I wrote this story on a whim. I was in a grocery store one day and I saw a woman with three kids, two girls and a teenaged boy. The difference between the two girls was striking. The younger one was wearing a hockey shirt and baggy shorts. She looked very athletic and serious. The older girl was about twelve or so and looked like she was headed for stripperville. The shorts she was wearing were so short that the bottom of her ass was hanging out. I remember wondering how any mother, especially this one, could allow her daughter to dress like that. The oldest was the boy about thirteen or fourteen was taking up the rear, and I swear he was staring directly the the older girl's ass. I wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in their house, and this story was born.

Please bear in mind that I posted this story without proofreading it. The sex in this story starts out slow and picks up as this story progresses. I think the sex will get very interesting as I believe this is one fucked up family

If there is enough interest I will edit, and continue if Not... you do the math.

“I wanna get my hair cut,” Paige said with a huff.

Amanda wasn't one to argue with her kids too much. Her mind was always busy with work, and with being successful, and as long as things weren't outta control she was okay with whatever. “You sure that's what you want?”

“Yep,” Paige said. “My hair just gets in the way when I wrestle.”

My heart sank. Paige was a beautiful young eleven year old girl. Sure she was a tomboy, and she liked to do boy things, but she was still a girl, and I hoped she wasn't going to forget that. Surely her mother would try to talk her out of it.

“Okay then. I should have time tomorrow after work. I'll take you when I get home.”

Paige looked at me for a second. I felt like I should say something, but I had only been dating her mom for a few months, and even though I had started getting close with everyone in the family I still didn't feel like I had any say.

“It's settled then,” Paige said. “I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow. I don't need it. It just gets in the way, and there is no reason for me to keep it long.” She was still looking at me as she said it.

“I'm not arguing with you. You can get your hair cut Tomorrow.”

“I want it really short too. As short as yours Ray,” she said to me.

I wanted to tell her no. Absolutely not. I wanted to say “Are you crazy. Your hair is beautiful the way it is. It's long the way a girls hair should be. It's thick and luxurious, and shines in the sunlight when you wear it down, which was rarely, but still. I wanted to tell paige that, even though she was a tomboy and liked sports and fishing, and putting worms on hooks, and picking up spiders, and snakes, and reptiles, that she was still a girl, and that cutting her hair would be like lying to herself, but I didn't. I didn't say anything. I just hoped. I hoped should would wake up tomorrow and change her mind.

I didn't have any kids of my own. Amanda's kids were quickly becoming my family too, and I was still adjusting. I didn't know how to argue with them yet. I wanted to fit in with the family bad, and I thought arguing about it would be a mistake so I kept my mouth shut.

After she left the room I stared at Amanda. “What are you thinking?” I asked.


“Your really gonna let her cut her hair.”

“Yeah,” she said matter of factly. “She had girl parts, but she acts, thinks, and talks like a boy. If she wants to look like one too who am I to argue. As long as she is doing well in school and staying out of trouble I will give her what she asks for, within reason, and if that includes chopping off her hair then so be it. Besides she lost her last wrestling match because that boy found a way to pull her hair without the ref seeing it.

“But...” I started to say.

“But nothing. She wants her hair cut. She'll get her hair cut.”

I could see I was beaten. Amanda wasn't the type to be argued with. Wrong or right I figured out when she gave me the look I was getting that arguing was pointless.

“I won't argue on one condition,” I said, thinking quickly.

“Condition?” She quizzed.

I could see I was treading in some very murky waters. “Don't get too riled sweetie,” I recovered. “All I mean is that I want to be the one to take her. I'll even pay for it, but I want to take her by myself.” I held my breath waiting for her response.

It worked. I thought offering to pay for it might take the edge off a little. She was a banker and thought like a banker. She spent when she had to, but only as much as she had to.

“Sounds fair, but why do you want to pay for it.”

“I don't know exactly, but Paige and I haven't been as close as I'd hoped. I'm getting along great with Jarrod, Caitlyn and Mia, but Paige I haven't found any common ground with.

“Ah. Non sense. She wrestled you the other day. I'd say that's progress, but okay. Pay you offered, and Pay I accept. Its a deal.”

I went into the living room where Caitlyn, Jarrod, and Mia were watching Avataar. Caitlyn was laying on her back on the couch with her head on Jarrod's lap. Mia was laying on the floor in the middle of the living room facing the T.V. I took a seat in my usual spot on the recliner and began to pretend to watch with them.

Caitlyn was busy with the movie, and I couldn't help but glance her way. Even though she was only twelve it was difficult not to be distracted by her. She had a wonderful bronze tan on every inch of her exposed skin, which she usually exposed as much as she could get away with, and her velvety smooth skin almost reflected the dying sunlight. She was already in her nighty, and she had her legs spread fairly wide. One resting on the arm of the couch and the other on the floor. The nighty had risen quite a way up her thigh and I couldn't help but to think that Jarrod could, from his position, probably see the very bottom of her panties if he leaned his head over a little.

I looked over at Jarrod and saw that it wasn't her panties he was trying to see. I hadn't noticed before but Caitlyn's nighty wasn't buttuned all the way up. The top three buttons were undone, and both of her nipples were just barely covered. Jarrod's hand was on her stomach, but his eyes were glued to her almost bared chest. She wasn't fully developed yet, but for twelve she wasn't doing too bad in that area. She had nice mounds starting to develop.

I went back to pretending to watch the T.V. But I was really watching to see if there was any funny business going on between brother and sister.

Every now and then I noticed that Jarrod wasn't just staring at Caitlyn's chest. His eyes would occasionally be drawn away by his nine year old sister laying on the floor. I glanced down to see what would distract him from the view he was getting.

Mia's nightgown had risen completely up and her panties were fully exposed. Her favorite stuffed puppy dog was between her legs, snout pointing straight up into a carpet munching position. I could see slight gyrations as she ground into the suffocating stuffed pet. Her legs were spread slightly apart and I watched as puppy's head rolled around slightly matching her hip movements. She seemed oblivious to anything else that was happening. I doubt she was even aware she was doing it. It simply felt good and so she did it without even thinking that it might be a private matter.

I did my best to pay attention to both occurrances for the remainder of the movie. Wondering whether or not things would progress to a higher level. Knowing that even if Jarrod started feeling up his sister that I would simply pretend that I hadn't noticed. I wasn't ready to rock the boat, and if I, a newcomer to the family, had already noticed the sexuality going on in the house, than I was sure that Amanda was aware of it. If she wasn't stopping it. Neither would I. If nothing else it was a type of sexual entertainment that was better than porn, and as beautiful as the slim and trim professional woman that Amanda was, she wasn't much in bed. She gave me permission to enter her vaginal hole and pump as hard and fast as I wanted too, as often as I wanted too, but that was about it. She was too preoccuppied with work to be interested in sex. Too her sex was her duty, and she dutifully complied with my wishes as long as they were conventional. It was the sexual tension that was in this room that kept my sexual flames burning brightly and I'd be damned if I threw that away just because it was incestuous. A little selfish I know, but hey, something had to keep me hard.

Just as the movie ended Paige came up the stairs, drenched in sweat from her daily workout routine. I wasn't sure what the routine was but whatever it was it kept her in fine shape. Her clothing kept her shape hidden, but underneath those clothes was one of the greatest bodies I had ever seen on a woman, and that powerefully chiseled body belonged to that of an eleven year old girl. I found myself wishing that Paige would take a page from Caitlyn's book, and start dressing the way she did. It wasn't to be so though. Paige was wearing her standard hockey jersey with loose fitting oversized shorts. It was a shame to keep such a perfect body so covered, but covered it was.

“What's that smell?” “Oh. Hi Page,” Caitlyn chuckled as Page crossed from the hall leading from the basement to the one holding their bedroom's.

“Funny, Caitlyn. Your such a comedian. I think you should enter the funniest dick contest.”

“If anyone in this house should have a dick, it should be you. Your such a boy Paige.”

“If I did have one, I'd stick it in your smart ass mouth Caitlyn,”

“You would you fag!” “You should get your hair cut like a boy!”

“For your information... I am. Getting it all cut off tomorrow.”

“No way. Mom will never let you.”

“She already said I could. Didn't she Ray!” Paige said with triumph.

Caitlyn looked to me for affirmation and I gave it to her.

“Wow... It's official then. We find you a pecker and you'll be a boy for real!”

Paige gave a final huff, flipped off Caitlyn and left the room.

The next day came and I went to Amanda's right after work. I was hoping that Paige would change her mind on her own and save me the trouble of having to try and talk her out of it. I didn't know how I was going to accomplish it, but I set my mind to it. Paige was much to pretty to transform herself into a boy. It would be different if she were a dyke, but I didn't get that sense from her. I couldn't quite put words to it yet, but it was as if she wanted to be a girl, but was afraid to embrace anything that was feminine, and I just didn't think it was because she liked women. I think she wanted boys, but just didn't know how to be girl.

We left at four thirty, and convincing her she was pretty and attractive was tough. It took me hours and a lot of talking to finally get through to her, but I did it. I just hoped that Caitlyn with one swift phrase wouldn't bring down the base of the pedastal that I just built. Paige needed encouragement, but Caitlyn needed for Paige to be a boy. Caitlyn's world revolved around being the pretty one. If Paige started to come out of Tomboy world and enter the beauty queen's arena, Paige could easily compete with Caitlyn and I wasn't sure how Caitlyn would handle that.

When we got back Jarrod, and Mia weren't at the house. Amanda was relaxing with a drink, she was wearing a teddy, which in itself was a little unusual, and she was kicked back on the couch. Caitlyn was off in her room pop refracting off of the walls and vibrating the ceiling. That girl had no idea what medium volume meant.

“Hi mom,” Paige said beaming. She had gotten her hair trimmed, just the dead ends, and was wearing it down. I had paid for her to have it done up to look good, and she did look good, despite the hockey jersey she was all girl.

“Hey. I see you changed your mind about the hair cut.”

“Yep. Do you like it?”

“Yeah. I like it.”

I was standing behind Paige and I quietly encouraged her to say more.

“I like it a lot. It looks good on you.”

“I'm gonna show Caitlyn,” she said, and trotted off.

“Why do I get the feeling that you helped her change her mind.”

“I don't know. Probably because you are a very smart and successful woman for a reason.”

“I guess, but you do realize that the affects of whatever you said to her are gonna wear off in a day or two, and then she is gonna want it cut again.”

“I guess we'll just have to see about that,” I said. Knowing full well that she just might be right. Caitlyn's music turned down, which meant that the girls were talking.

“Where are the other two?”
“Jarrod's dad has them both. Mia demanded to go.”

“Sweet. A little extra peace and quiet.”

“I was thinking the same thing. You want to stay the night.”

That could only mean one thing. She was actually in the mood. That had only happened one time before, and it was a pretty good and unusual night.

“Sure. Sounds great. It looks like your in the right frame of mind.”

“Nope. I'm definitely in wrong frame of mind. Which is good for you.”

She signaled to me to come over and I complied. She unzipped my fly and took me out. I started to get hard immediately.

She took me into her mouth, and pulled my seven and a half inches all the way in. It was only the second blow job I had ever gotten, which turned me on. On top of that the girls could come out any second for whatever reason and catch me with my cock in their mom's mouth and that thought almost sent me over the edge. I was able to hold on though. I wanted to savor the moment.

“What if the girls come out,” I whispered.

She shrugged her shoulders and kept going. She grabbed my hands and put them on the back of her head. I took her lead not exactly sure what she had in mind, but taking a chance I pulled on her hair and thrust my hips forward burying my cock in her mouth. I could feel her try to pull back a little but I didn't give in, instead I pulled harder on her hair Jammed even harder with my hips. I hoped that I hadn't gone too far, but knew that if I had I was liable to get it bitten off. I waited a second and no bites came. Her hands didn't fly up. She didn't try to bat me away or kick. She looked up at me and all I could see was animal lust in her eyes. She was actually loving it. Somehow I was dead wrong about her. Somewhere deep there was a slut buried inside of this beautiful woman, and I had missed it. I don't know what got her fires burning but somehow I had to figure it out. I could feel her lips and tongue moving hungrily to suck up the saliva and juices that were forming.

Taking that as a hint I kept going. I started fucking her face slowly and deeply at first, and then more vigorously. Her hands went down to her pussy, and she started finger fucking herself. Her breathing deepened, and she started moaning into my cock. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, and I pulled out, coming all over her face, hair, and chin.

As the last rope of come bounced off of her nose and landed on her lips she started coming. It was one of the most violent orgasms I had ever seen her have, and I was surprised she was able to keep from screaming but somehow she did.

Afterward she collected herself. Got up and went to clean herself up. Unfortunately we didn't get busted. I had really hoped that the girls would have walked in on us, but that didn't happen. I put myself back to right, and sat on the recliner. I could hear the girls in the back ground getting a little worked up, but nothing too crazy. They were definitely in some kind of debate, but hopefully Paige would be able to last through at least one night without me having to do too much damage control.

When Amanda came back she didn't say a word. She just took my hand and led me into the bed room. I followed her not knowing what was to come, but knowing that we both would again.

What happened next surprised me. I could see the fire starting to burn again in her eyes. There was something happening in her mind, but in there it wasn't her leading me into the bedroom. In her mind something entirely different was happening, and whatever “IT” was, was turning her on. Every step she took quickened her pace, and I knew once we got to the bedroom, I was in for one hell of a romp, which was good, because I needed one. All of the sexual tension in that house had been building and I hadn't gotten any real release. I was gonna fuck Amanda's brains out for sure.

What happened when we got to the bedroom surprised me. She didn't attack me like I expected her to. She didn't even turned toward me. She just laid face first into the bed shoved a pillow under her stomach propping her ass up in the air and pulled her soaked panties down as far as she could without moving. It was far enough though I could see her glistening pussy. It was all of the target I needed.

I wasn't exactly sure if I was about to do the right thing or not, but I threw caution to the wind. I whipped my dick out, and climbed onto the bed, grabbed her hair and put my mouth next to her ear.

“That's a good girl,” I said. “You be nice and quiet now. Don't make a sound. Let me show you what that pussy is for okay.”

She shook her head yes, and my cock twitched. I think I had it about right. I don't know who was forcing her in her mind, but whoever it was she learned to like it. To want it. I shoved her head into the mattress and mounted her, gliding myself into her easily, she gripped the sheets and I could feel her pussy grabbing onto me. She felt so tight like this, legs barely apart, and I told her so.

Hearing me say how good she felt lit her fires even more, and she began to moan

“You like my dick inside of you don't you? Me fucking you?

She waited a second, and I prodded even further.

“Come on I want to hear you say it.”

“I like it,” she said into the bed.

“You like what?” I demanded,

“You fucking me!” She muffled.

“Who fucking you?'

“Jack,” she answered.

“Good girl, now let me hear you beg me, I wanna hear you say my name and beg me.”

“Oooooohhhh, fuck... Jaaaaaackkkkkk.... Fuck me Jack Please fuck my dirty whore pussy!”

And I did I fucked her for all she was worth. I fucked her pussy then her mouth and back to her pussy. The more I pinned her, and the more I demanded she tell me who was fucking her, the harder she came. She came at least five times, and I did twice. It was the hottest sex I ever had.

Afterward she cuddled against me, thanked me, and said she didn't want to talk about it. I didn't push. Jack was her brother, and I knew that she thought the world of him still to that day. I wasn't going to pry or push. So I just held her, stroked her hair and loved her just the way she was. She fell asleep in my arms, and we awoke the next morning to loud footsteps, and arguing.

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