Mary and I had been married for almost sixteen years. We have a fourteen year old son named Henry. He is a good boy and gets good grades in school and stays fit. Lisa is fifteen and very beautiful with long honey blonde hair and blue eyes. She just grew into a C cup bra and liked to flaunt it whenever she could. My name is Allen and I’m thirty four. I’m almost six feet tall with an eight inch cock.

For the last few months Mary and I have been arguing about sex. Like any horny guy, I wanted to fuck her whenever I could. She wasn’t happy with that though. Since I graduated from a tech school and went to work as a programmer I have saved our money, (mostly by investing in high interest stocks).

It was summer and I had taken a half day off on a Friday. I was planning to come home and try to make love to Mary. Lisa and Henry were both supposed to be at their friends. When I walked into the house it was quiet. Mary’s car was in the drive so I knew she was here. I walked towards our bedroom hoping to surprise her. The door was open and moaning was coming from inside.

I stepped into the room and stopped as I saw Mary on our bed with Henry between her legs fucking her. The timing was just right as he grunted and she sighed as he started cumming in her. When he kissed his mother before moving off her, she saw me standing there. As she gasped and scrambled away from Henry, I walked out.

I grabbed the bottle of brandy from the bar and headed into the backyard. Mary didn’t come out and neither did Henry. Lisa was the one to come out much later. I had almost finished the bottle when she slid onto my lap and hugged me, “I’m sorry daddy.”

I starred at her through bleary eyes that had long since been cried out. “Why?”

Lisa sighed, “Momma loves feeling Henry’s young dick. She said she just couldn’t get enough. Henry is a guy and has always loved mom.”

Lisa caressed my face, “It’s kind of like the way I love you. You know I have had sex. It was only a couple of times and not really satisfying. I have always wanted you to have sex with me. Every night I masturbate three or four times before I can go to sleep. Let me talk to mom about it.”

I wasn’t really coherent, “Does she still love me, baby?”

Lisa kissed my cheek, “Yes daddy, momma loves you. She just needs Henry too.”

I nodded and Lisa stood up to pull me to my feet. She held me up and guided me into the house and past Mary and Henry in the kitchen. She managed to get me to my bedroom and sat me down. She let me fall back before tugging at my clothing. Things were foggy, but I think Mary came in and helped Lisa take my clothes off and put me to bed.

I woke to the smell of coffee and someone shaking me. I groaned as I sat up to see Lisa holding a cup out. I looked around to see a red faced Mary and Henry. Mary looked down, “I’m sorry Allen. I should have talked to you.”

I was silent as I sipped my coffee. Lisa put her hand on my arm, “Mom and I have been talking. Do you still love momma, daddy?”

I sighed and looked away, “Yes.”

Henry cleared his throat, “I’m sorry to dad.”

I looked at him and then at Mary as she put her hand on his arm. I looked away and Lisa touched my face, “Mom still loves you dad.”

I didn’t say anything and Lisa shook me, “We have an idea. You are moving into the guest bedroom.”

I looked at Mary as she blushed and Lisa turned my face to hers, “It’s a master bedroom. Henry will sleep with mom at night and I will sleep with you. During the day mom is off limits to Henry and I am off limits to you. If you want sex with mom, she would be more then happy to let you, but only during the day.”

I looked at Mary and she moved to sit beside me letting Henry go, “Allen our sex life has made me wish for…”

She took a breath, “For something else, something fresh. Henry is loving and tender, like you were when we first met. I like letting him make love to me. I love you more than anything and we have always been best friends... Lisa told me she wants to have sex with you. She said she is always horny just like you.”

Mary caressed my face, “Let’s switch partners and see where it leads. Quit your job and stay home with me. Our stocks pay enough to live on so you can retire. During the day we can spend our time together, go walking or go see a movie. The kids aren’t going to be here forever. As much as I love Henry, he will find a girl eventually just as Lisa will find a boy.”

I looked down, “Are you sure Mary?”

She laughed, “No! I love you, but Henry makes me horny and I know you make your daughter horny. Just because we are going to be having sex with them doesn’t mean I don’t want you too.”

I nodded and handed my cup of coffee to Lisa, “you and Henry come back when I call.”

I was reaching for Mary before Lisa and Henry were even out the door. I didn’t care if they saw us as I pulled her close and kissed her. I stripped her as she smiled almost shyly. I turned the covers back and pulled her naked body against mine. I held her body and kissed her. I caressed her body and smiled as she shivered. “You really want to do this? Henry as your lover and Lisa as mine?”

Mary nodded and caressed me, “Yes. I want you too. I love you Allen.”

I sighed and caressed down her body and she didn’t hesitate before spreading her legs. I stroked through her pussy and watched as she shuddered. I slipped a finger into her and slowly fingered her while kissing her. Mary shivered and fucked up onto my finger until she moaned and shuddered and closed her legs.

I caressed one of her breasts and gave her a kiss. I slipped out of bed and headed into the bathroom to shower. It was a few minutes before she came in and looked at me while biting her lip, “You don’t want to…”

I looked at her and nodded, “Yes, but that wouldn’t be fair to Henry… or Lisa.”

I took her hand and pulled her into the shower. We showered and caressed each other and when we were done, I held her naked body against mine, “Henry is your lover Mary. He may be young but he deserves to have you faithful to him. Touching and holding each other is one thing, but sex is another.”

I pulled her out and we dried off before dressing and calling Lisa and Henry. Henry was a little withdrawn until I nudged Mary and sent her to him, “Go tell him what we did and what I said.”

Lisa helped me move all my things to the other side of the house into the large guest bedroom. She had already brought a lot of her stuff in. I caught her before she could leave and embraced her, telling her what Mary and I had done and what I had told her mother. She smiled a bright smile and kissed me before taking my hand, “Can we go out and buy a new bed?”

I grinned, “We haven’t even slept in this one.”

She grinned, “Yeah, but I might want to move around.”

I shook my head and let her pull me out of the room. We found Mary and Henry in the kitchen looking red faced. I smiled at Lisa, “I think a change to your no sex during the day rule is in order.”

She looked at Mary who smiled and walked into my arms, “Thank you.”

I smiled, “Lisa wants a new bigger bed. Want to go shopping?”

She smiled and looked at Henry, “We’ll meet you there in a little while.”

I looked at Henry and nodded before letting Lisa pull me away. It was almost an hour before Mary and Henry found us. Mary had a satisfied look and Henry looked very happy. Lisa grinned when she saw them and showed her mother the bed she wanted. Mary grinned at the mirrored headboard and thick bedposts, “I think you and your father have the same tastes.”

Lisa grinned with her and after a little more looking we bought the bed. We paid extra to have it delivered today and left. We headed to the mall and walked around, I held Lisa’s arm and Mary held Henry’s. We only did a little window shopping before going home. I had Henry help me take the bed in the guest bedroom apart and put it in the garage.

Mary was making lunch when the new bed arrived. The men carried it in and set it up before leaving. Lisa stood in the doorway smiling as I made the bed. She reached out to close the door and then started undressing. I looked at her body and felt something I had never admitted to myself, desire.

I undressed as she walked towards me with a sway to her hips. I held her in my arms enjoying the feel of her naked body against mine. I caressed her sides and the flare of her hips. Lisa sighed and pressed into me, “Fuck me daddy.”

I smiled and turned to push her back on the bed. I caught her before she could wiggle further onto it and laughed and spread her legs as I knelt, “Not yet baby.”

I licked through her pussy and she gasped and shuddered, “Oh god daddy!”

She was holding the back of my head so that my face was against her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and then sucked on her clit while teasing it with my tongue and she screamed, “DADDY!”

She jerked and thrashed around, tossing her head. I ignored the opening door and moved up her shaking body, “Is that what you wanted baby?”

She whimpered and held me tight, “Yes!”

I lifted up and position my cock before pushing into her in one long, slow shove. Lisa groaned and lifted her legs to wrap them around me, “God, daddy!”

I slowly fucked her tight, warm, silky pussy and she shuddered. It wasn’t long before her hips were meeting mine. My cock was hitting her womb with every stroke and Lisa was twitching and spasming in minutes. Her tight pussy was clamped around my cock as she shook. She finally groaned and relaxed and I went back to fucking her.

I fucked her hard for a minute and then went back to long, deep strokes against the back of her pussy. A few minutes later I grunted as my balls tightened and I shoved against my daughter’s womb. I knew she felt my cock jerking and throbbing, she groaned and looked at me with big eyes. My cock exploded as I jabbed against her and a fountain of cum flooded her womb. Lisa gasped, “Dad?”

I jerked and spasmed as I jabbed into her to spew another huge torrent of cum. Lisa’s back arched and she shuddered hard, “DADDY!”

I was shivering as I pulled back and slowly thrust back into her to spew a large third jet of cum. I shivered with her as she thrashed around while her pussy tried to milk all the cum out of my balls. I pumped another couple of smaller spurts before sighing as I stopped cumming. Lisa shuddered and twitched as she caught her breath and then giggled, “Damn dad.”

Mary laughed as she turned back to the door, “Get used to it honey.”

Lisa looked at the door as her mother closed it and I relaxed. She looked at me and raised her eyebrow. I shrugged, “You were a little loud. Your mother probably came to see if you were okay.”

She grinned and shook me, “No, I want more.”

I pulled out of her tight, grasping pussy, “Tonight baby.”

Lisa groaned and shuddered before following me off the bed and dressing. We walked to the kitchen together to find Mary but not Henry. She smiled, “He went to a friend’s to play video games.”

I sat down at the table as Mary and Lisa started moving around whispering. I shook my head, “Lisa? Would you go get my laptop out of our room?”

She grinned and headed into the hallway as Mary turned to smile at me, “Well? How was it?”

I smiled, “good.”

She grinned and turned back to cutting up vegetables for dinner. Lisa came out and set my laptop on the table and I started it up. If Mary wanted me to retire there were a few things I needed to do. While I began changing things and moving money around, Mary and Lisa started dinner.

Every once in a while they disappeared before coming back. I finished and shut the laptop down before heading into the living room. I sat back to relax and Henry came in grinning, “Mom and Lisa are up to something.”

I looked at him as he sat, “They were whispering to each other in mom’s room.”

I looked towards the hall, “I’m sure we’ll find out what it is.”

Henry sighed as he sat, “I so wanted to tell someone but I knew I couldn’t.”

I didn’t say anything as he turned the TV on and started flipping through the channels. Dinner was nice, Mary put candles on the table and placed her plate close to Henry and Lisa’s close to mine. Once Henry saw me feeding Lisa he started doing the same thing. After dinner was over I kissed Lisa as she said she had to go use the bathroom and Mary joined her.

I cleaned off the table and put everything away before turning as I heard Mary and Lisa coming back. I smiled when I saw them both wearing shear nightgowns. Lisa swayed towards me as Mary walked to Henry. I pulled Lisa into my arms and kissed her as she pressed her groin against mine. She whispered in my ear, “Take me into the other room and sit me on the couch before going down on me.”

I smiled and kissed her again before doing as she asked. When I knelt between her legs I saw Henry watching with Mary slowly stroking him. I leaned down and licked through her warm pussy and she shuddered. I nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue into her. I sucked on her clit and she stiffened before spasming and shaking, “YES!”

I teased her clit as I glanced at Mary sitting back with our son between her legs exploring and licking her pussy. I smiled and went back to teasing Lisa’s clit with my tongue. She finally shuddered and reached down to cover her pussy. She pulled me up and undid my pants before pulling them off. She was grinning as she sat me on the couch and turned to sit on my lap.

I saw Henry licking his mother as she shuddered and pushed her hips up. I cupped Lisa’s breasts and kissed her as she sighed. A minute later Henry was on his knees between his mother’s legs and pushing into her. I lifted Lisa up and positioned my cock before she sat and forcing it into her. I reached around her to cup her breasts as she began to thrust back and forth.

I was looking over her shoulder at Henry and my wife. He fucked her hard for about two minutes and began to shake and shuddered as he jabbed into her. Lisa groaned and I looked at her as her tight pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. She shook and spasmed as she got wetter and became erratic. I shook my head and lifted her up as she protested.

I turned her and had her straddle me before I positioned my cock. She sat slowly, letting my thick cock impale her. I glanced at Mary who was frowning and stroking Henry’s limp cock. Lisa shuddered as her pussy squeezed me and began to rock and thrust. I put one hand around her waist and reached down to rub her clit. She shuddered and jerked before gasping and starting to shake. My thick cock was buried and kept pressing against her cervix.

Lisa howled a minute later as she spread her legs wider and my cock opened her womb. She started convulsing and spasming as she got wetter and her pussy tightened. I cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples and she wailed as she bucked and thrashed around. It was a couple of minutes before I shuddered and held her spasming body.

She stiffened as she felt my cock throb and looked at me. I closed my eyes as I gushed a solid stream of cum. She jerked and howled louder as a second gushing geyser erupted inside her and then a weaker third. I spurted a few more times as she shook and lay against me as cum leaked around my cock and out of her pussy. She shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock, “I love when you cum dad.”

I hugged her and looked at Mary who was holding Henry. I hugged and squeezed Lisa, “Time for bed.”

It turned out Henry wasn’t just going to his friends to play video games. He was fucking his friend’s sixteen year old sister. Of course he wasn’t using protection and Silvia ended up pregnant. Mary was furious for a couple of days before she calmed down. Silvia’s parents weren’t as forgiving and wanted her out since they were good Christians.

She was a shy girl that almost seemed frightened and Mary couldn’t stay mad. She brought Silvia to live with us in Henry’s room. The whole time I wanted to strangle Henry but strangely once Silvia was living with him, he seemed to change. Lisa started talking to me and urging me to fuck Mary. I finally agreed after we talked about it half the night.

It was a Saturday morning so I hadn’t set the alarm. I woke to hands caressing me and opened my eyes to see Lisa grinning as my wife caressed me. I reached for her and kissed her as I rolled her onto her back and moved down her body.

She groaned as I licked through her freshly shaved pussy and sucked on her clit. I pushed my tongue into her and kept licking her before covering her clit and teasing it with my tongue as I sucked. It was over five minutes before Mary shuddered and pushed my face away and covered her pussy.

I moved up and kissed her before pushing into her and starting to fuck her slowly. She sighed and hugged me as her hips lifted to meet mine. It wasn’t long before I was deep inside her and pressing against her womb. I fucked her with deep thrusts and kept humping and grinding. It was only a couple of minutes before Mary jerked and started convulsing.

She wailed as her pussy clenched on my cock and she squirted. Lisa laughed as her mother continued to howl and jerk while I fucked her. I buried my cock to grind and slowly jab into her as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “YES!”

I pulled out of her before starting to fuck her with long thrusts that pushed her womb open. She kicked in the air as her slippery pussy squeezed and grasped my cock constantly. I lasted almost twenty minutes as she yelled and cried out most of the time. I thrust into her and gushed a stream of cum. Mary stiffened and began shuddering as she moaned and sighed.

I pumped stream after stream until my wife’s womb was completely full. I pulled out of her and reached for Lisa as she laughed and laid back and pulled me between her legs. Mary giggled, “You haven’t fucked me that good in a long time.”

Lisa grinned as she guided my cummy cock to her pussy, “Dad loves to fuck mom.”

I pushed into my daughter’s tight pussy as she put her feet over my thighs. I gave her a kiss before starting to fuck her slowly. She sighed and hugged me as her pussy squeezed my cock. It didn’t take her long to start shuddering as her hips thrust into mine, “YES!”

Her pussy spasmed and she jerked around as I buried my cock to hump and grind into her. She screamed as she began to thrash around and buck, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!”

I kissed her hard as I started to fuck her with long, hard, deep thrusts. She threw her legs up and spread them as she kept thrusting her pussy up, “FUCK ME DAD!”

I continued to fuck her steadily and she kept thrashing around and struggling. It was almost five minutes before I shoved into her and held her writhing body as I spewed another huge stream of cum. Lisa tilted her hips and clutched me, “YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I pumped six large spurts into her before I was done and kissed her. I held her for a moment before pulling out. She sighed and then grinned, “Can I lick mom’s pussy dad?”

I looked from her to Mary who looked surprised too. Lisa turned to look at her mother, “I want to lick your cum out of her....”

I laughed as Mary grinned and held out her arms. I nudged my daughter and she gave me a quick kiss before turning and moving down between her mother’s legs. It was only a minute before Mary was shuddering and lifting her hips as she moaned. I turned to watch as Lisa had her mother convulsing and howling.

Mary finally rolled and twisted away and Lisa laughed as she pushed her back and crawled up her body, “his cum taste better that way.”

Her mother shook her and laughed before looking at me. I shook my head and moved off the bed, “Showers and breakfast.”

After that Mary slept with us and did everything with us. My daughter is still my lover and has had two children. She just finished college and we helped her start her own business. Henry and Silvia are still together and have had three children. After they finished college they moved across the state but still come home often.
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