My beautiful daughter.
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Chapter Nine

I had the difficult task of informing Haley we couldn't move Arthur in with us. She had to understand Arthur needed to go home to his parents some too. She didn't like the prospect much, but she knew it was true. Eva and Shelia coming over frequently helped a lot.

Eva really loves Haley. She loves Shelia too, but when she's eating Haley, sometimes it is several hours before she comes up for air. I did manage to make arrangements for Haley to have Arthur over most weekends. It worked out really well.

Whenever Arthur was down, we told Eva Haley had a friend staying over and it would be awkward to have her drooling over Haley while her friend was there. I know that sounded crude, but the simple fact is there is no way for Eva to be here around Haley and put on enough of an act that Arthur wouldn't be able to tell Eva was infatuated with Haley.

It was that obvious. Eva never argued the point as she knew it was true. Of course eventually we would have to confide to Eva and Arthur just what the other's relationship was to Haley.

Eva has been hinting she wants to marry me. I couldn’t say yes, because of my promise to Haley. Haley was also hinting she thought I should marry Eva. Haley told me if I marry Eva, she would let me out of my promise as long as I held up to the promise she could stay here as long as she wanted to after she became an adult.

Haley had every intent to stay with me for ever. I'm thinking if everything works out and I still feel the same way about Eva a couple of years from now, I just might marry her.


Eva was a devout pedophile lesbian until she met me. It took a while, but Eva finally shared the personal parts of her life with me. First of all, she told me she had never had sex with a male before she met me.

Her complete sexual experience consisted of looking at her girlfriends in the tub when she was growing up. All of them looked sweet and desirable to her. She had a chance to gawk at about ten of the girls during the times they spent at sleepovers. Eva remembers one particular bath she had with her friend Kayla. They were both eight at the time.

Eva was pretty much drooling over Kayla’s beauty when Kayla leaned back staring back at her. “Eva. Are you staring at my weewee?“ Eva got choked up not knowing what to say. Finally she stammered, “Certainly not. Why would I do that?“ Kayla quickly replied, “Maybe because you want to do more than just look at it. Go ahead, fess up. Admit you want to lick me. If you do, I won’t tell any of the other girls you were staring at it.“

Kayla didn’t wait for an answer. She leaned forward taking Eva into her arms planting an awkward kiss right on her lips. The two girls fumbled around for quite a bit before they got the kiss to turn into something special. Kayla pulled back from Eva’s lips whispering, I’ll let you in on a little secret if you’ll promise not to tell anyone.”

Eva assured Kayla her secret is secure. Kayla looked down in shame. “I want to lick yours too.” Eva stood up in the tub. She straddled Kayla’s head lowering her pussy into her friend’s sweet mouth. Kayla cupped Eva’s cheeks in her hand pulling her up close. She slowly stuffed her nose into her best friend’s twat. Eva could feel Kayla breath in deeply.

“Oh, God. Eva your pussy smells awesome. I hope it tastes this good.” With that, Kayla slid her mouth over Eva’s hot little box shoving her tongue in as deep as it would go. She licked and sucked until Eva went wild in her mouth. When Eva finally was able to quit squealing, Kayla came up for air. “Yes. Mamma is right. Eating pussy is great. Yours is fantastic. Do mine now.”

Kayla stood up facing Eva. The girls kissed sweetly. Eva could taste herself on her friend’s mouth. Kayla started gently lowering Eva to a sitting position. Eva stopped her. “Not yet. I want to suck your nipples first.” Eva’s mouth closed over Kayla’s left tit.

Eva couldn’t believe how much fun it was sucking a girl’s tit. Kayla’s nipple got hard as Eva ran her tongue all around it. After several minutes and a shit load of moans from Kayla, Eva dropped to her butt raising her face to accept her friend’s wonderful booty.

The taste was like nothing Eva had ever found before. She sucked hard on Kayla’s pussy for nearly an hour. Kayla came three times. “Hey, girl. Don’t get me wrong. I love it for sure, but it’ll still be there tomorrow. You can have it again then.” Eva pulled back and the girls finished their bath with a new found feeling toward each other.

Eva and Kayla sort of fell in love with each other. They kept having sex all the way through high school. Eva still did it for Kayla because she truly loved her, but the simple fact was her friends pussy had gotten all big and hairy. Eva still liked tight hairless pussies. Kayla’s little sister had just the right size pussy as Eva found out when she had to baby sit Lana.

Little Lana was eight at the time. Eva had never intended to do anything with the girl, but as it turned out, Lana had been having sex with her Mom and sister Kayla. She was also aware that Kayla and Eva were an item. Lana wanted to see if big sister was right about how sweet Eva tasted.

Those were the only two people Eva ever actually had sex with. She would still be doing it with them, but poor Lana drowned while on a skiing trip on the river at the age of twelve. Kayla was so distraught over her sister’s death, she took an overdose of sleeping pills.


Now after watching Haley do all of the things with me she seems addicted to, Eva finds it exciting doing all of the same things to the same peter her Haley just did it with. To put it in different words, Eva gets so excited around me now she will even suck the snot out of my nose. Haley is sincerely teaching Eva all of the intricacies of being one kinky bitch and being quite successful about it.

Whenever Shelia came down at the same time as Arthur, I would keep Shelia busy in the living room while Haley snuck Arthur into her room. Other times, I would keep Arthur busy while Haley had her fun with Shelia.

Haley and I agreed to a specific time she would wait before bringing Shelia or Arthur back into the living room. This allowed me to have time for which ever one of them that was doing it with me to get dressed and be sitting innocently on the couch before Haley returned with the other.

I finally convinced Arthur that Haley really would love to watch me wad off in his tail. Surprisingly, Arthur liked it a lot. He even started asking me to do it for him. I know I made Haley promise to only do it in my presence, but it was the only way Haley and I could take turns with Shelia and Arthur while they were spending the weekend at the same time.

Besides, after Arthur started doing it all with me, I trusted him implicitly with my Haley. I knew he would never do anything to hurt her in anyway.

Haley and I agreed it would be a good idea not to let Arthur and Shelia know we were doing it with both of them and for the time being, Arthur needn't know the deal with Eva. Each of them thought they were the only one doing it when they came down and each of them were very careful to do everything they could to keep the other one from finding out. This fact made it easy to keep them separated so Haley and I could do our thing with them both.

Haley wasn't sure if she wanted to share Arthur with Shelia yet and she wanted to work on being sure how Shelia would feel about it before she did. Arthur would be no problem. I am sure he would have no qualms about doing Shelia.

I guess we both knew somewhere down the road we would get Shelia and Arthur to do it together. In the mean time, Shelia found the taste of Eva's snatch to be something to relish. Eva couldn’t believe her good fortune. Two gorgeous girl children to do with as she pleased, almost anytime she wanted them.

Arthur's parents were very happy to see Arthur had finally found a close friend. They didn't associate Haley's being a girl as being girlfriend boyfriend. As a matter of fact they even invited Haley down to a week at the nudist camp with them. Haley politely declined. Not because I didn't want her to go. It never got that far, although I most certainly would have refused to let her go. Haley didn't want the whole camp gawking at her in the nude.

Haley knew from her experiences at the beach when a shit load of people hung out around her blanket to get an eyeful of her in her bikini, that rules or no rules, the whole damn nudist camp would likely follow her around the whole time she is naked.

Haley said Arthur's Dad was already staring at her legs and she wasn't even nude yet. Haley was right. It made no never mind it was considered rude to stare when at the camp. No one can resist staring at Haley and that is with clothes on.

Arthur was obviously falling in love with Haley. Haley had been in love with Arthur for a long time. It was really cute when he was with Haley. He never assumed he was going to get some. Arthur always made sure she wanted him to do her and was always careful about her feelings. It was so cute the way he would keep asking Haley if she was sure she really wanted him to do it. Each time, it was like she had never given it to him before.

Obviously it made Haley feel special having Arthur being so careful of her feelings, because she never told him to quit asking. I thought Arthur would faint the first time he saw me do it with Haley. Arthur thought it was neat. I am glad he likes to watch me do Haley. I was afraid he might get jealous or upset. Actually he even suggests it every now and then.

I asked him to quit calling me Mister Mason and call me Kenny instead. He did so reluctantly, but still said sir almost every other sentence. It was still so cute. I was very fond of Arthur. I wished I had a son like him. Hell, I wish he was my son. Haley enjoyed doing all of the kinky stuff she liked to do with me in front of Arthur and convinced him to do it with her. It didn't take long for Arthur to suggest I do it all with him.

Haley takes turns with Arthur when I need to pee. Arthur likes the way my piss tastes as much as Haley does. I tell Arthur I enjoy his too, for Haley's benefit, but I really detest the taste of pee. That's probably the only thing that really sucks about this set up. I have to drink Haley's, Shelia's, Arthur's, and Eva's piss so I don't hurt any of their feelings by saying it tastes nasty. I know Haley would be devastated if she knew how much I hate drinking her piss.


A little over a year later, Haley and I were sitting on the couch with Haley slurping on my peter and me feeling Haley's still small but nicer puff of tits she acquired over the last few months. They didn't stick out any farther from her chest than they did last year, they were just noticeably wider. She still looked flat chested in a regular shirt, though I must admit you could tell she was starting to grow tits when ever she wore a halter top or a tight t-shirt.

Her cute little patch of hair around her little thing didn't hurt my feelings either, even though it was only a patch. It wasn't very long and was still very fine and sparse as well. You actually had to look for it. It was more like a shadow than a patch, but was pretty as hell anyway. My little daughter was growing up on me fast, even though she was slow going into puberty. Haley hadn't gotten any taller than she was last year, but I figured she would hit a growing spell anytime now.

Surprisingly neither Shelia nor Arthur had grown more than an inch from last year. Shelia had a good handful of tits, a thick dark brown mound of hair on her snatch, and a full fledged big fat juicy, but still snug pussy between those sweet little legs of hers.

Eva loved the contrast. On the one hand she could enjoy Shelia's just a little over mouth sized tits and snuggle in her hairy twat, or she could place her lips on Haley's bare chest twirling her tongue around those sweet nipples before sucking on her hairless delight. To Eva it was bliss.

Arthur on the other hand showed no signs of going into puberty, but from the amount of juice he pumped into my mouth, puberty wasn't far off. Haley even noticed it. She admitted he was really starting to squirt a lot more out now. Although it was only a little over half what she got from me, but she would never embarrass Arthur by telling him. Arthur was still hairless and as precious as he ever was.

Haley and I discussed our feelings and we decided the next time Shelia and Arthur were down together, we would get them to pose nude and eventually enjoy sex together. Haley decided she loved Shelia enough to share her Arthur with her. We would wait to share him with Eva until after we had Shelia comfortable with it. I also talked the situation over with Haley. I asked Haley what she thought of the idea of my marrying Eva.

Haley was thrilled. She would love to have Eva here in the house all the time. Within the next week, I intend to ask Eva to marry me with the stipulation we stay engaged for a period of one year before the wedding date and before Eva actually moves in. Haley and I feel we need a year to get Eva used to the idea Arthur is to be a part of our close knit little group.

Suddenly the phone rang. Haley popped up off of me long enough to murmur, "Let it ring Daddy. I don't want to quit yet." I smiled at Haley. That made me feel so good knowing Haley enjoyed doing me that much.

I sighed, "Haley, I don't want you to stop either, but Shelia is already coming down this weekend and it might be Arthur calling to come down for the weekend as well or it could be Eva. I had better answer it." Haley was not happy about it, but she pulled back and I went to the phone. I had been right. It was Arthur. He was highly agitated. I couldn't understand anything he was saying.

"Arthur. Calm down. Talk slowly so I can understand what you are saying." Haley immediately sprang to attention. She was listening with serious concern. She couldn't hear anything Arthur was saying, but she knew from the way I was talking something was very wrong.

Arthur managed to calm down enough to tell me, "Kenny. I don't know what to do. There was a terrible car wreck this morning. My whole family is gone, Sir. My Mom, Dad, and both of my older sisters. All gone.”

“The doctor tried to tell me they were all right, but I saw my sister Sally's head roll into the floor board as the roof sheared it off. Her blood and what looked like vomit was spurting out of her neck. It was awful. I can't imagine what she went through. I don't remember anything after that.”

“I am in the hospital. The doctor insists I will be all right, but I am pretty banged up. The doctor says I will be here for at least a month. Sir, I am so upset. I've lost them all. The doctor says I won't be able to go to my family's funeral. Please come down and hold me. I am scared I am going to die too."

Arthur broke down crying again. Between his sobs, he managed to relay the following information to me. "Kenny. I don't have any other relatives. They are all dead. I actually had a large family. Some of them died over the years from various different causes. Most of the rest of them were killed in a plane crash going to a special family reunion here three years ago.”

“Everyone was going to show up. The family lived in Sweden. Daddy and Mom were the only ones to move here. Everyone thought it would be a wonderful idea to visit America. It was to be a special event. Over four hundred of my Mom and Dad‘s kinfolk all together here in the US at the same time.”

“Many of them hadn‘t seen one another in years, so they all boarded a plane to take the trip out. Actually two separate planes each carrying 215 of my relatives crashed into one another as they were landing at Dulles International.”

“The ones that weren't killed in the initial explosion were killed in the ensuing fire. The reunion turned into a mass funeral. My Dad never did get over it. Mom and Dad haven't got any insurance. Medical or life. They had no friends to rely on, since Dad worked almost all the time and Mamma spent all her time with us.”

“I am afraid the authorities will send me to a foster home. Would you see to the final arrangements for my family. Promise me Haley and you will attend the funeral. I couldn't bear the thought of them being buried with no one there.”

“I can sell the house to get enough money to pay for the funeral. Please try to see if you can do something to keep me from having to live with strangers. I would dearly love to come live with you and Haley, but I know that isn't possible." I guess poor Arthur had some hopes I could arrange for him to live alone in his parents house. I knew there was no way that could happen. "I will do my best Arthur. I will see to everything to the best of my ability."

I heard Arthur give out a blood curdling scream like someone stabbed him. Then he told me, "The doctor told me I would be just fine, but I know I am dying. I can feel it." Arthur would talk some and then scream again. He was screaming about every other sentence. I could tell young Arthur was in an immense amount of pain.

Those screams sent chills down my spine. "Please tell Haley that I….." The phone went silent. "Arthur? Arthur? Are you all right? Arthur? Talk to me." I was so worried that Arthur had actually died. "Hello. Mr. Mason?" "Yes this is Mr. Mason. Who is this? Is Arthur okay?"

"This is Sara Thompson. I am Head Nurse in pediatrics. Arthur has gone code blue. The doctor is working with him now. Perhaps you should come down immediately. I will try to get you a chance to see him when he is stabilized. We will update his situation as soon as we know something." I managed to regain my composure. I didn't want to let on to Haley that Arthur might already be dead. "Thank you Nurse Thompson. We will be there shortly."

I slumped into a chair as I hung up the phone. I was bawling like a baby. The tears were streaming uncontrollably down my cheeks. Haley looked wild eyed. "Oh my God. You've turned white. What's wrong Daddy? What happened?" I sat Haley down on the couch and cried my eyes out for several minutes before I was able to speak.

Haley hugged me closely. I explained it all to her, without going into too much detail. I thought at the time it would be better not to tell Haley about the gory parts. "Daddy, we have to go there right away. I would just die if anything happens to Arthur." I comforted Haley in my arms. "Don't fret Haley. Arthur said he was okay. Get dressed and I'll take you to him." Haley quickly dressed and off we went.

When we arrived at the hospital, I asked the nurse what room Arthur Hampton was in. She found out my name and bade me to be seated while she got the doctor. The doctor issued orders no one was allowed to see Arthur without his consent. The doctor arrived in only a few minutes.

"Hello, Mister Mason, I am Dr. Morgan. Normally non family members are not privy to patient information, but during the few times Arthur has come to, he informed me you were his only friends. He authorized me to fill you in. He is too young to have power of his own attorney, but under the circumstances, I think it is ok for him to decide who I talk to.”

“Arthur raised so much fuss that the only way I could calm him down was to let him call you. Perhaps your Daughter should go into the other room. I don't think she should hear this." I informed the doctor, "She is really worried about Arthur. I think she should know."

Dr. Morgan frowned. He obviously didn't agree with me, but continued anyway. "Arthur went code blue during your phone conversation with him. I did manage to restart his heart, but he is still in very critical condition. I can't sedate him right now other than a little something for pain.”

“I'll level with you. Arthur is in pretty bad shape. I know he told you he would be alright. That is what I told him. I did that to keep him optimistic, but the truth is he may not survive." I glanced at Haley. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I could tell she was about to lose it, but she was being brave and holding herself together as she knew if she did lose it, I would be forced to send her into the other room. Dr. Morgan continued, "I don't expect him to make the night. Frankly, I am surprised he made it to the hospital given the extent of his injuries.”

“I am not trying to scare you, but I think you need to know just how serious Arthur's condition really is. I tried to lie to him when he asked if any of his family survived. I told him they were all alright. I did this to give him something to look forward to so he wouldn't give up on me. I didn't know he had seen his sister when it happened.”

“I had to tell him the truth. Seeing that alone would be more than I could bear. He has to be very upset. That was quite a traumatic event. It is very important you try to keep him feeling like he will recover just fine. It is his only hope."

Haley interrupted, "Saw what? What did he see?" I didn't really think I should tell Haley, but I knew she wasn't going to let it go until I did. I also knew I would lose her respect if she caught me in a lie. "Haley, come here." Haley came over and sat in my lap.

I hugged her close as I quietly told her, "Honey, I didn't want you to hear this, but I know you won't stop until you do. I am not going to lie to protect your feelings. I guess the best way to say it is to let you have it in the face with both barrels. Arthur watched his sister's head roll onto the floor of the car after he saw the roof cut it off at her shoulders. I won't go into any more detail about what else he had to watch."

Haley broke down sobbing. I consoled her for a few minutes and had one of the nurses take her into another room so she wouldn't hear anymore details. “I am sorry, Doctor. I had to let Haley realize for herself when it would be better she not be present to hear any more details.“ The Doctor continued. "No need to apologize. It is quite understandable. I know Arthur said the accident occurred this morning. He was confused. The accident happened about 0600 last night.“

“One thing against us. It took the emergency crew three hours to cut Arthur out of the car and another thirty minutes to med flight him here in the helicopter. That was valuable time Arthur didn't have. He almost bled to death before we got him.”

“Arthur has a concussion. He took a very serious blow to the front of his head. His head was bashed in when the second car hit their vehicle. The second car literally drove their car the rest of the way under the tractor trailer truck that pulled out in front of Arthur's Dad.”

“Sadly the second car was being driven by a drunk driver and was exceeding a hundred miles an hour. It was weird, the tractor trailer almost killed poor Arthur and protected him from the full impact of the other car at the same time. If it weren't for that, Arthur wouldn't be recognizable as a human, let alone survive.”

“The police figure it happened probably about a minute after the roof sheared off both his sisters' heads. That was why he had seen the whole thing happen to Sally. Fortunately he was spared having to see the same thing happen to Jenna as well.”

“Both of his sisters died a horrible death. They were mangled severely quite some time before being decapitated. I know it sounds sick, but having that happen when it did was probably more humane than enduring the pain they would have had to go through before they died if it hadn't happened. There was no way they would have survived. Arthur's parents were killed instantly.”

“Arthur's brain is swelling. I can't do surgery on his head until we stabilize him. He can't see right now and I am not sure if I can save his left eye. It was mangled pretty bad. I may have to remove it altogether if the infection worsens. Both his arms and legs are broken. The bones came through the skin. I may have to amputate his left leg at the hip, if gangrene sets in. His private parts were severed completely off.”

“The emergency crew was unable to locate them at the accident scene. They searched everywhere. When we started surgery, we removed his boots, but no one had thought to look. We got lucky. One of the nurses had been talking about how tiny Arthur was. She said his little feet weren't much bigger than her hands, slipping them playfully into one of his boots. Suddenly she screamed and drew her hand out along with Arthur's privates.”

“Unfortunately it may have been too long. I had a team working on reconnecting the tissues and nerves for about six hours as I tried to make enough repairs to the rest of him to keep him alive. I didn't want to subject him to any more surgery, but I know the penis is very important to boys his age. For most of them, their world revolves around it. I know mine did at that age. I was afraid if Arthur came to and found his penis was missing, he might lose his will to survive.”

“In addition, life would be severely different for the boy growing up without testicles. Without taking hormones, he would be like a sideshow freak. That made the additional surgery well worth the risks. Hopefully they will re-graft. If not, and they die, they may need to be removed as well. His chest has pretty much been crushed. I have controlled the internal bleeding and set all the bones. He is in an immense amount of pain.”

“You may see him for a few minutes, but he has passed out again from the pain. I simply cannot chance giving him anything too strong. Last time he was out for six hours. One other important thing. I will need several photos of the boy.”

“A close up of the face and preferably a total body front view in swim shorts or underpants. Preferably something tight so we can tell his shape. A back view and each side would be helpful, although I understand most folks simply don’t have those photos.”

“The photos are for the plastic surgeon to try to get Arthur as close to his original state as possible. The less he is wearing in the photos the better the chances are we will get him right. Nude photos would be the best, but we all know they are illegal and simply aren't available. Of course if you get lucky and find some at the boy’s home, bring them in. Give them directly to me.”

“I see no reason for anyone to see nude pictures of the boy other than myself and the surgeon. I will keep it discreet. If you would, send a set of the boy in a swim suit via fax for the staff to see. Every one is dying to see what the boy looks like. Any photos would be better than none. If you'll excuse me, I have to plan for his surgery."

"Thank you Doctor. I will check at Arthur's home and see what is available in the way of photos. I don't have any of the boy myself." Of course that was a bald faced lie, but the doctor had no need to know I had detailed pictures of every square inch of Arthur's body.

I guess someone at Arthur’s house must have been a pervert to have taken pictures like the ones I planned to give the doctor. I know the doctor won't press it with the police as they are already dead and the last thing Arthur needs is a prolonged court case to try to prove his innocent Dad had taken the pictures I had. Besides, the doctor gave me his word.

"I will take financial responsibility for any treatments he needs. I want you to know I can and will pay cash for anything he needs. Don't call to ask for permission, just do whatever it takes to save him. I will call my attorney and make arrangements to act as Arthur's guardian."

I went back to Haley. She looked like she had been hit by a train. I have never seen her so upset. "Haley, you have to get yourself together if you want to see Arthur." Haley clammed up immediately. I took her in to see Arthur. I was promptly sorry I had done so.

I was wondering why the staff had been dying to see what Arthur looked like. I no longer was. Cute little Arthur was black and blue all over. He had stitches nearly every place on his body we could see. I couldn't imagine what the rest of him looked like.

His sweet little face was so swollen I couldn't tell it was him. The entire left side of it was bandaged due to the damage in his left eye. His arms and legs were in splints. He had tubes sticking out all over him. There was a drain installed in his head the doctor said allowed excess fluid to drain from Arthur's brain to help keep the swelling from becoming rampant.

It upset me some kind of bad seeing the poor little thing like that. Haley went into hysterics and I had to carry her to the car. I drove her home and cuddled her in my arms as she cried her little heart out. Several hours later Haley had cried herself to sleep. I carried her to bed. I went to the studio and found some of the best photos of Arthur in his black bikini underpants. I emailed Dr. Morgan a set with front, back, and both sides view.

Unfortunately I didn't have any without Arthur's little hard on poking out at the front of his panties, however I did manage to find some without wet spots. I figured the staff already knew the average twelve year old kept a hard on most of the time anyway. I called the doctor earlier and told him we got lucky and found the pictures he was looking for.

I told him I would email the ones in under pants, and hand deliver the nude ones. Of course the nudes had Arthur’s little erection poking up as the doctor had specifically asked me to bring the ones with it hard for resurrection purposes. It was all pretty weird, but I believe it was necessary for Arthur’s benefit.

Next I called my lawyer. "Hello, Kenny. How can I help you today." I had a hard time finding my voice. I was so choked up I could hardly talk. I was crying and sobbing between each word. "My God, Kenny. What the hell's going on? I haven't noticed you being this upset since we were kids." Of course I knew Roger was referring to Brian's death, but I knew there was no way he would ever talk about it.

I struggled with my emotions for several minutes before replying, "Roger, I have a situation. I need for you to expedite a certificate of guardianship for one Arthur Hampton. He is Haley's best friend. He is twelve. His entire family was killed late yesterday evening in a car wreck. Arthur may not survive either, but I am going to proceed as if he will. I also want you to start adoption procedures for me. I will also need his power of attorney."

The phone went silent for several minutes. "Kenny, do you have any idea how long all of that will take? That boy will be in foster care for at least a year while I go through all the red tape." "No, Roger. He won't. Get me the power of attorney today. Send a copy to the hospital. Care of Dr. Harvey J. Morgan. I want the guardianship papers by tomorrow. Noon.”

“I will fork out enough money to grease the right palms for the adoption to take place when the boy has recovered from his injuries. I will email all of the necessary information to get you started when I hang up. You will receive a ten million dollar check tomorrow. That should be incentive enough to put everything you have on hold to take care of this for me." Again, silence.

"Kenny. You know all of that is illegal." "Dammit, Roger. I don't give a shit. You know what Haley means to me. Make it happen. You know the bastards at the top all know money is power and you know you've got to start at the top on this one. You also know I have enough of it to make Bill Gates take a shit in the middle of a busy street if I want to.”

“Send me the bill for what the grease costs." "All right Kenny. Since you put it that way, I'll have everything ready when you need it. By the way my fee for all of that is only a hundred grand and the grease should run about the same."

"Roger, I appreciate that, but the ten mill is to let you know I am dead serious about this. You already know if I am willing to pay out ten million, I am not playing any games. If anybody tries to fuck this up, I'll have the bastard for lunch. Comprende?" "Okay, Kenny. I read you loud and clear. I hope Arthur gets well soon and tell Haley, hi for me." "Thanks Roger. I appreciate the help. I want to apologize for being so blunt, but I am really upset right now."

"Sure, Kenny. I understand. Everything will be taken care of. Don't worry about the grease. I'll take that out of the ten. Good bye." "Good bye Roger and thanks again." Roger is not only my attorney, but he is also my best friend. I have known him since 1st grade. He was supposed to have went fishing with Brian and I the day Brian died, but he came down with the flu and couldn't go.

Roger took Brian's death pretty hard. He tried to kill himself the next day. Luckily I found him hanging from the limb in time. He nearly succeeded. I had to do mouth to mouth and CPR on him to revive him. When we graduated high school, I paid for Roger's college education to become a lawyer as I already had a shit load of money and Roger was from a poor family. He didn't have shit.

I wanted to make sure my friend had a chance to be something special. I also felt it was important for him to have a chance to do it himself rather than just give him a shit load of money. I would have done so if Roger hadn't been successful. I always thought Roger was someone really special. I knew he was when he told me he would rather I put his little sister Sherrie through college. He said he felt she was more worthy of the help.

I decided to pay the way for them both. Sherrie is the best damned dentist in the country. Haley is crazy about her when ever she goes in for a checkup. She likes Roger a lot too. So much so she calls him Uncle Roger.

Of course Roger is still poor compared to me, but he is filthy rich compared with anyone else. In fact, Roger is the third richest person in the world behind Haley and myself. His firm is easily worth four hundred billion dollars or so. Roger has twice that in savings and investments.

Two years after he passed the bar, I bought him a nice tract of land downtown and had a 120 story high rise with an adjacent 3000 car parking deck built for him to start his own law firm. The five acres and the building only cost ten billion, so I gave it all to him as a wedding present and arranged to have it look like a low interest loan of 10 percent, both so he could avoid paying taxes on the value of the building were it a gift and to deduct it off his taxes over the next thirty years.

The way it was set up, Roger made huge monthly payments to me that were then transferred to his savings account in Switzerland so the government couldn't track it. The payments were actually more than covered by the rent Roger received from the building. We were just that close.

I was very proud of Roger. His law firm is so successful the top 60 floors are dedicated to the firm for offices, the entire first floor was given to Sherrie for her dental practice, and he has the other 59 all rented to various banks and such. There are also ten basement floors Roger uses for special operations such as maintenance, security, and the like.

I remember what Roger told me when I was bragging to a friend about Roger starting his own firm in less than three years of graduating. Roger said it would have taken him thirty years just to get the down payment for the building. There was no way he could have done it without what I did for him.

I told my friend all I did was buy a little building. Roger did all the rest. Roger would have done everything I just asked him to for free, but he knew I wasn't going to let him, so he didn't bring it up. He also didn’t want to insult me by quoting a cheap price for doing something highly illegal.

I hung up the phone and sent Roger the info. I made several other calls. I called Shelia. She is going to have her Dad take her out to the hospital to see Arthur. Of course I had to tell the doctor to let her see him. Then she is coming out to stay with us to help me with Haley.

I called Eva. I explained that Haley's boyfriend was seriously injured and I would call her as soon as Haley was up to seeing anyone. Eva wanted to come out right away, but I assured her Haley would only need a few days or maybe a week to herself.

I arranged to have Arthur's family stored in a cryogenics facility until Arthur is able to attend the funeral. It would mean a lot to Arthur to have an open casket funeral, so he could see them all one more time before the burial. It was going to take a real artist to make them look even close to recognizable. Both of Arthur’s sisters had their heads decapitated. Sadly they were so mangled, it was difficult to tell which head was who's.

The only thing that saved Arthur was he was short enough it bashed in the front of his forehead instead. His parents were a mess. There was very little left of their car that was recognizable as a car. I know a doctor who can pull it off. Everything should look fine at the funeral.

I made all of the arrangements with the date contingent on Arthur's progress. I would make arrangements to put the family's belongings into storage later when everything has calmed down a little. I would sell the family's property once Arthur was healed.

I also would start a trust fund for Arthur. I will start it with ten billion and intend to add 30% of all my dividends from my stocks to each of our accounts, using the other 10 % for expenses, like buying other stocks, or for more grease. I seem to have an uncanny knack for picking out cheap stocks just before the price skyrockets.

If prices stay close to where they are now that will put about 300 billion a year into each of our accounts. Pretty much the same way I did it for Haley, only now it is a three way split, except Arthur's account is just starting. Of course he will already have more money than he would ever know what to do with. He just doesn't know it yet.

Haley will probably suggest we both throw in enough to make Arthur even with us. I won't have a problem with that, but I will wait for her to bring it up as I prefer for her to think it was her idea. Neither of them will need any of the money until they gain control of the accounts on their twenty fifth birthdays.

My Haley is already pretty sensible, but I figure she will be a whole lot more sensible by the time she is twenty five. They won't need it then, if they are still living with me. It makes no never mind to me as I won't live long enough to spend all of that money anyway. Besides as I said I seem to make money faster than most folks could throw it away.

I let Haley sleep in late. Shelia is giving me a blow job. She came in about six o'clock yesterday evening. Shelia got permission from her Dad to stay with us until the crisis for Haley is over. Thank God she is here. Haley slept solid, but fitfully all night. I fucked Shelia twice before we fell asleep next to Haley.

Roger delivered the power of attorney and the guardianship papers at 1130 am. He told me all we need for the adoption is to sign the papers. I asked if he had them with him. He told me he did. I signed the adoption papers before he left. I had planned to sign them as soon as Arthur left the hospital, but for some reason, I just decided I couldn't put it off that long.

Haley woke up around 0100 pm. She was highly agitated. "Daddy, why didn't you wake me. I wanted to go to see Arthur this morning." I hugged Haley close. "Honey, you needed the rest. Besides, we had to wait for some important papers before we could leave."

"What kind of papers?" "Sit down Haley. We need to talk." Haley sat next to me on the couch. "Haley. How would you feel about having Arthur live with us?" Haley's eyes lit up. "Here? In the house with us? Oh yes Daddy. I would love that. Would he be my boyfriend or my brother?" "Yes, here. Yes, in the house with us. He can be your brother and your boyfriend." "How are we going to do that Daddy?"

"I have arranged to adopt Arthur." Shelia appeared to be as excited over that as Haley was. "Before we celebrate, lets get him well first. Get dressed and we'll have lunch on our way over to the hospital." I knew Haley was really upset about Arthur. It was the first time in a long time she sat next to me without her hand heading to my penis.

It was also unusual for her to ignore Shelia's bared breasts when we were in the house. I also knew Haley wasn't going to wait too much longer before she got after my dick again. She has always had a tendency to favor sucking my dick whenever she would get upset.

I was right. About three minutes after we got in the car, Haley started getting my thing out. She sucked me all the way to the hospital, except for the half hour it took us to eat. God, I love her. Shelia just watched eagerly. She knew Haley needed me all to herself. Besides, she just had some before we left the house.

We entered the hospital and headed for Arthur's room. The nurse stopped us immediately. "Please, Mr. Mason. I need for the three of you to come with me." She escorted us into one of the conference rooms. "Please be seated. A doctor will be with you as soon as possible." With that the nurse turned on her heals and left as we seated ourselves.

Haley had a look of horror on her face. I knew she didn't like what was going on. She knew something was terribly wrong. So did I. Shelia was shell shocked as well. The doctor came in about twenty minutes after we were seated. I knew that wasn't a good sign. I took one look at him and said, "Where is Dr. Morgan?"

The doctor replied, "I am Dr. Ramsey. Doctor Morgan is with Arthur. I have bad news. Perhaps you should have your daughters go into the other room." I looked at Haley. I could tell she was already very upset, but I figured what ever the news was she had just as well know about it now. It wouldn't get any easier later.

Shelia didn't bother to straighten the doctor out about not being my daughter. She liked to pretend she was anyway. "No, Doctor. I think they should go ahead and hear it too." Doctor Ramsey looked down, obviously in pain himself.

"Mister Mason. Arthur's heart stopped beating about thirty minutes before you got here. We have been unsuccessful in our attempts to get it started again. Dr. Morgan has refused to give up on him. It has gone way past the normal time for a recovery. I have to tell you that barring some fantastic miracle, Arthur has passed on."

I was very worried. Haley showed no reaction whatsoever. She just sat there as if she was numb. Shelia had her face in her hands. Tears were running out from under her hands. She was awfully upset. Dr. Ramsey seemed very agitated, as if he needed to be somewhere else. "I hate to rush off like this, but I want to get back in to assist Dr. Morgan. We are going to do everything humanly possible, but I must tell you it doesn't look good."

Haley, Shelia, and I sat next to one another for the next twenty minutes. Neither of us said a word. The tears were streaming down my cheeks. I have lost my precious Arthur. Haley hadn't moved a muscle. She just sat there like a zombie. Shelia was sobbing uncontrollably.

Dr. Morgan walked in the room sitting across from me. He hung his head as a tear dripped down his cheek. "I am so sorry. It's over. There was nothing we could do. Arthur is dead."

To be continued………………………………......................................................................

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