My name is Jason, I’m twenty one and a graphic designer. I do most of my work at home but sometimes I have to go out of town to meet clients. Sandra is twenty and a knock out dirty blonde with firm tits, we have been married for two years. I had a hundred acres my granddad gave me. Sandra had me build a large stone and wood kennel away from the house.

She raised and bred Border Collies and Australian Shepards so the kennel was her business. I had added wireless cameras so she could watch the kennel while in the house. Our sex life was almost nonexistent. If I was lucky we would have sex once a week.

I had gone out of town for two days to talk with a client and came back to my hotel the second day and was bored. I started my laptop and had the idea of accessing the kennel cameras to see if I could see Sandra, I was shocked at what I saw. She was walking around in the male side of the kennel and playing with the dogs while she was naked. Several times she would reach under a male and stroke his cock.

I absently started recording everything as I stared fascinated at what I saw, gradually things changed. Sandra went to her hands and knees on a piece of rug she brought in. The dogs started licking her and she moaned and shuddered. It was several minutes later that one of the dogs mounted her.

I watched as Sandra reached under her like she had been doing this before and guided his small dog cock to her pussy. I thought he would just fuck her hard but after a few moments he slowed as she shuddered and moaned under him. He started jabbing thrusts and she jerked and cried out, “Yes!”

He held still and Sandra shivered and I heard her murmur, “that’s it, breed momma.”

When he pulled out, one of the other dogs that had been dancing around jumped on her. I watched and recorded three hours of Sandra letting the dogs fuck her. After she turned off the lights and left, I burned a DVD and had to jack off several times before going to sleep. My flight out was early and I got home just before lunch.

While Sandra was out feeding the dogs I put the DVD in the player and turned on the TV, I stripped and sat on the couch waiting. When Sandra came in she frowned at seeing me naked, “Jason, I don’t…”

I started the DVD and Sandra went quiet as her face went white. I stood and walked to her and started undressing her as she just looked down. I pulled her into the living room and to her knees. I laid her over the coffee table and moved behind her. She didn’t even look back as I felt her pussy to find it all cummy. I nodded and fit my cock to her before pushing in. We had never fucked like this.

I held her hips as I slowly fucked her slimy, cum filled pussy. I didn’t bother to say anything and a few moments later she hesitantly pushed back against me, I rubbed and caressed her but didn’t stop. She sighed and seemed to relax as I fucked her with long, deep strokes. I started fucked her faster as I felt myself getting closer. Sandra was shuddering and moaning as she fucked back at my cock.

I shoved into her hard with a groan and my cock jerked before I started pumping thick spurts of cum against her womb. Sandra jerked and pushed back against me. She shuddered and I heard her clear whisper, “Breed your bitch!”

I pumped and spewed cum deep inside her and she only sighed when I stopped. I caressed her hips and bent over her to kiss her shoulder before straightening and pulling out. I turned the DVD off and pulled it out before heading into the kitchen, leaving Sandra on the coffee table. She was quiet when she came in later and I only finished eating before kissing her softly and leaving.

I drove to my favorite computer store and bought a few new cameras and a new computer and a couple of huge external storage drives. When I got home I found Sandra in the kennel naked. She hesitated as I set my stuff down and came to kiss her before moving to install the cameras. I glanced back as the males danced around her and kept licking her pussy and ass. I finished and went to her for a kiss, “I’ll be in the house.”

She smiled and nodded as I left, I set up the new computer next to my work computer while recording Sandra fucking the dogs again with the other cameras. I set up the new cameras and adjusted them. When Sandra finished with the dogs, I burned the new DVD and waited. When she came into the house she seemed different and I realized she was eager. I smiled and put the new DVD in while she went to the coffee table and went to her knees before bending over it.

I undressed and went behind her as she sighed and shivered as if in anticipation. I felt and rubbed her slimy pussy and she shuddered and moaned. I shoved into her suddenly and she whimpered and pushed back. I fucked her hard and fast this time and she thrust back meeting me. I lightly held her hips as I pumped her pussy and Sandra started shuddering and shaking before letting a long moan escape.

I pushed into her as far as I could and held her hips to keep her on my swelling cock. I grunted as I exploded, spewing large gushing clumps of cum against her open womb. Sandra let her head rest on the table as she shivered and twitched. She moaned, “Breed me like a bitch, baby.”

I smiled and felt her hips and down her thighs as I spurted and spewed cum into her. When I stopped, I pulled out and pulled her back onto the couch on her back. I sat beside her and felt her bare stomach and pelvis. She smiled and reached out to caress my face, “I like doing that.”

I smiled and rubbed one of her nipples, “Maybe you need a litter.”

She grinned and then laughed, “Keep breeding me and I’ll have one.”

I grinned and rubbed from her breasts down to her mound. I stood and pulled her up and had her follow me as I pulled her back to the bedroom. I pushed her onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips. I straddled her lower legs and just pushed into her in one long, slow shove. Sandra grunted as I fucked her with long, slow, deep strokes.

I shivered and changed to fucking her hard for a minute and then went back to slow thrusts. She jerked and shuddered violently as I buried my cock and reached down between us to pinch her clit. Sandra spasmed and her slimy pussy squeezed my cock, “ooohhhh fuck yes!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I fucked her with deep thrusts. I ignored her as I kept fucking and she started jerking and spasming as her pussy clasped my cock each time I tried to pull out of her. She shook her head, “GGGOOOOODDDDDD!”

I smiled and held her hips as I fucked hard and deep. It was almost five minutes before I shoved in against her womb and started spraying cum. She grunted at the warm spurts of sperm as it began filling her. She shuddered and shook as her pussy milked my pumping cock, “Jason!”

I finished spewing cum and let her drop down on the bed. I lay next to her and rubbed her butt, “Have you ever had a short dog fuck you while you were lying down?”

She turned her head to grin at me, “No. I never thought of that.”

I kissed her cheek, “Maybe a basset hound would work.”

Sandra laughed as I turned her and pulled her half onto me. She caressed my chest as she put her head on my shoulder. It was a while before she sighed, “I’ll fix dinner.”

I grinned and rubbed her bare butt, “Your litter will need it.”

Sandra laughed as she climbed out of bed and walked out naked. I rolled out of bed after a minute and went to help her. She was as loving as before but seemed more… tempting. After dinner she sat in my lap as I pointed out the camera angles in the kennel. She kept caressing my chest and finally slipped off my lap to go to her hands and knees.

I grinned and moved behind her to rub her messy, leaking pussy. I finally shoved into her and fucked her hard. Her head dropped to the floor with a groan as she thrust back onto my stiff cock. I was using long, deep thrusts that made her grunt each time I shoved my cock in against her already full and leaking womb.

After several minutes she began spasming as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She screamed as her body was racked with jerks and convulsions, “FUCK YES!”

I smiled and shoved my cock all the way into her and just held on as she bucked and spasmed. Her pussy continued to gasp and release my cock as if milking it. She finally slowed and I began to fuck her with deep, slow thrusts. Sandra shuddered and groaned as slowly I went faster until I was fucking her hard again. I finally shoved into her and held her shaking, trembling body as my balls released another torrent of cum.

She jerked and thrust back as more warm sperm pumped into her and her body spasmed uncontrollably. I just held her and let her jerk and spasm on my cock as I spewed inside her. When I stopped cumming, Sandra sighed and pushed back before moving forward off my cock. I stood and pulled her up before leading her to the bathroom and then to bed. I spooned behind her and caressed her hip, “I think I’ll get a male basset hound.”

She laughed and pushed her butt back, “Just treat me like a bitch baby.”

I held her and slowly she relaxed. I woke as she slipped out of bed and climbed out to follow her. I walked into the bathroom as she sat on the toilet to pee. She looked at me and then at her birth control pills on the counter. I smiled and picked them up before dropping them into the trash, “Bitches don’t need birth control pills.”

She grinned, “Want to come out to the kennel for a breeding?”

I laughed, “Sure.”

She stood and waited for me to pee before leading me out. We walked to the kennel naked and she grinned as she led me into the male side and turned to caress me before slowly going to her knees. I squatted beside her as the dogs moved around her smelling her and then they were licking and she was spreading her legs and moaning. Her body shuddered and spasmed as one dog or another shoved their long tongues into her pussy.

When the first dog mounted her, she dropped her head and shoulders to the floor with a moan. The dog humped and then moved closer before fucking her hard. Sandra was grunting and jerking as the dog fucked her like a bitch in heat. He didn’t last long before he just held her and filled her with dog cum. I reached under her and between her legs to rub her clit and she shuddered, “FUCK!”

It was three dogs before I had to fuck her. I pushed a dog out of the way and rubbed her slimy pussy before thrusting into her. I held her hips and fucked her with long, deep thrusts and she was thrusting back for each one. She was shuddering and moaning as her pussy kept squeezing my cock. I started fucking her hard like the dogs and she stiffened before spasming and screaming, “YYYEEEESSSSSSS!”

I finally buried my cock as it throbbed and jerked and then began spewing huge streams of cum. She jerked and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and moved and a dog immediately mounted her. Sandra howled as she was fucked and spasmed and jerked and moaned. Every three or four dogs I would fuck her and she did the same thing when I fucked her.

Finally the dogs seemed to have enough and she stood slowly. She hugged me and then sighed before starting her chores. I went back to the house and burned a DVD from this morning before starting to work. Sandra came in later and kissed me before starting to clean the house. I grinned at the cum running down her legs that she seemed to ignore.

When the door bell rang at lunch time I had just finished for the day. I grinned when I answered it, it was a man with a year and a half old Basset hound. He was a breeder I had contacted. I signed the papers and accepted the bag he handed me and the leash. Sandra had been out back doing yard work and I grinned thinking about what she would say.

I put a bowl down for water and pet the dog, his name was Kendal. I finally let him out back and Sandra laughed as he trotted straight to her. She stripped and sat down to pet and hug the short dog. I grinned as I watched from the door. She reached under him to stroke his cock and he started humping. She gasped and turned to look under the dog before looking at me, “He has a big cock.”

I grinned, “He humps, see if you can get it in you.”

She grinned and pulled on the dog to get him between her legs. She pulled his front legs up over her hips and reached between them to rub and stroke his cock. Kendal started humping and she used her other hand to pull his butt closer before jerking. She lay back but brought the heels of her feet to the dog’s butt. Kendal was humping and fucking her hard and she jerked as she thrust her hips up, “YES!”

She started jerking and shaking as the short dog fucked her steadily. It was a couple of minutes before she started thrashing around and Kendal seemed to hold her tighter. She wailed and lifted her legs before spreading them. Ten minutes later the dog was still fucking her and she was incoherent as she writhed around and spasmed under him. When he slowed and stopped moving she howled and shuddered harder, “BREED ME!”

It was a couple of minutes before Kendal tried to pull out but his knot was to big and he was stuck. Sandra hugged him and wrapped her legs around him as she moaned and kept shaking. It was another five or six minutes before she reached between them to work his knot out. A huge flood of cum followed his cock and she sighed, “Damn he cums a lot.”

I grinned because her belly was bulging slightly, “Come douche so I can breed you bitch.”

She laughed and turned to pet the dog before standing and looking down at the river of dog cum flowing out of her. She grinned and she walked to me, “We need plastic sheets now.”

I took her hand and we walked into the house and back to the bathroom. After a third douche I pulled her to bed and bent her over the edge, laying her body down. I rubbed her pussy and kept squeezing her clit until she jerked and shuddered. I stripped and moved behind her before fitting my cock and pushing. I held her hips and began to fuck her, pushing against her womb.

It wasn’t long before Sandra was shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. She was moaning into the bed and started thrusting back each time I buried my cock. I fucked her hard and deep and she wailed and howled into the bed as the head of my cock kept pushing her cervix open. It was a couple of minutes before I buried my cock and held her tight.

Sandra stiffened and her pussy tightened and grasped my cock. I grunted as I began to gush into her womb and she screamed as she jerked and tried to pull away. I held her as I continued to breed her with a strong torrent of cum. Her body kept twitching and jerking as her pussy milked my cock. She shuddered and her fist grabbed the blanket as she moaned and whimpered.

When I stopped cumming I slowly pulled out and lifted and turned her to lay on the bed. I moved over her and lay beside her as she sighed and turned to put her head on my shoulder. I caressed her pelvis and then smiled as I absently fingered her and started rubbing her clit. She lifted her hips and shuddered before laughing and turning to lay half on me.

We still have the kennel and Sandra still services the males. I breed her every two years and fuck her like a bitch the rest of the time.
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