My name is Tony, I’m 21, six feet tall with an eight inch cock. I met Donna when we were ten. We hit it off but over the years either she was seeing someone or I was. It wasn’t until we were eighteen that we started dating each other. By the time we were nineteen we were married. Things started off great and we always got along with each other.

It was sex that gradually slowed and almost stopped. It was almost a year after we had been married that I came home early to surprise Donna on her day off. I was the one to get a surprise when I found her in our bed with the fifteen year old neighbor’s daughter named Barbra. Things were awkward for a couple of days but we were still friends. Our divorce was quiet and even friendly with neither of us paying the other anything.

I did give her the house though, I was a stock broker and it had been an investment. I also had another older house a mile away on the edge of town. It was a month after the divorce and I was sleeping when I woke to the front door closing and listened. I barely heard the boards creak under someone’s feet. They stopped outside my door and there was quiet before my door opened.

In the moonlight I could just barely make out Donna as she quietly undressed. She crossed to the bed and slipped under the covers. She moved over and caressed my chest before pulling on me. I smiled and turned to move between her legs. Her hand grasped my hard cock and guided it to her pussy. I pushed into her tight pussy and began to fuck deeper.

When I hit her cervix she grunted and then she shuddered as her arms wrapped around me. I pulled out only to slowly push all the way back in. Donna jerked and shuddered again and I started to fuck her with long, deep strokes. When I buried my cock to push against her or grind she jerked and shuddered hard. I fucked her hard for a minute and then nice and slow.

Donna had a jerky kind of seizure as her pussy squeezed my cock and she tossed her head, a few minutes later it happened again. It had been awhile for me and I held my jerking cock against her womb as I spewed a huge spurt of cum. I shuddered with her before pumping and spurting more into her. She sighed when I stopped and pulled on my butt to get me moving again.

I went back to fucking her now slimy, cum filled pussy and she shuddered and groaned in pleasure. This was something I had always loved about Donna, she loved to fuck when her pussy was slimy and full of cum. I fucked her slower with long, slow, deep strokes. A minute later she spasmed and her whole body jerked and shook. Her messy pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock and she tossed her head.

Every few minutes it would happen again and she was moaning constantly. After almost fifteen minutes I pushed against her cervix and started spurting more thick jets of cum. Donna jerked and sighed as I filled her pussy once more. When I stopped, she shivered and hesitantly pulled on my hips again. I shuddered and pulled back before fucking her hard.

This was just pure lust and the need to fuck. Donna grunted each time I shoved into her and before a few minutes were up she whimpered and her whole body shook. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as I pumped it in and out of her. A couple of minutes later she jerked and spasmed as she arched her back. Her pussy tightened and she shook her head.

She kept doing that and after almost twenty minutes I finally buried my cock and held her tight as I pressed against her. My cock was throbbing and jerking and then I began spurting and spewing another load of cum. I put four large spurts into her before dribbling the rest. Donna sighed and relaxed as she caressed and rubbed my back.

I slowing pulled out and rolled onto my back. Donna turned and put a leg over mine before putting her head on my shoulder. I smiled at her and it seemed a second later I was blinking awake as she slid out of bed. I watched as she went to the bathroom and then came back to get dressed. She smiled at me and waved before leaving.

That happened a month later and then a month after that. The next time it was three weeks and then every three weeks for three months. After that it went to every two weeks for the next three months and then once a week. We still talked to each other all the time but never about the sex. One year after our divorce Donna came into the house like she had been doing.

When the bedroom door opened and I looked, I saw not only Donna but the same neighbor girl Donna had cheated on me with. She didn’t hesitate in undressing and then she turned to strip Barbra. I was unsure about this but waited. Donne pulled her to the bed and then lifted the covers and pushed her in. She followed her and then moved over her to pull on me. I resisted and she touched my face and I sighed and rolled over between Barbra’s legs.

I slowly pushed and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned as my cock opened her pussy and slowly pushed deeper. Donna was rubbing and caressing my back and shoulder as I started fucking with slow thrusts. Barbra was shivering and her hips began to slowly meet mine.

When she suddenly gasped and then shuddered really hard as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock, I smiled before giving her a kiss. She put her arms around me as I went back to fucking her slipperier pussy. A few minutes later her pussy squeezed my cock as she jerked, “Fuck! Donna!”

I fucked her hard for a minute and then shoved against her cervix before spewing a thick batch of creamy cum. Barbra jerked and her eyes opened wide as she hugged me tight. I pumped six or seven times and then shivered. Donna laughed softly and caressed down my body before pushing on my butt. I shivered and started fucking Barbra’s messy pussy. This time I just fucked her slowly.

She was moaning and shaking while her pussy spasmed around my cock. I pushed against her cervix to feel it open. I used short thrusts and Barbra jerked and convulsed as her pussy tried to pull more cum out of me. Her body tightened, “Holy fuck... Donna!”

I resisted and kept fucking her, I fucked her hard for a minute and then used long, slow thrusts. She was breathing hard and her body was racked with shudders. Her pussy spasmed around my cock and she finally arched her back, “Fuck yes!”

She jerked and twisted as I kept fucking her until I pushed into her cervix slowly and groaned as I started pumping thick shots of sperm. Barbra froze and gasped as she shuddered hard, “FUCK!”

I spewed and spurted six or seven loads of cum before finishing with a sigh. Donna caressed down my body and slowly pushed on my butt again. I grinned and kissed Barbra before slowly pulling out of her. She jerked and sighed and then grunted as I started fucking her again. She giggled and shook me, I looked into her face and she pulled it down.

She kissed me passionately and groaned as I thrust into her. I kept kissing her with Donna rubbing my back as I fucked her with long, slow, deep thrusts. When she jerked and convulsed as her pussy gripped my cock, I buried it and pressed against her hard. She pulled away from kissing me with a groan and I smiled as I started fucking her again.

I used hard, deep thrusts for a minute and then short, grinding ones that had her squirming and shaking as her pussy squeezed my cock and she cried out, “Holy FUCK!”

I smiled and started using deep, slow thrusts with my thick cock trying to push open her womb. When she relaxed and stopped cumming, I stopped and kissed her before pulling out. Donna looked at me in surprise as I quickly moved over her and spread her legs with my knees. I pushed into her and held her as I started fucking her with deep strokes.

My cock was pushing against her womb as she grunted and wrapped her arms around me. When she shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock, I slowly shoved against her cervix and felt it start to open. I started short, hard thrusts and she jerked and spasmed before wrapping her legs around my waist. I buried my cock as it throbbed and jerked and then shuddered as I pumped spurts of cum through into her womb. Donna squeezed me and moaned, “I love feeling you cum in me.”

When I finished she pulled on my butt and I laughed as Barbra snuggled against us. I started fucking her with deep strokes and shivered at the feel of her pussy around my sensitive cock. This time I stayed in her nice and deep and used short, grinding strokes. Barbra hesitantly leaned in and kissed Donna and then held it as they both groaned.

I wasn’t trying to hold back. I wanted to cum and fucked Donna a little harder. She was shaking and whimpering as I finally groaned and began spurting the remaining cum in my balls. She shuddered and held her pussy up as I spewed cum into her and then dropped to the bed when I stopped. I slowly pulled out of her and rolled onto my back and a few moments later she moved over my body.

She put one leg over me and rested her head on my shoulder. Barbra slowly did the same thing on my other side and it was quiet as Donna sighed, “Will you marry me Tony?”

I snorted, “what about your lover?”

Barbra rubbed my chest, “You can have us both.”

I smiled, “I’ll think about it. You can stay for a month and we’ll try it.”

Donna laughed and shifted to kiss my cheek, “thanks.”

I woke to the morning sunlight and glanced at Donna and then at Barbra. They were both still sleeping peacefully and I carefully wiggled out from under them and climbed out of bed. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower before heading to the kitchen and my morning coffee. Donna and Barbra both walked out a little later. They were still naked as they headed for the coffee maker.

I sat back and sipped my coffee while Donna sweetened Barbra’s coffee and then made her own. She sipped her coffee and closed her eyes in pleasure before turning to walk to the table. Barbra was a little red faced but followed her to sit beside her. I smiled, “Have you become a nudist?”

Donna grinned, “Well, yeah, pretty much.”

I grinned and looked at Barbra, “So…”

She smiled, “I know you think…”

She looked at Donna, “I’m not a lesbian. I do love Donna and she talks about you all the time. I would like to give this a try.”

I nodded and looked at Donna, “I’m heading into the office. You can move in… or not.”

I stood and crossed to set my cup in the sink before leaving. When I pulled into my drive that night two cars were already in the garage. I walked into the house to the smell of food cooking and two naked women.

Both came to greet me with a kiss. Donna knelt and started taking my pants off as Barbra started taking my shirt off. When they had me naked, I got another kiss from each before Donna pushed me towards the back of the house, “Put your clothes away and come back.”

I smiled as I headed back to the bedroom. There were three standing closets against the wall instead of just the one. I tossed my dirty clothes in the hamper and put my shoes away before heading back to the kitchen. Donna had a cup of tea waiting and Barbra sat me in a chair before turning and sitting in my lap. Of course she waited to sit all the way down until Donna had positioned my cock.

I groaned as my hard cock pushed into her. Her pussy squeezed my cock but she didn’t move. I caressed her and looked at Donna as she turned back to the stove. She began putting plates and dishes on the table ignoring Barbra and I. Barbra finally groaned and shuddered as her pussy spasmed. She slowly began to thrust back and forth and wiggle. Her tight pussy was spasming and kept squeezing my cock.

I put one hand around her to cup a breast and the other to reach between her legs. She shuddered hard and her pussy clamped down on my cock as I rubbed and played with her hard little clit. Donna laughed as she dished up dinner and sat beside us. Barbra was jerking and shaking as she rocked and fucked herself on my cock. Donna began feeding us but it wasn’t long before Barbra was almost incoherent.

I pulled her hips down and back as I felt my balls tighten. A moment later I was pumping huge torrents of cum straight into her womb. She stiffened and then screamed as her body was wracked with jerky convulsions. I continued to hold her as I spewed and pumped her belly full of sperm. It was a few moments before I was finished and Barbra sighed and slowly relaxed.

She stood, letting my cock and most of the cum slip out. She grinned and bent to kiss Donna before sitting beside her. I turned to finish eating and when we were done Barbra stood to take the dishes to the sink as Donna pulled me up and into the front room. She started a movie and we sat on the couch with her in my lap. Barbra came in a little later and sat beside me and leaned against me. I put an arm around her and held her as we finished watching the movie.

When it was over Donna stood and pulled me up and led me back to the bedroom with Barbra following. We brushed teeth and then she grinned as she pushed me into bed with Barbra and turned the light out. Donna slipped into bed and straddled me, “my turn.”

She slowly impaled her pussy and shuddered before beginning to rock. She was almost pulling my cock out before thrusting back and down to sink it to her womb. I shivered at the feeling as Barbra started kissing me. I reached between Donna’s legs to press and rub her clit and she spasmed and jerked, “SHIT!”

I caressed Barbra’s bare back as Donna shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. She became erratic and jerked and twisted as her pussy tightened around my cock. Suddenly she was thrashing around as she squirted and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I let Barbra go and pulled Donna down before shifting and rolling. I fucked in and out of her with long, deep thrusts and she started to wail as she lifted and spread her legs, “YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I kept fucking her shaking body as Barbra rubbed my back and Donna clung to me. It was a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I pumped sperm into her womb. She stiffened and then started jerking as she hugged me. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed onto the bed, “Barb’s turn.”

I smiled and kissed her before pulling out and turning to Barbra. She turned over onto her stomach and spread her legs as she looked over her shoulder at me. I grinned as I moved between her legs and pushed into her pussy from behind. I started fucking her and she began moaning and then shuddering. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock as she groaned.

I kissed the back of her neck as I continued to fuck her with long thrusts. It was only a few minutes before she was spasming and jerking as she squirted and yelled, “YYYYEEEESSSSS!”

I buried my cock in her as I pressed and humped and jabbed. Barbra continued to shudder and shake as her pussy clenched around my cock. Donna laughed, “just fucked her.”

Barbra laughed and pushed back. I pulled almost out of her before starting to fuck her hard and deep. It was a minute before she wailed and began to twist and wiggle. I kept fucking her thrashing body for another couple of minutes before shoving into her and holding her bucking body. She screamed as warm sperm erupted in her once more.

I pumped and spurted as she shuddered and trembled. Her pussy kept squeezing my cock as she continued to moan. When I was finished I slowly pulled out and turned to lay on my back. Donna giggled as she straddled me, “My turn.”

Barbra laughed and turned her head as I shook Donna, “Actually it is Barbra’s turn and you get to lick her.”

She grinned as she looked at Barbra, “I can do that.”

Over the years our life has had a few bumps but not as many as you would think. I did marry Donna again three months later. I guess Barbra is our common law wife too.
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