For over two years I have lived in an open marriage. It wasn’t something that was legal, it was just something the six of us promised to do. We were all close friends or I thought we were. It had started off okay, we all did the house chores and helped pay for everything. The three girls loved all three of us guys and each other. That was how it started but it didn’t stay that way.

My name is Jason and I’m twenty years old. My parents died when I was eighteen and left me with a nice trust fund that would last until I was thirty… maybe. Anyway everything went south at home. Gradually I became the only one doing the chores and then it was the bills. After two years it was down to me doing all the work and paying all the bills while the other guys sat around doing nothing.

Doug and Paul had both cut back to only one college class a week and sat around the house drinking beer and watching TV. Jade a petite Asian, Nora a feisty redhead and Heather a tall lovely blonde had changed to. They spent more time with each other and the other guys than with me. In the last three months I had only been with Nora and that was only for a quick blow job before she had to go because she said she was sleeping with Paul that night.

Sure I complained and tried to talk to them, but they either ignored me, (the girls) or made fun of me (the guys). Finally I had enough, I set my ring on the dinning room table and packed my suitcases and left. I had been checking rentals and found an old one story farm house out on the edge of town. It had been a three bedroom at one time but someone had remodeled it. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom. The master bedroom had a large walk in closet that had been the third bedroom.

It had a large living room and a parlor. The kitchen was huge, with lots of room and the dinning room was just off the kitchen with a small pantry between them. I settled down to peace and quiet and went to work. I had been studying the stock market in school and looked at the commodities. I followed everything for several days and finally contacted a broker.

My first buy multiplied my ten thousand dollar investment and at the start of the next week I did it again with similar results. It was a rush and I realized it was like gambling. I pulled all the money out and paid the broker and the state and IRS. After that I sat back to stare at over fifty million. I finally invested in utility companies around the country as well as a few others.

I bought the house I was renting, I got rid of all the furniture and bought new stuff. I bought all new clothes and gave the old away. I bought two new cars, a Jeep Commander for longer trips and a Tesla sports car.

It was over two weeks before anyone even missed me and even then it was a text from Doug asking where I was and could he borrow some money. I didn’t answer and went about my solitary life. I had started having drinking benders one or two nights a week and just got sloppy drunk. I was writing short porn stories, filled with fantasies and dreams… depending on how drunk I was. I had also started a cooking course online.

It was another week before I got another text, this one from Heather asking where I was. An hour later the phone was ringing as she tried to call me and then it was Jade and then Nora. I didn’t answer and was tempted to turn it off but I couldn’t… so I got drunk.

It was another two weeks before I saw Jade. I was in line at the grocery store waiting to check out when she pushed a cart of groceries out an isle. “Jason!”

I looked back as the clerk was ringing me up to see Jade and turned back to the clerk. She rushed to me and grabbed my shoulder, “Jason, we thought something had happened to you!”

I only glanced at her as I handed my money to the clerk, “It only took you three weeks to realize I was gone.”

She looked at me stunned, “What’s wrong?”

I looked at her, “How about you ignoring me to spend time with everyone else. Every single time I asked, you were busy just like Heather and just like Nora. I was doing all the work, paying all the bills and the only thing I got for it was to be ignored or made fun of. When was the last time you spent a night with me? When was the last time we made love?”

I turned away from her stunned look and started pushing my cart out to my car. Jade didn’t follow me and yes, I got falling down drunk that night and well into the next day. It was a week later that I ran into Doug. He grabbed my shoulder as I was walking through the campus. “Hey asshole!”

I didn’t even have to think about it, I slugged him in the mouth and left him whimpering on the ground. A week after that I was walking out of the movies feeling lonely and alone. I saw Nora and just keep walking to my car. I had just open the door when her hand closed on my shoulder, “Jason?”

I turned to look at her and she stared at me as if angry, “If you were so damned upset because we didn’t…”

I cut her off, “Don’t start Nora. I tried to talk to you about it, but you didn’t want to listen. I loved you girls and the only thing you gave me was time alone. I asked you to spend the night and it was always the wrong time or you had already promised one of the other guys or you were going out or… or any of a dozen things. None of you wanted me there, except to clean up after you or pay your bills.”

I yanked my shoulder out of her hand and got in my car and drove off. I had to stop before I reached the street to wipe the tears out of my eyes. When I finally started driving I saw a car following and knew it was Nora. When I pulled into the carport she was parked at the end of the driveway. I plugged the car in and went inside. I was so hurt I couldn’t even drink the pain away and spent the night just staring out the window.

It was two weeks before I saw anyone. I had spent the night drinking rum and woke to the sound of knocking at my front door. I groaned as I carefully got out of bed and stumbled through the house to stop the pounding of whatever elephant was beating down my door. I yanked open the door, “Alright! What the hell…”

I stopped talking as I recognized Heather, Jade and Nora. They all held large suitcases and Heather stepped into the doorway and I moved back automatically. She kissed my cheek, “We divorced Doug and Paul.”

I watched as she continued past me and Nora stopped to kiss my cheek like Heather, “Time for our marriage counseling.”

She continued past and Jade took her place. I looked back from watching Nora walkaway and Jade caressed my cheek, “You look like shit.”

She walked past me and the next thing I knew they were asking each other where our bedroom was, Nora called out and then it went quiet. I realized I still held the door open and quietly closed it before heading into the kitchen for coffee. I started a large pot and stood waiting with an aspirin in hand. When the coffee finally finished, I poured a cup and sat at my kitchen table.

I held the warm cup against my forehead since it seemed to keep the pounding at bay. Jade’s hand on my shoulder made me open my bloodshot eyes and look up. Heather smiled as she crossed to the coffee pot and Nora bent to pick up the aspirin off the table before putting it in my mouth. Jade lowered the coffee so I could take a sip and I sighed as the coffee went down my throat. Heather sat across from me and slid two cups of coffee in front of Nora and Jade as they sat. She reached out to tip the empty bottle of rum, “How often have you been doing this?”

I shrugged and set my coffee down, “It depends, once or twice a week unless I get really depressed.”

Jade set a ring on the table and pushed it towards me. I knew it was my wedding ring and looked at it and then at each of the girls before sitting back. Nora cleared her throat, “We did a lot of talking and you were right. I… We, don’t really know why, but we were neglecting you. We tried to talk to Paul and Doug but they didn’t care. In fact they said good riddance and told us girls that we would have to get over it and do your chores.”

Heather shifted in her chair, “We all swore to honor each other and we broke that promise. Doug and Paul were assholes and didn’t care what they promised as long as they didn’t have to do anything and got laid.”

Jade put her hand over mine, “We want a second chance.”

I looked at each of them and Heather leaned forward, “Please Jason, give us a chance to make it up to you.”

Nora pushed the ring closer, “Please Jason, we love you.”

I sighed and picked the ring up before standing and walking to the large kitchen window, “It hurt when you ignored me to be with Doug or Paul, like I wasn’t good enough.”

Heather slid out of her chair to walk up behind me, “We know, but it won’t happen again.”

I looked down at the thin gold band for a minute before I slowly put it back on my finger. Heather wrapped her arms around me and kissed the back of my neck, “You won’t be sorry.”

I glanced back as she wrinkled her nose, “You stink.”

I smiled and shook my head, “It’s your own fault for waking me up and starting this before I showered.”

Jade was suddenly there taking my hand, “Well, in that case I guess I should clean you up, it’s my week anyway.”

Heather and Nora laughed as she pulled me down the hall. In the bathroom she pushed me back and stripped my sleeping pants off. She looked up as she caressed my cock and smiled, “I should never have ignored this.”

She stood and turned the water on before stripping. After a minute she pulled me in and began washing me while I watched her, “What did you mean your week?”

Jade grinned as she looked into me face, “You heard Nora say we did a lot of talking?”

I nodded as she turned me so she could do my back, “I heard.”

Jade kissed my shoulder, “Well, after you told Nora off, she came to us and we talked about you. After Doug and Paul had their temper tantrum and tried to force me and then Heather we really opened our eyes. After we decided to divorce Paul and Doug we sat down and really talked about you, I mean really talked… like very personal stuff. I guess we made some rules for each other including each of us having a week when we are the one that has to wash you and take care of you.”

I looked at her as she held out the shampoo and I knelt so she could reach. “What about sex?”

Jade laughed, “We’ll see.”

I grinned and pulled her closer before sucking one of her nipples into my mouth. Jade groaned and caressed the back of my head. I leaned back and closed my eyes so she could finish shampooing my hair. When she finished she pulled me out and dried me off. Heather and Nora were in the bedroom, they were sitting on the bed waiting. I looked at them feeling a little better than I had earlier, “What now?”

Heather smiled, “We were wondering who you robbed to buy the sports car and the new Jeep?”

I smiled as I moved towards the closet, “I did really good in the commodities market.”

They smiled and Nora stood to follow me into the closet where she pulled the clothes out of my hands. “Not so fast lover.”

I looked at her and she pulled me back into the bedroom where Jade had joined Heather on the bed. I looked at them, “What?”

Heather smiled, “new rules.”

I looked at them and finally moved to lie back on the bed, “Before my head starts hurting again tell me your new rules.”

They laughed and Nora and Heather stood to undress like Jade. They all moved onto the bed and Heather grabbed my cock and gave it a stroke before they settled down. They looked at each other to decide who would talk and Jade nodded. She looked at me, “We’re tired of being used. We know you didn’t, but both Paul and Doug did. Anyway we are going to turn things around. We are going to use you and the first rule is you can’t wear clothing in the house.”

Nora and Heather were both nodding as I looked at them. I looked back at Jade, “Fair enough, but… if I get ignored again…”

They grinned and Heather stroked my cock a few times which made me groan. They giggled and Jade caressed my chest, “The second rule is that you will provide oral sex on demand.”

I grinned and Nora leaned over to lick the leaking pre cum off my cock. When I opened my eyes Jade smiled and ran her fingernails down my chest, “Third rule is that if we are making love to each other you won’t interfere.”

I smiled, “Have I ever gotten between you girls when you were together? You know I knew you had sex with each other.”

They smiled and Jade leaned over to kiss me and whispered, “We know.”

She sat back, “Forth rule, you will cum in each of us every day.”

I laughed and the girls grinned. Heather stroked my cock again, “That one was for you.”

Jade grinned, “Fifth rule is that we all finish our college.”

I smiled and reached over to pull Heather away from my cock before she made me cum. I pulled her on top of my body and kissed her, “Either finish or quit teasing.”

She grinned and spread her legs before pushing back. I groaned as my cock pushed against her pussy and then started sliding in. She sat up and wiggled as my cock pushed the rest of the way inside her. As she began rocking on me, Jade and Nora put their heads on my shoulders. I held Jade and Nora as Heather moaned and shuddered, her pussy tightened and then she shook her head, “I forgot what you felt like.”

I grinned and Jade and Nora both laughed. Heather started rocking again and closed her eyes but smiled. The feel of my cock as it stayed deep inside her body was incredible. It had been so long that I shuddered, “Heather, I’m going to cum.”

She groaned and spread her legs while pushing down. My body tightened and my cock jerked before I began spewing huge loads of cum against her womb. I filled her pussy with spurt after spurt until cum began to leak out around my cock. When I stopped and my body relaxed, I opened eyes I didn’t realize I had closed. Jade and Nora were rubbing my chest and Heather was grinning. She laughed, “You really needed that didn’t you?”

I nodded shakily and Jade and Nora laughed with her. Heather leaned down to kiss me and rolled off between Nora and me. Nora caressed her body while looking at me and then moved down her body and between her legs. I leaned over to kiss Heather, “Thanks Heather.”

She held me for another longer kiss and shivered. I pulled back and rolled over Jade, kissing her before getting up. I started to look for pants before remembering the rule. I glanced at the bed at all three kissing or licking and smiled.

In the kitchen I fixed a bowl of cereal and then opened my laptop to work on a story. Nora was the first one to come out, she caressed my shoulder and came around to sit on my lap. She was wearing a long skirt and a white blouse, “We’re going to the store, did you want anything?”

I cupped her breast and pulled her face down for a kiss. When we broke apart I patted her hip and stood to walk into the kitchen. Jade and Heather were frowning over a shopping list on the counter. I pulled my shopping list from the side of a cabinet and quickly added a few more things before I had to go to the bedroom for my wallet.

They were all laughing and giggling when they came home. After everything was put away Nora took my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom. She turned at the bed and undressed before pushing me back onto the bed and moving to straddle my face. I laughed and rolled as she shrieked.

I ended up between her legs and leaned in to kiss her clit. I looked up her body as she shivered and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit with my tongue. When I started sucking on it she jerked and shuddered, “Fuck!”

I felt the bed shift as Jade and Heather sat down, “We thought he was doing something he shouldn’t.”

Nora moaned and shuddered as I pushed my tongue up inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. I rubbed her outer pussy as I latched onto her clit again. I sucked and started humming and Nora jerked and shrieked again, “YES!”

Jade and Heather laughed and lay on her. Jade was sucking one of her nipples and Heather started kissing her passionately. She jerked and spasmed and then she squirted cum into my mouth. She jerked again and bucked, shoving her pussy up before squirting again. I covered her pussy with my mouth and tried to swallow. Nora was moaning into Heather’s mouth and shaking as her hips bucked again but this time I missed and she squirted in my face.

I laughed and covered her pussy before moving up to kiss Jade. She was grinning at my wet face and Heather turned from a panting Nora to laugh too. I smiled and kissed both before pushing into Nora while kissing her. She groaned and her hips came off the bed to meet mine. I pushed all the way into her and held her with my cock buried and pressed our groins together hard.

Nora groaned as I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep, firm strokes. She shuddered and shook as I fucked her with slow, long, deep thrusts. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, “Fuck me hard Jason.”

I fucked her hard and fast for a minute or two and then used slow, deep strokes that drove her crazy. She was bucking and thrashing around as her pussy gripped my cock tight, “FUCK!”

Heather and Jade laughed and lay against us to start kissing her. I buried my cock and used short strokes that had her grunting and shaking. Her pussy was wet and slippery as I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and then shoved against her womb as my cock throbbed almost painfully.

I grunted as I spewed huge streams of sperm against her womb. Nora gasped and jerked with each strong spurt of warm cum as it pumped into her. She giggled as I stopped and looked at first Jade and then Heather, “I think it will take a few days to empty him enough to take his time.”

They laughed while I blushed and slowly pulled out of her, “Good luck trying to empty me.”

I cupped Nora’s breast and tugged on a nipple, “I’m going back to work on my story.”

She smiled and pulled my face down to kiss me, “Thank you honey.”

I grinned and turned to crawl off the bed and walk out. It took me a minute to gather my thoughts before I started typing. It was much later that Jade reached down to move my laptop and sit on my lap. I smiled and held her, “I was working.”

She grinned, “I know.”

She snuggled against me, “You were wrong about us not missing you. We did, but we never thought you would leave.”

She caressed my chest almost absently, “I talked to Nora and Heather. What would you think about meeting my parents?”

I cupped her firm breasts, “We tried that remember?”

She grinned and kissed me before sighing, “That was before you were the only male I was married to.”

I rubbed her pink nipples, “What about Heather and Nora?”

Jade grinned and shivered, “I’m only a second generation American remember. Back home men can have more than one wife.”

I slipped my hand down to finger her erect clit, “I guess we can try.”

Jade groaned and leaned against me as her breathing became heavier and she started shuddering, she finally spasmed and jerked erratically before a last big shudder. I grinned and kissed her before patting her hip, “go do your homework or whatever and let me get back to my story.”

She grinned as she walked away with a sway to her hips. Nora was the one to come get me for dinner and I looked up surprised at how late it was, “I’m almost done.”

She shook her head, “Save it and come eat.”

I looked at the screen and Nora cleared her throat. I sighed and saved my work before closing the laptop and standing up. I followed her into the dinning room to see Jade sitting at the head of the table. Nora gestured to the empty place to her right and walked to the other side beside Heather.

I sat and Jade looked at each of us and nodded. When lunch was finished I stood to gather the plates and Jade cleared her throat. I smiled and stuck out my tongue as I continued to gather up the dirty dishes. After I finished cleaning up, I threw on a pair on pants to go check the mail. I was turning to walk back to the house when I saw the truck out of the corner of my eye.

I dove forward into the ditch as Doug’s old beat up pick up slammed into the mail box and kept going. I came to my feet and watched him speed away before picking up the mail and heading back to the house. When I walked in Heather looked at me, “What happened to you?”

I glanced out the door at the empty road, “Doug just tried to run me over.”

She walked to the door and looked out, “Just now?”

I nodded and she shook her head, “Stupid asshole.”

I grinned and handed her the mail, “put this on the table and I’ll look at it after I take another shower.”

I turned to look at the shower door when it opened and Jade climbed in. She was followed by Nora and Heather. Jade took the soapy wash cloth away and started washing me as Heather and Nora stood behind her. Nora cleared her throat, “This is serious Jason.”

I nodded, “I know, I have to go out and buy a new mail box.”

Jade grinned and I sighed at Nora and Heather’s serious look, “What do you want me to do? Find him and punch him?”

They nodded and I grinned, “I thought about it but knowing Doug he would call the cops.”

Nora nodded, “That’s what you should do.”

I thought about it as I let Jade wash me. I finally nodded and shut the water off. It took the deputy thirty minutes to arrive and at first he was hesitant about my report that Doug had tried to kill me until he walked out to the end of the drive where the mailbox was. I saw the truck as it swerved towards the deputy. Luckily the deputy did to and dove aside before he was hit.

I couldn’t believe Doug was stupid enough to come back, let along try to hit a cop. When I saw the truck I started running so as the deputy climbed to his feet I was there. He watched the pick up driving away and looked at me as I shrugged, “I never thought the asshole would come back, sorry.”

He grinned and started calling on his radio as we walked towards the house. The three girls were actually dressed and looked frightened when they saw the deputy all dirty. They showed him to the bathroom so he could clean up. I wrote out my statement and gave it to him as we sat in the kitchen sipping coffee. Before he left he gave me his card and said he would be in contact.

Doug was arrested a block from the old house. He was charged with driving under the influence, attempted murder and attempted murder of a peace officer. Dinner was at a nice restaurant and as soon as the front door closed the girls were undressing me. Jade took my hand and started pulling me towards the bedroom, “My turn.”

I grinned and reached out to rub her butt, “After I lick your pussy and make you scream.”

Nora and Heather laughed as I turned her at the bed and started undressing her. She waited and then backed onto the bed, “By the way, my parents are coming over next weekend.”

I stalked after her and moved between her legs before licking through her pussy. I started teasing her clit as Heather laid back and Nora began licking her pussy. Jade groaned and shuddered before pulling on me, “Fuck me Jason.”

I looked up her body and then moved up, “Impatient?”

She grinned as she reached between us to guide my cock. I slowly entered her slippery pussy and started to fuck her. It wasn’t long before my cock was hitting her cervix and she was shaking as she wrapped her legs around me. I continued to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts and grinned when she cried out and started convulsing. I kissed her passionately and fucked her with hard and deep.

Jade howled as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock almost continuously. She kept jerking and shaking and I finally buried my cock to grind against her. She went from spasms to convulsions to twitches before I kissed her again and started fucking her with long, deep strokes.

Her howls changed to wails as she got wetter and her pussy began to ripple and spasm around my cock. She was bucking and thrashing around as she clung to me and I finally kissed her hard as I buried my cock. I shuddered as I started to spurt and spew cum against and into her womb and Jade lifted her hips, “YES!”

She jerked with each warm spurt as it was pumped into her and then sighed and relaxed when I was done. I kissed her softly and pulled out before laying beside her, “Thanks Jade.”

She grinned and turned to caress me, “your welcome.”

Nora giggled and moved up Heather’s body, “Time for bed.”

Heather laughed, “You’re not sleeping on me or we will never get to sleep.”

Jade giggled, “Nora will hump you in her sleep.”

I grinned, “She can sleep on me if I can be inside her.”

They laughed and Nora moved to push me onto my back before straddling me and carefully pushing back until I was inside her. She gave me a kiss as Heather went to turned the light off, “I never did this before because Doug or Paul would always rolled over to fuck me.”

I hugged her and relaxed, “I’ll fuck you like this.”

Jade and Heather snickered as Nora gave me a kiss, “That’s fine.”

It was barely ten minutes before Nora started to slowly hump against me. I smiled and caressed her hips as her pussy squeezed my cock. She sighed and shivered as she humped me. It wasn’t long before she was breathing a little harder as she buried my cock against her womb. She pressed and humped and ground on me and every couple of minutes she would pause to shudder and shake as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock.

It was a long time before she pushed back and down as my cock jerked and throbbed. I held her as I shivered and began to spurt and spew into her womb. Nora jerked and shuddered before sighing and putting her head on my shoulder. When I stopped cumming she kissed my cheek before relaxing again.

I sighed and our breathing slowed. I clutched at Nora when she shifted and started to move off me. She giggled, “I have to pee.”

I grinned and let her go before looking at Jade and Heather. I smiled and moved over next to Heather and leaned over to suck on her pink nipple. She shivered and moaned as I kept sucking. Jade lifted her head and grinned as I tugged on Heather’s other nipple as I kept sucking. Jade turned and slipped off the bed as Heather moaned louder and shivered again.

I slipped my hand down to rub her clit as I continued to suck on her nipple. It was only a minute before she shuddered and lifted her hips, “oooooohhhhhhh!”

I grinned and moved up to kiss her as she opened her eyes. She put her arms around me and smiled as she pulled me between her legs, I lifted up and slowly pushed into her. She shuddered as my cock stretched her pussy and slowly sank to her womb. I started to fuck her nice and slow as her hips met mine.

Over the years our marriage has only seemed to get better. We have had several children but the girls waited until they graduated. Doug went to prison and is still there. Paul dropped out of college and moved away.
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