I was sixteen when my life changed. I have always been close to my fourteen year old sister. We have an older brother that lives with us but he is going to college in a few months. Our mother died when we were younger. I was ten when dad split the two one million dollar life insurance policies. Mine and Sarah’s went into railroad stocks while Doug’s went into a utility company. Dad put the rest in a savings account to help with bills.

Dad caught Sarah masturbating in her room Friday night and I came out of mine at their loud voices. I stood in the doorway with my brother and listened as dad asked her if she had sex. I knew she was taking birth control pills since I had waited outside the nurse’s office with her. Sarah was honest with dad when she said she liked playing with her pussy and couldn’t wait to let a boy fuck her.

He looked at her and glanced at me and Doug standing in the doorway. He looked back at Sarah, “Alright Sarah, but having sex with just any boy is dangerous. From now on we will fuck you.”

Her eyes widened as she looked from dad to us. He looked straight at me, “William take Sarah to your bed and fuck her. When you are done she can go to Doug’s room and then she can sleep with me.”

Sarah stood up from her bed and looked at dad, “No.”

Dad looked at her and she smiled, “You can fuck me but only William gets to sleep with me.”

He smiled and turned as Sarah walked to me, stripping as she walked. Doug was grinning as she reached up to kiss his cheek before taking my hand and leading me back to my room and my bed. She turned at the edge of my bed and reached out to help me undress. She was grinning the whole time and moved onto the bed as I tugged my pants off. She held her arms out, “Fuck me William. I’m so horny I need you inside me really bad.”

At sixteen I had just had a growth spurt. My cock was over eight inches long and I moved into her arms and positioned my cock. I looked at her, “I haven’t done this before.”

Sarah grinned, “Me either.”

I pushed hard to force my thick cock into her and she wiggled to help me. When I suddenly pushed into her warm, wet pussy it felt amazing. Sarah sighed and her arms squeezed me as I continued pushing. I stopped and kissed her before pulling back so that just the head of my cock was being squeezed by her tight pussy and then I started fucking her.

At first it was slow, deep thrusts that had us both moaning but after a few minutes Sarah began shaking and I just fucked her deep before grinding against her. When I was all the way inside her, my cock was pushing against her womb and she loved it. Finally I was fucking her hard and deep and she was grunted with every thrust until I shoved in and ground against her before I spewed streams of cum while shuddering.

Sarah shuddered hard and her pussy squeezed the base of my cock as I continued to spurt. She tossed her head back and forth, “Yes!”

I pumped five big spurts of sperm against her womb before stopping. Sarah sighed and shivered, “That was amazing.”

She caressed me, “Let me go take care of Doug and dad. I’ll be back and we can fuck some more.”

I nodded and kissed her, “Thanks Sarah.”

She lifted up and my cock came out of her. She moved off the bed and wiped her pussy before grinning at me. I watched her naked butt and then relaxed and just listened. I heard Doug and Sarah and then it was quiet and then she waved as she walked past my door headed for dad’s room. I couldn’t really hear anything from dad’s room but about fifteen minutes later Sarah came back into my room and closed the door.

She grinned, “Their whore is closed for business until tomorrow.”

I grinned, “Did you like it?”

She walked towards the bed and nodded, “I only dreamed sex would be this good.”

I smiled and pulled her down for a kiss before putting her on her back. I moved between her legs and pushed into her cummy pussy and Sarah shuddered and moaned, “Fuck me slow, William.”

I kissed her again and did as she asked. I pulled almost out of her and fucked back in. I kept going with long, slow, deep thrusts, loving every moment. The feel of her tight, warm, slippery pussy around my cock was the greatest. When I started grinding against her, she jerked and shuddered hard. It was a few minutes before she did it again and by then I needed to cum.

I kept fucking her as I began pumping cum. Sarah jerked and shuddered harder and held her hips up. When I finished, I pulled out and moved off her. I lay on my side and caressed her breasts, “I love you Sarah.”

She smiled, “I knew that.”

She snuggled into me, “Fuck me later William.”

I smiled and held her naked body against mine. I woke up a little early the next morning and smiled at Sarah. I rubbed her nipples and she moaned, I gave one a tug and she opened sleepy eyes. I smiled, “guys are horny in the morning.”

She looked down with a small smile and I kissed her, “Not just me. Dad and Doug would probably enjoy you waking them up.”

She grinned and pushed me onto my back before straddling me. She lifted my cock and I groaned as her tight, warm pussy slipped down my cock. She put a hand on my chest and began slowly thrusting back and forth. She shuddered and groaned a moment later and then smiled at me. When she began rocking hard, I gasped. My cock was fucking in and out and she closed her eyes.

A few minutes later her pussy squeezed my cock as it jerked and then exploded. I was pouring large, gushing spurts into her as she began shaking. I pumped and spurted six thick jets of cum before sighing as I relaxed. Sarah shuddered and relaxed on top of me before grinning. She slowly rolled off and slipped out of bed. As she walked towards the door I grinned, “Come get me when you finish so we can take a shower.”

She looked back and smiled, “Go find my bikini.”

As she disappeared towards dad’s room, I got up and looked around before grabbing a pair of cut offs. It wasn’t hard to find her bikini since it was on her bed. I turned as she walked by the door heading to Doug’s room wiping cum off her pussy. I smiled and headed towards the bathroom. I peed and then got two towels out. It was a minute before Doug came in with Sarah in his arms. He grinned, “Can I join you?”

I grinned as Sarah nodded. I turned the hot water on and climbed in. Sarah came in and came straight into my arms. Doug closed the door behind him and grinned at me. He moved behind Sarah and felt her body, “She is a lovely vixen isn’t she?”

I smiled and kissed Sarah, “I have always thought so.”

Doug laughed and kissed the back of her neck, “Well sis, how is it so far?”

I smiled as I looked at her and she grinned before grabbing my cock to stroke it, “Great. I love feeling you guys inside me.”

He grinned as he started washing her backside and I used my hands to wash her front. Sarah sighed as she felt our hands caressing her body. She shuddered and grabbed me, “ooohhhh!”

I moved my hand from cleaning her pussy to cupping a breast. Doug laughed again, “You’re supposed to wash her.”

I grinned and lifted her up. Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist and I used one hand to fit my cock to her pussy. She moaned as I slowly impaled her. I held her against me, “I took your cherry. Want to let Doug try your other hole?”

Sarah groaned and then giggle as she tilted her hips and looked back, “Want to be the first in my butt Doug?”

He grinned as he soaped his cock and moved closer. I felt his cock pushing close to mine and then Sarah stiffened as I felt it push into her. He slowly buried his cock in her tight ass and stopped moving. He put his hands under her thighs to help hold her. Sarah shivered and caressed my chest before turning her head to let Doug kiss her.

She finally seemed to relax and I started moving. After a minute Doug pulled back as I pushed in. We got into a rhythm easily and her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock as she shuddered and moaned. She would go from kissing me to kissing Doug as we both fucked her. Her body jerked and shuddered constantly and her pussy kept squeezing my cock.

It took about ten minutes before he grunted and looked at me. I knew what was happening because I had felt my balls churning myself. I shivered and dropped Sarah so she was fully impaled on our cocks. I pumped strong spurts of cum as my brother was doing the same thing. She jerked sharply as her pussy and ass tightened and she screamed, “YES!”

Her body spasmed between us as we pumped her pussy and ass full before sighing as we finished. I lifted her and Doug pulled out when I did, I let her down and she leaned on me. She grinned as she caressed my chest and looked back at Doug, “Thanks big brother.”

He laughed and hugged her before reaching down to spread her legs. She grinned as we cleaned her and then pulled her out to dry her off. I waved the bikini, “You’ll get tan lines if you wear this.”

She grinned again and Doug laughed, “I have to go. I got a part time job for the summer.”

We watched him and Sarah turned to me and grinned at me, “Dad is going golfing this morning. Sunbathing by the pool sound good?”

I grabbed a couple of towels and stopped in the kitchen. We grabbed two breakfast bars and went outside. Being naked outside was exciting and we lay side by side. I glanced at her, “Have you given a blow job yet?”

She grinned at me, “Already?”

I grinned back, “I was thinking that if you hadn’t you could give dad your first one.”

She smiled and put her head back, “Sounds good.”

I relaxed but kept glancing at Sarah. She smiled but closed her eyes, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I smiled and reached over to rub a nipple, “In case I forget to tell you. You’re beautiful and I love you.”

She grinned, “I knew that.”

I smiled, “I just wanted to tell you.”

It was a couple of hours later that I stood and dove into the pool. I grinned at Sarah when I surfaced and splashed her, “Want to try it in the pool?”

She grinned and sat up, “We better be in the shallow end.”

I swam that way slowly and she slipped into the water. She came to me as I stood in chest deep water and she wrapped her legs around my waist. She fitted my cock to her pussy and pushed down. I sighed as her warm, slippery pussy squeezed my cock and I pushed the rest of the way in. Sarah laughed and squeezed me with her legs before humping against me.

I held her butt as she shivered and started thrusting back and forth grinding against me. My cock was pressed against her cervix as she shuddered and groaned. She kissed me and looked into my eyes, “I love you.”

I hugged her tight against me, “I love you too.”

She bit her lip, “I wish…”

I was caressing and rubbing her bare back, “What?”

She hesitated and then sighed, “I wish you weren’t my brother.”

I looked at her in surprise, “Why?”

She looked away, “Because you could be my boyfriend.”

I smiled and squeezed her, “I’m sixteen and you’re fourteen.”

Sarah opened her mouth and I touched her lips, “You start high school as a freshman and I’ll be a junior.”

She was still slowly thrusting back and forth as I continued. “A little talking to your girlfriends to feel them out and…”

Sarah laughed suddenly, “If I let the sluts fuck you they wouldn’t say anything.”

I shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock and she spasmed lightly. I grinned, “Bring them by and let Doug fuck them too.”

She laughed, “Letting everyone know they fucked a college guy…”

She jerked and shuddered as my cock throbbed and began spewing ribbons of cum against and into her cervix. She shook and spasmed and I shuddered and continued to pump sperm up inside her. When I stopped cumming Sarah sighed and shivered before lifting up to let my hard cock slip out of her. She held onto me, “Do you want to try it?”

I kissed her and ran my hands over her body, “We can try.”

She grinned and turned to pull me towards the steps out with a trail of white leaking from between her legs. I smiled and followed her as she led me into the house. After a quick shower to wash the chlorine off, she headed towards her room to make a few calls. I went to check my e-mail and Sarah came in with a huge grin on her face, “You know my girlfriends Paige and Danielle?”

I nodded and she laughed before running and jumping into my lap, “Their fucking their brothers too.”

I grinned, “So if we are together no one would ever know.”

Sarah nodded and glanced back when dad poked his head in the door, “Sarah?”

We looked at him and he blushed, “I decided to cancel my golf game. Want to come fuck me?”

I kissed her cheek, “Go wear dad out and then he can take us to lunch at the mall.”

She grinned as she stood up, “Call Doug and tell him I’m renting him out for stud service.”

I grinned as she walked towards the door and dad and then turned back to my computer. By the time Sarah found me an hour and a half later I was in the kitchen. I had already called Doug and was pouring a glass of juice. Sarah hugged me, “Dad fell asleep.”

I turned and held her, “Want to go to a movie?”

She grinned, “Let me call Paige.”

It was a double date, only Sarah sat beside me and Paige sat with her brother. During the movie Sarah leaned over and whispered, “Paige is fucking him.”

I glanced past her and grinned before opening my pants and pushing them down. Sarah was ready and moved to sit on my cock. She was quiet as she thrust back and forth. The feel of her warm, slippery pussy was great. She kept shuddering and her pussy almost continuously spasmed on my cock. It was almost thirty minutes before I held her and began spurting cum.

She jerked in surprise and then shuddered hard. I pumped at least six large jets of cum into her before I stopped. Sarah turned her head and I kissed her passionately. She sighed and finally stood and moved back to her seat. I looked and saw Paige and her brother back in their seats as well. After the movie we went home and found dad relaxing in the kitchen with the smell of something cooking. He grinned, “Sorry I fell asleep honey but…”

Sarah laughed and went to hug him, I smiled and went to check e-mail. When I came back dad was doing her as she bent over the table. I grinned and came to sit in front of her, “You need to make some calls for Doug.”

She shuddered and continued to thrust back onto dad’s cock. He grunted and held her as he jabbed into her. She stiffened and spasmed as he spurted cum into her and slowly pulled out, “Thanks honey.”

She grinned as she turned to hug and kiss him. She came to sit in my lap, “I have my other girlfriends Sidney and Joan coming over. They said they are really horny so I hope Doug is too.”

I grinned, “Aren’t we all?”

She laughed and leaned against me. Doug made it home as dad was putting dinner on the table. He grinned at Sarah, “After dinner I could use some loving.”

She grinned, “Sidney and Joan are coming over to fuck you silly.”

He grinned and went back to eating. The two girls arrived as I was doing dishes and Sarah pulled them through the house giggling. Dad was shaking his head, “I wish I were young.”

I laughed and he turned towards the door, “I need to go into work for a couple of hours.”

Sarah came back naked to hug me after dad was gone, “They are really horny.”

I rubbed her butt, “So am I.”

She grinned and pulled me up and back to my room. I followed her straight to the bed where she turned and laid back. I moved her onto the bed and turned her before stripping and climbing between her legs. I pushed into her cummy pussy and began to fuck her slow and deep as she put her arms around me. I kissed her softly as she moaned and shivered.

It wasn’t long before both of us were breathing harder and fucking each other hard. My cock was pushing opened her slimy womb and Sarah was wailing and howling. I finally thrust into her and began to pump waves of warm sperm. She jerked and shook as she wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy tightened, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted and pumped until my cock was only throbbing and Sarah sighed and dropped her legs to the bed. She grinned and thrust her cummy pussy up at me, “Want to fuck my ass?”

I laughed and hugged her before pulling out and moving my cock down. She frowned but then grinned as my cock pressed against her ass. I humped and pressed as cum lubed her and then I was pushing in. I fucked her nice and slow and her extremely tight ass squeezed and relaxed around my cock. She sighed and began to slowly thrust up as I fucked her.

It wasn’t long before she stiffened and wailed as she began to convulse. She kept squirting on me and jerking on and off my cock so I fucked her with long, hard, deep thrusts. It didn’t last and a few minutes later I buried my cock as she lifted her legs and spread them as well as lifting her hips. I planted my cock deep in her ass as I began to spurt and pump cum.

Sarah jerked and shook hard as I pumped and filled her ass and then sighed and dropped to the bed panting when I pulled out. I caressed her body as she smiled and then she turned to kiss me, “Thanks William.”

I grinned, “My pleasure. Want to shower and check on your friends?”

When we peeked into Doug’s room he was fucking Joan with long strokes as Sidney fingered her cummy pussy. I pulled Sarah into the shower and took my time washing her. We were watching a movie when Sidney and Joan came out. They both looked well used and grinned at my sister as they sat. Sarah grinned, “Did Doug take care of you?”

Sidney laughed, “three times each.”

Sarah moved to sit on my lap, “Doug, William and my father are fucking me.”

They looked at each other and then at Sarah as I held her. She grinned, “do you two want to use Doug all the time?”

They grinned and Sidney laughed, “He can do me as much as he wants.”

Joan was nodding, “Me too.”

I hugged Sarah, “during the weekends you can do sleep overs. My brother would like that.”

They grinned and Sarah laughed, “Can you stay?”

They nodded and Sarah kissed me before standing, “lets go talk and see if Doug wants you to sleep with him.”

I grinned as they left and dad came home. He smiled as he stood behind the couch, “the girls leave?”

I laughed, “Sarah took them back to Doug to give them to him for the night. They want him to fuck them all the time as his own fuck bunnies.”

Dad laughed and turned to the hall, “Ask Sarah to come put me to sleep when she comes back.”

I smiled as he left and a moment later Sarah returned. She grinned as she slipped onto my lap, “Doug loves the idea.”

I gave her a kiss, “Dad is home and wants you to come tuck him in.”

She smiled and kissed me before moving off my lap, “I’ll meet you in your bed.”

Life is strange, Joan was the first to join my sister and me and when Doug met a girl in college Sidney slipped into our bed too. They both took dad to bed one night and since then they take turns with Sarah fucking him. Of course Sarah only sleeps with me. I went to the local college and waited for Sarah, Joan and Sidney before buying our own house.

We have several children now and dad visits almost everyday. Of course Sidney introduced him to her mother so he still gets lots of sex.
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