My dad got my mom pregnant when she was fifteen and he was eighteen. My name is William David Harris and I’m eighteen. I am five ten with reddish brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is eight and a half inches long and I have large balls. I was a senior in high school but was getting ready for college. At the age fifteen I managed to get into a tech school for accounting and started my own bookkeeping service from home when I was sixteen. I make very good money, more than enough to pay for my own college.

A week after school got out was when the shit it the fan. My dad was throwing his things into his car and barely glanced at me as I came home from a clients. (Dad and I got along okay but we were never close.) He finally started for the driver’s door, “I caught your mother with Eric Thompson and that asshole Dweeb or whatever his name is. I’m tired of the bitch cheating.”

He left and I finally went into the house. I couldn’t believe mom had fucked Eric or Dweeb, they were both total losers. I walked down the hall and looked into her room to see her sitting white faced on the bed. She was naked and since she was very hot I hesitated, “You fucked Eric and Dweeb?”

She glanced at me and shrugged, “they were here and your father doesn’t touch me.”

I shook my head, “They’re drug users and pigs.”

Mom shrugged again, “when I’m horny, any dick will do.”

I hesitated, “Did they use condoms?”

She nodded and I turned and walked to my room thinking about what she said. Thirty minutes later I heard her shower and shook my head. I finally picked up the phone and called her work and told them she quit. Because of the companies I worked for I knew a lot of guys. I started making calls, mostly to wives. When I finished I stood and went to mom’s room. She was at her dresser looking in a drawer as I walked in.

She glanced back as I turned her and pulled her to the bed. I had already stripped and just pushed her back onto the bed, “you are my mother and since you just chased dad away you belong to me.”

She opened her mouth as I bent and pushed my thick cock into her and she froze, “shit!”

I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts, “Tomorrow I have five clients coming over from nine until twelve. You will use the guest room and let them fuck you however they want.”

She groaned as my thick cock kept pushing on her cervix and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. I reached up to tug on her nipples, “You’re a whore but now you are my whore. I will create a journal and you will put everything they do to you in it.”

I shuddered and pushed against her womb as I began to spew huge, gushing torrents of cum. She jerked and bucked as I pumped and spewed cum into her womb. When I stopped she kept spasming. I pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach before thrusting into her slimy hole. I went back to fucking her with long, deep strokes and she groaned as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

I rubbed her asshole as she was shuddering hard and her pussy continuously tightened around my cock. She was shaking and convulsing when I pushed my thumb into her ass, “You need to start using an enema so you stay clean in case they want to fuck your ass.”

Mom stiffed as I thrust into her again and forced her cervix opened before spewing even more sperm. “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!”

I held her as she tried to twist and wiggle and pumped six huge jets of cum before stopping and pulling out. I turned her over on the bed, “After twelve I will fuck you and then you will make lunch. I will clean up after lunch because you will have another five clients coming to fuck you.”

Mom opened her mouth and I reached down to finger her pussy, “maybe in a few years I’ll let you stop.”

She shuddered and thrust her hips up and onto my finger. I smiled and moved onto the bed and between her legs. I pushed into her slimy pussy and began to fuck her nice and slow, “After your last client you will clean up and come sit with me while I make dinner and before we go to bed. I will use you during the night and in the morning.”

Mom shuddered and wrapped her legs around me as I started fucking her hard and deep. Her slimy pussy tried to grasp my cock but she was too cummy. She started jerking and shaking as I shoved into her womb and humped into her and ground against her groin. She convulsed and arched her back, “FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I went back to fucking her hard. It was ten minutes of riding her bucking, thrashing body before I began pumping more cum into her womb. She froze with her hips raised and clung to me. I finished cumming and slowly pulled out and moved off the bed, “You will only wear nightgowns in the house.”

I caressed her face, “I have a couple of boxes of expensive condoms coming for your clients. You will not douche after I fuck you or use birth control. Put a nightgown on and come into the front room.”

Mom sighed as I turned and walked out. I was working when she walked into the room a few minutes later. She was wearing a black negligee and sat in a chair close to me, “William...”

I turned to look at her and she smiled, “You’re really selling me to some men?”

I smiled, “Sold and not just to some men. I contacted wives of men and they are the ones to pay me. I have you scheduled for the next two weeks with ten men each day, five days a week. Tomorrow you will even have one of the wives watching and telling you what to do to her husband.”

Mom sat back and then grinned, “And you are breeding me.”

I nodded, “If you want to fuck bareback it will be in your ass until you are pregnant.”

She laughed and looked at the door as the door bell rang. I held out some money, “That will be the condoms.”

She took the money and walked to the door boldly and I heard her talking before she came back grinning. I glanced at her, “Did he get a good look?”

She laughed, “She did. She wanted to know if you had or needed more whores. I told her she could come back later and try out.”

I glanced at the door and reached out to rub her hard nipples. She shuddered and grinned, “Breed the bitch too honey.”

I shook my head, “You are getting so fucked tonight.”

She giggled, “but not alone.”

We talked as I worked and she sounded more alive than she has been in a long time. I even went online to order a completely new bedroom set for the guest room and my bedroom. We had just finished dinner when the doorbell rang. Mom grinned at me as I loaded the dish washer and went to answer it.

She was back in a minute with a honey blonde wearing a tiny skirt and a hooter girl shirt. I smiled and turned back to what I was doing, “So you want to be a whore like my mother.”

She laughed throatily, “Yeah.”

I glanced at her, “take your clothes off.”

She didn’t even hesitate and I saw the trickle of girl cum on her inner thigh. I smiled, “Lick her pussy mom.”

I turned back to finish the dishes as she gasped and a moment later she gasped again, “fuck!”

I finished and turned to see mom on her knees and the girl with her legs spread wide. I walked to her and felt her breasts as mom licked and sucked on her clit. I reached down to touch mom and she looked up and grinned. I tugged on one of the girls nipples, “are you on birth control?”

She shuddered and shook her head, “I bought another box of condoms.”

I reached down to rub her wet pussy, “I don’t use condoms, they’re only for clients.”

She groaned and shuddered, “Fuck me.”

I smiled and took her hand before pulling her back to mom’s bed. I stripped as she laid back on the edge of the bed and mom moved around to the other side. I moved between this girls legs and lifted them before pushing into her tight pussy. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and her pussy began grasping at my cock.

It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she started jerking and spasming. I pushed into her a couple of minutes later as she was convulsing. I held her hips as my cock erupted and I started spewing a huge torrent of cum straight into her womb. She lifted her legs and howled as her tight pussy squeezed my cock.

I spurted and pumped and spewed until I was finished cumming. I pulled out and turned her on the bed before reaching for mom. She was grinning as she turned and lifted her butt. I rubbed her pussy and looked at the girl before pushing into my mother. I started fucking her with long, firm thrusts and she moaned and shuddered.

The girl turned and kissed mom on the mouth as she shook. I buried my cock deep inside her and used my thumb to fuck her ass. Mom grunted and pushed back as I pushed harder and my thumb slid in. She groaned and shuddered hard as I held her with my thumb and started fucking her again. I looked at the girl as she kissed mom, “What your name?”

She lifted her head to look at me, “Dusty.”

I grinned, “Well, turn around and put your leaking pussy in her face.”

Dusty grinned and turned around and went to her back before sliding up under mom’s face. I buried my cock and fucked mom with my thumb, “Lick her.”

She groaned and reached up to pull Dusty’s leaking pussy to her face. I went back to fucking mom with long, deep thrusts and she began shaking as Dusty started lifting her hips and fucking her face. Every couple of minutes mom would jerk and shudder hard as her pussy tightened. Dusty kept tossing her head as she fucked up into mom’s face. I shoved into mom finally and held her as I began pumping more sperm into her womb.

She screamed as she thrust back and began convulsing. When I stopped spewing and spurting inside her, I pulled out. I nodded to the bed, “lay beside each other.”

I walked to the light and turned it off before coming back to the bed. I crawled between Dusty’s legs and pushed back into her cummy pussy, “I’m going to breed you and sell your pussy. Tomorrow morning go home and bring your things here.”

She groaned as my cock fucked in and out of her and put her arms around me. She was lifting her hips to meet each thrust into her and began to shiver and shudder. I buried my cock to slowly jab and hump and she started to jerk and convulse as her pussy tightened and spasmed around my cock. She jerked and thrashed around as I fucked her harder and began wailing.

Mom moved closer to rub my back and kiss her. Dusty continued to jerk and spasm as I kept fucking her. It was a long time before I buried my cock in her and started pumping sperm. She arched her back and howled as I poured warm cum into her. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out before laying between her and mom.

Mom snuggled against me and when Dusty caught her breath she hesitantly did the same. I held them and was surprised when they fell asleep. I woke up early and turned to mom before slowly pushing her onto her back. I moved over between her legs as she opened her eyes. I pushed into her cummy pussy and began fucking her as she put her arms around me.

It wasn’t long before my cock was opening her womb and she was jerking and shaking. Her hips were lifting to meet mine as her pussy grasp at my cock when I buried it. She started to shudder and moan as I began pressing and humping against her. It was only about five minutes before I thrust into her and held her spasming body as I pumped huge jets of cum.

Mom lifted her hips and cried out as she felt me spewing warm sperm into her. I pumped and spewed and spurted until her womb was completely full. I kissed her and slipped out of bed as she sighed and relaxed. I went to the bathroom and she came in with Dusty as I was showering. After they peed I pulled them in and washed them, “Make sure you give yourself an enema this morning and douche with a little lube after each client.”

I kissed mom when I finished and then smiled and caressed Dusty before kissing her softly, “You have the morning off to move in. You will share mom’s clients this afternoon.”

She grinned and kissed me passionately before letting me go. I dressed and went to make coffee and breakfast before starting to work. It was awhile before mom and Dusty came out and ate. Dusty left and mom sat beside me in a night gown. Just before nine the door bell rang and I went to answer it. The man standing there looked nervous but I smiled, “Mr. Rice.”

I let him in as mom walked to me and took his hand. He followed as she led him towards the hall and I closed the door. I went back to the account I was working on and forty minutes later turned as she brought him back. He was grinning and waved as he left and I cleared my throat. Mom looked at me and I smiled, “Use our bed, the furniture I ordered for the guest room and my bedroom should be here soon.”

She hugged me, “He really needed to get fucked.”

I laughed, “His wife said she hopes you drain him.”

Mom grinned, “Well, I got four loads.”

I went to answer the door and let her next client and his wife in. Mom was nervous as she led them to her bedroom. I had barely sat when the furniture arrived. After that it was Dusty returning and I had her wait in my old room until mom was finished. Mom was smiling when they came out and both the man and his wife were leaning against each other.

I had mom help Dusty move her stuff and made the new bed in the guest room for her. A little after twelve the last client for the morning left. Dusty was sitting with me wearing a shear nightgown and grinning as she fingered her pussy. I had been able to add a few guys to their list of clients so they each would get four each morning and afternoon.

Dusty sat at the table as I made lunch. Mom and her whispered and giggled until lunch was over when the door bell rang. I went to answer the door and turned to Dusty and let her lead him to my old room. The men came and went as I worked and both mom and Dusty seemed to enjoy themselves. Just before dinner the last guy left and mom started dinner with Dusty helping.

I finished working and stripped before going into the kitchen. I smiled as I crossed to Dusty and hugged her from behind and cupped her firm breasts. I kissed the back of her neck before pulling her night gown off. I handed it to her as I walked to mom who turned to face me, “You don’t need this for the rest of the day.”

I kissed mom and pulled her night gown off before bending to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and groaned and I grinned as I turned to take her night gown and put it in the hamper. I came back to sit and watch the two, “Did you use the condoms?”

They nodded and mom grinned as Dusty blushed. I smiled and turned Dusty as I caught her hand. I had her straddle me and positioned my cock before slowly impaling her pussy. She groaned as my cock pushed into her and then she started to rock back and forth. I caressed her hips and looked at mom, “How did it go with Mr. Jones and his wife?”

She smiled, “Great. She had him fuck me five times including anal.”

Dusty shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. I kissed her as she moaned and looked at mom again, “I want you to start a journal detailing what each client does to you.”

Dusty jerked and spasmed erratically, “OOOOHHHHH!”

I rubbed her butt before standing and setting her on the edge of the table. I laid her back and held her hips as I fucked her with long, deep thrusts. It was only a minute before she was howling as she lifted her legs, “FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!”

I fucked her hard trying to cum as she convulsed and thrashed around. I shoved into her as my cock throbbed and jerked and held her as I began to pump sperm into her. Dusty wailed and her feet kicked as she shook while I poured cum into her. She was full and leaking when I stopped and slowly pulled out. I helped her up and kissed her as I held her against me. It was a minute before she shuddered and grinned, “Thanks William, you bred me good.”

I smiled and pushed her towards mom and sat back down. Dinner was nice, mom and Dusty talked about what they had done. After dinner I did the dishes and cleaned up while they went to change the sheets on the beds they had used and clean up. I went to turn on a movie in the master bedroom and they came in a few minutes later.

I smiled and laid Dusty down before pulling mom around to the other side of the bed. I laid her back and she held her legs up and spread as I pushed into her. I rubbed her clit as I began to fuck her with long thrusts. It was a minute before I hit her cervix and she shuddered as her pussy tightened. She groaned as I pushed in and started grinding and humping.

When she wailed and started kicked in the air I pulled back and began to fuck her hard and deep. Mom convulsed and thrashed as her pussy contracted and kept squeezing my cock. A couple of minutes later I shoved into her as I began to spew cum. She lifted her hips and started jerking as she tossed her head. I spurting into her until my cock was only throbbing and then I pulled out and turned her on the bed. She sighed and smiled up at the ceiling, “that was great baby.”

I moved onto the bed after shutting the light off and moved to lay between mom and Dusty. The movie was just ending before Dusty turned and straddled me backwards. I smiled and rubbed her warm asshole as she lifted up and positioned my cock. She shuddered and sighed as my cock pushed into her slimy pussy. Mom lay half on me as Dusty began rocking back and forth.

It wasn’t long before my cock was rubbing against her cervix and then it opened. She shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. Slowly she started becoming erratic and jerked as she twisted and convulsed. She got wetter as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing me. Mom reached around her hip and started fingering her and Dusty jerked before spasming as her pussy tightened, “FUCK!”

She wiggled and twisted as she thrust back and forth hard. It was several minutes before I pulled her back and down before rolling. She was on her stomach with her legs spread as I began to fuck down into her. She screamed and wailed as I fucked her hard and deep. Her cummy pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock. I finally thrust into her and held her as it jerked.

She stiffened and a moment later screamed as I began to spurt large jets of cum. Her body was racked with spasms and convulsions as I continued to pump sperm into her. When I finished and kissed the back of her neck, she sighed and slowly relaxed. I pulled out and pushed her legs closed before laying between her and mom. I woke twice during the night, the first time I fucked mom and the second time I did Dusty again.

Before the month was over they were both pregnant. Each day they had eight clients each and many times it was with the wife watching and suggesting things to do. I call it marriage sex counseling for my clients. After the babies were born, I watched them during the day while mom and Dusty worked. I did marry Dusty a year later and am working on breeding them a second time now.
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