before when I obviously blew it, to stay away from. I didn't want to be the cause of arguments. I wanted to be the solver of them. That wasn't going to be easy now.

The second we stepped out of the bedroom both girls came running.

“Mom, Mom, Tell Paige, she's crazy,” Caitlyn demanded.

“Your crazy Paige. Now can we calm down and make some breakfast for gods sake?”

I came out right behind Amanda, and Paige jumped in.

“Good your here Ray. Tell Caitlyn what you told me.” She said with a note of triumph.

“What I told you about what?” I asked, knowing what the answer was going to be, and dreading what it would sound like out loud.

“That I am just as pretty as she is, and maybe even prettier, and that if I played my cards right that I could even win a beauty contest against her.”

Shit. I was right. That didn't sound good out loud at all. I was definitely in trouble. Not only that but there was no doubt the little skin shows that Caitlyn almost always put on for me were without a doubt all but over.

All three girls turned to me and waited for my answer. None of the three looked happy. I had fucked up big time.

“Umm. I stammered trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this one. I think breakfast sounds good.”

I started to walk forward and Amanda put a hand to my chest pushing me back against the hall wall. “I am all for trying to build confidence in my girls but I don't buy into feeding their heads full of nonsense to do it. What the fuck were you thinking?”

I could see the rage in Amanda's eyes, but her comment fueled a little rage in me.

“Now hold on a second,” I said, pushing her hand down. “Nothing I said to Paige was bullshit. Everything I told her was absolute fact.”

“Please. Fact? Your telling me you think Paige would stand a chance against Caitlyn in a beauty contest. Shut the fuck up!” She said in a challenging way.

I looked over at Paige, and I could almost see her ego evaporating with every word that came out of her mothers mouth. I knew that Amanda's heart was in the right place, but her words were not what Paige needed to hear.

“I think that Paige could easily beat Caitlyn under the right circumstances.” A plan was starting to form in my head, and it was probably trouble, but all of the cards seemed to be falling into place without my putting them there.

“What circumstances. Don't get me wrong Paige, your a beautiful young girl, but I'm sorry, Beauty is Caitlyn's thing. Sports are yours. End of Story.”

“No,” I said. “Not end of story. Beginning of Chapter. I Propose a Challenge. You and Caitlyn against me and Paige.”

“In What,” she said. “A beauty contest? You wouldn't stand a chance. I am way more beautiful than you are.”

“Not me and you in the contest. You coach Caitlyn, and I coach, Paige, and not a pageant, but a photo shoot. We both put together a photo shoot of our girls, and whoever wins wins. Loser pays the other fifty bucks.

I looked over at Paige to see how I was doing I was definitely going to need her on board if this was going to work. She looked at me and I could tell she was terrified. I don't think she actually ever thought I would actually put her up to a challenge, just stand up for her. Words weren't going to do it though. If she was going to ever get out of this Tom boy shit, she was going to have to prove her way out.

“Your on. Fifty bucks, and the losers both have to wear dog collars for one week, even at work or school. No backing out either.”

That last thing came from nowhere. Did she say dog collars? What the fuck was that about?

She had reached her hand out, basically daring me to back down. I just hoped I hadn't bit off more than I could chew. I knew I could beat her and Caitlyn if they played conventional ball, because I didn't plan to. If Amanda was willing to go to the extreme like I was. Than we were toast, and I had no idea how I would explain a dog collar to the other partners of my law firm.

“Okay then. What are the ground rules?”

“No rules. We just put together a shoot and whoever has the best shoot wins,” Amanda said. “Simple as that.”

“Well no. It's not that simple,” I said. “You would vote for Caitlyn and I would vote for Paige. We'd have a tie and no clear winner.”

“Well we'll get someone else to vote then.”

“Jarrod,” I said. “We'll let Jarrod decide. When is he coming home.”

“Around six. His Dad could only keep them one day.” I could see a little doubt in her eye. Perfect.

Paige and I went to her room. I had to play it carefully, I originally had some doubt about this whole thing, but about half way to her room I decided to go for it. I wanted to see how far I could get this girl to go, and half assing it wouldn't get the job done. If I was going to do this I had to commit.

Paige went to her chair as we got into the room and sat down. “Really? You actually got me going up against Caitlyn in a beauty contest, and Jarrod is the judge. Hope you like wearing dog collars.”

“I know that this seems impossible Paige, but really. It's not.”

“Have you seen the way Jarrod looks at Caitlyn. The way that they sit together and watch movies. He practically feels her up and she practically lets him.”

“I've seen it.”

“Then what the fuck were you thinking.”

I had never heard Paige talk like that but hearing the word fuck come out of her made my dick twitch, but just a little.

“Relax. Unless you think Jarrod and Caitlyn are actually doing it we should still be okay.”

She thought for a second. “No. Not yet anyway, but I think that they both kind of want to. They are just too scared, because they are brother and sister. Well half brother and sister. They are always saying the half part.”

“Okay then. If they aren't doing it yet. Then it's not over.”

“Didn't you hear me. I think they both want to. He'll vote for her pretty much no matter what.”

“It's the pretty much that I'm counting on Paige. I know that it's risky, but if your willing to trust me, and do what I tell you then we can pull this off, and stick to both your mom, and to Caitlyn. I'm not really sure what this whole dog collar thing is about, a fact that if my boss knew I negotiated without getting the details he'd probably fire me over, but wouldn't you love to see Caitlyn wearing one at school on Monday?”

“Yeah. I guess so. Who gets the fifty bucks anyway?”

“You do. I don't care about the money.”

“All right. I guess I don't have much choice now. I aint wearing no fucking dog collar, that's for sure.”

“Where'd you pick up the language anyway?”

“Wrestling. Every other word the boys use starts with f. I guess a girls gotta fit in.”

“So what's the plan anyway. How am I supposed to get Jarrod to vote for me?”

“Simple enough. All we gotta do is convince him, through the photos, that he can get from you what he wants from Caitlyn. If we do that better than they do. He'll vote for you and not her.”

I watched to see her reaction. It took a second for what I was saying to sink in. Her nose crinkled a little, and she said. “Wait a sec. He is my half brother too you know.”

“I know, but the situation is what it is. You don't actually have to do anything with him, just suggest, through the photos, that you would.”

“I don't know the whole idea is kind of creepy. Posing for my brother?”

“I guess you'll have to be a little creative. Is there another boy you like?”

“Well....” She stammered. “Not a boy. I don't like anyone my age. I kinda like someone older though.”

“Perfect. You just picture in your mind that you're posing for him and not your brother. In fact, if you want to, I'll make a copy of the pictures for you and, if you want to, you can give them to him.”

She thought about it for a second. I don't know. I guess in a way that will work, but you don't have to make copies though.”

“What am I gonna wear though. I don't have anything like sexy or anything.”

“Yes you do. You've been wearing it all along, just not the right way.”

She gave me a confused look, but soon enough she'd understand.

I set up our little photo set, by pinning a sheet up and strategically placing lamps in the right spots. It made a pretty good back drop. I placed a chair in front of it in the middle of the room and there was enough room for her to sit on it and pose, but it was also close enough that she could use her bed too.

Paige stood in front of the back drop nervously gripping her hands. “Okay. Now what.” I pulled the camera out set it up on a tripod, which I had to go home and get, and turned it on. Well silly we start to take some pictures.

“I'm still wearing my jersey though.”

“I know. Just Pull down your shorts, and kick them off.”

She started to do it, but it didn't look seductive at all. She jerked them down, and was about to kick when I stopped her.

“You have to do it slowly. Make a game out of it. Pretend I am the guy you like and that you are taking your shorts off to tease me.”

“Oh... I see. You want me to tease you.”

She pulled them back up and gave me a look. I snapped a picture. The look was good.

She started to pull them back down. She never stopped looking at me, when she got half way down she let them fall to the ground and kicked them off. I snapped another picture.

“You sure you haven't done this before? You looked great.”

“No, but I guess I've thought about it a little,” she said

“Posing? In front of a camera.”

“No. taking my clothes off in front of a guy. You know having him look at me like he wants me. I guess i'm not all tomboy. Now what?”

I snapped a dozen more shots with Paige in different postions. I taught her to flick her hair around, got her used to being in front of the camera, and slowly exposing more and more of her luscious little body to me and the camera, and she did have a luscious little body too. All of the working out she had done to keep up with the boys had paid off. It was as if her body had been chiseled by a sculptor empatuated with fitness. She was built perfectly, proportioned perfectly. Winning this might just be possible.

I had her take off her bra without removing her shirt, and convinced her to lean forward enough so that you could almost see her nipples, but not quite. I got a few shots of her leaning forward and lifting her shirt exposing her firm pear shaped ass. It was absolutely the greatest ass I had ever seen on anyone. Her young age aside, she was something to look at. I even went to get some ice so that we could keep her nipple hard, and you could almost see them poking through the jersey.

After about a dozen shots it was time to change it up.

“Do you have any skirts other than the one you wore to the funeral?”

“Not anything recent. I haven't wore them in about three or four years.”

“Get it out and let me see it.”

She did. She put it on and it was perfect. Way too small which was just right. Her ass half poked out.

“What about a shirt?”

“You still have whatever you used to wear with that skirt?”

“Yeah... I guess, but it'll be way too small.”

“Good. Get it.”

She did, and to my surprise she put it on right in front of me. She didn't even try to hide herself from me. This was too good to be true.

I snapped a bunch of shots with her wearing the too small shirt, and the useless skirt. Constantly giving her words of encouragement, and telling her just how gorgeous she was. After a bit she really started to loosen up, and enjoy the shoot. The shots she offered me were more and more suggestive. About half way through it was all I could do to keep from yanking her panties down and fucking the shit out of her right there. I wanted her something fierce, but scaring the piss out of an eleven year old wasn't my thing. She was just starting to loosen up, and that's what I really wanted.

I had her put on a pair of tight jeans next. They were old and raggy. Two years old and she could barely squeeze into them. I had her remove her panties first which she reluctantly did with her back to me, giving me my first view of her tart ass. I wanted caress it so bad I couldn't stand it, but I didn't. I waited for her to get them on and turn around.

“They're way too tight. I don't think its gonna work..”

“Hmm... I said. Unbutton the button.

She did. “That's better.”

“I think the legs are gonna cut off my circulation though.”

“You got a pair of scissors?”

She got a pair out of her drawer, and I went to work. I snipped them up her leg up to her thigh. Working my way slowly up her leg.

“You said you didn't have a thong right?”

“Right,” She said with some enthusiasm seeing what I was getting at. “Do it.”

That was music to my ears. She just basically gave me permission to caress her while I trimmed her jeans down to almost nothing, which I did enthusiastically. Tentatively at first but more and more boldly as time went on. By the time I was done trimming and snipping at her jeans I had explored her legs and thighs thoroughly with my hands. She was nervous at first but after a few minutes seemed to enjoy having my hands on her.

When I was finished the shorts were obsurdly short. They weren't quite thongs, but they had a thong like appearance, more like sexy underwear.

“How about a shirt for this?” She asked

“You got any simple button up shirts?”

“One,” she said, and she got it and put it on.

I had her button it up and leave hanging down. You couldn't tell that she had anything on underneath which was perfect. I had her slowly unbutton it, and then leave it hanging while I snapped some more photos. I even got a couple shots of her small developing breasts, which she didn't seem opposed to. I told her to let the shirt fall halfway off fully exposing her tits, and snapped a couple more shots. She didn't argue.

Then it was time to take some more risk. I had her lay on the bed ass in the air, she complied but I could sense the nervousness again.

“Can you see anything?”

I knew what she was talking about. And I comforted her.

“No. I can't see anything. I couldn't help but to remember her mother last night the position she was in at that point was very similar to the one her mom was in the night before. I put her in a few more positions opening her up wider and wider and getting her used to the idea of showing off her most prized possesion. It wouldn't be too much longer and I would be seeing it all, and I think she knew it too.

I got her to stand back up and I unzipped the fly the shorts. I opened them up and she stood quietly waiting to see how far I would go. I pulled them down to just before the point when her bald pussy would be exposed. You couldn't actually see anything but it was so close no teenaged boy would be able to look at that without running to the bathroom and immediately relieving himself.

I stopped their and snapped a few close-ups, had her turn around and snapped a few of her half exposed ass. Seeing her like that was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen up to that point.

“Okay are you ready I asked her.”

“I can't,” She said. Not knowing that Jarrod is going to see this. I mean I guess I could if you really want me too, but I'm actually kind of starting to like having you see me like this, but I don't want any pictures of.... You know.”

She paused for a second looking at my face. And I guess she could see the disappointment in my face or something, because she kept going.

“I don't mind if you see me. Just no pictures of it. Okay.”

“Deal,” I said. Pictures were half of the fun, but what the hell. You can't have everything.

She pulled her pants off and stood before me.

“Wow,” was All I could manage at first. “Its beautiful,” I said. And I meant it.

I asked her If I could snap some photos if I just kept them for myself. She agreed, but reluctantly. She even let me spread her open while I snapped the photos. She tensed up at my touch and then relaxed. I could tell that she was sensitive to my touch, but unfortunately I didn't want to do to much. Amanda and Caitlyn weren't that far away in the other room, and the house was quiet. For all I knew they were listening at the door, but that thought didn't stop me from the task at hand.

“I have an idea though,” I said, remembering Mia and the puppy dog.

I grabbed the teddy bear off of the night stand and handed it to her.

“Ok,” she said. “What do you want me to do with it.”

I took the bear from her, positioned her on the bed and put the head of the bear between her legs. She got the jist of what I was getting at and looked at me, unsure of herself.

“Just try it and see what happens.”

At first she just lay there with the bear's head between her legs. It was almost as if she were laying there waiting for the bear to come to life, and start to eat her pussy. I reached down again, looked into her eyes, and began to knead the bears snout into her waiting pussy. I never looked away from her. I just gazed into her eyes, and worked her the best I could in the way. After a few seconds I could see her eyes begin to glaze over, and her hips began to move in time with me. I wasn't sure if she'd be able to, being eleven, but she started to like the way it felt, and started to moan softly. I backed away and snapped a few pictures, She grabbed the bears head and started working it herself. Before she came she began moaning and panting and I was sure that her mom was going to come rushing in. That didn't happen though. She stifled a high squeal stuck a clench fist into her mouth as she came all over the bears face.

I couldn't help myself. I picked the bear up and, as best I could licked him clean. Paige was fascinated by that.

After I had cleaned the bear thoroughly she asked my why I did it.

“I guess, I just couldn't stand it any more. I just had to taste you.

“Now if you'll excuse me. There is something else I have to do.”

I started for the door, and she made a what do you think you are doing sound.

“What I said.”

“Where do you think you are going?”

“I told you,” I am going to the bathroom.

“Not if your going to do what I THINK your going to do.”

“Sorry sweetie. I don't have a choice.”

“I wanna watch you do it. I mean. You just watched me. It's only fair.”

What could I say. The kid had a point.

“Okay,” I said. “If your sure.”

She eagerly shook her head yes, and sat up in the bed. I looked around for something to spill onto, but I didn't see any napkins, and I didn't think leaving come stains anywhere was a good idea.

“What you looking for?” she asked.

“You know,” I said, feeling like a kid myself. “Somewhere to catch the mess.”

She looked around for a second, and then surprised me...

She opened her mouth.

That was a temptation that I just couldn't resist. I unzipped my fly and pulled myself out. I approached her open moutch with my cock in my hand and then I surprised her. There was no way I was just going to just whack off and spill my seed into her mouth. Not that that wouldn't have been hot, but I just couldn't do it. She jerked a little as the head of my dick squeezed passed her lips, but she didn't stop me. Her mouth was small and I couldn't fit very much in but it only took a couple of strokes, and I was coming. The thing that set me off so quick was knowing that I hadn't showered since I fucked her mom the night before, and that some of what she was tasting was her mothers pussy juice.

She didn't seem to mind.

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