It's a true story, but I added a few things to make it more interesting
Note: If don't like male on male nor anything to do with minors, you should probably go back to the main site

It was the beginning of summer and my parents went to Mexico for 4 week and they  took my little brother along, so I had the house to myself, along with the car and $500 cash. So as a regular 16 year old kid, I decided to go to the mall. Maybe I'll window shop or even buy something. It sounds like a good idea, and since my last short ripped, and I could buy some new one. Plus I could check people out, talk shit in my mind, anything.

I am tall, 5"11, I'm in shape, and I'm a good runner. I'm skinny and I have kinda noticeable six pack. I have dark brown eyes and hair. I'm hispanic and live in Chicago. And I'm a little confused about what I am, I think I'm bi. 

I was at rue 21 in line, waiting to buy some clothes, when I see this guy that's 5"11. He has light brown hair that's wavy and hazel eyes. He's a little bit more ripped then me and he has the cutest dimple ever when he smiles. I swear got red as hell when he turned around to see what I was buying. He bought his stuff and I saw him walk away with his a girl and them holding hands. 

" um sir?" said the cashier, in an irritated tone. 

" are you gonna buy that?" 

" yeah" I said
The lady handed me my clothes and I was on my way.

That mall was big, it had like 5 "rue 21's", 3 "Hollisters." and 3 Abercrombie's. I went to "American Eagle" to go see what new close they had when I saw him. On the other side. I could help but stare at him. One of his friend said something funny, and he smiled, his dimple was the cutest and deepest one I've ever seen. And shit, his teeth were perfectly straight, they were as white as pearls. And I was starring at him, trying not to make it obvious. And suddenly he turned around and he sees me starring him! I got red and looked down. Then looked back at him to see what happen, he was still looking at me, smiling, so I smiled back, ugh, Gosh that was so fucking awkward! I got out of the store and went to the bathroom.

The bathroom was at the end of the hall in the middle of the mall. I went in a stall and took a big piss when I over heard a guy getting yelled at by his girl... 
And I heard her storm off. I washed my hands and poked my head out the door of the bathroom. "  fewww, glad that shits over." he said
" OH shit!" it was that guy from earlier. He heard me say " oh shit" and he turned around and saw me, I got red and ran out of the bathroom and I totally even forgot my bags and I ran out the mall. When I got to my car and I tried opening the car door but, dropped the keys, and when I was going to pick them up, are hand touched, and he picked them up. " um here's your bags and key" he said smiling.  "thanks" I said. " um, hey, I wanted to know why you were starring at me the whole day today" he said. I got really red. " well, I, I, I, was hearing the fight between you and your girl and I wanted to know what it was about." I said in a nervous tone. " everyone did" he said laughing. I smiled  
" what's your name?" I asked 
" Joel, what about you?" he asked me. "Adam" I said. " well Adam, put your bags in your car and let's go get a bite at McDonalds, yeah?" he said. "um sure why not!" I said. 

Joel and me actually had a lot in common, we both loved running and we both went to the same school, shit we were in the same grade! 

We went back to the mall and we talk more and more in the line in mc'ds . We order our food and talked like if we were old friends catching up on life. They called our food . And both of us went for the trays and our hands touched, he looked into my eyes, and I looked into his for awhile, I got butterflies it my stomach, and a warm feeling in my heart. I was getting hard, which isn't good since we were in public. And I snapped out of it and we went to go sit down. We talked as we ate.

I saw the clock, it was 7, I had to go.  I told him and he told me we should do this again, I agreed.( let's be honest here, this was to good to be true and we wouldn't  hangout after this.)  He hugged so tight, I felt his abs. Gosh it was so sexy! I said bye and went to my car. I turned around and he was gone. So I got I my car, and I thought," did this really happen?" I got on the rode and I almost got in an accident by an idiot. I yelled " YOU DUMB SHIT". I could think, I was just thinking of him. I got to my house.

I stayed in my car for, just starring at the steering wheel. "why? Why didn't I say something? Why didn't I tell him I was starting to like him? I fucked up!" I said to myself. I had that regretful feeling, not that I've met him, but that I didn't show sign that we could have a chance. "But who knows, he could be straight" I thought.
I got out of my car, got my stuff, I was going to open the door when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was him! 
" hey, I'm that ,dumb shit, that you almost got into an accident with." he said
" oh Joel, my bad, I didn't know it was you." I said

"well it was" he said sarcastically 

" uh can I come in, I need to tell you something." he said in a nervous tone

"uh sure, come on in."

I opened the door put the bags on the floor and I gave him a water bottle. I went to go check the message, in my voicemail, and I didn't have any. Then, suddenly I felt both of Joel hand on my shoulder and he turned me around with all his force. Then he kissed me, kissed me with a passion. It was perfect. When he broke the kiss he said " so where's your parents? This is a really nice house, well kept clean." Joel said. 
"oh, um, they went to Mexico and won't be back till  another 4 weeks." " okay look" he said while he tried to find my room. I took him and he closed the door and locked it.
He sat me on my bed and interlocked our fingers together. " okay man, I fell for you the first time I saw you, in the line at rue 21, I could help myself, but look at your body, and at American Eagle, I just fell for you." " you fell for me" I said " yes, I fell for you, and that is when I told my girl, and she said those thing and left me, and I went for that one person I wanted, which is you" " Well why didn't you tell me, I fell for you when our hands touch at McDonalds." I swear I fell in love with him by what he said to me. That warm feeling in my heart. In a couple of hours I fell for him. " hey I'm going to take a shower, you can watch tv."  " okay " he said 

When I was done, I went into my room and I was shocked to see what I have found, he was naked. I dropped the towel and I was exposed, I got hard, and he stood up , he hug me and started kissing me. I throw us on my bed and we made out. I started kissing his neck. I was so soft, and it smelled like cologne. I was licking and sucking his neck. Shit I think I gave him a hickie, he slightly moaned. I went down and kissed his collar bone . I spent a lot of time there, collar bones really turn me on. " oh shit" he said. I stop kissing him. " what "  I said . " nothing, it just feels so go." 
I proceeded in going down. I was nibbling his nipples and licking em'. He was moaning louder now, I could tell he really loved the feeling. Bitting his nipple set him on the edge, he was in pure ecstasy, he was moaning " do, that, again" he said while moaning. I bite them again and made my way down to his abs. I lick my way down through the cracks of his abs. I finally made my way down to his dick. It was have an inch bigger then mine, 7". It was so thick to, I could barely fit in my mouth! I licked the head and it jumped hitting my top lip. " ouch!" I said 
"oh sorry" Joel said. And I stuck it in my mouth, swirling my tongue on his tip, he moaned really loud. I went up and down his shaft, and I got a taste of his  pre-cum. And it was salty and sweat at the same time." babe, you suck dick like a pro" Joel said. I went to town on his dick. 

He was so sexy! I cupped his ass cheeks and  it was soft and warm. I want to see his so I started to suck his balls! Ugh it was so sexy! His ball filled my mouth and they were evenly balanced. I got to his see his ass. It was BIG, and perfectly round and soft! It was perfect. I cupped his ass while sucking his balls. He was in pure ecstasy and yelled " I'M GONNA CUM!!!" I stuck his tip in my mouth and he cummed 5 ropes of cum. Some leaked out of my mouth, it was just so much to handled. I sucked it till it went soft, I sucked it dry. Then he pulled me up and started kissing me, and went down, "is it okay if I sucked it?" "HELL YEAH!" "haha okay" he said laughing. He took all my dick in and he tried deep throating but failed. 12 minutes later I cummed, 4 ropes of cum in his mouth. He swallowed all. He looked so sexy, and his eye made him look every sexier while he was sucking my dick.

He got up, "hey let's go take a shower" I said. "okay" he said. 

We got out and went to my bed and dried each other up. We held eachother naked and covered eachother with the blanket. "shouldn't you call your mom and tell her your staying at a friends house" I said, in a mocking tone. "shut up!" Joel said 
" I love you adam, haha its funny I never got what it met till now."  he said. " I love you too babe" and I went to sleep in his arms (:

Hey this was my first story I ever wrote! So any feedback will help so much! 

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Not bad and I'm straight lol but I'm a girl though and you should write more! Don't be a baboso

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