My name is Dakota Henderson and I’m nineteen. I graduated high school when I was barely seventeen and went to college. I took summer courses so I graduated early with my degree. My mom had left when I was younger and my dad spent most of his time in mercenary companies overseas. I had decided to take the summer off and use the houseboat my grandfather had left me.

It was on lake Powell which was really in the middle of nowhere. My grandfather was way ahead of his time. The whole area between the pontoons was just one big hydrogen battery. The only thing I had to worry about was food and flushing the sewage. I took care of the food by buying a lot of can goods and planned to fish a lot. It took awhile to get back into the canyons and then I just anchored in one.

The houseboat was a two bedroom with a nice modern kitchen. I put up the solar screen on the sundeck on the roof and set up the back screened in area. I planned to move through the canyons and explore since the water level was down. I caught a couple of small bass for dinner and was getting ready to eat when I heard someone splashing around out back. When I came out it was to see a canoe that had turned over.

Two girls were struggling in the water and I dove in quickly. It wasn’t hard to help them to the overturned canoe and then pull it to the back ladder of my houseboat. I pulled them to the ladder and let them climb out before turning to the canoe and rolling it over. I climbed onto the houseboat and tied off the rope for the canoe.

I turned to see the girls and blinked, they were both maybe sixteen and their bikini tops were missing. I reached out and rubbed a pink nipple, “be more careful next time.”

The girl shuddered as her friend or probably her sister, grinned. I nodded to the canoe and helped them back in. The girl who’s nipple I had rubbed stopped to kiss me before climbing into the boat. I watched them leave before going back to my dinner. It was late the next morning when I saw them again. I was relaxing on the upper deck when a pontoon boat turned into the cove.

I glanced at it and smiled when I saw the two girls on the deck, I sat up and they grinned and waved. I went down and through to the forward deck as their boat came alongside. A man and woman jumped aboard and then the two girls. I smiled, “I’m glad you made it back without turning the canoe over again.”

They grinned and I looked at the man. He smiled and held out his hand, “Paul Davis, thanks for saving my girls.”

I shook his hand and then his wife’s. She smiled, “You’re here by yourself?”

I shrugged, “Yeah.”

One of the girl whispered something and her mom looked at her before looking at me, “How long are you going to be here?”

I smiled, “Well, I was going to spend the whole summer in the canyons.”

She grinned and looked at her husband, “Would you like two horny girls to stay with you?”

I wasn’t the only one surprised, her husband looked at her and she grinned, “The girls will enjoy spending a whole summer and he has already shown he is capable.”

He opened his mouth before closing it and looking into my stunned face. He grinned and then laughed, “Well, would you mind looking after the girls?”

I looked at the two girls with their pleading eyes and sighed, “Sure.”

The girls hugged him and spun, “Give us a minute!”

I looked after them and then at their parents. They shook their heads and their dad smiled, “We only spend weekends here.”

I nodded as their mom turned and went over to the pontoon boat. Five minutes later it was pulling away and the two girls were waving goodbye. I waited until they looked at me before leading them into the houseboat. I showed them to the other bedroom before hesitating and going back up onto the sun deck.

It was only a minute before they came up naked and grinned as they looked around. I glanced at them, “I’m a virgin but if you stay naked around me I won’t be for long.”

They grinned at each other and came to sit beside me. Their pussies were both trimmed but one had a diamond and the other had a heart. The one with the diamond leaned over to rub my hard cock through my shorts, “I’m Bre and this is my younger sister Saturn.”

I shuddered and reached out to rub her pink nipple, “I did warn you.”

They laughed and moved together to open my shorts and pull them off as I lifted my hips. I pushed Bre back and down to the deck before caressing her body and moving down. She spread her legs as her sister laid beside her, “We do this to each other.”

I ignored her as I looked at my first pussy and then smelled it before licking through it. She was a little musky but I liked it and kept licking. I nibbled on her small inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. Saturn was kissing her as I covered her clit and started sucking and teasing it. I went back and forth as Bre shuddered and shook. She finally twisted and covered her pussy and Saturn moved down and pushed me onto my back.

Bre laughed as she straddled me and positioned my cock. She looked at me as she slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. I groaned as I felt a warm, silky pussy for the first time. I jerked and shuddered as my cock pushed against her cervix and she stopped moving. She smiled at her sister, “His cock is really stretching me.”

Saturn laughed and rubbed a nipple, “fuck him bitch so I can have a turn.”

I groaned and reached for Saturn as Bre shuddered and began rocking. I pulled Saturn up and pulled on one leg. She grinned and then laughed as she straddled my head. I pulled her hips down as her sister began rocking and fucking my cock with long thrusts. I licked through Saturn’s tight slit and captured her clit between my lips. I squeezed and hummed before licking through her pussy again. She shuddered and started to thrust back and forth on my mouth.

Bre was fucking me harder and shoved down. My throbbing cock pushed deeper against her womb. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened around my cock. Saturn was moaning and shuddering as I kept licking and sucking on her clit when I could catch it. I hummed as I sucked and it was a few minutes before she jerked and twisted away.

I was close to cumming and groaned as I reached for Bre. I pulled her down and rolled over before fucking her with deep thrusts. I buried my throbbing cock and shuddered hard as my body tightened and I began gushing cum. She lifted her hips as she wrapped her legs around me, “OH FUCK!”

I pumped and spewed and gushed until her womb was completely full. She kept shaking and twitching as I filled her and when I was done she sighed, “Good I love feeling that.”

Saturn laughed, “let him fuck me now.”

Bre grinned as she kissed me and pushed me back, “fuck that silly bitch.”

I laughed as I pulled out of Bre and turned to Saturn. She turned and went to her hands and knees, “I like it this way.”

Bre snorted, “You have only used a candle, how would you know.”

Saturn looked back and frowned but I moved behind her and rubbed her wet pussy, “We are going to do every position this summer.”

She grinned as I bent my cock and pushed into her tight pussy. I started fucking her with long thrusts and it was a minute before she shuddered and began to thrust back. She was shaking as her pussy clenched and squeezed my cock. I hit her womb and kept fucking her as she stiffened and shuddered. She arched her back as she wet me, “AAAAHHHHH!”

Bre laughed, “you were never this loud with the candle.”

Saturn groaned and started jerking as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock, “SO GOOD!”

My cock pushed deeper and she started twisting and slamming back, “YES!”

Bre giggled, “Horny slut.”

I shuddered and held Saturn’s hips as I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock as she struggled and began to spew cum into her womb. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and then sighed and pushed back. Each time I pumped a stream of cum into her, she would shudder and sigh. I pulled out when I finished and she dropped to the deck, “oh, that was nice.”

Bre laughed as she reached over to rub her sister’s butt. I shook my head, “Lunch is canned fruit.”

They grinned and stood with me before following as I went downstairs. I opened a couple of cans and handed out spoons which made them grin as we sat close together and took turns feeding each other. After lunch they sat with me as I moved the boat around and into another cove. I anchored and grinned as I walked towards the back.

I dove into the lake and took a look around underwater before surfacing as Bre and Saturn slipped into the water. We played and splashed around for an hour or so before getting out. I led them up to the sun deck again and they grinned. Saturn pushed me down on a lounger and turned before straddling me. She sat slowly as Bre lifted my cock and it pushed into her tight pussy.

Saturn lay back on me and I put my arms around her to cup her breasts. A moment later I shivered as I felt Bre between her legs licking us. Saturn jerked and shuddered as her sister attacked her clit. Her pussy kept clenching and as she jerked around and wiggled. She finally laughed, “okay, I’ll fuck him.”

Bre laughed as she moved and her sister pulled off my cock and turned to straddle me. She slowly impaled her pussy on my cock and leaned forward before beginning to rock. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered before adding a twist and thrust to her rocking. A couple of minutes and she was fucking me erratically. She started jerking and her pussy clamped down around my cock, “FUCK!”

Her warm, tight pussy felt good but I lifted her and pulled her off my cock. I slipped out from under her and off the lounger. I turned her onto her back as she spread and lifted her legs. I moved over her and pushed back into her tight pussy. I kissed her before beginning to fuck her with deep thrusts. It was only a minute or so before Saturn was bucking and thrashing around as she wailed.

She was kicking in the air as I fucked her with long strokes and kept pushing into her. Her tight pussy was spasming, squeezing and grasping at my cock each time I thrust in. I buried my cock in her belly and started to grind, hump and jab. Saturn howled as her pussy rippled around my cock. I grinned as Bre rubbed my back and pulled back to fuck her with long thrusts.

A couple of minutes and I thrust into her hard, making her grunt. She froze and stiffened as my cock throbbed and then erupted in a thick, gushing fountain that flooded her womb. She clutched me tight as her pussy tightened around my cock and then she shuddered, “AAAAAHHHHHHH!”

I pumped spurt after spurt until her pussy was full and leaking around my cock. I shivered and kissed her before pulling out. Saturn lay back on the lounger and panted as cum began leaking out of her pussy. I moved off the lounger and Bre laughed, “My turn!”

She moved over her sister and down between her spread legs. I grinned and stood up as Bre started licking up the cum leaking out of Saturn. I rubbed her butt before going to look for my shorts. I went to get my fishing pole and went to the forward deck. It was awhile before the girls joined me. They sat back in two chairs and whispered back and forth. I still managed to catch a large bass and several large perch for dinner.

Night comes fast in the canyons and by the time dinner was over it was getting dark even though it was still early. We cleaned up and sat on the sundeck to watch the canyon walls change colors. Finally it was dark and I stood to go downstairs. We used the small bathroom to brush teeth and wash the lake water off, Bre and Saturn both like that part.

I shut off all the lights so only the small freezer and the refrigerator were on. I slipped into bed and felt hands reaching for me. I smiled as I pushed them away and moved over Bre. I kissed her as she hugged me and wrapped her legs around me. I pushed into her tight pussy before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts. Saturn giggled and rubbed me with her breasts, “fuck her silly.”

Bre groaned and then laughed as I buried my cock and kissed her passionately. I started grinding and humping as I pressed into her deeper. It was a few minutes before she suddenly jerked and began flailing around as her pussy spasmed and tightened on my cock. She kept moaning and shuddering as I fucked her nice and deep. My cock pressed into her cervix and she jerked as her pussy tightened.

A couple of minutes and she was wailing and convulsing. I continued to fuck her nice and deep, humping and grinding against her. She was constantly thrashing around and spasming as my cock slipped through her pussy. Finally after fifteen or twenty minutes I thrust into her and shuddered as my cock began gushing. Bre tilted her hips as she clung to me and her pussy squeezed my cock, “AAAAAHHHHHH!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted and finally I just held her as she tried to catch her breath. I gave her a soft kiss before pulling out and moving towards Saturn. She laughed as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I went back and forth and fucked each of them three times before letting them go to sleep. I woke when it was still dark. It takes the sun awhile to find its way into the canyons.

I slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom and then the kitchen not even bothering with clothes. I made breakfast with powdered eggs and a mix for pancakes. I was just finishing when the two girls struggled in. After breakfast we moved the boat around into another longer canyon. The water was so clear I could see the bottom even though it was deep water. We swam and played for a couple of hours before getting out and climbing to the sundeck to warm up.

I woke to Saturn licking my cock and glanced at Bre laid back smiling with her eyes closed. I reached down and pulled her younger sister up my body, “come up here you.”

Bre grinned as Saturn turned to face my feet as she straddled me, “Like a proper bitch.”

I grinned and rubbed her warm, pink asshole before lifting her and positioning my cock. She wiggled and pushed down to force my cock into her tight pussy. She sighed as I pushed into her and then began to rock back and forth. Her pussy started squeezing my cock as she grunted. I was hitting and pushing against her womb as Saturn started panting and shaking.

It wasn’t long before she was jerking and wailing as her pussy became slipperier. Bre sat up and pushed her back onto me, “Loud bitch.”

The next thing I felt was Bre licking my balls and her sister’s pussy. Saturn convulsed and shuddered as her pussy continued to clench and milk my cock. I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts as her sister attacked her clit. I was kissing her neck and caressing her breasts as she screamed and squirted. My cock was jerking and throbbing as Saturn grunted and pushed back and down.

As I started spurting cum she shuddered hard and lifted off my spewing cock. Bre pulled my cock into her mouth as I kept cumming and I pumped the rest down her throat. When I finished she licked my cock and then went to her sister’s pussy to get what was leaking out. Saturn shuddered and finally twisted and slid off me. I smiled and reached for Bre who slid up to straddle me, “want to go swimming again?”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “Have you ever had sex in the water?”

She grinned and slipped off me before pulling me up, “we better put life vests on.”

Saturn was grinning as she followed us. I found the life vests up front and reluctantly slipped one onto both girls. I dove into the water behind the boat and waited for the girls. I swam to Bre after she slipped into the water and turned her around to hold her from behind. She lifted her hips and pushed her butt back as she spread her legs. I grinned as I slipped between her legs and held her waist with one hand. I guided my cock to her pussy and thrust into her.

She groaned as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck her. Saturn swam closer in front of her sister and started kissing her. Bre was shuddering as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. It felt strange fucking her like this and she started wiggling. Bre grinned back at me, “this makes me want you to fuck me hard and deep but I can’t.”

Saturn laughed, “Let me try.”

I pulled out of Bre and swam towards Saturn. She turned and lay forward with her legs spread. Bre laughed as she treaded water and floated. I held Saturn’s hips and pushed into her before starting to fuck her. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and tried to push back. She frowned and looked at Bre, “I see what you mean.”

I laughed and tried to fuck her hard and deep but didn’t really have the leverage. I finally pulled out, “one of you is going to get it as soon as we get out.”

They both laughed and splashed me before struggling out of the life vests and tossing them onto the back deck, after that we played and swam. It was awhile before we got out and I pulled Bre into the boat house and into the living room. She was giggling as she tried to dry off and I bent her over the back of a chair.

I pushed into her tight pussy and held her hips as I fucked her with long thrusts. Bre grunted at first and then she was moaning as my cock pushed deeper. She pushed back as I finally hit her cervix and stopped to rub her asshole. I pressed and humped and jabbed before pulling back and fucking her with long, deep thrusts. Her pussy was grasping and spasming around my cock as if trying to milk the cum out of it.

It was ten minutes before I began to fuck her hard. She was wailing and yelling as her pussy constantly clenched and tightened around my cock. I pushed into her and held her hips as I spewed and pumped more cum. Bre jerked and shuddered as she pushed back and sighed. When I stopped cumming I let her go and she shuddered one last time before standing and turning to hug me.

I gave her a kiss before turning to look for Saturn. We found her sunning on the upper deck and Bre grinned as she went to lay beside her. I made a small lunch again before moving the boat and starting to fish. After dinner we sat on the sundeck and watched the show as the sun went down. The walls shifted colors from sandy brown to red and then gold before it started to get dark.

I pulled the two girl down to the living room and started a DVD. Saturn came to straddle me and position her pussy before pushing down to get it into her. She sighed as I pushed into her nice and deep and then she began to thrust back and forth. It wasn’t long before my thick cock started rubbing against her cervix and she pushed down harder.

She grunted as it pushed her womb open. I caressed her hips as she shuddered and her pussy spasmed around my cock. She went back to slowly thrusting back and forth as her warm pussy kept grasping at my cock. I was slowly fucking back and forth through her pussy as she began to breath harder. After a couple of minutes she jerked and shook hard as her pussy tightened.

She became wetter and slippery as she kept fucking me erratically. I caressed her sides and hips before pulling her close to feel her naked body against mine. Her hips thrust back and forth as I continued to hold her and after awhile she shuddered and then began jerking. Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as she spasmed. I grunted and groaned before holding her hips as I jabbed up and started spurting cum.

Saturn shuddered and sighed as her pussy milked the cum out of my cock and into her. When I stopped cumming she grinned and kissed me, “Night.”

She stood and walked back towards the bathroom. I turned from watching her and Bre laughed as she came to pull me up. She had already turned the TV and DVD off and pulled me around shutting everything off for the night. She went into the bathroom with me to get ready for bed. Saturn was in bed but she was pretending to sleep.

Bre waited until I shut the light off and slipped in beside her, “tonight you are mine. If you want to fuck, use me.”

I grinned and caressed her body, “you are going to be cummy in the morning.”

She laughed, “I hope so.”

I fucked the girls day and night all summer. On the weekends their parents found us and checked on the girls. After the summer ended I moved to the city the girls lived in and went to work. Every afternoon the two girls would come over and fuck me. On the weekends they stayed with me or we went back to the houseboat. A year after I met them, I married Bre.

That was six years ago, Bre has finished college and had a baby. Saturn mostly lives with us and is going to college now. She is eight months pregnant with my baby too.
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