My distrust of people began when I was seventeen and I caught my fiancee Samantha with my best friend. We had been engaged to be married a month after graduation, that didn’t happen. Instead my father offered me ten thousand dollars to join the military. I joined the Army and got a thirty thousand dollar bonus out of it. I mostly stayed to myself and used my money in investments another soldier helped me find.

Eighteen months on the east coast and then another twelve in combat before I was back on the other side of the state from home. During that time I saw several cases of women cheating on the guys. I have to be honest though and say I also saw a few guys cheating on their wives. I was three month short of my term of enlistment when I met Steve. He was an independent contractor that did home remodeling.

I helped him because we were friends not for money. A man bought a piece of property outside the city. It was thirty five acres with giant oak trees and tall pines. He had a large four bedroom home built at the other end of the property away from the road. It was built on the back slope of a ridge. It was built from cedar, with nice decks and wide porches. It was mostly one story but had a huge recreation room downstairs.

It had a kennel run that entered the house on that floor as well as a built in spa on the deck outside the living room on the main floor. The problem that brought it to our attention was that when it rained the walls leaked and the bottom floor would end up with over a foot of water. The owner sued everyone that had built the house and won but wanted the house fixed. Well, Steve and I fixed it and were sitting on folding chair as it rain.

The owner came in after it had already rained for six hours to see everything still dry. When he said he was just going to sell it for what the property had cost him which was not even half the true value, I spoke up. Two weeks later I closed on the house and a week after that I started my terminal leave as I left the Army.

The house had all brand new furniture. The stuff from the recreation room was piled in the living room so I didn’t have to buy anything. Besides the house, there was a huge bird aviary across the drive on the other side of the ridge with a covy of qual and a dozen pheasants. I was bored and intoxicated before the week was up. I had made a lot of money while in the military so I didn’t have to worry about working.

The house had four large bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. It had a large den and a large TV room which was more like a home theater. I spent a lot of time watching porn in the den. Mostly I went to cheating sites with wives cheating on their husbands. I was really drunk one night and set up my own web site. It was for husbands to send pictures or videos of their cheating wives.

I thought the title for the site said it all, ‘Give me your cheating wife.’ I put my address down so husbands could mail the pictures or videos if they wanted. It got a lot of responses right away and I always posted what was sent. Two weeks later my life was changed.

The long driveway from the road was all made from pavers with a buried conduits for all the utilities. I had used the conduit to run fiber to the gate and set up an alarm if a vehicle entered. When it went off, I was just getting up, I opened the front door and waited. It wasn’t long before a large pick up pulled around and stopped by the entrance.

A rough, dirty looking man got out and walked around barely glancing at me. He yanked the other door open and pulled out a crying woman by her hair and then a young girl about fourteen. He started walking back around the truck as he looked at me, “You wanted the cheating bitch, she’s yours and you can take her slut daughter too.”

I opened my mouth to say something but he was already slamming the truck door. A moment later he peeled out and I was left with his wife and daughter. I looked at the crying woman and walked out. I saw the choke collar and leash and something happened. I shook my head and reached down to pick up the leash, “Come on.”

She looked up at me with fear in her eyes but I wait patiently, “I don’t have all day.”

She slowly stood and I could see bruises on her shoulder under the edge of the blouse. She took a few steps but I didn’t move as I looked at her daughter, “You too.”

She looked at her mother and slowly stood. I led them into the house and then into the kitchen. I gestured to the table and draped the leash over the back of a chair. I could hear Jacob barking from the kennel and sighed as I put water on high to boil. I looked at both of them before heading downstairs to let Jacob out. Jacob was a Border Collie, Australian Shepard mix.

He was a happy dog that was only two years old. I got him from Steve who found him on a work site. He followed me upstairs and headed straight for the girl. I shook my head as she hesitantly pet him. I pulled two cups out for tea and then looked at the girl before pouring a glass of juice. I poured the hot water in the cups with the tea and then set them on the table.

I took a breath, at least they had stopped crying, they still looked scared though. I stood the woman up and reached for the buttons of her blouse. Her hands grabbed mine to stop me and I looked at her, “Stand still!”

She bit her lip and slowly let her hands fall to her side. She had tears sliding down her cheeks as I undid her blouse and took it off. Her daughter was quiet and wouldn’t look up. I turned the woman and unhooked the bra before pulling that off as well. I looked at the strips of bruises on her back and shoulders. They even disappeared under her skirt.

I shook my head and unzipped her short skirt and pushed it down. She stood in front of me completely naked and I could see her bald pussy. The bruises on her back went down past her butt to her upper thighs. I pushed her back down in the chair as I picked up my tea, “I’ll need to wash you before I can do anything about the bruises.”

She looked up quickly at my words and then nodded. I gestured to her tea, “drink.”

I looked at her daughter, “Stand up and take your clothes off.”

She looked at her mother frightened and then slowly stood as her mother only looked down at the table. I watched as she slowly undressed and let her arms dropped to her side. I gestured, “Turn around so I can see if you’re hurt.”

She looked up quickly and then slowly turned around. She only looked dirty and I nodded and motioned to the chair. I finished with my tea and stood up to put the cups and glass in the sink. I picked up the leash, “Come on.”

The woman looked up before slowly standing. I gestured for her daughter and she reluctantly stood. I led them down the hall and into the bedroom across from mine. I kept going into the bathroom and led her to the toilet. I gestured, “sit.”

I dropped the leash and left. Her daughter had been standing by the door with Jacob sitting beside her. I came back into the bedroom and set the first aid crème on the bedside night stand. I pulled the long body pillow down from above the other pillows. I stripped and walked into the bathroom and went to the shower to put my kit inside. I looked at the woman, “Have you gone?”

She blushed and nodded, I stood her up and looked into the toilet. I flushed and then led her to the shower, “I didn’t see any blood in your urine.”

She looked at me but I was turning towards her daughter, “Come here.”

She came closer slowly and I pushed her into the shower before reaching for her mother. “This may hurt a little.”

I undid the leash and draped it over the towel rack. I pushed her into the shower and turned it on. It was cold but the tankless heater warmed it quickly. I washed her hair and then handed the shampoo to her, “Do your daughter.”

She was hesitant but turned to do as I told her. I watched the way she carefully and tenderly washed her daughter’s hair before turning to me. I used soft soap and a wash cloth to wash her. The feel of her tight body under my hands made me want to throw her down and fuck her. I was careful and gentle as I washed and clean her back, butt and upper thighs.

When I was done she sighed and I turned her to her daughter before handing her the soap and wash cloth. She actually smiled before turning to wash her daughter. While they were washing I shampooed and washed. I finally shut the water off and led them out. I dried the daughter’s firm body and gave her nipple a tug when I was done, “Go lay on the bed.”

She looked at me quickly but I was already turning toward her mother. Drying her front was easy but I had to just dab at her sore back. I dried myself and then clipped the leash on her. She looked at me quickly when I did that, but didn’t say anything. I led her to the bed, “Lay on the body pillow on your stomach.”

She bit her lip but moved onto the bed and did as I told her. I glanced at the other side of the bed at her daughter. She was lying on her side with Jacob between her and her mother. I used the crème on the woman gently, “What’s your name?”

She turned her head and I could see her tears, “Terry. My daughter is Megan.”

I nodded and went into the bathroom to wash my hands and then came out to grab my clothes. I looked at her daughter, “Come with me.”

I could see the fear in her eyes as well as her mother’s. Megan climbed off the bed slowly and followed me out. I went to my room and tossed my clothes into the hamper. I went to my closet and pulled out a shirt. I tossed it to Megan who was standing by the door. I got dressed in slacks and a shirt while Megan slipped the shirt on. I grabbed my dirty clothes and headed out, “Go get the clothes you and your mother were wearing.”

When she came back, I took her to the laundry room and showed her how to use my washer. She followed me back to her mother’s room where we found Jacob between her mother’s legs licking her pussy. I didn’t say anything as I turned the other way and went to my room. I returned with my laptop and nudged Megan into the room.

I walked to the bed ignoring what Jacob was doing. Terry was blushing but didn’t move. I sat the laptop above her head and turned it on. I glanced at a red faced Megan, “Get used to seeing or feeling Jacob doing that.”

I looked at Terry as I brought up a word program, “I want you to start with the first time you cheated. I want everything, start from before it happen and go all the way through to after it was over. I want to know what you were feeling before and why you did it. I want all the details of the sex and finally I want to know how you felt after and what you did about it.”

I reached down to push Jacob away from her pussy, “Don’t let Jacob mount you yet or lick the first aid crème off.”

I called Jacob and pulled Megan after me as I walked to the TV room. I pushed her in the doorway, “Find something to watch and keep Jacob in here with you.”

She smiled shyly as I headed into the kitchen. I made a bowl of cereal and a bagel with crème cheese for Terry. I walked into the TV room to see Megan sitting in a theater chair with Jacob between her legs licking her pussy. I smiled and set the bowl on the back counter, “There’s breakfast back here when you are done.”

Megan blushed, “You said to get used to…”

I smiled, “When you finish, eat breakfast and take the bowl into the kitchen. You can come back here to watch something or go lay down with your mother.”

I left carrying the plate with the bagel. Terry looked at me as I walked in the door. I set the plate beside her and sat down, “I’ll keep you only until you are ready to leave. You’re safe here but don’t think that means I trust you.”

She nodded and slowly reached for the bagel. After she finished eating she sighed and turned back to the laptop. She hesitated, “You said not to let the dog mount me yet…”

I looked at her and then leaned over to reach between her legs and rub her wet pussy. I squeezed her clit and she shuddered. I pulled my hand back, “Jacob is a male and you are a bitch. If you let him lick like you did, you’ll let him fuck you. When you are feeling better I will use you too.”

She laughed kind of shakily, “god, I must be a…”

I caressed her bare butt, “You are a woman. Women need to be mounted and bred or they stray just like a bitch dog. Megan is just like you. She has already spread her legs for Jacob.”

Terry bit her lip and looked at me, “What are you going to do to my daughter?”

I smiled as I stood, “like you, I will teach her respect. I will fuck her right on the bed next to you, just as I will fuck you with her watching. Here in this house, I am the herd leader, the alpha male. I will show you both how it should be between a man and woman. Not just sex and not bare foot and pregnant. Men and women should enjoy one another and respect one another.”

I nodded to the laptop and picked up the plate, “Write, be truthful, it isn’t just for me, it’s for you.”

I left and went into the kitchen. I was doing the dishes when the gate alarm went off. I sighed because this was getting old, I like my privacy. Megan appeared with Jacob following, “What was that?”

I headed towards the door, “Visitors, stay inside.”

The Jeep that came up the drive looked familiar. It only slowed as it came around in front of the house and then the passenger door opened and a woman was pushed out, “Take the cheating bitch!”

As the Jeep drove off, I looked at the woman to see Samantha. She had been beaten and her clothes looked torn. I walked out and lifted her up, she was crying and wouldn’t even look at me, I pulled her behind me into the house. After closing the door I turned and with Megan watching I reached out to undress her. She clasped her clothes tight and I looked at her, “Stand still and put your arms down.”

It was a minute before her body slumped and her arms dropped to her side. I quietly undressed her and turned to Megan and held out the dirty, torn clothes, “Would you take these to the laundry room please?”

I hesitated, “Put Jacob out in his kennel, it’s downstairs on the left. Come to your mother’s room when you finish.”

I turned back to Samantha, her head was still down as if in defeat. She had bruises all over her front and back that looked like whip marks. I took her hand and pulled her after me, I led her into Terry’s room and on through into the shower. I stripped as she stood there and then I pulled her into the shower and started washing her hair. After her hair it was her body and I was careful of the visible bruises.

I pulled her out and gently dried her before pulling her into the bedroom. I made her stand at the foot of the bed. Terry was looking back and Megan lay on the bed beside her naked. I took the crème I had used on Terry and started working on Samantha.

When I finished, I put her on the bed on her side facing Terry and stood back, “I will teach you just like Terry and her daughter. Like them, I will fuck you when I need relief. You saw Jacob, you can let him lick or mount you if he wants but not until the bruises heal. Terry will explain what I want you to write on the laptop.”

I really needed to get off and looked at Megan, “Megan? Are you a virgin?”

She looked at her mother and then nodded, “I don’t have my cherry though.”

I smiled, “Did you like Jacob licking you?”

She grinned, “Yeah. His tongue reaches inside me really deep.”

I leaned over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I put her on her back as I looked from her to Terry and then Samantha, “When you accept a man to partner with, he has certain privileges, he also has a responsibility. One of his privileges is sex when he needs it. One of his responsibilities is to make sure his partner enjoys the sex.”

I lifted and spread Megan legs while Terry and Samantha looked at us with tight mouths. I smiled at Megan, “has a guy ever touched your pussy?”

She bit her lip and shook her head. I rubbed through her slit and gently rubbed her clit. Her eyes widened and she shivered, “oh!”

I smiled, “I wasn’t to rough?”

She shook her head, “No.”

I rubbed her pussy again and began pressing and rubbing her clit. She shuddered and moaned and I smiled, “Want me to stop?”

She groaned, “God no!”

I smiled ignoring Terry and Samantha as I fingered and played with her pussy. She was shivering and her pussy was really slippery when I finally pushed a finger up inside her. She groaned and shuddered as I used my thumb to keep rubbing her clit. I curled my finger and she gasped and thrust up against my hand, “Yes!”

Terry actually chuckled and I glanced at her to see her smiling at her shaking daughter. Samantha had an interested look as she watched Megan grunt and fuck my finger. I used my other hand to start rubbing her pelvis area and she tossed her head as her pussy contracted on my finger. I finally pulled my finger out to her groan of loss. I bent my cock and rubbed the drooling head through her slit before pushing. Megan jerked and shuddered hard as my cock slipped inside her, “Oh fuck!”

I smiled as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock as I went back to rubbing her clit, “Want me to pull out?”

She shook her head, “NO!”

Terry and Samantha both chuckled at that. I started fucking her nice and slow and she closed her eyes as her body continued to shake and spasm. I squeezed her clit and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. “oooohhhhhh!”

I grinned and rubbed her pelvis as I pushed deep and pressed against her womb. She jerked and looked at me in surprise. I smiled and rubbed her hips and pelvis before letting my hand move back to her clit. She shivered, “You are so deep…”

She shuddered and shook as I pulled out and slowly fucked back into her. She started breathing harder and panting as I fucked her steadily. She kept shaking as her tight pussy milked my cock. I buried my throbbing cock and then slowly pulled out and pressed the head against her warm asshole before I started spurting cum. Megan jerked in surprise as my cock pushed into her ass. She grinned and then laughed, “That feels good.”

I smiled and rubbed her tummy, “Better in your ass than in your womb where it will get you pregnant.”

I saw Terry and Samantha both look surprised. Terry cleared her throat as I sighed and pulled out. I caressed Megan’s pelvis gently and then looked at Terry, “It is my responsibility to make sure you are safe from pregnancy and anything else. I’ll take Megan into town later and try to get your birth control prescriptions filled.”

Terry looked at Samantha when she chuckled. Sam was watching me as I pushed Megan up onto the bed further and Terry smiled when she snuggled closer. I smiled at Megan, “Was that as good as you expected?”

She nodded and grinned at her mother and Samantha. I went into the bathroom to wash quickly and then dress before walking out. I went to my office to make a few changes to my web page like removing my address. I did a couple of bills and ordered a few things, I finally stopped and glanced at the clock to see it was almost noon. I headed into the kitchen and glanced back when I heard a hesitant Megan behind me. She smiled, “Can I come out?”

I smiled back, “You can go anywhere in the house you want.”

I went back to making a light tuna salad and let Megan take it back to her mother and Sam. I went downstairs to do chores and let Jacob in. When I got back upstairs Jacob was lying between Terry and Sam as they pet him.

I checked and pulled out Megan’s clean clothes before having her get dressed. I stopped in the doorway and looked at Terry and Sam, “We’ll be back in a little while. When I get back, you both need another shower to wash off before I put more first aid crème on.”

They nodded and I turned to lead Megan to the door. I wasn’t sure I could get the birth control prescriptions filled but Megan was a wonder and convinced the woman behind the counter. I did some shopping for groceries and we headed home. She kept glancing at me and finally turned in her seat, “You don’t look like a woman hater.”

I glanced at her, “I don’t hate women.”

She bit her lip. “But you think women are just good for sex.”

I smiled, “Megan, over the years I have watched women cheating on boyfriends or husbands, I have also seen men do the same thing. What I believe is that people cheat, like I told you, men and women should enjoy and respect one another. If you respect your partner enough, you will talk to him before thinking about cheating.”

She smiled, “but you’re going to fuck all three of us.”

I nodded, “Yes and you will gradually learn to tell me before letting Jacob lick or fuck you.”

Megan blushed and then giggled, “It really felt good when he licked my pussy.”

I smiled, “And now that you have felt a cock inside you, you are wondering what his will feel like.”

She looked at me and then shrugged, “Yeah.”

I nodded, “Like I said, respecting your partner or lover enough to talk to him. I haven’t lied or not said I wasn’t going to fuck your mother or Samantha.”

She looked ahead as we pulled into the driveway. When we got out she looked at me, “I’ll ask before doing anything.”

I smiled, “Thank you.”

Terry and Samantha were both sleeping and Megan helped me put everything away. I finally went back and woke Terry and pulled her into the shower to wash. She was hesitant and finally wrapped her hand around my cock, “Thank you for being gentle with my daughter.”

I smiled and pulled her hand off me as I shut the water off, “Why wouldn’t I?”

I carefully dried her and led her back to bed, this time flat on the bed while I put the crème back on. I turned her on her side and tucked a pillow under her head. I pulled Samantha into the shower and did the same thing to her while she just looked at me. After I put creme on her, I moved her closer to Terry and left. Megan was in the theater room again watching some comedy.

I smiled and went to do some chores around the house before coming back sweaty and scratched. I shook my head at Jacob, he was dirty and had tangles from chasing birds into bushes. I let him into the house and called Megan. She peeked into the hallway as I stripped, “Yes?”

I nodded to Jacob, “Would you mind washing Jacob? He loves to chase birds but he gets awfully dirty.”

She grinned as she stepped into the hall, “Where should I…”

I pointed to the room her mother and Samantha were in, “I just used regular shampoo. In the tall cabinet beside the shower is a bunch of towels. His brush is under the sink.”

Megan caressed Jacob as he came to her and turned to lead him away. I headed for my room and my own shower. When I got out and dried off, my cock was hard and I was horny. I walked into the other bedroom to see Megan brushing Jacob beside the bed and smiled as I sat beside Terry, “How are you feeling?”

She smiled as she reached out to stroke my cock, “Horny. Megan has been teasing the dog.”

Megan looked up, “Jacob.”

Samantha laughed, “I swear if she gives him half a chance he would fuck her.”

I grinned and turn Terry and cupped a breast before rubbing the nipple. She shuddered and I grinned before turning and rolling her onto her stomach. I moved and carefully straddled her thighs before leaning forward and bending my cock. I wedged the head in her pussy and softly touched the side of her face, “May I?”

She laughed and pushed back with her hips. My cock slipped into her and we both shuddered. Samantha laughed, “I’m next.”

I slowly thrust forward and Terry shuddered as my cock sank to her cervix. I groaned as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and then began to fuck her slowly. Megan laughed and I looked at her. She was stroking Jacob’s cock and he was humping her hand. I buried my cock, “Are you going to give him release?”

She smiled and looked at me, “Can I let him fuck me?”

I smiled as Terry groaned and her pussy spasmed around my cock, “What did I tell you?”

She grinned, “That I should tell you first.”

I nodded and patted the bed, “On your back this first time and put a pillow under your butt.”

She stood and moved onto the bed next to Samantha as Terry shuddered again. Samantha turned to watch her as she placed a pillow under her ass and called Jacob up onto the bed. I slowly fucked Terry as she turned her head to watch her daughter put Jacob’s paws on each side of her hips. She reached between their bodies and he started humping.

Megan grunted and shuddered a moment later as Jacob stopped and shifted closer. Then he was fucking her hard and she was spasming and grunting. Terry groaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I fucked her hard for a minute as we watched Jacob fucking Megan the same way. Samantha was breathing heavy too as Megan lifted her legs up in the air.

Jacob was whimpering as he jabbed into her and she was shuddering. Terry groaned as her pussy spasmed around my cock and then Megan jerked, “YES!”

Jacob was clutching her as he unloaded his dog cum in her pussy. Terry stiffened as I shoved into her and began spewing my own load of cum. She jerked with each jet of cum and screamed, “YES! BREED ME!”

I spewed and spurted and pumped as Jacob bred his bitch. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved over and carefully lifted Jacob and pulled him back. Megan groaned as his small knot came out of her and dog cum began leaking out. I set Jacob down and turned to rub Megan’s pelvis, “You okay?”

She grinned, “Oh yeah.”

Her mother laughed and Sam reached between her legs and fingered her pussy, “Fuck me Luke.”

I looked at her as both Terry and Megan watched and then sighed. I moved around behind her and laid down. I caressed her hip and reached around to cup her breasts, “You hurt me Sam.”

She sighed, “I know. I just can’t help it.”

I lifted her leg as I moved down and positioned my cock. “Respect Sam. You talk honestly with your partner. You are as horny a bitch as Megan.”

I pushed into her and she groaned. I smiled at Megan and Terry, “Megan is just learning and will be a good wife or lover one day.”

I started fucking Sam with long, slow thrusts as her pussy began squeezing my cock. Megan turned and backed against her mother. Sam was pushing back and moaning as I finally hit the back of her pussy. I buried my cock and humped and pressed and she began to shake. Her pussy started to spasm before she jerked and started convulsing.

I fucked her hard and she kept jerking as she got wetter and her pussy continued to grasp and squeeze my cock. She was moaning and jerking constantly as I kept fucking against her womb. It was almost twenty minutes before I thrust into her hard and held her hip as my cock throbbed. I shuddered as I began pumping thick streams and spurts of cum.

Sam shoved back and screamed as she felt my warm sperm flooding her belly. She trembled and shuddered as I pumped and spurted and spewed. When I was done she sighed and I kissed her shoulder before pulling out and slipping off the bed.

I led Jacob out and went to put a pair of pants on before starting dinner. I fed Jacob and then put him out in his kennel. Megan came into the kitchen and hugged me. I kissed her and she smiled, “thank you for letting me try that.”

I caressed her face, “Lovers help each other Megan.”

She nodded and began helping me with dinner. I went to bring both Terry and Sam out to the dinning room. We were eating when Megan grinned and then looked at me, “Can I sleep with you?”

I looked at her mother who had looked up, “if you want. When your mother and Sam are better I would like them to sleep with me too.”

Megan grinned and went back to eating. After dinner I had Sam and Terry walk around with me to give them a little exercise. I took them back to their room and the shower. Megan came to help me wash both of them and her mother and Sam laughed. After putting them both back on the bed I carefully put the creme on and a light blanket.

It was only a couple of days before Terry and Sam were sleeping with us. I fucked all three several times everyday. It was a week later and I was working outside when Terry came out. Sam was with Megan feeding the birds in the aviary. Terry stopped and shifted on her feet, “Luke?”

I glanced at her, (they had all started going naked), “Yes?”

She looked down, “Can I... let Jacob fuck me?”

I smiled, “Thank you for asking. Yes, your back is healed so it is safe.”

I looked around, “JACOB!”

He came out of a flower bush near the aviary and I shook my head, “You might want to give him a bath.”

Terry shuddered as I looked at her and sank to the ground, “I don’t think I can wait.”

Jacob headed towards her and Megan and Sam turned to watch. Jacob walked around her and since Megan had him half trained he pushed his nose in to start licking. It wasn’t long before she was rocking back and forth and moaning. The dog moved back and hesitated before mounting her. I stepped closer and pushed on his humping butt.

Terry jerked and grunted as Jacob thrust into her and then his paws were holding her hips tight as he started fucking her steadily. I looked at Megan when she put her arm around my waist. Her mother was jerking and wailing as Jacob fucked her and Sam almost whispered, “fuck me?”

I looked at her and Megan squeezed me and looked at her, “on your hand and knees beside mom.”

Sam grinned, “I was thinking the same thing.”

Terry was howling as Jacob held her and made small jabs. Megan turned to open and pull my pants down as Sam moved up beside her mom. I moved behind her and went to my knees before positioning my cock. I pushed into her pussy and held her hips as I started fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. She started shuddering and a minute later wailed as her body jerked and shook.

Terry was spasming as Jacob held her and pumped dog cum into her. Megan was sitting beside her mom and feeling her breasts and tugging on her nipples. Sam was jerking and shuddering as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. She was pushing back each time I thrust into her and it wasn’t long before I was hitting her womb.

Sam started wailing and convulsing as her pussy contracted and got much tighter. She dropped her head as she shook and thrust back and Megan reached under her to pinch and squeeze her nipple. Sam jerked and spasmed violently, “YYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

Jacob pulled out of Terry and she laid down. He was licking her cummy pussy as she moaned and shuddered. I fucked Sam for another minute before holding her hips as I pumped streams of cum into her. She howled and shuddered as she pushed back and held still so I could finish cumming in her. When I stopped cumming she sigh and looked back, “Luke?”

I pulled out of her and rubbed her butt, “Yes?”

She grinned, “Can I try Jacob now?”

I laughed and moved as Megan called Jacob and moved him behind Sam. He licked her pussy once before mounting her and Megan pushed his butt closer. Sam jerked as Jacob humped and drove his cock into her cummy pussy. Megan pushed me towards her mother, “Go fuck that bitch now.”

Terry turned her head and grinned before going back to her knees. I moved behind her and pushed into her slimy pussy before beginning to fuck her. I used long thrusts and pushed against her womb on the first one. She jerked and shuddered as I kept fucking her and Megan hugged me from behind, “Can I do Jacob after Sam?”

I turned to give her a kiss before nodding, “Sure, he’ll give you a nice long fuck.”

She grinned and rubbed my butt, “so will you after you clean my pussy for me.”

Her mother and Sam both laughed and I grinned before starting to fuck Terry with long, deep thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before she began to jerk and slam back each time I started thrusting into her. Her slimy pussy spasmed and clenched around my cock as she cried out. Sam was panting as the dog slowed and started jabbing into her before tightening his hold.

She shuddered and jerked as he started breeding her like a bitch. I continued to fuck Terry, planting my cock each time and rubbing her warm asshole. She slowly groaned as she laid forward and I followed her as I kept fucking her. Jacob pulled out of Sam and she dropped to the ground panting. Megan called Jacob and went to her knees.

I fucked Terry’s slimy pussy hard for another couple of minutes before thrusting into her and jerking as I began to spurt cum into her. She grunted and tilted her hips when she felt the warm cum pumping into her. When I finished and pulled out she shuddered and sighed. I stood and found my pants before putting them on. Jacob was taking his time as he pounded Megan and she kept jerking and shuddering as she moaned.

I helped Sam up and then Terry and we watched Jacob as he jabbed and then hugged Megan as he flooded her with cum. I knelt and worked his knot out of her tight pussy before patting Jacob and then lifting her. She grinned as I carried her towards the house and looked at the other women, “Come wash.”

After that we seemed to become closer. They always ask before having sex with Jacob or Trent after him. Terry has gotten pregnant twice and Sam three times. Megan is my companion and is pregnant now with her first.
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