Just a small story I came up with based on real people I saw on a random event in my village. Please, rate and comment. I appreciate positive and constructive commentary the most, since it helps me know if my story is good and whether it needs a lot of improvement or not. You have my eternal gratitude if you could tell me whether my story was good or bad and what I could improve in which areas. Note that English is not my native language, so any spelling or grammatical mistakes are purely coincidental.



Once upon a time, on a beautiful and warm summer day… just kidding, that’s too cliché.

I was just really bored, walking down the beach on my own. I was watching people play beach volley. The sport itself didn’t interest me in the least, but you can guess what did: the girls.

Beautiful, skinny and perfectly proportioned girls in their late teens, bouncing around in the sand while trying to catch a ball. I was captivated by the sight in front of me. Most of them wore gigantic bug eye sunglasses, so their facial beauty was highly questionable, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with their bodies.

I was constantly on the move, just for the sake of avoiding suspicion. I was really not the kind of guy who would give a damn about people’s opinions over him. I couldn’t care less if the entire world hated me, or thought I was a pervert (which we all are by the way); the thing I hated was the unavoidable attention that came along with socially unacceptable actions.

I hated the fake smiles, pretentious stories and artificial affection. I tried to stay away from people, hence my single appearance on the beach. I was still a 19 year old guy though. I was hungry for the real meat, even if it was only the physical appearance I cared for.

All of a sudden, while contemplating the meaning of life or whatever, my eyes fell on a particularly attractive piece of eye candy. Contrary to most of the current beach’s population, she was one of the few who weren’t sporting any of those big, ugly sunglasses, and her face was at least as attractive as the rest of her voluptuous body:

She was tall, about 6’2”. She must have been about an inch or 2 taller than me. I would normally never fall for a girl with a considerably negative length difference, but I didn’t hesitate to make an exception for this one. In fact, it turned me on to the extreme.

Aside from her being so tall, she also had the right proportions in every area of her body. She was definitely the perfect kind of skinny tall girl. There were no visible bones sticking out, another thing that made it so much more of a turn on. Instead, most of her bare areas were covered in a very small amount of muscle. There was definitely a difference between a regular skinny girl and this one: she had visible abs, but they weren’t overly defined. Her arms looked firm and her legs were absolutely perfect: they were long, with the exact right amount of fat covering her beautifully cream-colored thighs. Her breasts must have been about a small C cup or a somewhat big B cup.

Her face was an equally important aspect of her being: it was very cute. No… it was beautiful. I obviously can’t graphically explain what I was seeing but it was true natural beauty. I could spot her light blue eyes from a far-off distance, and her perfectly long and blonde hair was waving in the light beach breeze.

I was staring at her for minutes, desperately trying to find something unattractive about her. I just wanted SOMETHING to make me stop obsessing, but even her movements were too graceful to ignore. She smashed ball after ball right on her rivals’ area, and kept gaining point after point. Seeing such a physically appealing form with such determination and skill made me want her more than anything.

But I was the typical shadowy guy. Not shy, just not interested in actual socialization. I couldn’t possibly get this girl voluntarily… but if I could just get her alone. Yeah, we’ve all thought that a couple of times in our lives, but we never meant it, did we?

Just when that thought crossed my mind, I suddenly noticed her looking at me. I thought she might have noticed my obvious stares, which would be logical since I stood there like a dumbass, watching her play for about 10 minutes. That, however, was not the case in this situation. I noticed that when she lifted her arm and pointed at me or what appeared to be in front of me. I looked down and noticed a volley ball. I looked back at her and realized that her and her friends stopped playing, and they didn’t have a ball anymore. They must have accidentally missed hitting it and it must have rolled over to me.

Without ever looking away from her gorgeous eyes I picked up the ball and threw it back with force. She held her hand up and the ball smashed against it, before bouncing off and dropping in the sand about 2 feet behind her. She didn’t show any sign of pain, even though my throw was powerful enough to knock back the average Joe.

She just looked at me, right before turning around, bowing down and grabbing the ball. Her ass was in perfect sight. Her skimpy bikini showed off more than half her ass cheeks and I looked in awe as she slowly but surely stood up again. It almost seemed like she was trying to tease me, but that wouldn’t be realistic, now would it? At least that’s what I thought.

She looked back at me, no emotion on her face whatsoever, before looking back at her friends and continuing their game.

I kept watching.

The match wasn’t particularly interesting. She obviously had the upper hand over all of her friends. The thing that kept me interested was her behavior: I don’t know if it was my imagination, but ever since I threw that ball she was constantly looking at me. She was also trying much harder to get the ball. When she was picking the ball up, she would always sensually grab it. Sometimes she would even slowly stroke her leg. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


A person of the opposite team hit the ball hard, and the girl threw herself on the ground face down, just before extending her hand and hitting the ball upwards, preventing it to dig into the sand. Her teammate then smashed the ball over the net and scored.

She stood up slowly, while sensually gliding her hands up her body. She looked at me. Then she looked at her bikini top and exclaimed: “Oh God, not again! I need to get this sand out of my top. Brb!”

I didn’t even know people used internet abbreviations in real life.

I was wondering where she was going. She started walking towards me, gave me a glance, and then walked right past me. I figured this was the right time to ask her about all the teasing.

Yeah, I’m a curious person. I’m direct, and I want people to be direct to me. Most people wouldn’t care for the reason of the teasing, and just enjoy the show, but I wanted to know: did she want to annoy me? Was it some kind of hint like “you’ll never get this”? Or maybe she was into me? After all I am sort of muscular and I have been told to be fairly attractive.

I walked away from the playing field, not directly into her steps (again, just to avoid suspicion). Instead, I went directly to the right until I was almost out of her friends’ sight, and then curved towards where she was going. I saw her disappear behind a set of large dunes.

I reached the destination and started searching near the place of her disappearance. The dunes were high, and there were many hills and holes all over the place. I was starting to think you could play hide and seek easily in this small area, just before I saw her: she was far in the back behind the dunes where no one could see, and it seemed as if she was trying to slap the sand off of her skin. I gradually got closer but remained on a practical distance.

Then I started understanding why she had to walk all the way to a deserted spot like this: her desperate movements to get the sand off of her started becoming… sensual. I was facing her back, and she took the crotch area of the bikini bottom, and pulled it to the side with one hand: from the 30 foot distance I got a clear view of her pussy, but my sight wasn’t 20/20, so I desperately wanted to get closer and see more. I did however bring up the patience I had to enjoy this spectacle some more and wait for the right moment.

She didn’t stop at this; after pulling it to the side, she desperately started rubbing her crotch.

“How the fuck did all this sand get in here” She suddenly exclaimed, almost startling me to death.

Unexpectedly, she looked to her left and right before turned around. Luckily my quick reflexes enabled me to dive behind a small hill, and I didn’t hear any kind of sudden action, so I assumed I was safe. After 5 seconds I took a peek again, and saw that she was pulling down her bottom.

I was delighted. Her bare pussy was now visible, just like her entire ass. As creamy colored as her legs, her adorable pussy was shining to me like the sun on a rainy day. Her ass cheeks were at least as perfect. I wanted to squeeze them so badly, but I awaited her proceeding actions.

She didn’t just stop at her bottoms. Instead, she removed her top without hesitation. She probably thought she was alone. Well; she was in for a big surprise.

Just as I wanted to go for the kill, she exclaimed again: “God, how can sand get into my undies so easily!”

I was startled for the second time, but no less determined to give this girl the surprise of her life. As she frantically started trying to rub the sand out of her bare pussy and tits, I started sneaking towards her. Sexual drive was now my body’s energy source, and as I came closer I started walking faster.

“It’s so annoying, getting this sand out of here, why was I so stupid to swim before playing anyway!”

“Maybe I can help you with it then, I know how we can dry you up nicely.” I returned.

She shrieked, and turned around, desperately trying to cover up her private areas, but it was all in vain: my left hand grabbed right shoulder, immediately after she turned around, and I pushed her to the right with force, causing her to trip and fall into a big, and almost vertical hill of sand. My left arm kept the pressure on her so she wouldn’t try to escape, and I punched my right arm into the sand a few inches away from her head. The shock kept her from screaming, or making any kind of noise, but that was only for a couple of seconds before she started shouting: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU ASSHOLE?! ARE YOU INSANE? I’LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED! I’LL SUE YOU FOR SEXUAL INTIMIDATION!”

“I just want to ask you 3 very simple questions. Answer these questions, and I will let you go. If you answer them honestly, I will never bother you again. If you don’t, you’ll have to see through the consequences of lying. I don’t like lying. You know, even the law doesn’t like lying. You would be a hypocrite to get me arrested for something this puny, while you get away with being a naughty little liar, now wouldn’t it?”

She had listened to my demands without making a single complaint, but as soon as I was finished: “YOU FUCKING PERVERT, I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT, AND YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO HARASS ME LIKE THAT!”

I pushed my right hand against her mouth. She tried to bite me but ended up doing a combination of licking and grinding her teeth against my palm.

“Question number 1: Assuming that people hear you scream, they’ll come up here and see you naked against a pile of sand. I know you have a gorgeous body, but are you really that much of an exhibitionist? Do you want them to see you bare ass naked, pushed up against some random guy?”

Her movements became calmer, and as I stared deep into her eyes, I let go of her mouth.

She opened her mouth and hissed: “No…”

“Good girl. Question number 2: Why were you doing all those things while you were playing?” I asked.

“What things?” She replied softly.

“All the teasing. That’s what I’m talking about! “I said much louder.

“I wasn’t teasing, I was just playing volleyball. How do you expect me to tease you?” She replied, with tears in her eyes.

“Listen, I know you were purposely making those unnecessary moves in front of me. What I’m not sure of is why. Why were you getting all sensual all of a sudden?” I curiously asked.

“Wouldn’t you like people to look at you?” She sobbed all of a sudden. “I just wanted to see if you would look at me, that’s all.”

“Fair enough.” I replied, “That wasn’t so hard, was it now? I’ll be honest with you though, you got me pretty messed up. I mean just look at my friend, he can’t help but notice you’re so sexy when you’re nude. And even when you weren’t, you were still a big motivation for him to start pumping.” I pointed at my crotch area: an obvious tent was forming underneath my swimming trunks.

It was a pretty bold move, but she just blushed and looked away.

“That’s sick and wrong.” She softly said. No apparent signs of revolt or disgust on her face or in her voice, so she must not have been very far from being flattered.

“What’s wrong about natural attraction, huh? I mean it only shows how much I like you.” I replied. “But disregarding that, I need to ask you one more question.”

“What would that be?” Her almost regular tone revealed that her level of comfort was rising, even though she was bare ass naked.

“Question number 3:” I paused for a while to build up some tension, “are you turned on?”

I saw her facial expression change: she blushed harder, and tripped over a decent amount of words before finally uttering a single phrase: “NO! What do you think I am?”

I stood up and pulled her to her feet by her left arm. I looked at her before giving her an even bigger surprise than the sudden attack: “Wrong answers, I’ve made clear that I hate liars, now you’re going to face the consequences.”

“Wha…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence.

I lowered my right arm and boldly put it on her pussy. The remark obviously surprised her, and she shot out both her arms to grab my arm, but I was much stronger than her.
“I didn’t know a pussy could just randomly get wet without any prior cause.” I answered to the question I knew she was going to ask.

“I was swimming; of course I’m going to be wet!”

“That’s why everything but your little cunt is dry, isn’t it?” I replied, not buying her terrible excuse, “Besides, does this taste like water to you?”

I removed my hand from her almost dripping wet vagina and roughly pushed 2 fingers into her mouth. She attempted to speak but instead moaned some incomprehensible blabbering.

“It doesn’t, you naughty, naughty girl.”

I kept my fingers in her mouth and put my other hand on her cunt. I moved my hand around in circles, smearing the delightful juice over her entire crotch. She was still trying to say something, but my fingers kept her language at a level of incomprehensibility.

My body was pressed up against hers. I was slowly grinding. This tall girl was driving me to insanity. I was riding my little friend against her bare leg through my trunks, and while both my hands were busy probing around separate areas, my mouth found its way to her neck and started licking and sucking.

“Your skin is delightful.”

I kissed her neck roughly, all the while playing with her pussy lips and fondling past her mouth lips with my 2 fingers. Strangely enough she wasn’t resisting my hand members and was instead sort of pushing her tongue against them.

“No, this is wrong!” She exclaimed after pulling my fingers from her mouth.

I put my pussy fondling hand on her ass cheek and squeezed hard.

“Cut the crap already, you’re obviously turned on. Stop hiding it and just play along.”

“No, my frie…”

“I don’t care, your friends can wait.” I said.

I immediately jammed my tongue into her mouth, exploring everything in there. My lower hand went down her ass crack, back to her pussy before I started fondling her shaven cunt again. This time I brought my middle finger to her opening and pushed a little bit. She was startled but didn’t resist.

My middle finger punctured her tight little hole, which seemed even tight for my finger. I pushed inside as deep as I could. Her cunt was delightfully wet and it seemed to only get wetter as I kept playing with her. My other hand which was previously in her mouth was now fondling one of her tits.
I kept squeezing her breast, not getting enough of its perfect shape. My hand down south was getting bolder, and I was all over her crotch. I was alternating by rubbing, finger fucking then back to rubbing. She was already playing my mouth with hers, and our tongues were in a deep battle of exchanging saliva. My fingers pinched her nipple hard, causing her to lose control and moan into my mouth several times.

As my little friend started getting impatient, I started riding the girl’s nude body harder through my trunks. Our movement became much more erratic, and her hands were all over my body, varying from chest to lower areas. She noticed my impatience and pushed me away from her.

I was surprised at her sudden decision to comply so easily, but little did I care.

She got on her knees and quickly pulled down my trunks.

“Wow, what a gentleman!” She said cheerfully.

Before I could reply she had put my dick in her mouth and she was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. My knees instantly decided to give up on me, and if it wasn’t for my immense willpower, I would have collapsed to the ground that very same moment.

I managed to keep standing as she twirled her tongue across my rod. Her level of skill and expertise was truly unique. Her lips massaged my entire cock as she went up and down the length of my penis. Her tongue was not only fast but she hit all the right spots, almost making me want to give up on life. One of her hands was massaging my balls at the same time, causing my level of heavenly enlightenment to be even higher. It didn’t take long for me to feel myself nearing the limit, but I was so occupied with receiving the pleasure that I forgot to tell her until the last moment:

“I’m co…. AAAAAHHH!”

She was startled when the first jet of cum hit her right in the back of the throat. Her gag reflex activated and she coughed as she pulled back from my rod. The next few jets of cum hit her square in the face, but before I was finished I was back in her mouth and she was sucking the sperm out of my balls, so to speak.

I thought I reached the highest level of nirvana when she was finished. I fell onto my knees and thanked whoever the hell gave me this opportunity. I was in heaven for a fair amount of time before I noticed her standing up.

“You should really warn me when you’re about to come you know, I could’ve easily taken it all if it wasn’t for the surprise shot.” She told me in a very serious manner. “Well, I got to go back to my friends anyway.”

She turned around while wiping my love juice off of her face and licking it off of her fingers. I didn’t want her to go yet though.

I grabbed her am and pulled her back. She fell right on my lap, and if it weren’t for my dick being flaccid after the heavenly present I just received, I would have surely ended up with some really painful memories.

“It wouldn’t be fair for me to receive, but not to give, wouldn’t it? The world consists of equivalent exchange, you give me something, and I give you something back. I surely wouldn’t want karma to get me back for being so selfish.” I spoke wisely.

“No really, I have to go back now, I…”

“You’re not going anywhere.” I firmly hooked my left hand around her waist, and put my right hand back on her pussy.

She sighed when I attempted to puncture her little hole for the second time, and this time she didn’t seem half as reluctant as she tried to seem.

My middle finger went up and down the length of her slit before stopping at her opening and pushing inside. She moaned lightly as my hand member invaded her private area. I repeated my previous actions, altering between rubbing and fucking her with my finger. After a while she was moaning harder and harder.

My hand kept at it: I cupped her pussy and moved my hand around. She seemed to enjoy that a lot, almost as much as she enjoyed me rubbing her clit. Her sounds got so loud that I was starting to doubt the secrecy of this occurrence. I never hesitated to execute my actions though, and I started finger fucking her with my right hand while rubbing her clit with my left.

My dick was getting rock hard again, and her body felt like a burden to my rising cock. I suddenly pushed her off onto her knees in front of me, and got on all fours myself. She was surprised, especially when my tongue hit her wet pussy.

She got on all fours as well, and I spread her ass cheeks as I got more thorough with pleasuring her. Her moans were as loud as they could get, and I was starting getting impatient. I stuck my tongue into her hole and started regulating between the random licking and fucking of her tight little pussy with my tongue. Her moans turned into groans, and I decided to try something I had never dared to do before.

My tongue temporarily left her hole and started traveling upwards. She was startled, and looked back, curious to what I was doing, but she noticed it when my tongue came across her asshole. She almost squealed in delight as my tongue twirled around her little ring. It didn’t taste bad at all, contrary to what I had been expecting for a long time.

I didn’t have much choice of variety to exercise on this part. I kept lubricating the outside of her ring for a while, which she seemed to enjoy almost as much as my pussy fondling. After I had lapped at her asshole for so long, I decided she was ready: I slowly but surely pushed my tongue inside.

“Oh God, no, I have never had anything in there!” She exclaimed, but she seemed too comfortable to actually do anything about it.

My tongue penetrated her smaller hole as well, and I was surprised about how well it tasted to me. I fucked her with my tongue anally for another while, and her soft moans almost went up to mediocre screams in a matter of seconds. I kept at it and while tongue fucking her asshole roughly, I pushed 2 fingers into her little cunt. She screamed in delight as she neared her orgasm.

She came hard: I’ve never seen a girl eject so much fluid out of her system in such a short time. She literally flooded my face with pussy juices and I alternated from lapping at her pussy and trying to catch some breath. I didn’t even manage to catch half of the juice, but she seemed to be satisfied enough with the results I produced.

“Thanks, that was great!” She sighed, obviously too tired to think of anything else.

“You thought that was all?” I grinned at her, “You’ve got a lot to learn young lady.”

Ignoring her wide spread eyes, I lifted her ass up slightly and positioned my rock hard friend behind her pussy. Before even wondering how she was feeling about this, I entered her already slick vagina in 1 punch: with the little energy she had left from her previous orgasm, I heard her moan in ecstasy.

I pumped in and out of her slowly at first, but I sped up the pace as my dick adapted to her tight pussy. She brought one of her hands to her cunt and started rubbing her clit furiously. I grabbed her waist and pulled her up before grabbing both of her tits. She was now bouncing off of my dick as I held onto her tits. I squeezed and pinched her perfect little tits as I pounded her from behind, sending us both directly to a place called heaven.

Before I knew it, I was hammering at her pussy with great speed. Holding her tits was a necessity for me now because I was afraid I would pound her so hard she would fly off of my cock.

I was still enjoying squeezing them, but I had something I needed to try so I released her tits and pushed her on all fours before exiting her cunt. She turned around in surprise but not a second was wasted because as soon as I exited her one hole, I immediately pushed my cock against her other, even tighter hole and because of the pussy lube I entered with less trouble than I expected.

“No, not there! I’ve never had it in there!”

What a cliché statement.

“There’s a first time for everything, and this is going to be one of yours.” I replied.

She shrieked as my thick rod entered her virgin asshole and she started panting loudly when I slowly inserted and removed my dick. Her asshole was practically pulling the skin off of my cock, that’s how tight she was. I kept at it slowly until I felt the need to speed up, so I quickly removed my dick from her ass and poked into her cunt again before going in reverse then re-entering her asshole. That way I lubed my dick up a bit more with her pussy juice and I was ready to go.

She was still panting which was somewhat caused by my sudden attempt of penetrating her virgin asshole, but she also had her eyes closed and was rocking back and forth on my dick. I was surely enjoying the slow movement just as much as she was but I wanted to go faster so I sped up and the natural lube kept my dick from tearing apart as I hammered her almost painful asshole.

She panted and moaned while I assaulted her from behind. Her asshole was starting to stretch a bit and my dick got adapted to this amazing feeling. I pounded for a few minutes, and both of us started groaning in in ecstasy when we felt the end near.

I sped up even more and within a matter of seconds I pumped my second load, only deeper into her body this time. Jets of cum hit her bowels deep and she screamed as she flooded my dick with her second orgasm load of the event.

With my last bit of energy and I turned her around and threw her on her back before collapsing next to her with my head on one of her tits. She moaned when I stuck one of my fingers in her twat while I punctured her asshole with another one. My tongue found a nipple and I sucked on it.

“Hah, you’re sweating so much; sand is stuck on your tits again.” I told her, spitting out the grainy substance on my tongue.

“I know. How annoying, right?” She replied smilingly.

“Pretty much.”

“We shouldn’t be seen like this.” That was the last thing she said before we both fell asleep.

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