25 years ago J had quite the adventure in an old state park this summer we are in a RV park for 3 months in Las Vegas Area o I am hoping to play with some others in the meantime J makes a fast impression out by the grill.
day 1 KOA somewhere USA high dessert July2, 2012. Justise/Jane names changed to protect Privacy.

RV Park Summer 1

Jane had all the stuff sorted and organized in a short time while I set up and went to the office to sign in and retrieve information door codes internet password and so on. We had been here a week before to arrange an extended stay for the summer and had selected a shady spot rare in this area near the pool and pavilion where the shower and restaurant are close by. The large Cedar trees gave decent shade in the early morning and afternoon, but the real benefit was the privacy they afforded being up close and even touching our RV in some places. When you want to open windows for a breeze it’s a little too open to the wandering traffic without the Cedar blocking the view. It also had a great sitting area in the middle where I could sit and read in the shade while keeping and eye on the trailer.

The KOA is a standard fair nothing fancy showers are public but welcoming on hot summer days when one needs to cool off from the high altitude sun. We have a shower in RV but when you stay long term it is more convenient to use the public room to have longer lasting hot water as well as more than one mirror when getting ready for the day. We were not really on vacation we were relocating and this was to be temporary housing until we could build our dream home in town.

By the time I finished up and returned to our site Jane had already stripped down trying to cool off waiting on the A/C units to catch up. All the fans were blowing but the high altitude and the wind had made it pretty uncomfortable at 3 in the afternoon. She slipped into an old house dress and her sandals to step out and work on her plants she brought with her and decided she could clean the grill since she had to be hot and sweaty anyway.

We had neighbors to our west and south sides across a lane but our closest neighbor was on the east side with only the Cedars between us. They were a healthy looking older couple appearing in the early 60’s Jane is 46 I am 51. Jane can’t help herself she is just information hungry aka nosey.

I had nodded and smiled as I passed by headed to the office and now I was coming from the other direction from checking out the restrooms and the pool.

The Lady, her name is Barb, was sitting in the same spot but Jed was moving into the Cedars to talk with Jane. The Cedars made a convenient hide out with our RV and their's on ether side you would have to walk into the center of them to get to the grill and table provided for our site.

As I slipped into the RV to put away the papers and get a cold drink I opened our bedroom shades and window to see how well it would be privatized by the Cedar break. I watched as Jane continued to lean over the grill with a grill brush in hand the breeze was nice and I could see her house dress fluttering with each gust.

Jed sat at the table with his legs spread wide and was enjoying what I decided was a titty tease from Jane as she had on no bra and her breast have those huge nipples, mommy breast from our two sons. She has gained weight but carries it very well with large hips and the most gorgeous ass freckled and bubbled. She has the most incredible gift for just making men want to talk on and on to her about the most common topics.

Jed was telling her about his wife’s health issues and Jane just opened up and shared her latest drama of a cancer scare in her breast and then her full hysterectomy due to cancer that was thankfully contained in a small tumor removed with no chemo needed. She had just recently felt back to full strength and as she gleefully quipped, "at least I kept the Toys," as she squeezed her breast with a grin. Jed seemed to blush as he stared at her Toys.

I slipped into the shower leaving her to her pass time of sharing with Total strangers her most intimate details. When I got out as I was toweling myself off in front of the oscillating fan I heard Jed gasp from the Cedar Shade, I looked out through our shades and saw what had compelled the gasp. Jane had finished the grill and in doing so dropped the cleaning tool when bending to retrieve it the wind gust had blown her house dress up over her beautiful sweaty ass and Jed was staring at her naked freckled butt as she struggled to retrieve the tool without toppling over.

As she righted herself flustered with the gown, pulling it down she giggled her school girl laugh, as she looked into his eyes and demurred, "so sorry Jed, I don’t normally flash a Man till the second date but now that I have royally mooned you stick around and later I will put on a proper Show."

Jed just shook his head as meandered off to sit with Barb.

I knew she had come out of her shell a few weeks earlier as she began to have feeling return to her Clit and G spot that had been missing for the last 6 years due to her health issue. Her Dr. had prescribed what she now called her happy pill and our sex life had begun to return to a level missing for a decade. Viagra had become a main stay in my regimen just to keep up, she was Horny all the time and I was struggling to keep her up.

I had recently gone to a sex shop to get some help and there I met a sweet young gal named Betty when I explained my situation she took me over and handed me a Large Blue Rabbit Vibrator, she explained how it took care of both issues as it had a rotating shaft designed to simulate vigorous intercourse while at the same time the rabbit ears stimulated the Clit to a knee shaking orgasm. As I was leaving with my new best mate she cautioned don’t let him replace you.

The first night I used it on her as she lay back and allowed it to do its thing and in deed she had a quivering bed shaking throat clenching orgasm as I fucked her with this new powerful toy while kissing and fondling her huge nipples. I was gone for a week and when I returned I asked, if she had used it in my absence and she blushed with a grin and said, "yes and it worked but it’s a lot more enjoyable when someone uses it on me."

So I laid her down and licked her till she was wet and used it on her again with the same satisfying result.

As she came into the trailer, hot and sweaty, she took both hands and pulled her dress up over her head with a sigh and declared, "I need a shower and some cold air to recover from this heat."

I quipped, "all hot and bothered are we or was that just old Jed heating up out there?"

Jane blushed for a moment and said, "well the wind caused quite a stir when it revealed my glorious behind to the old gent, I thought he might have a coronary there for a minute but realized he was just getting a major erection from the revelation. He nearly stumbled as he left me standing there in all my glory from the stiffy running down his pant leg. From the looks of it he must have been a real stud in his day I would venture to guess he has a full 9 inches hiding in them old jeans. Probably hasn’t used it in years from the sound of all the health issues old Barb seems to suffer from".

"Well will they be here a while or just staying the night?" I inquired.

"Well he was not real clear on their plans just said they were working their way back to Ohio before the winter sets in. Sure seemed like a nice old guy must be 70 or better. Hope I did not make him uncomfortable with my brazenness not sure what all happened out there I just intended to clean the grill for dinner and the next thing I knew we seemed to be having a moment and then the wind helped out and he made a hasty exit. I suspect he thought he would offend me if I noticed that huge boner that I caused."

"Might be," "I will ask him if he needs to go to town when I head in to get our list. You mind if I go now so I can get back before dark I am looking forward to a early bed time I am exhausted."

She smiled licking her lips, "early to bed sounds nice maybe we could make a little time for some trailer rocking so we sleep good."

"Maybe", I sighed "but if it don’t happen we can always make a date for tomorrow afternoon you know we do better in the afternoon."

She reluctantly agreed but I knew she was all worked up from her little peep show for old Jed and his 9 inch boner so I slipped a blue pill in my pocket to take on the way home to be ready for her pleasure.

My cock is a firm 8 inches and very thick especially on Viagra so I was a little ticked that she was so quick with the observation that old Jed had a 9 inch erection not intimidated just curious why se seemed so observant and expectant about this old man she did not even know. Poor Barb was still setting where she had been for the last hour as I approached she huffed to rise in the way of greeting I cooed, "no need to get up mam I just came to see if you folks needed anything from town? I am headed to the Grocer to get some supplies for the wife."

"Jed" she screamed, "this nice young man want’s to know if we need anything from town?"

Jed looked out the bedroom window screen holding up his left hand he held up one finger in the motion to say, "wait one minute."

His face fell away from the screen as he sat back on the bed and I noticed his trailer was making a gentle rocking motion and it hit me, old Jed made his exit to go rub one out.

Barb made small talk as she fretted, "what is that old fool up too Jed?"

The trailer picked up tempo and you could here old Jed moving around and when he appeared at the door he was red faced and breathing heavy. "Sorry" he proclaimed, "how can I help you young man?"

"No problem Jed I am Justise, Jane has me running to town while she cools off from her grill job, so I thought you might need to ride along to pick up a few things."

Jed looked at me with a blank stare that turned to a sly grin, "how long would we be gone Justise?"

" Oh , I figure 30 minutes in 30 minutes to shop and 30 back so if we go now we would be back by dark."

"Barb, you want to ride along? We need anything?"

"Well I wouldn’t mind having some bluebell ice-cream for desert later but that’s all I can think of right off hand." Barb reckoned.

"Ok , Justise it seems a bit much for some ice-cream in this heat and all. How about I give you some cash and you bring us a gallon of home made vanilla and I will wait a hour or so and start the fire for you so you can grill when you get back."

"That will be great Jed I will make it quick but 7:30 will be early enough on the grill only cooking a couple steaks unless you folks would be willing to join us for a steak I would be glad to cook you one"

" Wow", Barb blurted "been a week since we ate a steak Jed I would Like that but give him some money don’t let him pay."

I waved Jed off and said, "don’t think anything more of Jed I will work it out with you later."

" Well if you insist Justise, I will take care of the fire and tend to any needs Jane might have while your gone."

"She won’t need anything Jed when she gets out of the shower she plans to lay under the A/C to recover from the heat till I return but thanks anyway."

"No problem Justise my pleasure to see a nice young woman who is handy with a scrub brush and it seems she has a real green thumb from the looks of her plants."

With that Barb glared at Jed and said, "when did you see her plant’s? "

"Well uh " Jed recovered, "I was just sitting in the shade and she was watering them while I rested there could not help but appreciate her determination to improve our view."

"Oh I see," said Barb, as I slipped away to the truck waving, "I will be back in about 1hr or so Jed thanks again."

When I got out of the heat into the truck I text Jane to let her know Jed and Barb would be joining in our cook out.

She returned the Text ":D did he go with you to town? "

"No" I replied, "he stayed to build the fire and tend to your needs, he said! "

LOL she sent back, "what needs are those? You aint trading him a steak dinner to take care of your “Husbandly Obligation” are you?"

<;( "Not sure where this is headed but I will be back by 7:30 with the steaks. You be cool and collected when I return!"

"Count on it lover xoxoxo;D"

As I drove away I felt a slow burn in my gut this girl was becoming unpredictable and I was nervous about what she might get into if I was less than attentive to her wanton desire.

As I exited the main entrance she text a kissing face to my smart phone and I saw Barb headed into the public showers. As I entered the traffic on the highway preoccupied with troubling thoughts my phone buzzed again as I reached for it I brushed my pocket and the empty feeling was apparent I left my billfold in the other jeans hanging on the hook, as I text the message, “Jane headed back left billfold ”, I paused with my thumb on the send key??? I cleared the message and thought what the hell a little surprise is good for everyone. Took me about 5 minutes to the next exit and 10 more to the KOA. As I arrived at the Trailer I pulled in and left the car running thinking a quick in and out and I can still beat the dark!

I saw movement from the Cedar Break as I jumped from the truck, figured old Jed was making preparation for the fire, so I stepped around the trailer tongue to let him know it was a minor delay and I would try to make it quick. As I cleared the first tree limb I saw Jed was leaning against the trailer with his nose to the screen, I waited for a few minutes and listened as he began to talk through the window Jane must be sitting up carrying on with him again. I was about to call out when Jed reached down and removed his cock that now hung limp but was very long in the shadows I could just make out that he was still in possession of his foreskin. He was talking faster now, “ oh Jane that looks so inviting I know you must be in desperate need of a good pounding to resort to using such drastic measures to relieve yourself.”

I could just here a muffled voice from inside the trailer but could not make out the words. Then just a wisp of the grinding vibration came over the sound of Jed’s pleading … “Don’t you need me to come in and help you with that it seems really difficult to concentrate on holding it while you try to enjoy the vibration.” Ah those nipples must need sucking to make it more enjoyable Jane I ….. I stepped up to the window, “sorry Jed that particular need is only fulfilled by me but do keep watching.”

Inside the trailer I heard Jane gasp, thinking she heard me I slipped into the trailer, but when I got to the bedroom she was in the middle of her orgasm eyes closed humming with the Rabbit. I grabbed my wallet and slipped out to Jed putting my finger to my lips in a shushing gesture I pointed to the lane where Barb was coming toward us and shrugged my shoulders as I left for the steaks.

In the rearview mirror I saw Jed rushing to his trailer as Barb made her way back to her spot on the bench where her tea awaited her arrival. To be continued.

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