Our business recently employed a young Chinese girl. She is no goddess, but she has a sexuality and naivety that have driven me crazy with lust from day one.

She (Joyce) often wears low cut tops that when she is sitting down give a great view of her small but firm breasts. I used any excuse to go and chat to her at her desk, and she caught me looking several times but made no attempt to stand up or make my view restricted. This encouraged me to suggest that we meet for lunch one Sunday.

At first, she declined, citing my being married as the reason to not want any kind of social or other relationship. One day, chatting in the kitchen, I asked again, and to my surprise she agreed to go to yam cha at her favourite Chinese restaurant.

I picked her up from her home (so that I would hopefully have to take her home)

Yam cha was great. The food was excellent, and several times I managed to touch her knee with my knee, and she made no move to move away.

When we got to her place, she invited me in for a beer. She lives with her sister, but she was out for the day she said as she went to the fridge to grab me a beer.

I moved behind her, and gently kissed her neck. She stayed dead still so I put my arms round her and held her whilst I kissed her smooth and warm neck. She put her hand on mine and I pressed into her, my cock absolutely rigid; she could surely feel it against her ass. Then I turned her round, looked into her eyes and moved to kiss her. She responded eagerly, kissing me back, as I pressed myself onto her, my cock now up against her crotch, and my hand squeezing her ass. The kissing became frantic and passionate, as I moved a hand down inside her jeans to her ass, squeezing it as she moaned in pleasure. I broke the kiss, and said ‘Joyce I want you so bad, can we go to your room’. She said she had no contraceptives so I promised I wouldn’t cum inside her. She then led me by the hand and we walked to her room.

We embraced again as she reached for my belt, undoing it, as I did the same to her jeans. Then we broke the embrace, and I lifted her sweater off to reveal her bra-bound perfect b cup breasts. I quickly undid her bra and she then pulled her jeans off and lay down. I stripped to my boxers and lay beside her. I began to kiss and knead her breasts, licking her hard pointed nipples, making her moan loudly and grab my still covered cock. I then moved a hand to her mound, one finger slipping down towards her hole. She was erotically wet, soaked in fact. We kissed some more as I softly rubbed her clit through her panties. Within 5 minutes I knew she was close and sure enough she soon orgasmed, her nails digging into my shoulders and biceps as she tensed and shuddered through the orgasm. I then took her panties down, revealing a small triangle of black pubic hair, glistening with her juices. I took off my shorts and she grabbed my cock, gently working it, before going down to take the head into her mouth, teasing me with her tongue. Much more of that and I would have cum, so I moved her off my cock and went down to savour her beautiful pussy. Her clit was clearly out and I began to work it with my tongue, She began to breathe really hard, her hands clenching the back of my head and pulling me onto her. Soon she was cumming again, her legs squeezing my head, moaning loudly as her orgasm lasted for what seemed like a minute.

She was now desperate for my cock and begged me to fuck her. Her legs were apart, her vagina leaking her cum as I moved up to position my cock at her entrance. I teased her for a few moments as she thrust her hips up to force me in, but I held myself at the entrance, with the tip touching her hole. Finally, I could wait no longer and slowly slid halfway in. She gasped with pleasure as her cunt muscles tightened and held me. She was tight. I slowly began to fuck her, finally giving her all of my cock. Soon she was cumming again, grasping me tight as she squealed in pleasure and her cunt gushed her juices. Sometimes I can take a long time to cum and this seemed to be one of them. I rolled us onto my back and told her to ride me. She was young and fit and gave it her all, and what a gorgeous sight it was. That erotic black haired mound, those pert b cup breasts with their dark brown nipples all before my eyes, a sight made in heaven. As she began to tire, I pulled her down to me and rolled her onto her back again and continued to fuck her. We’d been going for more than 30 minutes and I began to feel my own orgasm get close. Joyce sensed it too and thrust herself harder to meet my thrusts. She started to cum again and I couldn’t stop myself. I felt her tighten her cunt around my cock, as she loudly groaned with ecstasy and I spurted deep inside her, each spurt making her scream a little. As my deep orgasm subsided, I lay on top. She continued to shake and moan and we kissed gently as she held me to her, refusing to let me get off as her climax rolled on like an earthquake seems to roll for ages. I knew I shouldn’t have cum inside her, but it was impossible not to.

We lay there, touching each other gently. She fondled my cock which whilst not hard, was still larger than usual and as we kissed again, I became hard. She masturbated me until I was really hard and I easily slid into her cum filled pussy. Soon she was loudly yelling as an orgasm hit her and she held me so tight she was bruising me. We fucked in many positions for another 30 minutes with her having 3 or 4 orgasms before again my orgasm started to build. The second is always more intense and I felt this most awesome feeling as again I shot my cum into her beautiful pussy, as she gripped me tight as she had another deep and long orgasm. She refused to let me go for several minutes as she held me. I almost wanted to have made her pregnant and I asked her if she minded that I had cum inside, and she just smiled, saying what a beautiful feeling it was and how she wants more.

She took a morning after pill the next day and she is now on the pill. We meet every Thursday afternoon and have passionate sex in a motel, but that will finish when she finds someone her own age, as of course she will. Meantime, I’m happy to have the pleasure of a young lady who appreciates a nice hard and long-lasting cock !!!

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omg i know this girl from she gives out free shows haha

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