My beautiful daughter.
This story contains material depicting sex with under age fictitious characters. Relax, they are purely fictitious. No actual children are involved in any story. It is pure fantasy. The reader is encouraged to read it as such. If you find this kind of story offensive, please skip it and read something else.

The story also builds up slowly allowing the characters to gradually interact. To understand the story and avoid taking any part out of context, it is advisable to read Part One first, followed by each successive part. Trust me, if you don’t start from the beginning, you won’t have a clue what’s going on.

I previously deleted all of my stories and was editing them to eliminate the characters under sixteen. However, I found that approach changed the stories much more than I wanted to. Therefore, I am merely editing out as many mistakes as I can spot and leaving the stories as they are. Also I am not reediting the stories I already posted to the site. They should be close enough to get the point across and flow into the latter parts quite well.

Of course due to the length of my stories, I am sure I will miss some errors. Please over look them. Feel free to rub my nose in any you find. All comments are welcome. Thank you and enjoy.


Chapter Ten

Suddenly Haley rolled into my arms. "Daddy. What am I going to do? I can't live without Arthur." Haley broke down sobbing. I asked the doctor to get a nurse to stay with Haley and Shelia while I had a talk with him.

Once I was outside of Haley's and Shelia's earshot, I told Dr. Morgan, "Keep the boy's body here over night. I will make arrangements to have it picked up tomorrow, once I have a chance to make the funeral arrangements. I will need all of my time today to console Haley. I don't think it would be wise to leave her alone considering the condition she is in now. God only knows what she might do."

Dr. Morgan agreed with me and told me to take my time. He would take good care of the body until we were ready for it. He broke down crying. "I am not supposed to get attached to my patients. I can't help myself. Arthur went through such a horrible tragedy and suffered so much pain.”

“When I saw the photos of him you sent me, I realized Arthur was a beautiful and precious little boy. I have never seen a boy that pretty. I can only imagine how precious he must have been to you. I am so sorry for your loss. I felt so helpless. I could do nothing to prevent his death." With that he left us to grieve in private. He was still bawling when he left the room.

I went back in and scooped Haley into my arms, carrying her to the car. She passed out from the trauma of losing Arthur. Shelia blindly followed me holding on to the back of my shirt as we went. I laid Haley on the back seat and headed home. She was only out for about 15 minutes before I heard her screaming and wailing.

Haley must have been really upset as she climbed over the seat and started sucking on me, right away. I was in no mood for a blow job, but I knew she was using it to calm herself down. I couldn't shoot off for her even though I knew she wanted me too, so I just sat out in the driveway, letting her suck herself to sleep.

Shelia sat there in the back seat waiting for Haley to finish. I carried Haley into the house. After I put her to bed, I kissed Shelia. I let her suck me for a half hour or so. I couldn't manage to shoot off, but Shelia understood how I felt and was content with just sucking it. I put her to bed beside Haley. She assured me she would watch out for Haley. I sat on the couch and cried my eyes out. I was so upset, I didn't know what to do. After several hours, I went in to check on Haley.

Haley was on her knees with her arms on the edge of the bed and her head bowed. Shelia was still in the bed and dead to the world. As brave as Shelia was trying to be and as much as she wanted to be here for Haley, the reality was she was just a young girl that just lost someone very special to her.

She wasn't in much better shape than Haley. Clearly, I would have to keep a close eye on Shelia as she needed consoling as much as Haley. Even though Shelia and Arthur weren’t intimate, they had grown very close. They were like sister and brother. Shelia loved Arthur unconditionally.

Haley was talking to God. "God, You know I've never asked you for anything before. When you took my Mamma to be with you, I was too young to ask you to give her back. I ask you please. Give me my Arthur back. I need him. It is breaking my heart knowing I have to live without him. I love you Lord."

I waited for her to finish and picked her up into my arms. "I know it won't be easy, Haley, but we will have to console one another. Arthur isn't coming back." Haley sobbed against my chest. "He has to Daddy. If he doesn't, I don't want to live either. I know God will do this for me." I held her close to me as she cried herself to sleep again.


I awoke early the next morning. Haley was still asleep. She had a hard night. Shelia woke up with me and was already after me for sex. Of course I wasn't in the mood for it, but due to the circumstances, knowing how torn up she was inside, I let her do whatever she wanted while I did the things I had to. With Haley and Shelia both in the house at the same time, between the two of them, I think they are going to fuck me to death. What a way to go.

I called the hospital to thank Dr. Morgan for his sincere concern. The nurse was nearly as upset as Dr Morgan had been. “Mister Mason. I am so sorry about Arthur. It was devastating to us all here at the hospital. I have never seen the entire staff so hurt over the loss of a patient before.“

“Your son was so precious. Everyone came around to see him as the word spread about him. We all took turns sitting with him. Dr. Morgan has a son at home Arthur's age and had been unable to continue his duties. He didn’t ask to leave, but was sent home by the administrator. I don’t know when he’ll return. Yes. Arthur was our pet patient.“

The nurse was rambling on and on. I really wanted to get off the phone to attend to Haley, but I suddenly realized knowingly or not, what the nurse had been saying was making me feel so much better. It instilled me with pride that Arthur was so well liked.

The nurse continued. “Everyone at the hospital was always hit pretty close to home when we got a young child that was injured so badly. When they heard the pictures arrived, the entire crew rushed in to see them. Even the custodial staff. Everybody wanted to see what the little darling looked like.”

“He was so cute I just couldn't help falling in love with the darling little thing. Forgive me. I have been running my mouth at you for way too long. I realize you must have a lot to tend to. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Good bye Mister Mason.“ The nurse hung up the phone.

Shelia’s moist lips were going up and down my hard shaft. Her head looked like she was bobbing for apples. I could hear the pop as she broke suction at the tip and then slid me right back in again as I felt like she was going to swallow it all. Her tongue twirled searchingly in the tip of my penis. I could feel my excitement building deep in my balls.

I was still not in the mood, but it is impossible to ignore this child when she sets her mind to getting my excitement. Shelia knows just the right pressure to apply on my skin. She also knows being upset like I am right now, she needs to use the light barely in contact approach. Her lips are sopping wet as she is slobbering all over my dick. Yet they are lightly caressing my shaft.

This gives me a tickling tingling feeling that is driving me absolutely insane. I sat on the couch massaging Shelia’s back as I patted her on the head. Shelia looked up at me from her kneeling position on the floor in front of me. She bit at my dick as she kind of grinned without backing off of my shaft.

Her hands went to my nut sack. Little fingers wrapped gently around my balls slowly pulling them away from my body. When she had them stretched out where I thought she was going to pull them off, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting ready to explode. I grabbed her by her ears as I filled her sweet mouth with my nectar. Shelia immediately turned on her vacuum cleaner. I thought my stuff was going down her throat. The feeling was stupendous. God I love this girl.

At eight o'clock, I called Tomlin's Funeral Home to make arrangements for the funeral as well as to have them pick up Arthur's body. I sat on the couch in a daze. Shelia was still sucking me off. Only now she was on her hands and knees on the couch. She alternated between sucking me, checking quietly on Haley, and taking a nap in my lap. I had been sitting there that way for over eight hours when Mark Tomlin called me.

"Mr. Mason. I need for you to come to the hospital right away. I know it might hurt some having me tell you what I am about to tell you, but if you will bear with me for a few minutes, you will understand why I have to.”

“I picked up Arthur's body and stripped it down to start embalming. I double checked to make sure he was dead as is normal policy before embalming. That policy is strictly adhered to as we have had the rare occasion to find some were in fact not dead after all and had to be transported to the emergency room immediately.”

“That was unfortunately not the case with your Arthur. He was quite dead. His body was cold and rigor mortise had already set in. When I finished setting up, I completed the embalming transfer. Afterward, I placed Arthur's body in the cold storage vault to keep it in good condition until I had a chance to prep it before the funeral showing.”

“Six hours later, I had a dream. It was weird. I was awake when I had it as I was preparing another body for embalming. In the dream I saw Arthur sit up on the gurney. He was scratching at the door to get out. Since I knew he was dead, I didn't pay any attention to it and went on with my work. Suddenly I had another dream. It was of an angel standing in front of me. She told me to go in immediately to get Arthur out of cold storage. Then she disappeared.”

“I couldn't help going to Arthur. When I opened the door to Arthur's storage unit, he was on his knees trying to open the door. I nearly fainted. I have never seen anything like it. His body was full of embalming fluid and it was probably pretty well frozen by then.”

“The poor thing had ice crystals on his body and face. I knew he couldn't possibly be alive, yet he was asking me to take him to Haley. I immediately wrapped Arthur's nude body in a sheet and scooped him into my arms running to the hearse.”

“I covered his body with a bundle of blankets to try to warm him up. I rushed him to the emergency room in the hearse as it was quicker than calling an ambulance. I radioed ahead on the way to the hospital to have a crew from the emergency room meet me.”

“They didn't believe me. They all thought it was just Arthur's nerves twitching. Arthur was talking to me all the way to the hospital. All he would talk about is how much he wants to see Haley. I told the hospital dispatcher Arthur was steadily talking to me, but she still didn't believe me. She thought I was crazy.”

“I was so excited I raised holy hell with her. So much so when I arrived at the emergency room, I was met by several police officers instead of the emergency crew. They were trying to arrest me. I told them to check the boy in the back of the hearse first. Then they could do whatever they wanted to me.”

“They rushed Arthur into the emergency room right away and several of the doctors sprang into action. I called you just as soon as I could." I sat there in shock. I could hear Mark's voice excitedly beaming over the phone. "Did you hear what I said? Arthur is alive."

I hung up the phone and went in to wake Haley. The whole time, I am thinking, "This is impossible. No one can sit up and talk after being frozen, particularly when their veins are full of embalming fluid." I still had to go. "Haley, Get up and get dressed. We have to leave right now." Haley just rolled over in the bed. "I don't feel like going anywhere, Daddy. I am just too upset." Again, I told her to get up and get dressed. Haley reluctantly got up.

"Shelia, put on your clothes." When they were both dressed, we got in the car. "Where are we going Daddy?" I smiled at her. "Just wait and see. It is a special surprise. The only thing I will say right now is both of you are going to enjoy the surprise."

I wanted Haley to have something to eat. None of us had eaten a damn thing all day. Haley had been asleep all night and most of the day, but I knew she was having a really hard time with all of this. I figured she would get up when she finally felt she could eat.

She was awake now, but under the present circumstances, now was not the time to worry with food. Shelia hadn't had more than a few loads of my ejaculate and maybe a lick or two of Haley's juice. When we pulled into the hospital, Haley broke down crying. "Please don't make me go in there. It is just too soon for me to go back in there. It is way too upsetting."

Shelia cuddled her close to calm her down. Shelia wrapped her arm around Haley's shoulder and walked in with her.

When we walked in, I asked the nurse, "What room is Arthur Mason in?" Haley was still crying vehemently as she had been very upset by the sight of the hospital. She looked at me in shock at first like she thought I was playing a cruel joke on her. The nurse smiled, "He will be in room 215 as soon as he comes out of the recovery room. He just came out of surgery and you won't be able to see him for at least two hours."

Haley lit up like a Christmas tree and immediately went down to her knees. "Thank you God for giving Arthur back to me. I promise to take special care of him." Haley got off her knees and jumped into my arms. "Oh, Daddy. This is the best surprise I could ever have. I knew God would do this for me. My Arthur is alive." Haley then ran into Shelia's arms, hugging her tight. They were both elated. Haley gave Shelia a big sloppy kiss on the mouth right in front of the nurse.

Dr. Morgan came out to talk to us. He was very excited. He was also extremely happy. "Mr. Mason. I would normally never tell any patient’s family the things I am going to tell you. At least not the way I am going to right now, but you need to have a full grasp of Arthur's situation. What happened today is nothing short of a miracle. Arthur had been dead for over twenty four hours.”

“He was stiff from rigor mortise before he left here to the funeral home. I checked him myself before releasing him. Mr. Tomlin verified the same thing before starting the embalming process. I had been incapacitated by Arthur’s death. I was useless here and was sent home by the administrator. I only live five minutes from the hospital. When I received the call to come back in to tend to a young boy in serious condition, I couldn’t talk, much less come in.”

“Finally I was able to tell them I couldn’t handle another case involving a seriously injured child this soon. When I was told it was a life or death situation and was more serious than any case we ever had at the hospital, I finally came in.”

“Though I let them know up front I was devastated by Arthur’s death and would try my best, but would likely be of limited use to them. When I arrived and found out it was Arthur, I couldn’t believe it. I got my stuff together pronto. I made up my mind I wasn’t going to lose this child again.”

“Arthur's veins were full of embalming fluid when he arrived. That alone would have been enough to kill him even if he had been alive. There was no way Arthur could be alive when he got here. His core temperature was twenty one degrees when Mr. Tomlin got him in here. His testicles and penis were frozen solid.”

“Hell, he still had ice in his hair. He had no pulse, I could not detect any heartbeat, and his brain showed no patterns on the EEG when he arrived. Arthur was stone cold to the touch and stiff as a board. He wasn't even breathing. Yet the young man was sitting on the edge of the gurney asking for Haley.”

“According to all of our equipment, when Arthur arrived at the hospital, he was still dead and yet he was steadily talking. I know he was dead when he arrived. His eyes were glazed over. There was no pupil reaction to light. He was gray. He had no blood in his veins and the embalming fluid wasn't being moved by his heart either. Even though everything showed Arthur was dead, I wasn't going to give up on someone that is talking. Dead or not.”

“We rushed him into surgery to get his core temperature back up and immediately did a full blood transfusion to remove the embalming fluid from his veins. He is still in critical condition, but if we can clear up his infection, I believe he will be just fine.”

“His EEG showed perfectly normal as of ten minutes before I came in here. Arthur's heart started beating shortly before that. Yes, you heard me correctly. Arthur has been here for over two hours. Quite dead, talking constantly about Haley and his heart only started to beat fifteen minutes ago.”

“I've never seen anything like it. I can't report this as it happened, because no one will believe it anyway and I know you don't want any publicity. To put it bluntly, your son has literally returned from the dead. It has always hurt me deeply when I lost a patient. Particularly when it was a young child like Arthur. I have to tell you, I am so happy, I could fly. You must excuse me, I have to get back in with Arthur. I only came out for a minute as I had to be the one to tell you about this."

Dr. Morgan left. Haley, Shelia, and I sat there on the couch in the conference room in total shock. I asked the nurse if she could arrange for something to be brought in for Haley and Shelia as they hadn't felt like eating for nearly a day and were probably ready to eat a horse by now. I was right. Haley gobbled the food down almost before the nurse left the room and I think Shelia inhaled hers. The nurse had been thoughtful enough to bring me a plate as well.

Three hours later, the nurse said Arthur was awake and wanted to see us. When we got in the room, Arthur took one look at Haley and beamed. "Haley. Come here and give me a hug." Haley ran over to Arthur, wrapping her little arms around his small torso.

Haley hugged him tightly as she exclaimed, "I love you so much, Arthur." Arthur immediately winced in pain, but held Haley tightly so she wouldn't see he was in so much pain. That Arthur is something else. All I know is he has to be one tough individual to make it through what he's just been through.

I could tell Shelia wanted a hug something fierce as well, but she had seen the wince Arthur involuntarily gave as Haley hugged him. She reluctantly stayed where she was. Shelia did not want to hurt him. "Come here Shelia. I need one from you too." Shelia lit up like a Christmas tree and ran around the bed hugging Arthur. I smiled at Arthur as I told him, "It sure is good to see you son."

Arthur looked up at me inquisitively. "What's the deal with the son stuff, sir? You've never called me that before." I grinned at him. "Its pretty simple, Arthur. I signed the adoption papers yesterday just before you died on us. Now you are Haley's sister and my son. When you leave here, you are coming home with us." Arthur looked up sheepishly. He said, "Thanks, Kenny. Does that mean I can call you Daddy from now on?" "You bet it does."

"Daddy, you don't know how special it makes me feel to know you really want me to be with you. It means a lot to me, sir. They didn't tell me I died. They hadn't wanted me to know, so I told them I already knew I died. I told them I went before God and begged him to send me back so I could take care of Haley.”

“God told me a very special little girl touched his heart with her prayer and because of that he was sending me back.” He also told me not to be too upset about my family. He had them there with him. He let me know I would get to see them when my time came. No one believes me, sir, but that is the truth."

"Actually, Arthur, there are quite a few people that believe you. Mr. Tomlin at the funeral home knows you died. Doctor Morgan knows you were dead. The entire emergency crew that was here when you came in knew. I believe you and a special little girl who gave a special little prayer for you believes you."

I talked with Dr. Morgan and made arrangements to bring a double bed in for Haley and I to stay in at night so Arthur wouldn't be alone. The doctor agreed that would speed up Arthur's recovery by raising his spirits. I wanted Shelia to stay as well, but she was well aware it wouldn't be proper for her to sleep in the same bed with me in public as she isn't my daughter and everyone here knows it now.

I took Shelia home to her folks. I did go down every other day to get Shelia so she could visit Arthur. Haley and I took her by the house for some other much needed visitation as well. Haley and I spent several months at the hospital while Arthur made a complete recovery. Eva was coming down for several hours each day after school let out.

She was very fond of Arthur and had been so from the first time she met him. Eva was very elated to hear Arthur was alive, but she had no idea how close the rest of us really were. It was real torture for Haley and I to behave while we were in the bed, but we couldn't very well make love in the room. I took her home to give her some everyday.

Sometimes Eva would help. Other times, Eva would get some. Arthur was in way too much pain to be interested in doing anything. He confided in me that his thing not only didn't work, but it may as well not have been there. He complained he didn't have any feeling in it at all. He laughed as he realized it was the only place on his body that didn't hurt.

Oddly enough, when Arthur left the hospital, he didn't have a scar anywhere on his body. He was just as smooth and sweet as he was before the accident. By the way, his thing not only works now, but if I hadn't known it had been severed off, I would never know it by looking at it. Trust me, I looked.

To be continued………………………………...................................................

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