I don’t remember my father, he left Georgia and I when we were babies. Mom was some research doctor at a big company. One of the things that was always strange was that we feel what the other feels. When I skinned my knee Georgia felt it and strangely when she hit the curb on her bike and broke her hymen I felt it, (that really hurt). I always knew what Georgia felt and she knew what I felt.

When Georgia started having periods I felt it. We were ten and in school that first time. The teacher helped me into the nurse’s office because I was cramping. I knew better than to tell him the cramps were Georgia’s. Georgia smiled at me weakly and I saw the blood on her crotch. I almost panicked but she pulled me close and whispered, “I started my period.”

The nurse was used to both of us coming in when one of us was hurt and just turned back to talking to mom on the phone. The next three years were strange for both of us. Georgia would look at me and smile when I saw something that made my cock hard, just as I would look at her and grin when she got excited. We were thirteen, Georgia was staying overnight with a girlfriend who lived next door. I was checking my stocks when I felt her.

It started with her arousal and the now familiar excitement. I could almost feel hands on my body and moved to lie on the bed. I closed my eyes as I shuddered with Georgia. Slowly my hips began to push up as I grabbed the covers in my fists. I could feel a mouth licking her pussy and groaned. I didn’t see or hear mom as she stopped in the doorway and looked at me.

I shuddered and moaned as another mouth started sucking on Georgia’s nipple. I wanted something inside me so bad and kept shaking as a finger pushed into my/her pussy. Mom left as I lifted my hips and it was almost like I was there with Georgia. Someone was kissing me and someone else moved up to cover our body. Suddenly it stopped and I felt Georgia’s embarrassed. I shook my head and groaned as I was me again.

A few minutes later I heard the front door and mom telling Georgia to go to her room. It was about twenty minutes later that mom stopped in my door. I was back at my desk as she looked at me, “Come to your sister’s room.”

I knew that she was going to give us another sex talk and sighed. Georgia was sitting on her bed looking embarrassed, frustrated and pissed. I sat beside her, “She must have seen me, Sorry.”

Georgia barely nodded before mom walked in with a kitchen chair. She sat in front of us and looked back and forth, “I know we had a sex talk. I should have expected one of you to start experimenting.”

She took a breath, “Take your clothes off.”

Georgia and I looked at each other and mom gestured, “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen each other. Take your clothes off.”

I stood and pulled my shirt off as Georgia stood beside me and did the same thing. She absently turned and I undid her bra before she pulled it off. I smiled at her breasts and she grinned before looking down at my crotch. I glanced down and reddened at my hard cock before undoing my pants and pulling them off.

Georgia had hers stripped off by the time I finished. Mom gestured to the bed, “Lay back on the bed James.”

I looked at Georgia and then did as mom said. She cleared her throat, “Alright Georgia, feel your brother.”

I looked at her in surprise and Georgia turned to look at me before reaching straight for my hard cock. We both froze as her hand wrapped around it. I shivered and Georgia echoed it with a grin. Mom laughed, “Stroke it slowly Georgia.”

I sighed as she did what mom told her. She shivered and whispered, “It makes my pussy ache.”

Mom laughed, “We’ll get to that.”

I grinned at Georgia and she wiped some pre cum off and tasted it. I groaned and reached up to rub an erect nipple and she shivered. Mom leaned forward, “Lick his cock and suck on it.”

Georgia blushed and looked at my hopeful face and then grinned. She leaned over and licked the head of my cock before putting it in her mouth. I shuddered and she groaned as my hips rose slowly.

It was only a moment before my whole body spasmed and I began spurting cum. Georgia was shaking and spasming as she swallowed each jet. When I stopped cumming and relaxed she licked my cock and grinned at me, “That didn’t taste as bad as the girls at school said.”

Mom laughed, “Lay back Georgia. James, lick your sister’s pussy.”

I grinned as Georgia scrambled up onto the bed and spread her legs as she lay back. I moved between her legs and didn’t even hesitate, I licked from her ass to the bud of a clit. Georgia jerked and shivered, “mmmmm!”

I shuddered with her at the feeling I was getting from her. I pushed my tongue up inside her and mom cleared her throat, “Careful of her hymen.”

I lifted up and looked at mom, “She broke it on her bike.”

I sucked on Georgia’s clit as mom raised her eyebrow. Georgia shuddered, “You know he feels what I do.”

Mom grinned, “That must have been an experience.”

I groaned as Georgia started shaking. I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy and she jerked, “YES!”

I jerked and spasmed with her as she shuddered through an orgasm. Mom cleared her throat, “Fuck her James.”

I looked at mom in surprise but Georgia was already pulling on me. I moved up between her legs and she positioned my cock before I slowly forced it into her. We both groaned and shuddered at the feeling of my cock forcing her tight pussy open and sliding deeper. I humped and my thick cock pushed the rest of the way into her as we both shuddered and spasmed. Mom was laughing at both of us, “Keep moving James.”

I groaned as Georgia held me and I started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pressed my cock against the back of her pussy. We both jerked and shuddered as our slow fucking started to get harder and faster. She was thrashing around and bucking as I thrust and jabbed into her and pressed against her.

It seemed like it was taking forever and suddenly I jerked as I felt my climax start. I thrust deep into her and against her cervix as I began pumping huge torrents of sperm while we were both screaming, “YES! I’M CUMMING!”

Georgia thrust up and all I could do was hold her as I spewed and spurted cum. We jerked and spasmed as warm cum pumped out of me and deep into Georgia. When I stopped cumming we still held each other as we twitched and shuddered. Mom leaned closer and caressed both of us, “That is what sex is about. You are both connected and now you know what is going to happen to the other when you have sex.”

I pulled out of Georgia and we both groaned as I lay beside her. She turned and put her head on my shoulder, “That felt good.”

Mom laughed as she stood up, “Now that you have let the monster loose you need to tame it.”

She walked out and Georgia and I looked at each other before grinning. She turned and straddled me, “You’re the monster and I’m going to tame you.”

Mom laughed from the hall but didn’t come back. Georgia lifted up and I positioned my cock before she sat back. My cock pushed into her easily since her pussy was slimy from my cum. She had a surprised look and I felt what she did and thrust up with my hips. “So good!”

She grinned and leaned forward before thrusting back suddenly. We both jerked and spasmed before she began rocking and thrusting back and forth. We were shaking and having small tremors as her pussy squeezed my cock and it jerked and throbbed inside her. The sensations echoed back and forth between us until that was the only thing we knew.

It ended with me because I arched my back as I clutched at Georgia. My cock felt like it was exploding as I gushed and pumped strong jets of cum deep inside my sister. We were both screaming as we jerked and convulsed and spasmed. Finally it ended and we lay together clutching each other. We grinned at each other and mom laughed from the doorway, “go wash up and get ready for bed.”

After washing and brushing teeth we stared at each other. I grinned, “Want me to sneak in and sleep with you?”

Georgia grinned, “Yeah.”

We got surprised when we came out of the bathroom. Mom was stripping Georgia bed and looked at us, “Sleep in James’s bed tonight.”

We grinned and Georgia pulled me into my room. I waited as she pulled the covers back and turned the light out. I closed the door and crossed the room to slip into bed beside her. Georgia caressed my chest and pulled on me, “Fuck me.”

I moved over her and between her spread legs as her hand reached between us for my cock. As I pushed into her warm, slippery pussy we both groaned and shivered. My cock was pressed against the back of her pussy before I started fucking her with long, slow thrusts that made us shuddered and moan. It wasn’t long before we were both shaking and incoherent.

Georgia was constantly clutching me and I kept burying my cock and trying to push into her deeper. Both our bodies jerked and shuddered uncontrollably and it just kept happening. Suddenly I was cumming again and we were both screaming at the warm surge of cum that erupted out of us and deep inside us. We were still twitching and spasming when mom sat down on the edge of the bed.

She waited until we were more relaxed and breathing normal, “I think you two better sleep with me or you’ll never stop.”

We looked at each other and grinned. I pulled out of Georgia and we groaned at the empty feeling. We followed mom into her room and she made me move around the bed to sleep on her other side. It was strange, I was horny and itchy. Just from the way Georgia felt, I knew she was too. Mom finally sighed and shifted over Georgia, “Okay you two, Georgia turn around and back up against your brother. James, lift her leg and put your cock inside her.”

I felt Georgia’s thrill and did as mom said. We both groaned and shuddered as my cock throbbed and her pussy spasmed. I held her against me with my cock buried inside her. Mom turned over and backed into Georgia, “Now go to sleep.”

That wasn’t going to happen. Georgia and I tried to hold still but it didn’t work out. We were still shuddering as my cock continued to jerk and throb and Georgia’s pussy kept squeezing my cock. When I felt myself getting close Georgia whispered, “Do it.”

I pulled and pushed and held her tight as I spurted and pumped cum. She shuddered and spasmed and kept shaking as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. Mom sighed, “Are you done?”

I relaxed my hold on Georgia and caressed her hips, “I think so.”

I guess that was enough because Georgia and I both fell asleep after mom moved back between us. I groaned and thrust forward as I woke and Georgia screamed, “YES!”

I jerked and spasmed as I continued to pump cum. This time it was just me that I felt but my cock was buried deep inside Georgia and spewing huge jets of cum. When I stopped cumming Georgia cleared her throat, “James?”

I opened my eyes to see mom looking over her shoulder at me and Georgia on her other side. I groaned as I pulled back and my cock came out of my mother’s tight, warm pussy. She sighed and shuddered, “Jesus.”

Georgia giggled, “That’s what I said.”

Mom laughed before turning to rub my chest, “I hope you didn’t just knock me up.”

I looked at Georgia as she crawled onto mom, “It’s your own fault mom.”

Mom smiled, “I know baby, I didn’t mind either.”

She leaned over and kissed me softly before turning to pull Georgia onto her and kissing her. I snuggled against mom as Georgia put her head on her shoulder. I woke as Mom and Georgia both moved off the bed. I shuddered and looked at my cum crusted cock before following them. I peed and headed into the shower before putting a pair of shorts on.

I walked into the kitchen to see mom and Georgia wearing just a tee shirt as they ate cereal. Georgia looked up as I stopped in the doorway and then grinned and spread her legs and rubbed her pussy, “Want something?”

I grinned and walked straight to her as mom turned, “Yeah.”

I pulled Georgia up and caressed her before reaching down to feel her cummy pussy. She shuddered and leaned into me, “God!”

Mom laughed, “Bend her over the table honey.”

Georgia laughed and pushed me back, “Do mom again.”

I grinned and turned to pull mom up and turn her before bending her and pulling my shorts down. She spread her legs as I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit and slowly pushed into her. I started fucking her with long thrusts and she began to moan. I shuddered as I felt Georgia rubbing her clit and the tingle in her pussy. Mom’s pussy was squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her and Georgia would shudder at the feel of my cock.

I finally held mom’s hips and fucked her hard, trying to ignore everything. Her pussy clenched around my cock as she screamed and began jerking, a few moments later I shoved into her and started spewing cum. She jerked and stiffened, “James!”

It was echoed by Georgia as she jerked and thrashed around in her chair as she screamed, “MOM!”

I pumped and spurted and poured cum against mom’s womb before pulling out and sitting on the floor. Mom sighed and slipped off the table and laid on the floor beside me as she panted and Georgia finally climbed off her chair to come sit in my lap. I held her and looked at mom, “Maybe we should invite Peter over.”

Georgia grinned, “Or Melody and her dad.”

I looked at Georgia and we both spoke at once, “Or all three!”

Mom groaned and I grinned and patted Georgia’s hip, “Mom’s going to get pregnant.”

My sister grinned, “good.”

Mom looked at her and then grinned, “silly bitch, I should take your birth control away.”

Georgia stood and pulled me up, “okay, but James, Peter and his dad are going to fuck me.”

I grinned, “Go toss them and we can go talk to Melody’s dad.”

Georgia grinned and kissed me before running towards her bedroom. I pulled mom up and reached for my shorts. Mom kissed my cheek before pushing me to the table, “Let me go talk to him.”

She went back to her room and a minute later came back before leaving. I looked at Georgia when she came out and came to sit beside me and take my hand. It was only thirty minutes before the front door opened and Mr. Allen walked in with Peter and Melody behind him. Mom walked straight to me and kissed me passionately before caressing my face, “He watched Peter fuck Melody last night.”

I grinned at Georgia and she laughed before standing and walking to her friend, “did you like it?”

Melody grinned and nodded as Peter just grinned. Mom touched my face, “I’m going to take Don back to my room.”

I glanced at Mr. Allen as he reddened and then smiled, “Melody, would you like to see my room?”

She blushed and looked at Peter but Georgia was already reaching for his hand, “I want you to finish what you started.”

He grinned and let Georgia pull him towards the hall. Mom held out her hand as she started walking and I went to Melody. She took my hand and squeezed it as I led her to my room. I turned to undress her and she grinned as she reached out to take off my shorts. I let her open them and push them down before finishing. I led her to the bed and sat her on the edge before kneeling.

I pushed her legs open and bent to suck on her clit. I teased it and gently nibbled as she jerked and shuddered. I smiled when she groaned and pushed my face back and stood to turn her on the bed. I had been feeling Georgia as Peter rubbed and fingered her and shuddered as I felt his cock push into me/her. I moved over Melody and kissed her as I slowly pushed my cock into her.

I know Georgia felt me as I jerked and spasmed as Peter pounded against her clit. His cock sliding in and out of her as mine began to fuck Melody’s warm pussy with long, slow thrusts. She shuddered and looked into my eyes and laughed, “You do feel what George does.”

I groaned and buried my cock as my sister began jerking and spasming. I shuddered with her as she arched her back and screamed. Melody shook me and I looked into her grinning face, “Make her scream. Fuck me and cum inside me. Dad said Peter could breed me so you can too.”

I groaned and began fucking her hard and deep. I grinned, “We are breeding Georgia and mom too.”

She laughed and pulled on me as I buried my cock and humped into her. I felt Georgia shuddering and shaking as I tried to concentrate on Melody. I began using long, slow, deep thrusts and she lifted her hips to meet mine. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shuddering. Her pussy was a lot wetter as she started spasming.

I fucked her hard again as Georgia was convulsing and spasming too. I shoved into Melody and grunted before kissing her passionately as I began spewing huge spurts against her womb. She stiffened and then began thrashing around and bucking as she screamed. I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done cumming and then I just held her shuddering body.

Georgia was still jerking and convulsing as her pussy spasmed around Peter’s cummy dick. I pulled out of Melody and slid off the bed before pulling her with me. I led her across and into Georgia’s room to see Peter pulling out of her. I grinned and kissed Melody before pushing her toward her brother. She laughed and my sister and Peter looked at us.

I walked around the bed as Melody moved over Peter and kissed him as she pressed and rubbed on him. I turned Georgia so her hips were on the edge of the bed. I lifted and spread her legs before bending to kiss her. She grinned and hugged me before pushing me up. I bent my cock and pushed into her slimy pussy and looked at Melody fucking Peter slowly.

I started fucking my sister and felt my cock sliding in and out. I shuddered at the same time as Georgia and she started lifting her hips. Peter and Melody were both moaning and Georgia grinned as I buried my cock and bent to kiss her again. I stood and held her hips before fucking her hard and deep suddenly. I tried to ignore the feeling of my cock fucking into my sister’s pussy or the tingling shocks that raced through my sister.

It was almost ten minutes before I grunted and buried my cock against her womb. She screamed as it throbbed and then started pumping spurts of cum into her open womb. I shuddered with her and jerked as our bodies spasmed and shook. I pumped six large jets of cum before stopping and laying on her as she kept jerking and spasming. Mom laughed from the doorway, “I told you they would end up together.”

Mr. Allen chuckled, “So I see.”

I grinned and kissed Georgia before pulling out, “Want Don now?”

She grinned and looked at the door, “yeah and then he can do Melody.”

Mr. Allen looked at mom who pushed him into the room, “Peter? Did you save some for me?”

He grinned from beside Melody, “I always have more.”

Melody laughed, “That’s the truth.”

Don stopped by Georgia, “I thought...”

She sat up and stroked his hard cock, “We are three bitches that want to be bred. I have done James and Peter and want you to have a chance too.”

Mom nodded, “James has done me and you and now I want Peter to have his chance.”

Melody sat up, “Peter and James have done me and you need to try too.”

Don smiled, “you three are going to get so fucked.”

They laughed and mom pulled Peter after her as Don sat beside Georgia tugging on a nipple. I shuddered and groaned and he looked at me. Melody laughed and moved off the bed, “Come with me James.”

I met her at the door as Don rubbed my sister’s clit. I stumbled and Melody pulled me after her and into my bedroom. I felt the tingling sparks racing through me as Georgia shuddered and moaned. Melody laid me down and straddled me before pushing down onto my cock. I was jerking as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock and she began to rock back and forth fucking me.

I pulled her down and kissed her before rolling and burying my cock. I pressed and humped and jabbed and it wasn’t long before I was lost in both Georgia and my own pleasure. Melody was jerking and shuddering as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. She started bucking and thrashing around as she kept kissing me passionately.

Each time my sister came, I jerked and fucked Melody erratically. She was wailing and convulsing when I finally fucked her hard as I felt the warm spurts of cum squirting into Georgia. I thrust into Melody and shivered as I began to spew and pump large spurts of cum too. She was thrashing around and froze before wrapping her legs around me.

When I stopped cumming she sighed when I did and then laughed and hugged me. I kissed her and pulled out of her, “Thanks Melody.”

She grinned and kissed me before moving off the bed, “I need to go fuck dad.”

I laid back as she walked out and a few moments later Georgia walked in. She slipped into bed beside me and rubbed my chest, “I’m still horny.”

I looked at her, “is that you or me?”

She grinned, “Does it matter?”

I laughed and pulled her onto me and caressed her butt. It has been over ten years since then. Mom, Georgia and Melody have gotten pregnant several times. Peter left to go to college and met a girl he later married. It is only Don and I now but he is fixed so the babies are mine. My sister and I still have our connection and sometimes it makes things interesting.
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